LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian vacationed in Montana for Thanksgiving: cute?


I know from Brandi Glanville’s Twitter that she had her sons for Thanksgiving this year. Which meant that LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were free to take a vacation for this year’s holiday! LeAnn and Eddie went to Montana for a snow-covered, social-media blitz. Seriously, I think LeAnn documented their entire trip. I’m grateful that LeAnn finally has an Instagram, because now it’s even clearer how much time she spends posting endless “happy family” and “coupled up” photos to her social media. She’s gone on a serious Instagram jag for the past month. She might even need to go to Instagram-rehab.

Anyway, she and Eddie are happy enough, I guess. She wished everybody a happy Thanksgiving and she was complimenting Eddie’s dimples and posting photos of Eddie looking like a cowboy. As I’ve been saying for a while (and LeAnn pretty much confirmed with her Daily Mail interview), she’s not going to divorce him. He could do anything (or anyone) and she wouldn’t divorce him because she feels that divorce is not an option for them. I doubt he feels the same way, but he won’t leave her unless he finds someone wealthier.

I’m expecting LeAnn to do a press blitz soon to support her Christmas EP. It should be… interesting.



Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Instagram.

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  1. Loopy says:

    Lol it’s funny how much of a bum Eddie is painted out to be, so let me be the voice of reason, he is no Chaning Tatum but he does appear in movies every so often. I’m sure he contributes something to his family.

    • sally says:

      +1 he definitely has more of a career than say jessica simpsons husband

      • Pandy says:

        Now that’s a good point, Sally. I can’t hate on them, not sure why.

      • why? says:

        Eddie has made a very good career out of pimping Mason and Jake to Leann! Eddie lets Leann post photos of Mason and Jake to instagram and twitter and be papped “mothering” them at the airport and on a red carpet and for it Eddie got a 5 day vacation to Montana with Kiki. Eddie let Leann post 5 photos of him to instagram, how will Mason and Jake pay for it this time?

    • Jezi says:

      Um one film every once every year or so with about 15 minutes per film does not a career make. He barely supports his family or else Brandi wouldn’t have to work so hard.

      • sally says:

        As far as I know, Eddie pays his child support. So, of course, Brandi has to work for herself, right? Regardless of how little he works, he does work. Plus, those sporadic 15 min appearances still rake in a good couple hundred thousand bucks a year at the very least.

      • jenn12 says:

        I believe Leann pays the child support. Eddie barely works, ever, and uses his kids as an excuse to get child support back while simultaneously not working. His wife does it all financially and she punishes his ex for it. Brandi was a model, but I don’t think she was a big name. She is making a career out of what she can, while she can. No one is supporting her.

      • aaa says:

        I agree. Whatever little work Eddie Cibrian does, he makes more money than Brandi Glanville which is why he pays child support to her even though they are with their father just as much if not more than they are with their mother.

        Eddie and Brandi made an agreement years ago, or maybe a judge ordered it, to have an audit done for support payments made by Eddie to Brandi up to the end of 2013, and if support was overpaid or underpaid then it would settled through Eddie’s retirement account which Brandi gets a share of. Eddie was not randomly going after Brandi on his own or under orders from Leann.

      • aaa says:

        Brandi is not scrubbing floors in an office building to keep a roof over her and her sons heads, she is a reality TV personality and has said that she feels very blessed that she got the job on the Real Housewives. When she first got on the show they barely paid her anything and she could have gotten a “regular” job or another show biz type job and gotten paid better than she was initially paid on the show. Brandi pursued reality TV and specifically Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, not because it was her only option, but because that is where she wanted to be, and eventually she was able to make it work for her in terms of making much more money.

        Brandi is making an honest living, arguably, but I bet that when it all averages out, she works significantly less than 40 hours a week, so she does not get any sympathy or praise from me for hard work, she’s doing what hundreds of millions of other adults do.

        If Brandi is still struggling financially, it’s due to her own stupidity, big mouth and inability to manage money. It’s not Eddie or Leann’s fault that Brandi spent $40,000 in two months for moving expenses and temporary housing because she did not get her act together before she went away to be on Celebrity Apprentice. It’s also not Eddie and Leann’s fault that she got sued by one of her landlords, or paid lawyers when she discussed a private matter about one of her Real Housewives castmates.

        As far as Eddie barely supporting his family, his children spend half of their time with him and are well taken care of when they are with him. Who cares if Leann is paying most or all of the bills, that’s between Eddie and Leann.

      • jenn12 says:

        aaa, Brandi didn’t have many options. She has a high school diploma and was a minor model. Her life imploded and she looked for a source of income as quickly as she could. I like her, but the 1st word that comes to mind with her is NOT academic or intellectual. My personal opinion is that Eddie is a lazy POS. I do not like Leann, but they are not her children (though she seems to believe otherwise). Eddie brought them into this world and is 50% responsible for them. If Brandi gets no sympathy from you for her career, how does Eddie get any respect from you for not working at all? He lives off his wife and is constantly on vacations- it’s his duty and obligation to support his sons.

      • Puravidacostarica says:

        @sally — a “couple hundred thousand bucks a year at the least” for a couple 15-minute appearances by Eddie Cibrian?? Bwahaaahaaaahaaa! Stop, you’re killing me!!!

      • Jezi says:

        Sadly if only you knew the amount Eddie has to pay you would be disgusted. If you think for once that Eddie doesn’t put his finances under a business account…aka Cuban productions just to hide his assests (allegedly) because Brandi gets nearly nothing. And yes he gets his kids 50% while living off his wife just so he doesn’t have to pay what is owed. And Brandi has not complained about what she does or what she makes. She’s doing what she has to.

      • aaa says:

        You are 100% right that, “Eddie brought them into this world and is 50% responsible for them.” His kids live with him 50% of the time, and it looks like he’s been more than willing to go beyond the 50% when Brandi has other things on her plate like filming Celebrity Apprentice or spending time with a sick relative, so I don’t understand how Eddie is not living up to his responsibilities as a father.

        As far as “how does Eddie get any respect from you for not working at all?” I don’t disrespect Eddie for not working, if that’s even true, anymore than I disrespect the millions of other housewives and househusbands. I have met many wonderful, mostly women but a few men, who do not work outside the home.

        Even if Eddie is paying Brandi $20 a month in child support, he is still giving money to support his children when they are with a parent who has the children as much and maybe even less time than he has them.

        So if Eddie is hiding assets (allegedly) then that means that he is actually making money, probably from the low-rated reality show that he did with Leann. If there are sound reasons to believe that Eddie is hiding assets then Brandi needs to take his butt to court NOW! I can’t believe that Eddie made significant money off the reality show, if he made a few hundred thousand dollars, then it is not unreasonable or sleazy to me if he put the money into his production company to fund future projects. Jake is six so it’s not like he can make money, funnel it into the production company and sit on it for the next 12 years. Eventually he’s going to use the money to fund other projects and if one of the projects is a hit then Brandi can go after him then.

      • jenn12 says:

        I’m sorry, I disagree. He is not the father of very young children and it’s not like he’s on the PTA or whatever. He’s a lazy person who doesn’t go after much work and I just don’t see him driving carpool or whatever. He doesn’t seem to be cooking or cleaning or doing much of anything. He’s not his ex’s househusband anyway. I can’t stand Leann, but she shouldn’t be paying his bills and child support for his kids. He seems to give her free reign in exchange for paying his bills, but I don’t know anything for sure. Just impressions, and the impression that I get (thank you, Bosstones) is that he pimps out his sons. Just out of curiosity, I know you say you dislike Leann and Eddie, but I have yet to see you say a bad word about them ever- no? Yes? BTW, Jake is seven and a half, not six.

    • Sea Dragon says:

      Loopy, you said you’re sure he contributes something. I’ve never read anything that would indicate that in the last few years he’s earned more than petty change. And no, he’s not Channing Tatum but a very small percentage in the industry have achieved his level of financial success.
      There are thousands of actors in movies, tv and even on the stage that are able to live comfortably. Eddie, on the other hand, reneged on his responsibilities and relies on the support of a sick woman that personally and publicly manipulates and degrades he, his kids and his ex. That’s the definition of being a bum, is it not?

