LeAnn Rimes wore a ‘Every blondie needs a brownie by her side’ t-shirt: cute?


Here are some photos of LeAnn Rimes out and about in LA yesterday. Her t-shirt reads, “Every Blondie Needs a Brownie By Her Side.” I thought it was racist (why is she calling me a “brownie”?!) until I looked it up and figured out that she’s just talking about hair color. She’s a “blondie” and she wants a brunette on her side. Does she have any brunette friends? I haven’t really paid attention. Aren’t most of her friends Brandi look-alikes? Maybe she’s talking about Eddie, who does have dark hair.

Anyway, LeAnn has been suspiciously quiet lately, hasn’t she? Her Twitter is relatively rant-free and her Instagram is full of inspirational messages. I think she’s dialed everything down in the wake of her reality show cancelation. But don’t worry, you guys. She’ll be back to her normal self soon enough. Just wait until she has another album or something to shill.

And in the meantime, chica needs some money. Yesterday, I posted a link to these X17 photos of LeAnn walking around in a bulky, unflattering sweater dress. X17 claimed that LeAnn looked pregnant in the sweater, but as it turns out, that wasn’t the point of the outing. LeAnn got paid to wear that sweater! H&M sent out publicity emails identifying the sweaterdress as a $69.95 one from their collection. That means LeAnn probably/maybe got paid to wear the sweater and have a friendly paparazzo snap her photo in it. Girl, are you poor?


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Chibichchai says:

    i read that as the desserts not hair color.

    • Loopy says:

      me too,until i read ‘by her side’

    • RocketMerry says:

      At first glance I thought so too; I was even disappointed because I came here with a right to indignation and a dream.
      I was preparing to admit defeat in front of a very poorly worded culinary tee, and then, upon further inspection, I realised Le-Le here was sending yet another “I got the man! Yay” message to the ignorant people like myself, who, having lived on one of planet Jupiter’s moons these past few years, still hadn’t figured out as much.
      And what a prize, LeLe, what a prize.

      • Chibichchai says:

        Oh I get it now. Eddie is her brownie. Excuse me while I don’t care and indulge in fried brownies lol

    • boredblond says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought it was chocolate reference..and a little advice from a bornblond–touch up your roots, girl.

    • maeliz says:

      I never keep brownies by my side. I eat them.

    • AntiSocialButterfly says:

      Mmmmm, blondies are sooooo good…

    • Rachel says:

      I would actually like it a lot better if the text was accompanied by a cartoon blondie and brownie holding hands…

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      Oh see and I read that as pertaining to her diet of Voda and Ex-Lax. ;)

      Additionally, to me, as literal reference, LeAnn is also a brownie, always was, always will be.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I care a lot more about dessert than I do about Leann!

      For Blondies, I have seen some recipes that call for butterscotch chips, then other recipes just seem to be chocolate chip bars (instead of cookies).

  2. Arock says:

    Regarding the wording on and wearing of that tshirt, “you choose…poorly.”
    God, she’s basic.

  3. EC says:

    I love when you update us about publicity emails. I feel like you are really lifting the veil on how these people sell out/how desperate can be. Like when Johanna Krupa’s lawyers emailed you to clarify her case – don’t they have better things to do?

    • Charlotte says:

      They are people who sell their lives for their income. They have nothing better to do, ever, than continue to update those willing to talk about them on every single aspect of their lives.

      Nice distraction technique to make it about Krupa, Eddie ;-P

  4. mememe says:

    I assume she wants to eat a brownie.

    I hate “clever” t shirts. And I hate her.

    • TeresaMaria says:

      I’m with you on this one.
      BTW, I love band t-shirts, but I just can’t with these “clever” ones. Ok, if you own 1 or 2, but trying to tell the story of your (imaginary, in this case) life is like posting quotes on Instagram days a week

    • Lady D says:

      What about clever bumper stickers? I saw one once that said, ‘if you are what you eat, I’m cheap fast and easy.’

