Freddie Prinze: Kiefer Sutherland is ‘the most unprofessional dude in the world’

Freddie Prinze

I think the general consensus here from the last Kiefer Sutherland post is that no one cares anymore about the return of 24. Has the series resurrected itself yet? I’m a Kiefer fan and haven’t bothered to keep up. Oh, it came back in May for 12 episodes, and it’s over already. No big loss. Whereas the last time we talked about Freddie Prinze Jr., everyone thought he was adorable. So we shall see how you feel about Freddie after this story.

Freddie probably didn’t watch the new 24 episodes either. He reportedly “hated” his experience filming the show in 2010. Freddie appeared at Comic Con last weekend and decided to trash Kiefer. He can’t stand the guy at all. Those are pretty strong feelings, and Freddie doesn’t stop there:

Freddie Prinze Jr. just unloaded on Kiefer Sutherland — saying he hated working with Kiefer on “24″ and calling him the “most unprofessional dude in the world.”

Freddie made the comments at Comic-Con — telling ABC News his experience on 24 in 2010 was so bad, he wanted to quit acting altogether.

“I did 24 … it was terrible. I hated every moment of it. I just wanted to quit the business after that. So, I just sort of stopped.”

He then turned his sights to Sutherland — saying, “Kiefer was the most unprofessional dude in the world. That’s not me talking trash, I’d say it to his face. I think everyone that’s worked with him has said that.”

In fact, Prinze Jr. still hates Kiefer so badly, he took a shot at the actor for being short — saying, “I went and worked for Vince McMahon at the WWE, for Christ’s sake … but, at least he was cool and tall. I didn’t have to take my shoes off to do scenes with him, which they made me do [at 24]. Just put the guy on an apple box or don’t hire me next time. You know I’m 6 feet and he’s 5’4.”

He clearly changed his tune … back in 2010 Prinze had nothing but good things to say about working with Kiefer.

[From TMZ]

Dang. I always forget that Kiefer is “short” by Hollywood standards. Kiefer is 5’9″ and Freddie’s knocking him down another 5 inches. He doesn’t say anything else to justify his belief that Kiefer is “unprofessional.” I’d love to hear more from Freddie himself. Explain yourself, young man.

There are already updates spilling into TMZ. Freddie sources say the matter boils down to Kiefer’s alcohol issues. As in showing up on set drunk and lingering in his trailer for hours as everyone waited. We all know that Kiefer gets a little crazy when he drinks (RIP, Christmas tree). Did his drinking habits affect his work that much? Who knows. We’re only really hearing from mysterious Freddie sources, not Freddie himself. Kiefer’s rep tells TMZ, “Kiefer worked with Freddie Prinze, Jr. more than 5 years ago, and this is the first he has heard of Freddie’s grievances. Kiefer enjoyed working with Freddie and wishes him the best.

Kiefer does have heavy alcohol issues. He’s been charged with DUI four times. He served 48 days in jail in 2007 after violating probation on his third charge. His drinking problems could have leaked into 24 production, but FOX didn’t have issues with hiring him again. Freddie doesn’t win points for the delivery of his message, but maybe his feelings are justified.

Kiefer Sutherland

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  1. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I’m not surprised in the LEAST that Kiefer is a douche but I don’t understand why FPJ is talking about this now?? Also, he went a bit too far with the personal insults. He could have just left it as “Kiefer wasn’t my favorite person to work with” or even better, not said anything at all.
    Weird to call Sutherland “unprofessional” when he’s being “unprofessional” by slamming a former co-worker.

    Too bad because I like FPJ and his wife. Always thought they were cute and low-key, but this feels like sour grapes to me.


    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Interesting point. Odd for him to be still so angry about it.

      • Petee says:

        He must have tolerated a lot working with him.He and his wife are very sober people.His Dad was a talented person that had a HUGE drug problem.Maybe that’s where this comes from.

      • Kori says:

        @Petee–that’s very true. I wonder if seeing Kiefer ‘waste’ his talent by being drunk (though I never heard any stories about misbehavior on set, it always seemed when 24 was on break) reminded him of his father and triggered a bad reaction.

        That question is, again, though–why bring it up now? It’s not even as 24 is re-airing–that just wrapped up. The timing seems very strange.

      • littlestar says:

        I think it must have been a REALLY experience bad for him to bring it up all these years later. And there’s probably a bit of resentment on Freddie’s part that Keifer got to star in another season of 24, despite his supposed terrible behaviour in the past, while Freddie hasn’t really been in anything worthwhile in years.

      • Petee says:

        Kori.I think he just doesn’t have any patience for any of this.He and his wife are very professional.I have seen Kiefer when he is not working and he is bad.Really bad.I have been very open on this site about being a addict.Even though I am better my younger sister can’t forgive me at time’s for some past behavior.At has been along time for me but people can’t forget.He never knew his Dad.He was only like 10 month’s when his Dad killed himself.He was raised by his Mom so I just think it is hard for him to be around addiction in general.

      • Lou says:

        Why mock his height though? it’s not like anyone can help how tall they are. Just still with complaining about the guy’s attitude or his work ethic, not his genetics.

    • Tiffany27 says:

      Funny you should say that OKitt, I’m not a FPJ or SMG fan. There’s just something about them I don’t vibe with.

    • Kiddo says:

      Yeah, the timing is weird. Was it brought up by the interviewer? Did he fester over this for years? What was the trigger?

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I posted downthread that it seemed like he was talking about it in terms of his career trajectory. That “trajectory” being straight into the shitter, with a strong flush to make sure everyone forgets about the dude.

        He seems to be saying “After my terrible experience with Kiefer, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to act anymore” as an explanation of why he faded into oblivion.

        Looks like he’s mainly been doing voice-work since his role in 24, with a few guest roles on TV shows here and there, but no steady acting work.

        He just comes across as bitter here. Be quiet, FPJ. Stop making me dislike you.

      • Kiddo says:

        Yes, and the strange thing is, I’m not a fan of Sutherland and his recent endeavors, although I think he is good in older films, but damn, he handled this response perfectly.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        “Kiefer worked with Freddie Prinze, Jr. more than 5 years ago, and this is the first he has heard of Freddie’s grievances. Kiefer enjoyed working with Freddie and wishes him the best.”

        Translation: “Kiefer worked with this Irrelevant many years ago and barely remembers him. This Irrelevant was so forgettable that Kiefer believes (but is not sure) that he was probably kind of nice to him. Kiefer wishes this Nobody all the best in his rapid descent into obscurity.”

