Aaron Taylor-Johnson on taking on his wife’s name: ‘It felt beautiful, it felt right’


At this point, I think Aaron Taylor-Johnson might be the least controversial Avenger. The Age of Ultron promotional tour has not been going too well, so maybe they should just put Aaron and… Scarlett?… front and center. Send Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans home. Chris Hemsworth has – oddly enough – not been making any negative headlines either, but I suspect that’s because A) no one gives a crap about Hemsworth/Thor and B) Hemsworth and Marvel are still fighting about how much he actually has to promote these films after he was The Largely Absent Hemsworth the last go-round. Anyway, I would be fine with seeing more of Aaron Taylor-Johnson. He’s not “managed” to a crazy degree, but he’s also not a bad kid. He’s got a nice interview with The Guardian – go here to read. Some highlights:

His new beard: “I got into beards right in the middle of the hipster boom. But that’s not why I’m doing this.”

Being told he resembles a fashionable Hasidic Jew. “That was nice because I have really curly hair and also I’m Jewish.”

He wants to do more dramas: “Those scripts, those sorts of films, they’re gems that come around every so often and when they do, yeah, of course, I’d love to do them. People look at stuff like Godzilla and Avengers and think I only do blockbusters, or however you wanna put it, but in reality I can make double or triple what I got paid for Avengers by doing other stuff – there are other options but I don’t want to work with this person or that person and so I don’t do it. There are other ways to make more money. [Plus,] I know when I’ve missed too many school runs. We’re lucky that we have the financial luxury not to have to be working all the time.”

How much he got paid for Ultron: “I can’t really discuss that. Let’s just say I got paid very nicely. The money didn’t have a major effect on me. It was really down to spending time speaking to Joss [Whedon, the writer-director] and talking it over. It’s much more important to me to consider what I could do in the film and who I’m working with.”

Changing his name when he married Sam: “It was so important to me. Actually I wanted it on Savages as well but they told me the posters had already gone out. Then they said: ‘Look, we hired Aaron Johnson.’” He shrugs. When the same thing almost happened on Anna Karenina, he dug his heels in. “I said: ‘I want it changed! This is important.’” But how did it actually feel? “It felt beautiful,” he sighs. “It felt right.”

[From The Guardian]

I love that about changing his name – I wish more men felt that way about changing their names when they get married. Sam Taylor Johnson used to be Sam Taylor Wood – that was her married name from her first marriage, and she used it professionally too. So when Sam married Aaron Johnson, they became the Taylor Johnsons. And it does feel right. You know what I’ve always hoped? I know Angelina Jolie goes by Angelina Jolie-Pitt now, but I’ve always hoped that Brad goes by Jolie-Pitt too. That would be amazing.


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  1. Little Darling says:

    I crush this man hard. He is so lovely, so well spoken, such a feminist lover. I love their relationship, they are so supportive. I can only gush! And then, recently, I caught an interview with him…ummm he has an ACCENT! Done and done.

    • The Other Pinky says:

      Hes got a crazy hot body but so do alot of actors. Its the name change that won me over and hearing how insistent he has been about having it reflected. Ofcourse someones bound to come along claiming that the “evil old witch” made him do it but then them are the breaks. I like them together.

    • xpreson says:

      Well, I can’t believe that the two first responses of an article of the Taylor -Johnson’s are positive ones… lol. I do Like them as well!

    • phlyfiremama says:


  2. Allie says:

    I don’t know why he bugs me so much, but he does. It’s like in reading about a kid playing house, even though he’s not that young, he just comes through as very young in all his answers.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      He married his mommy.

    • Erinn says:

      I think he annoys ME so much because he’s like 2 weeks younger than I am, and he parades around like he’s some kind of amazing new breed of man, and that he seems to think he’s suuuuuch an old soul. Get over yourself, Aaron. Just because you married a woman who could easily be your mother doesn’t mean you’re vastly more mature than anyone else your age.

      He went from living with his mother and sister to living with an established older wife. I worked my ass off and bought a house with my fiance a month before turning 23, married at 24. I don’t think I’m some kind of paragon of maturity – I just know that I’m not an immature 15 year old kid, and I happily live in rural area where you can buy a nice house on a nice lot without spending a complete fortune.

