James Middleton is ‘frustrated’ that people only know him as Duchess Kate’s bro


Does anyone else get a Russian-royalty vibe off of bearded James Middleton? James used to be clean-shaven, and he just looked totally boring, but for the past few years, he’s been rocking a beard. The beard suits his face, but he definitely has a Czar Nicholas II vibe with it. This is James’ cover with The Young Director, a digital magazine. They were too fussy with his beard-grooming. And even though we only know the name James Middleton because his sister married a sullen prince, James still thinks it’s “frustrating” that people only know him as Kate’s bro. Some highlights from TYD:

Being known as only Kate’s brother: “Yes, it does get frustrating. I work incredibly hard—just like every other person in business and work. And aside from the fact of — yes, I am the brother of someone very important—I am, at the end of the day, just James.”

Starting Boomf: “I used the stepping stones within the family business” to start his first venture, The Cake Kit Company. “I have only ever employed myself.”

His guilty pleasure: “Ah! Family Guy. I know to some it may not be a guilty pleasure but I absolutely love the show!…Some people think they are just cartoons but I think they are so clever and much more than cartoons.”

Who would play him in a movie: “Leonardo DiCaprio! I would want Leonardo to play me because I believe in his acting mastery. The guy is a genius and he would make me look fantastic.”

[From E! News]

Leonardo DiCaprio? Really? And Family Guy? RLY?! As for his complaints about how he’s perceived as only Kate’s brother… dude. The only reason anyone shows any interest in any of your businesses is because of your relation to the Duchess of Cambridge. Your sister made your family relevant. If you want to complain about anything, complain about how the old-money Establishment still views your family as gauche nouveau-riche peasants cashing in on your tenuous royal connection.

As for James’ hard work (cough) on Boomf, his Instagram-printed-marshmallow company, it’s looking more and more like James has another failed business on his hands. Who would have thought that a business model providing Instagram-printed marshmallows to rich people wouldn’t have legs? Instead of “let them eat cake,” it’s let them eat marshmallows. Several weeks ago, the British papers pointed out that Boomf is thousands in debt for the third year in a row. For 2014, Boomf had a £23,000 loss. He owes creditors £76,394. Perhaps it’s time for Uncle Gary to step in with another shady business deal and take care of his nephew?

Final story, I promise: Vanity Fair has a piece about James and his girlfriend of two years, Donna Air. He still hasn’t proposed, but a source tells VF that Donna and Carole Middleton get along pretty well and Carole thinks Donna “has a great work ethic.” How is “work ethic” important to Carole again? She’s ambitious and hard-working for sure, but she raised three kids with very strange ideas of what constitutes “work.”


Photos courtesy of TYD and WENN.

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  1. AG-UK says:

    zzzzz he could be known as the bearded hipster from Hackney

    • bluhare says:


    • vava says:

      The whole is is quite laughable.

    • Red Snapper says:

      Beard or no, he is the best looking Middleton. Other than George, who, let’s face it, is also a Middleton. I think the reason Donna Air isnt in Mustique for the party is because she and James just had two weeks in the Carribean. Take note of that when you try to absorb James’ claims of working hard. This is his second two week tropical vacay since Christmas. Just like us!

      • lisa2 says:


        that is what I think.. He got all the pretty in that family. I think he is very attractive.. and the beard works for me.

  2. Tiffany says:

    And it frustrates me that I know who you are at all.

  3. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    If we didn’t know you as Kate’s brother, we wouldn’t know you at all, marshmallow man. And you’d hate that more.

  4. Jaded says:

    I think the “girlfriend” is a beard. There are a number of photos of him floating around the interwebs showing him either nude or dressed in women’s underwear at all-guy parties. Apropos to my post about Carole Middleton, there is something so fishy about this family…it stinks like week old halibut.

    • Emily says:

      Re: the gay theory- It’s possible. Although to be fair, British public school boys are weird.

    • Senaber says:

      I really thought he was out before Kate’s marriage.

    • Imo says:

      James seems eccentric to me but it is rude and judgmental to link the presumed state of his sexuality to whatever else makes him seem weird to you.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        IMO can you let people JUST have their opinions on the Middleton’s without calling them rude and making it PERSONAL about the posters.

        Get off the posters backs, they are entitled to their opinions.
        This is a free comment area forum to discuss celebrities, but stop attacking the posters on a personal level. Please.

      • Iamfluff says:

        hahah someonestolemyname.
        Dear dear. Free comment is indeed that. Free. So if you claim the right to say anything you wish, so can anyone else. About anything they wish. Grow balls.

  5. The Original Mia says:

    Does he really think anyone would know who he was without Kate? Phuleeze!

