Katy Perry is blowing $4 mil on her Egyptian birthday party: excessive?

Katy Perry

Here’s a photo from Katy Perry’s Instagram page. She calls this new hair color “play doe pink” and has jokingly (?) fashioned it after Animal of the Muppets fame. I don’t expect this color to last any longer than Katy’s other hair experiments. She probably blew a load of money on a professional dye job, right? This week’s issue of Star says that Katy’s pal of convenience, Rihanna, spends $25,000 per week on her everchanging hairdos. That adds up to over $1 million every year. For hair!

Star has some dish about Katy’s spending habits too. She’s about to turn 30 years old and is planning a major blowout to celebrate. Katy has arranged a week-long trip to Egypt, and she’s taking 60 of her closest friends along. Katy’s enamored with Cleopatra and put her own trashy spin on pop cultures favorite Queen of Egypt in the “Dark Horse” video. She’s taking her fascination to an extreme by splashing out a reported $4 million for this mega-vacay. Huh:

When Katy Perry turns 30 on Oct. 25, she won’t be taking the landmark day lying down! According to a member of Katy’s inner circle, the Cleopatra-obsessed singer is planning to celebrate her big day with a first-class bash in Egypt!

“She’s sparing no expense to make sure everyone has a blast!” dishes a friend, revealing that 60 of Katy’s friends will be joining her on a 10-day vacation that will include a stay at a five-star resort, a Nile River cruise and private tours of the ancient sights. She’s even beefed up security, given the nation’s political instability. “There’s going to be a team of former Navy SEALs who will work 24/7,” adds the insider. The tab for this Middle Eastern megabash? $4 million! But Katy doesn’t care. “She’s paying for everything and everyone,” divulges the friend. “She’s used to top treatment and is happy she can afford to let her loved ones experience it too.” Sphinx a lot, Katy!

[From Star, print edition, October 6, 2014]

Well, it’s Katy’s money. She earns this much dough for a handful of her day-glo concerts, so why not? I won’t begrudge her the freedom to waste money and party. If Katy’s week-long party really happens, then the affair should be splashed all over Instagram next month. There should be plenty of cultural appropriation because Katy can’t help herself.

Hey, I wonder if Riff Raff will be going on Katy’s fantastic voyage. This vacay seems like it would be right up his tacky alley.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Photos courtesy of Katy Perry on Instagram, Fame/Flynet & WENN; screencaps courtesy of YouTube

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  1. Lilacflowers says:

    Dear Egypt, forgive us.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:


    • Tiffany :) says:

      That’s what I was wondering.

      Needing to be protected by Navy Seals doesn’t sound like a good time to me. As a guest, I would much rather go to a safer location if I am going to a party. I would turn down this invite.

  2. Annie says:

    That last pic. Can only laugh.

  3. decorative item says:

    No! By all means, let her waste all her money.

  4. BlueJay says:

    Wrong to spend this kind of money on something like this when people are starving to death in other places. Selfish. We need to consider ourselves citizens of the world and make this a better place for everyone.

    • Chris says:

      Yes. But how?

      • Kiddo says:

        I don’t know, for starters, instead of a bucket challenge or a giant bash, send a bucket of donations to Médecins Sans Frontières to help stop the suffering and spread of Ebola. Then have a smaller party.

    • Charlie says:

      I agree, I don’t care how much money someone has, I think it’s bad to spend so much on a party. And yes, I know people will say her money her choice, but I still think she’s an idiot.

      • jaime says:

        Especially when you consider the fact she could have an amazing party for liitle to no cost! A club would probably throw her a free be for the publicity, a brand of alcohol would probably sponser the partys drink requirements, surely she had dj friends to do music, and a designer would dress her for free. Plus she could sell esclusive access to the party to et or a magazine (who ever will pay the most), and actually make money. Does she have no financial sense.

      • sienna says:

        But Jaime, that makes not sense. If a party is comp’d it’s still paid for. It is just that the money comes from a company rather than her pocket. Like a Kardashian wedding… which I think is tacky.

        Why is this an either, or proposition. All money that isn’t spent isn’t donated. When you chose not to have a latte, do you go home and donate $3 to charity?

        She does donate, but not at the expense of a birthday party that she can afford and furthers the businesses that profit from serving her.

      • jaime says:

        Im just cheap lol, I assume by the tone that it means she is paying herself. I am talking from the perspective of her spending her money, there comes a point when well paid celebrities lose their ability to make huge amounts of money, so I don’t think it makes sense to blow 4mil when there is no guarantee that she’ll keep making money. I think celebrities spend too much money having extravagant lifestyles, when as soon as they are no longer relevant, what money they have in the bank has to keep them comfortable forever (this might not makes sense).

