George Clooney ‘only had eyes for Amal’ when they dined with Stella McCartney


It’s been a while since we’ve seen any fashiony photos of our new Queen of Perfection, Amal Clooney. Does that surprise you? I figured she would be getting pap’d regularly in London, on her way to work or stopping for coffee, or out to dinner with friends. I guess Amal has learned how to fly undercover, just like George. But Amal and George did get pap’d Tuesday night in London – go here to see the photos. George and Amal were out to dinner with Stella McCartney and her husband Alasdhair Willis. And of course George and Amal’s perfect love was on display. Perfectly.

Looks like George and Amal Clooney are still in a state of newlywed bliss. The gorgeous couple, who wed in Venice in late September, enjoyed a double date night with pals Stella McCartney and her husband, Alasdhair Willis, in London, where they spent the evening dining at The River Cafe.

According to an eyewitness, George and Amal entered the restaurant at 8 p.m. and immediately became the center of attention, causing the eatery to fall silent as fellow diners began to recognize the famous newlyweds. They were then taken to their table, where they waited for their pals to arrive after George adorably helped his ladylove undo the buttons on her white jacket.

“They looked very much in love,” the source said of the couple, who said I-do after a whirlwind courtship. “All the ladies in the restaurant were beaming huge smiles trying to attract George’s attention, who only had eyes for Amal.”

Stella and her husband arrived shortly after and joined the Clooneys at their table, where the couples “looked happy and animated in conversation as the evening wore on.”

During their meal at the eatery, which boasts “seasonal Italian cuisine and fine wines,” the 53-year-old Gravity star sipped on wine while dining on the restaurant’s famous fare. At one point during the nearly three-hour evening, George was seen directing his wife to the restroom, and upon her return, “she had lots of admiring glances from both men and women alike.”

The restaurant finally closed around 11 p.m., at which point the couples parted and went their separate ways, but it’s safe to say the pals enjoyed their time together!

[From E! News]

I’m so glad we had that breathless report! Now we know… George is still in London, which surprises me a little bit. And we know Amal is drinking wine, so she’s probably not knocked up (YET!). And George even escorts his lady to the restroom, which…? I didn’t know that was a thing. Like, is that what true, chivalrous gentlemen do, they escort their ladies to the bathroom? As for their seeming friendship with Stella and Alasdhair (I can’t with the way he spells his name), I had no idea. Stella certainly curates celebrity friendships, doesn’t she? She makes sure she’s friends with all of the top celebrities. She probably would love nothing more than to put Amal in some ghastly crotch-puffing onesie.



Photos courtesy of WENN and Fame/Flynet.

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  1. AntSocialButterfly says:

    I know it may seem hypocritical as I am commenting here, but I just wanted to say I am so over these two. That’s all.

  2. Miss M says:

    What kind of woman would try to get a married man’s attention?! This article is bs…
    Kaiser, I didn’t know that escorting your partner to the restroom was a gentleman behavior. I thought it was done just by couples who want to have add in a public restroom, hahaha
    The things I learn from the Klooney Klan.

    • Sabrine says:

      Men will often be over the top chivalrous during the first couple of years of a relationship. My husband when we were dating would wait for me outside a bathroom to escort me back to the party. He would put my winter boots on for me. It doesn’t last but it’s kind of sweet while it does. Now he probably doesn’t even know what I wear on my feet in the winter….lol.

    • BoredAndExtremelyDangerous says:

      There’s a difference between “escorting” a woman to the loo and “directing” her, which is what the article stated. When I go somewhere new, I always need directing to the loo, too. As for these two/four… Meh.

    • Sarah says:

      My guess would be a woman who thinks their marriage is a sham. In that case, she’d have to be pretty ballsy as far as George and Amal are concerned. Though, the headline to this entry made me feel nauseous. Btw, I was NOT talking about myself here. I still think the marriage is a sham or at the very least a part of some elaborate April Fool’s Day joke that’ll last for a year or 2 to get back at Amy & Tina.

      Either way, I can’t wait to see what Amy & Tina would have to say about George & Amal. Chances are, that could determine whether or not divorce is imminent.

  3. DogMom says:

    I think normal people ‘point out where the restroom is while shoving another breadstick in their pie-hole’ while fancy people ‘direct’ each other to the facilities. I didn’t read it as Georgiepooh escorted her to the loo.

  4. Maya says:

    He only had eyes for Amal?

    Then how did he use his fork and knife to cut his food while only having his eyes for her?????

    • Abbott says:

      He couldn’t give Amal the chance to mouth the words “Help Me” to the waiter.

      • PunkyMomma says:


        (Note to Kaiser – I did not need to see the McCartney Tampon Onesie – a “shield your brain” warning would have been nice.)

      • Maya says:

        Oh no – please don’t tell me that the wonder that is Amal doesn’t know the Military sign language????

        Or that she doesn’t know the good old morse code signal for SOS … … … ?

        Tsk tsk george – what happens?

    • Kcarp says:

      They have been married what a month? Congrats George on not eye fu***** other women at dinner.