    Donna is sooooo important to him that he didn’t bring her to Mustique for the big bash. Yes, I really believe they are headed for the altar.

    • boredblond says:

      Hate to hurt his feelings, but I didn’t even know she had a brother..I remember something about her sister having a great tush..

      • The Original Mia says:


        James is the UK Rob Kardashian. His sisters are more popular than him.

      • wolfpup says:

        James M. and Rob K. – perfect! Carole and Kris – what are they doing to their sons? (I think that they have emasculated them).

  6. bbg says:

    “Some people think they are just cartoons but I think they are so clever and much more than cartoons.”

    Cannot. Stop. Laughing — at him!

    • FLORC says:

      That got me too. If we’re going to call a crude cartoon clever it’s South Park. While I watch Family Guy and find it entertains me it’s also poorly animated with random jokes that are more references to childhood nostalgia than anything clever.

  7. Loopy says:

    You should be frustrated that your Mom only knows you as the Duchess Brother ok i joke i kid.
    Random question do the royals carry credit cards and have normal bank accounts?

  8. Carolina says:

    Why does he get interviews and magazine covers?

  9. HoustonGrl says:

    He’s so entitled, like the rest of his family. He doesn’t like just being Kate’s brother and mentions her in the same sentence. He could easily tell magazines “No, I won’t discuss Kate or George” but he doesn’t, because no one would interview him or look twice at his Marshmallow company. And Leonardo diCaprio? PUH-LEASE. Leo only takes interesting parts.

    • wolfpup says:

      Leonardo diCaprio? – that got a real hee-haw, from me! Why would anyone wish to play James in the first place? What is there about him, that is remotely interesting?

      • FLORC says:

        I read the question about James being portrayed in a movie and though.. If he answers why he should ever be a character in a movie i’ll have more respect for him. Instead he jumped right in.

        There’s nothing humble here.

    • Rachel says:

      He and Leo kind of look alike with the beards.

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      The whole family seems to have an entitled vibe.

      James interview is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in awhile. He’s such a joke and doesn’t know it.

  10. Lilacflowers says:

    It frustrates me that it is snowing again just a day after I paid to have someone shovel out the dryer vent from a 6 foot snowdrift. We all have our problems.

  11. Kitten says:

    My boyfriend and every guy I know always complains about how makeup can change a woman’s face but holy SH*T if this isn’t proof of what I always say: beards and facial hair can 100% change the way a man’s face looks. It can cover up a thin-lipped mouth or hide a weak jawline, etc.

    Kate’s brother (which is how I will always refer to him henceforth) should keep this beard forever and ever.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I dated this guy with a beard in college and he was really handsome. Then, he shaved it off and he was chinless! Gawk! It was awful. I was completely turned off and wanted to break up, but he grew it back. This story makes me sound sort of shallow, doesn’t it?

      • Kitten says:

        Ha ha..no not at all. I thoroughly enjoyed this story actually.

        My BF always has stubble because he says he looks “like a 13-year-old” without it.
        I’ve seen pictures of him clean-shaven and it was bad news so if you’re shallow, then I am as well.

      • M.A.F. says:

        Some guys were made for facial hair while others were not.

      • FLORC says:

        Lol GNAT!
        I hate my husbands beard after i’ve seen him clean shaven for a while. And hate how he looks clean shaven after he has a beard for a while. I’m over it in 2 days, but still. We’re all shallow.

        I think there’s a lot of photo retouching on James here. Though with a beard he is the cutest of the Midd clan.

    • BW says:

      I think he looks like King George V of England. Queen Mary’s husband and Queen Elizabeth’s grandfather.

      • LAK says:

        George V and Tsar Nicholas were first cousins. Their mothers were sisters. In their younger days, probably until mid-20s, the two young men could have passed for identical twins. They even styled their beards/moustaches the same.

        I always feel a pang every time I look at Prince Michael of Kent because he has aged into the closest approximation of what Tsar Nicholas would have looked like in old age.

  12. original kay says:

    Those marshmallows looked repulsive. All murky edges and grainy pictures. and so expensive!

    I’d love to know what he was thinking. He needs Dragons’ Den.

  13. scout says:

    ‘cos that’s what you are, bro!! And always will be, make the best of it.

  14. Yeses says:

    James Middleton is the Rob Kardashian of the Middletons…maybe if he “designed” socks….he will be more famous…um nope, never mind…that didn’t work out too well for Rob..

  15. caitlin says:

    LOL at Leo playing him in a movie!! James Middleton actually looks OLDER than Leo despite being in his 20′s ffs. What is it about the Middletons and premature ageing anyway?

  16. LAK says:

    Is he balding already???

