Matthew McConaughey’s film ‘Sea of Trees’ got boos & hisses at Cannes


Here are some photos of Matthew McConaughey and Naomi Watts at the Cannes photocall and premiere of their new Gus Van Sant film, Sea of Trees. Terrible title, right? Especially given that the film sounds like an utterly maudlin, depressive exercise. The film is about a man (McConaughey) who wants to commit suicide, so he travels to Japan’s “Suicide Forest” and ends up meeting some other people wanting to commit suicide and he ends up going on a journey to learn that he doesn’t really want to die. Sounds pretty terrible, right? Like, why would you even want to make that film? And why wouldn’t you call the film The Suicide Forest? That seems like an obvious one, right?

Anyway, the film is apparently as bad as it sounds. Sea of Trees was the first film at this year’s Cannes Film Festival to be booed following the first screening. EW compiled some of the worst of critics’ tweets here – The Guardian called the film a “fantastically annoying and dishonest tear-jerker.” Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson skewered it. I’ve yet to see a positive review. Apparently, people were actually HISSING. So what was The McConaughey’s reaction? He told the assembled journalists at the press conference, “Anyone has as much right to boo as they do to ovate.” Alright alright alright.

As for fashion… Naomi’s photocall dress was Peter Pilotto. Her premiere look (the one-shouldr gown in pale silver-blue) was Armani Privé Spring 2015. Matthew’s wife Camila Alves also walked the premiere red carpet, but not with her husband. Camila’s gown is Gabriela Cadena. I think I like Naomi’s Armani most of all, although I wish it was just a touch longer.




Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. They were booing and hissing at his scroungy beard.

  2. Sugar says:

    Ovate doesn’t mean what you think it means, Matthew.

    • Nessa says:

      Thank you!!! I was thinking that, too. There was about a full five seconds where my brain was confused and thinking, “he wouldn’t actually use that word here, right?”

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      So typical. He thinks he’s so much smarter than he is.

    • Megan says:

      Maybe he thinks the audience has the right to boo and throw eggs.

    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I think, (I don’t know why) that it is slowly creeping into current colloquial parlance as a verb that means, ‘to give a standing ovation’. Hm, it could someday cause the kind of disapproval shown by people who hate ‘enthuse’, should this version of the word ever be absorbed into actual everyday speech for (mostly) everyone. I reject it. To me, it’s a shape, and only a shape, now and forever. It just seems odd to me that such vastly different definitions could come from the same word, even if the context makes it impossible to mix them up. I just think it’s kind of silly.

  3. Dita says:

    Someone actually hissed? O wow…..

    • mytbean says:

      I wonder if the film downgrades the seriousness of depression or something. Just seems like booing is kind of an over the top reaction for just bad movie going experience. :/

    • magda says:

      It’s common in Cannes, kind of local tradition. It’s actually quite funny, this level of devotion to film art

  4. Belle Epoch says:

    I thought he said ovulate – which actually would have been a better choice. STFU

  5. iceanna says:

    I felt the urge to hiss when I saw Matt’s overall look and Naomi’s dress….

  6. Catwoman says:

    He used ovate correctly. His film laid an egg.

  7. Belle Epoch says:

    0% on Rotten Tomatoes is an accomplishment.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    I hope that beard is for a movie because it looks awful!

    A movie about suicide doesn’t sound fun but I can’t believe Naomi would be in such a bad film. She usually makes good choices.

  9. Anastasia says:

    I like the title. And I don’t dislike the story line, but if it wasn’t done well, well, yeah. People are going to say so. At least he has a good attitude about it. Almost everyone makes a flop at some point.

    • Crocuta says:

      I like the title too. And Sea of Trees appears to be the English version of that forest’s actual name, so it makes sense. The premise sounds like a typical arthouse film, used many times before (not the Japanese forest itself, but the idea of a man wanting to end his life and then going on a spiritual journey to rethink everything). Too bad it was botched.

    • Sofia says:

      I also like the story line, but it’s the sort of thing that has to be done really well and even then many wouldn’t like it because it’s a heavy and naturally depressing subject.

  10. INeedANap says:

    I feel like no one involved in this movie has ever grappled with suicidal thoughts, nor has known anyone who struggled with them. Tone deaf all around.

  11. Kiddo says:

    It’s amusing to me that people in France will boo and hiss at a film. I’ve never heard of this before. How did this film even make it into the festival, if it’s that bad?

    • Bloup says:

      Happens every year in Cannes, you always have that one movie everyone will hate (last year it was Gosling’s debuts as a ditector) and the audience makes it known when it hates or loves a movie. It’s not just the French, it’s an international public. I don’t know how the selecting process works for Cannes though so I wonder how a movie like that got into the festival in the first place. The suicide forest is very real and I’d rather it was a Japanese director with a full Japanese cast (maybe) that made the movie because they’d have had a better understanding of the implications, than whoever this director is and McConaughey as leading man. Japanese history and myths are too interesting to be butchered like that

  12. Lena says:

    Crying shame that he has wasted his time in this film when he could have been in Magic Mike 2

  13. Crumpet says:

    I like the trend toward shorter gowns this year, because I get to see their shoes.

  14. Hautie says:

    First, I love that McConaughey never wears boring clothes, on the red carpet. I love that he wears all kinds of colors and textures. I like to see something besides basic boring black suit’s/tuxedo’s.

    But for the love of all things holy… how much longer is he going to keep that sad looking beard? Isn’t he finish filming that Civil War movie.

    I need to see McConaughey with the lightly highlighted hair… with a shaved face. He is entirely too pretty to purposely look like a slob. Plus he never really recovered from all that weight lost from 2012-3. He continues to look like SJP twin brother. Having zero body fat, does not do the face any favors.

    • holly hobby says:

      This exactly. His face looks horrible. Ever since that drastic weight loss he has not looked the same. It’s either due to the weight loss or some kind of procedure. He definitely does not look like he did in A TIme to Kill or Wedding Planner even Lincoln Lawyer.

  15. MrsBPitt says:

    Gus Van Sant makes horrible movies!

    • FingerBinger says:

      No. Elephant, Milk ,My own private Idaho and Good will hunting are some of his best films.

  16. koko says:

    +1 to Kaiser, that Armani dress is fabulous and NW pulls it off. I like the shorter length and the hair and jewelry, spot on.

  17. LAK says:

    MM is very annoying….

  18. Darlene says:

    Wasn’t that storyline essentially done in Nick Hornby’s “A Long Way Down”? Only instead of a forest, it’s a tall building…

  19. susanne says:

    Those weren’t boos and hisses from the audience. The ruckus was coming from all the creatures in his beard. A regular Noah’s ark.

  20. Jayna says:

    Naomi’s dress is just stunning and I love the color.

    Camilla has gained weight. I only noticed, because I’ve never seen her arms that big before. I wonder if she’s pregnant again or it could just be some normal weight flucuation . I think she is so striking and always have. The gown is beautiful.

    • Lady D says:

      I’ve always thought she was gorgeous too.

      • MyLittlePony says:

        My favourite couple ever! And Matthew can do no wrong in my eyes :)
        However, I do not think he can get his body weight back after the massive weight-loss as it was primarily muscle he lost, not fat, and in his age, if you lose muscle, it is not going to come back that easily if at all.

  21. mkyarwood says: