LeAnn Rimes is shilling for sunscreen nowadays, using #trustthebum

Ah, it’s that time again. Famewhoring Bikini Season: LeAnn Rimes Edition. As some of you pointed out, it seems like Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes have custody of Eddie’s sons during their Spring Break, so of course LeAnn has been Instagramming photos the whole time – go here to see her IG. She’s posted bikini photos, photos of Eddie shirtless, and photos of Eddie’s sons. That’s the trifecta right there. This might have been what Brandi Glanville was talking about when she said she was worried that “something crazy” was about to happen.

You know what’s really funny about LeAnn’s Instagram this week? She’s been using the hashtag #trustthebum, which apparently is a reference to Sun Bum sunscreen. So she’s probably getting paid for that endorsement, which is funny on its own (I mean, she’s gotta bring in money somehow). But…she’s using the hashtag exclusively on photos with Eddie and it’s like she’s calling him a “bum” instead. Which, let’s be fair, HE IS A BUM. And an untrustworthy one at that. It’s like LeAnn’s subconscious is leaking onto her hashtag stupidity/shilling.

I can’t believe she posts so many photos of her stepsons. She’s just trying to poke the bear. Girl, STAHP!



Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Instagram.

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  1. Kitten says:

    Ok yeah she sucks, but why is it considered “poking the bear” for her to post pics of her stepsons?
    I clicked on her IG (barf) and it’s basically all pics of her and her bum husband, with a couple pics of the kids.

    Eh, what do I know? I hate all these people.

    • SmellyCat says:

      It’s considered “poking the bear” because she’s rubbing in Brandi’s face that she is with Brandi’s kids and Brandi isn’t. She’s a horrible person.

      • Kitten says:

        Nope, I still don’t get it. She’s been their stepmother for what, four or five years now?

        She might be a horrible person, but not for taking pics of the kids that she’s co-parenting. She has every right to do so.

        I bet Brandi’s fanbase is more upset over these photos than Brandi is.

      • SmellyCat says:

        I would never try to speak for Brandi, but I’m sure it still stings. And I don’t think it’s appropriate for her to post all those pics of those poor boys. They have not a shred of privacy. Luckily, one day she will just be a bad memory for them.

      • aaa says:

        People lose things and have lingering pain, that’s life. If at this point Brandi has problems with seeing holiday or vacation pictures of Eddie and Leann with her and Eddie’s sons, she needs to suck it up or go get help. Leann posting pictures of her family this past weekend was hardly unique, social media was overflowing with celebrities and regular people posting Easter pictures of their families. It’s been almost six years since Eddie and Leann ended their marriages and became an official couple, and Mason, Jake, Eddie and Leann have been living together as a family for almost five years. I’m not trying to discount Brandi’s pain, but that does not mean that Eddie and Leann have to tip toe around Brandi and her feelings when it comes to living their life with Eddie and his sons.

    • Tifygodess24 says:

      @kitten I think it it’s less about a stepmom posting pics of the kids but more about how Leanne would to try and act like the kids were hers all the while she was single white femaling Brandi. I think you are correct that it’s not weird for a stepmom to post pictures with her step kids at all but it just seems so much more with Leanne. – if that makes sense?

    • klein says:

      You’re very right that Brandi’s fanbase is likely more bothered about this than Brandi is.

      People just love to hate Leann to such an extent that everything she does is dissected and torn apart and attributed to some deep dark sinister motivation.

      I can’t stand her, but her posting pictures of another woman’s kids to show how amazing a time she is having is more sad than it is mean. As is her posting bikini selfies nobody desires to see. I don’t think it’s part of any devious masterplan, just a lonely, unloved ex-singer who wants feeble validations from the internet, whether positive or negative. It’s pathetic.

      • claire says:

        Sometimes she’ll do it because Brandi has just tweeted how she missed her kids, so Leann will post soon after how happy the kids are with her, etc. That type of stuff. It’s probably poking.

        It was done inappropriately for a long time and Leann knew she was being inappropriate, but in her words basically: I do what I want. If you tell me no, makes me want to do it more. So she’s not really one to care about feelings or appropriateness.

        At this point, I think half the time she’s just being her normal oversharing self. And it’s probably what you’re saying – just seeking internet validation. If Brandi is upset, it’s just a bonus.

        It still bugs me though that Eddie tried to act like he cared about the kids’ privacy and wanted to limit Brandi’s exposure of the boys, all while letting Leann use their images to shill, using them in PR packages, using them in the intro of their show, etc. That dude is such a trash bag.

      • Kitten says:

        Thank you, Klein.

        I read everyone’s comments above and thanks for responding. I still don’t see why it’s some terrible thing, but I’m not invested in these people at all so I guess I just don’t care enough to argue about it.

      • aaa says:

        “I do what I want. If you tell me no, makes me want to do it more.”

        Wow Leann said that! Brandi has said the same thing about herself more than once. Eddie really is attracted to a certain type of woman.

      • Cheryl says:

        “just a lonely, unloved ex-singer who wants feeble validations from the internet”

        OUCH! sums it up though.

      • Jenn K says:

        If youve never been in this situation you wont get it. I have and yes, Leann is an a-hole:)!!!

      • Tarsha says:

        “to some deep dark sinister motivation.”
        That’s because with Leann 99% of the time it is.

    • Incognito says:

      I think it’s because when Brandi first signed up for RHOBH, she had to get Eddie’s consent to have the kids filmed (not part of the storyline, but just have them show up on camera because they where in the house while the cameras were following) and Eddie would not give his consent. At the time, it was said that it was because he didn’t want them in the media. But LeAnn would post pictures of them on FB and her IG accounts. So she was able to include them in her media but Brandi couldn’t. Not being able to have the kids filmed affected how much Brandi could film and how easy it was for her to work on the show.

      But I think they’ve all moved past it.

      I would think it’s kind of normal to take pictures with your step kids while on vacation or doing fun stuff. Just because they aren’t your kids biologically doesn’t mean you don’t have a relationship with them. She’s been in their lives for so long, I would hope they have a loving relationship. I’d like to think if I had kids and an ex who remarried, I’d be able to be thankful that my kids have a lot of people who love them their lives. But if it was the woman who my husband cheated on me with, I’d probably hold a grudge. And it would probably irk me to see the pictures, if I’m being totally honest.

      • aaa says:

        That’s not what happened. When Brandi was first on RHOBH Mason and Jake were allowed to be with Brandi when she was filming but they could not actually be shown – quite a few divorced parents have taken this stance when it comes to their children being on reality shows. During her first season Brandi took Mason and Jake to a barbecue/swim party. Jake got out of the pool and urinated on the host’s lawn and it became a brief storyline on the show including part of a big fight where Brandi screamed, “I will f—ing kill you!”

        The next season Eddie took steps to further restrict his sons being even present when Brandi was filming the show because when the show aired Jake was teased over what had happened.

      • paleokifaru says:

        I’m a stepmom and I don’t do FB, IG, blogs or anything in part because I am a private person but also because I don’t want SS’s unstable mom to have more access into our lives. I’ve heard she posts inappropriate things all the time, including stories like the one aaa is referencing where there was a funny but difficult situation embarrassing to SS and she made it public. We simply don’t engage. That said, even I, non user of those medias, think there’s a HUGE difference between those sorts of accounts where celeb and nonceleb folks post shots of their lives and a reality television show. You are the editor, for better or worse, of your FB and IG accounts and blogs but with the reality tv world there’s a whole other group with a different agenda for ratings. I don’t think it’s a fair comparison to say they “use” the kids by posting the occasional photo but won’t let Brandi have the kids on reality tv. Apples and oranges.

