Benedict Cumberbatch kept his phone on in Malaysia just in case his mum called


Benedict Cumberbatch is still in Malaysia. He arrived in the country a week ago, hosted the Laureus Awards last week, and then he’s just been hanging out, I guess. On Sunday, Benedict attended the Formula 1 World Championships, and since he’s a company man for BBC, they got him to interview the winner (Lewis Hamilton). He also stopped by some outlets to do some press here and there. My favorite was the interview he did with the BBC’s reporters where the first thing out of his mouth is about keeping his phone on because his mum might call. For real! Wanda did not call during his interview, thankfully. He mentions that she’s in South Africa, so it’s not like her son forgot her on “Mothering Sunday” (Mother’s Day in the UK).

Cute, right? He’s so dorky. While I’ll believe that he likes Formula 1 stuff and he’s knowledgeable about cars, it does feel like he’s trying to butch up his image a little bit. Like, Cumby is all about sports and cars now. He’s not twee, ladies. He’s ALL MAN. Sigh… I wish I was in Malaysia with manly, butch Cumby. I bet his Cumbercurls were damp. I bet his hair gets even curlier in the Malaysian humidity. UNF.

Here are some photos from the Formula 1 thing:


Photos courtesy of Getty, WENN.

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  1. freebunny says:

    I think Benedict will give up acting to be sport journalist.

  2. Abbott says:

    Ummm.. Good for him?

    • Tatjana says:

      I’ve just told my mum what he said and she likes him a bit less now, lol. “Never date a momma’s boy” is one of her neverending advices about men.

      • randolph says:

        LOL!!! she’s right I’m afraid

      • Hiddles forever says:

        Yep, she’s right, I’m afraid too….. I dated two momma’s boys and it is hell… It is not a relationship, it is a rollercoaster all the time and it is exhausting…
        Not that I was planning to leave my hubby for Benedict any time, however to let people know he’s a momma’s boy was not a good move ;) JMHO

      • LadySlippers says:

        Are Mama’s boys really all *that* bad?!????

      • Maggie says:

        So ringing your mother on Mother’s Day makes you a mama’s boy? Wow!

        I think it is pretty obvious that Benedict loves both his parents and that is a positive in my eyes.

      • Tatjana says:

        It’s not just this. He talkes about his mother a lot. Jared Leto also.

        And I’m pretty sure my mum was joking since my dad is a total momma’s boy and he and my mum have been married for 25 years :D

      • Granger says:

        Yeah, not sure how calling your mom to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day is a negative thing. My husband calls his mom on Mother’s Day and he’s not a “mama’s boy.” And I hope my little guy still calls me when he’s a grown man. Doesn’t mean I want to marry the kid, for pete’s sake.

      • Maria says:

        I was thinking that he kept his phone on due to a general sense of insecurity following that airline disaster that happened over two weeks ago. It was all so strange and they still haven’t found the plane’s wreck site or any substantial evidence of it.

      • Isadora says:

        I never dated a momma’s boy, but I actually think keeping in touch with your family and mum is quite endearing. Especially if you are a star and constantly surrounded by people who fake adoration just because they want in on the fame.

        Btw I once had a guy who was constantly rude and disrespectful when talking about his mother, THAT was a deal breaker.

      • Sandy says:

        Nah, he ain’t no “Mama’s Boy”, he just loves his Mum. Big difference. I find his love and respect for his mother endearing. Men like that are to be celebrated, not criticized.

  3. Birdie says:

    Odd job to do.

  4. Lindy79 says:

    The other pictures with the blazer, flip flops combo made me laugh for some reason,
    I can’t blame him though, I’d say the humidity is a killer. The hat’s probably to stop it going full on CumberFro.

    He’s taking time off in between bits, after working non stop for about 2+ years, nowt wrong with that.

    • Marnie says:

      You can see the sweat sheen glinting off of him, I’d say he’s roasting. Especially in the blazer picture with Lewis Hamilton.

  5. PunkyMomma says:

    My otter, my otter…

  6. Sixer says:

    Ew F1. Ew Lewis Hamilton. So there.

    Ha. At least he isn’t too parsimonious to pay roaming charges on Wanda’s big day.

  7. 'p'enny says:

    I’m glad he is keeping his hair dark, really suits him that deep chestnut shade. yummy. He is onto the Oz Comic Con, beg April, so that is why he is staying in that neck of the woods.

  8. Em says:

    Why is he doing these kind of jobs ? He was just presenting at some random awards show.

    • freebunny says:

      Cause he is a workaddict and he loves to do random things.
      For the F1 interview, Bernie Eccleston asked him and it would have been stupid to refuse.

      • Em says:

        Lindsay Logan hosted this same thing a few years back.

      • India says:

        Girl, that’s a totally different event. That’s not even for a race but merely for an F1 party! The interview he did with the winners on the podium is usually reserved for F1 legends (the result is usually a dull awkward interview). In this case, if people here watch the interview properly (and read the written report of BBC Sports for this), he was personally asked by Bernie Ecclestone (yeah, F1 owner, founder, CEO) to do it. All the F1 and sports journalists would kill for that job. Though they were left praising Cumberbatch on twitter after.

      • Lindy79 says:

        He’s just done the sports awards (which have been hosted by Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey in the past) and was in Malaysia anyway before he goes to Oz so why not?

        Are we sure Li-Lo wasn’t just crawling around in the pit trying to inhale the fumes?

      • Em says:

        You make it sound like being personally asked by Bernie is like being summoned by the queen. He was probably payed handsomely. Wish he would stick to being an actor but seems like he wants to be famous.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Em, and didn’t he just blow off the Queen a few weeks ago when he decided to hang out in New York instead of performing in the RADA event with Alan Rickman?

      • Leo says:

        Well plainly put, Bernie is the boss in F1. Whoever gets the sort of access BC got is there because he allowed him to be there. So, if he asked him to present the award, it’s quite wise not to say no.

        Besides, I don’t really think hosting a charity sports award in Malaysia and doing a 10 minute presentation on a podium (all of which he is doing because the film he was supposed to be making right now fell through) is hardly a definition of „wanting to be famous“.

      • freebunny says:

        @Em Of course he wants to be famous, that’s how actors get contracts. Between a good but totally unknown actor and an equally good and well-known actor, which one studios will chose?
        Moreover that helps him to change his image a bit, more manly like Kaiser would say.

      • Abby says:

        @lilac….he was never supposed to perform at the event (as said by an official from RADA). Also no one is sure if Telegraph (or whichever newspaper printed it) was even correct in it’s guest list. Because they mentioned Cumby, Tennant and Alan Rickman to attend but neither came there. It was all BS and that’s why they even took down that article later.

      • Leo says:

        @ Lilacflowers

        RADA’s director Edward Kemp confirmed BC was only ever on the guest list. He was never meant to perform and neither was Alan Rickman. Tom Courtenay did a segment from The Dresser alone, just like he was supposed to.

    • 'p'enny says:

      His PR lady has got him on a run of promotional jobs at the moment, it’s all profile building.

    • Kelly says:

      Because they’re cool random jobs that not many people have the opportunity to try out? Also he gets to travel and see the world and make money! Better than sitting at home and staring out the window I’d imagine.
      I’d love to do what he’s doing now!

      • Maggie says:

        @ Kelly

        Absolutely! He has some down time as a film fell through so why not make the most of it. At least he is enjoying himself, experiencing new things, gaining new skills and these are all positives for an actor.

    • Delorb says:

      Wow. So anything an actor does that’s outside of acting is selling out? Guess that will be news to a lot of heavy hitters as they’ve all done things outside of acting….and have gotten paid handsomely for it. But I guess if Benedict does it, its wrong, but if its Clooney or Pitt, its right.

  9. Shiv says:

    Yum yum – auburn batch is coming back thick, fast and curly!

    Please tell me you have seen the photo’s released this morning of Benedict and the huskies in Finland! Swoon.

