Sarah Ferguson defends Prince Andrew, ‘he’s a humongously good man’


Last week, we caught up on the Prince Andrew controversy that exploded everywhere in the new year. Virginia Roberts – now an adult – claims that back in 1999-2002, she worked as an underage prostitute for Jeffrey Epstein, and that Epstein “loaned her out” to his famous and well-connected friends, including Prince Andrew. Roberts alleges that Andrew had sex with her when she was 16 or 17 years old. It’s a huge mess of accusations, denials, older scandals and competing lawsuits (Alan Dershowitz has also been accused of much of the same acts as Andrew). I was surprised to see the story being covered on legit news shows (Chris Hayes did a big segment on it), and I guess we can talk about it so openly because Buckingham Palace did comment on the story specifically, denying all accusations made by Roberts.

And now Sarah Ferguson is defending her ex-husband. These two… I don’t know. I’ve always sort of liked the way they still seemed so close, although in the past few years, I’ve realized more and more that they’re united in sleaze. They’re both desperate for money and that’s what unites them. Anyway, Fergie appeared on the Today Show to talk about her weight loss scheme and she ended up talking about the scandal:

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Fergie calls Andrew her “best friend” and “my best ex-husband ever.” She says: “I won’t stand by – because I know what it feels like to have salacious lies made up about you – and not support him so publicly… he’s a great father and humongously good man… these were shockingly accusatory allegations which I don’t think are right. I won’t stand by and have his character defamed. I will have not one word said about him on any level, any level.”

Oh, and once again Matt Lauer bungles another interview. There was SO MUCH he could have called her out on. Fergie is trying to paint Andrew as Britain’s great savior, like he’s some brilliant businessman wrestling the British economy to the top. And when Fergie deflects and says that Lauer should just ask Andrew if he’s ever met Virginia Roberts, that was the opening to really get in there. The more the royals deny this crap, the more I believe Andrew totally had sex with an underage girl.


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  1. mimif says:

    Hm. I’m thinking she doesn’t know how to use humongously correctly.

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    She is such a skeevy person. I don’t think her “support” is very convincing.

    • Snazzy says:

      they are both quite well suited in their skeevinessness, aren’t they?

    • Flower says:

      Andrew was said to be in on the ‘access for cash deal’ that she was crucified for in the press, she took all the blame to protect the Queens favourite , hence the Queen’s soft spot for her. Phillip on the other hand couldn’t care tuppence about Andrew or his ex wife , I’m not sure whether she is just making sure her nest remains feathered or is really totally delusional about Andrews nasty habits, I think probably the former.

  3. Christin says:

    It is becoming more apparent they have some kind of co-dependency, and ‘united in sleaze’ may be spot on. She doth deflect a bit too much.

    Something is humongously questionable.

    • Miss Melissa says:

      She has an air of desperation about her… and it seems to be the same size as his air of arrogance. They should remarry and be done with it.

  4. Amy Tennant says:

    Wow, she has her daughters’ picture on her bag. How very mumsy. That’s actually sweet.

  5. Gracie says:

    Her defence actually makes him look more guilty.

    • wolfpup says:

      It’s nice that she is trying to protect her girls…unfortunately her venom is misdirected in my mind. It’s difficult to protect a man when he was very friendly with, and spent weekends, etc., at a convicted pediophile’s various homes for years. Do they really believe that we are so gullible? I’m sure that when women were breast-naked and bikini’ed about the pool, he said, “I only look – no touching!” Is there man so well endowed in character to be able to perform such a feat, when everyone else is playing party? Sarah could give a rat’s ass about what he did – she does the sleazy too. Can she convince her daughters – or the Brit’s?

      This story is about sex, money and power! Does being a prince make him less likely to lie? Bill Clinton lied not only to his wife, but an entire nation!

      I’m sure that he has his good points too.

      • Gracie says:

        And look at how far-removed we are from the Clinton scandal era now!

        The real victims here are the misguided young women who fell prey to rich perverts, did things (either by choice or by force, we don’t know) that probably would continue to haunt them in the years to come.

        Andrew is guilty in my eyes even if it’s only by association, which I don’t believe. I don’t believe he only looked didn’t touch. What was he doing hanging out with those sleaze bags in the first place? How could he party with them but not partake?

      • Cricket says:

        Wait… I thought I read Bill Clinton’s name was also dropped in this mess…

      • bluhare says:

        Family aside, she accepted money from Epstein to help pay her debts. She’s got plenty of reasons (at least 15,000 of them) besides family to defend this.

    • Citresse says:

      Exactly Gracie.
      If accusations are so ridiculous and untrue (in some cases), there is no need to dignify by a response. In this case, there have been many.

  6. BreeInSEA says:

    Sketchity Sketch Sketch

  7. Cel says:

    They are both greedy, arrogant individuals – can’t stand either of them and wouldn’t trust them an inch.

    Matt should have asked her about hiring out Andrew – what are the rates these days??

  8. scout says:

    Of course she would!! He lets her stay with him in his house for free and freeload even after the divorce which was eons ago. She better defend him orelse she will be looking for a box under the bridge to sleep (exaggeration for her but many homeless people do)!

  9. Sixer says:

    MRDA. *

    (*see Profumo. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose.)

  10. Nopity Nope says:

    Game recognize game, that’s all I have to say about this mess. She’s just as shady as he is, so yeah…not the best character witness Andy and BP could have in their corner.

