Prince Albert & Charlene are ‘taking every cautious step’ during her pregnancy


In the end, the Insemination Dungeon worked. And hopefully Princess Charlene is knocked up with twins, so she’ll give Prince Albert an heir and a spare all at once, and then there will be no more trips to the Dungeon. Fingers crossed. In the meantime, Charlene has been taking it easy, sort of. She made a handful of appearances before they officially announced her pregnancy, and she looked super-barfy in retrospect. And post-announcement, she’s made a few appearances and she seems especially… subdued. Even for her, a princess who sometimes comes across as “heavily sedated.” So, I guess she might really be sick as a dog during her pregnancy? Perhaps. Prince Albert said as much – in royal-speak – to the AP:

Monaco’s Prince Albert II isn’t holding back the superlatives when he talks about the baby that his wife is expecting later this year — his first royal heir. He told The Associated Press in an interview that he and Princess Charlene, 36, are ‘overjoyed,’ ‘thrilled,’ and ‘very excited,’ and that the baby is due in December.

But they’re also a little nervous. Speaking at the opening of the new Monaco Yacht Club on Friday, he said they are ‘taking every cautious step to make sure everything goes well.’

Albert, now 56, was a longtime bachelor who has acknowledged fathering two children out of wedlock – daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi, born in 1992 to American Tamara Rotolo, and Alexandre Coste, born in 2003 to Togo native Nicole Coste. For years the Prince refused to acknowledge Jazmin, now 22, as his own, but did so after a paternity test in 2006. But despite this, he failed to attend her graduation from Fordham University in May of this year, choosing to attend a Louis Vuitton fashion show instead.

[From The Daily Mail]

Albert has more kids than just those two, right? There’s the kid that was revealed just days after he and Charlene married. I think there’s a fourth kid in the mix too. But since this is his first “in wedlock” kid, I guess we’re supposed to pretend that Albert is very new to all of this and that everybody is a nervous first-time parent. So, we will have a Grimaldi heir in December. I can’t wait!

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  1. Lindy79 says:

    Course SHE is. She doesn’t want to have to touch him again

  2. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Isn’t he father of the year? How gracious of him to acknowledge his child – after a paternity test. Ugh.

    • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

      He and my sperm donor must have something in common. When my mom got pregnant with me and my twin, he told her that he wasn’t going to pay for anything, and don’t call him. So she didn’t. But they were both in the Navy, and she handled a lot of their paperwork (worked in the same office), so she kept hold of his social security number.

      And then she waited ten years before tracking him down and asking him to pay child support–here’s the kicker. All she wanted was a hundred dollars a month (for TWO kids), and that if he paid it, then they wouldn’t go through the courts, etc. He wouldn’t do it. So she took him to court after asking him on and off, for two years, to pay the hundred dollars.

      He almost got arrested, because he kept ignoring the summons for the paternity test–yeah…when my mom said she was going to take him to court, he said that we weren’t his kids, so we had to get a test. He only went in to take the test after the judge told him that if he didn’t go in (bc he delayed the test for six months) then they’d arrest him. So when the results came back in, and he found out the amount he had to pay (which was WAY more than a hundred)…he called my mom on the phone and cussed her out for two hours.

      She didn’t listen to the whole thing, but told me that every once in a while, she would put the phone up to her mouth and repeat the amount of money he had to pay, and that would get him started all over again.

      Some men are such d-cks. And the kicker is that I’ve got ten brothers and a sister out in the world, who I don’t know, because of this guy.

      • TG says:

        I hope your mom recorded the conversation she had with your bio-dad and sent it to the judge. What a loser and wasted opportunity not to want to father his children. Sounds like you turned out okay though.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I’m so sorry, VC. He has really lost out on having an incredible daughter.

      • Frida_K says:

        I agree 100% with Goodnames. Your contributing sperm missed out and it’s his loss, not yours.

        My contributing sperm didn’t do much for me, either, but fortunately I found a substitute dad and I love him with all my heart. He has no bio kids but I’m about three daughters’ worth of anxiety and effort so I keep him busy on the “worried dad” front. ;)

        You’re an amazing person, that much is clear. His loss, not yours.

      • bluhare says:

        Charitable bluhare says “what GoodNames said!”

