Jennifer Lawrence ‘broke out my rape scream’ for Alfonso Cuaron

Jennifer Lawrence

These photos of Jennifer Lawrence (plus Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth) at the Cannes Mockingjay party are a few days old by now. We didn’t have them when I wrote about JLaw over the weekend. Jennifer is wearing Dior. It is an unobtrusive dress. Certainly much better than her whimsical beach photo dress. I’ve also included some casual wear photos of JLaw and the boys in the gallery.

There’s a new Vulture article out about Jennifer’s partygoing antics at Cannes. I’m so glad that James McAvoy called her “proper during his recent Details interview because this Vulture article presents some issues. As in … there’s plenty here to feed the JLaw backlash. I’m fascinated at how the public builds up starlets and then tears them down, but I’m also confident that Jennifer can weather the storm with time. She’s talented, and she’s savvy. She hides when she can. She cannot hide at Cannes.

This entire Vulture article is worth it. Possibly worth it for some adorability points, but the encounter is also problematic. JLaw was running around the Vanity Fair party at Cannes. She was acting all “nitro” because that’s who she is. She demonstrated her curious hiccup cure, which is pure JLaw. Then she went crazy over meeting Justin Bieber, but she made up for it by refusing to take a photo with him. She doled out ammunition for JLaw/JHutch stans. The article almost reads like Hunger Games fanfiction. But then comes the rape joke. Oh nooo:

Her hiccup cure
Ever wonder what Jennifer Lawrence does when she gets the hiccups? This reporter just happened to be passing by the Hunger Games star at last night’s celebrity-packed Vanity Fair Cannes Film Festival party when Lawrence cried out, “Seriously, I need some water now.” Attentive Lionsgate handlers rushed to find her some, while Lawrence explained to her posse, “The only thing that ever works for getting rid of hiccups for me is when I drink water and raise my arms over my head and lower them very slowly.” She said this with her arms raised skyward, as if to brace everyone around her with a preview. Then she hiccuped.

“I have the water but I need a glass!” said one harried male Lionsgate handler, rushing toward Lawrence with an Evian glass bottle about a third of the way full. “No glass, she’ll just chug it from the bottle,” said a woman from Lionsgate who seemed to be a JLaw authority.

The bottle passed from hand to hand through the crowd that had gathered out of concern, or perhaps out of curiosity to see if Lawrence is as good at getting rid of hiccups as she seems to be at everything else. The bottle finally landed in the hands of Hunger Games co-star Josh Hutcherson, who’d been standing in front of Lawrence and knew what to do. He raised the bottle to her lips. Lawrence put her arms up straight, and the ritual began.

Josh Hutcherson gave her water while she had her hands in the air
When Lawrence said she had to lower her arms very slowly, she meant it. I got nervous staring at her, so I looked away, and looked back three times, and she’d barely lowered them past her shoulders. Hutcherson was there for her, pouring water down her gullet, through the whole possibly two-minute affair. She drained the bottle and her arms finally reached her sides. Hutcherson put the bottle down and looked up at Lawrence, who, too, seemed to anticipate that each new breath would bring a hiccup anew. A minute more passed. She and Hutcherson locked eyes and hugged. They’d beaten it.

She gave Hutcherson a private dance
Lawrence had been making a lot of use of her lungs that evening, which had begun at a lavish Hunger Games: Mockingjay party at a Russian oligarch’s vast villa in Antibes, down the coast from Cannes. (A financier with good information said the owner bought the property for 230 million euros.) There, she’d been sequestered with the rest of the cast in a VIP area, where she passed the time by almost-twerking to Missy Elliot’s “Work It” and backing Hutcherson into a corner with her dance moves, where he dropped into a chair and looked at her in awe as she ground her hips in the air around and over him. They’d all left that early to head to Vanity Fair’s soiree, nearby at the tony Hotel du Cap on a cliff overlooking the sea in Antibes, right around the time that word started circulating that Justin Bieber had mysteriously shown up at the VF party, and no one could be sure how long he’d stay.

She “broke out my rape scream” for Alfonso Cuaron
Had Lawrence’s Bieber fever engineered the change of venue? Maybe so. The first thing she said upon entering the building, according to Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson, was “I want to meet Bieber!!!” The magazine happily arranged an introduction, though Lawrence declined to take a photo, wisely realizing that it would have broken the internet. I missed that historic teen idol summit. I first spotted Lawrence, deep in protection of her posse, because she started screaming: “Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!”

Those were cries of joy; she’d just spotted Alfonso Cuaron in the crowd. “I broke out my rape scream for you!” she cried and grabbed his shoulders and screamed “Ahhhhh!!!” shaking her head like a crazed fan, or a woman in distress, into his face. Cuaron seemed quite pleased with his greeting.

She held hands with Hutcherson
As the party wound down, Lawrence grabbed Hutcherson by the hand (it was a friendly sort of hand-holding) and headed for the exit. Liam Hemsworth, who’d been hanging out with Robert Pattinson for most of the night, came over with a scowl and crossed arms to block their way. “Where do you think you’re going?” he asked, then broke into a grin and gave them big hugs. He stayed longer. Lawrence and Hutcherson headed into the night. Perhaps they had more hiccups to conquer.

[From Vulture]

The hiccup cure is anecdotal and charming. Not only because Jennifer is so disarmingly weird, but I enjoy knowing that Josh knew exactly what to do without being told. They hold hands, they’re buds. The Hunger Games stans would like them to hook up, but it won’t happen.

Sigh. I guess we have to head into negative territory. You all know I love JLaw until the end of time, but I panicked when she announced, “I broke out my rape scream for you!” at Alfonso Cuaron. He seemed pleased? Perhaps puzzled. It was a very dumb thing to say. Jennifer needs to think before speaking. An offhanded joke about rape … I can’t defend that.

Jennifer Lawrence

Josh Hutcherson

Jennifer Lawrence

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet

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  1. T.fanty says:

    Rape joke aside, this report makes me think that she’s either coked up to the eyeballs, or unbearably high maintenance.

    • PunkyMomma says:

      I vote coke.

    • Tatjana says:

      She sounds absolutely horrible in that article. Like an entitled little brat. And being excited to meet Bieber but refusing a picture sounds hypocritical.

      My way of curing hiccups is pressing the punctum nervosum on your neck.

      • Kiddo says:

        I do breathing exercises: inhale slowing counting to 4, hold for 4, exhale counting to 4.

      • aemish says:

        I will have to look up the punctum nervosum :p

        My way of curing hiccups is saying the word “mayonnaise” — the reason this cures hiccups is because air is leaving your nose and your mouth simultaneously.

      • frisbeejada says:

        Take a full glass of water and drink it from the opposite side of the glass while bending forward -weirder even – but it does work!

      • paola says:

        mine is to squeeze the tip of the left pinkie finger while drinking some water. my mum’s trick.. it never fails!

      • Tatjana says:

        @aemish, when you press the punctum nervosum, you press the nervus phrenicus which inervates the diaphragm.

