Gisele Bundchen posts wedding dress pic on her sixth anniversary: pretty?


Six years ago, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady got married in a small, intimate ceremony in Santa Monica. It has become my official policy – based on the overwhelming interest that everyone seems to have in wedding gowns – to publish wedding photos whenever possible. Back in 2009, there were only a few blurry, long-distance photos of Gisele’s Dolce & Gabbana wedding gown. Tom and Gisele did not release any official wedding portrait, nor did they sell their wedding photos to a weekly tabloid or a fashion magazine (although I bet Vogue would have loved to publish those photos).

Starting last year, Gisele began to give us a glimpse of her wedding though. She posted one lovely black & white image (I’m including it below) on her fifth anniversary. And then for this year’s anniversary, she posted another wedding photo. This time, we’re getting a much better look at her dress… and the cake. The cake looks insane, right? How HUGE are those bride & groom figures? And is the cake icing yellow buttercream?

As for the dress… as I said, it’s D&G (according to Celebrity Bride Guide). I don’t know you guys… this looks very shiny and sparkly for a wedding gown. Did she wear a full-on sequined skirt? I mean, obviously, she’s Gisele and she can wear anything. But with all of the access she has (and had then), it just seems like she chose the first light-colored dress she saw. I’m not even sure this is a real wedding gown.

Here last year’s anniversary photo:


And here’s a photo Gisele posted of Tom playing with the kids in the snow this week.


Photos courtesy of Gisele’s social media, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Kitten says:

    I love seeing pics of this family. They always look so happy.
    Is that a pitbull? Cute doggie.

    I’m surprised they stayed in Brookline with all the snow that’s here! I would have expected them to retreat to warmer territories.

    Also, look at how much damn LAND they have, and right in the city too….

    • qwerty says:

      Not sure it’s their land, they’re often papped in parks with their dog(s). They do go all out when buying property though so who knows.

      I thought the same about the weather when I saw this pic lol. She must really love him to live in Boston instead of LA. She does however get papped on the beach in Costa Rica like every two months. so…

      • Kitten says:

        He’s from California. They don’t have to stay in Boston–it’s the off-season. Maybe they’re just enjoying the snow. It’s probably not that bad when you have a giant estate to hang out in.

        …and it is ABSOLUTELY their land–they have 5.2 acres. Brookline is one of the few areas close to the city where you can actually have that much land. Crazy.

      • The original PJ says:

        Their new house in Brookline is right next to a golf course. The land in the photo is probably a combination of their own land plus the country club.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      They look really sweet together.

    • Miss D says:

      Lua is so beautiful. It’s a pitbull.

    • Etrain says:

      They live on several acres in Brookline on a golf course that’s part of The Country Club (literally, that’s the name of it: The Country Club). Super swanky club–100k plus to join, and at least that much in yearly dues. Also heard they combined four house lots when they built their place. 5 plus acres is a ton even in tony Brookline.

  2. Jan Harf says:


  3. Audrey says:

    I don’t care about the dress because the way they’re looking at each other is amazing. This picture is perfect

    • littlestar says:

      It’s so romantic and sexy!

    • maria says:

      I know right? :) I don’t know if I got sentimental when I grew old but I find pics of couples who are really in love so adorable

      • Green Eyes says:

        See BenderComet, THIS is what true love looks like. Not faces that look like the owner/s just stepped into a pile of dog poo!

    • hadlyB says:

      I hate both of these a-holes but they always look in love; especially their wedding photos. I love everything about these pics.

      His casual suit, her dress and cake, her hair. Damn them. Glad she didn’t have a frou frou poofy princess dress I have seen and boring cookie cutter weddings I have been to a million times before. The cake is fantastic. I love those figures.

      It’s too bad her attitude is shitty, his too but oh well. They make good pics and cute kids.

  4. Esmom says:

    It is shiny and sparkly, but I think she makes it work. Love how candid the photos are, very sweet. They’re like the very antithesis of the Justin Timberlake wedding People cover.

    And I love the snow photo, stunning!

  5. maria says:

    Awwww they looked so in love

    and that is a crap load of snow! I think you got Swedens snow because we don’t have any (at least not where I live)

    • Audrey says:

      I’m snow free in Canada :)

      My family lives around Boston and they’re struggling

      • maria says:

        You too? What happend this winter? Snow doesn’t seem to want to be in the north *lol* Maybe winter is coming ;)

      • Squiggles says:

        Obviously you need to head on out to Ontario. We gots snow and lots of it. It has gotten so bad, I am going out in the evenings to move it around.

      • booboobird says:

        @ Squiggles
        I think last year was worse snow wise though. still remember kids climbing massive mountains of snow the height of a bungalow. this year it’s the cold killing me slowly.

        very nice photos. they looked very much in love

      • maeliz says:

        I might be going back to Boston and around to visit family and friends this weekend. Keep having to cancel. Took a while to get used to Florida winter.

      • Audrey says:

        I considered going to visit my Boston family. My daughter is 2 soon so i have to start paying for a plane seat for her. i thought maybe we’d visit before then to save money.

        But the snow and cold just made me decide to stay home for now. Not worth it

      • Kitten says:

        Please just wait until Spring.

        It’s not even safe around here with all the snow banks and narrow sidewalks. Also, the public transit system won’t be back to normal until March 30th.

      • Sunny says:

        I wish I lived in whatever part of Canada you are in. :) We have plenty in Ottawa along with rocking the coldest capital city in the world title consistently over the last 3 weeks(take that Mongolia). But I can’t complain too much because my friends out east are SUFFERING. I mean PEI got 80 cm of snow in a day, one day last week.

