Kim Kardashian: God punished me for my hotness by making me gain weight


I had to check through our photo archive just to remind myself of what Kim Kardashian looked like while pregnant. I mean, obviously, I remembered that she gained a lot of weight and she looked completely uncomfortable throughout her pregnancy. But I had actually forgotten just how terribly she dressed and how she attempted to look “thin” or sleek throughout her pregnancy and how she failed so miserably. Anyway, the reason for my trip down memory lane is that Kim told Elle UK that she thinks God was punishing her (for being hot) by making her gain so much weight during her pregnancy. I mean… God cares enough about Kim Kardashian’s hotness that he would try to destroy her body?

In a recent interview with Elle UK, Kim Kardashian reveals her battle with her weight took an enlightening turn while she was pregnant with North West. The reality star said she was steadily gaining pounds during that 9-month period, which she deemed as God teaching her a lesson.

“I’d think God was doing this for a reason. He was saying: ‘Kim, you think you’re so hot, but look what I can do to you.’ My body just went crazy,” she said. “After five months I swore I’d never get pregnant again. I got so huge and it felt like someone had taken over my body”

The 34-year-old also mentioned that she’s had a battle with her physical appearance over the years, noting that it was a long journey to finally becoming comfortable in her skin. “It’s taken me a long time to be happy with my body and for my confidence to grow to what it is today. I grew up when the body to have was the tall, slim, supermodel one, like Cindy Crawford’s. No one looked like me.”

Kanye West’s wife later admitted that her self-confidence was tested over the years. “I’m an Armenian girl, I have shape, and it turned out people liked that. That makes me feel good about myself and about other women for being so supportive. I am a confident woman, but I didn’t just arrive confident – it has built over the years and that is a big part of who I am now.”

[From Vibe]

What I always say about Kim still holds true: she would feel a lot better about her figure if she could figure out flattering ways to dress her curves. She really doesn’t understand what looks good on her body, thus she dresses like a fool and thus she looks awful. As for God punishing her… no. God didn’t punish her. It was just instant karma for all of the lies and horsesh-t she’s said over the years. She’s a size 2, she doesn’t have butt implants, she doesn’t Botox or get plastic surgery, etc. Karma was all “eat all the donuts, it will be fine, Kim!” I wish God would stop letting me buy mini Kit-Kats.

I’m including assorted pregnancy photos from last year, plus some new pics of Kim yesterday in NYC (the pics of Kim in green).



Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. MelissaManifesto says:

    I have been hearing how Kim Kardashian has changed or is changing the standard for how women bodies are perceived and I don’t think that is true at all. “Curvy” is the trend now, if anything new unhealthy standards are being created and women are still judged on how they look. This is the sad reality.

    • Trillion says:

      Exactly. The only difference is the trends have changed (as they always do every decade or so). We are still judged by superficial, transient traits: Our looks.

  2. Amy says:

    God punished Kim for being too hot by making her naturally gain weight through pregnancy.

    Yet God was chilling quietly while she inflated her own ass like a moon bounce without pregnancy. Kay Kim.

    • LadyJane says:

      This. Her body looked weird during pregnancy because she has this huge artificial bum. Then instead of carrying her baby ‘all to the front’ she gained on the front and sides – so that she looked really blobby. Usually pregnant women who carry their weight all around their middle like this (as opposed to just in the front) have nice skinny legs and bum, so there is some grace in pregnancy.

    • Ladybird83 says:

      Yes Amy. It’s god’s fault she used pregnancy as an excuse to eat what she wanted.

    • cheryl says:

      Can’t fault God too much for the chilling quiet on the moon bounce tactic.
      Probably motivated by curiosity.

    • Petee says:

      Is she serious?She looked weird during her pregnancy because of all the work she has had done.After you get that kind of work done you are not supposed to gain weight.It comes back somewhere else.Her body just imploded.She looked miserable.No one made of her for weight gain.It was her dressing the way she did.I don’t think anyone body shamed her on this site.Oh and get over yourself.The real curvy girl is Jennifer Lopez and that is all her.

  3. Kate says:

    Oh holy hell. Really? Could this woman be any more annoying. Because we all know Gid just sits around all day thinking of the ways to mess with a Kardashian. If he really had pity for us, he’d make them dissappear from the spotlight.

