Sarah Palin defends Bristol Palin, possibly about the bloody snowmobile brawl


A few weeks ago, Sarah Palin and her Palin clan got into some kind of bloody, messy, tacky, drunken brawl at a snowmobile party in Wasilla. Gawker dubbed it “The Thrilla In Wasilla” which is amazing. I’ve been checking in on new details from the brawl, details which have come from alleged bystanders and party attendees. For the most part, the original reporting seems pretty on-target. The Palins were in a stretch Hummer. One or several of the Palin clan started the fight. Punches were thrown and a lot of people got bloody.

What’s interesting is that Sarah Palin has not openly or directly acknowledged the brawl at all. She has her own “channel” now (subscription-only) and she’s active on social media, plus she makes appearances on Fox News and other outlets. Surely she would have confirmed the brawl, right? Not so much. And that’s how you know it happened. The grifter’s greatest asset is silence!! Another possibility: Palin was going to address the situation but quit halfway through. Anyway, Sarah Palin posted this on her Facebook over the weekend and everyone thinks it’s about the brawl:

I love my Bristol! My straight-shooter is one of the strongest young women you’ll ever meet. I have to say this as a proud mama: right up there with their work ethic and heart for those less fortunate, my kids’ defense of family makes my heart soar! As you can imagine, they and my extended family have experienced so many things (liberal media-driven) that may have crushed others without a strong foundation of faith, and I’m thankful for our friends’ prayer shield that surrounds them, allowing faith to remain their anchor. Thank you, prayer warriors! I love you!

[From Facebook]

Sarah also linked to this short blog post from Bristol where Bristol blasted a report that Sarah and Todd Palin are getting a divorce. I don’t think Todd and Sarah are getting a divorce. The couple that brawls and grifts together stays together.


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  1. Allie says:

    She’s like a cartoon character.

  2. Tiffany27 says:

    So it’s the liberal media’s fault your family was a drunken, hand throwing mess that night? Ok sis LOL.

    • launicaangelina says:

      For real. I just read that and and thought the same thing. She and others like her who continue to blame the “liberal driven media” lose all credibility with me – especially if that’s their go-to excuse for their own messes.

    • Esmom says:

      I was waiting for her to blame the “liberal media” and she did not disappoint. She didn’t call it the “lamestream media,” though, which is a little disappointing.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Exactly, she is just too predictable.

        Kind of like the brawl, it is a bit satisfying because it is like the other shoe dropping. Sarah and her family are living down to all of the expectations, and even exceeding them in some areas.

    • Jules says:

      Odd, how she never takes responsibility for anything……………

      • FLORC says:

        Not true!
        She’s 1st to claim responsibility for calling current events before they happened. Like she’s so aware of World events she predicts wars and struggles.

        And I thought her and Her husband split ages ago, but play house for image control.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Yup. This woman has never had any sense of accountability.

      • AntiSocialButterfly says:

        A classic defense employed by narcissists. Apparently even those who cannot reach triple digits,

    • lucy2 says:

      Isn’t that funny? Her family’s bad behavior gets reported by EYE WITNESSES, but somehow it’s the “liberal media’s” fault? She sure is an expert at deflecting the blame.
      Prayer Shields Activate!

    • kcarp says:

      OMG I am not even liberal and I can’t stand the always blaming the liberal media. All politicians blame the other side. It is what it is.

      When you act like White Trash it isn’t the media’s fault.

    • Belle Epoch says:

      That’s the first thing I thought – look at Bristol defending her family and making her mama’s heart SOAR.

      Yep, if my daughter was throwing punches at a drunken brawl broken up by the police I would be SO proud – especially if she had two kids before age 20 and never graduated from high school. Just as proud as when her brother got caught slicing the brake lines on school buses, or her sister broke into an empty house and threw a drunken party in it, and my husband was called out for being a pimp….

      The thing is, people suspect the Palins have actually killed people. They play hardball and NO ONE will stand up to them. The lame stream media is this woman’s best friend for failing to investigate any of her deceit.

      • K says:

        Wait, she’s had two? I knew she had one, and he swore on a reality show before he was three apparently (?) but she’s had a second now? I can’t help myself. I must google this.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        It depends if you buy into the theory that Trig is actually Bristol’s child and not Sarah’s. I believe Sarah scammed the entire country about her special needs baby – the sudden pillow pregnancy, the implausible stories about flying back to Alaska in labor, the lack of a birth certificate, the strange behavior of the doctor… It’s all too bizarre, but the lamestream media let her get away with it!

        Also Track is supposedly not Todd’s child. Sarah was pregnant when they married, and Todd had been off in the oil fields. The real father died mysteriously in a plane crash I think. And on and on with these people.

  3. doofus says:

    “Another possibility: Palin was going to address the situation but quit halfway through.”

    oh, burrrrrnnnnnn…

  4. Annie says:

    Last sentence: substitute “sticks” for “stays”. Ha!

  5. Decloo says:

    “The Thrilla in Wasilla” made me laugh out loud! Why are they driving a stretch Hummer? I hope this is not their family car. A heartbeat away from the presidency, people–never forget that.