  5. Jess says:

    Not so quiet on twitter, she’s stalking Brandi yet again. Brandi posted an old picture of her cooking with the hashtag #cookingforfamily, so of course LeAnn posted a picture two hours later with the exact same hashtag, but it was a picture of the sunset and had nothing to do with cooking. The girl is insanely unbalanced. Also, she looks awful in these pictures, the cut on that shirt isn’t good for her body shape, she’s very manly up top.

    • LSher says:

      Jess you are right she may not be posting 100 times a day but what she posts in moronic. Not only did she SWF Brandi with the hashtag when she posted the recipe she supposedly cooked it was a direct link from the Eveleigh Rose Pinterest account. Effectively outing herself (once again) as the deranged pinner from that board. She is certifiable.

    • AntiSocialButterfly says:

      I was going to mention it looks as though she’s been taking out her frustrations on her punching bag with Brandi’s face on it…scary deltoids, man.

      • Funcakes says:

        And the skinny apps she uses on all her gym pictures. She sure looks out of shape for someone who likes to brag on twitter that she’s working out all the time. Her upper arms look shaped somewhat, but the rest of her is messed up.

    • msw says:

      I can’t believe she is for real with this stuff. I think she doesn’t give a damn how crazy she looks as long as she is provoking at Brandi.

    • gessiewtf says:

      Brandi Glandville makes her look like the epitome of class in comparison. Brandi is a not so hot mess who has ruined her face and is down to two friends, cleft-lip Jenny G. and Kim Richards. The only thing she hasn’t dome is take a live crap on the air. Leanne is wearing a stupid shirt. This is not news.

  6. Christin says:

    Well, someone would have to pay me to wear that sweater. But what easy money for her.

    Takes a lot of money to keep up Casa deLusion, her prize brownie and his buddies.

  7. funcakes says:

    I knew that dress was not her usual fashion choice .does she really have a style? She seems to be all over the place when it comes to clothes.

    And it turned out that Dean is not doing a tell all. Just a cookbook. Sigh of relief.

    • fran says:

      I don’t think Dean would venture a tell all. He too has skeletons in his closet. Yes I know he is the nice guy .

      • Enui says:

        I don’t think it’s skeletons, I think just has more decorum than his ex, her current husband or any of the other players. If he had any real skeletons, you-know-who would have drug them out to show what a victim she was during the relationship.

  8. kri says:

    I can’t believe they picked a Z-list famewhore to wear their clothes.Why not a real actress? Falkor +HM=me not buying stuff from H&M.

    • Jayna says:

      That’s what was shocking to me, that HM would even think of her. Many lower-level celebs do this. HM has had big names in their ads. I’m surprised LeAnn is even on their radar for even a product placement papped celeb in their outfit. She’s nobody.

    • fran says:

      I guess not everyone believes Brandi and her crap. Business is business .

  9. maeliz says:

    Another picture with a pair of booties and fringy bag

  10. scout says:

    “Projectile Vomit coming at you”, that’s what her T shirts should say.

  11. Joy says:

    She recently performed at a casino not too far from me. The headliner the next week was Vicki Lawrence if that tells you anything about the venue.

    • Nick says:

      I have no idea who Vicki Lawrence is, so yes, it tell me everything about her current prospects.

    • Christin says:

      I’m showing my age, but I get the Vicki reference. I actually like her, yet realize she would appeal to a certain demographic now.

      Which reminds me to set my DVR for Carol Burnett Show re-runs…childhood memories!

      • Funcakes says:

        You are not alone. I’d rather see a stage show of “Momma’s Family” with special guest stars Betty White and Carol Burnett than watch Leann warble, check her tweets and scan the audience for Eddie.
        Love watching Carol Burnett, Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda on my local channels and yes I’m a woman of a certain age, Darn it. : )

      • Lady D says:

        Watched the same shows Funcakes. Also, the Bob Newhart show and Maude.

    • Other Kitty says:

      I’m 44 and I know Vicki Lawrence from The Carol Burnett Show and I always liked her BUT I am on the young side for Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawrence is for an older crowd. Young people missed all the good stuff.

  12. Myriam says:

    Answer: Yes.