      @Sally-As far as Eric Johnson is concerned, he’s an retired NFL player. Not only do footballers have short professional careers, his arrangement with Jessica seems to work. She’s worth hundreds of millions and is probably content to give him whatever he wants as long as he provides security and affection for both her and the children they’ve created. Sure, he probably has a similar IQ and he’s known to be a goldigger but I’ve never read that he’s an embarrassment, that he connives, needs the spotlight, puts loved ones in danger or partakes in any number of idiotic things that Eddie does on the regular. I’m surprised I’m defending him but just like the Channing example, I don’t see how a healthy comparison can be made.

      • jenn12 says:

        Johnson is a golddigger and lazy, but he isn’t tormenting anyone or attempting to take anyone’s kids from them or alienate them from their parents. I don’t see the comparison. Eddie cheated during all his relationships, and slept around while his wife was pregnant with his sons and was having sex with her then, endangering everybody. He allows his new girlfriend to take a serious part in his sons’ lives, hurting the woman who is still his wife, and possibly damaging his already confused kids. He is inappropriately sexual in front of them, does nothing when his new wife posts their images everywhere, and allows his boys around unhinged fans who loathe their mother. He based a TV show on bashing her. How is he a good example of anything?

      • Sea Dragon says:


      • aaa says:

        @Sea Dragon,
        What responsibilities are Eddie reneging on? Eddie has his sons 50% of the time and the kids are taken care of when they are with him, and he pays child support to Brandi. He paid alimony to Brandi for the required period of time and according to an audit overpaid support by over $100K.

        If tormenting is going on it is not one-sided. Yes Eddie and Leann “victimized” Brandi with their affair, which I don’t condone but it is something that happens in over 50% of marriages, and Brandi has gotten in her share of hits in the last 5 years and has gotten cheered on for it.

        I agree that Eddie was inappropriate for letting Leann become such a big part of Mason and Jake’s lives early in their relationship. In the end Eddie married Leann and they have been living as a family for 3-4 years, so it’s not something I am still getting all worked up over years after the fact.

        Eddie does nothing about his wife posting his sons pictures on Twitter and Instagram because he is probably more than OK with it and wants their family life shared with his/their fans. If the picture is a selfie, Eddie is the usually the one taking the picture.

      • jenn12 says:

        aaa, I want you to know that the courteous way you approach things is very nice. To answer your post, I respectfully disagree with you. Brandi has made some hits, but most women (or men) in her position would have done much worse. Dean walked away not having to see his ex again, and he was financially compensated in a way that allowed him to rebuild his life. Brandi was left penniless with two small boys that Eddie and Leann use as pawns to hurt and torment Brandi. I dislike the affair, but it wasn’t what I meant. Tormenting Brandi means the bullying and harassment that goes on, and the constant line crossing that Leann does. No one should find out her spouse is having an affair and then have to deal with the mistress acting as though she’s a second mom. What is truly offensive- to me, anyway- is the inappropriate sexual behavior in front of the boys and their peers, especially early on. No one should act like horny teenagers in front of children. The photos of Leann grabbing Eddie’s crotch as the boys looked on or of Leann at their soccer games and them making out there or of the boys sitting at a park on Fathers’ Day as the two make out are repulsive. Forget Brandi; Leann and Eddie are horrendous and cross every possible line. The tormenting is not the affair- it’s constantly messing with Brandi as a mother and using her sons as tools to hurt her.

      • aaa says:

        Brandi was not left penniless when she and Eddie divorced. She asked for $40,000 a month when they got divorced, that’s almost $500,000 a year! Even if she only got half of what she wanted, that’s $240,000 a year which is still enough to live off of even in expensive California.

        As I mentioned before if “tormenting” is going on it’s not all one-sided.

        I find excessive PDA more obnoxious than offensive. There are examples of inappropriate behavior and bad parenting on Brandi’s part, so bad judgement and poor parenting is not something that only applies to Eddie and Leann.

      • jenn12 says:

        Well, this article was about Leann and Eddie, so that’s whom I am speaking about. Of course Brandi has done dumb things, but she owns them and uses them to change. Excessive PDA is obnoxious in front of ADULTS. It is extremely inappropriate and damaging in front of children. It was not appropriate for Leann to grab Eddie’s crotch in front of his kids (or for him to allow it). It wasn’t appropriate for them to dry hump at the kids’ games or to sit around making out in front of them, which they have done more times than I can count (and there’s pictures everywhere of it). It is confusing and upsetting for kids, especially in the days when their parents were newly separated. It is embarrassing when your dad and his girlfriend are being overtly sexual in front of your peers, and it’s horrifying to think it’s okay to make out with a family friend and take off your clothes while all the kids are just inside (and I include Liz and Dave in that stupidity). As for the tormenting, I haven’t seen anyone except Leann introduce kids who aren’t even hers (way to go, Eddie) to fans wearing clothing that insults their mother, or fans who deride the boys’ mother, or create a show based on bashing the kids’ mother, or allow her manager to say he is going to straighten out the boys when all he was to them was a friend of the boys’ dad’s new girlfriend. I don’t think playing whackamole when Leann and Eddie screw up (Brandi did this and this and this, so they aren’t so bad) is helpful. Leann screwed up. She insulted her stepson and tried to backtrack and blame the writer. She spends a lot of time bashing Brandi and engaging with people who do. Eddie does the same but is more covert about it. Brandi has screwed up and it’s made her more self aware. Leann screws up and blames everyone but herself.

      • claire says:

        @aaa: With her lack of work history, I highly doubt she could get a job right out of the gate that paid more than minimum wage – which no doubt was much less than her first season of housewives show. I’m sure she knew the deal, too. She’d have to get a minimum wage job, a crap place to stay and maybe roommates. Maybe she’d find something outside of LA and not have to deal with roommates, but that would have put her even further away from the kids’ school. You’re delusional if you think Eddie and Leann wouldn’t have jumped on trying to get the kids away from her. Leann and her friends spent waaaay too much time trying to ostracize Brandi and demean her publicly to not jump on that opportunity. That’s been the main goal – take over Brandi’s whole life. Her house is too far away, the kids should stay with Eddie all week for school and she can see them for 2 days on weekends. The house isn’t nice enough or the roommates aren’t to Eddie’s taste, they should live with him…etc., etc. That’s what would have happened if Brandi had gotten a minimum wage job and moved out of the city.

      • jenn12 says:

        Yes, exactly. This isn’t about an affair that shouldn’t have happened on either part. This is about 2 sick people deciding that they are going to join forces and try to manipulate, control and ultimately destroy the mother of the two kids they supposedly love and adore. Brandi needed to be in a position where she was in the public eye and have some pull. Even if they had been decent, Brandi didn’t have many options. How long could she walk the runway? With what time and money should she return to school when she had no place to live and two small kids? Just referring her as bio mom, as if her only role was to birth her sons…. to quote Maya Angelou, when someone shows you who she/he is, believe them. Leann and Eddie are loud and clear- sociopaths who wanted to destroy a woman who did nothing more than get in the way of the life they wanted to live.

      • Sea Dragon says:

        Aaa, you asked how he has reneged on his fatherly responsibilities. I touched on it in my original comment and to further explain my point of view I’ll say this: just because they’re housed at his residence half the time doesn’t mean he’s a good dad. First, he allows himself to rely on the emotional and yes, the financial support of a sick woman that personally and publicly manipulates and degrades he, his kids and his ex. Imo, part of a parents role is to create a well adjusted, independent, value driven adult by teaching through example, education, boundaries, structure, acceptance and lots of love. Of course one is usually hard pressed to find an outstanding person with excellent parenting skills but he doesn’t even try. Instead, he engages then passively submits to his wifes constant drama, he cheats, lies, whines, embarrasses and puts the children at risk every time they’re around his wife. If that’s not bad enough (it is but there’s more) he thinks little of others when his personal needs aren’t met and insists on being admired for qualities he believes he possesses but doesn’t. He’s so wrapped up in his codependency that he can’t think for himself unless he’s pushed beyond his limits and I have a feeling when this happens, it’s not pretty.