    • Ag says:

      i think this is where gawker got that brilliant phrase:

      that blog also offers an alternative narrative as to what the fight was about. the entire post is just brilliant, great writing.

      • the.princess.leia says:

        Thrilla in Wasilla is probably a play on Thrilla in Manilla: Ali vs Frasier but that article is pretty spot on when the author talks about why would anyone be surprised the Palins got into a fight considering how dysfunctional they interact with each other, let alone outsiders.
        As a Republican I must state, I don’t think McCain ever really believed she was the best running mate. I believe she was the first available female his advisors/handlers could find to try and combat Hilary. Yes, rather than try to find a qualified VP, the GOP was all “We got us a female, too!” A heartbeat from the Presidency….SMDH

      • Ag says:

        while i do think that that was the inspiration for the phrase, i just don’t think that gawker came up with it. i guess it’s possible that they did, but somewhat unlikely. :)

      • Anon says:

        ‘Mudflats’ is a great blog, although I haven’t read it since Ms. Palin was trying to become President, I mean VP. Especially interesting was the house that Todd and a few of his friends built…Sarah has some dark secrets, imho.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        From the article,
        “Track and his buddy were aggressively pursuing… how shall I put this… “romantic relations” with some female guests. They were allegedly explicit and crude in their depictions of what they’d like to do with and to the ladies, expressing a desire to “bend them over on the lawn,” according to my source.”…

        “The irate husband punched Track with the full force of his annoyance, and the young Palin ended up “spread eagle lying on the grass.” You could say someone did end up bent over on the lawn, but not in the way he first envisioned.”


      • Lilacflowers says:

        @princess.leia, sadly, when McCain’s advisors told him he couldn’t have Lieberman, he withdrew from the process and left the decision to them. Instead of even glancing at the Senate, where a number of smart Republican women who would have been competent VP candidates sat, (OLYMPIA SNOW!!!!) they instead decided to shore up the base and went with Limbaugh’s choice, which they immediately marketed as the mother of five and a beauty queen, because that made her more palatable to the party extremists.

      • Ag says:

        tiffany – isn’t that AWESOME?! lol

      • FLORC says:

        Familiar with both Maine and CT politics. (Lots of voting in both states.)
        I remember Snow was constantly shooting down those VP questions. She truly wanted nothing to do with it. Being 1 of 14 honest bipartisan chairs she saw her value was the greatest in the senate.
        Same with Collins, though Collins wasn’t tapped/listed as a potential like Snow was.

        And the state of CT began to turn against Leiberman. He became more right leaning in a very blue state. The voters grumbles were not unnoticed. He was trying to please both left voters and the right voters outside of his state.

      • Bridget says:

        Hell, another fab Republican woman resides in the very state Palin resides in: Lisa Murkowski. Go figure.

        Isn’t funny that the women in the Senate have almost across the board been great examples of bi-partisanship?

      • the.princess.leia says:

        I would have voted for a McCain/Snowe ticket. Olympia Snowe is the type of person I hope people remember me as. You work with people you sometimes disagree with to get change accomplished!

      • tarheel says:

        By all accounts, Kay Bailey Hutchinson was apparently extremely insulted she wasn’t asked and Palin was. I loathe most of Hutchinson’s policy positions, but shes at least intelligent and has never had a brawl at a neighborhood get together (that we know of… hmmm….)

        Snowe and Collins are too liberal on social issues to have been chosen, even if they wanted to be.

  6. Ag says:

    yes… the brawl was made up by the media, surely, to bring you down. crush those false rumors with your fists of fury!

    if the gawker used the phrase “the thrilla from wasilla,” they ripped it off TheMudflats.

  7. Longhorn says:

    She’s like a parody of herself.

  8. Lola says:

    She knows how to pander to her fan base, and that includes praising bad behavior that her base finds okay if it weren’t for the “lame stream” media shoving political correctness down our throats all the time!

    The more backwards and unapologetically ignorant she acts, the more they cheer. They love when she says racist crap and homophobic crap like her kids spew. And that family is more than happy to provide that service while making money off it to boot. God, she’s vile, as are the people who support her.

  9. The Original G says:

    Yes, I’ll be sure to put Palin’s drunken family fights in a stretch hummer on the top of my prayer list.

  10. BooBooLaRue says:

    Something nice about this family, I like Bristol’s eyeglass frames. That is all.

  11. gurl says:

    This person might have been president! SHUDDER

  12. Jackson says:

    Reminds me of those Gypsy family shows on TLC, I think it is.

  13. Bridget says:

    That darn liberal media, drove them to get into a fistfight.

    Side note: Bristol Palin has had SO much work done!

    • Esmom says:

      Re Bristol, I know. I cannot for the life of me figure out what she thought was wrong with her original face.

      • Erinn says:

        I thought she was kind of cute before. A lot of her roundness in her face would probably have thinned out as she got a bit older too.
        The work looks much better from the side, though:

      • Esmom says:

        Wow, that is a pretty dramatic change. But I agree it’s mostly roundness that she would have outgrown. I cannot imagine going under the knife to “correct” something like that.