    At the very least she’s on her last few millions and has debt up the wahoo

    • Funcakes says:

      I remember the big lavish trips her and Eddie’s friends use to take. Now their going to Mexico. And the RV trip that she tried to convince that it was Eddie’s idea. Eddie does not come off as a RV man roughing it in the wild.
      The sad part is that you see her working for a paycheck from the paps, concerts, product placements on her twitter, the sad merchandise on her website and H&M. And the only thing from Ed is Baby Daddy. I thought she left Dean to start her new life with Eddie because she was tired of taking care of everyone else.
      Now it seems she’s taking care of Eddie, Eddie’s child support, Eddie’s alimony, Eddie’s friends, Eddie’s family and the list just goes on.

      • Christin says:

        Add to that list (allegedly) her mother. Her parents were on the payroll until Daddy found a new woman and got sued.

        At least he runs a wrecker service instead of still hanging on her product placement sweater for a paycheck.

      • Deanne says:

        I would feel sorry for her but I get the feeling that she uses her money as a sort of blackmail with people. She makes sure they are dependent on her and then she can use it as leverage against them,to always get her way. Do you really think that Eddie’s parents have no memory or aporeciation of Brandi nursing Hortensia through cancer? Their son is dependent on LeAnn, so they are forced to play nice with her. If she’s paying their bills as well, they really made a deal with the devil. The thing is LeAnn’s still really young and made most of her money a long time ago. It isn’t going to hold out forever, especially if she has to keep bankrolling her projects and supporting Eddie, her Mother and in- laws. At some point, she’s going to find herself really low on liquid assets and it won’t be pretty.

      • briargal says:

        I guess I don’t get the moaning and groaning from LR saying she is tired of taking care of everyone else! To me taking care of someone means more than just monetary moments. Doing something for them. All she has had to do her whole life is just sing. She had managers/parents/ agents etc. doing all the physical and mental work. Today she still has managers/parents/ agent/ lousy PR people who do the work–all she has to do is warble a few tunes and make a complete ass out of herself all by herself. Caring and taking care of others is more than just money, honey! And besides the only person she really cares about is herself!!

  13. Gianna says:

    I’m sorry but Leann Rimes has no fashion sense or sex appeal. She tries to hard to be something she isn’t. Give it up.

  14. Kaila says:

    What’s wrong with her face in these pictures?
    Her hair looks identical to Brandi lately.

    • kpoodle says:

      The hair + outfit + boots = Brandi. Cover up the face and it’s obvious she’s mimicking Brandi. She is a scary stalker!

    • Msmlnp says:

      That was the very first thing I noticed. She’s definitely effing with her face. And it’s not an improvement!

  15. Enny says:

    I really don’t want to have to think about her brownie. Especially while trying to eat my lunch.

  16. Deanne says:

    Dear God. Her hair is so awful. She may not be posting as much, but for LeAnn, it’s sometimes about the insane quality of her posts rather than the quantity of them. She’s had a few in the last couple of days, that were obviously passive aggressive jabs at Brandi and a couple that were straight up SWF of Brandi’s posts. She’s so transparent but it really highlights how unstable she is and how she must stalk Brandi’s timeline. If she and Eddie ever do break up, I sincerely believe she”d continue with her obsession with Brandi. It seems to be what motivates her daily activities and I don’t see it stopping.

    • Lady D says:

      I have no doubt she would continue to stalk Brandi. None whatsoever.

    • Funcakes says:

      She made such a big jackass out of herself when her truth show was on she now has to lay low.
      Leann shoudn’t have been so fast as to thank her haters. She also shouldn’t have bragged about the big brass being happy with the show. Now she knows everyone is laughing at her dumb ass.
      Now the stunt with Dean’s cookbook. She knew that it wasn’t a tell all, but somehow I know she put the word out that is was. Now the sad little ill fitting H&M dress. They should get their money back.

      • Deanne says:

        I find it hilarious when LeAnn’s fans tell her that she should write a cookbook herself. Do they know what goes into writing a cookbook? Making canned beans from a Pinterest recipe doesn’t make you a chef. What would her original recipes be? Probably ones that Brandi posted first or from the back of a soup can. The thanking the haters thing really did backfire didn’t it? She’s so arrogant and stupid. Planting all of these fake stories about Dean and parading around in baggy clothes, pretending she’s pregnant, she has no shame. Everything she dies, oozes desperate and deranged.

