Eddie Redmayne is ‘weirdly obsessed’ with everything about New York City


It’s easy to forget with all of the Cumberlunacy, but Eddie Redmayne does have a pretty good shot at an Oscar nomination this year, and he’s been playing a very smart Oscar campaign. He’s been showing up to lots of events, getting lots of face time in LA, NYC and London, but he’s not oversaturating the media or anything. His interviews are humble, charming and informative, and it’s also clear that he has very loyal friends supporting him. One of those friends? Andrew Garfield. Garfield interviewed Redmayne for the new issue of Gotham – it’s the cover profile. It’s a good read, although Garfield is basically just letting Eddie talk about what he wants to talk about. You can read the piece here. Some highlights:

Getting to know Stephen Hawking: “Stephen has so much humor. It’s very difficult for him to communicate—now he can only do so using an eye muscle—yet he has the most fiendish timing. I belly-laughed a lot in his presence. That’s something we really tried to bring into the film, to always find the positive. Hearing the audience laugh at that premiere, and to have them feel like they were allowed to laugh, despite the subject matter—a family dealing with gritty obstacles—made me so happy. Because that’s the feeling I had when I left my meeting with Stephen. He’s had a guillotine over his head since the age of 21, yet he lives each moment hopefully, and lives life with humor. When I saw the audience responding to those parts of the film, I was thrilled.”

Hawking is a lady’s man: “Hawking took on an idol-like status. When you’re in a room with him, he absolutely controls it. He really has an amazing strength, which can be difficult and complicated. He loves women, and women love him. You can see this glint in his eye.”

Preparing to play someone with ALS: “I met 30 to 40 people suffering from motor neuron disease [which afflicts Hawking] and their families. One person described it as being in a prison cell where your walls just get smaller every day. Your brain is obviously functioning entirely, and as a consequence, there’s this sort of timer on your life. Time shifts, so every hour is like a day, every day is like a week, and every week is like a month. I’m such a culprit for getting caught up in my own foibles. But you have to realize just how damn lucky you are and make the most of every minute. I have to keep reminding myself, because you quickly get back to the same pattern of frustrations.”

He was an art history major: “I was asked in an interview this morning what I would be if I wasn’t an actor, and I said a curator. But I think that was far too hyperbolic.”

The perils of being a working actor: “I was reading an interview with Rachel Weisz a few years ago and she said, “Every time I finish a job, I think I’m never going to get hired again,” and I was like, “Come on, you’re Rachel Weisz.” But I absolutely get it. Because I think if you’re lucky to do this thing professionally, that you loved doing as a child, and you don’t feel like you’re qualified—it’s that old shtick of waiting to be found out. The idea that you do this job and get paid for it doesn’t seem like it should be allowed.”

He loves New York: “I’m weirdly obsessed. When I was 13 or 14, I had a calendar of black and white New York photos and was endlessly trying to do drawings of them. And then my mum took me to New York, and we were lucky enough to stay in this hotel on the 21st floor. I opened the windows and the curtains, and there was St. Patrick’s Cathedral, with all the high-rise buildings flying up above it. I kid you not, my knees buckled. I find New York the most electric, enlivening place. There’s something about the theater world, too. In London the theaters are geographically spread out so there’s no sense of community. In New York, the theaters back onto each other so you’d come out after doing the Rothko play, and Lucy Liu would be walking out from God of Carnage, and you were sharing this back alley, all of you together.

[From Gotham]

There’s also a little bit of gossip in this interview too – Andrew jokes about Eddie stepping back into his old life after playing Hawking and how Eddie picked up a copy of Us Weekly, which is where Eddie quips, “My favorite, FYI.” The Andrew says: “Singing to, I don’t know, to a third-rate Rihanna song as opposed to a first-rate Rihanna song…” And Eddie replies, “Or maybe a little Swift.” OMG. Remember when Taylor Swift tried to make that happen? I do. It was when Tay-Tay was hired for Les Miserables for a few days (she ended up leaving/getting fired from the project) and there were lots of suspicious stories about Taylor wanting to date Eddie. Huh.