      • jenn12 says:

        They don’t post the occasional photo. They use the kids’ images on a website that promotes their show (a show that bashes the boys’ mother), and use the boys’ images on the show’s opening credits. During promos and PR for the show, they used the boys’ images. They call the paps when the boys are there, and split the profits, and this includes the boys’ games and parties. They use the boys as interview points. Leann uses the boys’ images on her app and on her website you have to pay for. The boys are basically making their own college money, which is the only positive, since their stepmother is blowing through her own money and their dad doesn’t make a dime and repeatedly goes to court to get the child support reduced (while not working and going on vacations).

      • paleokifaru says:

        But that doesn’t seem to be what people are pointing at and complaining about. It’s pointing to a few Easter and vacation pictures and saying that she has no right because she’s not the real mom. That’s what people like @kiddo and myself are finding baffling. If the occasional pic on IG isn’t a problem then people shouldn’t jump all over that. Things are blown way out of proportion and unfortunately those kids are going to eventually see the nasty comments about everyone in their family and that’s not going to help them…no matter who those comments are aimed at and how justified people feel in them.

      • jenn12 says:

        I agree: nasty comments help no one. I have issues, for example, when people put down others’ appearances. The ugly remarks flying help no one, but I don’t think the hate is over a couple of photos. It’s about a pattern of behavior. Leann not only favorites horrible comments about Brandi, but she gets the people who make the comments involved in the boys’ lives. It’s not right. She’s had the pattern of acting like the victim in everything that’s happened; she’s had the pattern of trying to push the kids’ mom out of their lives, and that is not healthy for the kids, not her right, and what tends to get people upset with her. I know many stepparents, and NONE of them act like she does.

      • paleokifaru says:

        What I find really scary is the vitriol and intensity of posters from both sides of the fence. If I were ANY of the parents involved in this I would be scrambling to find a way to pull everyone off of the various media platforms and potentially all the shows because I would be concerned a crazed fan would feel justified in taking the boys “for their own good” or to “get them away from ____.” I mean I’m scared of that just reading comments here and I imagine it’s much worse in other sites.

      • jenn12 says:

        Yes, I agree with that. What’s scary is that Leann befriends these unhinged people (many of whom also make racist and antigay remarks) and brings them around her stepchildren and their dad seems to allow it. She is good friends with someone on Twitter who baits Brandi, says she should lose custody of her kids, says she should lose her job, insults and accuses her of everything under the sun, and is sent Xmas cards by Leann. With the boys’ pictures on them. Leann has also befriended a woman whose kids go to school with Brandi’s sons and this person communicates with the fan. It is beyond creepy, and not safe for those kids. I mean, this fan just wrote about how Brandi really doesn’t miss her children, and added hashtags that made it sound like she had inside information. Who gets hurt? The kids.

    • AntiSocialButterfly says:

      I wouldn’t think it would be that big of an issue. Step-parent and all. I think I have read that their mom says it’s all good.

      Whatever gets hits, I guess.

      • MichLynn says:

        @aaa so what about when Jake was teased after Leann and Eddie showed one of Jake’s “friend’s mother” seeing Leann with a sex toy in her clear bag on their lame reality show? They used Jake for a crappy storyline on their show. Ed is all about the double standard. Trying to screw Brandi over while using the boys for selfish reason himself constantly.

      • paleokifaru says:

        If they referenced the kids that way on their show that’s also not fair. Since they’re all h*llbent on being in reality tv they should agree to a series of rules about the kids and be fined if those rules are broken. Or better yet it should be a strict the kids are not to be seen or used as a plotline. Frankly I’m sure that gets messy as the kids are part of all their lives and I don’t know how you film “reality” without that but I feel like those boys have it hard enough without the tv aspect. As long as they keep these reality shows in their lives I suspect they’ll stay even more entwined than they would have to because of the mediators and lawyers that have to be involved over these kinds of agreements. Sad.

    • why? says:

      Everyone is missing one major thing. Eddie stated in court documents that he didn’t want his kids to be exposed to ANY TYPE of public exposure. He accused Brandi of setting up staged photo-ops with Jake and Mason and begged the courts to protect his kids from the negative attention associated with the tabloids and papparazzi. Why should Eddie be held to a different standard, especially when it was one that he himself created way before Brandi was even on RHOBH?

      Eddie has also stated that it’s not right to play out private things in public, so once again, why shouldn’t Eddie be held to a standard that he himself established?

      • oopsie says:

        Hello Why? Did you notice that in the funny face photo Eddiot has his arms completely around the children and the horse is sitting in the background?

    • jenn12 says:

      I think it’s a couple of things. One would be intent; another would be motivation and a third would be goal. Other people, like Kelly Clarkson, sometimes post photos of their stepkids, but not with the constant “we are a family” nonsense that Leann does. Leann has always done things like talk about “my guy and our lil one” without a thought to being sensitive or realistic. The way Leann lives her life- favoriting horrible tweets and befriending people who say terrible things online- says a lot. Just yesterday, a fan turned friend went on Brandi’s thread and said, “You don’t really miss your kids that much” and added the hastag youknowwhatimtalkingabout. Gee, wonder who is talking to her? She has talked about not respecting Brandi as a parent. She deliberately says “my son”. She knows what she’s doing; she enjoys it. She likes having the power to set people off. And for Eddie to refuse to allow Brandi to have the boys on the show and then use the boys’ images on his show’s website, on the opening credits to his show, to alert paps when they can take photos (like at the boys’ games, when they need to focus)… come on. Leann’s past informs her present. She uses two kids she has no right to use. How was Jake teased after the show? Who said? He was a preschooler at the time. That’s like Leann’s claim the boys were failing school in Eddie’s absence- nice hit at Brandi- when it was the fall, and Jake was a preschooler and Mason a 2nd grader. So they weren’t teased every time Leann and Eddie were all over each other in front of both teams and all the parents?

    • Tarsha says:

      Kitten, Brandi has asked Leann to not talk about her children on social media or post photos of them. So Leann does it as much as possible to spite Brandi. Besides the fact that Leann knows Brandi doesn’t like her doing it, Leann is not a co-parent. Brandi, and Eddie are co-parents. Not Leann. Leann has no right to post photos of children that are not hers – ESPECIALLY since the mother asked her not to. I’ve come across a few step-parents on twitter and they say they don’t feel its their place to post photos or even talk about their spouse’s kids. They post photos of their own kids, but not their spouses, because they say its not their place to. I agree.

  2. littlemissnaughty says:

    I just took a look at her IG. For the first time. I expected something insane but … it’s just your regular old IG account with boring selfies and “inspiring” quotes? How boring! WTF? Leann, you let me down.

    • SmellyCat says:

      The quotes are ripped off from others & pinterest, and are usually aimed squarely at Brandi. She should actually read some of those quotes and try living one of them herself.

    • vickie says:

      I just looked too, and I couldn’t believe how few “followers” she had. Granted, I know she isn’t very popular on here, but I just assumed she had a pretty big following for some reason since she is constantly on vacations and spending money like crazy.