      • Bridget says:

        That is major work. Not only is her face thinner, but also got a nose job and a chin implant. Its pretty good looking work, too – it must have been expensive. She must have reallythought that media career was going to work out. Remember her reality show?

  14. Lilacflowers says:

    Work ethic? Does Bristol or any of the Palin kids have a job? Did any of them go to college?

    • lucy2 says:

      Do reality shows count? It seems like that’s all they do. I don’t think any of her kids have pursued any kind of higher education or training.

    • JustChristy says:

      Didn’t you know, they have their own firm? Dewey, Grift’em & Why.

      • Esmom says:

        Ha, that makes me think of the Car Talk guys. When they mentioned their legal team they would say their name was “Dewey Cheatem & How.”

  15. MissTrial says:

    This is pure comedy ( to borrow from Bossip .)
    Pure comedy!

  16. Sam says:

    Somewhere, Levi Johnson just sits back and laughs…

  17. mollie says:

    I read Immoral Minority blog for my Palin Brawl updates.
    Hopefully Snowdrift Snookie will not get away with this one, at the very least Bristol needs to be held responsible for her behavior.
    Gross family.

  18. Lahdidahbaby says:

    Madame Vice President, President McCain has just died. You are now President of the United States and Leader of the Free World. No, ma’am, I’m not kiddin. Time to saddle up the stretch Hummer and fetch Todd for the swearing in. Yes, ma’am, I imagine you’ll be allowed to keep him in the double-wide when you move into the White House. Yes, we’ll have a parking pad built for it around back. No, ma’am, you can’t see Russia from the front porch. But Putin is on line one. Beg your pardon, Ma’am? Putin. President. Of Russia.

    I get all misty thinking of what might have been.

  19. Sarah says:

    What on earth is Sarah Palin wearing. Like an off the shoulder/floppy collar, zipped, pastel cardigan thing… as she’s standing behind a podium? So she’s clearly at some sort of professional/formal event and she’s wearing that? Sorry that was all I could focus on when I clicked on this article.

    • JenniferJustice says:

      It’s not nearly as bad as her representing America teeterubg around in those stupid peep-toe shoes! God that woman is tacky.

      For the record, there is nothing wrong with peep-toe shoes. Would I wear them overseas representing my country and with highly conservative cultures? Heck no. Have some respect!

    • Petrichor says:

      Lol–my first thought exactly. I especially love the bedazzling along the zip.

  20. Joh says:

    Who dresses Sarah?
    And why is Brisboil starting to look like a Duggar?

  21. TheCountess says:

    Where’s that .gif of Judy Garland belting out, “I… DON’T… CAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

    That’s pretty much how I feel about anything Palin-related.

  22. JenniferJustice says:

    At least we didn’t have to see her low-hanging butt cheeks behind her camel toe in this one! Ya’ll know she’ll probably get a butt lift now that we’ve identified that. Alaskans already paid for her fake boobs, lip injections, face lifts and Lord only knows what else…all with their taxes from their hard-earned pay. But hey, it was her salary, so she can do with it what she wants right? If the good people of Alaska didn’t care, why should I? I don’t know why, but I do.

  23. nicegirl says:

    Where are you, Tina Fey?

  24. kri says:

    As Graham Norton would say “chat show gold!!”. These people made me cringe and laugh at the same time. Good god, the names alone…

  25. Steph says:

    I blame John McCain for this mess.

  26. tarheel says:

    Did anyone see the Celebrity Wife Swap where Melissa Rivers traded with Bristol? Bristol and Willow were lazy, trashy, sullen, and DUMB.

    Remember: Joan Rivers and her daughter are Republicans, so the Palin girls weren’t baited or anything.

    • Christin says:

      I couldn’t watch the whole show. Ten minutes is all I could take of the way those girls acted, and the little boy seemed out of control (hitting them, etc.).

  27. Dotty says:

    In the Sarah Palin version of mad libs, somehow it helps if your nouns, verbs, and adjectives have absolutely no relatable context in the real world.

  28. Tincy says:

    Trashy family.

  29. Olenna says:

    Is everybody losing their sh+t up there in Alaska? This is hilarious:

  30. Lauraq says:

    I don’t GET her. Though I am right leaning, I HATED when I heard she was John McCain’s running mate (though I already wasn’t fond of John McCain-I was really hoping for Guliani). I couldn’t believe this clown (librarian Barbie, I called her) was going on TV and acting like a moron. But when she came to my town to speak, I went to see her nonetheless. And…She was incredible. Well spoken, eloquent, very thorough in what she thought was a good plan forward in America. And her points made sense. Some protesters with VERY rude signs pushed their way to the front, and she refused to be baited, only saying she was happy we had such freedom of expression in America, and pointing out that her sons were in the military to protect that right. Seriously, she was a total class act. I left the auditorium in a daze, stunned that I had been so wrong about her. And then…A week later I saw her on the news. Acting like a total buffoon. Again. In a way it makes her more frightening to me because it suggests that under the cover of buffoonery and blather, there is a shrewd, plotting mind.