    • JudyK says:

      Agree. Can’t believe the tripe that comes out of her vapid, self-centered head. She’s now taken her own self-obsession to a whole new level.

      She looks fabulous in that green dress and trenchcoat…or would with a simple pump. The shoes are ridiculous w/ it. Can’t believe I’m giving her a compliment, because she totally turns my stomach.

    • Mia V. says:

      It does explain a lot: people prayin’ out there, so many problems and God decided to ignore us all to make her look ugly during pregnancy. What’s her excuse now? Pissed the Devil?

    • Charlie says:

      I think she was joking.

  4. Jules says:

    I wish she would stop punishing us with her vain vapidness………….

  5. Lindy79 says:

    Yes because if you believe in a deity. they don’t have anything better to do than kick back watching E! and deciding who to smite with cankles.

  6. Abbott says:

    I think God stopped paying attention to Kim when she agreed to anything involving Ray J and a video camera.

  7. NewWester says:

    No Kim, if you were punished for “your hotness” it was not by weight gain. It was by being born with the intelligence of a cabbage and the fashion sense of a Garbage Pail Kid.

  8. OR she has a curvy figure, and as such is susceptible to gain weight easily. Same thing with me. If I ever LOOK at a cookie, I gain weight, while my beanpole twin can eat twice as much as me and not gain any weight.

  9. Annie says:

    Got it, ladies? If you’re not thin it’s because God is punishing you. You did something awful and God is making you fat as a punishment. God is mad at you.

    Is it idiot woman day at Celebitchy? Between Evangeline Lily and this fool, I think I’m going back to sleep.

    • Mrs. Wellen Melon says:

      So THAT’S why I’m having such a hard time losing weight! God is smiting me for my hotness.

      It all makes sense now.

      • I’m gonna go stand next to you–we can be sexy together!

      • vauvert says:

        Spitting my tea at the screen, LOL. I will join you ladies! God definitely smote me for my hotness by making me have a hard time dropping the pregnancy pounds. On the plus side my face still looks like me, I guess God was too busy to surreptitiously fill it with Botox and other crap:-)
        But that’s good though because I can now put the blame on the Heavenly Father:-) until now I was blaming chocolate and/or my son, depending on the day…(before anyone gets mad, just kidding!)

      • Addison DeWitt says:

        Thank you for this gift of a comment. I am sooo borrowing this one to repeat all day!

      • Palermo says:

        me too LOL LOL

    • JaneFr says:

      I just Knew that I was the hottest thing on earth. I always said, that I had to be overweighted just so every other women could have a – small- chance in life. God does not punish me, he’s preserving the other from too much hotness.

  10. A. Key says:

    How sad is it that she cares about her appearance more than about her child. Though why I’m surprised at this is beyond me.

  11. aligoat says:

    God punished me by creating microwavable chicken nuggets.

  12. maefabulous says:

    Kim’s attempts at being self depreciating are putting me right off my salad.

    Stop it. Now.

  13. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    I think God punishing me for no reason by keeping these Kardashians alive. Why do these people even get to have interviewed? Who is this azz who would even think of interviewing this trash?

  14. tanesha86 says:

    That green dress at the bottom is actually really cute on her but I wish she would just burn those awful shoes

    • Beckysuz says:

      Yes! What is going on with those tan shoes? She wears them constantly. I don’t get it. I wouldn’t wear the same pair of heels that often and I’m not rich nor do I have access to thousands of shoes….so strange

  15. capepopsie says:

    Ugh! I Think we can easily give God the credit of being busy with other things!
    Goodness me. . .

  16. minx says:

    Such a self-centered idiot.

  17. LAK says:

    That gorgeous brown ysl was a particular low point for kim!

  18. Chrissy says:

    So she’s blaming God of making her fat. Does she really not understand that pregnancy brings about weight gain? That eating right and exercising might help control excessive weight gain? I don’t think anyone was giving her a hard time about the expected pregnancy weight gain. IMO People were just pointing out how her ridiculous prgenancy fashion, her pouring herself into non-maternity wear, the constant wearing of spanx while pregnant, the stupidity of wearing constricting 6″ heels everyday and the need to do her customary ho strolls when she was obviously bloated and physically uncomfortable. Kim needs to get over herself and realize that God has a lot more challenges on his plate than punishing her for the “hotness”. What a bloody joke! This chick desparately needs a reality check. Poor North!

