Elisabetta Canalis on Clooney: ‘There is no mystery, no contract, no secrets to hide’


Nothing makes me miss Elisabetta Canalis more than reporting on Amal Alamuddin. I have missed Canalis so hard these past few months. Canalis dated George Clooney for about two years, circa 2009-2011. Canalis was given her Exit Package from Team Clooney in 2011 when she reportedly mentioned the word “marriage”. No joke. Canalis spent the next few years in a haze of stunts and budget tabloid associations and sad confessional interviews about how Clooney was a “father figure” who brought out her “feminine side.”

Anyway, long story short, Elisabetta hooked a guy. She’s engaged to an orthopedic surgeon named Brian Perri. They will marry in Sardinia in September. And Eli gave an interview about her wedding and… George Clooney.

George who? Elisabetta Canalis recently opened up about her engagement to orthopedic surgeon beau Brian Perri and her famous ex George Clooney to Italy’s Chi magazine.

The 35-year-old Italian actress/model revealed that Perri asked her father for permission and that she will wear an Alessandro Angelozzi couture gown for her special day. “I met a 46-year-old man who has never married and does not have children, a rarity,” she told the mag. As for her diamond: “It is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen,” she gushed. “Brian designed it, he put his heart and soul into it.”

As previously reported, Canalis will be tying the knot on Sept. 14 in Sardinia, Italy — the same month and country Clooney, 53, will be marrying fiancee Amal Alamuddin. (The famous Hollywood bachelor and the 36-year-old British lawyer got engaged in April.)

“I chose the date some time ago and September is the most beautiful time — for those who do not know Sardinia — to appreciate it,” Canalis explained of her decision. “Otherwise I would have had to wait a year.”

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant ended her two-year relationship with Clooney back in June 2011. Despite the coincidence, Canalis only has nice things to say about the silver fox.

“I am happy for him, but I am thinking only of my happiness,” she told the mag. “It is the most important day of my life, I don’t have time to think of anyone else.”

She also cleared up rumors that their past relationship was seen as professional rather than passionate. “That is the wrong impression that many have made and I do not have any problems speaking about him. There is no mystery, no contract, no secrets to hide. So many people believe that a relationship with a such a famous person, always in the spotlight, was not possible,” she said. “Instead we had a real connection and it ended as all relationships can end.”

[From Us Weekly]

Nothing has convinced more that their relationship was partly contractual than her denial of said contract. The more George’s ex-girlfriends are like, “There are no secrets, no contracts, it was LOVE,” the less I believe them. For years, George liked somewhat trashy, C-list women who could transform into his Beck & Call Girls. We know this. George reportedly gives all of his major girlfriends “exit packages” worth several million dollars – I believe Elisabetta got jewelry and cash, and Stacy Keibler got a condo, jewelry and cash. All of that in exchange for non-disclosure agreements, reportedly. I know a lot of people think that the reason for George’s secrecy and contractual relationships is because he’s gay. I don’t. I think he’s a kinky bastard who likes women who let him order stuff not found on the normal menu. And I really wonder how Amal is going to handle that long-term, don’t you?



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  1. angievh says:

    This girl is gorgeous & Euro trashy – perfect for George! When they were together they were super handsy with each other. He looked smitten.

    • DanaG says:

      Yeah I think everyone is missing Elisabetta. Amal might have brains but Eli has a personality, smoking body and you never knew what she was going to do. Hope she has a long and happy marriage she is well rid of Clooney he will never last as a husband. Boring was never used to describe Eli.

    • Fan says:

      You’re right. I kept telling that she is perfect for him. Someday he will come to regret it. I miss the Italian queen.

    • Alice says:

      I saw them in person in a restaurant in London about 6 months before they split. His bodyguard was sitting closer to him than she was. She basically spent the whole meal perched on the edge of her chair, looking really nervous and jumpy. It was rather weird, not loving or smitten at all.

      • alreadyready says:

        A good friend of mine was at the Venice Casino party during the film Festival the year George introduced her as his girlfriend. He told me his hands where all over her even when they were sitting at their table for the formal dinner.
        He obviously got tired of her at the end of their relationship, but I believe that at the beginning he was totally smitten.

  2. Irishserra says:

    My favorite quote: “I chose the date some time ago and September is the most beautiful time…”

    She apparently feels the need to reassure us.

    • Alice says:

      September IS the most beautiful time in Sardinia. Tourist season is over and the Med is nice and warm by then.