    • aaa says:

      Leann absolutely has her issues and peculiarities, but to bastardize Mark Twain, reports of Leann’s internet lunacy are greatly exaggerated IMHO.

  3. Rachel says:

    Ugh. Eddie needs to put that tongue back in his mouth. Who knows where it’s been.

  4. nanc says:

    Why can’t Brandi have all these selfie of her and her kids on social media if Leann can

    • klein says:

      They’re her kids, so she probably gets enough love and validation from them that she doesn’t need to constantly get approval from random internet strangers about what a great parental figure she is.

      Being their actual mother must mean she’s less insecure than Leann about her role in their lives.. Leann needs the affirmation because she’s not actually related to these kids by blood.

      • aaa says:

        Brandi is not that secure, she’s tweeted things like [paraphrased], “I’m going to pick up my little men, MINE!” As I mentioned above, Eddie likes a certain type and insecurity is one of the traits in the women he’s attracted to.

      • SmellyCat says:

        until you’ve had a woman trying to interject herself into your mothering, you have no idea how it feels. I’ve been there and it’s a tough thing to go through. LR has crossed just about every single line when it comes to Brandi and those boys. It’s a shame that Ed lets LR carry his balls around in her fringe purse, and doesn’t get this situation in check.

      • paleokifaru says:

        It’s very easy for both sides to be insecure for a variety of reasons. Frankly for stepmoms it’s hard to not feel like you’re not SWF’ing just by being in the role and it can be really hard to carve out a new role for yourself so that you and the ex don’t feel miserable. While I agree that Eddie seems to have a type I’ll also say that living with divorce breeds insecurity in all parties who end up involved. How you deal with those insecurities and how much you let the child(ren) see the fallout is the real testament to who you’re putting as the priority. There’s a reason that second marriages have a higher divorce rate. It’s really hard to be involved as any part of a divorced family. And the longer all of them let their insecurities thrive and play out in the public eye, the worse it’s going to be for the kids.

      • aaa says:

        How has Leann interjected herself in Brandi’s mothering and what lines has she crossed? I think that Leann is an arrogant and entitled brat and undoubtedly has crossed lines and made mistakes, but even non-arrogant and non-bratty mothers and stepmothers make mistakes and fall short. I have seen Leann do questionable things but I am not seeing prolonged outrageousness.

        I don’t think that Eddie thinks there is a situation that needs to be put in check nor is he letting Leann carry his balls around. Eddie is the one who interjected Leann into his sons, parents and friends lives very shortly after he filed for divorce. I’ve said before I think that Eddie integrated Leann into his sons’ lives too soon, but Eddie and Leann ended up getting married and things that may have been inappropriate when she was Eddie’s girlfriend are not inappropriate now that she is Eddie’s wife and Mason and Jake’s stepmother.

      • jenn12 says:

        Posting about visits to the ER but not notifying Brandi. Taking Jake out on a bike without training wheels for the 1st time, no helmet, on a busy road, and taking video of it, in which she can be heard exhorting the child to go faster. Taking the kids on a boat and not putting life jackets on them. Introducing them to people who abuse their mother online, telling them that this is Uncle or Aunt whomever; this includes having her producer, who abused Brandi publicly, say he was going to teach her sons what was going on. Alerting the media to the boys’ whereabouts. Using the boys for financial compensation in terms of selling their images. Having the boys backstage while giving a shoutout and backstage invitation to two fans wearing F Brandi shirts. Going to their school and participating in family dates while Eddie and Brandi were still married and the separation was fresh. Cutting off access to the children while they weren’t with their mother. And that’s just two minutes of typing.

      • aaa says:

        The things that you mentioned don’t represent Leann interjecting herself in Brandi’s mothering, it represent mistakes made and shortcomings of Leann (and Eddie). Brandi has her own list including tweeting that she’s going to have sex on her son’s bed, saying she wipes her sons’ butts and one still wets the bed, not monitoring their internet activities and her son being exposed to a “creeper,” tweeting pictures of them in their underwear, calling her son an asshole and other obscene names, tweeting pictures of her son in a hospital bed, etc.

        Regarding the guys who wore the shirts, Leann responded to a tweet and bantered with them during a show, the rest did not happen.

        Brandi interacts with Eddie and Leann haters as well, Ilana Angel who writes hate blogs about Eddie and especially Leann has been to Brandi’s house and met her sons. A few weeks ago Brandi retweeted a blog about Leann called “50 Shades of Crazy with LeAnn Rimes,” although I think that she later deleted the tweet. So Brandi also has friends and favored fans who bash Eddie and Leann.

        What you have here are three people who will not be winning Parent of the Year anytime soon.

      • jenn12 says:

        Those are life threatening mistakes, and I feel they do represent inserting herself into Brandi’s parenting. Brandi has made some errors for sure, but guess what? I thought I had the parenting controls in place on my child’s iPad and I didn’t have them on everything, and she accessed some really inappropriate stuff. You don’t know what she was doing, and it’s unfair to assume something. I think you’d find me very responsible, and I thought I had something in place, and it turned out I didn’t do as thorough a job as I’d thought. People don’t always know stuff. I wish I hadn’t learned the hard way. Now she has no internet access, only apps. I go through the history daily, just in case. I wouldn’t tweet my kids on a sickbed, but she isn’t the only person to do so. The obscene names thing, well, Louis CK has done it, but he’s a comedian. She doesn’t have the timing and she isn’t articulate. Why do you think a book called Go the F to Sleep is so popular? People have gallows humor about certain things. She was joking around, but it didn’t come off well. The other stuff I don’t agree with her doing, like the underwear pics (I know someone who posts pictures of his 7 yr old daughter without a shirt on FB, and I say it to him). As for Leann, yes, she did invite them backstage. I don’t remember which blog it was on. It isn’t the 1st time she had people who harass their mother around the kids. It’s a power trip. I believe Ilana is not friends with Brandi, but not sure. And Leann is not the mother of those children, and it does make a difference. Leann and Eddie had an entire show dedicated to bashing Brandi. That could not be good for the boys. And it does interfere with parenting. “Daddy says you-” “I don’t have to listen to you because-”

      • aaa says:

        I absolutely believe that kids should wear helmets when riding bikes and lifejackets when they are on the water but those are not life threatening mistakes. Every other boat on the water is not capsizing and suburban streets are not overrun with speeding cars careening out of control. Kids should wear helmets and lifejackets but the odds are very small that they will experience a life threatening event while riding their bike or out on a boat.

        Brandi has publicly bashed Eddie and Leann, she’s called Leann a c— more than once and other names, called Eddie a douchebag and called both Eddie and Leann assholes, so your final 3-4 sentences can also apply to there being negativity in Eddie and Leann’s home because of things that Brandi says.

        I don’t know what their current status is, but Brandi and Ilana Angel, who writes negative blogs about Leann and calls her a whore, did socialize together including Ilana going to Brandi’s house when her sons were there.

      • jenn12 says:

        I don’t think that Brandi is an angel and there are many times I’ve thought, “Wow, that isn’t going over well” when she’s said something. But she seems to be on the defensive more than on the offensive. I think they like getting her to react; it’s a power trip. I don’t know enough about Ilana Angel, but she has definitely put Brandi on blast in her blog and I have received the impression they aren’t friends, but I could be wrong.