      • Christin says:

        She might have some originality. Think of the possible recipe titles —- Stalker Stew, SWF Twin Cakes, Etc.

    • Chrissy says:

      Im sure that if her and Ediot break up she’ll find some way to blame
      Brandi for “stealing her man”. She will continue to stalk her because, what else does she have in her life? She really needs help.

    • beep says:

      I don’t follow any of them on Twitter but I don’t get why she would stalk Brandi? Brandi is nothing special and her recent plastic surgery makes her look creepy. Leann actually looks good.

      • briargal says:

        Keep saying that to yourself as noone else believes it! LeakAnn never looks good–she needs to shower, wash her hair and brush her infected teeth once in a while!!

  17. Kim says:

    Are those the shoes and purse that she had us convince “Eddie bought” her for Christmas?

  18. Insomniac says:

    Right – every woman wants a dress that will make people wonder if she’s pregnant when she wears it. And by “every woman,” I mean “LeAnn.”

  19. littlestar says:

    I think it’s a cute shirt. One of my best friends has always been blonde and last year went red. I will admit I was a bit upset because she was my blondie to my brownie sidekick! Lol. She has since gone back to blonde thank goodness :) .

  20. anne_000 says:

    If I were H&M, I wouldn’t have publicized LeAnn wearing that sweater. She wore one way too large (I know it’s supposed to be ‘bulky’ but it doesn’t look good on her) and she made it into a dress, when shorter people with bulky, heavy looking tops shouldn’t be wearing it as a dress.

    As for why LeAnn hasn’t been using and abusing her official social media accounts, I’ve been seeing a lot of anti-Brandi tweets by the same group of people, so I’m wondering if she’s been too busy using these other accounts. The time has been ripe to do so because there’s some controversy and publicity surrounding Brandi for various things now more so than usual, so I wonder if LeAnn is striking while the iron is hot.

    • Lady D says:

      She has nothing else to do, and no demands on her time. I mean, I doubt her phone is ringing off the hook with job offers. Her albums, show, book, all tanked, her clothing line is flailing, and hubby is never there. She has lots of time to stalk B now.

      • Christin says:

        Is the clothing line all the elf themed ‘merch’ she had, or did she actually launch some type of angelfish leather line? She boasts about so many ‘creative’ endeavors, I cannot keep up.

      • funcakes says:

        When I saw that shirt I thought,” oh God some more awful merchandize she’s trying to pawn off on her fans on that sad website “

    • why? says:

      Leann just had to prove to H & M that she makes a much better model than Chelsea Kane. In 2013, Chelsea Kane tweeted to H & M that she loved that they were using eco-friendly products and in 2012, a fashion blogged named Chelsea Kane as one of the celebs who wears H & M. Leann is taking details from Chelsea’s life and incorporating them into her own to create a storyline for herself. Cheslea wears H & M, then just has to do that too.

      Leann has been tweeting to the top people who harass Brandi a lot lately. Leann hasn’t been making the 100 tweets per day because she has probably been babysitting Eddie on the set. Did Eddie get a new acting job? The first day that Eddie was working the set of Baby Daddy, Leann didn’t tweet all day and then at 8 pm she got on twitter and started tweeting about how much fun she had spending the day at home while her soulmate went to work. Leann’s tweetfests seem to get worse around 8 pm. Yesterday she tweeted from 4:40 pm to 9 pm, even after she spent lunch bonding with her BFF Lizzy.

      Leann has also been busy on Amazon downloading her
      Christmas album. Last week her album was in the 17,000s and 15,000s on the Amazon. Today it’s at 9, 598.

  21. elisabeth says:

    she is pinning like a hot mess on pinterest

    • Funcakes says:

      Someone pointed out that some of her influences on pinterest comes from Dean’s wife. She also used Brandi’s hashtag the other day. She is bored.

      • Birdix says:

        Dean’s wife is an awesome, stylish photographer–self-confident, cool, creative. Leann would do well to emulate her.

      • jenn12 says:

        All of these women have identities beyond spouses. Leann thinks she’s worth something because she’s with Eddie. Dean’s wife knows she’s worth something on her own, married or not. And Brandi has learned it. Leann and her fans are the only fools who think that being married or having a man means you’re worth something in the world. I love my guy, but he has NOTHING to do with my worth.