      • Dinah says:

        Manual lingual traction ( grab a paper towel and give your tongue a sustained strong pull – ouch) or better yet, lean forward and drink from the far side of the glass so your chin is nearly in it… try to drink the glassful- you will dribble, so do it over a sink. The pressure on the soft palate and throat works every time in my family.

        It looks like the nerve you cited could be pretty close to the carotid sinus, which could be problematic as far as bradyarrythmias and carotid plaques go. I’d be a bit scared to do that on myself.

        sorry for this duplicate of your idea, but I agree with you that it works really well! Cheers!

      • Sophie says:

        +1!!! Not defending Miley but the bias on this website is astounding – when JLaw says a rape jake, it’s just “hope she’ll weather this storm and come out on top” but when Miley makes a quip she gets ripped apart. Ugh, such double standards

      • Lindy79 says:

        I find taking a deep breath, holding and then swallowing (gulping) while still holding as few times clears it for me.
        (its quite hard to do)

      • Kelly says:

        When I was younger I’d always hold my breath as long as possible and breathe shallowly after. Nowadays I find the best cure is to sprinkle some bitters on a slice of lemon and suck on it for a few seconds works every time even if it tastes terrible

      • Miffy says:

        I find growing a f*cking pair and being enough of an adult to realise hiccups are not that big a deal works best for me

      • Wren33 says:

        I lean forward and drink a glass of water upside down. Works every time.

      • iheartjacksparrow says:

        This is the best cure: Take a glass of water, put a facial tissue over the top, and then drink the water through the tissue.

      • FLORC says:

        Never had an issue with my cure. Just chug water. Like a liter.
        I’f i’m without water breath in and hold it. Then take another breath in, repeating this, and keep holding until you need to exhale. 100% success rate.

      • Babalon says:

        Wingardium leviosa to you too!

      • Lisa says:

        She sounds totally normal, jesus, people, get a life! What bush did you grow up under. Someone who is chirpy and a funny has GOT to be on coke, coz those people don’t exist, obviously! *SMH*

    • Lollipop says:

      The more I read of her, the more she sounds like an a**hole. She also doesn’t see all that bright.

      • Hiddles forever says:

        I don’t think she is bright at all. During interviews she always says something silly, foot of the mouth disease all over the place… I would suggest her to plug the brains before speaking but I now wonder if she has them….

      • Camille (The Original) says:

        Completely agree with you Lollipop.

      • JennySerenity says:

        What y’all said. I’m starting to feel Hatha-hate, and not for Ann(E).

      • qwerty says:

        I feel tired just reading about her shit. She must be exhausting to be around.

      • JohnFinn says:

        She’s going down the Lindsay lohan path, we all know how this is going to end.

    • Dinah says:

      I think it’s that she tends to be a bit of a sloshbucket at these events… wasn’t there recently an article about her vomiting at a post-Oscar party because she drank too much?

      Just thinking of the girls in HS & college who get loud and demonstrative for attention when they drank. She fits that in my mind.

    • Ag says:

      i vote coke, insane high maintenance, and ignorance (stupidity? lack of education mixed with obliviousness? not sure.)

      • FLORC says:

        There is so much wrong with this comment.

        And she’s well documented to always be this way. Unless her mother was feeding her coke since childhood.

        This girl settles down with a joint and red wine. If you’re doing coke you don’t settle for weed. You just don’t.

      • Beth says:

        Florc – there’s nothing wrong with that comment. I think the poster was right on all counts. As for your theory that being a pot head precludes the use of any other drug, LOL, just LOL. Or maybe you were trying to say that someone who likes coke would never drink and smoke weed. Either way it’s the silliest thing I’ve heard in a while.

    • Davy says:

      I wish this chick would never speak. Because I do enjoy her on screen. Actually, most actors and pop stars, just stop talking. You are talented but ridiculous humans.

  2. Melissa says:

    I find her intolerable, am I really supposed to find a grown woman acting like this endearing?? Seriously, I’m still a teenager and if any of my peers were to act like this I would presume they had severe issues. She is attention seeking and ignorant and it irritates me that her infantile behavior is inexplicably praised while the likes of Anne H are vilified for being openly ambitious. She plays the game as much as anyone else yet the fact that she lacks common decency is supposed to be refreshing, please.

    • lex says:


    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      I agree, Melissa. I don’t wish her any harm, but I fail to see the charm in her crass, rude, clumsy, oafish, attention seeking, juvenile behavior. We’re supposed to find it adorable that she makes fart jokes, burps, trips in heels, flips people off, and casually uses “rape scream” as an expression while we watch with rapt attention as she demonstrates her hiccup cure. She’s crude and immature, and somehow that’s “refreshing.” I don’t get it.

      • Ag says:

        i’m baffled by it as well. i have zero opinion on her as an actress, i’ve only read about her on this website (and dlisted). i am sure all the attention she’s getting, mixed with likely being surrounded by yes-sayers, only reinforce her apparently arrested development. or, it’s all a shtick, which doesn’t make it any better.

      • Belle Epoch says:

        Thank you GOOD NAMES! I can’t even add a word.

      • Miffy says:

        GoodNames, I want your comment on a tshirt.

        I don’t get it. I never got the obsessive appeal she apparently had (to each their own on that front, I guess) but the more I read about her the more I think she sounds like every hysterical, high maintenance young celebrity out there.

        This article just makes me think that this is what Lindsay Lohan would have been like if she wasn’t the complete underdog of Hollywood.

      • Val says:

        Couldn’t agree more with all of you. It probably wouldn’t even bother me as much if she didn’t have people worshipping at her crass alter – have you ever seen the comments on Vulture in general? It’s all praise praise praise. This is the only site where people seem at least a little realistic/critical about her.

      • Hiddles forever says:


        I want your comment on a T-shirt too!

      • FLORC says:

        I don’t like her humor. It’s odd to say the least. With that said I DO like her. She’s not a role model and is smart enough to not only know this. And smart enough to go away from public eye when not needing to promote.
        She does her job, her films do very well, and she hasn’t been caught in some massive scandal.

        And when Jack Nicholson congratulated her at the Oscars she was pure adorable. If you think that reaction was bad at all I would question if there’s a personal vendetta against Jlaw.

      • TG says:

        I agree. It is sick and gross that she would just stop and announce that she need water then all the people start running to get her a glass, but no glass only a bottle so they all hand it down to her. What a huge brat and I just wish someone would point her in the direction of the kitchen next time she thinks she needs water. What would she do if no one paid attention to her at these parties. And I am so over Josh Hutherson after his interview last year about how he fantasizes about having a sexually confused child. I wrote him off as a nitwit. J-Law is on too so perhaps that is why they hang together.

    • don't kill me i'm french says:

      She acts like my neighbour’s 5 years old daughter when she eats too much sugar

      • melior says:

        What’s mind-numbing it’s not so much her antics as a room full of people indulging all her whims and fawning over her. Just wow.