        As far as child support, I’m sure Eddie had money at one time. Idk if he took Brandi to court to reduce the payments due to his dwindling income or not but it’s commonly understood that he lives off of Leann’s savings and income. It’s possible he used the money from his recent reality gig to pay his support but other than that, he hardly works. His life is about fun and games at the expense of his family, rendezvous with women and controlling his wife’s madness with threats of shame and abandonment.

        Jake and Mason are physically healthy, they have food on their plates, clothing, amazing homes and are even involved in travel and interesting activities. Yet they see everything. They may not know how disturbed their lives are now but one day they will. They’ve been given an unstable, ungrounded parental foundation plus they’re surrounded by an unnatural, tawdry level of public attention. They’re exposed, talked about at length and used as moneymakers and pawns.
        It’s true that there basic needs are met but outside of that, I’ll ask again: how has he NOT reneged on his fatherly responsibilities?

      • aaa says:

        @Sea Dragon,
        In your original comment about Eddie reneging on responsibilities, you were referring to him reneging on FINANCIALLY supporting his children which I disagree with given that Eddie has 50% custody of his sons and they are supported when they are in his household and he also contributes to their support when they are with their mother. To me it doesn’t matter whether he earns the money to support his sons, or all or part of it is funded by Leann Rimes, that’s between him and Leann. In your second comment you expanded / redefined your criticism regarding Eddie reneging on his parental responsibilities.

        You are giving the textbook definition of what makes a good parent which is fine, but lots of men and women do not live up to those standards.

        Eddie Cibrian is who he is and he likes a certain type of woman, make no mistake about it if Eddie and Brandi were still married his sons would still be exposed to their father living with a sick, manipulative woman who makes degrading comments.

        Right or wrong, I think that what is going on in Eddie and Leann’s home would be happening whether Eddie was the one bringing home the bacon, Eddie and Leann brought in the same amount of money or Leann makes the money. I don’t agree with the theory that Eddie is “letting” Leann run things and get her way because she brings in the most money, I think that when it comes to his sons, overall Leann is not doing anything that Eddie is not on board with, if not downright calling the shots.

        I agree with the statement that Mason and Jake have “an unstable, ungrounded parental foundation plus they’re surrounded by an unnatural, tawdry level of public attention. They’re exposed, talked about at length and used as moneymakers and pawns,” this description applies to BOTH households that they live in.

        Brandi got offers for hosting jobs not long after the divorce and all she had to do was a couple of hosting jobs to get what she was paid her first season on Real Housewives. I don’t have a problem with Brandi pursuing reality TV, but this was not a woman with one foot in the bread line whose only choice was reality TV. She was a divorcee and I bet the alimony and child support she was getting from Eddie was more than what 95% of what other non-working spouses got in their divorces.

        This goes back to me responding to a comment that Brandi was left penniless when she and Eddie split up, she was not. If Brandi struggled financially after her split from Eddie, it was much more likely due to her inability to manage money than her not having money.

        As far as Eddie and Leann jumping at the chance to get the get Mason and Jake full-time, I don’t know why that was brought up, but yeah I agree. It’s also true that Brandi would jump at the chance to have Mason and Jake full-time, but it should be noted that the comment about Eddie and Leann is speculation but there is actual evidence that Brandi tried to get her sons full-time and years later still whines and moans that things did not go her way, mostly when she is trying to deflect / excuse her bad and / or drunken behavior.

      • Sea Dragon says:

        Aaa, my original comment addressed both the financial (first paragraph) and the psychological (second paragraph).

        Your right in that I gave a “textbook” definition of how to raise a healthy child which is why I made sure to add that one would be hard pressed to find a parent healthy enough to do it. They exist but they’re far and few between. My point was that Eddie doesn’t even try.

        I’d have no problem if he took care of the kids while Leann was out working. I agree, it doesn’t matter which role each embraces as long as they get the job done. If both parents could make a good living doing meaningful work part time and switch off caring for their young it would make for an ideal balance (feminism at its best!) but that’s probably rarer than finding a great mom or dad. Eddie, in contrast, is lazy and depends on his mentally ill wife to finance he and his children’s lifestyle.

        I sense that Brandi loves those children more than anyone and what she was before the breakup is very different than what she’s become. Fame can radically change an individual. She wasn’t particularly intelligent or tasteful to begin with and like others, my guess is that took the easiest route to make the most money and fame she could. This includes saying the trashiest, offensive things an describing in detail what goes on in her personal love life. People can shelter their kids from choices they make in the adult world which is what I think she did before the notoriety but she’s taken her cue to be shameless for attention. Trust that I’m not making an excuse or defending her. It would just explain a lot. People do what they have to- or what they think they have to (again, she’s not a smart women) when desperate. That she went there says a lot about her character. I don’t condone or respect her choices. And sadly, I’d venture to say that she’s damaged Jake and Mason in ways their father and step mom could never accomplish.

        You and I disagree on who holds the power in the relationship. Psychologically, this situation is extremely complex and deeply twisted so your guess may be as good as mine. Personally, I think Leann’s sickness and addiction drives the both of them and Eddie has to appease just to get along and to have his fun. I can see Leann fume in anger about any number of things, threaten him, take it back when he withdraws and then try to make it up by giving him whatever he wants. Leann loves him or at least she thinks she does and tries to be a good wife by listening to his feelings so she proudly lashes out at the one that has hurt her man, nevermind that he’s the one that betrayed his ex in the first place. Plus, there’s added incentive because she’s a jealous malcontent who knows her husband doesn’t want her. The power struggle is immense but ultimately, her illness runs that household and so does the money she has left.

      • Tarsha says:

        Sorry jenn12, I agree with everything you say about Leann – she truly is evil in levels that lack a definition for how evil, cruel and hateful she is. BUT, I had to raise my eyebrows when you said Brandi learns from her mistakes. First *I’ve* heard about it!! Or anyone else, I’d wager. First, she attempts to blame everyone and anyone for everything and anything, but herself. Secondly, she basically says that this is who I am and “I don’t see myself changing anytime soon”. She makes the same mistakes over and over and over and over and over and over and over. She never learns. She NEVER learns from them, she repeats them and basically revels in it, and ups the ante in her behaviour. Granted, Leann does too, but Leann is the mentally unstable one. We’d expect better from Brandi. Brandi never admits her mistakes, and when she does, she never changes, she basically repeats them but worse next time. She lacks any self-awareness and makes no effort whatsoever to learn, grow and change.

    • Pegasus says:

      Im pretty sure he contributes STD’s and misery. So that’s something.

      • jenn12 says:

        Seriously, Pegasus, you make me literally laugh out loud. He must be spreading it around- he filmed Leann and Liz making out and stripping off in public. I believe all 4 kids were inside the place they were staying as well. Klassy.

      • Pegasus says:

        Lawdy lawdy, now that is a GRUESOME threesome. The Doublesquint twins are bad enough, but throwing Lizzie the Muppetface Blowup Doll into the equation is enough to push anyone over the edge. That hotel room must have been a petri dish of STD’s when they left. Maybe Leann even left a pee filled wine glass for the maids!!

      • jenn12 says:

        There was enough plastic in that coupling that you hoped there wasn’t a match being thrown in.

      • Tarsha says:

        Lol, true.

  2. Kiddo says:

    It should be… interesting.…Did you mean insufferable? I believe there is a typo in the article.

    • Charlotte says:

      One Kiddo’s insufferable is another Charlotte’s not-so-secret crack obsession.

      I’m always hoping she’ll get her act together, but loving the ride regardless. And then the empty feeling hits. LeAnn, why can’t I quit you??

  3. lassie says:

    But there’s no bikini shots. It can’t be a real vacation without bikini shots.

    • deehunny says:

      she looks really great and healthy. im getting tired of hating on them.