Anyway, this was a lovely piece – Eddie talked about which charities he’s involved with and how much he loved bringing a play to Broadway and all of that lovely stuff. He seems like such a sweetheart.


Photos courtesy of Brian Bowen Smith/Gotham.

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  1. Esmom says:

    Love Eddie….and I know what it’s like to be weirdly obsessed with New York, my son and I are the same way. There’s just nowhere else like it.

    His comment about not feeling like he deserves to his jobs/success reminds me of things Rob Pattinson has said, must be a somewhat common sentiment among actors. Or maybe they are uncommonly humble.

    • michelle says:

      Me too! There is just something about it. My hubby says that you either hate it or become obsessed with it – there is no in between. I didn’t really get it until we visited his family who live in Brooklyn. I completely adore it now and my absolute dream is to have an apartment on the Upper West Side – I know, cliche, and I’ll never afford it. But I am just obsessed. There is even something about the air in NYC. I just love the smell of it.

      And Eddie is just adorable. I love his low key campaign and he seems so genuine. I don’t blame Swiftie wanting to date him, if that is true. If I were single and knew him, I couldn’t resist a little flirtation either.

      Also, he has the best style of any actor of his generation.

    • Cel says:

      There is nothing weird about being obsessed with NYC.

      Friends and family bug me about going back again and again when there is so much I haven’t seen of the world – but I love New York and can’t help it. Will be returning next year and can’t wait!

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        As a person who lived in NYC for 16 years, on Manhattan’s Upper East side the entire time, I get what he says. NYC is fantastic, it becomes almost addictive the energy, everything about the lifestyle, but all of my NYC friends who lived there and were not just visiting, couldn’t wait to get the out of the city on weekends and holidays. They were always getting out of NYC when not working. They did not want to be in the NYcity, if they didn’t have to be, but many were native NY’ers, born there or longtimers living there for over 20yrs.

        I always felt that the people who VISIT NYC and DON’T live there on a regular basis, see it through more rose colored glasses, but it is fantastic to live there still.
        No car needed, uou can walk everywhere, open all night, great clubs, broadway shows, museums, cafes, fashion.

        Sex and the City had an episode where a guy said he hadn’t left the NYcity in ten years, It was hilarious to me, because it was sort of an inside joke ,which only people who lived in NYC for years would truly get.

      • outstandingworldcitizen says:

        I’m completely obsessed with London – only passed through on my way to Copenhagen – another city i’m obsessed with as well as Stockholm. But yeah, when I can afford I’m heading to London. My boyfriend knows I’m a bit of a anglophile. I wanted to know what was behind the name London. Found some vague name history that it was called Londonium by the Romans. It was kind of a base for their troops. Still totally fascinated. I’m born and raised in NYC. Totally obsessed with my borough of Brooklyn. Manhattan men overrated but the history is amazing especially at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

        Love Ed’s skin usually looks more luminescent. He’s looking a bit more gaunt than normal. Still like him though. He’s very interesting to watch.

      • Someonestolemyname says:

        London is definately one of the cities I want to spend some time in when possible.
        I traveled through one day basically one night stay, so didn’t get to see much, but I definately plan to go back.

        My favorite city is Paris. I stayed there for one month, each time I visited, it was well worth it.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      I love Eddie and I love New York. I moved away a few years ago and I miss it nearly every day. I thought I’d live there forever!

  2. It is what it is says:

    Hawking is definitely a ladies man. In his PBS documentary, all of his nurses are blonde, youngish with huge boobs.

  3. AustenGirl says:

    I really appreciate how articulate and thoughtful Eddie is in this interview. I always imagine that it takes great sensitivity to the human condition to be a good actor, and am so disappointed when actors can’t express themselves beyond repeating the f-word and “art.” (I think I just set up f-art jokes!)