    • anne says:


    • Lamb says:

      I do not understand the hate for this girl. I think she is completely refreshing. Yes, she sometimes says things without thinking or makes jokes that people find inappropriate, but I would prefer her any day versus a robot, like, Beyoncé. She’s at Cannes, she’s surrounded by parties and people and events. She’s excited and probably acting as such. She’s still young and relatively new to the biz, so the excitement will wear off and she will become more mature, but for now, I’d be living it up too and having fun! She is herself and not trying to uphold some image manufactured by her PR team.

      • Lollipop says:

        Why didn’t she take a picture with Justin then? It would hurt her “brand”. She’s good at PR just as much as everybody else in HW.

      • dj says:

        Agreed Lamb! She is not perfect and does not profess to be. JLaw is young and is getting used to fame. I think of her like a colt…just finding her legs and sometimes it works better than others. It seems like she is not enjoying all the lack of privacy (with recent events of flipping paparazzi off) so she is blowing off steam in a protected environment. Party on JLaw!

      • loli says:

        Uh she’s not new to the game. She’s been popular for quite a few years and she should’ve learned how to be classy by now.

    • Kiki says:


  3. Patricia says:

    I think there’s a backlash because of all these ass-kissing, simpering articles that act like she’s the second coming of Jesus. These articles are 10x more annoying than anything else.
    Also, the rape joke was a complete fail from her. She needs to grow up.

    • Alexis says:

      She does need to grow up, or keep it in her pants, or something. Somehow being immature doesn’t make for a pass for KStew or Miley and I’m sick of she’s young as an excuse. She’s not that young.

      She’s just exhausting. As for the joke, I found it tacky. I’m not going to say I’ve never laughed at a joke that references rape, but my stance is that if you are going to be offensive, you had better be really funny. And that wasn’t.

    • Beth says:

      I never understood the hype or why all her press is so positive. If anyone here is Jesus resurrected, it’s the head of her public relations team – s/he really has worked miracles.

    • RPG says:

      “ass kissing simpering articles”

      Read the one from The Daily Beast from a few months ago. That was embarrassment at its finest.

  4. Ollyholly says:

    In no way was that a joke ABOUT rape. It was a joke about a loud scream.

    Are we offended when people say they laughed like murder? Does that mean they support MURDER?!


    • SW says:

      ^ this!

    • Dani2 says:

      There is no “we” in any of this, you are allowed to not be offended at all, it’s your life. What is completely offensive to someone might not be a big deal to another person, for me, it was a really callous way to phrase whatever she was trying to say. Jennifer can be funny without being offensive, it’s one of the things I love about her but this comment isn’t funny at all to me.

      • Ollyholly says:

        I do think she should have phrased that a different way, if only because she was at a public function, but I do think everyone’s getting just a BIT overzealous in their offence.

      • Dani2 says:

        Comments so far have been that it isn’t funny, that it is an offensive thing to say (which it is for me, it may not be for you but like I said, we’re two different people and that’s okay, that she needs to think before she speaks, etc. I don’t think people are being overzealous, would it have been better if people had commented “LOL Jen, you’re so funny”?

      • THeOriginalKitten says:

        It was a careless thing to say–not unusual for her.

        I like her but she does stuff like this a LOT-it’s starting to become a chronic problem.

        Also it’s possible to express a dissenting opinion without minimizing or dismissing the opinions of others. Rape is a highly sensitive issue-people will have strong reactions about rape jokes.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Is “laughed like murder” a phrase??

      I just don’t get why she felt the need to bring up a word like “rape”. She could have said “screamed like a maniac” or any other countless non-sexual assault related variations.
      It was stupid phrasing, whether you like her or not.

      • Ollyholly says:

        Haha, as I wrote it I realised that I don’t ever remember hearing it praised so awkwardly.

        I guess I meant when you’re laughing, and you say things like “you’re murdering me!” or “You’re killing me”. Lol, sounds weird when I type it, but I know I say those things.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I get what you’re saying but the context is totally different. “killing” or “slaying” it have long been associated with a home run performance etc. there is no such precedent for the word rape or sexual assault. Saying you used a rape scream at someone..I dunno, it just doesn’t sit right and as a young girl who millions look up to, maybe she should try to engage her mind before saying stuff like that.
        I mean I don’t think she should or will get much backlash from this but…it’s really poor phrasing on her part given the media coverage of “rape culture” the last few years. Using it in a jokey way, isn’t appropriate.

    • Emma13 says:

      I’ve never heard that saying before, but I see your point and I agree. It wasn’t a rape joke. A stupid thing to say and do? For sure. Who the heck screams when they see someone? Teenage girls who need to calm down a little. Before I get blasted by a teenage girl who doesn’t scream at her friends, yes I know you exist. There are always exceptions.

      If anyone is interested, my hiccup cure is biting on a pencil and trying to chug water. Works every time.

      • Steph says:

        I’ve been known to shriek upon seeing a good friend who I haven’t seen in a long time and I’m 30. Everyone is different. Introverts and extroverts and all kinds.

    • Jessica says:

      Who says, “laughed like murder”? I have never heard anyone say that.

    • Jen says:

      “Laughed like a murder” isn’t even a phrase. If you’re referring to something like, “You’re killing me!” laughing, that is completely different as it is an accepted phrase and has been in the lexicon for decades. There is no such pretext for a “rape scream” which makes light of women screaming when they’re getting raped.

      • Corsie says:

        Well the phrase ‘screamed bloody murder’ is both graphic and very commonly used. I don’t know, obviously she shouldn’t have said it but to be honest, that is the kind of not-thought-out way you talk around your friends. JLaw is charming, and I think very down-to-earth. Sad thing is, the people surrounding her are not her friends, they need to write stories and take pictures, and those kinds of exclamations are only going to lead to trouble. It’s a predicament cos on one hand, I want her to stay as down-to-earth and to keep treating everyone as her friend, but the backlash is going to hit her and keep hitting her unless she becomes more careful, ie. more like a boring, normal ‘I do yoga and organic is the best’ celebrity

      • Lollipop says:

        She doesn’t come of as down to earth at all in this article. “Bring me water! Bring me a glass!”
        And how on Earth is it okay to run up to someone you’ve never met and scream at them? Does she not have any manners?

      • Esmom says:

        I actually took it to mean more of a self-defense scream, or the loudest scream ever, to ward off a potential rapist. That’s one of the things I was taught to do in a self-defense class, first line of defense. I didn’t take it as a rape joke but I think using the word rape is clearly bound to push people’s buttons so not a wise choice.

    • Dinah says:

      This comment is spot-on. It seems that JL meant to convey the force and volume of her scream.

      • Elle Kaye says:

        Yes, Dinah, that is exactly what I thought as well. She could just as easily called it her, “being robbed” scream or her “murder” scream.

        She has a dry sense of humor and wit. Not everyone will get it and it will annoy many people. It can also be a defense mechanism. That would not surprise me at all.