      • John Wayne Lives says:

        They do look cute, I can’t lie

      • jenn12 says:

        If they want to post 5 billion photos of themselves everywhere, I don’t care. And I don’t care what they look like. The things they do, like basing an entire show on bashing Eddie’s ex, not respecting her as a mother, crossing lines, being inappropriate around the boys, etc, is why I dislike them.

  4. Jayna says:

    This is the first time they’ve gone on a vacation alone together, without their friends, assistants, or children. Wait, is Kikki, or whatever her name is, with them? Who took their photo?

    • funcakes says:

      They are never alone. Leann didn’t start posting pictures until everyone called her on it. Especially her wearing her own merchandise. Just put the phone down and enjoy the vacation.

    • Jennifer says:

      They are never alone. Leann tried to make it seem like this Montana trip was just the two of them, but then Kiki posted that she was in Montana, so nope, not alone-again.

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I guess some people just never tire of posting pictures of themselves standing there. Too bad the rest of us tire of seeing them.

    • Kiddo says:

      I have friends who are guilty of this too. No matter how exciting the locale, it’s always, “Here we are in front of the FILL IN THE BLANK”. They want to show you these exciting places, which are blocked by their mugs, in every.single.damn.photo. Just take a photo of the mountain without you in it, okay? We can figure out that you’ve been there, because we are amateur Sherlocks, who can deduce that you took the photo, hence you must have been there, plus we already know what you look like from the 4000+ selfie photos that preceded it.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I have the same friends. I’m getting really tired of it. My niece is pregnant, and we are treated to daily selfies “disguised” as pictures of lovely scenery, relatives, her house, her pets, etc. #weknowwhatyoulooklike

      • Ag says:

        i also don’t understand those pics. “it’s me and the eiffel tower in the background.” ehm, ok. i wouldn’t think that you pulled a stock photo off the internet if your face wasn’t in it – i would assume that you were freaking there. it seems super awkward to me.

      • anony says:

        I love you Kiddo. I just posted a similar thought in the Cumby post.

    • jenn12 says:

      Ugh, I know. I have some friends I’m fond of, but it’s like, do we really need to see you and your husband setting out for Thanksgiving in the car? Yet another photo in the restaurant with glasses raised?

      • deehunny says:

        I’ve already blocked all my friends who do so many selfies. I have professional friends who I have known for like 20 yrs who I block in my Facebook newsfeed because I can’t stand the narcissism.

      • jenn12 says:

        I know, I just can’t with it at this point. I hide a lot of them on FB because I just don’t know what else to say. Oh, you in front of yet another Xmas tree? In yet another outfit? Another hair color? Yes, I totally want to see your manicure yet again.

  6. jenn12 says:

    Since Brandi had her sons, Leann and Eddie weren’t free to use their images to exploit them. They would have if they could have and will again as soon as they can. Leann is convinced this aging ladies’ man is a prize and he thinks she is an endless source of income and vacations. If they weren’t so abusive of Brandi and her boys, no one would care about them and they know it.

  7. Danielleisgodess says:

    I will say this for leann, she is looking prettier and much healthier to me lately. She’s not too thin, and doesn’t have her face all puffed out from booze. So, there’s that.

    • Chibichchai says:

      I liked her elf y’all outfit. If I didn’t know who it was…I would say that person looked nice.

    • briargal says:

      Gosh though, those undereye bags are huge! And in the pic with the cap and her fantabulous piece of garbage she is trying to sell–her left eye sure looks funny (what you can see of it with the squinting). I know she has evil eyes, but does she have a lazy eye too?

    • deehunny says:

      I wrote something similar above. WhaTever she is doing is working

  8. why? says:

    Leann and Eddie aren’t happy, it’s why Leann spent the entire romantic vacation tweeting, posting photos, tweeting from Kiki’s twitter account to make everyone think that Kiki is in Utah and not in Montana with them, downloading her Christmas album, and retweeting articles that she doesn’t read. Leann made 42 tweets yesterday. It was Thanksgiving. Every holiday and vacation with Eddie is spent on twitter. Why?

    Every photo that she posted to instagram during this romantic vacation with her soulmate has a filter on it or looks like it has been photoshopped.

    Endless vacations, women, alcohol, and jobs for his friends and parents that is why Eddie will never divorce Leann. When she tweeted from Kiki’s twitter account the other day, she said that she would be in a bikini in December. She is taking Eddie on another vacation in December.

    Eddie looks drunk in every picture and like he is trying to signal for help. In the photos it looks like he is cringing every time Leann gets next to him.

    What is Leann doing to her face? Is adding filters and photoshopping so that she looks more liek Brooklyn Decker since Eddie couldn’t keep his eyes off of her at the tree lighting ceremony?

    • littlestar says:

      How do you know she’s Tweeting from Kiki’s Twitter account???

      42 Tweets on Thanksgiving, that is pretty sad.

      • why? says:

        Leann is tweeting from Kiki’s twitter account because right after she posts on Kiki’s account, she goes to her twitter or instagram account to post. How is it that Kiki and Leann are in two different states, but they are both running to tweet at the same time of day? Either they coordinated the tweeting times or Kiki is in Montana with Eddie and Leann and Leann is posting from Kiki’s twitter account to make people think that they are alone.

        More indications that it’s Leann posting on Kiki’s twitter account…Leann loves hashtags, loves posting that she is sitting by the fireplace in sweats, one of the photos Kiki tweeted looks like it was taken at Leann’s house, the bikini tweet, and Leann also loves complaining about how she can’t post many things on twitter because of the 140 characters.

        Plus, just about every tweet on Kiki’s twitter account had the location turned on, like Leann was trying to convince people that Kiki was in a different state. When Kiki was in Washington with Leann, she didn’t have the location on. It’s only when people verbalize that Kiki is in Montana with Leann and Eddie that every tweet on that account has a location on it.

        Leann posted 5 photos of Eddie to instagram. Eddie isn’t going to let Leann post photos of him or pose with Leann for nothing. Leann is taking Eddie on another vacation because on Kiki’s twitter account, Leann revealed she was going to be in a bikini next month.

      • littlestar says:

        So is Leann posting on Kiki’s account as Leann, or pretending to be Kiki?

      • why? says:

        She is pretending to be Kiki(See, Kiki can’t be with Leann and Eddie in Montana because she is in Utah tweeting ), but Leann keeps slipping up because she overdoes it with the hashtags, emoticons, or her signature lines(sweats…fireplace, bikini, lol, yall, complaining because can’t post everything she wants to say because twitter only lets her use 140 characters), just like she does when she tweets on her regular account. Just about every time “Kiki” (Leann) tweeted, she had the location on.

        Now that Kiki has regained control of her twitter account, the location is off. 4 tweets just appeared on Kiki’s twitter account. She is tweeting in Spanish and she is catching up with people who tweeted both her and Leann(Leann already tweeted to those people on her regular account, so she didn’t need to respond to them again when she was on Kiki’s twitter account).

        There are two different tones to the tweets.

      • Stacey says:

        I’ve saw Leann post something on twitter that contained a misspelling. Kiki jumped in jokingly correcting Leann. Problem was she corrected Leann from Leanns twitter acct not her own. When called on it Kiki admitted to it.

    • Jess says:

      I thought the same about the filters, she uses them in every single picture! Which means she just spends even more time glued to her phone editing the pics.

    • Cheryl says:

      Signal for help. So funny!

  9. ncboudicca says:

    They look like they were “styled” for a rustic Montana vacation. If you ever see photos of me, I’m in the same dang clothes on vacation as I am at home, but I’m convinced they bought all-new wardrobes for this vacation.

  10. Jess says:

    Does she ever put the phone down and actually live in the moment? I cannot stand people who document every second, she’s more concerned with proving her “haters” wrong. Eddie doesn’t look happy in most of those pics, it looks forced to me. Also, they take about 15 vacations per year, that’s ridiculous, he could spend that time looking for a job to support his kids instead of letting LeAnn and Brandi do it for him. Ugh, this loser just makes me sick, lol.

    • Tracy says:

      He really is a loser and LeAnn thinks he is some sort of prize. She is such a fool.