      • aaa says:

        Eddie said, I think it was on Wendy Williams’ show, that Leann does not initiate anything and only reacts when pushed too far. That statement was both incredulous and laughable. I think that the answer is in the middle, Eddie and/or Leann have done things and Brandi has reacted, but Brandi has stirred up crap on her own, and vice versa.

        I don’t follow her closely but I agree that Ilana has been more critical of Brandi in her more recent recaps, but there was a lovefest going on for a while between Ilana, Brandi and Brandi’s friend Jennifer, although Ilana seemed to be more into Brandi than Brandi was into Ilana. And as I said before Brandi had Ilana in her home with her sons and not too long ago Brandi retweeted a piece written by Ilana called “50 Shades of Crazy with LeAnn Rimes.”

      • jenn12 says:

        I never saw Brandi do that, but I don’t look at Twitter that often. If Brandi did that, it’s disappointing. If she did post and delete, I hope the delete meant she thought better of it.

    • claire says:

      It seems like Brandi does post a photo here and there of her kids. Lots of cute TBT ones when they were little, too. The difference I’ve noticed is, she doesn’t highlight every single bit of her itinerary with her kids when she has them, leading some to believe she has them less than Eddie. But it’s like Klein said, less need for validation. And I’d add on: actually paying attention to them, not spending her whole time with them on social media.

      • MichLynn says:

        Yes some of Leann’s fans believe Ed has custody most of the time because of this and that Brandi basically absent. So because Brandi keeps her boy’s life private and doesn’t post constantly about them, Leann’s fans trash her on twitter and call her a bad mother. Leann does it on purpose and does nothing to discourage it. Brandi fans seem to get a bad rap sometimes about calling out Leann, but trust that the Leann fan/Brandi haters are and have been very vicious to B. That is why the Brandi fans became so vocal, even before she was famous on RHOBH.

    • aaa says:

      Brandi posts pictures of her sons and discusses them on social media just as much if not more than Leann does, she also talks about them in her podcast. If it appears that Leann does it more it’s because she gets way more attention when she does it.

      • oopsie says:

        she has every right to, she is the MOTHER what don’t you get? Everyone here has broken it down for you but you still don’t seem to understand, why don’t you go read for yourself and get off this post since you don’t know what you are talking about

      • aaa says:

        What am I supposed to be reading?

  5. Jonesy says:

    Awwww…those little boys are so adorable! That’s all I got. ;)

  6. The Original Mia says:

    I don’t need to see her pubis mons. She needs a better bikini bottom. Yes, I’m clutching my old lady pearls.

    • SmellyCat says:

      It was just a matter of time until she turned up in a tiny bikini like this, because Brandi did some pics awhile back in a very tiny bikini, so of course, who couldn’t resist doing the same. It’s very odd really.

    • Josephine says:

      I don’t get that trend, either. I find that very unflattering and I would constantly worry about exposure. Of course, people like her are probably praying for a wardrobe incident to be relevant again for 30 seconds.

    • jenn12 says:

      It’s cool to wear around other adults, but around two boys, one of whom is about to enter adolescence?

  7. Brin says:

    Any company she shills for will only lose business. Wewe is bad for business.

  8. ann says:

    Enough with all the hash tags, tweets and selfies.
    Time for her to unlatch the phone from her hand for a few days! She probably sleeps with the phone clutched in her hand. I use a camera to take lots of pictures on vacation.

  9. atrain says:

    Who’s taking a picture of them taking a picture? Does she have a lackey following her around to document their extra fun family time for the world to see?

  10. Sonia says:

    Here’s my bitchy thought of the day, she SHOULD look good in a bikini because she will never have babies of her own, and what else does she have to do all day but work out?

    • paleokifaru says:

      As a stepmom myself who doesn’t yet have kids of my own I find that kind of comment really offensive. I work around my SS’s school schedule and take care of him after. Just because I haven’t yet been able to have babies of my own doesn’t mean I have all day to work out either.

      • SmellyCat says:

        But the comment wasn’t directed towards you. It was directed towards a stepmom who oversteps in just about every single manner possible, and seems nothing to do but workout or vacation. The comment was appropriate where it was directed.

      • Tarsha says:

        Shouldn’t the actual parent, the father do that (work around school schedules)? Maybe its just me, but if the father of my children, if his spouse was filling in my job, I would be irritated. Even if he remarried, I would want him to do the parenting. Not his girlfriend/spouse. She is just married to my kid’s father, apart from that, she is nothing. Step ‘parent’ basically just mean’s the parent’s spouse. I have to admit I would not want my ex’s girlfriend/spouse doing any parenting, whatsoever, whether legally married or not. It just would not sit well with me. There are 2 parents, not 3. The other is just a spouse. That’s all. I know I might upset some with this comment, but that’s the way it is. I would not want any other woman mothering my child or attending to school schedules. That is my domain and my husband’s domain only. Not the new wife. Their purpose is simply as a friend to the children and their father’s spouse. Maybe some new wives think they are being helpful and part of the family helping out with school schedules etc, but the thought of *any* woman but me doing that does not sit well with me. And it never ever will. Some/or many may differ but I will never ever be ok with my ex’s new wife acting as a parent to my child/ren. Ever. No matter if I get on with the new wife, I would still make it clear I expect my ex to be the sole one doing the parenting. She is just his spouse, and nothing else. Unpopular maybe, but that is how I feel. Luckily I don’t have children yet so I won’t have to face this issue. But I cannot see myself changing my view, and accepting a third co-parent. Of course I would like for my child/ren to like and get on with the new girlfriend/partner/spouse, but I would make it clear they are not to ever co-parent, they are merely dad’s wife/girlfriend to them and that’s all.

    • paleokifaru says:

      No the comment wasn’t directed towards me but it was linking not having babies of your own and therefore having all the time in the world to work out. It’s a comment that you’ll find in a lot of places aimed at women who don’t have children or don’t have children of their own. You’ll also see it in the Jennifer Aniston threads. It’s not okay to tear other women down just because they don’t have kids. I don’t ever find that appropriate.

      • jenn12 says:

        It may have been a comment on her constant vacationing and canceling of concerts. She really has nothing going on career-wise.

      • paleokifaru says:

        I wish that would have been the focus. Your comments are always well thought out and you stay out of the shaming areas. But it never fails to surprise me that when there’s a post with Jen Garner or Christy Turlington the comments are hateful about mommy brigades and then when it’s someone like Jennifer Aniston or these threads the comments are cruelly directed at not being a mother. I find it as bad as the body shaming.

      • jenn12 says:

        Well, I hope it’s the focus. Thank you, and you as well. Part of it is probably that while I relate to some aspects, I’m not emotionally invested, and the other part is I believe you should put the kids 1st. I don’t like body/looks shaming, and I do not get the “you’re a bad person if you have no kids” attitude. Look at June Shannon (I can’t make myself write the “mama” part): she has a lot of kids, and she’s the least maternal person I can think of. Octomom wanted babies, not to be a mother, and now who suffers? The kids. I have more respect for people who don’t become parents because they know they don’t want kids; that, to me, is being responsible. I think a lot of people are aggravated with LR because she is constantly usurping the mother; she alienated an important demographic. The stepparents I know are more like aunts/uncles and respect the parts of the parents. But that isn’t- or shouldn’t be- the same as choosing not to be a parent or not being ready to be a parent.