  3. DanaG says:

    Don’t think Amal has to worry there have already been rumours about George and a waitress who no doubt has been paid off. Amal seems more for show can you really imagine little miss snobby would do any of George’s kinky stuff? George is supposed to be so grateful she has deemed to marry him in the first place according to her mother and her PR anyway that having sex seems unlikely. It isn’t like they will be living together. Just cause she get’s a ring doesn’t mean this one isn’t a contract too there is no love between these two just look at the pictures of them together. No chemistry, no affection and no signs of being in love with each other. Same game different girl but this one is the most boring and annoying of them all and has the personality of a wet blanket. Let’s hope it isn’t the usual 2 year contract his fans already hate her and even non Clooney fans are already bored to death of her.

    • Truly says:

      Cloonzy is getting a bit old and rickety for The Kink

      Maybe Amal should keep him drunk and just tell him they did The Kink the night before!

    • Francis says:

      +10000 DanaG

      Preach. Agree with all you said.

    • FLORC says:


      Because they aren’t slobbering all over each other in front of the paps to convince us it’s “love” doesn’t meant they lack chemistry. Time does not stop when there’s a lack of recording devices around. They could be madly in love in private. And nothing they’ve done publicly so far would suggest Clooney is pulling Amal’s strings and she’s ok with this arrangement.

      It wouldn’t shock me if George loves a side piece, but Amal appears to be great for his political dreams. Reading anything past this is the stuff of gossip dreams.

  4. Jayna says:

    I don’t believe it for a second, that it was a “contract.” She was full of herself, so sure they were going to be a huge item and he was hers. She was in full-blown denial that he was losing interest and she was still bragging like she had him. They had a natural chemistry. You could see it when they were together when he was enamored with her. Even some friend of his in Italy which knew them both or introduced them (I can’t remember) pretty much said he was hot for her and went after her, but his friend knew they would never last as a couple. Now, that’s true. He went for the lust he had for her and they had some great times at his villa and on his boat, but she made the mistake of thinking she was the one.

    They did look fantastic together, though, out of all of his women.

    I’m happy for her. I remember she miscarried and was sad for her. They seem like a nice couple.

  5. wow says:

    One thing for sure, his exes seem to have gotten him during his best years because he doesn’t have those same looks and appeal now. Today’s Clooney acts like a grumpy old man…oh, wait. He is.

    Amal seems more like a contract to me than any of the former girlfriends.

  6. kibbles says:

    I looked up Brian Perri and he is younger and better looking than Clooney. He also attended the University of Pennsylvania. Perri is probably more at Amal’s level than Clooney. Good for Canalis. She deserves better than Clooney.

  7. siri says:

    I can’t make up my mind about Clooney, really. I always felt he’s sort of asexual in some way, or not overly interested in it. And even though Canalis looks kind of ‘oversexed’ at times, she might have been just an innocent girl with not much experience. Stacy Keibler might have ‘wrestled’ half- naked, but that doesn’t make her a hot mama in real life. And Amal….I would guess there’s not much experience there either, just a lot of brain. So it looks a lot like ‘alibi relationships’ with rather naive girls-but for what reason? Because he/his PR team felt it’s considered ‘normal’? To me, Clooney is a workaholic with a strong need to control, who is extremely cautious when it comes to preserving his image. Which basically means, he’s insecure, too. Kinky stuff? Doubt it.

    • Christin says:

      He’s a puzzling one, but I think his main ‘freak’ nowadays is control freak. He can better control non-famous women who like a taste of the spotlight. Whether actual contracts are involved up front, who knows.

    • Jayna says:

      Innocent girl with not much experience? LOL The girl was a C lister, TV presenter/model in Italy who dated some hot professional ” footballers,” as they call them in soccer over there. I think she was engaged to one of them before Clooney. She also dated before Clooney some film director over there after his divorce. Clooney was her big get, though, for fame outside of Italy.

      • siri says:

        Well, dating a lot of guys in showbiz land is not necessarily the same as being experienced as a woman…at least that’s how I see it. All we see is their image, running from one man to the next. And somehow, I think they were all, next to fame/money, looking for some sort of father figure. Which, of course, George can’t really be, since he seems more like a boy in a man’s body to me. With Amal, he seems to try hard to be noticed as an adult :-)

    • Francis says:

      My sis Gaydar went off with Clooney even during the TV years, I never thought much of what she said, I use to just laugh, but I do wonder NOW if he is Bisexual and does not want that known?

      I had a friend who played basketball at Venice Beach ages ago and one weekend he got access to some game George played in and he claimed Clooney was not into women at all , but I just thought it was a friend being gossipy, I never took it seriously. I’m still confused on Clooney

      ……but I don’t see any sexual vibe between he and Amal, it’s just sterile, the whole interaction between them.

  8. epiphany says:

    ‘There is no mystery, no contract, no secrets to hide’ – exactly what somebody who signed a contract and had something to hide would say.

    • Francis says:


    • Jayna says:

      Or maybe she’s addressing all of the stupid comments about that online. She is a C-lister who probably reads stuff on herself all the time as she was trying to move up the D-lister/C-lister chain of fame.

