Did LeAnn Rimes hire the same litigious maid who worked for Brandi Glanville?


LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian had a recent vacation in Miami. I only know that because I checked LeAnn’s Twitter and she couldn’t help herself from tweeting about “paradise,” plus she posted a weird bikini photo. From her Twitter, I also know that LeAnn got a gig performing for two nights on a Carnival Cruise. That’s where her career is now – she’s the entertainment on a cruise ship. No disrespect to all of those cruise-ship performers out there, but LeAnn really used to be a legitimate country music star. Speaking of, LeAnn is shilling her “Christmas EP” and it’s just awkward. Awkward and budget.

Ugh. I get that she’s probably using her own money to promote this stuff, but there are cute, low-cost ways to self-promote and LeAnn still hasn’t figured that out.

Meanwhile, OK! Magazine had a story about Eddie and LeAnn trying to “make nice” with Brandi Glanville so she would support them during their legal wrangling with the maid who is suing them. Gossip Cop says it’s crap!

Despite a published report, LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian have not been advised by their lawyers to pretend “play nice” with his ex-wife Brandi Glanville, just so that the “Real Housewives” star will help them defend against the verbal abuse lawsuit brought on by couple’s former housekeeper, Gloria Cevallos.

The story originated in OK!, a magazine that doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record for its reporting about the couple. According to tabloid’s latest tale, Rimes and Cibrian were told to stay on Glanville’s “good side” because they need her support in court. As the outlet notes, Cevallos worked for Glanville when she was married to Cibrian, so her “testimony could swing the lawsuit either way.” A so-called source for the tab adds that Glanville “seems to have her ex’s back for now.”

We imagine Rimes and Cibrian’s lawyers have a much better legal strategy for tackling the lawsuit than having the couple suck up to his ex wife. Regardless, Rimes and Cibrian’s rep says this story is completely false.

Of course, OK! is the same outlet that fabricated a story last month that claimed Cibrian was “caught cheating” on Rimes. And the country singer recently slammed the tabloid for repeatedly pumping out false stories about her marriage, tweeting, “If you combine OK! Magazine and The National Enquirer’s stories that they’re ‘investigating’ this week you get… Eddie doesn’t want to have kids with me so he’s been cheating on me since April & we’re headed for that 50 million dollar divorce we were gonna go through almost a year ago.”

Still, Gossip Cop poked around with other sources, including one close to the Cibrian and Rimes, who called the claims in OK! “absurd.”

[From Gossip Cop]

That’s interesting that the same maid might have worked for Brandi at one point. I guess Single White Female-ing extends to hiring the same maid as Brandi. Anyway, I can’t imagine that any of these people are in the mood to “play nice.” If anything, I doubt Brandi cares and if anything, I bet LeAnn would love nothing more than to pull Brandi into some legal drama.



Photos courtesy of LeAnn’s Twitter, WENN.

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  1. OrangeBlohan says:

    Brandi should tell both of those hoes to go F themselves. After all the crap they’ve pulled, if I was Brandi, I’d pop some popcorn and go to court everyday just to watch them both get screwed!!

    • Charlotte says:

      I think a better revenge would be for Brandi to just carry on living her life and think about these two as little as possible, seeing as they clearly want her attention.

    • Anniefannie says:

      Better yet! Brandi should pretend that she will testify on their behalf and then get on the stand and annihilate them! Revenge tastes sweeter when served unexpectedly!!

      • briargal says:

        I really love that Brandi isn’t responding to anything the loser is throwing out there BUT I do love your idea!!! haha But the best revenge is Brandi having a successful life DESPITE all the garbage the losers want to throw her way.

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      You are absolutely right.

      Plus, it’s no surprise that LeAnn used Brandi’s maid. She copies EVERYTHING Brandi does, whackjob.

  2. Tracy says:

    Carnival cruise ship gigs…. I love ya, Karma!!

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      LOL!!! Isn’t that the line that was always running aground and had bathroom issues with feces flooding the ships? Sounds like the perfect venue for her yodeling.

      I still think the Zoo gigs were my absolute favorite-LOL!!! The idea of her playing next to some monkey cages (even if that wasn’t really the case) amuses me to no end-LOL!

  3. elisabeth says:

    at this point every comment on a LR story should be this

    omg LOL what an idiot

  4. Buckwild says:

    Leanne looks a lot like Brandi in that first photo.

    • OrangeBlohan says:

      She tries so hard to look like Brandi, butter face never quite makes it.