      He just seems so desperate to come off as more wise and fantastic and sensitive than anyone else his age, that it doesn’t really feel sincere to me. It’s how I acted when I was a teen – thinking I’m way beyond my years, and that I just needed to prove it to everyone else. My thing is – people who are REALLY happy, and truly secure don’t have to go around proving it to everyone.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I agree, although I’m not sure how much of it is defensiveness due to the folks pointing out the, to be honest, fair point about how their relationship started when she was in a power position over him and if the sexes had been reversed, people would be calling for her head.
        I do agree that if he was secure about it, he wouldn’t feel the need to go off about it in every interview. He’ll keep being asked if he keeps feeding it. It actually shows a bit of a lack of maturity if you ask me.

      • meme says:


      • Kara says:

        “He just seems so desperate to come off as more wise and fantastic and sensitive than anyone else his age, that it doesn’t really feel sincere to me.”

        thank you, that sums up my feelings.

      • jammypants says:

        I don’t think he’s desperate. More like, people won’t stop asking these questions.

    • Esmom says:

      I feel like he keeps trying to convince himself along with us that this is the life he’s meant to be living. I would be astonished if he didn’t wake up one day in his late 20s or early 30s and wonder if he should have waited a bit before settling down.

  3. Jegede says:

    For someone so attractive, its odd how Aaron seems a charisma free zone on celluloid.

    His voice is no. He makes David Beckham sound like James Earl Jones!

    • AG-UK says:

      Hahaha and that’s saying something I know David can’t help his voice but he could never be in films.

    • kufrt says:

      I took a look at his IMDB page and he’s been in a TON of movies I’ve seen. Barring Kick-Ass – in which he was owned on screen by an 11 year-old – I don’t remember him being in any of them!

      The ONLY thing interesting about him is that a forty-something creeped on him when he was still a child…

    • Cankles says:

      Actually, in my experience, the people who are nonsensically attractive usually ARE the ones completely devoid of charisma. My theory is that they’ve been able to skate by on their looks their whole lives, and thus have never had any need not been encouraged to develop a personality. I’m sure there are exceptions, of course.

  4. Anna says:

    It’s adorable how he talks about his wife and family.

    But still it shouldn’t make us forget that she started dating him so young. That’s always going to be super creepy. Same with Celine Dion and Rene (though that relationship is far more creepy).

  5. savu says:

    I love the idea of Jolie-Pitt. That’d be so cute on Brad! I love the gesture of the changed last name for both of them but I doubt I’d ever do it. My partner’s last name is uuuugly and we laugh about it. I’d have to marry like, a Rockefeller to get me to change my name.

    • jen2 says:

      Except I don’t think Angelina’s last name is hyphenated, at least it is not in all the printed materials. Her last name seems to be Pitt. The children’s names are hyphenated.

      • heidi77 says:

        It’s not hyphenated, so, yes, it’s Pitt. The kids are Jolie-Pitt. At this point, it’s Joss & Aaron & Chris H that are the tolerable ones in this whole mess. We won’t be there OW, but I’m sure this thing will do huge money.

  6. kaligula says:

    I don’t get this guy at all. And that’s okay.

  7. Tig says:

    He was great in Nowhere Boy- of course, that’s the film where they met. He was so miscast in Anna K it was almost funny. And face it, outside the big names, who really notices who plays what character in movies like The Avengers( backing out Comic Con devotees)? All this to say- I hope he gets a good dramatic role soon.

    • heidi77 says:

      I agree- Disney could have saved a ton in marketing by limiting events/interviews with these “people” and do more character based teasers. I think the actors use it as an opportunity to get their personal brands/philosophies out there so they can show how much cooler they are than a super hero film (& troll for the next “important” job), but Marvel/Disney can’t be pleased with all these egomaniacs.

  8. Kath says:

    That beard is horrible.

  9. MtnRunner says:

    While I’m creeped out her going after someone so young, I’m glad these two seem to be doing well as a couple. I like the way they changed their names together too. I’ve known only one other couple to do that.