    • jenn12 says:

      There’s no LOL about it. This guy does literally nothing but sit on his butt and let his wife abuse his ex so he doesn’t have to work and pimps out his sons. He endlessly claims he needs money back, but he doesn’t actually work. He’s not an actor anymore- he lives off women, and with his looks going, he’d better hope Leann’s career picks up. The boys are getting older and won’t let them use them for photo props much longer, so they need some source of income besides selling a show based on bashing the boys’ mother. I looked at the link above to her newest Instagram, and it’s like a teenaged girl’s. Look at my cuuuute booooyfriend! Oh, and his kids are so adooooorbs! It’s like they’re mine, too! Poor Brandi.

    • claire says:

      It’s so funny it took them 5 years to spend a vacation alone together. How insane is that…especially for the world’s greatest love affair?! LOL!!

      And yet, apparently they spent a ton of time just taking photos of each other and her tweeting? You’d think they’d, oh, I don’t know, spend alone time offline? No one will ever convince me this couple is as happy as spends 24/7 trying to convince everyone.

  11. Jackson says:

    It looks really pretty there. Do they own it? It seems like a big empty place to be for Thanksgiving though.

    • Julie says:

      No, It is a resort/ranch. I looked at the website and and I’m pretty sure they are staying in the cabin called the Trapper. You can see the rates on the website. The place is called Rock creek Ranch in Montana. Mr. Ed is probably out deer hunting today. Wonder why no pictures of her in her long white dress she was wearing to dinner last night? She put a pix up on istagram then went radio silent the rest of the night. Hmmm Trouble in Rock creek?

      • funcakes says:

        Notice whenever they are on a romantic get away together there are pictures of them in a bar.
        Poor Eddie has to get liquors up to get pass this this painful photo op. But I’m sure he’ll find a little snow bunny to have fun with while leann and kiki are photoshopping all the pictures to make leann look like a tall thin goddess. Hell that will give time for three chicks.

      • littlestar says:

        I checked out this resorts website – I want to go there!!! Lol. It looks beautiful! I guess it’s good advertising for this place. Wondering if they are comping it for Leann in return for publicity?

      • barbarita says:

        Julie she posted a photo of her in the white dress on IG about four hours ago.

      • Puravidacostarica says:

        Julie: I agree they stayed in the Trapper Cabin (which appears to have two beds and sleeps 4?). Anyway, if you look at the photo on the website showing the white cabinet and wood-burning stove, it’s identical to the Instagram photo where Leann hung up her white dress. Either way, it’s the cheapest of the cabins and homes for rent there. Still $2100 a night so not cheap, but Eddie has got to get his expensive vacays or he’s out of there!

  12. bettyrose says:

    Socal is miserably sweaty hot right now and I totally get anyone getting the H outta here, but a snowy mountain lodge seems like an awfully romantic (read: isolated) choice for this team.

  13. funcakes says:

    Leann has Eddie stuck in one location. And we all know that leann had to treat Eddie to some very expensive gifts to pose for these pictures. Those who have followed this sad drama knows the drill.
    And when they get back to cali Eddie will go back to trolling for babes and having his buddies cover for him.

  14. RussianBlue says:

    I’m not a fan, but I think she’s been posting very nice pics. Montana looks gorgeous!!

    • littlestar says:

      It really does look gorgeous. I have been wanting to go to Montana to ski for years, and her pictures are making me want to go even more now! Lol.

  15. RobN says:

    To be fair, if this were almost any couple other than them, these would be really cute pictures. They’ve just got so much baggage.

  16. GingerCrunch says:

    No, Kaiser, it’s NOT cute!

  17. embee says:

    He’s a aging fast. Looks like he’s got snow sprinkled on his chin under that mustache. No Santas elves running around in the snow? They could be wearing elf yall shirts instead of the bikinis they did on the beach. Kikis probably there to join the elves again for a little $

    • funcakes says:

      Kiki has to take pictures of how happy they are plus pictures of the horrible merchandise they have to move. Someone claims it sold out. I wouldnt be surprised if she bought the rest to give to her and Eddie’s entourage as x mas presents.

  18. embee says:

    Get rid of that awful mustache. Makes him look so creepy. With facial hair added to his face with no eyes and humongous dents in his cheeks, he’s very odd looking

  19. Christin says:

    The scenery looks nice. I better not say too much or the ranch may have a certain tabloid celebrity asking for a discount for the publicity they brought.

    On another note, I watched a brief portion of her 1990s movie (Holiday in Your Heart or something like that). Back in the day, I thought she had a decent voice, though overhyped. She sounds so different now.

    • funcakes says:

      How do we know if she’s not doing a gig there at the dinner theater. Dinner and Leann yoddling in the background. She’s taking any gig she can get to keep Eddie in his John varvados and Don jolio.

  20. TheSageM says:

    Girl needs to ease up on the Rise filter!

  21. stationeryfront says:

    Its quite odd…..but for every post with LR and EC selfies I always notice something. Majority of the times HE is the one taking the selfies! So I dont know about LR ‘forcing’ him to take them. I think this dude knows exactly what he is doing and that HE is the instigator in all of this, and the one responsible for LR’s erratic behaviour on social media sometimes. The fuirst and second selfies on this post were clearly taken by him. # Douche

  22. mollie says:

    She tweeted/instagrammed the entire vacation.
    They followed each other around posing.
    Sure sounds like fun!

  23. Lady D says:

    OT: The DM has an article about police being called over rioting shoppers. I think it’s kind of amazing the way Black Friday has spread to mean great sales in Canada, US, Britain and other parts of Europe. For all I know, it may be Black Friday in Australia too. I wonder what other American traditions have spread around the world.

    • Ange says:

      Australia has big sales the day after Christmas, boxing day sales. They don’t get anywhere near as crazy as America does though.

  24. Katrina says:

    Nothing they do will EVER be cute. It’s because of who they are as people. They are vile.

  25. mollie says:

    She spends all of her time photographing them together just so that she can prove they are together. Isn’t that really sad? What other couple does this to this extent?

    She organized this Montana vacation just like a clothing catalog shoot. Then the two of them marched around the ranch photographing each other artfully and carefully filtering.

    Beyond pathetic.

  26. funcakes says:

    Leann use to let her fans back stage to see her by leaving passes for them. Now she’s making them buy special VIP packages. Fancy.

    • embee says:

      Who wants to spend money on that? She can’t even fill a place. Do they give away those VIP packages when you buy a soda at the fairs she’s singing at?

      • briargal says:

        Or Buy a bag of food for the animals in the zoo and get a free VIP package!

      • claire says:

        Well, for some of those nutjob fan/friends of hers, they’ll sell their body or skip things for their kids, or beg her for freebies, or their online friends for money for it. And she’ll encourage it, throw them an “I love you” once in a while and they’ll have their kid sleep overnight in a car with them to go and it’s all good.

        It’s all weird.

  27. LeAnn Stinks says:

    And the charade continues…

  28. betty says:

    When you have to advertise your relationship as a married couple it is sad. Most people just enjoy their lives and don’t waste time trying to prove anything to others. It only proves the insecurity of Leann in the relationaship. I guess when you have to do the things Leann does to keep her loser it makes you insecure. Without Eddie or his kids in Leann life she would have no life. She coveted and manipulated to get him but look what she got a prop. arm candy and user. I feel sorry for her,If she was truly happy she would know that if a man loves you , you don’t need to do anything for him but be you.

    • briargal says:

      Don’t feel sorry for her–she made her life what it is. I agree with you that the more she tries to show how happpeee she is, just shows how in reality they are not happy together. Just a business arrangement where she gets people to think she is hot enough to have this hunk(?) for a hubby and he gets money for being a manwhore.

  29. Leslie says:

    I wonder if she ever has a ten minute span of time where she enjoys being in the moment. It seems like she spends 24/7, even in a beautiful location like this, trying to prove she and Eddie are happy. I’d say insecurity over her #wearenothappy# marriage prompts her to do this. If they were happy with each other, they would be having fun, not having someone take pictures and them and send a write up to the Daily Mail. And are they really alone? They never go anywhere without that little Kiki.