      • don't kill me i'm french says:

        Great translation and probably true

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Perfect translation. Lol

      • mom2two says:

        @TheOriginalKitten…I love your translation of Kiefer’s response!

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Here’s my take: it is well known that Kiefer has alcohol issues and with him it can lead to violence and outbursts. I think Freddie seems to be saying that he re-thought his choices about being in an environment where people who are irresponsible and fail to do their job get rewarded. This might not be the best choice for him to be so public about it, but he is “pulling back the curtain” on something that he doesn’t feel is right, and it seems his experience with Kiefer made him re-think his whole career.

        There are a lot of stories similar to Freddie’s…which is why Kiefer’s career isn’t as successful as his talent could support.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        @Tiff-Ok maybe, but there’s a way to articulate that without trashing a former co-worker.

        FPJ could have said he had a bad experience that made him change his professional path and left it up to the public to speculate that it was related to Kiefer and 24–he didn’t have to name names and give details. It just seems like he crossed a professional line there and it’s in poor taste.
        Yes, we all know Keifer has had drunken and violent outbursts outside of work but I’ve never heard anyone else claim that he was showing up to the set drunk so it’s really just Freddie’s word against his.

        I don’t know. I don’t wanna shade the guy too hard but I wish he had taken the high road.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I definitely agree that Freddie doesn’t do himself any favors by speaking out like this. It is unprofessional of him. I guess I just have a little bit of sympathy, because its hard when everyone shows up to work 100%, and then you have one ass who is delaying progress. So I sympathize with Freddie, but I also don’t agree with his move here. Maybe he feels so strongly about this that he doesn’t care about the consequences?

      • Kiddo says:

        @Tiffany :) , I guess it would have made more sense closer to the time of the events to reveal all of this, even with name dropping, but a lot of time has passed. On the other hand, maybe he needed to ruminate to digest the whole thing.

        I still feel like something is missing out of the equation though.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Yeah it’s completely possible that FPJ is just done with the industry entirely at this point and doesn’t care how people in the industry perceive him.

        ITA that it SUCKS when a co-worker acts like a buffoon and is coddled like crazy while you’re busting your ass and not getting the credit you deserve. That being said, some people are naturally talented. They don’t have to work as hard as others because they have an innate ability to do a job exceptionally well with minimal effort. I kind of think that Freddie is the work-horse type and Keifer is the skate-by-on-talent-alone type.

        I think bosses tolerate a LOT when they’re dealing with a gifted, creative person who could ultimately be pretty lucrative for them. It’s not necessarily fair, but it’s life.

        Ultimately, Kiefer is synonymous with 24, FPJ is not. This makes Kiefer invaluable and FPJ rather disposable.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Yes, I agree that people’s value to what they do isn’t always equal. Some have to work harder to get to the same place. At the same time, if you are holding up shooting and not coming out of your trailer, that isn’t doing your job well. That is not doing your job at all! I probably wouldn’t have an issue with Kiefer’s demons if he just partied in his off hours and didn’t bring it on set. From my perspective, I am thinking about the permits that were secured, the amount of daylight that is needed to film a scene, the supporting actor that has another job booked for the next day and will have to cancel if shooting is delayed, the additional production costs of having a day of filming wasted, etc. Divas create more work for everyone else. Yes, sometimes the star power is worth it, but well, Katherine Heigl is also a diva, ya know?

        Kiefer has a lot of charm (he actually played a “supporting role” in breaking up my friends’ relationship, because the gf was hooking up with Kiefer after meeting him at the bar she worked at. Made the mistake of calling him “Kief” in her cell phone!). I think while he may be irresponsible on set, he is a very talented actor and a very charming person to interact with. Freddie, on the other hand, is great looking but has little charm or acting talent. When you are making a product like 24, one skill set is more valuable than the other. I do find this to be kind of interesting in respect to the fact that they are both 2nd generation Hollywood kids. They seemed to have learned different lesson’s from their experiences.

    • LadyMTL says:

      ITA, I don’t understand why FPJ would (allegedly) say these things 4 years later. Not that I think Kiefer Sutherland is some kind of angel but my first reaction was…huh? Working with Vince McMahon was better because he was tall? The whole rant just comes off as really strange.

      • springingforward says:

        There are many people who have worked with Kiefer who have lost jobs they had lined up following the Kiefer production when the production crew had to add months to the current Kiefer project due to necessary reshoots directly due to his alcoholism and unusable footage.
        His unprofessionalism has cost many in the industry counting on that next paycheck, needed work.

    • Jen2 says:

      My question is why bring this up after five years in the most obtuse fashion possible? Did someone ask the question about who is not professional or did this just come out of his mouth without provocation? This dude holds a grudge and that is just odd and to use his own word unprofessional. The personal insults are also childish. Don’t know much about him except he is married to someone more famous than he is and also has a famous father. If he had a problem with Sutherland’s behavior, shouldn’t he have brought this up at the time it was happening? That I could believe more than this coming up five years down the road. Did Sutherland recently kick him or something? Just strange to me.

      Also, there are also quotes of him talking about how great the work experience on 24 was, so he seems to not be sure how he feels.

      • Bridget says:

        I posted this below, but it would have done nothing for Freddie to say something at the time – Keifer was 24. Fox would have done anything to keep Keifer happy, and complaining about him would have been like complaining about Simon Cowell behind the scenes at American Idol (at least at the time): useless.

    • Bridget says:

      I’d like a little context as well, because it was a little out of left field – or it’s possible that Keifer was just *that* unpleasant to work with that 4-5 years later. Freddie has long had a reputation for being a really nice guy, while Keifer hasn’t exactly.

      Also, on the scale of unprofessional, to me showing up drunk and delaying a show that has a cast and a crew, all of which are waiting on a star and all of which cost money, is much much worse than complaining about your former coworker.

      • JenniferJustice says:

        Thank you. All these pro-Keifer posts are disturbing. How was his behavior any different than Chalie Sheen? The show keeping him on did so because he was the major star of the show. It doesn’t mean he was good guy or even a good actor. It just means they bent over backward trying to make it work with him just like Chuck Lore with 2 1/2 Men. If I had worked with a total douche for that long, I’d probably still be talking about it too. It’s not having to work with a selfish jerk, it’s also seeing the producers and directors catering to a selfish jerk while the ones who are on time and know their lines are treated less important because as far as rating go, in the boss’s eyes, they are less important and easier to replace. I can see how that would make FPJ disillusioned with show biz and yes, bitter. Sutherland was always a jerk on the set. He thinks he’s one important dude – because he had the lead roles and because his father has been well-respected in the business for decades. This is sounding more and more like the Sheens.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        “showing up drunk and delaying a show that has a cast and a crew, all of which are waiting on a star and all of which cost money, is much much worse than complaining about your former coworker.”

