Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz are expecting their second child together


It’s difficult to remember just how screwed up Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz’s relationship was in the beginning. So let me recap – Swizz was married to Mashonda, and he was screwing around on Mashonda with multiple women. He has at least four baby-mamas. And his affair with Alicia destroyed his marriage to Mashonda, and Mashonda openly called out Alicia for it. For her part, Alicia has always denied Mashonda’s take on the situation, and since Alicia is more famous in the industry, the industry helped whitewash her relationship with Swizz. I often compared the Alicia-Swizz thing to LeAnn and Eddie – it’s that kind of trashy, messy affair.

But three years ago, Alicia gave birth to her first child with Swizz. Their son, Egypt, was like Swizz’s fourth or fifth (sixth?) kid overall. And since the birth of Egypt, Swizz really has been keeping a lower profile. Or maybe his game has just gotten tighter and more undercover. You never know. In any case, they’re expecting their second child together:

Aww! Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz are expecting their second child together — and the singer made the announcement via Instagram on Thursday, July 31, with the cutest picture of her bump. The Grammy winning musician, who is already mom to 3-year-old Egypt, shared the adorable picture of herself, 33, and her husband, 35, cradling her blossoming belly, as they celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary.

“Happy Anniversary to the love of my life @therealswizzz!!” the “Empire State of Mind” singer wrote. “And to make it even sweeter we’ve been blessed with another angel on the way!! You make me happier than I have ever known! Here’s to many many more years of the best parts of life!”

Last year Keys admitted her and Beatz’s path to love was not straight forward.

“Honestly, I didn’t really like him that much,” the singer told Marie Claire U.K. “I thought he was too ostentatious.”

But after refusing to work together many times, Keys eventually gave in, and discovered she’d been too quick to judge the handsome music producer.

“I think we’ve taught each other a lot,” she says of her husband who she married on the French island of Corsica in 2010. “He’s taught me to live more fully, and I think I’ve taught him to live more deeply.”

[From Us Weekly]

If she’s happy, then good for her. I hope he’s a good husband to her and I hope he’s supporting all of his babies. Fingers crossed this doesn’t end in a terrible scandal where Alicia discovers Swizz has been cheating on her this whole time (except I think that’s totally going to happen at some point).

Photos courtesy of WENN, Instagram.

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  1. MonicaQ says:

    For the kids’ sake I hope that every thing is ok but seriously, why some women feel like they’re going to be the one to tame the (skeezy) lion is beyond me. I remember when on hip hop blogs this was popcorn material, wow. What a year that was.

    • sammy says:

      He has thee kids with three other women. They’ve been together for five years now and seem happy. I think he did a lot of growing up and is really dedicated to. His kids and FAM now.

      Also Alicia is NOTHING like Leann, Kaiser. People hate on her so hard but praise people like Angelina even though Alicia has raised 10s of millions for AIDS and HIV.

      • Kim1 says:

        Alicia has gotten plenty of praise for her charity work.She was criticized for claiming to be a feminist/ pro woman while at the same time allegedly sleeping with a married man.BTW Alicia hasn’t had to deal with several hundred tabloid covers calling you a home wrecker,drug addict,abusive mother,etc like Angelina has.Besides mentions on Urban blogs Alicia has had it easy.
        Congrats on the baby

      • Jenny12 says:

        Alicia has done good things and no, she isn’t Leann- cruel, incessantly stalking, obsessed with the ex. But what she did in terms of going after a married guy is just wrong. And her husband’s constant cheating on former partners is wrong, too.

  2. Jenny12 says:

    This guy has managed to populate the earth- I think this is his 6th kid with his 4th (5th?) woman. I loved when Mashonda called Alicia out; hopefully Alicia will show the same class when it’s her turn. Alicia is in a better place than Leann, though- her husband is cool with having kids together.. And due to Alicia having her own kids, Mashonda doesn’t have to deal with Alicia trying to act like her kid’s mother. Poor Brandi.

  3. Luca26 says:

    I’m pretty sure Alicia doesn’t really care what he does and he’s said as much on video.

  4. Micki says:

    There’s something about him that prompted an immediate dislike. I’m sure I’ll need a lot longer than her to overcome it

  5. Sam says:

    Yeah, isn’t this the same guy who, after he married Alicia, got caught texting a groupie or video girl about how he was going to bring her on tour? Personally, it reeks of “open marriage” to me. I think it’s a situation of “got pregnant, got married, and now the image must be maintained.”

  6. Ag says:

    He’s so skeezy.

    • (The original, not CDAN) Violet says:

      My thoughts exactly. I can’t believe women are still dumb enough to have unsafe sex with this man. Given he got at least four women pregnant during his last marriage — including Alicia — she’s crazy to take the risk.

      That said, clearly she’s beyond dickmatized or she never would’ve gotten involved with him in the first place so I guess it’s a moot point.

  7. nicegirl says:

    She looks very pretty, love her white gown

  8. Cupcake says:

    I’m surprised she has managed to keep her pregnancy a secret until now because she looks pretty far along – at least halfway and maybe end of second trimester?

  9. Savanna says:

    All shadiness aside, she looks BEAUTIFUL in that photo. She’s a gorgeous woman, but she definitely has that pregnancy glow. And call me crazy, but that’s a genuine smile there.

    I hope she’s aware of what she’s into (because it’s her choice) and he takes care of all those kids.