    Poor PGtips, he’ll probably go bald at 20 if his maternal baldness gene manifests this early together with the balding Windsor gene.

    • FLORC says:

      Isn’t the Mothers father the one to look to to see the offsprings bald chances?
      Michael seems ok.
      I should know this. My brain is just slow today.

      • perplexed says:

        Is it weird that I hope George keeps his hair? I shouldn’t be so invested in his head.

      • LAK says:

        Uncle Gary is bald, which means Carole carries the balding gene which is why James has a receding hairline. That means Kate has the gene too -> PGtips.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        It’s the maternal side supposedly where baldness comes from.

        So we’ll see with George.

        Baby George looks very similar to Baby Gary, if anyone finds a photo. I saw similarities in the two baby photos.

      • FLORC says:

        Mother passes to children what hairline that female’s father has.
        So, James can be balding, but that isn’t what Kate will pass on. For that we need to look to her father’s hairline.
        I agree, James will go bald unless he does some treatment.
        PGTips though will be ok. Until those Windsor genes take over like they do.

  17. Ellen says:

    I think Carole has a tremendous work ethic. Unfortunately it is not at all unusual for the second or third generation to not inherit that work ethic, usually because the parents try to provide everything they never got. You may not agree with Carole’s goals and Waity, James and Pippa seem to be work challenged but I think Carole and Michael Middleton did a lot of hard work (and yes, probably had some help from shady uncle Gary).
    In all fairness it must be very challenging to be Pippa and James right now too. There is nothing they can say that will sound okay. There are likely better choices they can be making but when I saw the royal wedding I actually felt bad for Pippa. It must be very, very weird to have your sister marry the future King. And the focus was not the same on any of the other recent royal British brides siblings because they won’t be queen some day, and the media was not as ubiquitous when Diana married into the family (ie no cell phones with instant internet delivery). Yes, they should be making better choices on how they let the public access them or view them, but none of us have been subject to the same scrutiny of our less than great business ideas or career choices

    • perplexed says:

      I think James would be critiqued less if he didn’t do magazine covers. That’s like asking to be criticized. But I do agree that it must be challenging to be Pippa and James, although I think the challenge becomes greater if they wish to have the kind of fame that Kate does.

    • IP says:

      @Ellen, I agree about the second generation not always growing up to be as driven as their parents.
      But I’m not so sure I feel bad for Kate’s siblings. What’s so bad about your sister making a marriage you couldn’t possibly top unless you marry, I don’t know, Leonardo Dicaprio? :) ))
      James is just entitled if he thinks people should care about him apart from his relation to Kate.

      • FLORC says:

        No shade for them wanting to blaze their own trails and earn their own way. James and Pippa aren’t really doing that on their own though. They’ve latched onto their family’s fame through their sister. They can’t use that fame and then shun it. They need to show their worth outside of their connection to Kate. Instead they’re only capitalizing on it.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      I get what you are saying about during the time of Diana’s wedding, but luckily both her sisters were married at the time. Brother Charles had similar complaints, he was given that correspondent position with NBC because of family connections, he married several times, there was a story not too long ago about a posh party where he got into fisticuffs over a woman. And then there was how he was dealing with taking over Althorp, his treatment of Raine and the should he/shouldn’t he have had a Diana display at his home for the public.

      People will always be wondering what they are doing and you’re right, it would be tough for anyone. It seems like it might be best if both Pippa and James were said to be preparing to take over responsibilities at Carole’s company down the road. She built it up and it is successful.

  18. Rachel says:

    I can’t believe this guy has a magazine cover.

    • IP says:

      I know, right? WHY?

      • Citresse says:

        James and/or the Middleton advisers have decided to put him out there mainly because he’s a terrible businessman and basically an embarrassment to the Middleton family. He hasn’t found his niche. I agree so far he’s the Rob Kardashian of the Middletons.
        Book deal next?

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        In 10yrs he may be doing Celebrity Big Brother

    • Senaber says:

      Yep all the middletons are so BORING. like, these are the best quotes? Zzzzzzzzzz

    • wow says:

      Even more funny that they only use his first name. He’s reached “first name only” status now I guess. Lol.

  19. FLORC says:

    James made a company that others have already established on etsy style websites.
    Anyone can buy those flat smores style marshmellows.
    Anyone can purchase and edible printer for about the same as a regular printer.
    Anyone can buy the rice paper needed for the printer.
    Where (imo) James had the edge and greatest fail is instagram.

    He had a deal so they would only print photos from people’s or their friends instagram accounts. The picture had to come from instagram though. Someone couldn’t simply hand over or email a photo like at a grocery store’s cake section. And he never branched out to cupcakes, candies, etc… Also, the price and markup was insane!