  30. briargal says:

    Wasn’t LeakAnn supposed to be on Fox’s Cause for Paws show last night? I know they had taped segments from performers and she was up in Montana with her entourage–I mean her hubby! I skipped away from the show for just a second so maybe I was lucky enough to not see her. Did anyone see her on it?

  31. Jessiebes says:

    Normally when people take photos of their holiday, they dont look like this. These photos look staged, styled, filtered and Photoshopped.

  32. why? says:

    Camp Leann is on a massive campaign to make Eddie and Leann the new IT couple using this Montana vacation. They are planting that Leann and Eddie are happy, Leann looks pretty in the photoshopped and filtered instagram photos, and that this was a very beautiful vacation. Why did Leann spend every day of it on twitter and instagram? On the way to Montana she kept tweeting and posting photos; the second day she made 60 tweets and posted 8 photos; the third day she made 22 tweets and posted 9 photos, yesterday she made 42 tweets and posted 6 photos, and now on the last day of their vacation and while they are on their way to the airport she is still tweeting and posting. She also added in an element of deception when she started tweeting from Kiki’s twitter account to make people think that Kiki wasn’t in Montana with her and Eddie. Why is Camp Leann trying to make this Montana vacation into some type of fairy tale? Promotion for Leann’s Christmas album, did Eddie and his parents fed another tabloid a divorce story, or were they filming this Montana vacation for season 2 of the VH1 reality show?

    Leann has on a ton of make-up in every photo. Before she took the photos of her and Eddie standing in a field, she went to a salon and had her hair done. These aren’t candid photos. It was a photoshoot. It’s like she hired a photographer to be on vacation with them.

    The funniest things about their entire vacation was that Leann had every one of the photos photoshopped(what happened to Eddie’s eye and forehead wrinkles? Did he get botox?) and filtered before she posted them to instagram and twitter; Kiki awoke from her twitter slumber after Leann read that people thought that Kiki was in Montana with Leann and Eddie, and how Leann wouldn’t stop tweeting and posting photos the entire vacation. If Eddie is her soulmate why didn’t she put down the iphone? Other celebs made between 3 and 6 tweets yesterday, but Leann had over 40 tweets.

    • briargal says:

      OOHHH,, yeah, Eddie’s forehead wrinkles have magically disappeared! Did he or did she? Him–botox or her–photoshop—That is the question. If she is photoshopping she blew it on the pic with the cap and elf shirt. Her undereye bags are really huge and that crazy left eye is really bad. She and Kiki really need to improve their photoshopping!

  33. Mary Jane says:

    As much as I dislike her, she looks really nice in the pic in front of the fireplace.

  34. TeresaMaria says:

    Just stumbled upon Eddie’s IMDb page.
    One word. Sad.

  35. Molls says:

    Rock Creek?
    Not far from my hometown of Missoula.

    (Think I will stay in England for awhile)

  36. Katrina says:

    When Leann posted and bragged all over social media when they first got together, I kind of understood why. She was insecure, needed to prove their love, was scared Brandi would take him back, couldn’t believe she finally snagged a hot “manly” guy, etc. But at this point it’s just sad. He married her, they’ve been married for 3 years, she’s his kid’s stepmom and they seem to like her, and they are, in a sense, “family.” She won; she got everything she wanted. Everything worked out in her favor. Due to Eddie’s chronic unemployment, it looks like he’s not going anywhere, either. They will probably be married for life, I hate to say it. So WHY oh WHY is she desperately trying to prove something to us? Why can’t she just let it go, just live her life, enjoy her husband and stepkids, enjoy the casino gigs, and monthly vacations? The endless photos all over instagram with hashtag #hubby #love, the hundreds of tweets per day including responding to haters, (“god bless you”) jumping at any chance to do an interview rehashing her “truths” and how she and Eddie are soulmates but “give each other shit” and how they have to deal with the unfortunate “third party”. To say she is a miserable and pathetic woman, it’s just the understatement of the year.

    • Sonia says:

      I love you Katrina.

    • jenn12 says:

      For a couple of reasons: her entire life is based on hating Brandi and getting even with her, even though Brandi did nothing to her except survive and thrive; because she’s immature and unhealthy; because she wants control and manipulation; because she’s trying to talk herself into the great love affair story, even though people point out that she’s stuck with an aging gigolo living off her; her career is absolutely dead or at least dying, and even this story gets few clicks. The clicks are for when she tries to torment Brandi or crosses lines with her stepkids- it’s the only attention she gets. She had a nice voice at one point, but she’s not the only one, and she doesn’t have much else going for her. Her personality sucks, she doesn’t appeal to mothers because of what she does, and she has no sense of humor and nothing to attract anyone. She’s the equivalent of Greg Brady playing in Death Of A Salesman in Mississippi.

    • Christin says:

      It does look like they may be together a very long time. After seeing bits of their so-called reality show, it appears that he is as hung up on his ex as she is. No doubt this adds to the insecurity that is so obvious.

      So, they have bashing the ex in common, plus he’s been described as not overly motivated. Now many of us have the opinion he’s likely downright lazy, and he’s being enabled in that regard. What motivation does he have? He has someone willing to foot the bills and rave about his giant dimples.

      • betty says:

        It adds to Leann insecurity because she knew she was the only option Eddie had and money was his motive.He knows whether he works or not Leann will support him. Like she has done since they have been together She hustles every job she can get to help support that gigilo and his kids. She controls and plans everything. Eddie just shows up.

      • TeresaMaria says:

        How can Leann respect/love a man without any ambitions in life?
        I am not saying Eddie shoud aim to be a rocket-scientist, but men usually have a goal they try to reach. Either professionally or otherwise. And I get it when someone is not so passionate about their daytime job, but taking care of one’s family (and being a great father and husband) is a wonderful goal as well.
        Eddie doesn’t seem to have any of that

      • Julie says:

        Actually they have the perfect relationship. She doesn’t want him to be ambitious. She wants things just like they are. If he is working then she can’t keep her eye on him. She knows he would probably meet someone else, just like he met her. Her flop of a TV show even worked for them, because she was always there while they were shooting. He is content to be supported by her in a wonderful life style. Why would he want to mess that up and leave. He can cheat when she’s not looking, and I bet he does, and she just turns her head because as she said, “divorce is not an option” I honestly think he will put in his ten years and then walk away with a lot of money at that point. He may be a douche, but he’s not dumb. P.S I’m surprised she would wear another white dress after her last little accident. I don’t think that pix was taken on Thanksgiving, I think she took it after they got home. I’m thinking things got kind of icy there in Montana…

  37. MY TWO CENTS says:

    His whiskers always look so gross. To me it just makes him look like a huge, lazy bum. He has really lost any hotness he ever had. Probably somehow managed a free trip to this place. Eddie went and kissed her a** so she would go away on her “Christmas tour” (LOL) and leave him to his own devices. Of course, she will say he had to stay home with the “babies”. It always gags me when she refers to Brandi’s little boys as “babies”. Doesn’t bother me when Brandi calls them that because they will always be her “babies”. No way were they alone. You know her babysitter was right there and probably a photographer. The garbage, vomit inducing articles that have been appearing on Daily Fail with their over the top descriptions of these two jokers is enough to make you throw up. I refuse to click on the articles so I go to Gossip Rocks where they always post the articles. Hey, Elfie Y’All! Please…that is so ridiculous. #Childatheart she says about herself. Vomit.

  38. embee says:

    She could photoshop the boys in and have another family picture to show. Funny when it’s obvious she’s added herself to pictures. She’s gotta show us how happy the family is and how her and Eddie are such perfect soulmates

  39. Pegasus says:

    This overgrown girlchild is a perfect example of why i hate social media. It seems to encourage every narcissistic asshat to overshare every nanosecond of their uninteresting lives. She cant just be content on a romantic vacation with her one twooo wuv, she has to reenact some pathetic Eddie Bauer winter catalog shoot to try and prove how haaaaappppyyyyyyyy she is. Always an epic fail.