        Some no longer relevant celebs declare bankruptcy, because they lived like there would always be the next big paycheck.

        If someone else is paying for it, she should up it to 5mil :P

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Totally agree. By all means, have a nice party. But 4 million dollars could save or improve so many lives. It’s sort of nauseating.

      • Ag says:

        “nauseating” is an excellent term for it.

      • Ciel says:

        4 mil is going to help a few businesses and some people are definitely getting their paychecks on time. So it’s all good.

      • TheOneandOnlyOnly says:

        Yes, nauseating; just like her crappy generic music: Oblivious to the world why doesn’t she donate that sum to help organizations assisting Syrian refugees spread throughout neighboring Muslim countries – Oh, that’s right, she doesn’t even know there is a 3 yr. old war in Syria, nor does she care.

    • Steph says:

      I really think it is unfair to place the world’s starving children on the shoulders of Katy Perry. It is more appropriate to place the blame on despots, dictators and corrupt leaders who rob their countries blind,much like the politicians in the US.

      • Kiddo says:

        No one is putting that burden entirely on her shoulders. But collectively, everyone must assess value. When you have that type of cash, you can easily part with some of it for good, instead of mere hedonism, which also seems to be plaguing the leadership around the globe; self-interest only.

      • Steph says:

        Kiddo, Katy abides by the laws and she pays her taxes,which is probably quite sizable and she seems to be a very generous person with her staff and friends. She has every right to spend HER money the way she wishes. She should not have to explain her expenditures to anyone. The last time I checked,the US is a free country or perhaps not. I guess the new USA is to bully people into submission and to force them to do what the COLLECTIVE powers that be wishes for them to do.

      • Kiddo says:

        @Steph, no one inferred she was breaking laws, or that she had no rights. It’s still a disgusting display and a waste of resources. And how do you suppose she is being forced to do anything? Having a conversation about excesses has absolutely no control over anyone, as you might want to take note of throughout the world. The collective POWERS THAT BE are the one percent, who like to find every work around to avoid paying taxes and have the most influence globally. So yeah, POOR POOR Katy Perry, someone on the internet thinks she’s being piggish. She suffers DEEPLY. Let’s set up a nonprofit organization of a million tiny violins for her.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Of course you’re right that it’s not Katy’s fault that there are starving children. And she has a right to spend her money the way she wishes. No one is saying she should be arrested for it. But Kiddo and everyone else who commented, including me, have a right to find it sickening that one person would take 4 million dollars and practically burn it. She’ll have a great birthday party with 60 “close” friends. Meanwhile, that amount of money could literally save lives. It’s wasteful and selfish, in my opinion. Is a party worth 4 million dollars?

        Having freedom doesn’t mean you can do what you want without consequences. And if you do something this ostentatious, wasteful, greedy and selfish, people are going to notice. And comment. Because it’s a free country, and that goes both ways.

      • Steph says:

        Kiddo and Goodnames….I completely understand where you are coming from and unless we are as wealthy as Katy,we will never be in the position to ever spend 4 million on a birthday party. Either way,Katy is not an evil person and she appears to be quite generous, so I personally do not feel comfortable with making her feel guilty for wanting to have a very special 30th birthday with her friends.

        If we are going to jump all of Katy Perry then we should also shade all celebrities for their expenditures on weddings and birthdays. Look at George Clooney’s wedding and Chelsy Clinton’s 4 million dollar wedding. These are special days and events and if they have the money to go all out then I really do not think we should make them feel guilty for celebrating their special days.

      • Kiddo says:

        @Steph, I think most weddings are absurd and overly indulgent expenditures, because they have become more about parties and show rather than something of substance, but at least based on historical implications, the wedding is supposed to represent the coming together of two people and their families, with a future of less self-focus. What the hell is so special about a 30th birthday? That you managed to live until 30, for 4 million dollars? I don’t know. Again, when we have seen some of the greatest disparity of wealth in the world, the excess still turns me off, including the weddings you mentioned. And yes, I would feel enormously guilty and I do feel enormously guilty when I can’t afford to contribute to every charity that asks. And I am wealthy compared to some of the people the charities help, but I am not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination in the US.

        ETA: I never called her a terrible person. It’s just a ridiculously extravagant celebration of herself.

