Cressida Bonas is the ‘odds-on favorite’ potential bride/wife for Prince Harry


The Cannes Film Festival starts today, so just be prepared for the next week and a half, which will be full of crazy Cannes photos. Huzzah! Ahead of the festival, Dior organized a runway show for the Dior Cruise line. The event went down on Monday at the Palais Bulle (the Bubble Palace) in Theoule sur Mer, France. Marion Cotillard, Zoe Kravitz and Dakota Fanning were just some of the fashion girls to come out for the event. But surprise, one of the most talked-about women there was little Cressida Bonas. Cressida is currently under a contract with Mulberry, and Cressy is launching herself as a “real actress” too. But it never hurts to show up to these kinds of high-profile fashion events, right? And when you get an invite from Dior, you’ve got to go. For what it’s worth, I think Cressida got one of the best dresses.

I’ve been somewhat surprised with Cressida’s staying power as a “celebrity” following her breakup with Prince Harry last year. Even though Harry has been busy this year, and even though he’s been in Australia and New Zealand for weeks, there are still ever-present rumors that Harry and Cressy will reunite, or that they’ve already reunited and they just haven’t told anyone, or that they’re friends with benefits or something.

Following Prince Harry’s “I want marriage and babies” interview on Monday, many British papers are running stories about who Harry could marry at this point. He is Britain’s most eligible bachelor, and he’s arguably one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. I tend to believe he and Cressida won’t try to have a relationship again, but what do I know? The British bookies say that Cressida is actually the best bet right now – Cressy’s getting 12/1 odds on marrying Harry, and Chelsy Davy only has 33/1 odds. Do future princesses get invited to Dior Cruise shows in the south of France?


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  1. Joy says:

    She is serving some serious Cheryl Tiegs realness here.

  2. blue marie says:

    May be true, but if he wanted them with her & it’s what she wanted, wouldn’t they already be engaged? My guess is that she’s not ready for it.

  3. Tough Cookie says:

    wow….she looks good all glammed-up!! but what is that thing on her wrist? I can’t quite tell…a scarf?

  4. Abbott says:

    But what does her accent sound like? #iknownothing

    She’s beautiful. Doesn’t sound like she wants or needs the royal life?

  5. mary simon says:

    Harry, pick up the phone and call Chelsea!

  6. Shelley says:

    Yeah…I hope not. I don’t like her. And what kind of name is Cressida? It may be a legit name but it just reminds me of a Toyota Cressida.
    Harry should just marry me instead, but then again I dont think England will ever be ready for royals of colour *sigh*

    • bluhare says:

      There’s something about her that always bugged me too, don’t know what it is. But her name is Shakespearean. :)

      She does have great legs, though.

    • Honeybee Blues says:

      It’s more than just a “legit” name, it’s from the Trojan War and Shakespeare’s “Troilus and Cressida.”

      • Shelley says:

        Aaaah…okay. thanks

      • bettyrose says:

        It was Chaucer originally but Shakespeare may have been the first to spell it Cressida. Chaucer’s version was Cresidye or something. I could Google it but that’s close enough.

  7. Allie says:

    She looks older than her real age in these pics. I’m so turned off by celebs who show their thirst, and she is crazy thirsty to me. Harry would be better off with a more reserved, kind woman.

    • Mary-Alice says:

      That’s what I dislike about her too. I do like her looks, I think she is a very beautiful young woman BUT she is no dancer (I work in ths field, I know what a successful dancer makes and at what age!), she is no success, and she is desperate. Besides, I side eye any woman hanging on to uncle Harvey’s sleeve. It’s utterly disgusting.

  8. wolfpup says:

    I believe that Harry is seeing Cressida when he vacations with his cousins. Cressida is very good friends with them, after all.

    I think that we just want Harry to be loved in the end. I hope he chooses someone who does.

  9. susanne says:

    I love a woman who refuses to do her hair. Seriously.

  10. Franca says:

    She’s basically getting jobs and invites because of being Harry’s ex right? Has any of her films come out?

  11. Lara K says:

    I find her kind of bland, but not nearly as bland as Kate. Heck, Kate is blander than plain rice.
    I hope Harry finds someone interesting and grounded, but I doubt the palace will let him. They need someone who will follow the script. Bummer.

    • Andrea says:

      I couldn’t agree more—so bland and plain. Compared to Diana though won’t most people not cut the mustard so to speak?

      • Franca says:

        But Diana wasn’t exactly a beauty either, it was more how she carried herself.
        Cressida is bland and plain, Kate is pretty and plain.

        I think Harry will marry that type of girl,and it woun’t be because of the palace, I mean does he have any friends outside of that circle?

      • Andrea says:

        I sort-of disagree. Diana was a beauty because of her style, her attitude, and the way she carried herself. She had that joie de vivre.

      • Jib says:

        In the beginning, Diana was cute and shy. She was called “Shy Di.” As she got older, thinner and more groomed, she was often stunningly beautiful. And she had charisma, which neither Kate nor Cressida seem to have.