  40. why? says:

    What did Leann do to her face? Why is she now morphing herself to look like the girl that plays Alison on Pretty Little Liars? Or is this Leann’s interpretation of what Brooklyn Decker looks like, since Eddie couldn’t keep his eyes off of Brooklyn at the tree lighting? If Eddie is Leann’s soulmate and Leann was meant to be with Eddie, then why is Leann constantly changing herself to look like other women?

    Leann spent 3 days defaming The Dailymail writer who did the interview where she says that Mason fumbles to tie his shoelaces and The Dailymail rewards Leann with a fluffpiece about her 25 photoshopped and filtered Montana instagram photos.

    She looks “nice” in these photos because they are photoshopped and filtered. She was on a romantic vacation with her soulmate, why would she spend so much time photoshopping and adding filters to the photos?

    Kiki is having a tweetfest right now. She is tweeting to people who Leann tweeted to yesterday. Will Leann start tweeting on her instagram or twitter account after Kiki’s tweetfest. She also turned off the location on her tweets. The location is no longer needed now that it’s the last day of Leann, Eddie, and Kiki’s vacation in Montana. Maybe we will see Kiki in the background of the airport photos when The Dailymail writes their next fluffpiece for Leann.

  41. Stephanie says:

    I cannot imagine spending so much time on Twitter and taking selfies. I don’t have a Facebook account, or Instagram. Leann takes as many selfies in one day as I do in a year. I just can’t fathom putting my entire life on the Internet…every day…all day.

    • AntiSocialButterly says:

      Lemme give you an “Amen!” to that. She takes more selfies than my 16 year old daughter.
      Leann is the quintessential arrested adolescent.

  42. barbarita says:

    This chic is certifiably insane. Someone posted above that she never put a photo of herself in the white dress on IG — there’s one there now! No matter how much she photoshops, this chic is so unfortunate looking.

  43. why? says:

    Why does Leann make it so obvious that she tweets from Kiki’s twitter accounts?

    On November 25, Leann tweeted this from Kiki’s twitter account: “Movie..sweats…popcorn…wine…fire…snowing outside…all unlimited refill! Doesnt get better than that! ”

    What does Leann tweet about the moment she returns from her romantic vacation with her soulmate? Sweats.

    Leann Rimes: “It’s a perfect Friday night of nothing! #familysweatsnight”

  44. Nicole says:

    Glad this is buried at the bottom of the page. I sort of hope nobody reads this but I feel this overwhelming need to confess… he is SO GOOD LOOKING. Okay. Shut up. I didn’t just say that. Damn though.

    • embee says:

      Yeah he was good looking. Not aging well. And the ugly girl always clutching and hanging on him makes him look worse. I love guys with beautiful eyes. What the hell do his look like?

    • Katrina says:

      Wow, really? To me, the squinty no-eyes are a dealbreaker.

    • snowflake says:

      yes, he is!!!!

    • Blondy99rk says:

      Sorry, I don’t see it. I found him to be a generic gap model lookalike when he was younger. Nothing that really stands out. I can understand to others how they might have found him good looking when he was younger, just not me. Now fast fwd a few years and the guy is 44 yrs old, WTF happened. He is starting to look like blotus with an actual bloat in his face and belly at times. He is zero competition to other guys in the acting industry because the guy lost what looks he had to rely on to land him work and a terrible actor. He should have pursued acting lessons when he was younger, instead of skirt. I hope he is thankful for the bone Mr Perry has gifted him these past couple of years, because who else is lining up to cast him?

  45. megan says:

    He’s got that use-car-salesman skeevy Mario Lopez cheater-face, always.

  46. GoOnGirl! says:

    She has had something done to her eyes? Yes?

    • Jess says:

      I think she’s done something to her eyes, her eyebrows are suddenly about 4 inches from her eyes, she looks ridiculous.

  47. embee says:

    Does she have any eyes? Looks like she’s had a few things done that didn’t end up being worth the money

  48. why? says:

    Unlike The Dailymail, 1 blog had the good sense to wonder why Leann was on instagram posting photos if she was having such a good time in Montana with her soulmate. She wasn’t just posting photos, she was photoshopping them and adding filters them. Tweeting from Kiki’s twitter account and she might have even given a radio interview too because she retweeted a radio interview yesterday.

  49. Ankhel says:

    Eddie certainly seems to know what’s up. His face signals ” I brought this plague upon myself. Woe is me. “

  50. Suzanne says:

    Look how many post about these two losers….Holy s**t people….this Leann is a nut job who spends entirely too much energy trying to convince the outside world that her marriage is holding up just great. She’s pathetic. If she spent as much energy on her career….she might make enough money to support all the vacations she pays for to look like she’s got money. What a pathetic life they lead/

  51. why? says:

    Leann is busy making the Christmas Tree lighting in New York City all about herself. She is acting like she is headlining the show. By the way she is tweeting about the event, you would think she was the only performer. Leann spent 2 hours in rehearsals(she is going to do a dance or ice skating for her performance) and another 2 hours doing wardrobe fittings today. Cue the violins and give Leann a medal. She worked a total of 4 hours and is acting like it was a 12 hour shift. Why does Leann wait to until the week of her performance or the day before her performance to start participating? For artists like Beyonce and Katy, practicing is a regular part of their schedule. Then what makes Leann looks worse is how she complains about how much time she spent working.

    She couldn’t have been practicing as much as she claims today because today her Christmas album went from the 1000s to the 800s. She spent a good part of her day downloading her album.

    • betty says:

      Carrie Undewood is also on the show so we know Leann is trying to pretend she is just as popular. Leann has to pretend Carrie doesn’t.

      • Blondy99rk says:

        Oh let her have her glory, because these days it’s the only time she ever gets to enjoy a big turn out of people, making her feel all important and relevant when really most people are there to see the other big artists, Leann who? “Is she the filler act?” echos. Her shows from what I read online, this is what seems to be the common theme when reading many stories about her shows is that they don’t even get a 1/4 of an audience,. Full of old people. Rants a lot about her personal life. Sits on floors reading lyric sheets while singing. Phone on stage while performing and that a average bingo night is more packed.

        She’ll be on her best behavior because she is in the presence of reputable huge artists, unlike herself. Fans should go to these types of performances that include other artists if they want to see a decent performance from her.

    • embee says:

      Does she have anything else to do besides tweet all day? She has to arrange these work days around all the vacations she takes. If she didn’t complain, nobody would even know she had done anything. Her and Kiki must of had a long boring day downloading the Christmas album. Up to the 800s is pretty good for Leann

      • Christin says:

        This is truly a predictable cycle. Vacationing (high priority), a little bit of work plus an illness or injury here and there. Oh, and shopping trips.

        It’s about time for a sore throat and/or pap pics of grocery or gift shopping.

      • claire says:

        Her “tour” is 11 shows in 17 days. We should take bets on how many she actually performs.

  52. Chili says:

    I read somewhere that Leann meets with a publicist once a week. How then does Leann have diarrhea of the mouth? The more she brags, the more people don’t like her.

  53. A Fan says:

    Waiting patiently for these two to disintegrate…

    [*tick tock*]

  54. why? says:

    Since Leann was busted tweeting on Kiki’s twitter account during her vacation with her soulmate, she has been on her account tweeting about being in sweats for 2 nights now. Leann is really milking the tree lighting in New York event. Every day she tweets about how she is doing rehearsals for the tree lighting. She is a singer, shouldn’t rehearsals be a normal part of her schedule like it is for Beyonce and Katy Perry?

    • Julie says:

      ” She is a singer, shouldn’t rehearsals be a normal part of her schedule like it is for Beyonce and Katy Perry? ” < Yes, and it should go without saying, but… Leann needs everyone to know because, well because she is Leann and she is full of herself. Me me me me me me me.

  55. why? says:

    Leann is a fraud. All those tweets about how she was designing logos and picking out fabric for her clothing line(hoodies, t shirts, and beanies) and all she did was steal ideas from a charity, Brandi, and Mason.