      • Funcakes says:

        Can not wait for the RHWBH to start. Leann is very quite for now. She is going to loose her ever loving mind when it starts. I predict five tweets per second when the season starts. And will be the holidays. Wonder if she’ll be full of hoiday spirits and talking sh#t about Brandi during one of her holdiay shows because her show has not be renewed.

      • Macey says:

        I want to know when Celebrity Apprentice is going to start. I dont watch any of the RH shows but I am curious about the CA gig. Cant stand trump and hate to give him ratings but I may watch that when she comes on.

      • Falkor says:

        She’s almost got it, she looks like Brandi if Brandi sucked a lemon and her face got stuck that way…

    • LeAnn Stinks says:

      On her best day and Brandi’s worst day, she will never look like the woman she tries so hard to be.

  5. Someonestolemyname says:

    Brandi has become all fillers and botox.
    She use to look so natural.

  6. Charlotte says:

    …But LeAnn doesn’t read the tabs…

    • Funcakes says:

      Funny with all other tabloid stories she talks them up on twitter before they even come out. But with the Eddie cheating story she mysteriously ignored. She no longer has the money to keep photos of Eddie and a possible girlfriend at bay. She’s probably waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    • OrangeBlohan says:

      She never engages on twitter either…………….

      • Charlotte says:

        She’s had masking tape over her mouth, so watch out or she’ll write an album about us and her truth.

  7. Funcakes says:

    How are those album sales going for her Xmas album? She love to crow about her albums when it debut at high numbers, but when it sinks like a rock after an hour we her nothing from Leann.

    • claire says:

      The only reason those two albums even hit the Top 10 for five minutes is because all the others on that chart had been there for months. Yet, those two, knowing how charts work, were still pathetic enough to brag.

  8. Funcakes says:

    I wonder why there’s no Halloween photos of her and Eddie? She usually have all kinds of photo ops with the kids and old Ed. When he’s not with his ladies.

  9. Virgilia Coriolanus says:

    I’m not understanding why she had to give us a Discovery channel lesson on Hippos, for a freaking Christmas song, but whatevs.

    • why? says:

      It’s another one of Leann’s attempts to one up and compete with Brandi. Jake’s favorite song is “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”. We only know that this is Jake’s favorite song because Leann tweeted about it many times and posted videos of Jake singing it on her tour bus and backstage at one of her concerts.

    • Jaderu says:

      I wish the hippos would have a press conference denouncing this video. They don’t deserve this knucklehead giving them a bad rep.

  10. Erinn says:

    We’re paying more to see Kenny vs Spenny vs Canada than I would be to go see Leann Rimes at her show in Ontario in December. Ticket master said her tix were 35-75, and KvS is 50 or 100 hahaha.

    Let’s see if we get the ‘happy family halloween photos’.

  11. doofus says:

    so, is that dark-ish pic of them in a restaurant a “parody” of THE PICTURE that was published of him licking her fingers…the one that started this whole mess?

    klassy, as always.

  12. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    I just see her as clinging to last remnants of her fame with every fiber in her being as it slips away. Pathetic.

  13. Macey says:

    I think this is total BS called in by LR’s camp. They just threw BG’s name in the mix b/c she cant get press without mentioning her. BG addressed the suit a few weeks ago and said the maid/nanny worked for her for yrs and the only reason she isnt still using her was b/c she couldnt afford it.

    LR doesnt have a leg to stand on, if anything BG would probably vouch for the maid’s character since she seems to think highly of her.

    that said..who the eff sits around making goofy faces for the camera all day and night? can you imagine the time they spend coming up with the faces and then going over the pics deciding which ones to post. I swear I have never in my life knew of anyone who takes so many pics of themselves. I’d love to own the mirror she looks thru b/c she is not seeing whatever everyone else does.

  14. why? says:

    The first chapter of Leann’s Christmas album flopped big time, so no one should be surprised that Camp Leann is now drudging up the maid story and throwing Brandi’s name right in the middle of it. Leann released the Christmas album on the same day that Taylor released her album and while Taylor’s album shot to #1, Leann’s album was in the 300s and is now sitting in the 700s on amazon and didn’t make it into the top albums on Itunes. Who thought that this Christmas album was a great idea and why did they release it the same day and week that Taylor Swift released her album? Leann was so desperate for attention that she even started tweeting to Taylor Swift.