    I figure he is not doing any movies at the moment so why not accept jobs like this? The exposure and publicity can’t hurt. There are still some countries out there that haven’t been cumberbatched! Apparently he did a fantastic job at the F1…

    • Lindy79 says:

      I’ve just seen the huskies pictures.
      Even huskies are Cumberbatched

      • Darcy says:

        Ooooh, do you have the link? I’d like to see them, please:)

      • T.Fanty says:


        But that’s not for Jaguar, though, as everyone thought it was. Cumby is now peddling for BA’s free, in-flight magazine. I realize that in this day and age, we aren’t allowed to criticize the High Prince of Cumberness, but does he really have to take EVERY paycheck that comes his way? I’m having a hard time getting hot for a man who shares a magazine cover with Alain du Bottom (although it might give me an excuse to post the tumblr once more).

      • LadySlippers says:

        Oh my Fanty.

        His Cumberness does need the riding crop doesn’t he??? A few swats on his bottom should stop the famewhoring for a bit…. That could also be due to the fact that I’d hide him away in my secret lair that only Squirrel and Janeite know about. That is until the hedgehogs sniff him out…

      • T.fanty says:

        Please, Miss Slippers, do hide him away. And while you’re there, explain to him what over-exposure means, because I fear that he misunderstood when he said he was afraid of it, and simply wanted the lights dimmed a little.

      • Lindy79 says:

        I love the huskies pics but yes Fanty, he’s in desperate need of a “just say no” setting.
        I get he’s trying to play the game and I cant blame him (mock god yes, blame no)..
        For me, hes not at Tommy “dance monkey dance” level yet (most in flight mags have interviews with actors whose films are playing in flight but i cant recall specialised photoshoots for them) but he’s walking very rapidly in that direction.
        It seems a little panicky, no work at the moment, gotta keep busy, keep out there to me. His name is reasonably big now and I think there’s a total fear he’ll get forgotten if he doesn’t keep up the pace.

        I still love him…but the day he claims hes not playing the game is the day I will eye roll so hard I’ll have a seizure

      • T.fanty says:


        That’s the thing for me: at least TommyAnne never acts as though he’s above the game. Cumby’s lack of pretention and lack of desperation was so refreshing at first, but now he seems like he’ll do anything (for a paycheck or for a little glam), while continuing to complain about how difficult recognition is. I keep thinking about how Poor Tom would be crucified for doing a mere half of these Cumbershenanigans. At least TommyAnne does it with an enormous dose of humor (and some very tight trousers, which let’s face it, also helps).

      • Katie says:

        Without trying to sound terrible, anytime he’s out of the country his phone should be on given his parents’ advanced ages. My father is healthy but in his 70s, I’m always in contact.

        Lindy79, his parents’ careers fizzled out as they aged, so I’m guessing you’re right. He probably watched their careers slowly die.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        God I hate it when Ben calls me his mother just so everyone doesn’t know when I am calling him! :)

        Sorry, but Ben doing the photobomb kind of changed the game a bit for me. It was fun and spur of the moment, but it was also attention-seeking, something I thought he was above. Subtlety is often the best form of promotion. Must be something about the way British PR machines work (does PR stand for Personally Responsible? Prat Recognition??).

        Anywho, I’ll have word with Slippers and Janeite and we’ll come up with a strategy to solve this perplexing issue. How to be famous without selling out to the famewhore school of PR promotion. Hopefully the chains and whips won’t be needed, but we will have them on standby just in case…

        Oh, but the Husky pics are sweet. Totally unposed which is what he does best I think. That pup is completely smitten and I think the feeling was mutual!

      • Hiddles forever says:

        @Secret Squirrel

        Do you think BC and TH have the same way of doing the PR.. because they’re going from serious Shakespearean actors to court jesters… lol must be the Hollyweird air that causes that issue….

      • jammypants says:

        I’m in complete agreement with T.fanty. It’s quite odd seeing Cumberbatch shill. It’s expected of Tommy since he’s a giant unicorn puppy.

      • Kelly says:

        “His name is reasonably big now and I think there’s a total fear he’ll get forgotten if he doesn’t keep up the pace.”

        To be fair, I think he would be forgotten in a couple of years if he didn’t keep up the pace. Fame doesn’t last long these days, every year brings a new batch of young, beautiful, talented and hungry new faces. And the masses are easily fed up today, we all want something new every few years. I don’t think it’s wrong of him to assume that he has to ride the wave because in 5 – 10 years who knows what new hotter, more talented, younger face will come along in a new hit tv/film series and take his place. It happens all the time.

      • LadySlippers says:


        Rest assured he’ll be tied up….for awhile. And we ladies of the garden will take *good* care of him. If he proves resistant we may sneak him into Thornfield for additional instruction.


        I think it’s the smell of success that lures them in each time. Alas, it’s actually more addictive than nicotine or cocaine.

        The problem is these Brits get their eagerness and enthusiasm tempered by Britishisms and weather, that sadly, is lacking in sunny and sycophantic California. Here all that crap blossoms like a dandelion. And the poor Brits haven’t evolved the right self defense mechanisms to properly cope…

        So Squirrel and I will try and inoculate him against the dreaded California sycophantitus and showboatitus. And Puddles too if we can wrench him away from Canada (I’ll bet if we grab Bunny he’ll follow — no questions).


        The riding crop should do, yes? He seems so eager to please that correcting this behaviour should be a synch. Perhaps a few other correction tools just to be on the safe side….

        *deep in thought pouring over various correction techniques*


        Please rephrase ‘just say no setting’ as it could be a tad confusing. Especially if His Cumberness thought this was just another setting on a camera (Fanty is probably into something here). ;-)

      • Lindy79 says:

        Its amazing how your opinions change when you need to shill for work and recognition.
        If he acknowledges it next time he’s interviewed then fair enough but if he continues to bang on about how serious he is etc then…. *sharp intake of breath* my Cumby love is hoping hes just lightened up and thought “f*ck it. I’m enjoying this, I’ve changed my mind”
        I wonder will he go to MTV movie awards

      • Sixer says:

        Well, you know, to cheer up any disillusionment: UK Twitter is currently trending with the hashtag #ripzaynmalik. Wrong day but only in some parts of the world (snigger). How um… worse than Cumbershenanigans.

        There’s always something even more icky going on. Mind you, a BA inflight magazine is rather marvellously downhill, ain’t it? Is there a nickname in that? I’m tired. Can’t think of one. Someone give me a flight magazine nickname!

        I should go and comment further down but it’s all going the way of a permanent loop and bed and my book beckons.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Tfanty, elsewhere on this thread, Tom IS being crucified, just because it can’t be a Cumberbatch thread without attacks on Hiddleston. At least, Tom was doing it while promoting: Hollow Crown/Thor2/OLLA. Not really quite clear what Benedict is promoting.

      • Froop says:


        ‘Crucified’ is pushing it a bit, no? You appear to be the main person talking about him.

      • Janeite says:

        Hi Squirrel and LadySlippers and everyone else!

        Ladyslippers, you made me LOL when you called us “Ladies of the Garden!”

        Just popping in briefly to say hello…I was on a business trip to LA last week; I left just before all the earthquakes happened. It’s a lovely city; if anyone ever has a chance to visit, do avail yourselves!

        This thread got a bit contentious further down. I think everyone just needs to hug it out! :)

      • LadySlippers says:

        Hello Dearie!

        Alas, I’m not in the hugging mood. However, I’m not averse to using the riding crop on *both* boys. Equal opportunity love is what I’m ALL about. ;-)

        And you did bring back certain pertinent items from your trip out of the garden, yes? I do believe Squirrel attached a list to your rock. *peers at Janeite all grandmotherly*

        Oh geez, I suppose I’ll stoop to social niceties. How was you trip? See anything of note? Yada yada yada…

        (I jest, welcome back and we missed you!!!!)

      • Delorb says:

        How can one peddle a ‘free’ in-flight magazine? LOL

  10. allons-y alonso says:


  11. India says:

    He was asked by Bernie Ecclestone (yeah, F1 owner, founder, CEO) to interview the the winners. They’re usually done by F1 legends. Sports journalists on Twitter were praising him.

  12. Abby says:

    He got a lot of praise for his interview gig by many sports journalists. If Cumby ever gets tired of acting, we know which profession he should switch to :D

    He looks hot in those pics, that hairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr gosh

    I like how he is travelling and enjoying himself, this is like his gap year from acting.

