Rosamund Pike at the Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party: lovely or bizarre?

Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party
Quite a few women came out for the Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party last night, but from what I can tell most of the nominees went to the Tom Ford show instead, with the exception of Rosamund Pike. (Technically it was probably possible for them to attend both events, since I spotted Emily Ratajkowski in the same dress at both.) Update: Rosamund is wearing Giambattista Valli. This is an lovely gown with some great details. I love how the flowers kind of bleed into the skirt from the side of the bodice. I’m interested to see what she’ll wear to the Oscars. One complaint: the ruffles on the top need to go. Also this look could use more eye makeup.

Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party

Also in need of bolder makeup (that’s just a peeve of mine as I’m a makeup person, no offense to those of you who don’t need it, you lucky bitches) we have Michelle Monaghan in Roksanda. Red Carpet Fashion Awards has a photo of this dress as styled for the runway and it originally had a gold belt. It needs the belt to break up the switch in the pattern from the top to the bottom. There’s no excuse for that switch at the hemline though. The bold lines in this contemporary dress need to seamlessly flow into one another, not change abruptly.

Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party

Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party

Carmen Ejogo was in a pale v-neck floor length gown with a high leg slit and black side panels. From the front this dress is very Angelina Jolie and sack-like. From the side it’s a little more interesting. In photos, from far away, this looks monotone but there are actually tiny black squares all over the gown. This is how you do red carpet makeup. You may tone down the eyes a bit but you pair them with a bold lip.

GREAT British Film Reception

Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party

Elle Fanning was washed out in a multi-pastel Valentino gown featuring layers of ruffled chiffon. She looks like a wood sprite at an Easter ball. Look at her pointy yellow shoes!

Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party

Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party

Also in the gallery we have photos of Laura Dern (cool pantsuit, bad shoes), Jennifer Hudson (hot but boring), Meryl Streep (comfy), Kate Walsh (beyond fug) and Lake Bell (great little dress).

Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party

Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party

Women In Film Pre-Oscar Cocktail Party

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  1. Valerie Chery says:

    What happened to Rosamund’s face? Did she get the “Uma Thurman make up”? She looks really different in the eyes, I’m panicking she’ll show up like that tomorrow at the Oscars. God, please don’t let that happen…

    And wow, Laura Dern looks great, the best she’s ever been to me!

    • zinjojo says:

      I thought she looked really tired, especially around her eyes. New baby and lots of travel back and forth between London & L.A., she probably can’t wait for awards season to end, especially since Julianne Moore seems to have the Oscar locked up.

      • Valerie Chery says:


        Jules has already won, not because she deserves an Oscar for being nominated several times, I’ve seen Still Alice and she’s amazing in it. It made me cry but also be like her character, have its dignity.

        But back to Rosamund, to me she doesn’t look tired, although she has to be. As you said, flying back and forth, having a baby, attending all these events, it’s impossible not to get tired – and look like that. The thing is that her face looks really different. I love her eyes, they resemble Rita Hayworth’s to me, but not now. I still think it has something to do with her makeup, and also, now that I looked at the pictures more, her hair is also not good.

        Hope she looks dazzling tomorrow. ;)

      • Bridget says:

        She looks like she had a baby recently and still has a major hormone imbalance. Magazines make a huge deal about “body after baby” but so much more is going on. I’m not trying to be mean, but very few women (and I’m including myself in this statement) look great for the first 6-9 months after childbirth. Hair and skin and face just look off.

      • FLORC says:

        I wouldnt doubt that’s what’s happening here.
        And some days to a lesser degree we wake up looking gorgeous or much less so. Having nothing to do with work done on our faces. Or rather haven’t done.

        I think there’s some lack of makeup here though. But it’s also post baby face.

  2. lisa2 says:

    NO ONE absolutely NO ONE.

    and please everyone in Hollywood.. stop wearing those strap sandals. UGH

  3. vauvert says:

    If Rosamund’s dress would lose the ruffles, I would really like it. I love pattern on a long gown, it is so boring to see mostly solids on a red carpet…. I think prints are fab, but many would disagree with me, I know. And that does not mean going Erdem crazy with flowers top to bottom!