        Not-so-charitable bluhare says, “HAHAHAHA for your mom throwing the amount in his face to get him foaming at the mouth again!”

        PS I think I like your mom. :)

      • Virgilia Coriolanus says:

        You would. Just the other day, she felt good enough to go to the store (first time in two weeks that she didn’t feel dizzy or feel like she was about to puke), and so she went grocery shopping and when she got back she said ‘SHIT, I forgot my Vitamin D’

        Vitamin D= Seagram’s Seven Crown with Coca Cola…..

        But yeah, I very rarely think about my sperm donor, except to say that I hate it when guys don’t even do the bare minimum of taking care of their kid i.e. paying child support. And I just can’t believe that that’s not something that is made into a bigger issue in America. I think that if you’ve made it clear that you aren’t going to pay your child support (like missing more than three payments), then they should just take that shit out of your check automatically.

        The only reason my sperm donor paid his child support was because the Navy was monitoring it.

      • Malificent says:

        Yeah, it’s crazy in this day and age of DNA testing that people can try dodge responsibility for so long. I have an ex-boyfriend who knocked up a one-night stand. He fought paternity in court for two years before he was forced to pony up. He tried to argue that the kid couldn’t be his because he only slept with the mother once — apparently that ancient myth that you can’t get knocked up on the first try is alive and well.

        And we’re not talking some clueless teenaged boy. At that point in time, he was in his mid-30s, with a college degree, and perfectly capable of making six figures (when he wants to….)

        And BTW, rock on Virgilia — your donor’s loss!

      • Algernon says:


        “I think that if you’ve made it clear that you aren’t going to pay your child support (like missing more than three payments), then they should just take that shit out of your check automatically.”

        I think it takes more than three missed payments, but the courts can and will eventually do this. It’s called garnishing, and it’s the only way my cousin could get her deadbeat ex to pay his child support.

        Also, your donor sounds like a dickhead. You seem to have turned out well so f-ck him anyway.

      • Suzy from Ontario says:

        That’s really sad Virgilia. You deserved better and it’s his loss. I hope you get to meet your half=siblings. And I do understand, my bio-Dad left the country so he wouldn’t have to pay child support but would call every once in a while when he was really drunk to rant about how horrible my mother was…which she was, but still, not something a kid needs to hear or deal with. Sadly, a lot of parents suck. All we can do is learn from it what not to do and try to be amazing parents when (if) we have kids of our own and hopefully that’ll break the cycle of crap and start something good. Like I said, you deserved so much better. His loss. I’m a twin also, but my sister passed away just after birth.

      • Lucinda says:

        @Algernon garnishing works well unless the guy switches job. I had a friend who had that problem with her child’s father. She hunted him down constantly. He had a ridiculous amount of outstanding warrants but every time they got close to garnishing his wages, he left the job, disappeared and worked somewhere else. I felt really sorry for her.

    • Ag says:

      beyond awful. i don’t understand how he (or any parent) can feel such detachment toward their proverbial flesh and blood.

    • Ahot says:

      I couldn’t answer you down the thread. I certainly do NOT defend him, I just can see things from a guy’s point of view. The only innocents in this are the children, I agree. They didn’t ask to be the results of reckless behaviour.
      I will copy paste @ Juliette’s comment she said it better than I could.
      “Yeah, its definitely a weird situation with his other children. He was apparently in a brief relationship with Nicole Costa that ended. With the other woman Tamara, Jazmin’s mother, they were never a couple. It was a vacation fling, not the ideal situation to become pregnant…
      Jazmin grew up in California. It’s not like Albert could surreptitiously exercise visitation rights with her. All things considered, I think her mom handled the publicity situation pretty well. When Jazmin was older, she was identified, and she seemed mature and comfortable enough with herself to feel happy to be known as Princess Grace’s grand-daughter. The mom was not a wealthy woman, but its my understanding Jazmin never wanted for anything monetarily. Albert bought them a house, paid for private tuition at schools, and made sure that Jazmin was provided for financially… No, that’s not a father’s ONLY job, but it is something more than most “deadbeat dads.”
      It’s not clear what the situation with Nicole Costa is. She claimed they were in a long relationship, he denied that. He did the same things for Nicole & Alexandre that he did for Jazmin and her mother (a nice home, private schools, yearly income to live on)… He did not live with Nicole, and she made the choice to come out publicly with Alexandre on her own. I think considering Albert was not going to be a very present father, it was a poor decision.
      But who really knows… Albert is a shady fellow.”