    • 'p'enny says:

      well he couldn’t be worse than listening to David Coulthard, who turned around and made some slight of Benedict being in Dr Who. I am hoping he was joking and he didn’t really make that mistake.

  13. GeeMoney says:

    Love him!

  14. j.eyre says:

    Caption for photo #5 with Lewis Hamilton:

    “Oh, you drove the car around they loopy piece of road there. I have somebody to do that for me. It’s exhausting to watch though – bully for you.”

  15. Angel May says:

    I don’t stan for Cumby, but he is lookin’ good with a bit of sunburn. Does he have family connections in South Africa? Any of you cumberpeople know? Just curious.

  16. Kelly says:

    God DAMN it, he’s cute!
    Really good as a journalist too, who’d have thought.

  17. Platospopcorn says:

    HELP! Am I the only one left cold by all these shenanigans? I don’t know. I don’t follow a lot of actors, but the last one I followed who worked as hard at not working was Adrien Brody. The outcome of that infatuation was sad disillusionment, as Brody revealed himself to be pretty douche-y and obviously more interested in fame and money than actually challenging himself as an actor (or even working as an actor for long stretches). I’m having troubling flashbacks with my (once) beloved Cumberbatch. Initially, there was a hope of unadulterated talent yet to be actualized in its fullest scope, but I’m even beginning to doubt the collective perception on that front. I mean, Variety is saying that missing his Hamlet will be like missing Olivier, and I’m beginning to wonder…based on what, exactly? Hamming it up at public events? The Imitation Game better deliver, because he certainly seems to be putting a lot of his eggs in that basket.

    On a more shallow note, the sweaty rosacea and nicotine discoloration in the untouched pics from Malaysia are groan-inducing. I need the objects of my affection to be UTTERLY FLAWLESS (or at least not avoidably icky). I also kind of find the ubiquitous presence of his team of babysitters a bit off-putting. I mean, even when he’s out and about back home, he has to have this lot (or at least dear Emily) around him at all times. Weird.

    • freebunny says:

      Lol, an other anxious. Why is he not working??? Sorry, but it’ too funny.

      He doesn’t work for few months and it’s the beginning of the end. I’m also an Andrian Brody fan but they are two very different animals. Brody isn’t working much but he’s still a fabulous actor.

      I don’t know what will happen with The imitation game or Hamlett but he will not turn in a bad actor suddenly and he’ll shoot with James Gray in summer and still has Sherlock even if he doesn’t become an HW star.

      And his team is with him cause he’s actually working, when he is on holidays they’re not with him.

    • GeeMoney says:

      You sound ridiculous. How can you make judgements about him like that, especially when you don’t know this man at all?!?

      • Platospopcorn says:

        Well, to be fair, I’m making judgments about Brody (based on years of evidence that needn’t be cataloged) and observations about Cumberbatch. I didn’t mean to imply that the evidence was conclusive in Benedict’s case. I am very aware that he has worked hard in the recent past. I’m merely expressing my own reactions to his current spate of self-promotion activities.

        As for the second paragraph, I meant it to be light-hearted, but perhaps that was missed. I’m a frequent reader, but this is only my second comment. I’ve obviously misjudged the tone of the site. My apologies.

      • j.eyre says:

        @platospopcorn – I thought that second paragraph was a hoot – made me snort out loud (which is not a very pleasant sound so I shall not recreate it for you.)

        Please don’t apologize, I relish in your brand of sarcasm. Come, let’s have some tea and satire for lunch; I like the cut of your jib.

      • T.fanty says:

        Personally, I’m just happy to see that Poor Emily was relieved from single-pair-of-maroon-jeans-washing-duty allowed out on one of the fun trips. She had probably forgotten what daylight looked like.

      • GeeMoney says:


        I’m just protective of my dear Cumby… perhaps I got a little worked up… apologies.

        They all “host” and “interview” to keep their names out there. Look at NPH. Didn’t he used to be an actor? Now he just hosts the Tonys and Emmys every year or something like that. Granted, I still love Neil, but I remember when he used to act.

        I guess they all have to make their money somehow. It’s not like Cumby can get an endorsement deal from Revlon, lol.

        PS – And I picked up on the sarcasm in the second paragraph you wrote. I have a sense of humor too, don’t worry.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        NPH still acts. HIMYM has only just finished and he is preparing to appear in Hedvig and the Angry Inch.

    • Sixer says:

      I think he’s selling out a bit, too. Most of them do. Nobody you actually HEAR about wants to dedicate themselves solely to their art. That’s why you hear about them. No need for disappointment; just snot a little over any shenanigans and continue to enjoy any performances.

      • 'p'enny says:

        I think your being a bit harsh, to be honest, especially in your comments regarding Hamlet. It is based on his previous acting experiences and awards. Benny, has proved himself on stage, he deserves better than your swipe.

        Benny, like a lot of British actors, who are all brilliant, I am not biased ;-) Are competing against each other in a tough market, especially trying to get into more expensive American mainstream or Indie produced films. Having a higher profile, helps a lot. I don’t think Sherlock would have been breaking PBS records if it wasn’t for his PR antics at the beginning of this year. Promotion is part of an actors job now. They need to get to love it and smile.

        Plus, raising your profile in the fastest growing movie consumption countries in the world is a good move. Korea, China etc selling more tickets than the UK and European countries. Hence Johnny Depp just making his first China tour.

      • Sixer says:

        Eh? What comments regarding Hamlet? I’m lost.

        ETA: Oh, you’re in the wrong place, right?

        I’ll just add to (my) above. There are plenty of very successful actors who don’t get gossiped about. Why? They don’t do this stuff or employ a mountain of PR flunkies. It can help a career. Sometimes it doesn’t help or even damages a career. It’s all a choice. Benny’s chosen a PR route, so let’s not pretend otherwise or that it doesn’t involve any selling out at all. He can do things this way if he wants. But by the same token, we can take it our stride if we want or rail against it if we want.

        And if you’re me, you mock them whatever they do. Especially when it’s all so Veep-esque.

      • Leo says:

        @ Sixer
        Since the tone is a bit serious here, could I ask you a thing or two?

        Who are the really successful actors who don’t get gossiped about or never engage in any kind of PR? In all honesty I can’t think of one. Even those how don’t have any dirt attached to their name end up in gossip magazines or on sites one way or the other.

        I mean even here – on a gossip site – most post about BC are not gossip at all. The only gossip on him (a very bland one) are two pap photos from last summer. And I bet if he had his say, those wouldn’t be published at all. Because maybe I’m not cynical enough yet, but I truly can’t see how photos of him with a Russian model 10 years his junior who has a publically visible boyfriend would benefit his career or image he wants to project.

        I’m not pretending that he isn’t taking the PR route – it’s just that I see it as a necessary evil in today’s state of affairs. I can’t hold against him something that is almost a pre-requirement for any kind of success.
        And since when is a PR person, PA (who is primarily his niece) and an agent “a mountain of PR flunkies”? A bit of an exaggeration for me, but perhaps best to agree to disagree.

      • Platospopcorn says:

        @ ‘p’enny, My comment about Hamlet was an attempt to express my feeling that given his obvious talent, he doesn’t *need* to engage in all the self-promo shenanigans. I guess it’s possibly about having the wrong impression of what he was after from the get-go. As Sixer has pointed out, he very obviously has a commercial career in mind, and he’s going to take every opportunity to pull some cash along the way. More power to him. The fact that I may have had my own projected fantasies about his artistic motives is squarely on me, so any disillusionment is also really more about me than him. I was motivated to post in an effort to seek out some commiseration, partly because I think I’ve willingly sealed myself in the echo chamber of fandom to the point where I don’t know what to think sometimes. Mea culpa.

        ETA: @Leo I was thinking about James Macavoy, myself. He does the requisite project related PR, but does he go in for the all the extraneous stuff? Can’t see him photo-bombing, either. I don’t know though, as I don’t follow him closely.