      • SuperDuperKitten says:

        “I think most weddings are absurd and overly indulgent expenditures, because they have become more about parties and show rather than something of substance, but at least based on historical implications, the wedding is supposed to represent the coming together of two people and their families, with a future of less self-focus”

        This is how I feel 100%. I think if you have the outlook that expensive parties, ceremonies, weddings in general are a waste, you’ll probably have the mentality that a $4M party is absurd. I’m not singling out Katy Perry, I honestly cannot fathom how ANYONE would want to throw money out the window on something that seems superfluous. I agree that different strokes for different folks, but that doesn’t mean that all of us shouldn’t have an opinion on it.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I didn’t mean to suggest by any means that she is the only celebrity or person who goes to great extremes on these events, or that it makes her a horrible person. It just makes her a person doing one thing with which I strongly disagree. I just think it’s sad to waste so much money on one event, and it makes me wonder about her values. I’ll never truly know, I guess, but I honestly believe that even if I had a billion dollars, I would have a really nice party, but I would never just throw money away like that and spend 4 million dollars on one birthday celebration. I just couldn’t justify it.

    • derpshooter says:

      Eh, there’s people starving in Egypt, so maybe some them will get some of this money. I think if you are going to spend $1m on a birthday party you should *have* to do it somewhere that the money will do a lot of good for the cooks, cleaners, gardeners, etc. who will be dealing with your mess.

      I love that the guy’s chin is trying to steal some of Katy’s hair. It wants to be a real-beard!

  5. Charlotte says:

    All I can think about are the Ebola orphans that are being shunned and left to starve to death in Liberia. I know it isn’t Katy’s responsibility, at all, but yeah.

  6. LadyMTL says:

    I did a tour of Egypt 10 years ago and I loved it, though mine was waaaaay less than 4 mil, lol. I do find it ridiculous to spend that much on a party but hey, if I had that kind of money in the bank who knows?

  7. katP says:

    The way I see it, it’s her money, and truthfully I wouldn’t spare any expense either if I could afford it. (broke student here)

  8. Sarah says:

    That sounds generous if not foolish. 60 close friends sounds like a lot!

    • Mike says:

      Who has 60 “close friends?” Maybe she doesn’t understand what close friend means. This is really tacky frankly. When you spend more on yourself than P-Diddy (who has far more money than Kate Perry) yo know you have gone too far

  9. savu says:

    Eh go for it. But invite me, because Katy and I have the same birthday.

  10. Jaderu says:

    “Sphinx a lot, Katy!”

    My cat groaned. Then horked up a hairball. The hairball may be a coincidence.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone actually have 60 ‘close’ friends? I guess my definition of a close friend is different.

    • lucy2 says:

      Seriously, if I could afford to do a great trip like that and treat my friends, it’d be great, but I can’t imagine a group of more than 6-8. With 60 people, there will be some “close friends” she probably doesn’t even talk to during the trip.

  12. Ag says:

    i know that the “it’s her money, she’s earned it” arguments always come up, and it’s true – she’s earned it. but, i can’t help but think that this is insanely wasteful. 4 mil on a birthday celebration when there are hungry kids in the world.

  13. Hissyfit says:

    I doubt it. Isn’t her total worth around $30 – 36 millions? Don’t get me wrong, that’s a lot of money for regular people like us but for celebs, it’s not that much so I doubt she’ll shell out that much money on a birthday party.

    • Hollz says:

      I see her net worth listed as 110 million with 30-50 million coming in every year. 4 million is still a lot for a birthday though…

  14. Serenity now says:

    If she wants to throw money away, I would be happy to spend it for her. 💴💰💸

  15. Jh says:

    I wanna go! Sounds epic.

  16. OhDear says:

    TBH, it sounds generous on her part to pay for everyone’s expenses. It also sounds like a hell of a vacation. It’s also a one-time deal for a special occasion, not as if she does this for every birthday.

    That being said, I doubt the story is true.

  17. Josefa says:

    It’s her money. If I was as rich as her I’d donate to charities I care for, but I wouldn’t live a humble lifestyle either. 4 mil does sound excessive but heck, I’d probably do it too if I had the chance.

  18. jess says:

    lol in 15 years she maybe on a comeback tour cus she ran out of money. these pop stars live far beyond their means.

    regarding the excess in money and instead she should give to charity.
    1, you don’t know she does not donate $$ privately
    2. I remember watching this doco on TV where it said for every $1 only 30 cents went to the actual charity the rest went to admin stuff. I think it was the Red cross during the boxing day tsunami? unfortunately a lot of the countries that need charity money they have corrupt government and the people who need it never get it. I prefer to volunteer and donate food and clothes rather than money where i don’t always know if it goes to the right place.

    ps: if this is true we are going to see them all dressed up like sparkly Egyptians just like in the video and be all over the cultural appropriation. which at 30 you should know better not to do.
    I still don’t understand why people think its acceptable and that they are being respectful.