        I think Cressida has gone too far into show biz to come back and be a future princess. I don’t think she wants it. Her life now seems like a lot more fun. And Harry needs a woman who is mature and grounded, to deal with all she will have to deal with and work hard, like he does. And also be able to deal with Kate’s jealousy. That will be an issue.

  12. Betti says:

    I like her but don’t think she and Harry will get back together. She wants to have her own career. Plus I don’t think Will and Waity will want a SIL that has more personality and is more popular than Waity – which wouldn’t be too difficult.

    Good luck with her career.

  13. khaveman says:

    She is stunning, in a natural way. Great dress.

    • bettyrose says:

      I’ve always thought she was stunning and dont get the criticism of her. She’s glamed up here, but we’ve seen plenty of boho-chic no makeup photos of her that are just beautiful. Weird that I’m often defending the looks of a slender, leggy, blonde (and heiress to boot). She’ ticks all the boxes of conventional attractiveness.

  14. Andrea says:

    She is hopefully sticking to acting and not harry. There was something odd about these two and didn’t seem like the grand love that he and Chelsey had. The poll btw also had Katie Price in the mix, so grain of salt people. LOL

  15. Natalie says:

    I don’t think Cressida would want to marry in the royal family -she already has the connections, she doesn’t need the royals. When she eventually marries some wealthy guy, she’ll lead a comfortable life without having to answer to anyone. And I’m fascinated by her makeup -especially how they highlighted her cheekbones.

    • Mary-Alice says:

      Yeah, and because she had all these connections no one had heard of her for all those years. I don’t buy it. Girl is thirsty and milking the royal fling to the max.

      • Natalie says:

        Oh, I agree she’s making use of it as a general step up but it’s another thing entirely to commit to being a royal for the rest of your life.

        Off topic, but I think Harry should be the one pressing for a normal private life. His future wife will get all the abuse from the press without the deference given to the second-in-line’s wife. 30 years from now, his children will be treated like the York princesses. Why would Cressida want any part of that?

      • Mary-Alice says:

        Well, we don’t know if she ended it or he did, right? I also think he is quite the gentleman in these cases and as before, so now we won’t hear it from him. We don’t know if she didn’t want the ring and the whole thing. I remain suspicious towards her because there is nothing going on for her to change my opinion. The current contracts are a direct result of the fling, IMHO. I’ll wait and see what she will do in a year or two.

  16. Mary-Alice says:

    She is not wearing a Dior dress at all. It’s hilarious people don’t see the dress is not Dior and not from the collection (DM is the king showing a completely different dress on the right side stating it’s the same! LOL). The dresses from the collection have a completely different cut and the whole line is different. She is wearing something much cheaper. Even Raf Simons could not create such a piece with hanging threads. LOL

    • goofpuff says:

      actually that would make me like her more if she wasn’t a slave to the couture brands.

    • EN says:

      You are right, the dress looks very cheap, not couture at all.
      But that is not a bad thing, really.
      It also possibly proves that she is not in talks to be come a princess.

  17. Patty says:

    She looks good, but about 10 years older than her actual age.

  18. Seaa says:

    I can’t take her seriously. I just remember her as the girl who loves her scrunchies.

  19. Magnolia says:

    after a decade of waity katey, it’s refreshing that harry’s exes are not throwing themselves everywhere to get him back.

  20. wow says:

    She cleans up nicely . She looks gorgeous here.

    It’s funny though. Kate was criticized for not working and waitying around. Cressida works and has her own full life without Harry and gets labeled thirsty. Lol.

    Harry seems like a cool dude to read about like we do here, but I bet it’s a different thing all together when dating him. He has A LOT of baggage. Being critizied constantly by strangers, being unfairly compared to your sister-in-law who so b happens to be a future Queen of England . Dealing with Harry’s shenanigans. People making up lies about your marriage even when it’s doing well. In royal marriages, I feel that love just isn’t enough. You have to WANT that life and be about that life.

    I hope he continues to take his time. I think he’s in that Tiger Woods/Michael Phelps category of men who should never get married.

    • goofpuff says:

      I agree, Cressy works and gets criticized for being thirtsty, there is no winning for these women. I like her just fine. she is doing enough that makes sense for a young actress trying to make it without going all Kim kardashian.

    • EN says:

      You are so right. And as I posted, who really wants to deal with all of that? Unless they are completely desperate and have no other choice. But then a person in desperate circumstances wouldn’t be considered for a position of a prince’s wife.

  21. EN says:

    I just don’t get why a woman who has means to support herself would want to marry a prince? It is a full time job, being a socialite.
    Do some people actually like it, – having to attend endless events, be bored out of your mind and pretend to care? All the while looking a perfect little wife.

    The only way I’d do it, if I were starving, as a means to get some food. Not that anyone ever offered, mind you.