      • Sixer says:

        @Leo – I think it’s a given that they all must turn out to promote films. But the rest of it – it seems entirely naive to say that’s a necessity. Compering, showing up at the openings of emails, hosting, photobombing, puff pieces in PR-friendly magazines – these are all CHOICES. Entirely reasonable choices, but choices nonetheless.

        But, for example, Gary Oldman doesn’t employ a publicist and is one of the most lucrative in terms of box office and lauded actors of our time. Looking at an Oscar nominee of this year: Chiwetel Ejiofor doesn’t do this shiznit. Looking at one of Britain’s most popular actors with great longevity who was in a blockbuster this year: Christopher Eccleston doesn’t do this shiznit. Simon Russell Beale. There are as many successful actors who AREN’T PRd into oblivion for the masses a la Benny and Hiddlesburp as there are who are – the reason you can’t think of their names offhand is because they don’t have PR machines feeding them into your head every whipstitch. Pap interest is created by those very PR machines getting the names out there and the masses interested in what dubious girl or boy they may or may not be snogging.

        I’m not denigrating the choice (although I reserve the right to mock it, always) – I’m just pointing it out for what it is: a choice.

      • Abby says:

        ^and you think James McAvoy is a commercially viable actor ATM? He has secluded himself to theater or indies mostly. Again it’s his choice because that came only after tasting some commercial success by doing Atonement and Wanted. He only has X-men with him which is a sci-fi franchise. His name is out there for director to consider him for a part or not.

        Cumby is trying to get his name out there to directors because lets be honest not everyone in Hollywood know’s about Cumby or his range. He needs to build a PR around him as that will get name recognition not only in public but in inner circle of Hollywood as well. Once his name is known then he can relax and let the work come to him.

        Also if he was so fame hungry, he would have moved to California and hooked up with a B-list tv star ( ala Henry Cavill)

      • Leo says:

        @ Platospopcorn, actually just off the top of my head, regarding McAvoy – he has done more comic cons than BC, co-hosted/hosted charity events and last year was a guest at the Canadian Grand Prix. You can also find gossip and blind item about him (marriage and father issues, temper…) And if we are speaking of selling out, he had his teeth fixed some time ago to fit the Hollywood ideal.

        Look, all of this is really pedestrian stuff and I think you could him this even with the best of celebrities.

      • freebunny says:

        Yes and no, Gary Oldman is quiet legend now but he had a disastrious rep during decades .
        Chewitel is a very good actor but also dull / shy, chose your term. He doesn’t do sheanigans cause he doesn’t have the right personnality for that kind of things.
        Eccleston doesn’t sell this kind of personnality but he has this better than you personality, the I only care for money and don’t give a crap about my movies. And I think it’s also PR.

        Good actors chose one way or the other not by cynicism but because that fits who they are. And if they were all like Oldman or Chiwitel, this site would be dead.

      • 'p'enny says:


        Gary Oldman is not really fair example – he is not in this glut of 30+ Brit actors which i was referring to fighting for roles. But, Gary made his PR shout-out by being a hell-raiser, and it didn’t hurt his hollywood popularity by being with Uma Thurman and a few other leading ladies with big names. Btw he is very talented and not a slur to say that he wouldn’t have made it big, but all messing about added to his Hollywood image.

        Christopher Eccleston did his fair share for DR Who and decided he couldn’t hack it and backed out. Funny thing with Chris, he complained about all the attention and went into Heroes in the US, followed by a series of really bad film roles. I am big Chris E fan, i think he shot himself in the foot.

        He started out with Ewan McGregor and Daniel Craig and they did the big PR stuff, Ewan ‘s big shout out was waving his nobb in every early film he did, and Daniel obviously part of the Primrose set, helped his early career to stand out. Same with Jude Law, none of which would have had big hollywood film opportunities if they didn’t crave the limelight.

        Chiwetal – think watch this space, he will push out this year, too. On a quick google search he’s has done Vogue modelling with Kate Moss, and been OK magazine cover shot with his model girlfriend. I am sure more will follow as he competes for more hollywood films.

      • Leo says:

        @ Sixer, somehow I knew you would mention Oldman :) True, he doesn’t have a publicist, but just imagine what kind treatment would BC get around here if his private life was even as half as turbulent as Gary’s. And for being a lauded actor, he does a shameful number of horrendous films that just pay the bills. If I’m not mistaken, he more or less admitted that. Isn’t it more honest to take the money from things that shouldn’t have an artistic value to begin with?

        But I think we misunderstood each other – I meant commercially successful, not artistically. But then again, with almost all of these actors (Ejiofor, Eccleston…), you could find some levels of PR-ing, gossip, fluff-pieces in papers… The same things people hold against BC. Simon Russell Beale is an exception, and a wonderful one at that. Seeing him on stage is miraculous.

        I guess what really bugs me most is that if a person who knew nothing about BC would read some od these comments, they would be inclined to think he is the latest member of the Kardashians. The discrepancy between what I see in the press, on the Internet and so on and what some claim to be true is a bit to stark for me.

        Like Abby said, if he was the fame whore some make him out to be, he would he moved to Hollywood and found a presentable girlfriend a long time ago.

        And yes, it’s a choice. But perhaps not one you make entirely of you own free will if the failure rate in case of taking a different path is too high.

      • Etheldreda says:

        @ Leo

        ”Who are the really successful actors who don’t get gossiped about or never engage in any kind of PR?”

        Daniel Day Lewis is one of the most sought after actors in the world, yet he practically lives as a recluse when not doing the (contractually required) promotion for a film. And he only takes on a role once every few years.

        It can be done.

      • Leo says:

        @ Etheldreda, just to be on the cynical side – one could argue that a large portion of that serves as PR. The persona of an elusive thespian, moody recluse, sensitive soul not cut out for this world.
        Then again – he has a reputation of being extremely difficult (to work with) and his private life used to quite turbulent. Like I said, imagine the reaction on CB if BC abandoned his child and made no payments for them.

        And honestly, sometimes I feel he could drown in his own pretentiousness.

      • Etheldreda says:

        ”just to be on the cynical side – one could argue that a large portion of that serves as PR. The persona of an elusive thespian, moody recluse, sensitive soul not cut out for this world.”

        If it’s PR, then he’s not using it very well, as he only does a film once every 4 or 5 years. DDL could do several films a year if he wanted to, so I’m not sure why he’d need to create a ‘persona’. His acting speaks for itself.

        BTW if you’re talking about DDL’s son with isabelle Adjani, he never abandoned hism or refused to make payments for him. Nor did he dump Adjani by fax, as myth would have it.

        And while you may be right about DDL being pretentious and difficult, it’s not really relevant to the fact that he keeps a very low profile, yet is still probably the most respected actor in the world today.

      • Leo says:

        @ Etheldreda
        If he made several films a year, he would be in the spotlight more often, the anticipation for each new role would go down significantly. That wouldn’t be the DDL people know.
        Look, I’m not saying this is true – not at all. I’m just saying how people might interpret it.
        He may very well be a recluse by nature who managed to fit that into his career and make it a part of his appeal.

        And I have absolutely no idea what happened between his son and Adjani – and that was not the point. I was trying to show how gossip can circulate even about the most reclusive celebrities.

      • Katie says:

        Oldman has done a lot more self-promotion and commercial endorsements than BC so far. Not a great comparison lol.

        I can’t think of any actor who’s done less than BC has over the course of his career who is cross-industry successful except DDL, but DDL’s mysterious image is a PR ploy in itself whether he intends it to be or not.

        He’s basically ‘off’ yet still working, as this does help bring parts outside the small UK industry whether people like it or not, but probably cramming in it before he’s tied up by whatever he’s got next. Hamlet alone means he’s losing 4.5 months in 2015 between prep and run.

      • Jffb says:

        @ Etheldreda

        “Daniel Day Lewis is one of the most sought after actors in the world, yet he practically lives as a recluse when not doing the (contractually required) promotion for a film. And he only takes on a role once every few years.

        It can be done.”