      I was in Paris when the news broke & I read Nicole’s interview in Paris Match & followed the drama. She clearly had hopes that having a child would get her a ring, but his father could never accept it, hence the law allowing only the kids from a catholic union as heirs.

      So no excuses for anyone from me :-)

      • Ag says:

        @Ahot – I understand what you’re saying, although I’m not sure what “the guy’s point of view” is supposed to mean. And relationships are complicated but, whatever his relationship is with the children’s mothers, it ough to be a separate issue from his relationship with his kids. I’m coming at this from the angle of a parent – I can’t imagine not seeing my kids, paying their tuition, and thinking that that absolves me of being a parent. Regardless of the other circumstances, I don’t understand a parent not wanting to be in a child’s life. (And with these people’s resources, a child living in CA can be flown in regularly to see her dad in Europe, or he can fly to see her. )

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        Sorry if I misunderstand you, but you do seem to feel that he did the right thing by his kids, or at least better than a lot of people. It sounds like you’re excusing him to me. I agree with with Ag that his relationship with the mother is irrelevant. These are his children. Again, sorry if I’m not getting what you’re saying.

  3. DailyNightly says:

    She still looks like she’s about to barf any minute, but maybe it’s him that makes her queasy.

    • mimif says:

      I want to barf just thinking about the act of him procreating; imagine if you were actually obligated to procreate with him.

    • bluhare says:

      I bet the best morning sickness remedy in the world is realizing you don’t have to have sex with him again.

      • kri says:

        I have just now realized that her face looks as pained as mine whenever I see Kim Kardashian’s latest fashion fox paw. Because that is how Kim would say it-we all know that.

  4. Erinn says:

    She looks like a very unhappy person…but maybe that’s just how she looks? I really don’t know.

    Wish them all the best with the pregnancy.

    • Cecilia says:

      You know how some people have that resting bitch face? She has a resting ‘pained’ face. I wish them the best.

  5. Loopy says:

    I know what you mean, there are some people who just look sad for whatever reason, but everytime i see her she looks like she is thinking of the nearest escape route.

    • notthatone says:

      She looks deeply, fundamentally miserable.

      • AC says:

        This. I’m now going to search the interweb to see if there are any pictures of her looking genuinely happy.

      • bluhare says:

        There were a couple, AC. With the rugby player. :)

      • AC says:

        Nope. even when she’s smiling she looks miserable, and he looks like a pr*ck. Check this one out. Ugh

      • Suzy from Ontario says:

        She really does. She really projects a vibe of deep unhappiness. That was especially evident at her wedding, despite her later attempts to act like that wasn’t true at all. People aren’t stupid. You can see when someone is really unhappy. He is a total dick in so many ways, it makes me wonder why she married him…beyond the obvious $ and fame, etc. Maybe she thought it was an opportunity to live in luxury and have the money and fame to do good charity work, which I know she does (read a magazine about her charity work in teaching children to swim to help prevent drowning deaths, etc).

        I think the fact that she’s having twins is interesting. It might be totally natural, but it wouldn’t surprise me if she went in vitro because that results in multiples more often, especially if more than one egg was implanted “in case” … I would not be surprised if they have some arrangement in which she will be his wife in name only and procreation will not be through a sexual act. I sure wouldn’t want to touch him.

      • Pumpkin Pie says:

        @AC – I think I saw a photo of her looking very happy when that South African swimmer won a medal at the Olympics in London (sorry i don’t remember his name). I am not implying they are involved!!!!!!!!!! She was a swimmer too and she’s South African so that makes sense

      • AC says:

        lol. I’m going to search for the rugby player and the swimmer… I think we know what the root of the problem is…no names mentioned, but his nickname is
        A-bert. :)

    • Green Eyes says:

      She has also totally aged since being married to Al. In some photos, she looks to be in her late 40s.

  6. Esti says:

    Ugh, he is such a vile man. Spoiled, entitled jackass. Can you imagine what Grace would have thought of him if she’d lived to see how he turned out?