        She meant no harm. Instead of getting angry, it makes more sense to educate her (and others) that slips such as this can come across as insensitive. I know it makes me more mindful of what I might say, even in jest.

    • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

      Why is that expression even in her vocabulary? Everyone’s acting like she just said it off the top of her head, but I doubt it. She probably says it all the time because she thinks it’s funny. It’s not. Is “I brought out my child abuse scream,” or “I brought out my husband beating me scream” funny? I think she’s an ass.

      You have every right to think it’s inoffensive. I disagree with you. I’m tired of people on here belittling other people for finding these sorts of things offensive and calling them “oversensitive.” Maybe you’re just insensitive. Or maybe people are entitled to have an opinion different from yours.

      • Lindy79 says:


        I’m by no means an overly PC person and I do think there can be people looking for issues/offense where there are none (in the real world, not speaking of anything here) but for me, you’ve hit it on the head.

        It also smacks a little of “I like her, so she gets a pass” whereas if it was someone they disliked, they would have a very different opinion.

      • THeOriginalKitten says:


      • claire says:

        Well, unfortunately, the word rape has been getting more and more usage out of context. I hate seeing people use it so casually, but it’s been happening for years. I see it constantly on the internet (youtube, Reddit, article comments) and I’ve had to ask guy friends to stop saying it. “I’m famished. I could rape this restaurant!” Or, “I hate this song. It’s raping my ears!” It’s become a word for saying you’re going to win, defeat something, you’re offended or annoyed by something. So many casual uses. It drives me nuts.

      • Rice says:

        You made my day, GNAT. I agree with everything you said. Every. Thing.

    • Tanguerita says:

      exactly. This is just ridiculous, sometime I wonder if people actually read the same lines i do.

    • Meh. I think it does’t have to be all or nothing. The expression is in her vocabulary the same way “sweating like a rapist in church” is in people’s vocab over here. It is what it is. Some may find it offensive, but personally, I don’t. Perhaps that makes me insensitive, or perhaps, like JLaw, I too am prone to fits of over exaggeration, and often go for the big, gigantic, borderline inappropriate simile. Does it make me a bad person?Maybe. Meh.

      Part of why she gets a pass from a lot of people IS because that same lack of a filter is the very thing that make her emotions so accessible to her for her craft. Maybe the rest of us are just assholes. But I’m still not offended.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I agree, I don’t find what she said offensive, but I am not going to condemn those that are offended. I didn’t come away from her comments thinking that she doesn’t see rape as a serious issue.

        That said…I am a BIG fan of over-the-line comedy like Blazing Saddles and Louis CK, so perhaps I have a crude sense of humor.

    • FLORC says:

      I’m there. And i’m hyper sensetive with rape jokes. This just wasn’t that bad. People want to complain so they latch onto whatever reason they can.
      I saw a few comments up top saying she had a nose job. People are struggling for things to complain about with her.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        FLORC, that’s the second time on this thread that you have said people who don’t like JLaw or who find this expression offensive have a “personal vendetta” against her or are “struggling” for things to complain about her. I disagree. I just don’t like her. I find her crude and graceless. And I don’t like this expression any more than I like the expression “rapey” that has become so trendy. Some things aren’t funny to me, and rape is one of them. But I wouldn’t bother to have a vendetta against a celebrity. I wouldn’t waste my emotions on something so silly and I don’t need to struggle to find things to complain about. Just because you like her doesn’t mean there’s something underhanded about people who don’t.

      • Dani2 says:

        @GNAT A+ comment, I’m a Jennifer fan (formerly a stan lol) and I agree with you 100%. I never have positive things to say about Katy Perry but I don’t have a personal vendetta against her, it’s celeb gossip and it’s just not that serious.

    • Mixtape says:

      I get what you’re saying–it’s like when someone says they “screamed bloody murder,” we don’t get offended just because it references a horrible act, we understand they are describing the scream. Still, “rape scream” is not a common phrase (although perhaps now it will be? yuck), and it references a crime that generally victimizes women, so I can see how some would be turned off by it.

      That said, as to all the backlash on here, yes, she sounds a bit eyeroll-inducing at this party, but when I look at the competition (from the Disney dropouts to the Jenner girls to even legitimate actresses like K.Stew, etc.), J.Law still wins her peer group for me hands-down. I like that she’s only a media glutton when required to be by her promotional obligations, and at the same time, I like that she’s not so uncomfortable with fame that it seems like she’s dissing her fans and ungrateful for her wealth and success. I imagine that’s a very hard line to walk as a young actress and she seems to be faring okay in my opinion.

  5. Abbott says:

    Eesh. Definitely stupid thing to say. Hang in there, kid.

  6. Allie says:

    I used to like her, but overexposure caused me to get annoyed. Although I do love her hair length now. So cute, wish I could pull that off.

    • Tanguerita says:

      I don’t get it when she gets blamed for her “overexposure”. She is just being utterly professional and promoting movies she is in. Seriously, we can’t blame her for being an actress in demand. And she always disappears the very moment the promotion ends.

      • Val says:

        Except that she isn’t being overly professional…. she’s being crass and obnoxious.

    • Chinoiserie says:

      I can understand being annoyed at overexposure if someone is constantly promoting themselves by pap walks twitter and interviews for no reason but Jennifer promoting her film and there has not been that much promotion and we had not seen her for a while before this. But if you are bothered by what she is saying that is fine but she is just doing her job. She is recurred to promote her films.

      • Mrs. Lecter says:

        Well “overexposure” also translates to several articles a day on her, her being featured on tv constantly, etc. It’s the media machine that does it.

        That being said, I agree — I’ve had enough of her myself.

    • Beth says:

      Agreed. I’d like to point out that Allie wasn’t blaming JLaw for her over exposure, just saying that she IS over exposed. I don’t really care WHY she’s in our faces with fart jokes, rape jokes, and various TMI all the time. She might be promoting something, but that doesn’t give her a pass from me. Whatever the reason, she’s still there and it’s increasingly annoying.

  7. minime says:

    I really like her. She seems genuine and she is IMO a great actress. It’s good to see someone that is not “anal retentive” about her image. I think she has fun with what she does and probably is also a funny person to be around.

    Still…that rape sentence is not OK. At all, there is no excuse for that and it is by no stretch funny. I really hope this is misquoted! Otherwise, she really needs to start putting some serious thinking on what she says when it comes to serious matters.

    • Crank says:

      I also think she’s awesome. I wish people would not get in a wad just because someone likes her. I love her, but it doesn’t mean I love every single sentence that comes out of her mouth. Every celebrity makes stupid moves, it’s called personality and being human. Wasn’t the smartest thing to say, but I’m sure she was just high on adrenaline or something. No excuse, but she’ll handle this well.

      • Lollipop says:

        The difference is, most other actresses get hate for every little thing they say ( e.g. Anne Hathaway), yet she gets pass after pass after pass. She says problematic stuff in almost every interview.