      She can’t win, really, addressing it or not addressing it. The “contract” theorists will stick with the story no matter what is said or not said.

  9. Eazypeazy says:

    Anyone else remember that she dated Steve-O?

  10. Lola says:

    God, I really don’t consider her an actress … or was she acting when she appeared in the TV Series “Leverage”?? … her on that show … that was hard to watch.
    Have no clue about contracts or no contracts, it would make sense in a way. Not just with him, but with other things you hear about other actors / celebrities.

    • Jayna says:

      Why would he need a contract? He’s an A-lister who dates wanna-bes, who just by being linked to him go to A-lister parties, A-lister events, stay in his beautiful villa in Italy, live in his beautiful homes,, go on great vacations, and have their name and photos prominently in magazines and so try to capitalize on that with their barely existent career, trying to take it to the next level. More modeling gigs, presenter gigs, on and on. He doesn’t need a contract to keep these nobodies who want to be somebodies with him. They are dating far above them and love the attention and perks it brings them, and at one time George Clooney was very good-looking and charming and funny. He’s still attractive, but a back injury and age has diluted that big time. He can get these types of girls at the drop of a hat, who are a dime a dozen in Hollywood, LA, Las Vegas, etc.

      • CynicalCeleste says:

        The contract buys their silence, not their time. ‘Wanna-bes with barely existent careers trying to take it to the next level’ are not instinctively discreet.

  11. PunkyMomma says:

    George has completely lost his appeal. And I miss Elisabetta – she’s a fountain of delicious snark.

  12. aenflex says:

    I only speculate that Amal is boring. Not nearly as beautiful or sexy, IMO, as any of his past ladies. Still have no idea what they are doing together, as she is supposedly a woman of great substance. Who knows, though…? The way she dresses casually is horrid. Maybe she’s a freak after all.
    I want an exit package.

    • Jaded says:

      Why does beautiful and sexy have to be the important assets? Maybe they have a lot in common politically, intellectually, socially, whatever. Base judgements on the whole package, not just the visuals.

  13. cody says:

    So she says there was no contract.

  14. Miss M says:

    She had a miscarriage recently and I think they had planned the wedding when she found out she was pregnant, back then. Besides, her birthday is in September (yes, I am ashamed I know this).

    Canalis was good for gossip, but she let her ego think she was bigger than she actually was. I am glad she found someone who makes her happy. I don’t think Clooney will ever make someone happy, he seems controlling and selfish.

  15. Size Does Matter says:

    She looks like Cindy Crawford mixed with one of the Twilight girls whose name I can’t remember (was there one who had a very sad apartment fire? – that one).

  16. Dari says:

    I thought Elisabetta was the best for him, they looked like they enjoyed each other. I don’t like Amal’s or her mothers antisemitic stance. They made me wonder who is GC? For now I will not watch or support anything he does.

    I am very happy for Elisabetta, she lost her way a bit but has bounced back.

  17. aqua says:

    I’m happy for Elizabetta it sound like she’s matured a bit and she’s found herself a really nice, smart, decent man.

  18. Em says:

    Wow. Before Amal, George’s exes were all “uneducated losers” and now Amal is TOO brainy, snobby, ugly etc? Someone please explain how this works to me!

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree, Em. It’s kind of pathetic. Amal has been attacked since day one – not pretty enough, takes too much vacation, snobby, bad street style, loves the attention – all this from pictures. I haven’t read one interview. People can tell all of these nasty things from just looking at her, I guess.

  19. aqua says:

    I won’t judge a couple or their relationship based on PDA or the lack of it. Some couples could be more comfortable with PDA than others. It just depends.

  20. Nk868 says:

    Omg is the clooney gf situation some sort of weird controlling consent/confidentiality 50 shades situation?? That is too good

  21. Guesto says:

    I’m looking forward to pics of Elisabetta & Brian’s wedding far more than Clooney & Amal’s one.

  22. Kelliekat says:

    I’m happy for her and her new relationship. I think George picked her because she was a sexy party girl and he thought he might be able to change her image into a more classic one as a perfect partner for him, she has the looks for it. But he got bored and it wasn’t her personality anyway.
    I actually think that Stacy Keibler was the closest to a match for him, I think they had similar personalities and interests, (I think she liked dressing up and going to the events more than the others did) and that’s why they were together for so long.
    I also think George regretted it after they broke up and she got married and pregnant within a short time afterward. I think he knew it could have been him, and he would’ve loved the publicity.
    I think it hurt his ego to lose her and and that’s part of the reason he proposed to Amal. I wonder if this marriage will last, it might if he pursues politics, I can see her as a politician’s wife. It will be interesting to watch.