        DDL is the one of the most acclaimed actors, but not necessarily the most sought after. And just because he chooses to carry on his life and career in a certain way, doesn’t mean any other serious actor should do the same. People do have different personalities. Cumberbatch is gregarious, sporty, younger and single. If he models his life/career choices after DDL, that would be very pathetic, or problematic or both.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        I don’t think comparisons with the likes of Daniel Day Lewis or Gary Oldman with younger actors trying to develop a career today are quite apt. When DDL showed his incredible range by appearing as Cecil in Room with a View and Johnny in My Beautiful Laundrette in 1985, the internet barely existed, few people had personal computers and gossip, while it existed in weekly magazines and nightly shows like “Entertainment Tonight”, was not a 24 hour international business. DDL got some critical notice but not widespread recognition until The Unbearable Lightness of Being and My Left Foot showed his tremendous depth, the latter earning his first Oscar, but even then, the average person wasn’t seeing his films until The Last of the Mohicans. Oldman’s career was even slower to develop, with most of his early roles, including Sid & Nancy, occurring in small, independent films. Not until he played Oswald in JFK did he reach a wider audience. In today’s entertainment world, with 24 hour international coverage, twitter, instagram, facebook, tumblr, and hundreds of internet gossip and movie sites, in addition to news sites, the coverage is never-ending and people become famous quickly, often for no reason whatsoever (the Kardashians). DDL, Oldman and others have established careers now, and while they don’t have to publicize themselves, they do publicize their work, as contractually required. But for the most part, the producers and directors know their brand.

      • Katie says:


        I think I see what you mean, and I agree. The days of just doing roles are long gone. With the rise of the Internet giving upcoming talented actors a lot more reach than before, you’ve got to stand out until you’re firmly established, which I don’t believe Cumberbatch is.

        The only worry is overexposure, which isn’t happening here, imo. He’s been involved in a whopping three things that had any sort of real press coverage in four months. Anything else only fans would have seen. If he’s trying to shill, he needs to get better at it LOL.

      • LadySlippers says:

        I think the reality is, every actor/actress has schilled at one point. Back in the day (before the Internet & social media) they often did their shenanigans in other markets and countries to avoid backlash at home.

        Today, if someone is doing self PR activities or hawking something — we know about it within 24 hours (or less) instead of weeks or months later — if ever. So BC in Malaysia wouldn’t have made the news except perhaps as a byline somewhere (same with TH in S Korea). Today is a whole different ball game. Over exposure is real in a way that was unheard a few years back as we have so many markets to experience and get saturated with/by.

        So I don’t fault any actor or actress trying to put themselves ‘out there’ as they do need to do it. If I get fatigued by any one person, I know to limit my exposure and have done so too.

      • Katie says:

        Definitely, LadySlippers. Reading this thread, I’d think Cumberbatch was all over the news constantly or on Twitter (which is daily self promotion), but I wouldn’t know about the airline mag and such without reading a niche gossip site.

        I honestly think he needs to self promote a bit until he gets on solid ground, as he’s not the only talented actor and his looks are a distinct disadvantage. *hides*

        He did say he fears overexposure a year ago, as T.fanty mentioned, but also noted everyone has their limits when it comes to running out of work, so he was honest about it.

      • Intro Outro says:

        Hello everyone, some-time reader, first-time commenter, English second language, not a member of any fandom (which is probably why I *still* can’t understand this Cumberbatch vs. Hiddleston thing) so apologies if I do not catch anyone’s sarcasm.


        “I think the reality is, every actor/actress has schilled at one point. Back in the day (before the Internet & social media) they often did their shenanigans in other markets and countries to avoid backlash at home.”

        This is exactly what I was thinking when reading these comments. I still remember laughing my ass off when I first saw those Schwarzenegger commercials. Asian markets are very particular, imo it is basically wrong to judge them from Western point of view. Fan-service is an integral part of Asian PR campaigns, hence those Hiddleston antiques in South Korea are, well, very South-Korean 8D Which is right for that country and those fans I suppose.

        N.B. Not an Asian but I am a huge fan of a Japanese metal band so I know what to expect from Asian culture/attitudes.

      • LadySlippers says:

        @Intro Outro,

        Welcome my dear!

        To be honest, the BC vs TH thing has revolved (IMO) for several reasons.

        One it is a modern cultural construct, if you are for one person/idea/brand it means you dislike or are against all others.

        Two, many comments aren’t really nasty or competitive but taken as such because you can’t always tell in print. So some comments are in jest while others are not and it’s difficult to tell between them.

        Three, most comments from commentators are culturally bound. For example, Brits tend to breath and snark simultaneously and most Americans are not used to snark 24/7/365. Americans tend to use snark in small doses and the Brits tend to liberally apply it. So both are not always compatible with one another. But that’s just one example of many. Asian humour is another, something you alluded to as well, is another cultural construct (I’m an American but lived in Japan for three years and I tried to explain TH’s stunts in Korea were spot on for *Asian* humour. That would clearly not work everywhere just as American humour doesn’t always work elsewhere).

        Four, I think people sometimes need the push/pull that competition provides. Americans tend to be *very* competitive, for example.

        I’m sure I’ve missed a few reasons as a great many cultures aren’t represented in my points but I’ve tried to give at least a glimpse into why. From my point of view, the men show a great deal of similarities and it seems silly (to say the least) to create a mock competition. Especially when it’s equally fun to snark on both! Hehe

        Hope that helps and welcome again. :-)

      • Intro Outro says:


        Thanks for the welcome! ^_^ And for your explanation, too. Hiddleston got on my cinephile radar a couple of months ago, but I never knew about C vs. H issue before I discovered this site several weeks ago. What you’re saying about the possible reasons of this makes sense to me.

        So you lived in Japan? Then you know very well what I’m talking about ;) Those TH stunts were indeed very much in line with what Asian fans expect from their fav actors and musicians. When I first discovered all those Asian, er, practices (for lack of a better word), they weirded me out, but I got used to them with time and just stopped paying much attention. Asian/Japanese fans are often incredibly fervent and passionate to the point of appearing obsessive to foreigners, and expect a lot from their stars in return.

        And generally speaking, I think it’s cool when a celebrity can “do as Romans do” :)

      • Maggie says:

        @ Ladyslippers

        This is probably going to be in the wrong place but:

        “One it is a modern cultural construct, if you are for one person/idea/brand it means you dislike or are against all others.”

        When did this become a thing?

        It is totally alien to my way of thinking and I find it quite disturbing. In effect, everything is a competition and we are pitting people and things against each other.


        I can appreciate the good points about both Tom and Benedict and feel no need to compare them or put one down to build up the other. And the same goes for most things. I am a very loyal person but it doesn’t mean I hate those I don’t love.

    • EscapedConvent says:


      I don’t think that’s rosacea. He has very fair skin which gets pink in the sun & probably burns easily without sunscreen. People (like me) with his coloring often develop rosacea, but he doesn’t have it yet.

      I loved your comment about his team of babysitters, though. I always joke about his needing his team of blondes to keep him on the sidewalk & out of the path of oncoming traffic. His mother can’t be with him ALL the time!

      • LadySlippers says:

        Hello EsCon!!!!

        *jumps up and down à la photo bombing BC*

        Hey you!!!!

      • j.eyre says:

        OMG – Hello my errant nun! When did you get of of rehab? Sex addition under control then? I know how Cumbersome those disorders can be.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        Hello, LadySlippers! Did you see those cute cute cute pics of Cumby playing with those little huskies? I think he was photo-bombing them!

      • EscapedConvent says:


        Oh for heaven’s sake—you had to announce this to the whole world? How mortifying. I was hoping to slink in & out of sex re-hab without attracting the attention of the entire Diocese. So much for my hope of promotion now. I will remain in the kitchen, promoting the Convent wine tastings. Sigh….

        BTW, I am consulting an attorney (who specializes in weird nun cases) about suing Cumby for afflicting me with this s*x addiction thing. I was just fine until he came along.

      • j.eyre says:

        I think “fine” is subjective in your case, darling. If had wanted this to remain a secret, you need to get Mother S to reinforces your cell’s walls.

        I think I have worked with your attorney before – he takes services by way of payment, yes?

      • LadySlippers says:


        I love how demure and protective you are about your friends. A real ‘women’s woman’ so much so that you never revealed that Miss Eyre was your roomie in rehab (and she almost gave herself away in her responses to you).