  11. claire says:

    All I ever notice with her, in her billions of bikini pics, are the broad shoulders, tits under her armpits, no waist and that weird V in her abdomen. Seriously, WHAT is with the V? I have never seen this on a woman before. Is it bad exercise advice? A lipo gone wrong?

    • tweetersagainstcheaters says:

      I agree! she is not a model no matter how hard she tries, which is fine, as she was given the gift of a beautiful voice, which at this point she seems to really not care about! Also, I am not a pearl clutcher, but that bikini is not appropriate for her to wear as a step mom around 2 young boys!! 7 &11, what is she thinking? It would be fine if it were just she or Eddie, not that it is ever just she and Eddie, but ok with their adult friends, but not with the boys!
      And, I am a Brandi supporter, it breaks my heart to see a tweet from her about missing her boys at Easter and for Spring Break, then 5 min later to see Blotus posting pics about them. Brandi has said how much this hurts, esp then seeing her posting pics with them when she cant be with them. It doesnt matter how many years blotus is in their life, that is going to hurt Brandi, and she seems to just love it.

      • briargal says:

        She doesn’t give a rat’s behind what she wears around the boys–on the beach or at the soccer games. It’s like she wants the attention of young boys. If this was a man wearing a thong around young girls, he would be severely criticized. But this immoral lttle skank parades around young boys like this all the time. Totally inappropriate! But then in her immature mind she can’t comprehend the wrongness of her actions.

      • Lady D says:

        Yes, this cow is not innocent in posting pictures of Brandi’s boys. Every picture she posts is to take a dig at Brandi. Every one. She gets vindictive joy out of it.

      • anne_000 says:

        I have a feeling that the older the boys get, there will be even more inappropriate times in which she’s dressed scantily around them, puts her hands on them, snuggles up very close to them, and of course, posts photos of such occasions all over social media.

        I’m not saying she’ll be sexually attracted to them, but as Dean said, she needs to feel attraction from others and so could try to get some kind of emotion from them that would excite and satiate her.

        It could happen because, imo, she obviously doesn’t respect boundaries and doesn’t allow them to limit her when she wants something.

      • jenn12 says:

        @anne000: she already takes pictures around them in super skimpy clothing and during her ice bucket challenge, she was wearing a tiny, skimpy tank top. You could hear the boys yelling, “Breasts!” at her. And Eddie had his sons dumping ice and water on her in that top.

      • jenn12 says:

        They are closer to 8 and 12. Remember the ice bucket challenge? I am always amazed at how inappropriately sexual Leann and Eddie are around those children (and others’ kids, like at games). This is a “man” who thought it appropriate to have his new girlfriend take him and his kids on vacation and then have her grabbing his privates in front of them. The photos of Leann bending over them in short shorts. The clothing she’s worn to games (1 guy took photos of her bending over a cooler in short shorts and said, “Look at that a–, and she’s even getting me a beer!”). The clothing she’s worn to birthday parties and has jumped on trampolines in. Taking her clothes off on a balcony and making out with a family friend while Ed took pictures and 4 kids were just inside the door. Seriously, how does no one think this is creepy and not right??

      • anne_000 says:

        @jenn12 – That’s very disturbing. I hope there comes a day when the boys get old enough to tell the courts that they’d rather Brandi have primary physical custody.

      • jenn12 says:

        I truly don’t get it. Adults should have enough self control to behave appropriately in front of children, and to dress appropriately in front of them. My kids play sports, and if anyone behaved like that on the field in front of them, the other parents would have told them to knock it off. I do not like when adults act sexual in front of kids. It’s not right. You want to do the wet t-shirt thing, leave two young kids out of that.

    • maeliz says:

      She’s built like a boy with those wide shoulders and a shapeless body with no waist. She got a bad boob job and had something implanted in her abs that looks like a V

    • Christin says:

      Shape challenged genetics plus some type of questionable ‘enhancement(s)’, I think.

    • Marie Alexis says:

      It’s not so much a bad boob job (as most seem to think); it’s a matter of working with what you’ve got in front of you. Leann’s nipples must be far apart, so the surgeon had no choice but to place the implants far apart so that the nipples would be centered on the breasts….

    • TrixC says:

      What weird V? Do you mean she has well developed lower abdominal muscles? I’m a circus aerialist, and I can tell you that’s quite normal in women who are fit and work their core a lot.

      • Marie Alexis says:

        I’ve read, more than once, that LR had some sort of “lipo-sculpting” done to create toned looking abs. Problem is that all you see is the V. In between the V, she sometimes looks like she has a little pot happening….so the V is very bizarre and fake looking, IMO.

      • claire says:

        Even when she is a little pudgier, and not toned, it bulges and sticks out super noticeably. And when she is toned, it’s not uniform across her abdomen. It’s this bulging V-shape that goes from under her chest to the top of her bottoms, while her sides are shrunken in and skeletal. That’s why I was wondering if bad lipo, or bad exercising/focusing on one area.

      • Ming says:

        “The V” that leann has is IBS.

        Inflamed/bloated intestines.

    • funcakes says:

      The point is that Eddies already tapped that enough that he has no plan to tap that again because he’s tapping everybody except her no matter what she wears it ain’t going to work.

  12. Make that money, honey. Lord knows when the cash is gone your man will be too.

  13. snarky mcsnark says:

    Why ANYONE would pay her to promote their products is beyond me. She doesn’t sell ANYTHING, not albums, not reality tv shows, not tickets to casino gigs and her lawn chair tours, not even her set up pap shots to magazines anymore. Most of her “fans” don’t seem to have two nickels to rub together to get her crappy sweatshirts or even key chains so who exactly is supposed to be buying the crap she’s shillin”?

  14. Tracy says:

    Sounds like Leann’s ex-husband had it just right: Leann is defined in her mind solely by external validation, i.e. completely by what others think of her. I suspect this is not uncommon among child stars. I think most people have gotten past her ‘home wrecking’ background, I mean others have managed to make their post-home wrecking lives more interesting than this one event. But Leann just can’t seem to get a handle on when it’s appropriate to shine, and when the more correct thing to do is to just sit down. Singing? Leann should be center stage and claim the spotlight. Bikini selfies? She’s lean and while not having a traditionally sexy figure, she’s due a few selfies…but she overdoses us on them. It’s all we see, practically, and it’s obvious that she calls the paps every time she goes to the beach. Stooooppp.

    But when it comes to Brandi’s and Eddie’s kids, and the whole “aren’t we just the cutest and happiest family” thing, it just reads as highly manipulative, extremely unkind, gratuitous and desperate. The same with copying Brandi’s every shoe, bag, dress and hairstyle and post. I bet she’s a likable stepmother; even Bradi has said her kids like her. She should just leave it at that and stop milking this for public adulation, because it’s been backfiring on her for years now. She’s just not like any other stepmother who can post happy blended family pictures on her Facebook page, she’s a marginally famous person whose bad personal behavior has eclipsed her singing career and whose motives are now widely viewed as suspect.

    My unsolicited advice to her would be to just relax, live your life, work on your high risk current marriage, continue to be a good stepmother, and for God’s sake hire an image consultant. I have no doubt they’ll tell you to:

    1. Restablish credibility in the music industry by starting over. You need to have more press about your talent than you do about your home wrecking, your weight, your favorite bikini brands, your sketchy husband, or other women’s children. Your talent will win out if you don’t drag your personal life into it by writing and singing songs about what a shit person you were by cheating on your perfectly nice former husband (according to public sentiment) with someone else’s.