    The best thing about the Gossip Cop and OK maid story is that it took the press 2 days to notice it. Before that, Leann tried to get attention with the bikini photo.

    Leann hasn’t been playing nice with Brandi. Have you seen how many tweets she made about Halloween and the costumes Jake and Mason will be wearing? Leann wants everyone to know that this year Mason and Jake will be spending Halloween with her, she was tweeting about Halloween at 11:00 last night because she couldn’t contain her glee about Brandi not spending Halloween with her kids. Where was Eddie at 11:00 pm? Was she tweeting at the airport? Leann took Eddie on a 6 day vacation in the Bahamas just so that she can post photos of the Jake and Mason today. Leann is very predictable. She will set up a staged lunch photo-op with Eddie today, then tweet about how she visited Mason and Jake’s class to drop off Halloween treats, then the photos of her and Eddie getting dressed, followed by a family photo of her and Eddie posing in the driveway with Jake and Mason, then after Jake, Mason, and Eddie leave, Leann will spend the night tweeting and posting selfies.

    There are no Halloween photos of Leann and Eddie because Eddie, Leann, and Leann’s friend have been in the Bahamas for 6 days. Eddie won’t travel 3 days for work, but he will travel 6 days for a vacation? Eddie is lazy and his priorities are messed up. So far no photos of Leann and Eddie at the hayride, airports, on beaches, or outside their hotel have come out.

    The Hippo Christmas song is all kinds of wrong because it’s just another passive aggressive dig at Brandi. Brandi’s son, Jake, favorite song is I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.

    Is Leann’s new record company bankrupt? Why is Leann paying out of her pocket for the promotion of her Christmas album?

  15. why? says:

    Leann says that she has been up since 5 am getting things ready for her Halloween party of 65 guests. Leann has been up since 5 am for 2 reasons: she was waiting for Eddie to come home (after the staged airport photo-op, Eddie went to his parents house) and she was downloading her Christmas album from Itunes, Amazon, and Walmart because someone said that it was in the 900s on Amazon last night.

    The saddest thing about Leann’s Halloween party is that even though Jodi Rimes will be surrounded by 65 “friends and family” and her hubby, it still won’t be enough to make Leann stop tweeting and posting photos all night. Leann has to show Brandi how much fun she is missing not being able to spend Halloween with her kids, ex-friends, and in laws.

  16. Deanne says:

    She seriously gets more and more pathetic, on what seems like a daily basis. That promo video is pointless and she once again massacres a classic song. LeAnn tweeted the whole time she was on vacation and they took along a third party. I don’t think they’ve ever vacationed alone during their entire relationship. LeAnn really fosters obsessive, dependent behaviours in her fans. One of them has literally tweeted hundreds and hundreds of times about her foot pain and gave LeAnn a blow by blow, including photos of her surgery, begging for love and hugs, etc. to an extent that it made me feel both sad for her and incredibly uncomfortable. She’s an adult, but comes across as very immature and childlike. She begs LeAnn for attention and love, not realuzing that LeAnn isn’t really her friend.

    • Tracy says:

      I’ve seen some of that too and it is strange. I thought that person was a child until she tweeted her age the other day.

      • funcakes says:

        Theres always one person that tweets every pain and ache. And she counts down the days to whatever operation shes about to have. And leann gives her same stock response she tweets to everyone. Hugs and kisses or luv you too.

      • Deanne says:

        I’m not trying to be cruel, but it is really odd and you are right about her tweeting her age. I was completely shocked. I would have pegged her as a mid-teen to late-teen at most. She seems very, very needy. @funcakes The operation countdown and non-stop tweets about “crushing foot pain” were really over the top. She basically plays LeAnn’s music 24/7 and has made videos talking to her and singing to her. I hate myself for knowing this, but it’s just so incredibly sad, yet captivating. There is a photo of LeAnn with a group of her fans and I’m sorry, but it’s very telling about who her fan base is and why her endeavours all fail.

  17. briargal says:

    To answer your question, Kaiser, with a question–is LR breathing in air that someone else could use??? OF COURSE SHE DID!!!! This little piece of garbage doesn’t have an original thought in her feeble, hillbilly, alcohol-induced, teen-age mind! She has to copy everyone but especially Brandi!! LR is such a pathetic loser and everytime she opens her mouth–or tweets–she shows people just how pathetic her tiny little life is.