      • EscapedConvent says:

        @ j.eyre,

        I have really tried to keep the noise in my cell down, Miss Jane. It’s difficult, with Cumby’s natural exuberance. Sometimes he jumps up & down if you just throw him a crust of bread. (But then demands that you put Nutella on it for him.)

        My attorney, Mr. Percy “The Prevaricator” Chum-Wizzle, Esquire, will certainly appreciate the publicity you’ve just given him. He thanks you ever so much.

      • EscapedConvent says:


        Yep, a demure nun, that’s me all right. Or I was until that hussy Miss Jane moved into my rehab suite at the Nervous Hospital. She managed to un-do an entire month’s worth of therapy in just one crazed weekend. I really don’t think there’s much hope of rehabilitating her. It just *kills* me to say that.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Oh Darling EsCon,

        At this point I think it’s fair to surmise that Miss Eyre is only there to drum up business outside rehab. She is there for all the wrong reasons and probably delights in knowing that she threw off, not only your progress in rehab, those on your floor as well. Tsk tsk. But you gotta give her many points for flair. And endurance. Definitely endurance. Wowza!

      • j.eyre says:

        “But you gotta give her many points for flair. And endurance. Definitely endurance. Wowza!” – FINALLY, someone who gets me. Thank you, lovely LadySlippers. You’d make me blush but I lost that flower decades ago.

        I am utterly confused by this rehab nonsense. Why in heavens name would I want to rehab anything that I spent so long perfecting? That joint employs me to test the patients resolve, which, in your case, is not quite up to snuff yet, is it EsCon?

        And may I add that neither of you objected when I suggested we cruise there for some action last weekend. Just because you thought I meant a bar named “Rehab” does not get you off the hook for banging the poor mute janitor in the nurse’s station, EsCon or for you to hook yourself to whatever was in that drip, LadySlippers.

      • EscapedConvent says:

        @ LadySlippers,

        Oh, there’s no question about Miss Eyre’s endurance. Trolloping & strumpeting are almost extreme sports with her. It would be inspiring if it were not so discouraging. When I watch Miss Eyre operate, I feel I am watching those golden athletes in Chariots Of Fire running along the beach (~with~ the Vangelis soundtrack) as I hobble on crutches.

        It was a bit sneaky of Miss Jane to pretend to be a fellow patient just to see if I was serious about re-habbing. The way Miss Jane practices re-hab, it’s actually called DE-hab. (That’s her area of specialization, as noted on her calling cards.)


        & Miss Jane, that (“banging”) is not what you suspected/heard/saw was going on at the nurses’ station, just to clear that up. The janitor (Henry) was hitting a filing cabinet with a broom to get me to stop praying. The poor man’s nerves were frayed.

    • Kelly says:

      Well the older lady is his PR agent and the younger lady is his personal assistant. They’re all working, him too, this isn’t a personal vacation trip for him, it’s work. He’s promoting himself and his image, makes sense he’d bring his assistant and PR along.
      Plus they’re all probably good friends, if I could take my good friends and family away on a paid trip to Malaysia, you’re damn right I would!
      I don’t really see anything wrong with what he’s doing. He got the chance to go to a foreign exotic country and make money while at it, why wouldn’t he take the chance?! He’s not busy doing anything else. I’d jump at such an opportunity!

    • allheavens says:

      Has ANYONE taken into account he has two rapidly aging parents and he will probably have to shoulder the majority of the financial burden for their care. He is probably giving them some support now.

      Also, he wants a wife and kids, crumb snatching rug rats ain’t cheap. Maybe he is just working to ensure good care for his parents, a future for his kids and comfort for himself. He is on a roll at the moment so he is taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible because let’s face it “all glory is fleeting” in 6 years he may not be a hot property.

      You can’t eat “your art” darlings.

  18. Abby says:

    God forbid an actor takes a break for 3 months, people act like it’s a crime. So many actors in Hollywood do like 1 film per year, but no one sees that being weird. Cumby drops a movie, goes on vacation, attends events outside of acting and hell breaks lose.

    • 'p'enny says:

      Its because some hard-boiled cumby fans think Benny is the 2nd coming, and they are struggling to cope with this drop in his work-halo gained from last year’s target of five films. The thought of him only potentially filming one film, in 2014 – is hard on their souls.

      They thought Hollywood would drop at his feet, and i am sure that will come, but i don’t think it will happen this year.

      • Abby says:

        Exactly Penny….I mean every year won’t have 5 releases. It was just a sweet coincidence that they all released around same time. He needs to prove himself further in Hollywood for projects to start appearing quickly.

        To be quite frank none of his movies tapped his potential or the one where he did act well, the entire team failed him (TFE). So I am really counting on that Alan Turing biopic to do him justice. Also he does justice to such a great man as well.

        I heard some nice things from Mark Strong about it and he said that I think we made a good film ( I love his humility lol).

      • Delorb says:


        Wow! No need to get nasty and insult people you don’t know.

  19. ZsaZsa says:

    Butch up his image? Most of us know that Benny very much likes his extreme sports and has never hidden that fact.

    • Secret Squirrel says:

      Ha ha. “Benedict Cumberbatch” and “butch” are not usually words I would associate together!

      Does drinking hot tea really fast count as an extreme sport?? Its dangerous and carries a high risk of injury, so it should count! I’m campaigning for it to become an Olympic sport.

      • betsy says:

        He does a lot of extreme sports. if you were a fan you’d know that.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Secret Squirrel, I believe it qualifies. Shall we start a petition to the IOC?

      • Isadora says:

        Secret Squirrel & Lilacflowers, I’m all for it! The IOC better do it because drinking hot tea very fast is as serious as it gets. I’m speaking from experience and therefore consider myself an expert. As a matter of fact, I think we should form the judging panel for the hot tea very fast competition 2016!

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Isadora and Secret Squirrel, agreed. I think there should be three events in the Olympic Hot Tea Competition: speed hot tea drinking – medals are awarded for how quickly the athletes down a cup of tea that is uniform in temperature and size; endurance – athletes must slowly sip extremely hot tea from an insulated paper cup that they are holding in their bare hand (I am heat sensitive and cannot do this); and the hot tea freestyle in which the athletes must drink the hot tea as quickly as possible while performing a “trick”, such as riding in an open helicopter or on a luge or balance beam. Points in this event would be awarded for artistry and technique.

    • Hiddles forever says:

      In fact he did quite well in the Top Gear segment too, a lot better than Hiddles…. He always seemed quite interested in sports :)

      • 'p'enny says:

        heh, hiddles forever :-p

        hiddles was in the v.wet conditions in january and didnt take the amount of practice laps benny did in the summer. hiddles squeezed it all in before being back on stage for 4pm…

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Because it isn’t really a Benedict Cumberbatch thread until somebody smacks Tom Hiddleston. Cumberbatch scored one minute, 47.5 seconds on an extremely dry track. Hiddleston scored one minute, 49.9 seconds, (the same as Ron Howard did but under very different weather) on what the Top Gear guys described as the worst conditions ever. The car was hydroplaning and the track was not visible in several areas due to large puddles. They mark the score with a “W” if the track is wet. For Hiddleston, they gave the only “v W” for very wet. Since this is about publicity, Cumberbatch had UK viewership of 4.83 million; Hiddleston had UK viewership of 6.97 million.

      • Abby says:

        Yippee Tommy had more viewership…hope that helps you sleep at night Lilac. It’s weird you keep track of things like these but you knows its good cz see it came useful in downgrading Cumby. Keep up the good work.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        Actually, Abby, I have no interest in downgrading anyone. My point is that I fail to see why Cumby’s fans so desperately need to downgrade others. If you like him, you like him. If you think he’s fabulous, you think he’s fabulous, but that should be based on his own merits, not how you view him against somebody else. As for those “things”, no, I don’t keep track. It’s all easily available on Wikipedia. I sleep fine. Please note: I have never criticized Cumberbatch’s physical appearance or his acting skills; I see no need in doing so.

      • Roberta says:

        “Because it isn’t really a Benedict Cumberbatch thread until somebody smacks Tom Hiddleston” – and visa versa, see Abby’s comment below.