    Brandi had STFU printed on shirts, hoodies, and caps, because Leann has the “anything that Brandi can I do, I can do better” mentality, she had Elf yall printed on a white sweatshirt in red lettering. It was only after people commented how Leann never wears the products she sells that she tweeted a photo of herself in the sweatshirt while on her romantic vacation with her soulmate.

    On the front of the hoodies, Leann printed #elfie. People discovered that Leann stole the idea from a charity. They were using #elfie to raise donations. Leann is so addicted to hashtags, She couldn’t even stop using them when she was tweeting on Kiki’s twitter account.

    Now people have discovered that the L and R on the back of the #elfie hoodies(separated by a feather and in a circle) wasn’t even Leann’s idea either. She got the idea from one of Mason’s shirts. In a staged airport photo-op on September 24(when Leann dragged Mason and Jake to Venice beach), Mason is wearing a camo shirt. It has L and A on the front, separated by a line and pineapple. Leann acted like she came up with the idea all on her own and now we can see, she just took the idea from Mason’s clothes.

    This explains why Leann was so hesitate to wear the clothing she was selling on her Taylor Swift inspired 1982 fan website. There is nothing original about Leann. Every part of her life is stolen from someone’s life.

  56. Blondy99rk says:

    LMAO that face says it all really doesn’t it. I don’t believe at all that they are alone. He can barely contain his unhappiness in these pics let alone be stuck with her ALONE for a whole day and night on vacation. They most likely have the babysitter or Eds friends in tow and the 3rd backup, alcohol and lots of it! impatiently waiting to get back to his real passion, hobby, that being his stomping grounds back in Cali

    Off topic, anybody else literally laughs when she mentions having to tour on Twitter. Country stars like Miranda, Carrie, Taylor tour with millions of fans with months of preparation and hard work that go into it.
    Touring isn’t sitting on a floor warbling song lyrics off a sheet in front of 100 people around the age of 50+ paying a ridiculous price for some has been that has a 50% chance of showing up.

  57. why? says:

    The Me, me, me tour has begun. Leann is flooding the internet with interviews that depict herself as the victim and photoshoots. Cue the violins. So far she retweeted 2. One did for one of her fans and another one that she did with Viva magazine. The Viva magazine interview was totally a rewrite of Leann’s life. According to Leann and Viva Magazine, Leann is the last woman standing because there is a lack of women in country music! Just as Miranda, Kasey, Carrie, and Dolly and all the award they have won for their hard work. Leann is just making excuses because her bad behavior has stopped people from buying her music. Leann doesn’t do any of the things she mentioned in this interview and once again she made sure to talk about Mason and Jake. The best thing about the Viva photoshoot is that one of the pieces of clothing looks nice. It would look even better if Leann wasn’t in it. It was another sheer dress where Leann does the no bra and no underwear thing. Someone named Sarah Stein did the wardrobe. The worst thing. Leann’s face. She looks possessed and old in every photo. She looks manish in some of the photos. In one photo she looks exactly like the girl from Pretty Little Liars who plays Alison, she Leann is doing something to her face. The Viva interview was a major step up from Leann’s normal low budget photoshoots. How did Leann make this happen? Who did she bully or pay off?

    I wish these interviewers would stop babying Leann. When Leann has over 81,800 tweets and spent 5 days of her vacation with her soulmate on twitter or instagram, she isn’t dealing with her stress the way she claimed in this interview.

    Camp Leann is trying to save Leann’s career by flooding the internet with “Leann is pretty” propaganda. It started with the Montana instagram photos and is moving on to the Viva magazine and the Country Weekly photoshoots. Where did Leann get the idea that she was a model? Leann tries so hard but there is always an element missing. You don’t get the model vibe from her photos. You walk away thinking oh it’s just Leann standing in a horse stall for Viva or laying the middle of the road for her friend Sara.

  58. embee says:

    Is anyone actually buying the elf yall stuff? Maybe she’ll give shirts to everyone she knows for Christmas. Has to make it look like they’re being sold. If someone got me one, I’d dust the house with it

    • Pegasus says:

      I think she would have better luck selling “gently worn” Grinch-themed bikinis. Minimal shart stains!

  59. Pegasus says:

    Please tell me she’s actually figure skating during this performance. Please tell me she’s dressing up like a holiday unicorn with a peppermint swirled horn on her head that drives through her skull when she falls flat on her face. Please please please.

    Her stupidity ate her shame years ago….

    • Puravidacostarica says:

      Deep down, LeAnn is really an angry elf. :-) From the movie, Elf:

      Buddy: [thinking Miles is an elf] Did you have to borrow a reindeer to get down here?

      Miles Finch: Hey, jackweed, I get more action in a week than you’ve had in your entire life. I’ve got houses in L.A., Paris and Vail. In each one, a 70 inch plasma screen. So I suggest you wipe that stupid smile off your face before I come over there and SMACK it off! You feeling strong, my friend? Call me elf one more time.

      Buddy: [after a pause] He’s an angry elf.

    • Pegasus says:

      I feel the need to clarify that I’m not wishing any actual harm on her. I just want her to have a permanent peppermint stick unicorn horn. Carry on. :)

  60. why? says:

    Leann Rimes: “@madelineblitz Thx doll! If you’re at LAX at the crack of dawn so are we”

    Did you hear that AKM-GSI, FameFlynet, Splash News, Wenn, and x17, Leann, Kiki, Eddie, Darrell, and Lizzy are at LAX! So far no photos of Eddie, Leann, and Kiki returning to LA from their 5 day vacation in Montana have surfaced. Based on Leann’s tweets today and yesterday, there might be photos of them at LAX and the airport in New York today. Leann really wants everyone to know that she is going to New York this morning. She is still making the New York tree lighting all about Leann. This is why Leann doesn’t get invited to events. This is Leann’s career now? Christmas music. Even her Christmas album is doing poorly. The only thing she really has right now are the interviews depicting herself as the victim and the “Leann is pretty” photoshoots.

    Leann has been up for an hour and 30 minutes and all she has done the whole time is tweet. So far she has 40 tweets. She must have had her Adderall prescription filled yesterday because she is on a tweetfest right now. She also spent her night drinking and tweeting while she and Kiki packed for New York. She even went so far as to put the elf next to Eddie to prove to everyone that Eddie didn’t leave her all alone last night. Of course he didn’t leave Leann all alone last night, Kiki was there. Kiki is the new Lizzy. For 3 years, Eddie wouldn’t go anywhere with Leann without Lizzy being there. Now he won’t go anywhere with Leann, without Kiki being present.

    Leann made it through LAX because she is now posting photos from the plane to instagram. How soon after Leann’s tweets will The Dailymail post the photos of Leann at LAX?

    Leann is so lonely(Eddie, Kiki, and Lizzy are ignoring her) that she is tweeting while on the plane, she needs to pay Eddie ASAP for the staged handholding pda airport photo-ops at LAX this morning…

    Leann Rimes: “Thank GOD this airplane has wifi! They must have gotten the #CyberMonday memo”

  61. why? says:

    Leann is so predictable. She set up a staged photo-op at JFK airport with Eddie and Darrell(Leann doesn’t want anyone to know that Kiki is in New York with them, so there are not photos of Kiki at the airport) and then another one outside of the hotel with Eddie and Kiki. She is standing behind Eddie as he walks into the hotel with a creepy smile on his face. Brandi is too nice to Eddie.He won’t go out of town to work for 3 days, but he will go out of town to party on Leann’s tour for 3 weeks. Eddie sucks as a father. The reason Leann didn’t invite the paparazzi to the airport for the 5 day Montana vacation was because she didn’t want anyone to know that Kiki spent all 5 days with her and Eddie in Montana. Eddie also sucks as a husband. In the photos of them outside the hotel, Leann and Kiki are carrying everything, while Eddie just poses for the camera like he is doing a photoshoot.

    Leann has been very busy tweeting, posting photos to instagram, and downloading her album(it was in the 1000s and now it’s in the 700s) all day.