        I agree. I don’t think Freddie speaking out is the best choice, but it is much better than being drunk and irresponsible on the job.

      • Lisa says:


      • noway says:

        Freddie just said he was unprofessional, not drunk and showing up late. He never said why he just went into Keifer’s short. (What does that have to do with anything, has he turned into Weird Al and doesn’t like short people. ) People on here are saying he was drunk and late and that unprofessionalism is worse than what Freddie is doing. Well sorry it isn’t a contest that lets Freddie have a free pass, and if it was wouldn’t there be a statute of limitation anyway.

        Freddie is being unprofessional and weird to boot. Five years later you decide that your unpleasant short (pardon the pun) experience acting with someone is so bad that you tell a ABC reporter at Comic Con. I liked Freddie and Sarah seems like a nice family guy, but this is just weird. If you were so afraid of Keifer to not complain constructively anywhere near the time of the event – why now and for what reason?

        Also the vague unprofessional remark is just bad. The only one without a doubt being unprofessional is Freddie. especially without any story from Freddie about what he meant. Keifer’s remarks commenting on it are spot on professional.

    • V4Real says:

      I love 24 and the one that just ended was great. No one is surprised at Kiefer being a drunk. I still remember the Christmas tree incident. Keifer and Charlie should learn from RDJ but then again they always had good careers so nothing is stopping them from being an ass.

      Keifer 5’9, yeah right

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        I’m a huge Buffy fan, so I will defend SMG all day long, but I always got the impression Freddie is a loudmouth.
        The height comment was insulting, but probably true. I bet Keifer is a lot closer to 5’4″ than he is to 5’9.” Anyway, I think the take away here is that Freddie could have taken it a lot further by commenting on keifer’s drinking.

        Oh, and @kitten, I believe Freddie was writing for the WWE for years, so he didn’t necessarily drop off the face of the earth (in terms of career). He did take a huge dive though!

        And I bet SMG is mortified! I don’t recall her making any nasty comments about co-workers, although I’ve heard rumors she is difficult to work with.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Hi Mort!
        I loved Buffy too :)

        He only has three writing credits on IMDB and most of the writing he did was for his show “Freddie”.

        I mean, as I said, I like the guy but I see no need to ‘fluff’ up his career like he’s Cumberbatch or Hedlund.

      • mayamae says:

        @Mort, SMG had a stint on All My Children playing Erica Kane’s daughter. SMG and Susan Lucci despised each other. At the time, I placed the blame on Lucci, but I think I was wrong. SL does not have the reputation of a diva, and is well liked across the industry.

      • Bridget says:

        Its not on his IMDB but Freddie has definitely worked with WWE a fair amount. And I don’t think it’s trying to fluff up his resume, but rather giving a guy credit for doinghonest work even if it’s out of the spotlight.

      • ToeKnee says:

        When I was in high school Kiefer Sutherland was filming a movie in my hometown. He was dating run away bride Julia at the time. Some friends and I ditched school to go scope the scene out. It wasn’t long before they both walked by us hand in hand wearing matching black trench coats. I am 5’8″ and they were both slightly taller than me. He might be squeezing an inch or so in there though with the 5’9″ thing. My brush with celebrity was pppfffft at best.

    • Cici says:

      Kiefer is not a douche just because he’s an alcoholic and unprofessional.

      • Pandy says:

        Goodpoint CiCi. At least he has a career! FPJ just comes off as sour grapes that nothing he’s been on has been resurrected for a limited run due to popularity. Way to make yourself an Ahole.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I think being unprofessional can absolutely make someone a douche.

      • springingforward says:

        He is a douche because his productions ran so many months over that he cost others, much lower on the pay scale, future jobs.

    • mayamae says:

      I’ve always thought SMG and FP Jr. were a cute couple, but he’s never appealed to me. He’s cut from the same mold as John Travolta and Ashton Kutcher. Pretty, but looking like “Duh” would come out of their mouths when they spoke. John Travolta was able to break out of that mold, but the other two couldn’t. I’m sure it was CO$ that made the difference (I kid).

    • blue marie says:

      I saw this and thought ” be silent, be still”

      • MorticiansDoItDeader says:

        *waves* @kitten! Hello love!

        @maya, I think that’s where I remember hearing it, in reference to All My Children. I think SMG’s people spun it as if Lucci had SMG replaced because she was jealous SMG won that daytime Emmy (and she had been nominated something like 8 times and had never won). Lucci’s people said she was an insufferable brat (which I’ll give her a pass for because she was a teen).

        I’ve been waiting for SMG to attend a comic con all of these years (and two failed TV shows later) and I haven’t heard of her being at one since the height of her fame as Buffy. I’ve also heard she doesn’t enjoy mingling with the fans at those (which I believe because she NEVER attends). That disappoints me more than it probably should.

    • FLORC says:

      It’s no secret Keifer isn’t the nicest. This has been known for AGES.
      FPJr is no one to talk though. He’s had his bad encounters.

      And when was this last Keifer/24 thread? I Love Jack and can’t wait for the next season with such a cliffhanger. It will just be a long wait.
      Meanwhile, Freddie was on my Lifetime guilty pleasure “Witches Of East End” and cannot remember how to act. His role as the butterfly guy was hard to watch.

      • What? says:

        Did you see Freddie on the show Psyche? He was so funny I wanted him and his character to become a regular. I believe he could have worked a lot more in the industry if he wanted to.

  2. quinn says:

    I seriously thought that was a picture of Dennis Quaid- not Kiefer.

  3. bettyrose says:

    The first season of 24 felt like really unique television, but wasn’t that about ten years ago? Anyway, I gave up during the second season and forgot it existed. I don’t begrudge Keifer his adult career, but whenever I hear his name, there’s an instant mental image of long haired, sexy vampire Keifer. That’s who he will always be to me.

    • original kay says:

      The year of The Lost Boys.

      I saw it so many times at the theatre. All that eye candy, my teenage brain was in overload. To this day I would trade places with Star.

      • Nicolette says:

        LOL. He is a good actor who is even better when he plays someone bad. Loved him in ‘Stand By Me’ too.