  4. Nina says:

    I like rosamunds dress! I normally dont like frilly, but theres something fresh and lovely about it. It maybe could do without the top ruffles but I’m not going to side eye it because it works.

    Is no eye makeup the thing this season? I don’t wear much makeup but it’s jarring to see others not, for some reason. Ha

  5. Birdie says:

    Like Pike’s dress but her makeup was too non existent. She looked older.
    I think Jennifer Hudson looks best.

    • Esmom says:

      I’m with you on Hudson and agree with your assessment of Pike. Plus her hair looks like mine when I wake up and don’t do anything to it.

      I know if I was being given a designer gown and knew I was going to be photographed, I’d be sure to step up the makeup. Now is the time for a bit of drama, ladies!

  6. **sighs** says:

    Rosamund looks beautiful. Michelle looks like an 80′s photoshop meme.

  7. Kiddo says:

    Okay, here’s my crabby McCrab post. I do not understand how Rosamund Pike is a thing.

    She was a wooden incomprehensible mumbler during the courting phase in Gone girl, followed by a wooden-bad-accent deliverer in later scenes. WHY does everyone love her? I so do not get this at all. And I HATED Gone Girl, HATED it. The dialogue in the beginning between Pike and Aflac was the most atrociously pretentious flat-line reading of a bad script and devoid of any emotional or sexual chemistry whatsoever, and it veered into Two Broke Girls territory, if they had a little wider vocabulary. Nothing in this story fell into suspension of disbelief category. I literally said, “OH, come on”, out loud and wondered throughout when the hell it was going to end. The clues and plot were more contrived and less realistic than a vintage TV broadcast of Murder she Wrote. And then you saw that brunette model, whatshername’s ta-tas and Alflac’s interest in them, it was about the only believable element in the entire thing…END OF RANT.

    No wait, I don’t like that dress either. Ahh, I feel so much better.

    • littlestar says:

      I am with you. She was okay in Gone Girl but not spectacular. I found her accent really weird too, very affected and fake sounding. And she seems smug in real life. Not that that has anything to do with her performance lol.

      • Kiddo says:

        Thank you, littlestar. I felt completely alone and baffled. I didn’t know if maybe she was spectacular in something else and that the goodwill from that other performance was transferred to Gone Girl. Her acting was so incredibly flat, that I couldn’t imagine what she is being honored for, except maybe nude scenes. I think a hundred other actresses could have played that role, and better at that. I know nothing about her in real life, so it isn’t playing into my opinion, but surely there were other actresses who had stronger characters this season?
        Her entire villain schtick was played out through a drone-voice. Her expressions did not compensate for a lack of emoting through voice either. aight, I’m done now…I think. lol

    • Stephanie says:

      I haven’t seen the movie, but in the book Amy was a sociopath I believe. They do not emote like normal people. I know my ex-husband was one , he would smile and laugh but his eyes were ice. I was young when I married him obviously. Anyway maybe she was wooden because she was trying to seem like she had no real emotions.

      • Kiddo says:

        But then where is the charisma and chemistry that drew anyone into her, to begin with? She played the vast majority of the film in the same way. She was never irresistible in the beginning, in order to draw you in, and I never saw anything authentic that made me believe that she and Affleck should have been a couple to begin with. KWIM? She was a one dimensional cardboard villain almost from the get. I just don’t see acting chops that warrant being anywhere near the Academy Awards.

        Also, I’m sorry about your ex, but glad you got away.

      • Stephanie says:

        Ahh, very good point. I was thinking about it from my pov, but you are definitely right. Extremely charismatic until you really know them. Magnetic even. Ok I withdraw my previous argument.

    • kaye says:

      Finally!!! Thanks for a great, spot-on post. You echo my sentiments 100%

    • Nina says:

      I thought she was excellent in gone girl. I think she played crazy very well- you could sense the tension and turmoil underneath her icy and controlled character. And bens character was drawn to her because she was so cool and perfect seeming. She’s a bit goopy, but bens character liked that about her, until he didn’t.