  4. JKL says:

    OK, Gollum.

  5. Hazel says:

    He’s been as overexposed as Benedict but this site hasn’t been covering him as much. That being said I just saw The Theory of Everything and I’m gonna give him a pass for being thirsty for the nod because he is exceptional in it. It was such a lived in performance and him and Felicity are brilliant together.

    • Suun12 says:

      He isn’t overexposed. I barely see anything about his movie and he has only done a few interviews.

      • Hazel says:

        As someone who pays attention to Oscar season I can confidently say that he’s done more screenings for TTOE than Benedict has done for TIG, he’s done more Q&As, he’s also attended more red carpet events, and he’s done as many roundtables. He’s also given an interview to Time and to Vogue just like Benedict has.

      • OhDear says:

        IMO, Redmayne’s not as click-bait-able as Cumberbatch. So even though ER’s hustling as much, if not more so than BC, ER’s campaigning is not covered as much compared to BC’s.

    • Josefa says:

      He’s been campaigning pretty hard too, but he isn’t Clooney’ing the hell out of an engagement like Benedict has. Eddie’s campaign may be just as hard but it’s still more discreet. But then again, Benedict’s campaign may be perceived in a different light if his army of followers were a little less… notorious.

  6. Miss Jupitero says:

    He gets it just right. Genuinely smart and interesting. I love his mind and affability. I just wish he did not look so…. Boyish.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      It is disconcerting, isn’t it?

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        I would feel like a pedophile around him. I know he is in his thirties, but he looks eighteen. All that said, he strikes me as genuinely intellectual, interesting, and not so very attached to what anyone else thinks of him. A lovely combination.

        I regret not having seen Red. I need to spend a lot more time in NYC….

    • Josefa says:

      He really does seem like the loveliest guy, but I agree. I feel to old for him – and he’s almost a whole decade older than me!

    • Maximeducamp says:

      That was my sole issue with TOE. Despite his remarkable portrayal of/transformation into Hawking, both he and Felicity Jones both look so young that it becomes a bit difficult to believe that they aren’t just kids playing dress up in the last 1/3 or so of the movie when the main characters are in their late 40s/early 50s. I wondered whether it would have been more or less jarring if they had switched actors to play the leads for the later scenes, although I’ve no idea who could play the older Hawking as well as Redmayne transformed into the younger version.

  7. Miss M says:

    I think the Oscar will go to him or Michael Keaton.

    • Someonestolemyname says:

      It would be fantastic if Michael Keaton got an Oscar,
      He is a wonderful actor, so is Eddie.

    • Miss Jupitero says:

      I’m on team Keaton myself. I haven’t seen the film yet, but everyone I know who has raves about it and calls his performance tour de force.

    • Josefa says:

      Probably Keaton. The Academy rarely nominates attractive young actors, let alone give them the award. It’s far more likely for them to nominate a hot young actress.

      • Mi says:

        Exactly.The Oscars are for old actors and young actresses.Is there any African American even considered for a nomination this year?

      • Josefa says:

        The actors from Selma (David Oyelowo in particular) seem like the only plausible contenders. Had they made Get On Up more oscar-baity, I think Chadwick Boseman could’ve stood a chance as well. We all know the Academy has a fetish for actors playing famous people.

      • Mi says:

        Thank you.I hope we’ll see more African American actors and actresses nominated

      • someonestolemyname says:

        Jude Law was nominated for an Oscar in his late 20′s and 30′s. Tom Cruise was nominated for Oscar when in his 30′s. Tom Hanks was nominated for an Oscar in his 30′s, for BIG, I think about the same age Eddie R. is now. Paul Newman in his late 20′s through his 30′s and onward.

        Actor’s in Eddie’s age range do get nominations.

  8. Suun12 says:

    I’ve liked him since Les Miserables. He’s extremely talented. I like that he isn’t overexposed.