        Personally, she’s not my cup of tea. 23 going on 12 is too much for me. But my biggest problem is that her acting is way overhyped.

      • Crank says:

        Lollipop: I agree others get worse treatment than her for dumb things, but doesn’t mean I’m not going to like her because of that.
        I can understand not liking her much, but I still love her acting. Overhyped? Maybe to some, but again that’s not exactly her fault. She may be overhyped, but still a better actress/person IMO than all these other teeny boppers and crack addicts and boring-as-hell actresses.

      • Lindy79 says:

        Lollipop, that’s exactly it. Some of her fans just refuse to accept that she might not be perfect and the problem is, she does this again and again so clearly isn’t growing or learning from it.

        If Hathaway had said this, she’d be crucified.

      • THeOriginalKitten says:

        Yes, what Lindy and Lollipop said.
        ….and FTR, I like both Hathaway and J. Law but dumb is dumb.

        I don’t think you have to stop liking her, Crank—not at all—-but I also don’t think it’s bad to acknowledge that what she said was stupid.

        I’m the same about actresses I consider myself fans of. Sometimes they say stupid things that I refuse to defend, but I won’t stop being a fan based on one incredibly stupid or poorly-worded comment.

      • Dani2 says:

        @TOK Exactly. I like Jennifer and I’ve seen nearly every movie she’s been in, but I won’t try to pretend like she’s perfect or that she hasn’t said problematic stuff both recently and in the past. A lot of Jen’s fans like to pretend like she’s perfect, she doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t make her any less talented or likeable, but call a spade a spade.

      • Lindy79 says:

        No one is calling for her head, nor should they be but if someone says something stupid, no need to burn your dvd’s/posters but you’re allowed to call them on it.

      • Tatjana says:

        Lollipop, I completely agree. Especially about her acting. I find her very over the top most times.

        I LOVE Anne Hathaway, but I can admit that she was annoying during her Oscar campaign.

      • paranormalgirl says:

        The biggest pass I’ve EVER seen someone get over a rape comment was Sofia Vergara. When asked on the View how she could have a son as old as hers was, she said “I was 13, I was raped.” And when asked about it the following day, she laughed about it again.

  8. Lizzie says:

    This girl needs to CALM DOWN. Notice how everyone who thinks she is ‘proper’ and cool and whatever are men? I have a feeling J.Law inspires a lot of eye rolling among the girls. She’s so the one who will flirt with your bf and try and make you feel bad about it.

    • Crank says:

      Way to generalize, and does that make men pigs or something? I like her because she’s a great actress and seems to handle pressure and criticism well. Her antics sometimes get on my nerves, but overall she’s my favorite young actor. Just because I think she’s ‘cool’ doesn’t mean I worship her every move.

      • Lizzie says:

        I don’t know her – so yeah, I’m generalising. No one here knows her so I don’t see or feel the need to defend her like I would someone I know in real life.

        You’d like the Buzzfeed article on her – “The Cool Girl”.

      • Crank says:

        Lizzie: I’m saying you’re generalizing men…as if you’re saying:
        1. Only men like her
        2. It’s bad that men like her
        3. Which then kind of insinuates that men are pigs or that all men like her, therefore that makes her gross and/or all men gross.

        Also I’m not defending her rape comment, I’m saying people can still like her but not like every damn thing she does. Just like others dislike her, but can still like her acting or her occasional cuteness.

      • lizzy says:

        You’ve completely gotten the wrong end of the stick here. I dont give a crap whether men like her or not. What I was saying is that when you hear celebs commenting on her they are a lot of the time, male. I get it – shes hot and blonde and is down with fart jokes and doing shots.
        Shes projecting a specific version of herself – the cool girl who doesn’t give a shit about anything. Shes just so chill. And men are the ones who are responding to her. She has fantastic PR….its obviously working on you.

  9. Lindy79 says:

    Oh dear….

    I’m also side eye-ing the HELL out of her for being so excited to meet Justin f*cking Bieber.

    • SW says:

      Maybe she wanted to see if he was as douchy as it’s reported? Lol at least she didn’t take a picture and feed his ego more!

      • Lindy79 says:

        Nah, I’m not giving her a pass on this. She’s not shy about calling people out or saying what she thinks, if she didn’t like him, she would have said something or not made such a big deal about wanting to meet him.

        Nil Points Lawrence!

      • THeOriginalKitten says:

        I know…Beiber really? REALLY???

      • Lindy79 says:

        The only way she would get a pass from me on that is if the sentence was this:

        The first thing she said upon entering the building, according to Vanity Fair’s Richard Lawson, was “I want to meet Bieber!!!” (so I can roundhouse kick him in the face)

      • THeOriginalKitten says:

        LOL! Yes exactly.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Lindy79, so funny!

    • Tatjana says:

      I think it’s hypocritical of her to be exscited to meet him but refusing a picture.

    • Val says:

      I’m guessing this was a joke like “Omg I have to meet Justin Bieber!” as in, fake-fangirling. This seems likely for her

  10. smee says:

    She’s wearing that sheer skirt busyness – I cannot abide.

    Not the worst “rape joke” ever, but totally unnecessary.

    I had no idea Alfonso Cuaron was so cute!

  11. SW says:

    Yikes. Backlash is out in full steam today! Lol. That joke wasn’t funny, but we all say stupid sh!t t once and awhile. It was mildly offensive, but not horrifically so.

    • iskra says:

      Except she doesn´t say stupid sh!t only once in a while but constantly. And she doesn´t need that. I think she is simply playing the Hollywood attention game. Sad, cause she has got talent to keep her in the business, she doesnt need all of this.

      Apparently, there is a cult of young and pretty girl who talks some funny crap all the time (and most of it is quite embarrassing) and people (and sadly kids as well) buy that cause for years they have been told by the media that making a total idiot out of yourself in public is actually cute and normal. We forgot what decency is and what intelligent behavior looks like.

      You don´t have to be an arrogant and stuck up diva, but girl, find some middle between those two extremes. You are 23 and this isnt funny even to 12years old.

    • Jen says:

      Except she says stupid shit literally every time she opens her mouth.

  12. blue marie says:

    *facepalm* well that was a stupid thing to say. I personally would be tempted to elbow someone in the eye socket if they stood in my face screaming, definitely not a cute story.

    My takeaway from this whole post is that Josh Hutcherson is adorable and I’d like to be his friend.

  13. eliza says:

    I LIKE Lawrence as long as I stay away from reading her nonsense.Yes, she is young BUT some of her antics wear thin on me even when looking at a girl who is still maturing.

  14. The Wizz says:

    Rape joke was stupid, but I still love her. Rest of the story is fab.

  15. msw says:

    Head desk. I’ve lost humor in those kinds of comments as I got older and realized how not funny they are.

  16. Karen says:

    I love J-Law, I’m a fan and hate all the uncalled for backlash she receives for every action and every word that comes out of her mouth. Unfortunately, I can’t defend that comment either. It’s just crass.