      • mom2two says:

        I loved The Lost Boys…so much eye candy in that movie. As a teen, I could quote it that’s how many times I watched it. All of those guys who played vampires were seriously attractive. And while I am thinking of it, what happened to Alex Winter?

  4. SpookySpooks says:

    Kiefer is “short” by Hollywood standards. Not just by Hollywood standards. He’s short period.

    • bettyrose says:

      I don’t personally consider 5’9″ short because I’m barely over 5’3″ myself, but I actually don’t think it is short by Hollywood standards. I don’t have any statistics to back that up, but it seems like every time I think an actor is hot, I read about him and discover he’s much smaller in person than he appears on the big screen.

      I think a lot of big name actresses are also quite tiny, so their male costars appear tall by comparison.

      • bns says:

        He’s probably not really 5’9″. Actors almost always lie about their height.

      • GiGi says:

        I agree… On my old comp cards it says I’m 5’9. I’m really just a hair over 5’7. But 5’9 gets you a call back and 5’7 doesn’t in the fashion industry, lol! I’ve never met an actor/actress/model who was as tall as their resumes professed! He might not be 5’4, but I bet he’s 5’6 or 5’7, easily.

      • Bridget says:

        Ton Cruise says he’s 5’9″ too, and we all know how accurate that is.

      • Sugar says:

        The average American male is 5’10 so Keifer is shorter than average. As a tall woman, I can tell you that most guys, and particularly actors, lie about their height. If Keifer claims he’s 5’9 he’s probably really about 5’7. I doubt Prinze is 6′, either. All guys want to be at least 6′ and many routinely pad a few inches so they can claim 6′.

      • Ennie says:

        mmm Cruise and Sutherland were together in A Few Good Men… now you are going to get me to check their heights next time I catch up that movie on TV!

      • Belle says:

        Ennie, might be difficult to tell if one is wearing lifts though. :)

    • Jay says:

      The average height for men in the USA is 5’9″ … that’s really not short, it’s average.

      • SpookySpooks says:

        It’s between 5’11 and 6’1 in my country, but I would call anything under 5’10 as short.

    • Algernon says:

      You’ve almost always got to knock a couple inches off an actor’s listed height, though. Kiefer lists at 5’9″, so he’s 5’7″. The thing about actors, is that most of them are shorter than you think.

      • Jen2 says:

        Which means Mr. Prinze is not 6 feet tall either.

        He would not have worked long in the old days. Alan Ladd was tiny, so tiny that they built troughs for the actresses he worked with to walk in he so he would look taller or hired tiny actresses and Mr. Bogart was much smaller than Ms. Bacall. So, being short and famous in Hollywood is something that has been an issue for some time now.

      • MonicaQ says:

        Like when they list Drew Brees as 6’1 and you know he’s maaaaybe 5’11.

      • bettyrose says:

        Mr. Prinze is also married to an actress who’s barely 5’2″, which helps with the illusion of height.

      • Algernon says:

        Yeah, no. FPJ is probably 5’10″.

    • hmmm says:

      Was in the food court at the Northridge Mall years ago. 24 was filming an action scene just outside the glass doors. My friend, a 24 fan at the time, burst out to one of the crew, “But he’s so short”. He looked about 5’7″ at most.

    • Jegede says:

      His constantly referencing Kiefer’s height as a put down, looks to me. that this goes beyond professional differences. Tis quite very personal

    • FLORC says:

      Yea, you must live in the land of giants. 5’9″ is not short. He;s not Hollywood tall, but not short either.

      I agree. There’s a grudge here and Freddie can’t be prfessional about whatever happened. He’s trying to personally insult someone that he claims is unprofessional. Best case of Pot calling Kettle this month.

      • Mrs. Darcy says:

        Looking at Kiefer I’d guess more like 5’7 1/2 or 8″ if he’s lucky, with lifts. He just looks sort of stumpy, which usually 5’9″ guys don’t. Plus they all lie, I remember a friend saying her Jason Bateman crush evaporated when she saw just how short he is in person. I don’t think it’s cool of Freddie to bring it up though in amongst his beefs, it smacks of pettiness. Although I’m willing to believe Kiefer was a raging drunken douche on set it’s not going to win Freddie any goodwill in Hollywood b**ching about it now.

  5. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Oh, no. I hate it when I like someone and I hear that they’re jerks. I’ve always had a soft spot for Kiefer because he looks like my college boyfriend. And, I’m not proud of this, but I love 24 and loved having it back.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Why not be proud of it?
      Never seen 24 but I heard it’s an awesome show.

      I’ve heard other stories about Kiefer (mainly about his drunken belligerence) that made me think he was a d-bag. Too bad because he’s a fine actor.

      FPJ sounds really bitter here. I don’t know…he might be telling the truth but it seems like he’s trying to throw Kiefer under the bus for his career being in the shitter.

      • Bridget says:

        Except he was moving away from the acting long before 24, after the sitcom. He’s been directing for a while and that’s actually how he ended up working with the WWE folks – he’s directing stuff for them. Think about it: he’s married to someone famous and yet we never see pap photos of them, both of her pregnancies were largely low-key. If he really wanted to be more famous and act more I would think we’d see more of the gamesmanship we see from other ‘thirsty’ celebs. But this is one of the VERY few actors married to an actress that is more successful than him and actually manage to make it work. We all know what a rare thing that is, so I think I’m willing to give the guy some leeway, especially in comparison to Keifer Sutherland.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        Look, let’s be real here–if FPJ had a sky-rocketing career, he probably would have pursued acting opportunities rather than give up everything to become a stay-at-home dad. I think his decision was based on a life direction that was pulling him towards his family and away from what had become a rather mediocre career.

        That being said, I DO agree with you that he never seemed fame-hungry. I just think the truth lies somewhere between him wanting to spend more time with his family AND his career not really going on the direction he wanted it too.

        I always had a soft spot for him but let’s face it–he was never considered a great actor by any stretch of the imagination.
        It was probably just the most practical decision for his family to let SMG be the primary bread-winner while he stays at home and takes care of the little ones.

        Whatever. I think we need more SAHDs so if anything, I commend him for that.

      • Bridget says:

        FPJ carved out a pretty great career for a guy with pretty limited talent and range – but consider how many other actors of similarly limited success see their career slow down and continue to hustle and try and flog what’s left of their glory days? Obviously we’re not talking about walking away from a soaring career, but instead someone appears to have seen that his time was over and then chose to step back. I mean, we don’t exactly see that a lot!