  7. NYC_girl says:

    Seriously, I don’t understand this. They were together for a while before they got married, weren’t they? It’s not like she was a 19 year old virgin thrown into the spotlight. Why does she always look miserable? What did she witness before they got married to make her like this? What kind of insanity is going on there if she really couldn’t get away beforehand? If he is just a d*che and she overlooked it because she was tempted by the lifestyle, SMH. She HAD to have known before getting engaged. Did he pay her to marry him? Sorry if I come off (cele)bitchy but there are so many other women in crappy relationships, afraid of abuse who are stuck. I am friends with one. I also dated one guy and moved overseas to be with him and when I saw he was a nasty drunk after going to the pub after work, after 2 weeks I packed up my shit and left, with no job or money back in the States. Thankfully I still had my apartment. It was like SITC but Big didn’t come to rescue me in Paris. Maybe that’s because I was raised by a single mom who left a bad situation, but as I said, this annoys me.

    • delorb says:

      If she’s from South Africa, perhaps she has an issue with the fact that he slept with one of the baby mommas? Yeah, I fully expect to be torn a new one.

  8. Anna says:

    I’m going through my 3rd miscarriages right now, i’m sitting here crying my eyes with the realization that I might not have my own child. I hope she doing this for the right reason and not just for the whole heir thing he so badly need.

    • Ag says:

      oh, anna, i’m so sorry! i know that comes off trite, but i’m sending good thoughts your way.

    • Carolina says:

      Dear Anna, that’s so terrible. I wish you every strength and support in this difficult time. I hope you can have your own healthy child soon. xxxooo

    • Willa says:

      Very sorry for your losses Anna. My friend had miscarried five times before having her son at forty! Keep trying and don’t give up. Much love to you.

    • Frida_K says:

      So sorry for your loss…

      And just because I don’t know if I’d see a post from you again…and recognizing that it’s a personal decision…for future, you might consider finding yourself a good Chinese medicine physician. I’m in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) school now and I know that there are many herbal treatments that can help a woman maintain a healthy pregnancy, of course there is acupuncture, and also there is Tui na (medical massage) for anxiety and other disorders. Myself, I am not a fan of Western biomedicine but everyone is different. If you’ve never tried TCM, you might consider finding a good acupuncturist and making him or her part of your healthcare team. Truly, TCM has a lot of resources for women’s health.

      All this aside though–again, so sorry for your loss.

      • OTHER RENEE says:

        Anna, I am so very sorry… but Frida is right about a good doctor that practices Chinese medicine. I had a friend who was told by her obgyn she’d probably never have kids due to various issues. She went to a local alternative doctor who told her that her body temp was too cold and to stop drinking cold drinks especially soda… and almost immediately got pregnant and now had 2 kids. My best wishes to you.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I’m so sorry, Anna. I hope with all my heart that your dreams come true. But try to remember that you will be ok even if they don’t. Good luck to you.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      I’m so sorry, Anna. Sending you a bug hug with good wishes that you get your heart’s desire. Be well.

    • Ahot says:

      Sorry for your suffering Anna. I hope you still will be able to have your wish granted, after your body & soul heal from this trauma. So sorry. :-(
      As for the two, all is not as presented.

    • bluhare says:

      I’m so sorry, Anna. I miscarried as well.

      But does it really matter why she’s having them? Certainly there’s dynastic reasons but most moms say it’s love at first sight no matter the reasons.

    • Suzy from Ontario says:

      So sorry Anna (((hug))). That must be devastating to go through. I hope the future brings you a healthy child to love one way or another. Take care

    • Tang says:

      Anna, what makes you think any pregnant woman is not doing it “for the right reason”? She might want children just as badly as anyone else does. She might have struggled for a long time to get pregnant with this baby. We just don’t know.

      • Word Girl says:

        I’m deeply sorry for your loss Anna. I hope you have that child you want someday soon.

  9. mkyarwood says:

    She could have hyperemesis — the dreaded puke for nine months ailment I had with my first. Still, it’s not good to be to cautious with any pregnancy. You’re really in training for ten months for a marathon. Walking every day took my mind off the pukes and made me sufficiently hungry to eat things at the end of a planned route. I guess she’s not allowed to walk around on her own, though. Sheesh.