    Still, I certainly hope the backlash isn’t awful for this though, I feel bad for her honestly. Personally, I wouldn’t dream about making a rape joke or comment of any sort BUT I’ve said far worse things on other topics haha. I’m sure most of us have – there’s just no interviewer from Variety recording your every word for mass publication.

  17. cro-girl says:

    Burn her. Burn the witch. How dare she. You fit into how we want to see you or you go home Jlaw!!

  18. ninal says:

    OMG celebitchy bending over backwards to rationalize her rape reference . Lol I think it’s worse to use it flippantly like this than ignorantly like Johnny d. and kristen Stewart had to be honest.

    Hope an organization calls her out too on that kind of casual language that is reflective of the permissive rape culture.

    • original kay says:

      You need to brush up on your reading comprehension.

      Bedhead clearly states “An offhanded joke about rape … I can’t defend that.”

      • ScrewStewrat99 says:

        She says she can’t defend that, but the tone of the article seems very nonchalant towards Jennifer and the joke, at least it reads that way to me. I feel if this article were about another actress it wouldn’t read the same and would be more harsh towards that actress.

  19. original kay says:

    she has boundary issues- what she says, what she does in public.
    It actually could be a symptom of social anxiety, which I believe she says she suffers from.
    she has no idea how to behave, so she goes to extremes.

    I would like to believe this^^ but really, I think she’s an arse.

  20. mkyarwood says:

    Booooo, JLaw. Don’t ever make rape jokes, ever. Could be because she was ‘one of the boys’ growing up, could be because she’s been in Hollywood too long, where even the staunchest feminist starts to say shit like this.

  21. antisocial says:

    She’s not an obnoxious out of control party person outside of her JOB, so that she twerked and screamed and was generally enthusiastic to be there seems to me like a woman who was doing precisely what she gets paid to do w/o puking, passing out or bringing assault charges.

    She’s an actress. She has a murder scream , a rape scream, a watch your new best friend ruthlessly murdered in a public arena scream – she is paid to imitate. Is filming a rape scene just something that should never be done bc trying to do so convincingly is just wrong? No, we must bring horrors into the light to rob them of any power they have in darkness of obscurity. J-Law used a “rape scream” as a professional tool in her tool belt. I assume it doesn’t offend ppl that she has it, only that she mentioned it in polite conversation?

    You can’t knock J-Law as an over zealous try hard whose genuine personality is immature and at the same time call her fake, saying that her antics an overwrought act. One or the other, not both. If you’re hell bent on not liking her, that’s ok, just pick a side. Do you hate the genuine parts that leak through the professional facade, or do you hate that she (like virtually every actor ever) even has a facade?

    I think she’s incredibly self aware and she understands her place in the political Hollywood game.

    • Jen says:

      I don’t think about it that deeply. I just think she’s obnoxious as f***.

    • M.A.F. says:

      She was not filming a scene. She saw Cuaron in the crowd at some party and yelled across the room. And she might not be a fall down drunk in public but acting like a dumbass in public is just as bad in my book.

      • original kay says:

        I think she was actually so drunk at a Oscar’s after party she was fall down drunk (and throwing up on stairs)

    • HHazel says:

      “You can’t knock J-Law as an over zealous try hard whose genuine personality is immature and at the same time call her fake, saying that her antics an overwrought act”


    • Samtha says:

      You know, that was my first thought as well–she’s an actor. “Rape scream” might mean something slightly different to her than to a non-actor.

      It wasn’t a joke about rape either way. She’s entered that phase of celebrity where it doesn’t matter what she says or does; people will tear her down for it regardless.

      • abby says:

        gospel truth

      • lolab says:

        She was not approaching that remark as an actor, but as a young adult whose popular culture casually uses rape as a flippant descriptor to describe day to day situations. As a role model she needs to do better with such language, and its not too much to as k of her.

    • lolab says:

      Rape scream is a professional tool from her acting tool belt ? Can your mental gymnastics be any more complicated? Don’t over think this – she sure didn’t. She essentially made a funny remark that was in bad taste. Simple as that. No tool belts required. She doesn’t need to be burned at the stake but definitely needs to be educated on how not to contribute to the rape culture, even on a seemingly small scale.

    • Lindy79 says:

      Seriously..saying she was referencing an actors tool is just reaching to the point of …I just can’t.
      I’ve never ever heard any actor use a phrase like that, including ones who have starred in tv/movies where they have had to portray a rape or sexual assault. Especially when saying they used it when meeting someone in a party setting. She wasn’t auditioning, she wasn’t portraying a role, she was probably a bit drunk, saw someone she likes and screamed in their face and then described it as a “rape scream”. (also why the f*ck would you do a scream that aggressively into the face of someone you like??)

      I get that you love her but come on! She had word vomit and it was stupid.

    • RPG says:

      “She’s an actress. She has a murder scream , a rape scream, a watch your new best friend ruthlessly murdered in a public arena scream – she is paid to imitate.”

      Jesus Christmas. You’re trying WAY too hard here while giving her WAY too much credit. She said it because she’s a dumb ass with perpetual foot-in-mouth disease. That’s all.

  22. OhDear says:

    I have no strong feelings about her either way, but the rape scream thing is just awkward. I get the impression that she’s good-natured but thoughtless. Hopefully the latter will lessen with time.

  23. Alex says:

    “Jennifer needs to think before speaking. ”

    This is a total oxymoron, were she to think before she spoke, she wouldn’t be splurting out the good stuff either. Not thinkinking before she says or does is who she seems to be, and that’s a big part of her charm. Sometimes it’s highly amusing, sometimes not. The thing is you can’t have one without the other. Doesn’t mean that you have to condone all that comes out of her mouth, I don’t (like this thing was stupid), but I get it that without these misfires we wouldn’t have the golden goodies either. Nobody’s perfect.

    Also, the author of the Vulture piece wrote on her Twitter that story is a satire.

    • iskra says:

      What good stuff? Most of everything she says equals preteen whining, bad self-deprivation and rude jokes. She is grown woman, not a child. Not thinking before speaking doesnt make you genuine, honest and original; it makes you, well at least in her case, a moron.

      • Alex says:

        Oh, my mistake, you are right of course, she has never said anything nice or good. She is a horrible person who is so moronic she should just be inhumanely euthnaized.

        Weird, being totally rude and mean didn’t make me feel any better about myself. Did it make you?

      • iskra says:

        Read my comment again, give it a little thought and maybe you will understand it better.

      • Alex says:

        You can fool yourself as much as you want but you still remain mean.

      • Tatjana says:

        Iskra, I agree.

    • KevinA says:

      Don’t see that on her Twitter, but otherwise agreed.

      Not defending the comment. Silly-stupid. But people have to make up their minds. Do we want our celebs “perfect,” always saying the “right things” or let them be themselves (ie. very imperfect)? The former never offends, but can feel less than authentic.