  18. MY TWO CENTS says:

    Leann can’t get a record contract from any company and she is signed to a brand new company for her “management”. I imagine all the expensive PR people and lawyers, etc. are all long gone. This freak actually thinks she can market her own stuff. These ideas she comes up with just make people laugh at her. Doesn’t Darrell or anybody around her have any sense to advise her on how to promote something? That video with the elves and her in a bathing suit is embarrassingly low budget. Everything written about this woman I consider PR from her camp. Even this maid lawsuit seems highly suspicious. Eddie has done given up on the PR crap since their failed show it would seem but Leann is still trying with all her might to matter. It just ain’t gonna happen. It is over for her in the country scene. Sure, they throw her a bone every now and then when Darrel calls in a favor but other than that she is fully cooked. Carnival cruise ship at port no less…her singing is thrown in with the buffet dinner. Need I say more?

    • briargal says:

      Your question about why Darrell doesn’t advise her made me laugh. I’m beginning to think he is as nutso as LR is. Doesn’t he realize that by aligning himself with her, he is downgrading himself as to any respect he might get from the music industry. Birds of a feather…..

      • funcakes says:

        No one tells leann anything. Eddie said that leann hires yes men. Darrell must be in this for sh#ts and giggles.
        The only reason to hang around leann is for pure entertainment to see what crazy thing she does next. This is the calm before the storm. Wait until brandy s shows debut.

      • funcakes says:

        No one tells leann anything. Eddie said that leann hires yes men. Darrell must be in this for sh#ts and giggles.
        The only reason to hang around leann is for pure entertainment to see what crazy thing she does next. This is the calm before the storm. Wait until brandy s shows debut.

  19. anne_000 says:

    Remember the story that Leann SWF’d Brandi’s dentist and then sued him? And now with this maid story, it looks like LR is punishing people for associating with BG. Good thing that BG’s Pilates studio banned LR from coming or else one day down the road, LR might have sued them too.

  20. funcakes says:

    .I wonder how Eddie feels about brandy s 23 yr old boy toy. He’sso self centered that he might be still possessive about her and who she dates. I remember during that show when someone asked about brandi dating he gave a jealous juvenile answer. If he loved his wife so much he would have said I’m happily married now so who she dates is none of my concern. As a matter of fact I never hear Eddie declare his love for leann. Just mentions of the ex wife .

  21. Leslie says:

    Usually by the first of October, pictures of LeAnn and Eddie’s Halloween costumes are all over the Internet (taken from her Twitter), with people making fun of them. Well, today is Halloween, and I’ve seen nothing. Has she not been posting anything, or is everyone ignoring her and not reposting her pictures?

    • why? says:

      Eddie, Leann, and Leann’s friend have been in the Bahamas for 6 days. Leann didn’t have time to post any Halloween photos of her and Eddie’s costumes because she was too busy tweeting and babysitting Eddie and her friend in the Bahamas for 6 days. Before the 6 day vacation in the Bahamas, Leann said that her and Eddie’s costume is going to be an iconic celebrity couple. Desi and Lucy? Cher and Sonny? Mickey and Minnie? On the day of the hayride Leann said that she was a cat and then she said yes when someone asked if Eddie was a mouse, so Tom and Jerry?

      Thanks to Leann, we do know what Mason and Jake are going to be for Halloween. Joker and Green Arrow. Leann must have forgotten about her earlier tweet about Mason not liking to dress up for Halloween.

      • Julie says:

        I would bet Desi and Lucy. I think in her screwball head she was hoping during her VHI flop that people would come to think of them as the next Lucy and Dezi. Big FAIL. I guess she’ll have to settle for the Halloween custom instead. Lucy was funny, Leann is not. Desi was a douche, so is Eddie.. Allegedly.

  22. SouthernGal says:

    I think it is hiliarious she is selling $5.47 beanies from sportshirtoutlet.com with her initials embroidered on it for $20. Not only is it cheaply made but the markup. Her 7 fans are eating up her b*lls**t about the hoodies which I’m sure is from the same outlet store. She is pathetic. And don’t even get me started on her singing on a docked cruise ship. Carnival is a dump and this is her CAREER now. Lounge singer who sales cheap ass beanies/hoodies from an outlet store. LMAO!!!!

    • Deanne says:

      But she personally chose the fabrics and designs herself. The LeAnna 1982 shirts are my personal fave. I wonder if she toured the sweat shop that made them? You know, seeing as she’s so involved in the creative process.

      • SouthernGal says:

        Just like she claimed to approve the design of those generic hoodies. Girl Bye!

