‘Downton Abbey’ will end after the next season, season six: yay or nay?


I rarely write about Downton Abbey these days, even though I’m still watching. I still care about many of the characters too, so go ahead and judge me. I enjoyed the fact that Lady Mary decided not to marry her aristocratic suitor after she banged him in a hotel (how bad was that sex?). I enjoyed the fact that Lady Edith finally grew a set and took back her baby and ran off to London briefly, before Violet confessed all to Cora and Cora convinced Edith to come back. See? I’m still involved. But it looks like I’m only going to be involved for one more season!! Yes, the rumors seem to be true – Downton is probably going to end after one more season, season 6, which is currently being filmed.

It’s truly the end of an era for Downton Abbey fans. The hit PBS drama is coming to an end…and it’s sooner than you think! Downton Abbey’s upcoming season six will be its last, according to reports. While the decision to end the network’s biggest show might come as a surprise to fans who have watched the British upstairs/downstairs drama since its series premiere, it actually makes a lot of sense, as all the cast contracts are set to expire at the end of season six.

In fact, Downton star Alan Leech, who plays Tom Branson on the show, told E! News before season five’s premiere that he couldn’t see the show going on past season six.

“In my heart of hearts, I can’t see it going more than two more [seasons],” Leech said. “I think the period of time we want to tell, we’re coming to the end that us as actors can keep playing these characters.”

[From E! News]

It’s an interesting period soap opera and while I haven’t loved every minute of it, I’ve enjoyed seeing the progression of many of the characters. I think it would be smart to end the show after season six, but it’s probably necessary too, what with the contracts running out. Michelle Dockery wants to do more films and move beyond Ice Queen Lady Mary. Hugh Bonneville will always work, he’s a treasure. And I suspect the rest of the cast all have projects lined up too. And honestly, I can’t go any more rounds with Mr. Bates and Anna. At all.

All of these photos are from the past week, where the cast was filming Season 6 in Wiltshire. Look at all of the cloche hats!!! Mary always has the best clothes, but I’m enjoying Edith’s costumes here especially.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. PunkyMomma says:

    I can’t go another round with Mr. Bates and Anna, either.

  2. A says:

    I have never seen a single solitary person say they enjoy the Bates and Anna nonsense. So why??????? For the love of god why????

    • MrsNix says:

      Yeah. When they made it clear they were going to throw Anna in jail, I threw my hands up and said, “I quit. I just quit.” Really, writers? Really?

  3. Snazzy says:

    I can’t help myself, I do love that show. Maggie Smith is a treasure… but yes, I am a bit tired of the Anna and Mr Bates story line as well.

  4. GlimmerBunny says:

    Let’s hope for tons of Mary/Matthew Goode scenes in the last season then! Their chemistry was amazing in the christmas special.

  5. Sofia says:

    Ending it after this series is the right decision I think. It’s already getting a bit of bad press in the UK with people taking the piss out of some of the storylines, or lack thereof! Best to end whilst it’s still considered a success of sorts.
    I was beginning to wonder how they’d continue with it especially as no-one appeared to age over a period of 15 years!!

    • Esmom says:

      Yes I was wondering about how they’d manage to age everyone if they continued indefinitely. Violet would be pushing 100, if not older, before long.

  6. Lilacflowers says:

    I will miss it but it is time for it to go. It was time for Anna and Mr. Bates to go in Season One. Actually, Anna can stay, but without the Mr. Bates drama.

  7. Miffy says:


    • Snazzy says:

      Ohhh I love the movie idea :D

    • deehunny says:

      Yes! A movie would be a huge hit!

    • LAK says:

      Movie has already been and gone…….GOSFORD PARK. The screenwriter wanted to expand on it hence DA. And it has Maggie Smith too.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        And Helen Mirren. And Kristin Scott Thomas. And Clive Owen. Most importantly, Clive Owen.

      • Sassy says:

        Yes, didn’t Helen Mirrin play the head housekeeper. The sets looked remarkably alike also. Don’t forget Ryan Phillipe as the dastardly valet. Yes it was the same thing with a murder to solve.

      • Snazzy says:

        Of course! I had no idea… need to watch that immediately :D

    • ISO says:

      DA has been a nerdy pleasure all these years…some of the costumes are true vintage pieces and can literally only be worn -one time- then the fabric disintegrates. I compare the visuals to a Buddhist sand painting. Original garments that held up the best are the size 2s with extra long proportions. Lady Mary’s hip bones have been entering the room before the rest of her, so its prolly best to wrap the final episode before she collapses.

  8. Lucy2 says:

    Yay- it’s time to end. No need to drag it out, better to have a set end date and a proper finale.

  9. Kiki04 says:

    Definitely yeay. Better to end while they’re still sorta kinda on top (story-wise).