    And James should be so happy his sister is who she is. These oportunities wouldn’t come his way otherwise. Or the use of RPO’s to clear the way for him to get to his car….

  20. kri says:

    Kaiser- I was totally going to post that almost to the letter. It’s eerie, really. Perhaps deliberate? Anyway, I get the Rob Kardashian vibe from James. Famous sisters and a marshmallow empire. Sigh. He could be a stunt double for alot of Brit actors, though.

  21. IP says:

    “He looks exactly like Tsar Nicolas II!” was my first thought when I saw this picture.
    I’m not sure why he rubs me the wrong way. He comes off as dick and I wonder if it’s even the case? The Middletons seem decent and whatever, but he is just like the bad egg.

    And what’s with their “work ethic” that we’re reminded of constantly? Carole has a GREAT ethic. Kate work “very hard.” Pippa is mining the publishing industry. Enough already.

    • wolfpup says:

      I don’t believe that he is a d**k or a bad egg. He is basically a helpless/hapless man that will turn into a whiner one day. It’s another’s stature that he must always depend on – I don’t think believe that merely having balls will help him with that. These men are intimidated by their mothers (and sisters). It’s really a waste of man cells. I do pity them.

      The girly clothes he loves to sport kind of sounds like Bruce J.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        Well put, Agree wolfpup.
        I have a friend who saw James one day, up close. She said the skinny jeans were so tight, she wondered if he was competing with Kate in her skinny jeans. She said his jeans were so tight you could see the entire shape of his of butt cheeks and other areas, it looked very strange on a man, his jeans being soooooo tight.

  22. anne_000 says:

    For a guy who’s complaining about publicity because of his royal connections, he’s sure trying hard to look like one of them with his beard. Hey James, try not looking like a former BRF and go back to your old Middleton look.

    Also, he should be grateful that his connections got him publicity for his cake and marshmallow business. Who else would have gone into such businesses and tried to expand so quickly on just these two things? Regular business people in the cake industry would start with a small shop, work from early morning to evening trying to make even one cake shop work out. As for the marshmallow business, imo, you can’t make much money on that and get loads of customers WITHOUT the kind of easy publicity he gets for nothing.

  23. Adrien says:

    I know him as personalized marshmallow guy. He should team up with Robbie K and they shall rule the world with mallows and socks.

  24. perplexed says:

    James Middleton’s girlfriend won’t be able to live like Kate Middleton without taking on some form of employment, so in that sense, I can see why her work ethic would be important to Carole. Kate got lucky in marrying William – the rest will have to work!

    • Senaber says:

      Maybe Carole does love her work ethic because then Donna is away a lot and Carole can have all her little chickens to herself in her own little nest.

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      DONNA his girlfriend or good friend, works very hard, has several businesses going. As well as a pile of cash, from her child’s Aristocratic father.

  25. wow says:

    Ugh! He use to be so hot. He needs to lose the beard. It does nothing for him and only reminds me of how nice he use to look. I feel “cheated”. Lose the moss, James. It makes you look unkempt and in need of a good shower.

    But evenso, I rather like this dude. They just don’t bug me anymore like they use to.

  26. aquarius64 says:

    Please…nobody would give two thoughts about the Middletons if Kate didn’t marry into the royal family and is now the mother of a future king. They are using the marriage to get a come up but they will forever be seen as nouveau riche social climbers.

    More about the Swedish royals, please. I got hooked on Victoria, Daniel and Estelle. Every monarchy has issues and skeletons, but the Middletons and the Windsors keep the tabloid press humming. Although, I think when Carl Philip of Sweden marries Sofia the reality show star the House of Bernadotte will be on the gossip blogs more.

  27. Veronica says:

    Welcome to the reality women lived for thousands of years.

    • wolfpup says:

      I’m keen to understand what you are saying, Veronica. My history atlas says that DNA studies reveal that the first anatomically modern humans – Homo sapiens – arose in Africa between 200,000 and 140,000 years ago. Hominines, man’s earliest ancestor was living 4-5 million years ago.

      Woman emerged from the earth – we’ve been evolving for so long. I hope the internet age speeds up some of our feminist challenges. Reality, indeed!

  28. Imo says:

    I’m very uncomfortable when I read his interviews. I feel there are some developmental/cognitive…issues? I fear the interviewers are trolling him.

  29. ShanKat says:

    @Original Mia, he’s definitely the royal Rob Kardashian.

    As a hipster dickhead.

    God, I hate the Royals. Moving to the UK seals the deal. I prefer American DList royalty. Give me people who are famous for their sex tapes and poor personal judgement!

  30. ShanKat says:

    Donna Air?

    Is she related to George Glass?