        Damn it!

    • Lilacflowers says:

      We got all the snow from Sweden and Idaho, I’m told. Some people are selling it. I can only get in my backyard by going out a window, and we’ve been ordered not to do that.

      Oh, despite all the snow, Brady is contractually limited in winter sports. He has a Lonborg clause in his contract, which prohibits him from skiing.

      • Kitten says:

        Named after Jim Lonborg, Cy Young-winning pitcher for the Red Sox and father of my high school class president.
        Great guy and a great family.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Yes, and he pitched the Red Sox into the 1967 World Series, then went skiing in the off-season and shredded a knee. I hear he’s a wonderful guy. Since then all major athletes on Boston teams have had a Lonborg clause. Paul Pierece, who has never skiied in his life, plans to do so when he finally retires, just because

    • Norman Bates' Mother says:

      There’s no snow in Poland as well. It’s the second year in a row. Poland is hardly as cold as some people from USA seem to think but it was always snowing in the winter. There was maybe a combined 1,5 week of very light snowing in my part of the country this winter though.

  6. Tristan says:

    Wow she looks so beautiful! Like Venus from Botticelli’s painting The Birth Of Venus

  7. Dawn says:

    These are such cool pictures! These two make a great pair. Neither one of them has to resort to ugly clothes or using cuss words and offensive words to get attention. Great couple with a lovely family. May they have many more happy years together.

  8. Bridget says:

    Awww, wedding photos like that really warm my cold, dead heart.

    • Jen43 says:

      Haha. I am fighting the urge to like them as a couple. These photos are pure propaganda.

      • Celebwatch says:

        I find it really odd that she would be releasing photos years after the event. If you wanted to keep it private then, why change now? Smacks of insecurity and trying to recapture glory days.

  9. feebee says:

    I hadn’t seen the previous one and based on that it looks like the actual dress. In the latest one (Tom tieless) it looks like a dress that some brides would change into just for the Reception.

    But what’s one to say? She looks perfectly lovely. Apart from her perfect body, she definitely has the X factor that makes her “Gisele”, it’s her wedding day and she looks so happy.

    Even though I do know where I am, are we really going to be bitchy about her dress? She gives plenty of ammo with her ‘mommy’ attitude. A wedding dress would have to be baaaaad to side-eye.

  10. mia girl says:

    Nice pictures.

    But can someone PLEASE confirm that the wedding dress is cream color?
    *I just don’t know if I can trust my eyes anymore and I’m scared*

  11. Beth says:

    They look really sweet, but I cannot unsee that the wedding dress in the first pic looked like Gisele had particularly heavy flow during that time of the month.

  12. Thinker says:

    I think that’s a knee length pencil cut dress, it doesn’t seem to flow the way a long skirt would.

    Beautiful and appropriate for such a small “civil” wedding.

  13. FKA Pri says:

    Its nice that they aren’t that flashy. They are a cute couple.

  14. Dubois says:

    They look happy and in love and that’s all that matters, but for my personal taste eww @ both their outfits esp. Tom’s.

  15. HoustonGrl says:

    It might be wrong, but I’m just a little bit jealous. Or a lot jealous.

  16. oneshot says:

    She’s Gisele, she can look make even a garbage bag look amazing, forget about custom Dolce & Gabbana. I love the sparkles.

  17. MrsBPitt says:

    ahhhhhh…they look so in love!!!! I love this family! They genuinally seem to love spending time together and with their kids!!!!

  18. Lucybelle says:

    I’m way more interested in that dog than any other thing in these pictures.

  19. Greek Chic says:

    Pretty pictures… And I like her natural make up and hair.

  20. Heather says:

    These two are my absolute number one hands-down favorite celebrity couple! They are adorably and ridiculously in love and you can see it from these photos. Even after years together and kids to boot, they still seem genuinely besotted and always have nice things to say to one another. I love them. I love him. I love her. More of the Brady Bunch, please!!!!!

  21. lucy2 says:

    The pictures are pretty, and it seems like kind of a casual or beachy reception. Their dog looks awesome.
    I have to say I really hate that cake topper though. It’s humongous and looks like something you see at bad craft fairs.

    • Ennie says:

      Maybe they were playing withe their heights, they are boy really tall. I think it is cute to have actually tall bride and groom figures, plus, they are very stylish.

    • Hally says:

      I hate the cake topper figurines too. They are so tacky looking!

  22. jc126 says:

    Nice pics of Gisele and Tom! Second only to the pic of them together after the Pats won their 4th Super Bowl and TB getting his 4th ring!

  23. minx says:

    I seem to remember that she supposedly had two dresses.

  24. Kris says:

    Maybe this was a reception dress and she had another for the ceremony. This looks more like a party dress.

  25. Katarina says:

    She looks like a dude.

  26. Catelina says:

    I want a full cake pic, it looks really cool. the stretched out cake topper looks nice. Theyre a cute couple.

  27. Miran says:

    Why does it matter if something is a ‘real’ wedding gown? That really irks me.

  28. LAK says:

    Love the photos. So cute.

  29. Ange says:

    Damn Gisele can grease up can’t she?

  30. Crumpet says:

    It’s nice that she can show us that having multiple children is not necessarily going to wreck your figure.

    The puppy is adorable. What a happy expression!

  31. Backstage Bitchy says:

    Did anyone else think that header photo was Stefi Graf?!