  19. tanesha86 says:

    She is definitely the queen of all tacky and trashy but lord help me I love her music

  20. Steph says:

    Hey its her money and it is her 30th birthday.

  21. Nicole says:

    That’s actually a good picture of him because the tackiness of the costume goes with the tackiness of his, uh, riff raffiness? How on earth can she find this guy attractive? I get being attracted to guys who are douchey but surely it’s not JUST the douchiness you’re attracted too. At least John Mayer is good looking. And you know this guy is going to cheat on you with even trashier women. Congratulations, you have the particular brand of sti going around the low-end strip joints. Honestly!

  22. Malificent says:

    Sigh…. I threw my Egypt-obsessed child an Egypt-themed party for his 6th birthday — but I can’t say that it involved Navy Seals (although that would have been very exciting for the kids…). He regularly pesters me to take him to Egypt to see the real pyramids — which usually ends up in a conversation about family budgets and the overthrow of repressive regimes.

  23. Jedi says:

    well, on the bright side this could be some great press for egypt’s tourism industry. goodness knows they are desperate for tourists to return. when i was there mid- revolution the pyramids were almost empty. hotels were selling off rooms for pennies and even the visa dudes at the airport were jostling to sell me my tourist visa for 15 pounds. heartbreaking for those who rely on tourism to survive. heartbreaking that their government doesnt do much to help.

  24. kri says:

    Sigh. I would love to go to Egypt. And Morocco. But 4 mil??! Why? Maybe she will spend a night in the King’s Chamber and freak out a la Napoleon. Perhaps it will improve her music(it won’t).

  25. Anony says:

    I don’t think its fair to criticize Katy for her wastefulness. It’s her money, and her special birthday. We are all wasteful in our own ways, we just have less. Did I really need that $1k 3d flatscreen tv? No.

    I’m turning 30 soon myself which is considered somewhat of a milestone. The thought of not being a 20 something anymore! If I had the money I’d go on an awesome destination vacation to Japan with my closest friends.

  26. Cheryl says:

    If I had this money, I would buy myself a big gift in the form of donating it to organizations that can provide opportunities for young women. Or single parent families, trying to keep their boys and girls in sports. Or Fine Arts. I would have a pretty great day, finding those organizations and then celebrating.

  27. LAK says:

    I thought this was going to be $4M spent on a party. $4M for a first class vacation for 60 people where they are learning something about history and culture is fantastic. I’d do the same if I had the money. I’m actually jealous that they are touring the Nile and seeing all the museums and artefacts and monuments. May be Katy will understand why her version of Cleopatra and indeed the set design was all wrong when she sees the originals.

    $25K weekly on hair…..*that* is ridiculous waste.

  28. Lv says:

    Eye roll at people who say if they had the $$$$ they would donate it. That is still your choice of how to “spend” the money and maximize your well being / reputation / self image.

  29. Cali says:

    I loathe when people constantly say things online like “i wish so and so would go away already!”, but here I am thinking it about Katy Perry. She can’t sing (as evidenced when you take away her backing tracks and autotune) and her publicist works overtime sending off the dumbest stories to the media at least once a week. She’s vapid and just UGH. I used to love her but then her true colors started showing…

  30. JustChristy says:

    Honest question here- if someone dressed as a geisha or Cleopatra or hell, even Marie Antoinette for Halloween, is that not considered appropriation? You’re basically performing for one night “as” that character. I don’t see much difference in what KP does, dressed as Cleotacktra, it’s just like she’s in extended Halloween. Is it that she makes money? Is it that she got the costuming all wrong? I can’t see taking her seriously as a cultural touchstone, as someone to look to for any kind of correctness regarding history.

    As for the party vs charity, well she has enough money for both right now, so she can do as she likes. Fly fly, tacky little bird.

    • Irishae says:

      I really don’t know. The ‘correctness’ of it all is exhausting. I have yet to run into an irate Egyptian after wearing my Cleoptara costume for Halloween for the last few years or so. My boyfriend also hasn’t had trouble going as my Marc Anthony. I guess it would be better if we went as George and Martha Washington? :)
      I don’t see a problem with what Katy does either.

  31. anne_000 says:

    On one hand, yes, it is her money. On the other hand, it’s tacky & insensitive. She & her people should never have told anybody that it was a $4 million party taking place in a second world country in turmoil or anywhere in the world for that matter, especially since so many people are struggling. They should have kept the cost a major secret so that if it was leaked, nobody would know the amount.