  19. Darkladi says:

    Oh for f*ck’s sake. STFU, you dumb silicone stuffed hooker.😣

  20. Mar says:

    She is the most shallow person ever. She should thank God for giving her a healthy baby. Also growing up she had a boob job and a regular ass ( pics don’t lie) so WTF does she mean ” nobody looked like her”?
    She’s so fake and out of touch with reality.

  21. Jayna says:

    Right, Kim. God is letting children starve to death in Africa, letting human trafficking go on, solders dying or suffering from catastrophic injuries, but God is focused on teaching you a lesson about hotness and being vain. Got it, you self-involved twat.

  22. Alison E says:

    Y’all. I am using this forever and ever now.


  23. Carrie says:

    Kim, a lot of your discomfort was caused by stuffing yourself into clothes that were way too small. Trust me I know, I tried to stuff myself into pre pregnancy clothes up till almost six months because I was too cheap to buy maternity stuff. It amplifies the discomfort so much.

  24. Rhiley says:

    I would love to attend a sermon at the Church of Kardashian, or whatever their church is called. First commandment: Be careful of thinking too highly of thy body for the Lord has the power to make ye fail at Weight Watchers.

  25. scout says:

    Stupid woman blaming God for ALL THAT?! Limit what you put in that pie hole of your’s, don’t eat two or four or six, you don’t need to! That’s just an excuse.

  26. Ag says:

    god, this woman is stupid.

  27. Jem says:

    And God punished us all by making her so dumb

  28. Jessica says:

    Girl, no. Your overeating made you gain weight. God gives no sh-ts about your weight.

  29. Megan says:

    I guess I am more blessed than Kim because my big booty is all natural.

  30. Brittney B says:

    “It felt like someone had taken over my body.”


    • Mon says:

      “What did she think”?! I understand where you coming from, but…. she has shown over and over again that she’s practically incapable of thinking.

    • jwoolman says:

      My thought exactly. I can believe that she was just joking about God and her hotness, but she never really showed any understanding that her job was to safely carry that baby for nine months if possible. Once she decided to remain pregnant, her body really was taken over by someone else. All through her pregnancy it was always about her, she never talked about anticipating meeting her actual child growing inside her or anything like that. Once when she was trying to get some attention with a phoney pap incident, she tossed out the idea that her baby was endangered like an afterthought, it was obvious she was just posing again and didn’t really care. Just as she poses with the poor kid now, trying to look like a caring mother, except the kid is too young to bribe and doesn’t play along. I don’t know why people think Kim is so harmless. Once she brought a child into the picture, her self-absorption is indeed harming someone else. She is causing problems for that child and it won’t get better as Nori ages. It’s downright obscene that she is even considering bringing another child into this situation (most likely by surrogate so her own precious hotness won’t be at risk).

  31. Eleonor says:

    It wasn’t God Kim, it was your Plastic surgeon who, for the record, was laughing. A LOT.

  32. Dani L. says:

    Is it just me or is does it seem like a failed attempt to make herself appear humble?

  33. The Original Mia says:

    The stupid burns so so bright. She was miserable because she was wearing too tight clothes with too tight shoes. She was miserable by her own design.

  34. fan of angie says:

    Oh Fu*k off, lard ass.

  35. Lorelai says:

    That’s my excuse now too. I too was hot before I got pregnant. Thanks God!

  36. FingerBinger says:

    Kim is a self obsessed idiot. It’s almost not her fault because she was raised by a money hungry, fame hungry narcissistic mother. She was raised to believe that looks mean everything.

  37. original kay says:

    “someone” took over your body, Kim?

    yes, I believe it was North, you know, your BABY?!

    that’s kinda what happens when you’re pregnant. (triplefookingfacepalm)

    • rylan says:

      *laughing hystericly* I know i didn’t spell it right, just too lazy to look it up. I don’t comment alot but I’m on C/B all day & you ladies are the best! Beyond funny & total smartasses. Love u all.

