Zac Efron & Michelle Rodriguez are on vacay together in Italy: hot?

Zac Efron

These are just some fun photos to get us ready for the Fourth of July weekend. Because I know some of you dig Zac Efron’s guns, and he is ready to oblige. Zac is currently on vacation in Sardinia, Italy. With Michelle Rodriguez? Okay. I didn’t know they were even friends.

These two do look friendly, right? These photos aren’t giving me “hooking up” vibes at all, but I could be wrong. Michelle’s body is even more impressive than Zac’s, and she’s now a free agent after splitting with Cara Delevigne. Michelle has previously stated that she dates both men and women, but she doesn’t like metrosexuals … just “manly men.” Does Zac qualify as manly? I still see him as the kid from High School Musical even though he’s had a taste of adult success with Seth Rogen in Neighbors. I do wonder how Zac’s possible drug and alcohol issues are working out. I hope he got some help.

Since you’re already here and enjoying these pictures, here is a bonus: Zac hopped onto a table with some friends (including Italian entrepreneur Gianluca Vacchi) and danced to Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle.”

Zac needs to work on his moves. The boy can dance, but it’s not happening here.

Michelle had a ball sunbathing on a yacht a few days ago. The dude on the boat isn’t Zac, but Michelle is entertaining enough on her own.

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News

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  1. Audrey says:

    If you asked me to name 30 people Michelle might be on vacation with, he would not be on the list


    • lauren says:

      they been friends for years actually? most people just seem they had no idea till now? they have mutual friends?

    • Blarg Smith says:

      Friendship = mutual love of drugs/booze

      • QQ says:

        Thank You for This Cause my only thoughts were: What In All The Boozy Druggy Heck?! , How are these two gonna make it past customs and in or out of a plane?! LOL

      • Audrey says:

        Lohan somehow manages lol

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        As soon as I saw the pics I thought TROUBLE.

        I have an odd but longstanding crush on him so this worries me.

        On another note, if she wasn’t gay these two would be super-sexy together.

        EDIT: Sorry, I mean BI. Really? She’s bi? Always thought she was gay. My bad.

      • magpie says:

        My thoughts as well. Party-cation

      • kri says:

        Maybe she puts a blonde wig on him and calls him Cara? Cause I bet homeboy would be down for it. She’s hot.

  2. Twofer says:

    I know Michelle is bi but this friendship makes me wonder if Zac is in a glass closet or something. Maybe thats why they are friends, they connect as sexual minorities? No way Michell would date this over tweazed, lip glossed kid anyhow.

    • lauren says:

      pretty sure zac and michelle have been friends for years now? what does her sexually have to do with anything??

      • Twofer says:

        Oh relax! I was just stating that although she does date dudes too, theres no way she can be dating Zac. And that segued into speculation over what they could possibly have in common that would breed a friendship close enough as to vacation together.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        What do they have in common? Both are actors, both love partying.

    • Texased says:

      Because they can’t possibly be friends? He HAS to be gay? Jeez!

      You must not get out much, huh?

    • aenflex says:

      Just harmless speculation.

    • Jojoannn says:

      It could be a “lavender” friendship but my money is on a drug fueled connection.

  3. NewWester says:

    I guess opposites do attract! If they are enjoying each other’s company and having fun, I say good for them. Life is too short

  4. Pix says:

    I love that dancing video – he is a good dancer. Hello? That’s Troy Bolton!

  5. Esmom says:

    She looks amazing, super fit and strong. He looks a little pale/sickly, hope the vacay does him good. They seem sweet together (and definitely just friends).

  6. Kath says:

    Damn, I wish I had olive skin instead of looking like a pasty potato.

  7. JKL says:

    Nope. Efron’s pale, puffy, and clammy face is actually rather gross.

  8. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    She’s quite pretty, but he’s too baby/puffy faced for me. I don’t like it when men (Orlando Bloom) or women wear their pants/shorts so low they look like they’re about to fall off. I just think it looks stupid.

  9. Godwina says:

    Never mind Efron’s guns…check out Michelle’s on the boat. Holy Hannah, the girl-crush just deepened.

  10. Blarg Smith says:

    I’m telling you, they party together. No doubt in my mind. Haven’t they both been to rehab?

    • lauren says:

      they are on vacation with friends and staying at someone’s house, yes they both been to rehab, so people who are friends cant go on vacation together and not always party? judging from michelle’s instagram videos it doesnt look like she’s partying?

  11. Rhiley says:

    I think these pictures are a good indication that Zac Efron is not sober. Michelle Rodriguez is a mess, and nobody you hang with when you are working on your sobriety.

    • LeahMommy says:

      I was about to write the same thing. So Zac wants people to believe he is sober so he goes on vacation with Michelle Rodriguez? This girl’s entire life seems to be partying and appearing in fast and the furious movies from time to time. She is not a good person to be around if one is serious about their sobriety. And look at Zac’s face, this boy does NOT look healthy.

      • Hannah says:

        Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Michelle’s life seems to be one long party. Granted in really nice locations ( lucky) but she seems to be on vacation all the time.

  12. Jaderu says:

    LOL I kind of like his little wiggle dance. And I want Michelle’s body. She’s smokin’.

  13. Samtha says:

    Her body is insane.

  14. Hannah says:

    Not the best company for a supposedly recovering zac. Michelle has her own issues with sobriety and was looking pretty out of it when she was hanging with cara

  15. Stephanie says:

    She is wayyyy hotter than he is. She has been one of my favorites for a long time, he isn’t even on my radar.

  16. Flounder says:

    He’s got good wiggle

  17. madison says:

    Michelle’s clearly enjoying herself but Zac does not look well in these photos. Yes, he has a great body but he’s so eerily pale especially for someone vacationing in sunny Europe. Sometimes I feel like he’s his own worst enemy. Is it that hard to look after yourself and make sure you’re in good company? He was supposed to have removed these bad influences from his life but now it’s obvious that he’s back in their clutches. It’s not worth it Zac, I speak from experience.

  18. WTF says:

    This looks like big time trouble to me. Haven’t they both had serious problems with sobriety? It seemed like Michelle was getting her life together, I hope this doesn’t mean she back on a downward spiral. The last time she ended up in jail didn’t she?

  19. Leslie says:

    Addicts hang out with other addicts. No mystery there.

  20. Bread and Circuses says:

    They’ve both fallen rather spectacularly off the wagon in recent months (Michelle looked utterly hammered most times she was photographed with Cara.)

    I hope they’re trying to stay sober together. That’s not what I think is going on, but it’s what I hope.

  21. goolie Julie says:

    she’s gross and manly
    either he’s gay like suspected or they’re doing drugs
    never saw or heard of them as friends
    she’s too old to be a friend from school

  22. peachcobblerby says:

    I’m not positive but I think he’s a part time rent boy.

  23. Aly says:

    Her body is so amazing it makes me wanna cry.