        But even so, I think fatherhood was a very big deal to FPJ. This is a guy who lost his dad at a very young age, a dad who was afflicted with substance issues and who clearly couldn’t handle his own fame. I have no doubt that didn’t have an impact on him, too.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        ITA with your second paragraph. I have a feeling that FPJ is probably a very involved and loving father.

      • Bridget says:

        All I’m saying is that people are shading FPJ as though his remarks come from a place of bitterness about his own career and can’t possibly be true – but that he appears to be a guy that’s pretty happy with how stuff has gone for him, and its more than possible that Keifer Sutherland really is just a jerk.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        I don’t think many people here are debating whether Kiefer is a jerk. The point is that it’s unprofessional to publicly trash former co-workers.

      • FLORC says:

        Both Freddie and Sarah had great careers. Not based on talent, but from parents already in the industry. IMO Buffy was a show carried well from quirky writing and amazing supporting cast. They both got lucky. Both have tried to hold onto their previous success, but time after time the tv shows or movies don’t do well at all.

        They’re low key, but when they are papped/getting attention they act snooty Alist.
        With that justified bias I have out of the way…

        Freddie could have said Keifer was unprofessional without being unprofessional himself. He made it sounds like he was terribly bitter and made personal attacks at him. Bad move Freddie. We know Keifer was a jerk, but looks like you are too.

    • mayamae says:

      I was glad it was back too, In fact, since it was only twelve episodes, it had no filler and every episode was good. It was great to see Michelle Fairley from GOT. I thought Jack’s female counterpart was the best yet, and since she was portrayed by a tall actress, I’m not sure I believe that KS has an issue with his height. My only issue with the show is it’s continued use of torture – the female this time. It’s not my thing, I don’t care how realistic it is.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Yeah, I could do with less violence, but I really enjoy the tension. I thought this season was good, too.

  6. GeeMoney says:

    If the dude is a douche, he’s a douche. I like it when celebrities call other celebrities out on their s%$^.

    And I love Freddie Prinze, Jr… the 90′s wouldn’t have been the same without him!

  7. Lindy79 says:

    Kiefer is a bigger douche than the guy who runs the WWE?


  8. Arock says:

    ….said Freddie prinze jr.
    I’m sure keifer Sutherland has his issues but I’d expect less lip from someone who hasn’t even hosted a childrens award show in ten years, much less acted. Still holding strong to scooby doo, are we?

    • SpookySpooks says:

      But didn’t he purposely take a step back from acting to be a full time dad?

      • Beatrice says:

        Maybe but that sounds like the disgraced Government official’s reason for resigning–”I want to spend more time with my family.”

    • MonicaQ says:

      He’s done a lot of voice over work recently, which so does Mark Hamill and Joey Fatone. He’s still active, just in a less visible way.

  9. Jac says:

    The way FPJ went about this is making him look like the most unprofessional dude in the world.

    • bns says:

      How? It was a job that he did a few years ago. I could see it being unprofessional if he was saying this while promoting the show, but it’s not like it will effect the ratings.

      • Jac says:

        Most nonsensical, immature dude in the world? If someone is being unprofessional go ahead and call them out, but have some tact and be the bigger man.

      • Lou says:

        snarking on Kiefer’s height is unprofessional. If Freddie hadn’t resorted to personal insults he might have looked like less of a douche.

  10. kibbles says:

    I’ve worked with a lot of people I have no respect for. Womanizers, alcoholics, liars, backstabbers…but it would take a lot for me to say this publicly to just anyone let alone a news outlet. If anything it would just reflect poorly on me and hurt my career in the future. I think the same can be said of anyone in any profession. I like Prinze and have always viewed him as a good father and husband to Sarah Michelle Gellar. However, I think he is in the wrong here and could have shown more tact in his delivery. I also think that it is a weak excuse for Prinze to blame Sutherland for his wanting to quit acting. Prinze’s career isn’t red hot and hasn’t been for more than a decade. It just makes Prinze look bad when he appears to be blaming anyone else for taking a step back in his acting career.

  11. Bridget says:

    Keifer IS 24, Fox would never have done anything to upset him or alienate him. His problems with alcohol are very well known, and by the point Freddie came on to 24 is was already established as a huge hit and Keifer was a huge star again. I totally believe Freddie on this one.

    • MrsBPitt says:

      Agreed…As long as 24 was raking in the money, I’m sure the powers that be wouldn’t care if Keifer was shooting heroin on set or lighting puppies on fire….all they care about are the ratings and the money! I believe Freddie!!

  12. Vic says:

    The new 24 was good and will probably get renewed. I like KS but drinking tends to make people jerks so this could be somewhat true. But why talk about it now? To explain why he hasn’t done anything in years? I’m not buying it.

  13. don't kill me i'm french says:

    If Kiefer was unprofessional( always late and drunk on set) ,i’m with Prince Jr but if he was unprofessional because he didn’t want to be on a box when he worked with a tall guy and the tall guy had to drop his shoes,Freddie is full of s**t

  14. Marianne says:

    I have no problems believing that Kiefer is probably an a-hole….but I feel like this all coming out now because Freddie has such a lackluster career and he felt like he needed to give an explanation of that rather than admitting that he is no longer the star he was in the 90s and that people just dont want to hire him.

  15. shannon says:

    I think FPJ is spot on about Keifer. That said, he didn’t have to share all of that. Something about Keifer that cracks me up is that Cuervo commercial. I’ve said this before, but don’t Cuervo and regrets kind of go together? I’m positive that Keifer has some of his own.

  16. don't kill me i'm french says:

    Blame the behaviour of another actor to quit acting is a lame excuse also

  17. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Knowing he is a drunk, Keifer just isn’t that hot – young people if you want to have a demanding infant (who never grows up and will reek worse than you can even imagine )for life then marry an alcoholic.

  18. bns says:

    I love this. I wish actors were always this candid. I’m sick of the generic PR planted answers in every interview.

  19. Sheila says:

    Freddie Prinze Jr’s dad died of substance abuse problems, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he 1) took such things seriously, and 2) is fine not being as big as star as other people think he should aspire to be if it means he doesn’t have to spend all his time around drunken jerks.

  20. Talie says:

    I don’t get people who are coming at Freddie. It’s known that Kiefer is a mean drunk — he also punched a designer once at the Met Ball for no reason, remember that?