  22. BW says:

    Oh, I read that as “Brownie” = “miniature Girl Scout.”

    So a blonde needs a Brownie by her side, because the blonde is too dumb to cross the street by herself.

  23. SmellyCat says:

    I remember the pic when Leann had some brownie on the back of her dress, maybe that’s what that shirt means??

  24. funcakes says:

    Now Leann is on Twitter getting sympathy from her fans because there’s an illness in the family. Unfortunately it sound serious. Wouldn’t you be at the hospital offering support? Is it appropriate to tweet this out for fear the press will call and disturb the I’ll person’s family when they need to be left alone?

    • Christin says:

      Some family members like to be a ‘talker’ instead of a helpful ‘doer’. It’s not like she has to go work full-time. Why isn’t she (privately) visiting in person to offer support to her mother?

      • funcakes says:

        It’s just so obvious. In one tweet she’s talking about family illness, the next she’s talking about working out. How about being near by for support unless the family feels pretty much like the public about Leann. When she use to take pictures of her step/parents(and in laws) it looked like a hostage situation.

  25. Sarah says:

    The shirt is by Pam & Gela, the two designers behind Juicy Couture back in the day. I follow them on twitter (I just read their book) and saw this photo retweeted by a P&G fan account. I think the saying refers to the two of them, since Pam is blonde and Gela is/was brunette. Anyway, the photo I saw on Twitter was much worse than this one. Leann looked really, really rough. Like, aged 15 years and brittle rough.

    • funcakes says:

      Juicy! I never wore it but remember how popular it was. Did not care for the juicy written on the butt. There were girls that was oblivious to their size,Or should I say denial, that should never have writing on the booty.

  26. Loren says:

    I wonder if that’s her range rover in the back… You know, the one that looks like Brandi’s LOL!

  27. why? says:

    “And in the meantime, chica needs some money. Yesterday, I posted a link to these X17 photos of LeAnn walking around in a bulky, unflattering sweater dress. X17 claimed that LeAnn looked pregnant in the sweater, but as it turns out, that wasn’t the point of the outing. LeAnn got paid to wear that sweater! H&M sent out publicity emails identifying the sweaterdress as a $69.95 one from their collection. That means LeAnn probably/maybe got paid to wear the sweater and have a friendly paparazzo snap her photo in it. Girl, are you poor?”

    Leann definitely wore that sweater to spark pregnancy rumors. The main reason Leann wore the oversized bulky sweater was because of Chelsea Kane. When you google Chelsea Kane and H & M, a tweet that Chelsea Kane made in 2013 praising H & M for using eco-friendly products and a fashion blog naming celebs(Justin B, Emma R, and Chelsea K)who wear H & M comes up.

  28. why? says:

    Leann is on a single white female roll this week. On Wednesday and Thursday, in honor of Chelsea Kane Leann stepped out in H & M and YSL. Yesterday night, in honor of Brandi’s tbt “cookingforfamily” mashed potatoes hashtag, Leann posted a photo of her pool and added the “cookingforfamily” hashtag. Now Leann is back on the boxing kick. Leann hasn’t posted about boxing since she started obsessing over Brandi’s Pilates studio.

    On January 15, Dean posted a photo of boxing gloves on his instagram account and posted a comment about his wife picking up a new hobby after her trip to Australia. I know understand why Leann uses so many hashtags. It’s a habit she picked up from stalking Dean’s instagram account.

    Dean S: “My wife @sarahnami picked up a new hobby while she was in Oz. I’m totally screwed if she ever learns how to cook. I’ll probably be thrown out of the house and now she can beat my a$$ if I try to come back. #boxing #everlast #gloves #marriage #fitness”

    January 20, Leann posted a photo of boxing gloves on her instagram account and wrote this:

    Leann: “Morning! #letsdoit #boxing @mjfittraining”

    Ever since Dean posted the comment about boxing, Leann won’t stop tweeting about boxing.