    Otherwise, he kinda bores me. Maybe I’ll feel different when I see AoU on Thursday… I’m looking forward to seeing Ultron and Scarlet Witch the most.

  10. Mika says:

    Watched the Avengers last night, and all I can say is that it’s boring af. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the whole Avengers series. But..idk, even with all the kicka*s scenes, I fell asleep a few times.. And tbh this guy and that Olsen girl made it worse. They’re so stiff, their facial expressions were so awkward,and there were some scenes that were supposed to be emotional but managed to make me chuckle.. Even Banner and Romanoff’s romantic parts can’t quite make up for it lol

  11. LAK says:

    First I love her shoes.

    My friend’s husband changed his name to hers and even though they’ve been married 10yrs, I still have moments of assuming they are siblings when I see their surname written somewhere. It always reminds me how indoctrinated we are to the patriachial way of the system because as much as I object to women taking their husband’s names, I still trip up when it goes the other way.

  12. Maya says:

    Actually Brad once corrected a journalist who asked how the Pitt household is and Brad smiled and corrected him saying its Jolie Pitt household.

    I won’t be surprised if Brad indeed has changed his name legally to Jolie Pitt. He has been supporting Angelina and her fight for women’s rights and equality.

    PS: my husband added my surname to his middle name:)

  13. Sofia says:

    This couple is ahead of their time and it’s lovely <3

    • FingerBinger says:

      Not really. John Lennon changed his name to Ono in the late 60s.

      • Sofia says:

        I didn’t say they were the ONLY ones who did it. But seeing how controversial this issue and their age difference still is today I don’t think you can deny they are very progressive.

      • FingerBinger says:

        Marrying a woman old enough to be your mother and changing your last name is being progressive? That’s good to know.

      • Sofia says:

        progressive: adjective,
        favoring or advocating progress, change, improvement, or reform, as opposed to wishing to maintain things as they are.

        Considering they are not harming anyone and doing what feels right for them even though many find them creepy and odd, yes, that’s progress for me. They own what they have and seem pretty happy. Whatever you may feel about it, age is not a concern for them. They are writing their own script and I applaud that. Many don’t have the courage to do this.

      • jammypants says:

        @Sofia, I’m the same boat. Who frikin cares if there’s an age difference. If they’re happy and want to be together, who are we to judge right?

      • Sofia says:

        @jammypants, Yes! They already have kids together too, so it’s not like it’s not serious. I look up to them, because for celebrity standards they are pretty sane.

  14. GlimmerBunny says:

    I have such a crush on him after seeing age of ultron. I always thought he was cute but he was SO SEXY in it! The accent was cheesy but still hot and he even pulled off the white hair. I liked his chemistry with Scarlet Witch too.

  15. jammypants says:

    I don’t have a problem with his life choices. They’re his choices and his life. I know some people have a problem with it, but the guy seems happy so good for him! If he’s happy he’s not wasting his youth like many feel.

  16. Fuzipuzi says:

    He’s adorable.

  17. chilicat says:

    I like him and Sam taylor johnson., but honestly I really don’t want to know anymore about their relationship. I’m getting taylor johnson fatigue. She’s older, you’re younger, your happy, ok I get it, enough.

    • enike says:

      If I were him, I would stop answering questions about the same thing over and over again…

      • chilicat says:

        I know. I appreciate they are both getting asked these types of questions in every interview, but there is a way of shutting them down without coming of like a dick.

  18. Mrs darcy says:

    Quote: The Age of Ultron promotional tour has not been going too well, so maybe they should just put Aaron and… Scarlett?… front and center.

    Umm NO..What about james Spader? Where is he? His character is the title of the movie why is Marvel hiding him?!

  19. Trinh says:

    Every time I read his articles I just can’t help but wonder if he quotes his own wife. Just creepy. I never felt like their relationship is all rainbows and unicorns. If he doesn’t want to answer the age questions then he should mark it off as something to not talk about. Yet here he is defending his marriage and sounding annoyed of every question involving their age difference. Honestly does he really think we’re that dumb? If he was 25 when they hooked up it would not bother me, but he was barely legal. There’s a huge mental difference age of consent or not you’re still developing.