      • Kiddo says:

        Okay, THIS will be my last comment:

        The only tension I felt through the whole thing was the internal struggle of the film trying to determine if it wanted to be a suspenseful Hitchcock-like or psychological-twisty drama or a campy take/funny parody of a suspenseful drama, but it ended up failing to make decision, and it became neither. I didn’t laugh, wasn’t shocked, and the giveaway came early with no real suspense, and she played the obvious cliched, un-layered villainess with painful blandness. I’m sorry, I just hated it so much, I not only wanted my money back, but also damages for having to sit through it, lol.

    • Naddie says:

      Oh, I felt that way, but about Silver Linings Playbook. I still can’t feel that movie, and Jennifer Lawrence acting was not Oscar-worthy at all. She’s much better as Katniss, in my opinion.

      • Esmom says:

        Agree with you about SLP. I just saw it on Netflix and while it was mildly entertaining, I failed to see any spectacular performances.

    • Bridget says:

      @kiddo I haven’t seen Gone Girl, but I saw Jack Reacher and she was pretty bad. Not only was she flat but she had this weird way of speaking through her teeth when she spoke. It was a really bad American accent and bad delivery. I’m hoping she’ll be better when I eventually see GG.

    • FLORC says:

      I’ve been a Pike fan for years and years now. I like her.
      Only recently it seems she’s been getting lots of attention because of Gone Girl.

      My husband drives me mad pointing out actors true accents during films. And while he noticed hers there are far worse offenders out there that never get called out here. If I call out the names I doubt i’ll pass moderation. They’re too beloved.

  8. Alix says:

    I think Rosamund Pike is absolutely lovely, but she simply does not know how to dress herself. Not the first clue.

  9. santana says:

    Is it the pic or Rosamund has a lazy eye?

    • FLORC says:

      Optical illusions of lights and something many of us have where 1 eye lid will lower moreso than the other.

  10. Amy says:

    Rosamund’s dress is Giambattista Valli

  11. oneshot says:

    I love Rosamund’s dress! Even with the ruffles, it’s dreamy and romantic. And I LOVE the flowers.

  12. Melain says:

    Rosamumd in 70s garden party and ugly 70s sandles. Michelle in a bold stripe that creates a trompe l’oeil baby bump. Elle playing dress up in a 70s inspired angel costume. Everyone else looks good.

  13. boredblond says:

    I love the print, and that someone did something other than lacy or shiny, but really hate the fussiness of the ruffled bib..dress is busy enough

  14. Naddie says:

    Elle is so pretty… I don’ t understand why people said she wasn’t pretty enough to be Aurora. If she’s not, what am I then? Physical stuff apart, I liked this Carmen’s dress.

  15. Grace says:

    I love Rosamund’s dress. Everyone looks good in the pics. Shocking.

  16. kelley m says:

    She can aspire to win “best dressed” but I think winning an Oscar is a bit of a stretch for her. As the ‘Brutally Honest’ voter said to the Hollywood Reporter, “the minute I saw Still Alice, I remember thinking, “This [best actress race] is over. Four other women are going to have to get dressed and go to 5,000 dinners knowing they have no chance” Sorry Rosamund….

  17. Did they arrest the person who stabbed Rosamund Pike? She bled all over that dress.

  18. A~ says:

    Rosamund Pike looks like she’s dressed up for the Lawrence Welk show.

  19. lucy2 says:

    I like Roasmunde’s dress, especially in comparison to the horrible tent like things she was wearing to other events.
    Jennifer Hudson looks amazinig, and Lake Bell and Laura Dern look good as well.
    I kind of like Carmen’s, but Elle’s looks like a costume gone awry.

    • FLORC says:

      Walsh’s dress looks off. Very off. She doesn’t have the right neck or waistline for that style imo.

      Lake Bell looks fine, but she’s overrated.