    Leann: “#muscle #fannyfriday #kickina$$ #feelinggood #letsworkitoutbaby @mjfittraining”

  29. why? says:

    Leann has been on a mega staged photo-op blitz this week. Why? On Wednesday Leann arranged a staged shopping and Nobu photo-op. Yesterday it was arriving and then leaving lunch date with Lizzy. You know what this means? Leann is going to set up a staged handholding photo-op with Eddie today. Notice that Leann’s soulmate, won’t appear in Leann’s staged photo-ops unless Leann treats his friends to shopping sprees and lunch or buys him something expensive first? Why would Leann have sushi two days in row for lunch, both which were documented by x17 first? Leann needs a new pr team. This is Leann’s career. Putting out fake stories and then setting up staged photo-ops to deny them?

    The ACM nominations were announced today. Leann didn’t receive any nominations, could this be why Leann is setting up the daily staged photo-ops?

    Something bad must have happened to Leann because she is now milking her stepfather’s illness for attention and has been tweeting to the Brandi haters a lot. Even though she bragged about texting her friends and family at 4:30 am, when asked about how her stepfather was doing, Leann said she had no clue because it was too early to check on him.

    • Deanne says:

      If LeAnn is eating sushi, then she’s completely blown her pretending to be pregnant act. You can’t eat sushi while pregnant. She needs to up her game and be more detail oriented if she’s going to pretend she’s preggo.

    • briargal says:

      Poor lil ole LeakAnn didn’t get nominated AGAIN???? Hahahahahahahaha!

      • Deanne says:

        She’s completely reviled by the country music industry. Maybe she should rethink giving interviews where she insults all of the other country artists. Her arrogance is her undoing,

      • briargal says:

        @Deanne–She is reviled by more than just the country music industry!! And I think she should refrain from giving ANY interviews, refrain from trying to do anything because for her it will always be a FAILURE!! Gee whiz it would take a calculator to count all the failures in her life and career.

  30. Deanne says:

    Something that I’ve noticed about LeAnn, that really shows her lack of character, poor judgement, desperation and immaturity, is the fact that she follows, engages and encourages Twitter people who are obsessed with and hate Brandi in an unhealthy way. Yes, there are Twitter accounts that throw hate at LeAnn, who are Brandi fans, but I’ve NEVER seen Brandi favourite a hateful tweet directed toward LeAnn, ever. LeAnn on the other hand, allows psychos like that Ginger idiot, to spread hate and lies about Brandi on a daily basis, There are many others besides Ginger, but she’s the one who spends all day, every day bashing the Mother of LeAnn’s husband’s sons and doing background checks on LeAnn’s Twitter detractors. She’s seriously damaged and unstable.

    • jenn12 says:

      I’ve seen her twitter. She was fighting with an African-American woman and when the woman wouldn’t back down, she sent a twitter account after her that was calling her the most horrible, racist names like house slave and telling the woman she should s— his c— and then pick his cotton. It went on for days. She is complete, poisonous evil. Then again, so is her idol.

      • Deanne says:

        Oh my God, that is so horrible it makes me feel ill. I do think she’s very racist. She called someone Whoopi and a sock puppet and put up a photo of a monkey sock puppet. LeAnn’s fans think that she’s their friend. They perform for her to get approval. She follows Ginger and sees her TL, so she knows what she’s posting. She has LOL’d racist, homophobic, Brandi bashing, bigoted tweets for years. Then she aligns herself with ” her gays” and pretends Maya Angelou was her dearest friend and inspiration. She’s a fake, hypocritical, useless excuse for a human, with bad hair and a face that could stop a clock.

      • jenn12 says:

        She is disgusting. There’s another woman she tweets back and forth with who was posting racist songs at Xmas time. And you know she sees. Leann wants a baby, not to be a parent, and the boys are clearly out of babyhood. She’s well into her 30s, her career is at a standstill, she can’t play mommy to tweens, and her husband doesn’t work. Drama is all she has left, but she has no idea what she’s in for as the boys get older. She’s a short term thinker, and she left a trail of her bullying. And her POS husband will have a lot to answer for as well. I just can’t believe that No H8 doesn’t see the kinds of people she interacts with.