    • Azurea says:

      Hyperemesis can be so severe that there is nothing to be done but medication. I know! Take a walk? I could barely lift my head for months, even with the meds. I had to go stay with my parents because I was a complete invalid. After about 4 months it resolved, but still with meds. Without, I would have died from dehydration long before. This is why I only have one child!

  10. Dany says:

    no, he has only two kids. That stuff about a baby before the wedding was just made-up stuff. Even her “escape” was just a shopping trip to Paris with her mother.

    I remember there is a teen boy in germany who tells every paper he is Albert´s third child. Albert did take this serious and made an paternal test, the test was negative. The boy and his mother wanted a new test, so Albert made the test again. Result: negative again. That boy and his mother still think he is the daddy. They want another test.

    • Ahot says:

      Crazy, isn’t it? she better be looking for other possible fathers for her son instead of holding onto a pipe dream. One thing P. Albert is not, is foolish. He will always acknowledge his children, even if he isn’t publicly in their life. The daughter they are talking about has visited him many times in Monaco, she was seen with them when they toured in the US some time ago; but hey, everything to make him look like a deadbeat dad, I guess.

    • Dany says:

      after watching an interview with this boy i felt for him! He wants a father so badly and every child should have one. He wants to know where he is from and he has every right to know it! His mother told him years ago that Albert and no other man is his father and of course he wants to believe it. That´s just sad and so unfair.

      • Juliette says:

        That’s a really uncomfortable story. I think the boy should probably move on, and find other role models in his community. Albert is not his father, and not much of a role model either… Especially since this boy was born without the privileges Albert has benefited from his entire life.

    • Francis says:

      Charlene dated Albert almost a decade, she knew damn well what she was getting into and exactly who he was, she was with him during the Nicole baby drama and knew about the other child w the US mother and entertained her when she visited Monaco a few years before the engagement happened.
      People who think this woman is trying to run away must not realize that she travels the world regularly for Monaco alone and with Albert. She’s been to California, New York, Elvis Mansion Graceland in Memphis, to Germany, South Africa and Australia several times alone…..this woman wanted this , she waited, hung in there and wanted the ring and everything that came with it. Charlene ain’t going nowhere and has never wanted to leave……..the myth that somehow she’s there under some strain or not of free will, it’s totally laughable. Charlene is HSH Princess of Monaco and will remain so , this woman is not going anywhere. This is a former Olympian and she dealt with Albert for a decade, Charlene is not some weak woman, she ‘s in this for the long game Princess of Monaco and wife of HSH Prince Albert for life .
      Good luck to them with the pregnancy. I hope they have a girl.

      • Lisa says:

        I agree with you Francis. I think she pretends to be this poor victim to get the sympathy of the public.

    • Word Girl says:

      @ Dany,
      Mishaps can happen regarding paternity test. My aunt had twins with a sperm donor she met 12 years ago that asked her to marry him before she found out she was preggo. That’s besides the point, I digress. Anyway, she found out where he lived twelve years later after they ran into each other by happenstance. She told him about the kids that they had together that he abandoned 12 years ago. He didn’t seem interested, so she discreetly followed him home and found out where he lived. She petitioned the court for a paternity test. He took the test. The test said that he was 99.9% NOT the father. My aunt didn’t understand it because she was faithful to him while they were dating. Around 3 or 4 months later she received a summons back to court. The judge said that their paternity test had been mixed up with someone else’s and that he WAS 99.9% the father, and that he better pay up. Booyah!

  11. L says:

    The thing is that he IS new to the whole preganancy/baby thing. It’s not like he was around those other women when they were pregnant and gave birth. It’s not like he was around when those kids were growing up and had anything to do with their upbringing. He’s never had to be actually present before. He’s so trashy.

    • Juliette says:

      Yeah, its definitely a weird situation with his other children. He was apparently in a brief relationship with Nicole Costa that ended. With the other woman Tamara, Jazmin’s mother, they were never a couple. It was a vacation fling, not the ideal situation to become pregnant…

      Jazmin grew up in California. It’s not like Albert could surreptitiously exercise visitation rights with her. All things considered, I think her mom handled the publicity situation pretty well. When Jazmin was older, she was identified, and she seemed mature and comfortable enough with herself to feel happy to be known as Princess Grace’s grand-daughter. The mom was not a wealthy woman, but its my understanding Jazmin never wanted for anything monetarily. Albert bought them a house, paid for private tuition at schools, and made sure that Jazmin was provided for financially… No, that’s not a father’s ONLY job, but it is something more than most “deadbeat dads.”