    2. If age or negative public opinion simply won’t allow you to restablish a bonafide singing career, or if you’re just not motivated enough to want to try, and you insist on trying to live a life in the spotlight, then find a cause or activity unrelated to the aforementioned topics and begin to make a difference there. And let everyone ELSE tweet, post and blog about it. Stop self-promoting in social media. Even better, stop participating in social media altogether.

    3. Most important, get or continue therapy to help you find ways to live your life happily without requiring the public attention and adoration you (so desperately) seek. It doesn’t age well. Lots of very famous people have stepped back from public life and media coverage successfully, so no crying victim here. And they appear only confident and secure (because they are) in so doing, i.e. Jennifer Lawrence, who went very quiet for months after all the media exposure surrounding her films; Eva Mendes, who went quiet while pregnant and reappeared on her own terms; even Trisha Yearwood who went completely ‘quiet’ for a few years before reinventing herself as a lifestyle brand. There are many, many more examples. They were better advised.

    Leann, relax.

    • Lady D says:

      It’s said that she reads every blog and post about herself. She must have seen hundreds, if not thousands of post offering her this same excellent advice. Total strangers take time out of their day to sincerely offer help to her because they care. Rather than take that advice offered by people who care, she calls them haterz or assumes they are just jealous.

    • briargal says:

      Trisha Yearwood not only has a successful singing career but has her own cooking show on TV, has put out numerous cookbooks and soon will be coming out with her own brand of cookware. And what is Leaky doing with her so called happpeee life?? Being known now only for her SWFing and her pap whoring and she calls the paps. How funny but truly boring.

    • funcakes says:

      She’s had several different management team working with her. At one point they were one her website asking for gigs and where people can contact them.
      It’s pretty hard to get decent management when you call out sick for 95% of them.
      It seems like the only gigs she gets lately is what her song writer sets up.

      • paleokifaru says:

        I would think it would be difficult to be her management team when presumably she tells each of them that she will ONLY be a singer and then she flakes. A management team could be helpful if they could have more control over her image and schedule.

    • jenn12 says:

      She should also stop harassing her ex’s ex, stop calling the paps on her stepkids, stop favoring nasty remarks towards her husband’s ex, stop communicating with people who are hateful toward her stepkids’ mom, stop with the fake accounts, and stop getting people to do her dirty work. Don’t, say, invite fans wearing F Brandi shirts backstage, especially when Brandi’s sons are there. Don’t create an entire show based on bashing Brandi. It’s quite a list.

  15. prissa says:

    Those kids are so darned cute!!!

  16. why? says:

    Camp Leann is really hitting this thread very hard. How odd that a certain someone is back posting after all the posts they made about people being obsessed with Leann yesterday.

  17. briargal says:

    Is Edie sleeping or passed out when Leaky photobombed him??? And notice the “family” pics–Leaky is outside the family arms. Noone is including her with their arms. Almost like she is pushing herself into the pic like she did their lives.

    • funcakes says:

      I’ve been writing that for the last two days. In this new picture it looks as though ed is truly asleep and she just shoved her head next to his. Remember the days she would take pictures of them always kissing.
      It now look like ed using the boys as a barrier.

  18. Deanne says:

    Now she’s plagiarizing Marianne Williamson. Is it really so hard to put quotes around her chalk crap? I mean just to show it is an actual quite by someone else. Also, why is she even bothering with bikini bottoms? I’m sure her ass is hanging out at the back as well. What a treat for the kids,

  19. Leslie says:

    I thought she was sick again and a make up concert was cancelled. How did she get well so fast? If she’s really sick as much as she says she is, then that’s a sure sign of unhappiness. But she seems to take pleasure in broadcasting on Twitter that she’s sick. People who are unhappy/miserable have a lower immune system, and get sick more than happy people do. I found that out when a friend of mine had one chest cold, sore throat, and headache after another. She’d kind of get over one and then have another bout. So, I did some research on why a person has continuous colds etc. Well, she was in a terrible marriage. It wasn’t that her husband cheated, but he was verbally abusive all the time, even when friends were around. Soon as she left him (which took her years to do), the constant illnesses became a thing of the past.

  20. funcakes says:

    She looks so much better with a little weight on,But on the other hand I forget she Photoshops. She probably has a nice shape until she edit it out.

  21. Mytwocentsworth says:

    I don’t want to sound mean but why does she advertise her figure when it aint that good? She is built like a man straight up & down. She insisted on a boob job which put her breasts under her armpits with a 12 in gap in between them. Just don’t know what she sees when she looks in mirror cause she acts like her bikini pics thrill the masses. Eddie looks passed out from drinking himself into oblivion, which he probably does often. The only thing she was famous for was her voice. That ship has sailed because there are singers on contest shows that sound far better than her and don’t win. She does not enunciate words which makes her appear lazy when she sings. I guess these pics are all that’s left. She posts them & her 10 devoted followers tell her how awesome she looks. Rinse & repeat!

    • Brin says:

      She must see Brandi but no one else sees Brandi when they look at her.

    • oopsie says:

      have you watched some of the “best of” clips of the performances on these singing reality shows like American idol? OMG Leann could not make it if she was starting today, those people are amazing!

      • briargal says:

        I think the only reason she did as well as she did in the past was the age factor. She had a truly beautiful voice for her young age and it blew people away that she could be that talented at that age. Nowadays there are a bazillion other people who sing as good or even in my opinion much better than her. She had her fame back then. Now she is just a used-up has-been singer who now is only known for her being a papwhore.

  22. why? says:

    It looks like Eddie is either asleep or on his phone texting in that photo of Leann with her head on his shoulder. That photo of her with her head on Eddie gives me the “Misery” vibe. Then there is photo of her taking photos of Eddie while he isn’t looking. What did this vacation cost Leann? She was papped shopping 2 days in a row, on Friday she bought something expensive at a jewelry store for Eddie, and then on Saturday she had a party for Eddie, Elisa, and Lizzy.

    Why is it that EVERY holiday and vacation, Leann spends more time on instagram and twitter than she does with her family/soulmate? Leann spent yesterday tweeting about how she was creating memories, but how is she creating memories with her family and soulmate when she would rather taunt Brandi about how she isn’t spending Spring Break with Jake and Mason?

    The funniest part of Leann’s Spring Break vacation was when Eddie took Jake and Mason rafting, leaving Leann all alone in the RV to spend her night on instagram posting selfies of herself in a bikini (which is way too small) and posting to people who harass Brandi. Did Eddie leave after the staged rivertime photo-op was over? Will Leann be sporting the bikini that Brandi was papped wearing on March 5 for AKM-GSI today?

    Leann has also been busy today. Since the blogs didn’t jump on happy family Easter photos, Leann paid CBS to write a glowing article about the photos.

    Leann keeps tweeting about being humbled by her failures, but if she truly learned anything she would put down the iphone and stop arranging staged photo-ops with Jake and Mason.