  31. why? says:

    Leann had a very rough day yesterday. She had to take Eddie on a shopping spree before Eddie would even participate in the downtown dinner staged photo-op with her. After the staged photo-op was over, Eddie left Leann all alone. She spent her night posting Valentine’s stickers on her kitchen window and reciting the lyrics to Kelly C song. So far no photos of Leann holding hands with a drunk Eddie while Kiki and Lizzy walk behind them. Leann was tweeting about the Farmer’s Marker, which means she probably set up a staged photo-op today.

  32. jenn12 says:

    Here’s the thing- she enjoyed when the boys were little, but at this point, there are no babies and the boys are old enough to start being their own people (not to mention checking the internet). Leann can’t play the all the games she used to because the boys are growing up. So she is stuck and frustrated because she can’t do what she used to. She does some, but not at the level she used to do it because the boys will say quit it. And suddenly the fantasies start, like discussing names for a baby that isn’t happening. And she has to realize that her middle school aged stepson can easily go on the internet and start looking things up. Karma will hit hard. She will pay for encouraging her psycho fans (and other personalities) to bully the boys’ mother, because she has left a trail and at least one kid is officially old enough to look it up.

    • Deanne says:

      She’s decorating their rooms for Valentine’s Day. That’s seriously weird. If the boys were girls and had a step-father and he was decorating their rooms for a holiday, based on romance, it would be horrifying. She’s such a try hard weirdo.

      • jenn12 says:

        She’s just creepy as hell. Remember when she had the boys’ pictures done in her mother’s den or laundry room or something and posted it? She and Eddie had started living together or something. Mason is nearly 12; you can bet he’s on the internet. Let’s see if her piles of presents and unwanted decorating make up for what she did to his mother. And he WILL find it. So will Jake.

  33. why? says:

    Leann Rimes:” I’m decorating the kids rooms today and we’ll all have a Valentine’s party. We celebrate everything! Fun filled, great life”

    One of the reasons Leann hasn’t been putting out the 100 tweets per day is because she is on her instagram account making posts. I saw the initial instagram post where she said that she was decorating her kitchen for Valentine’s day, but I didn’t check the comments section, where she bragged about how Brandi won’t be spending Valentine’s Day with her kids this year. The cycle begins. Leann buys Eddie something very expensive and for it, Mason and Jake suffer as Leann tweets and posts on instagram about them nonstop.

    The only way to get Eddie to spend Valentine’s Day with her was for Leann to have a party for Eddie and his friends. If Leann had a great life, she wouldn’t have spent Valentine’s Day ALONE in New York last year, sure Kiki was there in New York with Leann, but Leann spent her Valentine’s day whining about her broken foot/ankle, bragging about what a great person she was because she gave a homeless man her leftovers and a $20 bill, and then arguing with people who slammed her for bragging about her “good deed” and with people who asked why she didn’t just buy the man a full meal instead of giving him the food she didn’t want.

    Leann has been on a tweetfest and photofest about all the fun she is having in Malibu today. Does this mean she set up a staged photo-op? If she is having so much fun in Malibu, why was she posting selfies that she titled “contemplation”? Why is she in Malibu, shouldn’t she be with her sick stepfather? She tweeted for 3 days about her sick stepfather and then when she gets a chance to visit him, she goes to Malibu and spends the day posting photos of her friend’s dog, the sunset, herself, and another view of some trees?

    Ever since Dean posted about his wife learning to box in Australie, Leann has been posting every day about boxing. This is why no one is buying that she has a great life. She stalks Dean’s account for details about his wife and then incorporates them into her life to create a story. Leann stopped caring about boxing a long time ago, it’s only when Dean proudly brags about his wife new talent, that Leann wants to take up boxing again.

    • jenn12 says:

      I don’t think she CAN stop; I don’t think she wants to even try to stop. My kids are roughly the same ages as Brandi’s sons, and my older one goes on Instagram, etc. Mason is going to begin finding out what she and his bio dad did to his mother, and let’s see about her fun, happy times then.

    • Charlotte says:

      She’s posted a ‘contemplation selfie’ on Instagram, which in and of itself is ridiculous because the look of ‘contemplation’ is rather undone knowing she was photographing herself doing it. Anyway, Kiki is trying to fuel the pregnancy rumours more on it. So obvious. So hilarious.