  24. anetta says:

    JLaw was uber lucky to casted in The Hunger Games – that is like won one chance on million. Every other actress could take the role of Katniss – Mia W, Rooney Mara, even Lily Allen and franchise still be successful because it about great caracters and powerfull story. So Lawrence should be endlessly gratefull for such unique chance/luck BUT looks like she is doing exactly opposite – came across as petulant, capricious, fractious, naughty, flighty… There is nothing in her behavior shows that Jennifer is thankful and appreciative, rather ingrate and she takes everything for free. Her ego overblow and turn into average hollywoods narcissist.
    Besides, girl kind of hypocrite – constantly dissing fashion while take 15-20 mil for representing DIOR, smoke weed which contradict her good girl image, constantly show middle finger, complain about fame… Remember the time when she criticize Kristen Stewart – now she follow her steps. Thats what happens when people got undeserved success – the didnt value it until they lost … just ask KStew or LiLo…
    p.s. By the way her Oscar – still joke, Harvey W is wizard.
    sorry for my english…)

    • Lollipop says:

      I agree.

    • JessMa says:

      Anetta, she had already landed x-men and an oscar nom before hunger games. Three oscar nominations and one win at her age is a record. Harvey wasn’t involved in the two other oscar noms. When I saw her in Winter’s Bone, I knew she would be huge. Fyi she is friends with Kstew, so what are you talking about?

    • abby says:

      wow so much hate and lies dont hold back tell us how you fell

  25. Murphy says:

    I thought the hiccup thing was cute but did she think the hiccups were going to kill her?

  26. psb says:

    Honestly I’m more disturbed by the fact that a reporter followed her around all night writing down evey little thing she did.

    • THeOriginalKitten says:

      …because that’s sort of what reporters do…

      • paranormalgirl says:

        Especially if it’s their job to write about their subject, which again, is what reporters do…

      • Liv says:

        Yep, but it’s still creepy. Plus they mention a few times her “posse”. You never know how realistic these articles are, but I found that more disturbing than everything else. These stars are really made into assholes with thousands of people surrounding them and just saying yes to everything.

  27. uta says:

    She is so beautiful but her sense of humour SO ignorant, rude, obnoxious and distasteful that she give an impression of mean spirited person. In past I was the biggest fan, now I almost hate her.

  28. Selina says:

    CAN’T STAND HER. She tries so hard to be a “real” and down-to-earth girl unlike AnnE Hathaway that she’s as annoying and disingenuous as AnnE is in her practiced persona.

  29. ninks says:

    IF she said it, its highly inappropriate. But the whole report reads like ‘joshifer’ fanfiction and I’m having a very hard time believing a lot of it is true. It’s got to be at least highly embellished. If not entirely fabricated.

    • rania says:

      It definitely seems like fanfiction. Vanity fair also reported their meeting but they didn’t mention that particular comment. Idk.

    • MisJes says:

      This. I know a lot of people here are hoping this is all true because they just adore ripping her to shreds – but the story reads like Joshifer fanfiction, to a cringeworthy degree. It seems so obviously made up, I don’t believe any of this shit really happened.

  30. tomb rider says:

    So Angelina Jolie donate so much time and power to create awareness against Crimes of Sexual Violence and even directing the feature movie on the matter, while some jackanapes like JLaw think it expedient to JOKE about such a tragedy. No, just big NO!///////
    If some other person said such a thing she/he would torn on the pieces. Why Lawrence gets free pass on everything?…

  31. Renee28 says:

    She can be irritating but in general I’m indifferent to her. But it’s very annoying that her fans think she’s above reproach. It doesn’t matter what she does it’s always dismissed at being “real” and “genuine.” She’s given so much leeway compared to other actors.

  32. um.... says:

    Jokes about Sexual Violence as much appropriate as “jokes” about race, ethnicity, sexual orientation – ignorant, inept and plain stupid. JLaw should just shut up.

  33. Lindy79 says:

    “Its good to know she HAS a rape scream. All women should!”


  34. als says:

    Well, she gets points for originality from me, since that ‘joke’ would have never crossed my mind. Even if it did, saying the word ‘rape’ in a jokingly context would feel weird.
    Otherwise, I think it’s a good rule in life to try and get rid of hiccups by yourself and not develop a procedure that requires the help of another person – obviously she couldn’t hold the bottle and lower her arms slowly in the same time. Her way seems pretty elaborate. I always think of ways how to do things by myself, just in case there’s no one there to help.

  35. THeOriginalKitten says:

    That……um…could you miss the point ANY harder?

  36. Faith says:

    I want to find her charming or refreshing but I just find her immature.

  37. Dani2 says:

    Quite possibly the weirdest comment in this thread.

  38. jess says:

    She’s stupid.

  39. JB says:

    Personality aside, that last picture makes me want to cut all of my hair off like right now. It’s a really cute length (at least on her).

  40. JessSaysNo says:

    I don’t think this is a “rape joke” per se. She just meant that she screamed very loud, as someone would if they were in danger but she was just excited. If she had said “I hadn’t screamed that loud sine my last rape” then it would be an very offensive rape joke. I think it was kind of off-hand and not thoughtful but I don’t think she was joking about rape.

    As for Cuaron, he wasn’t pleased by hearing a ‘rape scream’, he was pleased that she was so excited to see him. Life is too short to get offended by every small thing you ever hear. It’s NBD…

    • RobN says:

      It is too short, but lots of people out there enjoy being offended. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves to constantly be finding others lacking.

  41. EllaM says:

    It wasn’t even a joke, she used rape scream as an image for a very loud scream. The whole thing happened at a party and AS IF none of you ever said something stupid after maybe having a few drinks at a party – especially in your early twenties… She’s obviously tighter with Josh then with Liam and her boyfriend ist the adorable Nicholas Hoult, who for sure wouldn’t go out with a girl who is high maintenance all the time….

  42. Kim1 says:

    Why should every woman have a RAPE scream? Should we teach the scream to our young daughters? I missed the memo.

    • RobN says:

      Yeah, you should teach your young daughter to scream like a freaking maniac if she finds herself in that position. It’s actually a standard tool taught in personal self-defense courses. Too many women freeze up and don’t react when a good, loud, attention getting scream might be just the thing that saves them.

  43. amber5ash says:

    She’s not weathering the storm very well. Think before you speak ‘nitro’. *insert eye roll*

  44. Aysla says:

    My hiccup trick is to drink upside down. I tilt my head all the way back after taking a large swig of water, and swallow it upside down. I do it a couple of times and I’m set! Always work for me, and gets rid of the hiccups right away.

  45. Grumf says:

    Omg I hope she’s ok after that dreadful hiccup ordeal… >>

  46. EddyKat says:

    Sometimes I wonder if she has ADHD.

    • Ag says:

      i do. but, while that “predisposes” me to be impulsive, i choose to exercise impulse control. :)

  47. GIRLFACE says:

    No me gusta :( if that’s her being genuine and that’s just how she talks and jokes around then she must hang out with UFC fans at Hooters 24/7 or something. I’m starting to see her more and more as a sort of bratty child who says things for attention and requires a lot of it. So disappointing. I still sort of like her. She’s good but she’s not that good. She has A LOT of growing up to do.