    Freddie and Sarah made their money and don’t have to work all that much, so good for him for not feeling like he has to make nice to get cast. He can do what he likes now.

  21. Altariel says:

    Keifer had a classy response. Good for him, and I hope he keeps it that way.

  22. doofus says:

    I’ve seen Kiefer Sutherland doing tequila commercials these days.

    is it just me or is it strange that someone with well-documented alcohol issues is endorsing booze?…

  23. Dawn says:

    See I like them both for different reasons. Do I believe that Kiefer is horrid to work with? Sure I do, he is after all an alcoholic and they are never easy people. Who cares at the end of the day if they don’t like each other and I doubt that they will work together again. But I do think FP has the right to state it as he lived it. I wish both the best of luck and hope they both find work that is satisfying to them.

  24. QQ says:

    Meh! Ive heard Numerous stories about Kiefer and his alcoholism and him being a terror to work/live with..I think even this year or last CDAN made a couple crazy sad reveals about his daily activities

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      CDAN is NOT the most reliable source.They ( Enty is several persons) have the habit to write made-up blinds and stories after the release of paps pics/ news ( for ex,last year,he wrote Sandra Bullock was going to have a new daughter at Xmas or Jennifer Garner was sick because pregnant at Kimmel’s marriage) and many of his blinds contradict themself

      • Macey says:


        CDAN can’t even report a regular news article correctly even when the actual info is right there in the news plus videos with all the facts. I think they make up what they want to make the story sound better even tho a 10 second search would show the facts of the actual story. Not to mention you can barely read their articles b/c of all the typos/grammar errors, words missing etc. That site is a joke.
        and you are correct, there are multiple writers and I don’t think English is even the first language for some considering how poorly they’re written.
        As far as their blinds, pretty much all made up based on who is in the DM that day. He even says he only does blinds on his site that way he can hide behind his fictional disclaimer at the bottom.

      • don't kill me i'm french says:

        Do you know or remember what he wrote on Ashley Jude,her niece and her car story? After his post on this story,i definitively stopped to think he was reliable

      • Tiffany :) says:

        While that is true about CDAN, there are so many reliable sources that will support these claims about Kiefer. He has been arrested for assaulting people while intoxicated, etc.

      • Macey says:

        @dont kill me

        No, I dont remember that one. I only skim thru there once in awhile when Im really, really bored now, I just can’t deal with the horrible writing of which ever one is writing that day, it gave me a headache trying to decipher what they were trying to say. I will say that site has some decent posters tho, probably the only reason I bother at all. Usually someone on there can make sense of what was written. The blinds on there are so bogus tho, nothing more than the work of the “writers” imagination.

  25. eliza says:

    Personally, I have nothing against Prinze BUT I find it very unprofessional bagging on another actor you worked with while throwing shade on the other actor’s height.

    I have always loved the hot mess Kiefer. I also think he is a good actor and LOVED 24 and his other short lived series, Touch.

    I read this on another site yesterday and there were several people who had worked as extras on 24 or in other capacities commenting, and they said that Sutherland WAS very professional, focused and all about the quality of the show. They said he keeps to himself and while not all warm and fuzzy, was always courteous to other peoole on the set.

    When Prinze has a career equal to Sutherland’s MAYBE he can throw some shade, until then he should pipe down.

    • Bridget says:

      So if someone behaves badly you’re only allowed to complain about it if you’re as famous as they are? And it’s not like we don’t already know that Keifer has issues with alcohol.

      Keifer Sutherland has worked for a long time in Hollywood (he’s 2nd gen, after all) and I’m sure the guy knows how to turn on the professionalism, most of the time. But that dude has some demons, and Fox would have had a vested interest in keeping him happy. Keifer was the star of 24, and remember how many times they talked about someone else starring in the show, and how Jack Bauer had enough ‘bad days’ by now and yet every season started Keifer?

  26. Lena says:

    Well, I guess Freddy won’t be working with RDJ anytime soon – he really is about 5’4″ or looks it in pictures anyway.

  27. FingerBinger says:

    Another D-Lister talking smack about a celebrity more successful actor than them,what a surprise. I like Keifer Sutherland and I think he’s a good actor. This story doesn’t change my opinion of him.

    • captain says:

      Not everyone judges themselves or others as to what career ranks they have achieved. A,B, D, whatever. To some people matters if you are a good, kind person, care about your wife and kids and make enough money to live comfortably. So it is quite possible that FPJ sees Kiefer through these glasses. And in this rating framework, Kiefer is not even a D-lister.

  28. Lucy2 says:

    I believe him, but don’t think it was appropriate to speak about it publicly like that.

  29. claire says:

    Actors lead privileged lives and are surrounded by people kissing their butts all day every day. I’m not super worried about an actor’s feelings when they get called out for being an unprofessional. Oh well. Truth hurts sometimes.

  30. TG says:

    I like FPJ and Sarah and I don’t blame him at all for letting out his grief. We always read blinds about celebs, the current Lainey blind is clearly about Fake Blake Lively but no one has the courage to call these jerks out on their behavior, and if it took Freddie 5 years to air his feelings so be it. I also like that SMG called out Vogue for putting that reality star with no fashion sense on the cover. so go SMG and FPJ.

  31. Ginger says:

    Most dudes lie about their height like most women lie about their age. Maybe Kiefer really is 5’4″.

  32. Jazz says:

    I do hate it when people bitch about a guy’s height. Just like a woman doesn’t have to be skinny/blonde hair big boobs to be considered sexy, a guy doesn’t have to be over 6ft tall to be considered hot, sexy or worthy. Who cares how tall a guy is. JMO

    • mom2two says:

      I’m with you on this. My husband is about 5′ 7″ and his height was the last thing I thought about when we first got together. I remember at one of my teenage jobs there was a young manager there who was about 5′ 4″ and all the girls were all over him.

    • Anne tommy says:

      Agree. I’m tall and I like tall guys but it’s not like KS can make himself taller, he is what he is. Talented but troubled.

  33. Adrien says:

    5’9″ is short by Hollywood standards? Erm, let’s see actors who are 5’9″ and below: Robert Downey, Jr., Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, Daniel Radcliffe, Mark Ruffalo. Three of them just raked some cash last year. I guess 5’9″ is just a regular Hollywood height.

  34. lunchcoma says:

    Ugh. Team No One. I was initially on Freddie’s side. Kiefer is a Lindsay Lohan level alcoholic who’s just functional enough to continue working. I’m sure being his costar was miserable and involved lots of delays that kept people from going home to their families, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was especially bad once 24 was an established show and it would have been difficult to fire him.