      I’m so sad for caring.

  34. why? says:

    Leann Rimes: “In bed at 8pm on a Saturday… With a hot hubby 😊❤️💋”

    This tweet is where everyone gets the idea that Eddie is cheating on Leann. If Leann was in bed with her” hot hubby”/soulmate, why was she even tweeting while in the bed with him? Why did she even have a phone in the bed with her and Eddie in the first place? You would think that being in bed with her “hot hubby” and soulmate would make Leann stop tweeting. Nope. While in the bed with her “hot hubby”/soulmate, Leann went on to tweet about her love of fedoras. Before she tweeted about being in bed with her hot hubby and soulmate, Leann was tweeting to one of the parent’s from Jake’s school at 8:06 pm. Either Leann lied about being being in the bed with Eddie (Eddie wasn’t home at all) or after Eddie passed out in the guest room from drinking so much, Leann climbed in bed with him(like the night she and Kiki were packing for her Rockefeller/Vermont tour and put the elf on the shelf next to Eddie and then took a photo of it).

    Leann is having a tweetfest today, by the end of the day she will have over 100 tweets. Right now she is at 40 tweets and she started tweeting at 7:03 am. She started her day tweeting about how making mistakes doesn’t make a person a bad person and that true love changes people. If true love changed people, Leann wouldn’t have been tweeting while “in the bed” with Eddie last night. Leann has also spent the day tweeting to people who harass Brandi. What’s the point in having a party with her friends, since she is just going to spend it on twitter and instagram? To rub it in Brandi’s face that she won Lizzy and Elisa? Leann is throwing a Superbowl party for Eddie, Lizzy, and Elisa at Darrell’s house. She has been tweeting all day about the fun she is going to have with her love, friends, and family. Just like she had so much fun with Eddie last night that she just had to interrupt the romantic mood and tweet!

    • briargal says:

      Heehee- If she was in bed with “a hot hubby” who was it?? Edie (gonadless Eddie) isn’t hot anymore. Of course if she thinks she is good looking, then I guess she would think Edie is hot. Needs to get her eyes checked/

  35. michele says:

    It’s unbelievable that she is this unattractive but there she is so …. but she accentuates this ugly by dressing horribly and never looking clean. It’s unreal too because having been to LA after living there for many years, it’s unREAL how beautiful people keep themselves. She looks like trash.

  36. why? says:

    Every Monday night, Leann tweets about how she is cooking dinner for her family. She posts links to the recipes and then put kid and hubby approved in hashtags. On Tuesday and Wednesday, she pulls some outrageous stunt to steal the spotlight from Baby Daddy and Chelsea Kane,(fake pregnancy story to Star the first week, show cancellation the second week, and another pregnancy story and Dean writing a tell all book the third week). Leann has been quiet on twitter all day, she must be on set with Eddie today.

  37. why? says:

    Leann must have refilled her Adderall prescription this morning because she is back to having tweetfest. Today, her tweets consist of bragging about how she donated all of the cans of food that she had in her house to Jake’s class. She didn’t stop there. She kept going on and on about it, like she was expecting a pat on the back. At one point one of her mans asked if they could donate cans to Jake’s school. This is the same fan who sent Jake and Mason quilts and asked Leann to post photos of Jake and Mason with the quilts. Eddie sucks as a father. I thought Leann was going to start the tweets about Brandi’s kids Monday night, but she started them today. Either Leann bought Eddie an expensive gift or she is taking Eddie, Lizzy, and Elisa on another vacation this month.

    What I don’t understand is that if Eddie and Leann are as rich as they bragged about being on their reality show and the interviews they did to promote their reality show, why didn’t Leann(we all know that Eddie takes no part in his kid’s lives unless he can figure out a way to get a vacation or an expensive gift from it) just buy new cans of food for the school? She just tweeted that she was headed to the store to buy more cans of food, so that means she is going to set up a staged photo-op in the parking lot of some grocery store with Jake and Mason.

    When she wasn’t tweeting about Jake and what a great person she was for giving his school the cans of food she didn’t want to eat, Leann tweeted about her dead dog.