  5. Green Is Good says:

    Has “Bump Watch” commenced? No, Anistin has the media market cornered on that with awards season .

  6. Asha says:

    If he “escorted” her to the bathroom… well, that’s a very 50 Shades thing to do. Does he take her tampons out too? I thought George was supposed to be Anastasia, not Christian Grey…

  7. Nuzzybear says:

    He didn’t necessarily escort her – it said he directed her. He could have just pointed out where it was.

    • Dara says:

      Hah! That’s how I read it too. He gave a general “over there somewhere” wave of his hand – after all, A-list celebrities never need to do something as gauche as visiting a restroom. They have their assistants do it for them.

      Only kidding. Of them all, George seems the most like a regular Joe (the recent royal nuptials notwithstanding) who still remembers being a struggling actor.

      Isn’t Alasdhair a more traditional Scottish spelling of Alistair?

      • Nuzzybear says:

        Imagine the equipment necessary to have an assistant do that for him!

        I haven’t a clue on Alasdhair/Alistair. I only learned the name from “As Time Goes By” reruns. I’m still trying to get over how Siobhan is pronounced!

      • Dara says:

        IKR. I will confess a fascination with Scottish names and spellings, not sure why – no Scotch blood here at all (unless drinking it does something by osmosis). I ran across the Clan Farquharson reading something a while ago and I still can’t quite puzzle out how to pronounce it. My first guess would require me to drop a crisp $20 bill in the swear jar, so maybe it’s closer to Ferguson…

  8. BearcatLawyer says:

    He might stay in London with her for awhile. Now that she is married to a U.S. citizen, she can be denied entry to the U.S. as a nonimmigrant (e.g., as a tourist or visitor for business purposes). Under U.S. law spouses of U.S. citizens are presumed to be immigrants unless they have certain nonimmigrant work visas that allow a person to enter the U.S. as a nonimmigrant even if they intend to get or are in the process of seeking a green card. The last thing either of them want are photos of her being refused entry to the U.S. and summarily deported for trying to enter as a nonimmigrant. The “Don’t you know who I am?” routine generally does not work with Customs and Border Protection officers, particularly when the law is plainly on their side.

    Since they married in Venice, George clearly did not apply for a fiancee visa for her. If he had, she would have had to travel to the U.S. to marry him in some kind of legal ceremony…which did not happen. He likely has already filed a petition to sponsor her as his wife, but it may be many months before she is approved for an U.S. immigrant visa. Even then she must actually travel to the U.S. and enter on her immigrant visa in order to get her green card.

    She may be sponsoring him for legal residence in the UK as her husband too, which would probably require him to remain there while the application is being processed. He may also be eligible for (or perhaps has previously obtained) UK legal residence due to his career accomplishments. Regardless, I do not think Alamooney will be gracing our shores together anytime soon.

    • scout says:

      True! As a US citizen you can’t stay outside the country 182 days in a year. Unless you have a work permit, you can’t stay in another country (Canada, Mexico, Europe) mpre than 3 mnts in a year. As a spouse to a US citizen, you have to apply for green card first and then proceed to get citizenship. Amal already has dual citizenship with UK and Lebanon, don’t know if she gets US citizenship too. May be she doesn’t want to have a career here in US at all, just visit which she can do for 182 days a year. Complicated, isn’t it? With kids in future, can’t even imagine. Guess they will be UK, visit pops for holidays.

  9. BooBooLaRue says:

    Well IF I was sitting at a table with Stella and her HORRID clothing, I’d have eyes only for Amal too!

  10. lauren says:

    maybe he accopanata in the bathroom to keep the door … aaaahhh … or maybe x wipe his ass ….. crap that you have to read …. already have their painful two and then one must also bear some crap from print … a little ‘brain people !!!

  11. Bill Hicks is God says:

    What is it about these two that makes me reach for Gravol?

  12. Amelie says:

    I can’t help but follow-up on Kaiser’s moniker for Amal as the “new Queen of Perfection.”
    As a Catholic, we have what we call litanies, which is a kind of prayer. I can’t help, but do a take off on the litany of Loreto, only this one is called:

    The litany of Amal

    Queen of perfection…
    Woman most powerful…
    Mirror of justice…
    Fashionista most renowned…
    Long locks most puffie…
    Humanitanian savior…
    Lawyer most excellent…
    Spouse most loved…

    This will probably get me into trouble, but what the H-ll, it’s ones of those days!!

  13. Nims7 says:

    I need a pedicure.

  14. scout says:

    LOL! What a horrid “ghastly crotch-puffing onesie” that was! Amal already has one of those with one shoulder jumpsuit or similar.

    Hope he just directed his bride of 2 mnts, not lead her to the restroom and back!

    BTW, have you read Baria’s interview and her views on Feminism and sexuality? Wonder what happened to Amal’s dad’s first wife if Baria raised his boys in UK! GC better treat his bride like a queen for the rest of his life orelse his ma-in-law is going to get him! Haha…