    Lizzy has posted 2 photos saying that she and her family are in the desert for Spring Break. Are they on the same trip with Leann and Eddie? Leann is still tweeting about how she is sick and yesterday, Eddie disappeared with Jake and Mason leaving Leann all alone in the RV. Lizzy posted a photo of herself sitting in a chair last night and Leann was on her instagram account commenting on the photo.

    • anne_000 says:

      It’s weird that she’s on vacation and the only thing that interests her is posting photos that have nothing to do with her actively taking part in the vacation with the rest of the ‘family.’

      She’s the only person I’ve heard of that doesn’t ‘do vacations’ while on vacation. Very odd.

  23. maeliz says:

    I guess having the IV drip in her house made her horrible allergies go away just in time.

  24. Pegasus says:

    If those bikini bottoms were any lower, we’d all be staring at hooha cleavage. Yikes.

  25. Jane says:

    Well, there goes my appetite after looking at her disgusting bikini pictures. She just needs to go away forever. I know, I know… wishful thinking.

  26. MsTrixieDelight says:

    LeAnn will •never• be able to stop the perpetual stalking, bashing, or obsessive attempts at one-upping Brandi as long as she is married to Dongus Diseasus Cubicanus. Why? Because the nasty specimen himself is still obsessed and bitter regarding his ex-wife… as was •clearly• depicted in that wildly unsuccessful ‘reality’ show they attempted. One can only imagine how he manipulates this all-too willing, dim-witted , home-schooled, dickmatized Howdy Doody into doing and saying the things that this ball-less Buffalo Bob hasn’t the courage to…

    • Christin says:

      How funny. After watching some of their ‘scriptality’, it did seem that their common interest is making snide remarks about the boys’ mother.

  27. Katrina says:

    I love those two pictures. They are hilarious because it looks like she is photobombing her own “family.” Eddie has his arms wrapped around his sons only – he could care less she is in the picture!!

  28. Bess says:

    I can’t stand LeAnn, but I loathe Eddie Cibrian. There’s just something so sleazy and smarmy about him.

    • jenn12 says:

      It’s because she pretends to be a parent, but he IS one half of the parents, and he has no issue with having the boys deal with whatever lunacy his wife puts in their path, and hasn’t from day one. Or that he’s fine with bashing his sons’ mother on his show. Or that he’s cool with letting people harass the kids’ mom and then is fine when their stepmom gets these people involved in the kids’ lives. A real parent, for example, would have said to his wife, “Look, I get that you hate Brandi, but my kids are here and shouldn’t meet your fans while they’re wearing an F Brandi shirt. That’s their mother.” Not Ed.

      • paleokifaru says:

        Yeah. I think there’s some things that I’ve seen bashed that are pretty innocuous and normal blended family issues. But having people around the kids wearing tshirts that bash a parent? Not cool. Honestly if I were her or Eddie I would have made an announcement that you don’t support those shirts and anyone wearing them won’t get backstage or needs to change.

      • aaa says:

        I don’t think those guys were around the Cibrian boys.

      • paleokifaru says:

        @aaa I saw your clarification upthread after I posted but even so I don’t think I would have engaged in a Twitter exchange unless it was to say “while I appreciate you’re fans please let’s keep in mind this woman is the mother of my stepkids and not have merchandise bashing her.” I realize it’s been an ongoing feud but it’s also been years and both sides need to knock it off for the kids and the chance at sanity. Personally, I don’t like any of these people and think it’s been a series of hurt, anger, mistakes and now petty jabs. It would have helped a lot if Leann wasn’t sanctimonious about the cheating at the beginning. But that’s done and people need to start behaving like adults. All of them.

      • aaa says:

        What happened was that some guy tweeted Leann that he was coming to her show and included a picture of him and a friend wearing big pink hats and shirts with FXCK BRANDI on it, the picture was a reflection so it was written backwards. Leann responded with something positive and also bantered with them during the show. Leann said that she was responding to their hats and did not notice what was on their shirts.

      • jenn12 says:

        People wrote to her on Twitter, telling her what was on the shirts, and she still bantered with them, gave them shoutouts, and- from what I read- had them backstage. Even if she didn’t, respect for the children would have dictated that she ask them not to do that at her concert or on her twitter. Their father should have enough respect for them to do so. I am genuinely interested in hearing how you defend their reality show, which critics called the Brandi bashing show. The boys’ emotional health was being protected how exactly?

      • jenn12 says:

        Paleokifaru, I think your stepson is a lucky kid. You sound like you put his emotional needs first. Well done.

      • aaa says:

        I remember when the incident happened with the guys and the shirts and there was no mention of Leann meeting with them. I did a quick search and still did not see anything about her meeting with them. I have seen where people say things on blogs and social media like, “I wouldn’t put it past her to meet with them and introduce them to Brandi boys” and next thing you know someone is restating it like it’s a fact.

        Leann does things like favorite tweets that bash Brandi, Brandi has done it too but Leann is definitely the worse offender of the two. Brandi has also requested that people not discuss Leann on her timeline, but Leann has fans and friends that bash Brandi, and Brandi has fans and friends that bash Leann.

        I did not approve of Eddie and Leann bashing Brandi on their reality show and commented that I thought that it was the wrong and stupid thing to do. I disagree that the entire premise of Eddie and Leann’s show was bashing Brandi. “Critics” say the same thing about Brandi, that ALL Brandi does is obsess over Eddie, Leann and Eddie’s former mistress Scheana and uses them as her storyline on RHOBH. Critics also say that Brandi’s celebrity and relevance is because her husband had an affair with a country singer and that without them she’s a nobody. Brandi has definitely talked about Eddie and Leann and used them for storylines but I disagree that Brandi’s entire presence on the RHOBH is her using Eddie and Leann for relevance and a storyline.

      • jenn12 says:

        I could swear someone said they went backstage, but you may well be right. I still disagree with what she did. Even if she missed it initially, the men were called out on Twitter, and she gave them a shoutout at the concert. That’s not being a responsible stepparent. People definitely get too intense on twitter, which is why I will look, but I won’t belong. All the arguing is tiresome and repetitive. Brandi’s celebrity is based on what happened to her, but I admire that she’s built a career out of it, because she’s not educated, she was limited as a model and aged out anyway, so what are her options? Though it would be great to see her parlay this into business ventures, because she seems pretty good at it. At any rate, good to know you disliked LR’s show. Any link I followed to it was upsetting; no excuse for creating an entire show about bashing someone, especially if you share custody with that person. I don’t like Eddie or Leann and I’m generally ok with Brandi, but the team I’m on is team kids.

      • aaa says:

        As I said Leann has done things like favorited negative tweets by Brandi, there’s real evidence that’s happened more than once and she’s wrong for that. Regarding the guys with the big hats and shirts, she did not have them backstage meeting her stepsons- I’m not saying that you didn’t read it but there’s been no credible report and I’m guessing that an internet opinion or speculation became fact, that happens a lot. As far as did Leann know what was on the shirt when she bantered with them while on stage, she could have known and did it anyway or even because of, or she may not have known and was responding to the hats – since she blocks the kind of people who would point that out to her, she may not have seen those tweets.

        I think that there has been quite a bit of bad parenting/stepparenting going on in this situation, although some things like posting pictures on social media don’t bother me.