    Freddie lost me with the height barb and especially with the whining about not casting him if they didn’t want someone tall. Come on, man. Your career wasn’t in great shape in 2010. I’m guessing if we asked the past version of you, he was plenty happy to take his shoes off for the work and the money. No one buys that it was 24 that made you quit acting, either. You’d been in the business 15 years at that point and worked with lots of people, and everyone notices that your lack of interest in acting just so happened to coincide with audiences losing interest in seeing you act.

    • Joan says:

      Funny, I was initially team Kiefer but you are absolutely right in everything you say. The more you read, the more you say “Ugh” to the both of them.

  35. Katherine says:

    Whatever you want to say about Kiefer his father Donald is a true gentlemen. Wonderful, amazing guy, one of the flag holders at the Vancouver Olympics. I’m proud he’s Canadian.

  36. Ashling says:

    Freddie’s comments make him look worse than Keifer. Everyone knows about Keifer’s issues, this is not new news. But what is news is that FPJ blames others for his career decisions and lack of success.

  37. kri says:

    This sucks all around cause I have had a crush on KS most of my life (sad),and because it’s probably at least partly true that he is diff to work with because of his alcoholism. I honestly think if he hadn’t had such issues, he would certainly have been one of the best. His talent is unquestionable.

  38. Annie says:

    I believe Freddie, this is too random a thing to just make up.

  39. Carol says:

    If FPJ had backed up his accusation with an example that made sense (he was always late, he didn’t know his lines, he kept crew waiting, for example), then I would believe him. Instead, his example is that KS didn’t stand on a box. That doesn’t pass my smell test.

    Even if KS were unprofessional in other ways, how could it be so horrific as to make FPJ want to abandon his career?!? Try working in a coal mine or waiting tables, Freddie. I hear every day is a dream in those occupations.

    • Belle says:

      This is bugging me too… Many are pointing to KS’s alcohol issues and assuming he is late and/or drunk on set, keeping people waiting, etc., then others run with that…. Oooh, yes, that IS unprofessional!

      But wait…FP said none of those things! I get that Keifer has known alcohol issues which might cause issues on set. Might not though… There are many functioning alcoholics out there who do crazy shit on their own time, but manage to pull it together for work.

      Are there other stories floating around about Keifer causing trouble on set (for 24 or movies)?? I haven’t really ever heard any. If Freddie wants to trash a fellow actor over something that happened FIVE years ago, then he might want to offer a bit more to back it up than how short he is….??

  40. Jayna says:

    I love Freddie, but he came across tacky in this. The height jab made him look petty especially considering most of the famous actors are short. But the remark was beyond tacky and only made him look bad and take away any credibility regarding his other comments.

    He came off worse in this article than Kiefer with his whiny tone.

  41. Dany says:

    I hate it when there are stories about actors whining about their height. Some really talented actors have inferiority complexes about their height and that´s just stupid. Making it a big tantrum on set comes across as super whiney. They dismiss taller colleagues and want to play only scenes with actors of the same height or likely shorter. If they don´t get it this way they demand to stand on boxes and that their not so famous co-stars take the shoes off or stand in holes. That´s so unnecessary and says a lot about about the character.

  42. Bread and Circuses says:

    Maybe Prinze’s comments were justified, but based on these comments by the two men, who comes across as “the most unprofessional dude ever”?

  43. Hotpockets says:

    Oh Kiefer. People always think my hubby looks like him and he really does! My hubs has also battled with alcohol demons too, so I sort of have a strange complex towards Kiefer. I understand having hard feelings, but why come out now and take digs at him? Seems kind of random.

  44. DiamondGirl says:

    24 was a demanding physical show that Kiefer sustained for several years, compared to that Charlie Sheen show where they just sit in one room and make lame jokes.

    Comparing him to Lohan who couldn’t even consistently film her own reality series is ludicrous.

    • lunchcoma says:

      That was my comparison, and I stand by it. I followed it by noting that Kiefer is more functional in work situations than Lindsay is. The man has had 4 DUIs, had to serve over a month in jail after the most recent one (the only reason it didn’t interrupt filming was due to the writer’s strike), and has a history of being violent. That’s a lot of harm and potential harm, and I’m not inclined to apologize for him.

    • Jessica says:

      Exactly. I admit I’ve always been a fan of the show and I’m not trying to make light of or excuse Kiefer’s drinking problems. But he must have had it somewhat under control, because you can’t sleepwalk your way through filming a show like this. And 8 years of 24 episodes per season? Professionally speaking, he and Lohan are nothing alike.

      • The Original Mia says:

        Exactly! He works hard behind the scenes and in front of the camera. He wouldn’t be able to do that if he was Charlie Sheen/Lindsay Lohan level of crappiness.

  45. Anotherdirtymartini says:


  46. Fan says:

    I believe him. I could tell when I watched the movie “Pompeii”. He ruined that movie by not being serious enough. My analysis maybe wrong.

    • cr says:

      Keifer didn’t ruin Pompeii, that movie would have been sucky without him or his character.

  47. Dara says:

    I have to say I’m skeptical of the anonymous story about Kiefer coming to work drunk. Stories about his binges are well documented (and epic in scale, even by Hollywood standards), but I always gave him a pass since he seemed to reserve that behavior for his down time and it never interfered with his work. I’d be surprised if ’24′ would have lasted as long as it did if the production kept getting delayed while everyone waited for the star to sober up. Hour-long action tv shows are expensive to produce and have seriously tight (and grueling) schedules. ’24′ would have become a money-losing proposition very quickly if things didn’t go smoothly.

    What I can’t get overlook are the DUI’s – unforgivable. Do what you want but don’t for a second risk other people’s lives just to get your drink on. Drinking to the point where you can’t walk on your own, puke in the bushes, soil yourself or tackle defenseless holiday decorations has never been my jam… but if that’s how he rolls then ok, whatever. Just do it in the privacy of your own (or someone else’s) home or hire a guy to drive you around and carry you to bed afterward.

    Oh – I almost forgot, a friend saw Kiefer in the customs line at the Toronto airport a few years ago- it was a long line and she was about 10 people behind him so she got to watch him for a while. He spent the entire time chatting with fans, signing autographs, taking pictures – all around nice guy, no diva attitude at all. A lot celebs get the airport/customs people to escort them and bypass that line so they don’t have to subject themselves to all of us little people. She also said he was short – maybe 5’6 at most by her estimation – still smokin’ hot, but short.