      • LadySlippers says:

        Most people are teasing. Don’t let it get serious and it shan’t bother you.

      • Lilacflowers says:

        @Roberta, I saw it. She’s smacking for Cumby. ; )

      • Nighty says:

        I love them both… PEACE .. and it’s funny comparing them… lol..

      • jammypants says:

        Some people just get off from that. Whatever makes their day go by.

        And Hiddles seems pretty sporty. He was part of his school’s rugby team after all.

      • Isadora says:

        I have the feeling Hiddles comes up in Cumberbatch stuff and vice versa because people just want to talk about them, no matter where (and there’s already a tradition with their threads). You can harldy bring them up out of nowhere in a Lady Gaga thread.

        As I rather like Cumberbatch (wouldn’t be reading here if not) and am a brand new full-force dragonfly, I don’t have a problem with that. Let’s all just have tea and talk about Brits.

  20. Abby says:

    I am waiting for the shade Icerose is gonna throw at him this time to make her favourite look better than Cumby

    • jammypants says:

      Honestly she doesn’t even have to try. He’s shilling to shill atm. Photobombing and fashion spreads and ass kissing. It’s ok. I still like him regardless.

    • icerose says:

      After seeing Benny the blazer and Bermuda shorts schoolboy look I just raised my eyes to heaven and gave up and if Tom ever appears in anything similar I will have a hard time convincing myself that either of them are good for anything but an appearance in Banana Man.

      • sarah says:

        Lol Banana Man? Is there going to be a Bananaman movie?

      • Abby says:

        That was a very meek shade from you Icerose. I expected more nastiness. Also I really pray to god that Hiddleston wears something like that soon to see your reaction.

        But again I doubt Tommy has balls to wear something so ridiculous because he is too self conscious and cares about his fan girls (like you) a lot much. Also creepy Luke would never ever let that happen because he knows half of Tommy’s appeal lies in how perfectly tight his pants are ;)

      • Froop says:

        Abby did you never see those pictures of Hiddles clubbing in Iceland wearing neon yellow ski pants? I guess he needs Luke to ensure wardrobe disasters don’t happen.

      • Abby says:

        Omg Froop I forgot about those completely….yea I remember seeing those pics when I was on the Tommy bandwagon. Seeing him wear those pants made me think he might be gay (nothing against homosexuals but Tommy gave me that vibe in that outfit lol).

        I am shocked that creepy Luke allowed him to wear those at a club or were this pics from per-Luke era??

      • jammypants says:

        Those neon pants are for giving that subtle night time glow when doing the naughty in the hotel room of course. It’ll do just fine discarded in the corner.

      • ZsaZsa says:

        It’s actually quite possible that Tommy and Benny have very different interests. Benny as I’ve said before has always been interested in extreme sports so is always going to be better than Tommy in it.
        Tommy and Benny have very different personalities so I think we should stop comparing them.

        Tommy is someone that desperately needs to be liked by everyone and does come across a bit insecure.
        Benny doesn’t give a damn and does what he wants.

      • 'p'enny says:


        both Benny and Tom both comes across as liberals and show a deep passion for London arts and culture. I think they have a lot of common.

        how can you say, we shouldn’t compare them and you go on and do just that LOL – comparing their abilities at extreme sports and their personalities.

        I think the age gap is prominent between Tom and Benny. By the time Tom gets to 38 I don’t think he will give a damn so much either – seriously I think he will stop the dancing, mad impressions, wearing neon pants [crikey] and probably wont go near an internet magazine for love of money. The Marvel madness will be well and truly over by then, [hopefully] and will be well on his way to achieving film/TV/theatre greatness. Seriously, he can’t be playing Loki at 40.

        When you watch the more thoughtful and longer interviews with Tom H on youtube, like the interview in Madrid he is totally different, confident, articulate, calm and not needy at all and I hope this will become more the norm as he gets older.

        the accusation about his neediness is really getting on my nerves… Because I think people are mistaking it for keenness, nervousness, his age and over-enthusiasm to do well. Seriously the Pirate Fairy ‘behind the scenes’ is a good example for this.

        but, talking about insecurity, if you’ve just turned 30 and suddenly your in 3rd grossest movie of all time, up against some of Hollywood’s biggies, and he has a mad-fan base who are starting to grow and dominate the Avengers tour and Q&A’s and he has started to outshine Chris Evans and RDJ. It must have nerved him out a lot. In a lot of those interviews he comes across as a giddy-goat. I think it’s his way of dealing with nerves. The only time he seemed to calm down, is when he has Chris Hemsworth on hand. There is a lot back stroking and comforting each other going on there. Bless.

      • ZsaZsa says:

        ‘P’enny I realised I did just that after I posted it lol!
        I think Tommy will always desperatly try and get people to like him because he’s always come across like that. Benny has always been laid back in his approach, so I don’t think it’s to do with age.
        Tommy’s more into the arts and like just like Benny is more into his sports. It’s good they’re not too alike as it gives their friendship a bit more dimension.
        I agree that Benny is more settled in his career than Tommy.
        I also don’t think he’ll come back as Loki either. There’s at least 3 more marvel films to make plus if Chris Hemsworth does decide to stay on, Tommy would be 37 by time it comes out. It’s a huge risk.
        Back to Benny. Has anyone seen the huskie photos yet?

      • Isadora says:

        Back to fashion: If we are talking about the icelandic neon trousers let’s not forget this plain awful tie: Or maybe it was just “British Men Wear Strange Things”-Day: I mean… look at them…

      • jammypants says:

        Is that a real or fake horse? Also, the hats have got to go. I know it’s customary, but it’s not a good look.

      • Old Enough says:

        OMG! How did I miss the white shoes in that pic with TH and a horse made up to look like the puppet horses in War Horse? Eek!

      • Delorb says:


        “if you’ve just turned 30 and suddenly your in 3rd grossest movie of all time”

        Ya, got that right! LOL Just teasing.

  21. betsy says:

    He did the interviews because Bernie Ecclestone asked. If you watch the video with the BBC interviewers he says so.

  22. blended says:

    i think he’s playing the publicity game perfectly. and let’s face it, they all have to play if they want to be in demand. it’s just that CB covers everything he does so it seems like he’s the anomaly.

    • Katie says:

      IA, blended. I could see if he was all over mainstream media consistently and on Twitter or something, but honestly I don’t understand half the comments here. Maybe they’re newer fans, he’s always had spats of PR stuff. He was all over the place for Atonement, and that was years ago.

    • allheavens says:

      Some people want their faves to be pristine. God help them if they ever climb down from their pedestals to participate in unseemly PR or make…*choke*…unholy money.

      As long as Cumby’s main gig doesn’t suffer, what exactly is the problem?

      • freebunny says:

        The problem is that for some fans he should be a pure thespian, breathing for his ART.
        Some people project this fantasy on him and are disappointed when they discover that he loves doing other stuff and horror, he’s also paid for it, even if I’m really not sure he was paid for the Laureus, the F1 interview or the HighLife article. They must have invited him, that’s all.

        He has always said that he wants success but he doesn’t want to be a Kardashian.
        He’s hosting charities, does cool stuff for Jaguar and has a great time in Sepang, I don’t see what’s wrong with that. People think he begins to be over exposed cause they follow every bit of news about him but Laureus sport awards were barely covered, just like the F1 interview, same for the OzComicCon.

        If you’re not on CB and not a fan , he’s flying under the radar.

      • Maggie says:

        “If you’re not on CB and not a fan , he’s flying under the radar.”

        @ freebunny

        Our local news covered both the F1 event and the Laureus Awards but there was no mention of Benedict doing the interviews, even though we got a glimpse of him, and we got the winners from the Laureus but again no mention of the host at all.

        He is using his free time mixing it up and doing stuff that he enjoys. Compared to most of the other “gossip” on this site his activities are innocent, fun and they even benefit people as Laureus is a charitable organisation.


      • Felice says:


        that comment about his ART reminded me of the Little Monsters so much lol. I love her but I do think she needs to get a grip. I think those fans are very young and/or immature. Most fans who are mentally straight are very proud of him.