  48. LAK says:

    She needs to party away from reporters who can’t wait to write everything down for their reading public.

  49. InvaderTak says:

    She does sound like she’s lost it. You can have nutty antics and not come off as a complete nut job; she comes off as a nut job.

  50. Elle Kaye says:

    OK…so I reflected on the statement; Upon encountering Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron, J-Law reportedly squealed with delight before telling the filmmaker “I broke out my rape scream for you.”

    Now, I know she did not mean harm, but, it is a very bizarre thing to say. Imagine if you are a man and a young woman makes this comment to you. I don’t know that I would take it as a compliment….I would find it perplexing. I might worry that she felt uncomfortable or unsafe, even if she was acting excited. And I would wonder if she were mentally stable or under the influence.

    She needs to calm down. I don’t know if it is drugs or nervousness or a combination of things that aren’t any of my business…but I think meditation, yoga, xanax, or SOMETHING calming would help her tremendously.

  51. abby says:

    If she said this, oh Jen Jen Jen. Sit down honey. We need to talk about why that’s not okay.
    But like the article it comes from is very weird and who knows what’s real or not from it and I don’t want to be angry over something that may not have happened. That’s not fair.
    Because like this wouldn’t be the first time she’s met Alfonso since they were doing awards season together so why would she freak out LIKE THAT (and why a terrified scream at all?)?
    sorry if i sound like i’m trying to defend her; i’m not meaning to. i just don’t want to bring out the pitchforks without proof and based off a very strange article that already reads like fanfic.

  52. Jules says:

    The writer of the article, Jada Yuan did write on her twitter page that this article was satirical. It reads like 2nd rate fanfiction Joshifer fanfiction)…I don’t believe the night played out the way Yuan makes it seem. Why, for instance, did Richard Lawson not bring it up?…he would have if he heard Lawrence say it.
    All these types of posts do is fuel hatred. The same people that trash Lawrence every single time every single post will jump on a commentthat she allegedly made, or perhaps did not make at all. I think it’s an attempt to create a fake scandal. I think Jada Yuan has a lot of explaining to do.

  53. Kiki says:

    “An offhanded joke about rape … I can’t defend that.”
    Is there any kind of joke acceptable when it comes to rape? And on the other hand, while you can’t and shouldn’t defend her for it, you’re not condemning her, either. Which is bad, really bad. She needs to apologize. More than that, she needs to understand why it is wrong to say something like that.
    I don’t get women who are not sensitive when it comes to rape. Do you have to have been raped to understand how bad it is? How awful? How traumatizing? This is why many women out there have to eat so much sexist sh-t: because women who CAN do something about it or say something, won’t.
    “I guess we have to head into negative territory.” Yes, we clearly have to address this issue. Because it doesn’t matter WHO J-Law is or how much some people adore her, her comment is offensive and stupid.

  54. Mrs. Lecter says:

    How about we teach people not to rape instead of all having a “rape scream”?

    • RobN says:

      Fine, but until you get that little utopia figured out, it’s still a good thing to do what you can to protect yourself.

  55. Mrs. Lecter says:

    She’s an irritant.

  56. Godwina says:

    When I read just the headline, I thought maybe the context was she broke out her most dramatic and horrifying scream ever under Cuaron’s direction on a film set, because her script called for a woman to scream in high distress.

    The real context? Wut. o_O Poor judgment. I’m not offended but I *am* pedantic and a smart woman would be smarter about word choice there.

  57. Stella says:

    Think about it – does it REALLY matter if Jennifer Lawrence made a joke that referenced rape? Really? In the big picture? Sometimes I just can’t be bothered to care.

  58. Steef says:

    People are offended by different things. I would never presume to speak for all people who have been sexually assaulted but as someone who was sexually assaulted, I can say that I am not offended by this comment.

    I’m offended by policy makers and law enforcement officials suggesting that ‘she deserved it’ or ‘rape only happens to women who dress ‘provocatively”

    I’m offended by parents who don’t teach their sons to ask first.

    I’m offended that in some places, raping someone is not considered a crime, but the victim of the assault can be punished under the same law that protects the rapist.

    I’m offended by floods of people harassing the victims of sexual assault over social media.

    I’m offended that being a sporting or movie star can afford you some kind of exemption from prosecution for sexual assault.

    You might think that JLaw’s comment was an example of ‘rape culture’ permeating our lives, and you might be right. However, I believe that if the energy used to tear down this young lady for one comment was put into tackling some of the issues above, well then maybe the ‘rape culture’ wouldn’t be so pervasive.

  59. Lindy79 says:

    Having a scream to alert people is one thing but using it in the context she did is not cool.

    I get she was probably tipsy, at a party and we all say dumb things *insert stockpile J-Law is awesome answer to anything she does wrong here* but come on, she should own this was a dumb thing to say.

  60. tracy says:

    There is something slightly off about this young lady. I don’t know what it is. I don’t follow her or her career closely, but every single time I do catch news of her, she is acting or saying something odd, weird or slightly offensive.

  61. I truly think you can joke about anything- but not anywhere. Jokes involving rape aren’t appropriate for the masses. They should stay by the coffee table with a dear friend you know has the same type of humor as you, and be told while no one else is listening.

    This is one of the problems with being a celebrity: wherever you are, someone listens. It’s not like I think celebrities have to act like role models, but if a celebrity wants to keep their image clean and avoid people hating on them, or if they have any care whatsoever for other people’s feelings, they should watch their mouth.

    But Jennifer just can’t seem to do that. I wish she would, however. I think she’s a great actress but when she appears outside of the big screen, I’m so irked. Perhaps I would’ve loved the girl if it all came down to being a great actress with some quirks, but I’ve always failed to see her overall behavior as just that. Her “quirks” are more like rudeness and lack of respect. I mean, joking about rape? Turning someone’s OCD into something cool, despite how much the person has suffered from it? Rubbing your crotch against sacred rocks? Comparing skinny women to pre-pubescent boys? That’s seriously rude, and not at all cute, cool or quirky.

  62. sorella says:

    She’s a good actress, but I do wish she would calm down a bit and think before she speaks in her real life. I know part of her charm is her ability to “be herself” but she needs to filter, all of us can’t go around saying every little thing that pops into our heads, stars included and she needs to tone it down and look before she leaps. But I also think she herself feel she is extra-cute (from all the praise) and charming (again from over praised) but now has no clue that oftentimes she is coming across as rude and unfiltere. Their handlers don’t tell them the truth and so she is drunk with her awards and popularity and is not aware how she comes across at times.

    That said, she’s always been a loose goose but I don’t know, the way she acted behind the scenes at the Oscars and lately and now this, she seems “off”, I think she is on something more than MaryJane. She exhibits the hyperness of someone a little wired.