  9. PunkyMomma says:

    Saw TOE last night. Eddie was outstanding, absolutely stunning. Oscar nomination for sure, and certainly a run for it with Keaton.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      It is a tremendous performance. Keaton as well. Two others to consider: Jake Gylllenhaal in Nightcrawler and Steve Carrell in Foxcatcher. Carrell isn’t even recognizable.

      • PunkyMomma says:

        Foxcatcher, Nightcrawler and TIG upcoming to my area in two weeks, I believe. Indie films disappear rapidly around here, unfortunately.

    • Reece says:


  10. OhDear says:

    It seems like he’s obsessed with Manhattan, not NYC as a whole.

  11. MtnRunner says:

    Every time Eddie opens his mouth, I like him more and more. I thought his performance in TTOE was wonderful. Felicity is deserving of an Oscar nod as well.

    I love NYC too… I used to take the Metro North train to GC and everytime I walked up the stairs to the lobby, I’d have butterflies in my belly due to the excitement. Walking out to 42nd street was the best buzz. Made Boston feel like a sleepy little town in comparison.

    • Esmom says:

      I know, I’m in Chicago, undisputedly a big cosmopolitan city, and when I come back after being in NYC it feels so tiny and kinda backwater!

      • MtnRunner says:

        @esmom, I’ve been to Chicago twice and love that town for the beautiful architecture and art scene there. Last fall, I ran the marathon, changed clothes and saw a lovely modern dance production afterwards. It was worth hobbling like an old lady after sitting for 90 min with sore legs…

      • Esmom says:

        Congrats on the marathon! It is a pretty amazing city but the vastness of NYC is just amazing to me. And the energy is just so different from Chicago. Our last trip to NY, we spent time in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens and I just loved watching all the people. In Chicago I don’t find the locals nearly as compelling.

  12. Platospopcorn says:

    Love what Eddie does in TTOE, and Felicity Jones is brilliant (and gorgeous!), as well. Really, really rooting for lots of recognition and legitimate career boosts for both of them.

    And can we talk about Harry Lloyd? He was only on screen for a few minutes, but that kid has C-H-A-R-I-S-M-A. I definitely walked away with more of an impression of him than of Charlie Cox. Harry in more stuff, please.

    • Lilacflowers says:

      I needed lots more Harry in that film. He was delightful in every scene.

      • AlmaMartyr says:

        Harry Lloyd is awesome! I haven’t seen TTOE yet as it hasn’t been shown near me but I’ve seen him in other roles and he’s fantastic. Deserves a bigger career IMO. Eddie Redmayne is really growing on me too, seems like such a decent guy.

  13. maybeiamcrazy says:

    Fellow art major, yay! We share a soft spot for NYC too. I love him.

  14. Lucy says:

    He’s so getting nominated. I hope he wins!!!

  15. Ashley says:

    I love Harry Lloyd who looks like a younger version of Fassbender. He was also amazing in Game of Thrones!

  16. lisa2 says:

    I wonder why we are only seeing certain actors in the media.. I have not see David Oyelowo on any magazine covers nor covered on any gossip sites.


  17. yanina says:

    Speaking of his friends. Long ago I listened to his interview for the film he made with Kristen Stewart. I guess it was right before Twilight, because she mentioned that she would work with a follow Londoner and he mentioned that he knows Rob very well. In fact, Eddie, Andrew Garfield, Tom Sturridge and Pattinson made a pact one evening in some pub. They agreed on ultimate support to each other – I assume it was right before their big foray to America. And they werevery loyal to each other through all these years…They all enjoyed success to some extent and three out of four are critically acclaimed, too.

  18. Just here says:

    I like Eddie. I shall be seeing his movie!

  19. Ag-UK says:

    It’s a fabulous city. I say i am Texan by birth New Yorker by choice. It gives me an energy like nowhere else.

  20. ellesbelles says:

    He doesnt do anything for me in the looks department, but he is a fantastic actor and his successes and accolades are all well deserved