  23. oothoon says:

    (1) He isn’t really popping up everywhere. It only seems like that if you follow his every move obsessively. For most people, he pops up here and there.

    (2) If he really wanted to fame-whore himself, he’d be in LA, going to the opening of an envelope, and calling the paps on himself and various arm candy (fake showmances are the best way to get publicity).

    (3) Actors just don’t make the kind of money they used to. The film industry is in a financially tough place right now. That’s why you see established, previously highly-paid actresses like Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, and Drew Barrymore trying to get into the “lifestyle guru” business that Gwyneth Paltrow started (she’s rather cutting-edge, really).

    (4) He honestly just seems to be enjoying himself, with new experiences that he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try in the past. He reminds me in this regard of my other celebrity crush, Stephen Colbert, who is always enthusiastic and joyful too. When Colbert first got his own show, he seemed to be everywhere, fame-whoring himself — but looking back, I think he was just having fun.

    • oothoon says:

      I should also add that (last I heard) his q rating in America was 10% (meaning only 10% of people surveyed knew who he was).

      That’s rather low for someone so “Internet famous.”

      He’s not overexposed.

  24. noe says:

    Have the terribly upset ones here followed this man’s career and life a little bit at all? Clearly not, which is weird, because they give the impression of being fans.
    One question. What has Benedict always done when he was not working? Exactly, the craziest stuff you’ve never heard about. Popping up in unexpected places with random people (just remember his interludes with STID cast, Hobbit etc. etc..). Attending weirdest events. Doing scary things, sky surfing, snowboarding, whale watching… (scary LOL).
    He has never done this for fame or for money, and he’s not doing it now either.
    He’s always been following his courageous puppy’s heart, experiencing life in all its aspects… The only difference is that he’s out of work for a longer period of time now (for whatever reasons, good or bad), and is probably trying to combine fun with earning some money. And he is surprisingly practical after all, fully aware where his ‘blessings’ come from and not willing to waste them.
    I know, we’re all anxious to see him doing good acting work again, but really let’s try to be a little be courteous.

    • 'p'enny says:

      @noe ” courageous puppy’s heart, ” oh please this is the hard boiled-fan nonsense that drives me mad. It does Benny no favours either.


      A lot of what he has done this year is for PR purposes, the Oscars photobomb, the photo-spreads, seasame street, the Grand prix, the internet interviews, the dancing on the red carpets, upcoming Comic Cons and the one he did in Dec. Call it fame, fun or personal brand awareness it’s not all done out of his courageous puppy heart.

      However, it is a lot better than dating a kardashian or being a hell raiser.

      • noe says:

        Hm, and? Of course he has done a lot for PR purposes and he was paid for much of it. Puppy or no puppy, he’s one practical person, and he has to eat something from time to time, too. The important thing to say is that he very obviously (often visibly:) enjoys everything he experiences and that he is very clearly keen to explore as much of the world as is available to him. He has always done that! It is his main motivation and his drive, and you literally have to be blind not to see it.

        In the mean time, some insist that he is either so broke that he desperately clinges to whatever comes his way, or, on the contrary, so greedy (for money and fame) that he desperately clinges to whatever comes his way. Sigh..
        You don’t become famous by presenting Laureus awards in Malaysia. You don’t become rich as a stand-in interviewer of F1 pilots in – yes, Malaysia, and you become rich nor famous with driving cars on ice in the Arctics. Way too random! There are better and easier (!) and more efficient ways to earn money and attention, without travelling over half of the world to participate in events nobody’s ever heard of.
        Or do you really think he doesn’t know better and just messes around? Not very good in fame-whoring? Does anybody really believe that??

      • 'p'enny says:


        Random? i see sports and sports-cars in three straight events you mention, and I’m sorry, did you state, and ‘participate in events that no-one has heard of? Are you on about F1?

        1. Sports award thingy… apparently quite a few famous actors have done it. Big in Asia.

        2. Formula One, may not be big in the States but it is massive- HUGE. else where. Don’t underestimate the PR from that event alone, through SKY and BBC. There are millions, millions and millions who watch F1 through the world on BBC/SKY. Benny has just been beamed mega world-side. How many big-fat corporates and guest stars as he been networking with that weekend, mmm?

        The driving cars in Arctic, Finland, i assume is part of is Jaguar contract and ties in nicely with the new advert that has just be released. ‘ching ching’ Cute huskies… oh purlease. click-bait mania. Nice though. I do love it. i want it for my fridge. And its worth mentioning that Jaguar and Asia are big business.

        Malaysia is one of the fast growing economies, with a massive appetite for western films and luxury goods and has strong industry links with Britain. Building his profile in Asia is big business. And others too now getting quick on this, they are not filming Avengers 2 in Korea for just the change of scenery. Don’t underestimate what licensing deals will come out this for Benny

        I am not saying he’s fame-whoring or hungering after money. I am seeing he has a an intelligent PR strategy, paid for and following to the latter. These events are not random.

        He is ambitious about his acting career, that is where his main motivation is and has gone on record to state it. And, I love him and its fab, but i am not rose-tinted about it.

      • Froop says:

        Totally agree with this, ‘P’enny. I think he’s enjoying his new experiences, but let’s not get fluffy about it. It’s business.

  25. noe says:

    Oh, so there’s a fine-mazed startegy behind all this seeming randomness:)
    Fine with me!
    And I fail to see what is wrong with all this either way. Is it wrong?

  26. noe says:

    In all honesty, I think it is no more complicated than this: he’s got more free time than planned (film projects falling through) and he’s trying to keep himself entertained and, if possible, paid.
    I wouldn’t look for more behind his sport activities.

    • Sakurau121 says:

      Agreed: although why he had to mention his mum is beyond me, but I guess things slip during interviews from time to time. He is allowed other interests and he’s there because he’s genuinely interested, as well as getting paid. At least he isn’t as bad as Tom Hiddleston who seeks out to do suffocating amounts of self-promotion (with no new movie coming out, the modelling seriously?)……

      • Maggie says:

        He mentioned his mother because he was about to be interviewed and normally you would turn off your phone in case it interrupts the interview. He wanted it kept on because he was hoping for a call from his mother who was in South Africa. He had been trying to get hold of her because it was Mother’s Day and he wanted to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

        That seems a good enough reason to mention her.

      • jammypants says:

        Isn’t that what Ben is doing? Lets be real here, they both are no better than the other if they are both willing to take a paycheck to promote themselves. I’m pretty sure Tommy boy also “is allowed other interests and he’s there because he’s genuinely interested, as well as getting paid.” As of now Ben sure is coming off as one “who seeks out to do suffocating amounts of self-promotion (with no new movie coming out, the modelling seriously?)” I had to throw my spin on your take because it makes the world go round. ;)

        Why are we talking about his mother by the way? I don’t see the need to defend the guy. I like that he’s close to his mom (so long as he’s not a momma’s boy).

      • Sixer says:

        They *are* the same as each other in that both are choosing a PR route. The only difference is the persona they’re choosing to put forward.

        Doesn’t Mothers Day fall on a different day in the US? That’s probably the cause of the misunderstanding.

      • 'p'enny says:

        @Sakurau121 “At least he isn’t as bad as Tom Hiddleston who seeks out to do suffocating amounts of self-promotion (with no new movie coming out, the modelling seriously?)……”

        This is calling the kettle black, as they say. ROFL. Even Tom’s hasn’t gone as far as embarrassingly photo-bomb the Oscars. Benedict is 38, not 28. It was childish move. [although watch this space, it might happen one day, I just can't see Tom getting high enough to do it]

        I’m personally not fan of the modelling, I think they both been made to look daft and dressed in some very awful clothes.

      • jammypants says:

        I don’t now penny. I find both their fashion spreads sort of sexy.

  27. ash25 says:

    Let the poor man live. Its incredulous how every action of his is spoken about at such a critical level.
    He has the Oz Comic Con in Australia coming up, and maybe he just thought of dropping into Malaysia on the way to host the Laureus. And it really doesnt look like the F1 event was pre-prepared. He must have gone there just to watch the event till he got approached to do the interview.
    I really think he deserves a break after the last two years’ hard work without being scrutinized to this level.