        Although achieving fame as a scorned wife is dubious, I don’t have a big problem with Brandi initially taking any and every opportunity to get press by bashing her ex-husband and his girlfriend given what kind of people they are and their tacky behavior. However Brandi’s actions over the past 2-3 years have shown me and that she’s not a nice person and she has serious personality and character issues, and the reason for her issues goes well beyond her husband divorcing her and marrying his mistress.

      • briargal says:

        @aaa–Your quote “Leann said she was responding to the hats and did not notice what was on their shirts.” (See that I am not plagarizing there). My response would be that she lies about everything. So we are supposed to believe what she said?? No way!

      • claire says:

        @paleokifaru: someone’s trying to convince you of a watered-down version of the story. She saw the tweet. The men’s shirts were very easy to read. It was not a difficult thing. Everyone could tell. She gave them shout-outs at the concert. She met up with them after the show and took photos with them. It’s all online and documented by the guys themselves.

      • aaa says:

        It’s reasonable for you to not believe Leann.

        You must have access to a different search engine than I do because I am seeing neither pictures nor stories indicating that Leann met with the guys and took photos with them. Also I remember when it happened in August 2013 and don’t recall that being reported or appearing on a Twitter stream.

        Here’s a ss of the photo.

      • paleokifaru says:

        Awww thanks @jenn12. It’s not easy and it’s certainly even more difficult when there’s *really* bitter history between the divorced and if the ex has a problem with the new spouse. So I get the feelings behind it because I have had a lot of hate directed at me by SS’s mom. BUT I am an adult and while it took some getting used to and a couple knee jerk not perfect reactions I have never managed to let her bad behavior spark bad behavior of my own. Keeping the child at the forefront of your relationship to the ex or new spouse is key. For me it’s made it so much easier to ignore her nonsense because I think about how much SS loves her. Do I think their relationship is healthy? No not really but there’s nothing to be done about that legally. No matter what I don’t disrespect SS’s mom. I can complain to my husband or family later and privately. But even that got old pretty fast and I can’t imagine keeping up the kind of hateful relationships these people have for so long. It has to be draining right?

      • paleokifaru says:

        Yes, @jenn12 – Team Kids! I totally agree with @aaa that at this point all three adults are in the wrong with their behavior. There’s no one right way to be married, divorced, parents or stepparents but there are a lot of wrong ways to do those things. And it seems to me they’re all three managing to do all of those things in a variety of VERY wrong ways. Hope the kids have a support system or counselor outside of these three clowns. They’re going to need good examples of how to grow up.

      • jenn12 says:

        I agree- team kids all the way. I happen to think Brandi is the best of the 3, but she isn’t always perfect. However, I see what her ex and his wife do, and I think, give her a little leeway. With that said, all 3 need to know that their behavior affects the boys, especially now that they’re growing up. You are correct- they all touch a nerve. I think your stepson is very lucky that you put him 1st. My BIL is my nephew’s stepdad and he had/has a hard job because the bio dad was a jerk, but also was killed in an accident, so my nephew hero worships the memory, but my BIL never wavers in supporting him, yet honoring what he thinks his dad was. And they are different races, so my BIL sometimes gets stupid remarks when they’re out, but he loves my nephew and does his best. It’s too draining to keep the drama up- at least, that’s how I feel. It’s why I hate reality shows. Who wants to watch the nonstop back and forth? aaa, I do not always agree with you on the LR/BG threads, but I respect the calm way you post. Paleokifaru, in terms of the mommy thing, I have yet to really connect with any of the moms I know; they’re a little too self righteous for me. The person I met and became friends with in our new hood is a childless by choice woman who is married to a guy whose language I barely understand. I prefer her company to the others thus far. Women should be allies, not enemies.

    • Tate says:

      Absolutely agree.

    • briargal says:

      @aaa–Yup it’s reasonable for me to not believe anything Leaky says as so many of her lies can be documented and proven to be lies. What a great reputation she has as a stalker, liar and despicable person. Wonder if her biomom is proud of her but then she probably taught Leaky everything.

  29. why? says:

    Eddie must have left Leann alone in the RV again because she is praising Celebrity Babyscoop for posting the Easter photos of Eddie pimping Jake and Mason to Leann because she bought Eddie something expensive on Friday, threw a party for Eddie and his friends on Saturday, and took Eddie and his friends on another vacation.

    • Enn says:

      Please stop saying that he “pimps” his kids. I get what you mean, but the sexual connotations of the word are really gross.

  30. Debutante says:

    That bikini is really gross and inappropriate.

    Why even bother wearing those bottoms ?? And really ?? Its the most comfortable bikini ever ?? I doubt it when you have to check if your ass crack or cooch crack is in view every five seconds !
    This is what she wears around her “boys” .? Again, gross and inappropriate.

  31. Donna says:

    I’m no prude, at all, but that bikini bottom is gross for a family trip.
    It just really is incredibly tacky.
    Also…LOL that she is inside taking selfies while everyone else is out having fun.
    If she doesn’t have social media, she’s really got nothing. She becomes an ordinary person and she can’t have that so…on and on and on she goes.
    Brandi said things were “going better”, and if that happens, Leann fades into obscurity so she’s got to keep up with the possessive pics of the boys and keep up the happy happy happy pictures. I mean really, who posts that many photos of their children on twitter? Nobody!

    When I’m super happy, when I’m having fun and feeling loved, when I am feeling fulfilled, the last thing I think about is social media.
    It’s when I’m feeling the OPPOSITE that I feel the need to post things about myself for a sense of community.
    Super depressing. Oh Leann. This is now pathetic.

  32. Zooyork says:

    That bikini looks like a disease.

  33. Annie says:

    Kids actually look pretty happy. Too much BS about nothing, as usual

  34. Puravidacostarica says:

    Here’s the thing in my view. LeAnn has a choice — to post on social media or to post her photos on a private Facebook or other private account. She can text the photos to her friends, to her family, and to her “special” fans. But she chooses instead to post to social media for one reason and one reason only — she knows it is a means to keep uncovering a closed wound. She picks at the scab until it bleeds. She knows it hurts and that’s why she does it. If she had a modicum of decency and good will toward anyone, including Brandi and the boys, she’d stop. But she can’t. Because she’s sick. She knows she’s sick and she throws that illness in everyone’s faces. And she laughs while she chugs at her tequila. You know I’m right, don’t you, LeAnn? You know you’re sick and just waiting to pull something really horrible. It just takes appropriate planning, doesn’t it?

    • jenn12 says:

      Yep, totally. She loves drama and she also loves the feelings of power and control she gets: you all think I’m wrong and awful, but you can’t stop me. She’s sick. And her husband is no better.

  35. bree says:

    Wow..some of yall write novels on here! I cant say I care that much..but..why not just let eddie post the pics of the kids out of respect?

    • klein says:

      I’m starting to a few people are catching internet transmitted obsessive disorders from reading about her….

      • paleokifaru says:

        I can’t speak for everyone but I think their stories get so many comments because this nutty family highlights to the extreme a lot of the problems society is facing today, i.e. issues of privacy, addiction to media, children’s access to media and if they have rights that their parents are abusing with posting, divorce and the impact it has on the family, etc. Those are issues playing out in people’s own lives, hopefully to a smaller extent, but I think these people touch a nerve because of that.

      • jenn12 says:

        But exactly, paleo. Well said.

  36. Puravidacostarica says:

    Is it just me, or does LeAnn have funny-looking ears and Eddie looks like he’s worn out and pushing 50 fast?