      • Lady D says:

        Surely America’s sweetheart would use good old American labour, wouldn’t she? Isn’t country music all about supporting, loving, and protecting your country?

  23. Petunia says:

    Although it’s been stated a billion times on a billion different gossip sites , I can’t fight the need to express how bizarre her situation is. I have to believe that she’s realized that she has no marketability other than stirring up hate for her. This is her thing now. You know she reads the countless opinions of how much she is vomit inducing to the general public. That’s evident by her fake accounts posing as a fan that straggle in these threads to defend her. Always the same tone. Always making sure to insult Brandi whether the article is anything remotely about Brandi. It’s like. 6 year old defending them self.
    I think she’s decided that she’s a pioneer and has discovered that being absolutely repugnant can keep you relevant. Pretty sure she’s not interested in trying to turn her image or public sentiment around. She’s banking that people will see her shows on the freak show idea that people can’t look away from a train wreck. That’s her thing now and she cackles at her cunningness.
    This theory is the only way my brain can process the endless display of fcukery she proudly puts on display for the masses. She and Darrell, drunk and high diving their dirty stinking hands at the brilliance of figuring out how to work the system and stay famous. Kind of working, right? As long as you have zero moral compass, are willing to degrade yourself to the lowest common denominator….. Oh yeah, that be everyone in show business.
    I’m highly entertained by her blatant delusion. I do not wish for her to wise up and turn this car around. Keep driving for the cliff Leann! I love the nightmare stories and never want you to stop. You’re so fascinatingly repulsive that I can’t look away.

  24. laura says:

    Going back to them always bringing a “friend” on holiday with them, is this some sort of threesome stuff that Eddie wants? Might explain why they’re never alone, she’ll do anything to keep him…

  25. Debi says:

    Why does she thinks she’s so funny? Who told her that? That’s all we hear about “we laugh at ourselves” then these unfunny videos she’s thinks are charming & funny. Ugh she’s so delusional.

  26. SouthernGal says:

    So now she is shilling $55 hoodies to her “poor” fans who are complaining about being on medical leave or broke and can’t afford her “spesul” hoodies. WTF is #elfie?

  27. Falkor says:

    Happy Halloween everyone! *pelts folks with candy* Who’s in the mood for some spooky Christmas yodeling and some scary stories? Have you guys heard the one about the has-been country star who wanted to make a skin suit out of a Real Housewife?

    • Lolo-ology says:

      Ow that Jolly Rancher hit me in the eye! And the other eye is busted from the bikini pic. *runs blindly from skin suit tale, crashes headlong into a slowly creeping range rover*

  28. Oldsoul says:

    That Hippo song is bad. She sounds deranged. I know she has a great voice, but that song does NOT showcase it.

    • Deanne says:

      The thing is, she really doesn’t have a great voice anymore. She garbles her words, strains to hit notes and screams out the lyrics. She brags about having no vocal training, but she could sure use it now.

  29. why? says:

    Leann is so predictable. Leann hasn’t posted the happy family driveway photo yet, but based on her recent tweet and twitpic, she and Eddie are more than likely dressing up as Lucy and Desi. Since Eddie and Leann are Lucy and Desi, does that mean that Lizzy and Dave are Ethel and Fred? I don’t know how her fans weren’t able to figure it out. It wasn’t a matter of if Leann and Eddie would dress up as Lucy and Desi, it was a matter of when. At least Leann didn’t stalk Brandi’s timeline and interviews like she did last year. Brandi tweeted and gave interviews that she loved Kenny Rogers and Dolly and then last year, Leann and Eddie dressed up as Kenny and Dolly.

    Leann’s tweet: “Esmeralda’s wig”

    Summary of characters from I Love Lucy: Lucy Ricardo (née Lucille Esmeralda McGillicuddy) and Ricky Ricardo (Ricardo [or Enrique] Alberto Fernando Ricardo y de Acha III) are fictional characters from the American television sitcom I Love Lucy, portrayed respectively by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz.

  30. TJ says:

    I see with her a nervous breakdown in a year.

  31. embee says:

    Listening to her talk about hippo info in that perky voice makes me feel sick. The video of her as a unicorn was stupid. Prancing on the beach with elves while wearing a bikini (of course) was ridiculous. When does it end? She must know she’s a laughingstock

  32. Alita says:

    Omg … I wrote a ‘blah this dissing rubbish’ note, and it was disallowed. Golly. Wonder if this one will be ??