  38. KC says:

    Of all the things in her life she could blame being punished by God with pregnancy weight gain for THAT’s what she went with?! 😳😒

  39. word says:

    Remember when she was pregnant and some magazine claimed Kim was 200lbs and she bashed that magazine on twitter saying she was only 140lbs? Now she’s saying she was indeed 200lbs ??? She can’t keep her lies straight.

    I always wondered how God could allow such suffering and hunger in third world countries. Now I know God was just too busy making Kim fat and teaching her a lesson. Priorities I guess.

  40. Birdie says:

    God BLESSED you with a healthy child! Disgusting, narcisstic and ungrateful person. Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me. Get over yourself, pig.

  41. tabasco says:

    Jeezus, she really doesn’t ever think about *anything* else, does she? You’d think someone who thinks of NOTHING but their appearance would manage better fashion choices.

  42. embee says:

    All women gain weight during pregnancy. God didn’t do it, their man did. She wouldn’t have looked so ridiculous if she dressed for her size and shape. Did God make her choose the tight clothes that were probably cutting of circulation through her body?

  43. Lv says:

    I get what she is trying to say. Maybe if she said “the universe” instead of “God” ppl would take it better. I like this site but people are so mean to be constantly jeering at Kim; its another level beyond fun garden variety cattiness. Everyone here has their preachy anthem about feminism but can’t spare a few kind words for another woman!

  44. laura.e says:

    Reading about this woman and her awful family makes me glad to be an atheist.

  45. Max says:

    “‘Kim, you think you’re so hot, but look what I can do to you.” This is the same person who did a eat-something-and-smell-your-pee experiment with her sisters. Klassy, klassy family. So cultured and intelligent.

  46. floridaseaturtle says:

    I have tried so hard not to comment, going on about a year now, in regards to K all things in general. I am now poised to miserably fail. Tripe.
    Girl, if God is punishing you, in any way shape or form, it would be because he loves you and is giving you every chance to change…whatever it is he is ‘punishing’ you for.
    Most women I know, and most men I know, do not think you are ‘hot’. Bad news for you. Marketing 101 Real Time Century 2014 = You come with free publicity being that you are a circus act at this point, trailing behind you the rest of your clan, at all levels of oddness, prettiness, niceness, and badness. But Kim, especially, is so unfortunately blind to all of this, she can not go to a restroom, without FB’ing, and Selfie’ing, her greasy a**, while actually BELIEVING that we want to see it. NO KIM, you gave yourself away to HWood for FREE mostly. Sure, you make money, for things you can not name that you supposedly endorse, but by the absurdity that is you now, you come with freeeeeeeeee publicity. I would hire your stank a** to promote something at this point….but only on the theory…act now, apologize later. Dip-sh*t

  47. melain says:

    If God is behind a plan to make it cool to be short with big boobs, I would like to publicly thank Him. Thank you God!

  48. Vampi says:

    This trick!
    You…YOU Kim…altered your body. Boobs and Butt! Then you thought that made you “hot”….For reals…you CANNOT be this stupid. Oh…wait….
    Then you want to whine because your FAKE body didn’t “look hot” when you were preggers?
    Go DIAF you ungrateful, lying, vapid, clueless HO!!!!!
    You are NOT a woman. You are an oddity. THAT is your claim to fame. You are a freak show for the masses. Full stop. You KNOW that is all you are.
    Poor North.
    You are worthless Kim…grow UP!

  49. the other Kate says:

    Oh Kaiser, you are my sunshine! Each of your articles puts me in such a good mood :)

  50. Paul Mayer says:

    Hello hi Kim yes I said yes to the dress . Paul is single this true . Can you get somebody to do some research . I was trying to find the biographies about these two people who were in the U.S. military maybe around the fifties or forties ? See if you knew anything Richard Taylor or Alonso Veteren ?

  51. Paul Mayer says:

    Yes Paul has Paul’s predicted vote when the golden globes I want to say is like bird man .

  52. Uncle Bob says:

    “God helps them who helps themselves.” I guess she’s been helpin’ herself to the buffet. Helpin’ herself to the botox, the silicone, the restilyne… just sayin’ Money doesn’t create class.