Heidi Klum in Versace at the AMAs: 80s mess or unique?

The 42nd Annual American Music Awards
Presenter Heidi Klum showed up at the VMAs in this Versace gown which was basically a tube top with a thick pink stripe sequin overlay. The skirt featured the same bizarre striping along with a cutout that showed her entire left leg. The Project Runway designers could have made Heidi a better gown in a day and they have.

She paired this bizarre dress with pink and blue buckle shoes with lucite heels, also from Valentino. Plus her makeup was dark and overdone and she wore her hair slicked back as usual. Change it up, Heidi!

2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals

2014 American Music Awards Arrivals

Dianna Agron took a risk in Marchesa and I think it paid off. Her funky styling kind of saves what would otherwise be a predictable black asymmetric prom dress. I really like her hair and makeup and thought she looked cute and edgy on camera. For Marchesa, this is decent.

2014 American Music Awards

2014 American Music Awards

Jordin Sparks looked sexy in this bronze Halston Heritage number, but it’s a little too 70s disco for my taste. I do like her styling and flowing curls. On E! they showed Jordin running up to Gavin Degraw to hug him on the red carpet. She looked so happy to see him.

The 42nd Annual American Music Awards

2014 American Music Awards Arrivals

Olivia Munn suffered from some terrible makeup that looked more suited to Halloween than an awards show. I get that you’re not supposed to do bold eyes with a bold lip but the cranberry lips pull focus from her underdone eyes. Plus that metallic Lanvin gown does nothing for her.

The 42nd Annual American Music Awards

2014 American Music Awards

Lucy Hale was in a forgettable little Vera Wang black dress with an embroidered overlay. Unlike Olivia Munn she used enough eye makeup to balance out her dark lip color. Whenever I cover Lucy I look up her age because I assume she’s still a teenager but she’s 25! She looks so young.

2014 American Music Awards

2014 American Music Awards

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  1. Kiddo says:

    I thought Dianna Agron was Kelly Cuoco at first. Heidi must have dressed herself. SHE.HAS.THE.WORST.STYLE.EVA.

    • Bridget says:

      That is a pretty unfortunate ensemble. How is it that out of all the clothing available to her she constantly chooses ice skater costumes, formal stripper-wear, or something that looks like she got dressed in the dark?

      On the other hand, I love both metallic dresses. Its probably Olivia Munn’s best dress choice ever (that’s another terrible dress magnet right there) too bad she styles so badly.

    • Fernanda says:

      Well Heidi is German, what do you / we expect! German women have the worst style out there, I swear.

  2. Kitten says:

    Christ on a cracker, I hope plum lipstick isn’t the new thing. It’s so unflattering.

    Heidi’s face looks gorgeous but I hate the dress and slicked-back hair.

    • lucy2 says:

      I remember it being popular years ago, and was so glad when it stopped. I don’t think it looks good on anyone, so this will hopefully be a short lived trend.

  3. Belle Epoch says:

    I blame it on Mr. Schnable.

  4. kylerandall says:

    Lucy Hale is what Kylie Jenner should be. Instead, Kylie just looks like how Kris envisions herself looking like.

  5. QQ says:

    I’ll say the same thing i LAways say in a Heidi Klum post:


    The rest of the post I guess it was the Goth-ish girls??? I LOVE dark Lips so I am not in the least offended about that, LOVED LOVED LOVED Jordyn’s number and her styling, liked Munn’s makeup more than her clothes… Dianna Agron is the heir to the Katherine Heigl “dress Like your Mom” crown

  6. taxi says:

    Heidi must have lost the toss with Khloe for that dress.

  7. scout says:

    After a JLo’s pink strappy dress, Heidi’s looks like a mess or bit messy. Doing a “Amal” with bi-colored shoes?


  8. FingerBinger says:

    Jordan Sparks looks like a singer on a cruise ship. I guess a hoop in the septum is a thing now.

  9. Dolce crema says:

    Heidi doesn’t look amazing and I agree that the hair style should change, I think the shoes keep the outfit from looking dated though. She looks ok

    • Kiddo says:

      The shoes make me think, “Strappy Pilgrim Formal Thanksgiving-wear”. Why don’t women buy shoes in the proper size? Toes over the edge just telegraphs that you think your feet are big, so you get a smaller size so you can feel that they are smaller, but end result is that your feet are too big for those shoes=BIG FEET.

      • Jennifer says:

        It’s not that her shoes were too small; I’m sure they were properly sized. Her toes were hanging over the edge because the heels were very high and her feet were sliding down. Maybe her feet were sweating.

  10. db says:

    No, Heidi. Just no. And dragon toes too

  11. Mrs. K says:

    Heidi: I think that she has no body for this dress. I can image that it would look better on someone who is more curvy. But all in all, this dress has no class and elegance.

    LOL @ previous comments “she judges clothes for living”

  12. Mel M says:

    Why was she even there? Is she dating a musician? I don’t watch any music awards shows but I just don’t understnad why people who have nothing to do with music walk the red carpet for them.

  13. Lucy says:

    Dianna Agron’s look kinda has a Gwen Stefani Circa 1990 thing going on. It’s different and I like it. Lucy looks/is adorable! Great hair and makeup. And this is not the worst Heidi has ever looked, but it’s definitely not the best, either.

  14. jlee says:

    Heidi has a killer body but I just don’t want to see it anymore. She is tacky & needs to hang up the sex pot image.

  15. otaku fairy says:

    I think I like Jordin’s dress the best out of these.

  16. Sara says:

    It is almost a joke that she hosted Project Runway. Her style has just gotten aweful.

  17. lucy2 says:

    Heidi has such a pretty face, I don’t mind her wearing her hair back all the time, but holy crap that dress is dreadful. Speaking of dreadful…Olivia Munn. Yikes.
    Dianna looks like she just fell out of the limo after the prom.
    Jordan is the clear winner in this group.

  18. danielle says:

    I think Olivia munns dark lip light eye with freckles was a gorgeous makeup look. Lucky should’ve picked dark lip or Smokey eye, not both.