      It’s not clear what the situation with Nicole Costa is. She claimed they were in a long relationship, he denied that. He did the same things for Nicole & Alexandre that he did for Jazmin and her mother (a nice home, private schools, yearly income to live on)… He did not live with Nicole, and she made the choice to come out publicly with Alexandre on her own. I think considering Albert was not going to be a very present father, it was a poor decision.

      But who really knows… Albert is a shady fellow.

      • LAK says:

        It’s the other way around. The californian lady seems to have been a youthful fling whilst the Togolese lady was a long-term relationship. or perhaps both were long term and we simply have more pictorial evidence of the Togolese lady.

        There are load to pictures online showing him with the Togolese lady including their child. Too many to link here, but if you google images for ‘Nicole coste Albert monaco Alexandra, you’ll see lots of pictures. at functions, at play and in home – probably hers.

        All that stopped with the wedding. And i think that’s why the Togolese woman is bitter and constantly stirring now.

        He barely acknowledged his Californian child. Rumour is that he has some contact with her now she’s an adult. Not much pictorial evidence.

        i did find this one:

        Rumour also has it that he has settled a tidy sum on the two kids [possibly third] and their mothers despite the fact that they can never have royal titles or be part of the royal parade show.

      • Ahot says:

        Yes, wrong decision for Nicole. She could never be his wife because I don’t think they would be ready for such a change & add catholic bigotry to the mix … She tried to force his hand by coming out & it backfired on her, especially because of the timing of the reveal. Monaco was mourning his beloved P. Rainier & she made a spectacle out of it all over the news in France. That was a bit of a fameho move, guess she wanted the limelights badly. People don’t really like her there because of that. But she has moved on, I believe.

    • Ahot says:

      He was definitely around for Alexandre according to his mom. & there were pics published in that interview that back up her claims. It’s quite a messy situation all around, really.

      • LAK says:

        There are pictures on the internet of Albert with baby-toddler Alexandre which shows are so cute, and boy does the baby look like Albert!!!

  12. MeeMow says:

    Can someone explain why his other 2 kids aren’t considered heirs?

    • Faye says:

      Monaco’s laws of inheritance – the child has to be “legitimate” to be the heir.

    • Anna says:

      Because they are not ‘legitimate’ (that word seems so wrong today, but there you go). Albert was never married to their mothers, so despite acknowledging his paternity, they have no claim to the throne. It’s the same with Andrea’s and Charlotte’s sons, who were both born out of wedlock. Andrea is married now, so Sacha is in line, but Charlotte’s son isn’t, and neither is Stephanie’s younger daughter.

      • Izzy says:

        My late grandmother had a wonderful saying about “legitimate” and “illegitimate” children. She said, “There are no illegitimate children. There are only illegitimate parents.”

        I loved her, I miss her. She was a class act.

    • Renee says:

      I think because they were born out of wedlock but I could be wrong…

    • Dany says:

      IMO he should legitimate his son and daughter. I´m sure Alexandre and Jazmin would be good for the serene family… but i can understand why that will never happen. The line of succession would be in danger.

      In Monaco the oldest son out of a catholic marriage inherits the throne (or the daughter if she has no brother), so Albert´s son Alexandre would be the next Prince… but what will happen when an older out of wedlock son comes along? Albert had many lovers when he was younger. It is unlikely after such a long time, but it isn´t impossible.
      So Albert had to legitimate this “new son” too beacuse he did it with the first two and suddenly there would be a new heir. That´s too unsafe. And subjects want a relationship with their royals. They want to see them grow up. There is no strong bond between the people of Monaco and Albert´s children.

      • Ahot says:

        It can only happen if he marries the mothers, because of the catholic religion. As is, they bear his name as his children, but can never be heirs to the throne. P. Rainier saw to it with a law before he died (which by the way shows clearly that the family knew of his children, but not the public).

      • Ahot says:

        oops, wrong placement. ITA with you by the way.