  48. joan says:

    Well, if they rehired Keifer then he must have been fine — networks are known for their high moral standards and devotion to professionalism. Right?

  49. The Original Mia says:

    What acting career is this that FPJ is speaking of? Let’s be real here. No one was banging down his door asking him to act. His career was already on the downward slide after Scooby Doo. Everything he’s done was cute, but had no gravitas or marketability. There’s never been a hint of Kiefer’s alcoholism causing issues on the production of the show. Not one. Freddie comes across petty and pressed.

    From what I heard, he thought he was going to take over 24 from Kiefer and that didn’t pan out. Thank God! He can’t act.

  50. AnnieCL says:

    I know a few people who have worked with Kiefer Sutherland & yes, each & every one of them has said he is unprofessional & very rude – also, the apple has not fallen far from the tree on that one!

  51. Musey says:

    I have no trouble whatsoever believing Freddie. I’m glad he spoke out just because I’ve actually always wondered what the hell went on on the set of 24.

    There are so many actors that I first came to like because of 24, like Zachary Quinto and Eric Balfour and James Badge Dale, and without fail, every single one of them refuses to talk at any length about their experience on 24 and gets upset when it’s mentioned. These guys are not known for being divas, but they all sound downright traumatized whenever interviewers ask them about 24.

    I’ve heard rumors that Eric Balfour’s character was killed off at his own request, because he didn’t want there to be any question that he was never coming back. James Badge Dale has said that he thinks he was “miscast” and that taking the role of Chase Edmunds was a huge mistake, and has begged people to stop asking him about it. Zach Quinto just seems to get irritated when people even acknowledge that he was ever on the show, though he had a fairly prominent role in season 3.

    It kind of makes me want to seek out other interviews from former guest stars/cast members and see if they follow a similar pattern. Whether or not it was cool of Freddie to be this candid about Kiefer’s unprofessionalism, I definitely don’t think he’s alone in that opinion at all.

    • Kori says:

      Louis Lombardi (Edgar from 2005-2007) has come to Kiefer’s defense pretty vehemently in the wake of this as have Aisha Tyler and Sara Gilbert–both of whom were on 24. I haven’t read any other reactions in direct response to FP’s comments.

      US magazine, however, did dig this up from 2010: FP on KS “”We never worked together before but it’s pretty great,” he told Us Weekly at the Television Critics Association press tour in 2010. “And I say that because as much as you’re willing to learn, that’s how much he’s willing to give. I don’t bring my ego to work with me. He knows more about this character than I do because he’s been doing this for eight years. So I ask questions. And I know that’s not the cool thing to say because every actor’s supposed to have it worked out, but they don’t, they just don’t. But I enjoy the experience and I really like working with him.”

      It sounds like this is *after* they started working together but while he was still on the show. So did things sour soon after or did something happen in the intervening years? I can understand not trashing your co-star while you’re on the show but this seemed really flattering and beyond a simple, ‘He’s great. We get along fine.’ comment if you didn’t mean it.

      But I’m not Team Anyone. I always have liked both. I like that FP has had a decent career, a long lasting marriage and very little gossip about him when he could’ve really torn up the place during his heyday. I like KS going back to The Lost Boys and always felt for him with his obvious problems with drinking. He never seemed a Lindsey Lohan/Charlie Sheen type to me–hell-raiser, yes, but more troubled and sad. So the whole thing is just sad for me. But I don’t think FP handled it in the best manner with the height cheap shots–he could’ve left that out.

  52. MourningTheDeathOfMusic says:

    Meh, I don’t care one way or another about Kiefer. But I did really enjoy Freddy in The Witches of East End and hope he’s in it a lot more in season 2.

  53. Snap Happy says:

    Keifer is phenomenal as Jack Bauer on 24. 24 has a great supporting cast but the truth is any of the actors could have been replaced and 24 still would have been a success. Keifer is the only irreplaceable one. FPJ comes across as really pathetic saying all of this 5 years later.

  54. Mrs McCubbins says:

    Most actors I’ve seen in person are much shorter than they appear on film. It’s really quite shocking actually. Esp the women….so skinny as in scary skinny. And I’m thin!

  55. starr says:

    The z in Prinze stands for zzzzzzzz. This guy couldn’t evoke emotion on screen if his life depended on it. A crappy actor with a big case of sour grapes. To top it off, zero class. Trashing a coworker like that makes him the biggest unprofessional in this whole story. If I was his wife, I’d be mortified.

    LOVE Kiefer’s response to it all. Now THAT’S class.

  56. jwoolman says:

    Without the questions and the whole interview, we really don’t have context to judge. I assume he was being asked about what he’s been doing and the 24 thing came up. It was at a convention, not a planned interview. They probably asked specifically about how it was to work with the K. His experience with the K might well have been a turning point for him that did make him lose interest in pursuing acting roles. He didn’t spill much and waited for he show to be over and his participation in the dim and distant past before saying anything. The socks thing was just something aggravating that he didn’t think belonged with the job, and it really doesn’t. Men of different heights stand next to each other all the time in real life.

    And if somebody spilled on Lindsay Lohan his way with a real name attached, we’d be grateful…. :) But he really didn’t say much and obviously loads of people find K aggravating and traumatic to work with. Maybe he was in an especially honest mood.

  57. Fatty Magoo says:

    The only thing I took away from this article is that FPJ is 6 feet tall *swoon*

    If someone is constantly acting like a jerk then he deserves to get called out on it. I’m tired of actors having to pretend to like someone who acts like a jackass just to seem “professional”. Maybe the jerk should act like a decent human being to begin with. I hate when an inconsiderate, d!ck of a co-worker gets away with being an @sshole because he or she is good at their job. That does not give you an excuse to make everyone else’s job harder. I have no problem calling them out. A person can only take so much and they shouldn’t have to put up with your douchery.

  58. fynn says:

    It is clear by now that everyone of the so called Brat Pack came out as a douchbag. Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, Kiefer Sutherland, Rob Lowe. All of them were spoiled Hollywood offspring and became drug addicts, hooker lovers and alcoholics.

  59. Zooyork says:

    Kiefer is hot. Freddie, to me, looks like he is ill.

  60. Blackbetty says:

    I’m too young to remember but I don’t see how Kiefer is talented or charming. I find 24 boring. He sounds like a grump.

  61. Katie says:

    As opposed to Freddie Prinze Jr being ever so professional by airing his years old beef to the press…