  10. Tiffany says:

    I.E…Maggie Smith is not coming back after season 6.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      Most of their contracts are up (Alan Leech, Michelle Dockery, Maggie Smith) and they want to go onto other things.

  11. Sixer says:

    Thank heavens for that. One less costume drama Mr Sixer will make me watch.

  12. minx says:

    Yay, it’s time. I’ve loved it but it is getting stale.

    • GingerCrunch says:

      Agree. This season was ok, but fizzled out. So although I’ll be a bit sad to see it go (especially the costumes!), the story lines should be awesome! And I’m with everyone who’s over Anna & Bates – ugh.

  13. Valois says:

    I have a great idea for the final season: Bates could end up in jail! I

  14. Tracey says:

    The only ending that could possibly satisfy me is for the Crawleys to be utterly ruined and for the Abbey to be demolished, preferably in front of them.

    (I watch this show with my mother and it brings out my latent Communist sympathies.)

    • BW says:

      Nah. I propose, they Lord G dies, and little George has to sell it Downton Abbey to pay the death taxes. Then the government lets it out to film producers, who come in and film Gosford Park.

    • Murphy says:

      Yeah they’ve gotten past the point where this would happen to the Crawleys. Matthew and Tom helped Robert modernise–as much as he dragged his feet. Downton is much better off at this point than it would have been because of them, and Robert’s better off than many of the other Lords at that time period.

  15. Sullivan says:

    I love what Mary is wearing in the above photos.

  16. Kay V says:

    I like the idea someone mentioned about season 6 then a movie. I really like DA & will miss it. That said, the most boring, drawn out, tiresome storylines like Bates & Anna, still beat 99.9% of what American TV & Film have to offer. The overall quality of this program will be missed.

    • LAK says:

      There is already a movie. It’s called GOSFORD PARK!!!!!!!

    • sophietta says:

      Wholeheartedly agree with Kay v on the US boring, senseless, advert driven ‘television’ touted as ‘entertainment’! Which is why I don’t have American tv. I watch DA on PBS (a channel that comes with my Apple computer – another great reason to buy Apple products) and could care less if it doesn’t continue. However, the clothes are a treat despite Mary’s hip bones and the Bates’ never ending woes. And they all seem to wear them beautifully. An aside; if Maggie Smith isn’t in for another haul, I won’t even watch it for the clothes.

  17. Talie says:

    It’s time, although I love the show for what it is.

  18. Lorelei says:

    No. No. No. I want it to go on forever! I’m so sick of car chases and things being blown up.
    There’s a gun being shot on every channel. There’s no period pieces ever.

  19. InvaderTak says:

    Do not kill the Countess! But yes, please end it.

  20. Zooey says:

    Noooo! Love this show still! Violet is hands down one of the best characters on TV.

  21. Kelly says:

    I sure would love Edith to get an outrageously happy ending. Eh, even stone cold Mary.

  22. Murphy says:

    I love Downton so so so much, but I can’t see it going past season 6 either, the passion died along with Matthew Crawley.
    If people want more than that they should tell Julian to re-do season 4. Season 5 was slightly better but still pretty boring when compared to season 2.

  23. pf says:

    In my opinion, the show should have ended after season two, which is when I stopped watching it. Downton Abbey has got to be one of the most overrated television shows of the last decade. Such a stupid, repetitive soap opera!

  24. Tessd says:

    Honestly after Matthew was gone …

  25. Lucretia says:

    Agreed, agreed.
    We taught our three (youngish) children the phrase “jump the shark” just before the season began and they kept asking us if it had happened . . . So let’s leave before it really does (Anna and Bates already jumped, but some resolution — also called a baby, already — would be nice).

    And am I the only one who would like to see where we leave off the Daisy storyline? Thomas? Mrs. Hughes and Carson!?!?!?

  26. E says:

    I will miss Carson’s eyebrows.

  27. Cricket says:

    Hey they could pull a Dallas and have the seasons after Matthew died all a dream. Have Mary wake up from a dream and hell why not have Sybill still be alive. Give them all a happy ending and sent the Bates family to the US to work for Cora’s brother. Maggie can’t die, her character is now legendary.

  28. Laura_e_r says:

    I remember Bates before he was Bates. He’s been on loads of other stuff and was relatively hot when he was younger. Downton has ruined him.

  29. Fue McCormick says:

    I knew the producers weren’t interested in aging anyone so the end was near. I would like to see a show developed about the younger years of the Dowager Duchess but I’m not holding my breath.
    I’ve come to really like Tom Branson and hope he doesn’t go to America. I hope Barrow gets some friends (and maybe a honey) in the final season.
    I’ll miss the show …