      • LAK says:

        Without ill wishing Charlene and her baby, I wonder what would happen if he goes back to the Togolese lady, marries her and thus legitimises their son who then becomes the heir by right of age seniority!!

      • Kori says:

        He wouldn’t have to have married the mothers to legitimize them legally (in the eyes of the church perhaps). Rainier’s mother Charlotte was the reigning Prince’s (Louis?) only child. Her mother was an actress or something and they never married. He needed an heir and legitimized her–probably because it was (perhaps still is) an absolute monarchy. Charlotte didn’t reign herself but she was married off to a French aristocrat and produced 2 children–Rainier and Antoinette. So there’s historical precedent.

  13. Jen says:

    She hates him.

    • Faye says:

      I’ve never met him and *I* hate him. What a pill. Refusing to acknowledge your own child, being forced into taking a paternity taste – that’s so trashy. Some prince. At least in bygone eras, the kings and princes with illegitimate kids supported them.

      • Ahot says:

        Hate is strong, no? I can’t believe people are bashing him for taking a paternity test for a child conceived during an affair . The daughter they are talking about has visited him many times in Monaco, she was seen with them when He & Charlene toured in the US some time ago. & even little Alexandre sees his father regulary, it’s simply not for public comsuption.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        So he misses graduations and other important events because “it’s simply not for public consumption.” Nice. How would that make you feel if your father only saw you behind the scenes like you were some dirty little secret? Maybe he should have thought of that before he brought these children into the world, then implied their mothers were sleeping around and didn’t know who the father was. How you defend this creeper is beyond me.

      • Faye says:

        @Ahot – It’s not as if he volunteered to take the paternity test – he was forced to do so. And even so, he had no contact with and did not support his daughter for many years. The fact that he occasionally meets up with her when he’s in the same country doesn’t mitigate that. A deadbeat dad is a deadbeat whether he lives in a trailer park or a palace, and yes, I find that to be a very hateful thing. I can’t imagine someone ignoring or neglecting their own flesh and blood. It’s not only awful, it goes against nature. Charlene seems nice enough, but why she picked this man to father her children is beyond me.

        @GoodNamesAllTaken – Well said.

      • Ahot says:

        All I mean is, he just won’t talk to the public about it, because the way they see it, he doesn’t owe anyone any explanation about his personal matters. For the son, I remember the article published in Paris Match who broke the news. It clearly showed a relationship with the son & his mom. For the daughter she was the result of a fling (sorry to say) , so I do understand the need for paternity test. My memory is not the best, but she had/has contact with her family in Monaco. It’s not that I am defending him, it’s just that I can understand the need for the tests & such. Could he have handled this better? Yes. What matters is how he is handling it now. & fact is no one really knows, because it’s not for public consumption. Maybe it resonate with me, that rich/eligible guys get trapped all the time & if a test helps them get on their responsabilities, it’s a good thing.

  14. PunkyMomma says:

    He’s so reptilian. Oozes slime and strikes me as a totally amoral character.

    I wish Charlene a healthy pregnancy and a safe birth, healthy baby, and hopefully, if she wants to escape Monaco someday, safe passage for her and her child.

  15. Becki says:

    I had twins & let me tell you….the barfy feeling is strong!! Also, everything else is amped up too b/c you have more of the HGC hormone. Soooo, she probably has to pee all of the time and her boobs are killing her. I didn’t pop with my twins until about 20/21 weeks, but after that I couldn’t slow the growing down!! I got HUGE!! Looking back, the pregnancy was just awful, I hope hers will be better & that she can get the rest she needs!

  16. OTHER RENEE says:

    I always thought she cried so hard at her wedding because she truly loved the guy and found out about… whatever man or woman or men and women he was currently doing on the side. Must have been hard to realize that he would never change and she’d never be enough. A la Jackie Kennedy. It’s sad.

    • LAK says:

      People talk about the wedding video, but often forgotten is the perp walk [that's what it felt like] through Monaco during the week of the wedding during which she cried just as badly – like her heart was breaking. After that, she’s been looking frozen and miserable and sour.

      People say her resting face must be like this, but there are plenty of pictures of her since she became a Olympian and or started dating Albert where her face wasn’t this miserable, sour thing. of course that could be the botox/fillers/surgery too, but girl had sparkle to her which was extinguished at her wedding.