  11. Sharon Lea says:

    I also believe they are united in their co-dependency and secrets. It just came out that they bought that 13 million pound Verbier chalet and due to laws about foreigners buying land, they each own a floor and it took months to close? Of course she is lauding his merits. Gah.

    And she has had that bag for years now, trotting it out because she knows the general public like her daughters. She is so transparent and will use anyone.

    I hope Andy is blocked from going to Davos this month. What could he possibly do there?

    • JenniferJustice says:

      This. She will defend him against pretty much anything as he is still her meal ticket and they both have skeletons they know about and that they don’t want to get out. We all know Andrew is a womanizer at the very least, so to say he is such a humongously good man is stupid – better to simply say you don’t beleive this particular accusor’s story. But don’t try to sell us that he’s a saint. We know better.

    • wolfpup says:

      I have no idea why she believes that Americans trust her, and her integrity?! It’s true, she has presented as a nice lady on The Oprah show, but so many of the things she has done, are shameful, IMO. (and she keeps on doing them).

      Perhaps she was the victim of salacious lies: I’ve only heard the true ones.

      Also, I do not believe that this young woman is “accusing” him: this story is personal for her The York’s are calling “family camp to protect themselves. This could really backfire.

  12. megan says:

    They are such sleazy grifters. I’d love to know how they qualified for the mortgage on their new ski chalet.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      Very funny. Love it!

    • bluhare says:

      When mummy’s the queen, I think you can qualify for just about anything.

      • wolfpup says:

        Apparently, the English queen is more powerful than a mere figurehead (which surprises me). Do you think all the Lords want to save the crown as well? What a great story, about the connections between power and press.

        He should just take his stripes, and move on. There has to be a dignified way for him to be (not relevant, nor respected), but accepted in some sort of gentle way, after apologies.

    • Sharon Lea says:

      I assume they are using the 13 million made off of selling Sunninghill. His home in the UK, Royal Lodge, was a gift from the Queen Mum when she passed, so in theory, he had the money.

  13. BooBooLaRue says:

    Well to put up with her antics, he would have to be.

  14. Citresse says:

    There is a real pall cast upon the Queen’s last years as a result of this scandal. Very sad and ironic considering Andrew is her favorite son.

    • mayamae says:

      Which is why I just can’t pity her. She coddles him and continues to protect him.

      • Citresse says:

        I’m so looking forward.
        Forward to the new generations. I must say I’m actually more excited about Kate’s second baby than Prince George.
        Kate has some new engagements very soon.

      • bluhare says:

        I agree, mayamae. The queen’s done her bit for sure, but she’s got a serious blind spot with this moron.

  15. vauvert says:

    Will our Brit experts weigh in on this, because it sounds like Andrew is hard up for cash.. I always assumed that in addition to whatever assets he inherited from family (grandparents, for example) he has an income from the general purse or whatever it’s calked in the UK?

  16. PHD gossip says:

    The Queen’s advisors surely realize that Fergie’s defense of Andrew is a further indictment of his behavior (she is defending his behavior with Jeffrey Epstein -duh – sure she is – Epstein retired her debt!) The media is not reporting the accurate number – her debt was in millions. It was retired. Do the math.

  17. wow says:

    I like Fergie but she is yet another woman who has relied on men to take care of her all of her life. So of course she will say this. He takes care of her.

  18. Christin says:

    Every time I see her photo, my mind flashes back to those topless toe kissing photos with her Texan ‘financial advisor’.

  19. Elly says:

    This Epstein guy is a rich and has the right connections. Politics, finance, society. He founded many projects and charities. Means many people (rich, famous, unknown) worked with him, know him, even call him a friend. So many people were on his island and even were partying with him. That doesn´t mean they all had sex with Epstein´s victims and prostitutes.
    Now even Stephen Hawking is dragged into this just because they know each other.

    The rich world is very shallow. So it wouldn´t surprise me if most of Epstein´s “friends” had no idea what´s going on on his “private parties”.

    And Fergie… she believes her ex-husband who founds her. Why not? It´s likely that she has no idea what was going on. She´s an old women and ex-wife of one of his pals so i don´t think she was invited and introduced to the teenie prostitutes.

    • bluhare says:

      If they were on that island partying they knew exactly what was going on.

      That world is small and insular.

    • wolfpup says:

      Are you saying that when a “man’s woman” gets old, he is free to play with the tweens? I wonder if their boy’s club, included a place for gentlemen or the married men, who were anxious about their careers, or cared for their wives and families. This is the worst for the children. Wives and women may be hurt, but able to move on. Being a douche can be the heritage of a father – Thanks Pa! There are NO excuses! None, whatsoever!

      The Duke will need a complete makeover – repentance, dipping, new heart; all that nonsense. Maybe he can change the direction of his life – but not with Sarah – they live outside the boundaries of common sense, in all their togetherness. Phillip came down so hard on Sarah; what he going to do about this? (The queen wouldn’t allow her sister to marry a divorced man; no wonder she doesn’t want a thing to do with all these other hearts). Palace is probably stumped on how to fix this one! My advice – do whatever is needed for his girls, besides lying. They won’t believe it either, after they are a bit older and wiser.

      Just saying; women need to be very careful with whom they choose to have children with. He will be the children’s teacher concerning love, and also about being a man or woman. A woman so connected, will deal with the father of her children, until death.