      Regardless of what caused it, my feeling is that despite 6+ years of being Albert adjacent, she didn’t know the real truth. And on the eve of her wedding, she found out, but couldn’t pull out.

      It happens. She won’t be the first person to find out something they can’t live with, but they must. Especially when your entire family is dependent on the guy and think your wedding is like winning the world cup <– actual quote from her father.

      That said, i think she's finally OK with whatever happened because she's been less miserable with each passing month as documented by pictures, face surgeries/botox/fillers notwithstanding.

      • original kay says:

        you know, that’s very true.

        I found out something 12 years in, 2 kids and a mortgage, that I should have been told before we got engaged.
        bitter, yes.

  17. dorothy says:

    Hope a baby brings her much joy. She seems like such an unhappy, sad person.

  18. littlemissnaughty says:

    Her face though. That is one bad plastic surgeon.

    • Tang says:

      She doesn’t look at all like she’s had plastic surgery, and is probably too young to have had any work done yet – anyway.

  19. Nic says:

    She looks so damn sad and I hope she escapes. But am I evil for hoping the kid isn’t his? Like, really obviously not his.

  20. wow says:

    Although it shouldn’t, it really h ugs me how they make it a point to emphasize this child will be his first royal heir. I mean, it’s not like they are lying, this will be his first royal heir, but it just irks me some. As if they are saying this child is more special and important than his football team of other children. As if those kids are insignificant.

    As for Charlene, either pregnancy or her short hairstyle ages her.

    • Mel says:

      The Monegasque family is not even “royal” – except in the most informal (and inaccurate) sense of the word – because none of their ancestors was ever a “rex”, a king. Which only makes the whole thing even less of a big deal than it already is.

  21. Shelby says:

    She always looks so sad and on the verge of crying

  22. Hootysgram says:

    Three comments on this story. A. She looks drugged in every picture and may very well be. If she is bipolar…she may have that dull, miserable, blank stare…medicated or not… B. He looks like a stuffed sofa in that one picture with his jacket button busting to fly off any moment…and C. He sounds like a dirtbag with illegitimate kids all over the map. Why in hell would she marry THAT?

    • L says:

      Because he’s royalty and a billionaire.

      • LAK says:

        better this billionaire than Heidi Klum’s baby daddy – his sleaze/beached whale quotient makes Albert seem like a model saint.

      • Pinky Rose says:

        Bingo. And it’s not as she didn’t know about his shady ways before. They were a couple for years prior the wedding.

  23. Mel says:

    Twins would be a NIGHTMARE for any dynasty – because you suddenly have two heirs to the throne = internal strife.
    In the olden days it was common practise to hide one of the twins away or send him into foster care (under an assumed identity, naturally).

    But of course, that was in the “good” old days when monarchs had actual political power and dynastic matters had actual repercussions. Nowadays they are mainly just tabloid fodder.

  24. Coco1973 says:

    Hootysgram-what does bipolar look like exactly?

  25. Tang says:

    I used to know a woman who looked just like Princess Charlene, wow. Amazing resemblance.

  26. Word Girl says:

    I’m sorry to be a Debbie-downer in this post, but every time I see her, I can’t help but feel sad for her. I kind of just want to run over to where she is and be her Shero; her knight in shinning armor. From previous post concerning these two, I have read from my fellow Celeby’s that she was forced into marriage by her family. My heart aches for her, and this douchebags kids. I hate the sperm donors in the world that don’t give a rat’s ass about their kids. I hate that this dude didn’t go to his own kid’s graduation. Why is it, in a lot of cases, that the worst people, such as sperm donors and evil people, have the best lives? This man has a huge amount of wealth and power, but to me, he isn’t worthy of any of it. Every day you see so many folks that are kind and would literally give the shirt off their backs if they could but yet they suffer like hell through life. I know life ain’t ever gonna be fair, but posts like this make me say out loud WTF???

  27. melain says:

    These look like the two unhappiest people in the world. Good for them for making the decision to have a baby.

  28. Stephanie says:

    Robert Eringer, Monaco’s former intelligence chief, turned on Albert and used to blog frequently about his sleazy connections and disgusting character. At the time of the wedding, he was considered fairly legit. Here’s a Forbes piece about Albert’s rapey past: