Brad Pitt attends ‘Big Men’ documentary screening: he looks ‘refreshed’, right?


Here are some photos of a de-bloated Brad Pitt and a documentary director named Rachel Boynton in LA last night. Boynton directed the documentary Big Men, which Brad executive produced, because he’s a big Oscar-winning producer now (eat it up, loonies). Before we talk about the movie, can we have a word about how Brad looks? He looks… surprisingly good. Surprisingly “refreshed.” Surprisingly de-bloated. Did he find a good diuretic or a good doctor? CB suggested that it might not be “surgery” in the traditional sense, that Brad might have gotten a laser peel or something. Whatever is happening, it’s interesting.

As for this documentary, it sounds good. Here’s the synopsis, via IMDB:

The film’s central story follows a small group of American explorers at Dallas-based oil company Kosmos Energy. Between 2007 and 2011, with unprecedented, independent access, Big Men’s two-person crew filmed inside the oil company as Kosmos and its partners discovered and developed the first commercial oil field in Ghana’s history. Simultaneously the crew filmed in the swamps of Nigeria’s Niger Delta, following the exploits of a militant gang to reveal another side of the economy of oil: people trying to profit in any way possible, because they’ve given up on waiting for the money to trickle down. So what happens when a group of hungry people discover a massive and exquisitely rare pot of gold in one of the poorest places on earth?

[Via IMDB]

That does sound interesting. It’s the bit about “unprecedented, independent access” that’s intriguing. I guess having Brad as executive producer opened some significant doors.

In other Brad news, E! News says that he attended a party for Kings of Leon in LA last Friday. A source says: “Brad was really friendly and having a really good time. He spent most of the night talking with lead singer Caleb Followill.” He also chilled out with Garrett Hedlund.

Also, there was a rumor going around a week ago that Brad Pitt was being considered for Season 2 of True Detective, but Gossip Cop says that’s BS. I don’t know though. It might be an interesting career move for Brad.



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Micha says:

    wow, he looks good.

    • atlantapug says:

      I’m the odd one who never found Brad Pitt hot or even mildly attractive.

      His body back in the day? Hell yeah!

      But his face? He always looked like he should be changing my oil or hanging out in an alley smoking… and not in a bad boy sexy way. More of an “I live in a trailer park” kind of way.

      That’s just me though. I think Matthew McConaughey is ugly too.

      • Andrea says:

        Wow that came out incredibly classist

      • Margo says:

        +1. Btw I think he had lifting or something like that because his jaw line and neck area look very tight and smooth.

      • Eleonor says:

        Oh no, to me even in his hottest days (around the Seven and Fight Club era) he used to look too much like the Ken doll.
        @Margo probably he didn’t have a lift, but a small lipo.

      • qwerty says:

        I never found him hot, or even pretty. He’s not ugly but I have no idea what women see in him to the point where he’s considered “beautiful” or a sex symbol. His features are nothing special imo, I prefer a more… chiselled look I guess, with cheekbones and stuff, like Cillian Murphy or some British actors none of whom I remember atm lol.

        He does look good here for him though, was getting really puffy lately and now it’s gone.

      • kri says:

        @atlantapug-I’m with you. Never found attractive, except in Legends Of The Fall. But he is starting to not look like himself. I think it’s more than a peel. I think it’s at least fillers. He should go to whoever does Angie’s work-she almost never looks overdone.

      • raya says:

        See, I think he’d be way sexier if he were changing my oil. He’s too pretty boy for my taste, in his carriage and style. If he looked more like someone who could fix a thing or two around the house, I’d find him much more attractive.

      • aang says:

        never thought he was hot either. i think he looks better now, less pretty and more manly but still too pretty for my taste.

      • lucy2 says:

        He looked good in Legends of the Fall, but was never really one of my celeb crushes. I don’t find him attractive now either, but he does look better than he did a little while ago.

      • Suzanneg444 says:

        I agree totally on both counts. Brad thinks Brad is hotter than anyone else does…aside I guess from greasy face Angelina. They are both so freaking smug I can hardly stand to watch them… Matt has a ginormous cranium that makes him look like he will topple over if he leans too far forward. I never saw anything in either of these men.
        I think why Brad looks refreshed it looks like he had his hair colored a tad darker…I could be wrong. Maybe he just washed it for a change!

    • doofus says:

      also surprised as he’s been looking “grizzled” lately.

      but MUCH less bloated and the hair cut is much better. yeah, he looks pretty good!

    • Nev says:

      BIG DADDY YUMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!

      • QQ says:

        This!!!^^ and while he clearly did something to smooth look in his 30s why is it that men surgery in hollywood is so much better than in women? What gives? Like half this bitches look like melted tupperware or a barbie caught on a wind tunnel or a wax statute but Tom Cruise, Brad, Ben Stiller, Rob Lowe just look… Like frozen time?? How?!

      • Hahahaha, QQ! That IS the question. How is it dudes know who to go to, and not to go too crazy over their procedures–if they have anything done, because they can still look like hell and get roles.

        If Brad’s doing something, he needs to give us the digits of his surgeon.

      • Rainbows says:

        Men retain collagen better than women which means they naturally age slower and as a consequence use less drastic surgeries.

        Also, because they face different expectations, they dont have to go nearly as far as women. A guy can get away (and infact is expected to have some) facial lines for example.

      • rtms says:

        Well then you get Mickey Rourke or a Bruce Jenner so not all guys do it right. But yeah, most men in H seem to go under the radar for work and still look great while actresses are much more noticeable.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        (Blinks) All he did was dye his hair. (shrugs shoulders)

      • V4Real says:

        He does look really good here. It just looks like he changed his hair and got a tan. Sometimes that’s all it takes with men.

      • qwerty says:

        @Virgilia Coriolanus that’s because men rarely mess with their natural features imo. There’s 2 types of surgery – one where you RESTORE your youthful looks by doing botos and maybe lifting something here and there to regain a tight jawline or something,(plus also skin treatments), and another where you CHANGE your face by having a nose job, doing your eyelids, enlarging your lips, putting implants in your cheeks etc. It goes without saying the first type looks better… Heather Graham looks a bit overbotoxed, esp.around her eyes but she still looks like herself. Same goes for Demi Moore, never tried to fcuk tih her natural features, could’ve messed thing up easily if she for example had her lips done but left them in their natural state and looks fine. Cindy Crawford looked amazing until she had her eyes done, now looks freaky. Men look better because they rarely do these things that tend to mess up your face, they just restore their natural, younger look.

      • V4Real says:

        @QQ You forgot my hubby RDJ. He looks like he is aging backwards. And have you seen Liam Neeson? Oh and John Stamos looks better than ever.

      • LAK says:

        RTMS: Mickey Rourke’s face is a result of botched surgery to fix his destroyed face after her retired from hollywood to become a boxer.

        In the old days, he would give interviews about how acting wasn’t a real man’s job and such BS and finally put his money where his mouth was.

        Unfortunately for him, boxing turned out to be too ‘manly’, his face was destroyed and he was broke.

        So he returned to acting, but first to the plastic surgeon to fix his face ie return it to it’s former glory. Unfortunately, the surgeon he picked did a terrible job (he was sued by several former clients, including Mickey). Mickey has since been trying to fix both problems simultaneously, but apparently still going to bad surgeons. He has given many interviews on the subject. He is not fixing his face for the usual reasons ie youth and beauty.

    • Sarah says:


    • RR says:


    • Mona O says:

      I prefer Brad with longer hair and no sunglasses. Hate the sunglasses.

      Also, what’s making him look different in these pics might be his darker hair. It’s weird not seeing him with some blonde.

  2. Dawn says:

    He looks great! That is all I have.

  3. Meme says:

    Refreshed ? That’s putting it mildly.

  4. bella says:

    Ah, finally a glimmer of the former BP.
    I think it could be the hair for one thing.
    That slicked back shaved sides do was scary.
    And he does appear less bloated and softer in the face.
    Maybe he gave up alcohol for lent ;-)

  5. Jaderu says:

    His jaw looks different. And he looks smoother.
    I don’t care. I’d hit it till the neighbors complained.

    • Soulsister says:

      LOL. Totally agree

    • Andrea1 says:

      Hahaha So funny. Maybe he is ageing backwards! Benjamin Burton style ;) :) plus am jealous of the fact that he grows hair very fast!!

    • arabella says:

      “hit it till the neighbors complained”!! HAHA!
      I agree with the jaw. I’ve noticed that his jaw was one of his most attractive features back in the day, and he’s had a softer jaw more recently. In these pictures, however, it’s back to the hot taught jawline.

  6. Loopy says:

    He looks yum but sun stroked or a laser peel?

  7. freebunny says:

    I don’t know what he did but he looks good.

  8. socalgal says:

    Damn he’s hot.

  9. mia girl says:

    Holy time machine Batman!
    Brad is pulling a Benjamin Buttonesque refresh!

    He looks good.

  10. Frida_K says:

    For whatever reason, I always have the sense that Angie is the brains in that family.

    • Tatjana says:

      Yep, me too. She always seemed too good for him, too.
      I don’t find him hot. He always was and still is too pretty for my taste.

    • Maria says:

      I dunno about that.

      He obviously has an eye for great projects, a love for architecture, and his work in New Orleans has been on point.

      I think people assume because of his weed smoking days that he’s not the brightest, I disagree.

      He seems to know what he wants, takes care of home, and puts his all in whatever projects he commits to.

      I think there’s more to him than meets the eye, Angie just opened up that part of him, IMO.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Maria …

        And … he was a semester (or credit hours) away from a Journalism Bachelor of Arts degree when he hopped a bus and headed for Hollywood. I’ve never understood the ‘He’s not bright!’ thing either. (shrugs)

      • Nina W says:

        Yeah cause dropping out of the degree a few credits shy screams genius?

    • lower-case deb says:

      she is definitely brainy (didn’t she graduate high school like a year or two years early?) she comes across as the more eloquent of the two, measured, i’m quite impressed with the interviews and speeches she gives. he might not be the sharpest talker in the room, but i think his mind process can match AJ’s. i’m curious to know what their dinner table talk is now.

      he has a good eye for projects, lots of energy and drive, i think. and both BP and AJ seems to be able to pick the people they trust with their projects well. his production company is doing well, her projects go smoothly too.

      so, i think BP and AJ are equally intelligent but perhaps in different ways.

      • Soulsister says:

        Totally agree with everything that you’ve said. Brad isn’t the most eloquent guy when it comes to public speaking (he admits that himself) but I think that he is very intelligent. Actor, producer, pilot, wine-maker, furniture designer with his own architectural organisation. Having all of those strings to your bow I think shows somebody with a real intelligence and drive.

      • He is just completely inarticulate. One of my uncles is the exact same way. Keep in mind–my uncle was an E5 in the military, doing an E6/7′s job, and right now he works for Boeing, doing an engineers job–he doesn’t have a degree, and has taken a few classes here and there, like twenty years ago.

        But, my God, if you talk to him–you’d think that you’d be talking to some southern hick who still lives in a trailer park or something. He just sound so DUMB—and you can barely understand him.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Again … Brad was a semester (or credit hours) away from a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism before he got impatient and left Missouri for Hollywood.

      • Ennie says:

        VC , if your uncle had studied he would probably have gotten higher! He is probably very very smart, particularly in his field and has abilities that some bookish people do not.
        There are different types of intelligences. And yes, some people can speak well in public without a script, but struggle to give a speech or answer impromptu questions.
        I am a teacher and comfortable in front of people but I just cannot be a speaker at a ceremony. Totally forget half of what I should say.

      • Nina W says:

        Neither one is an intellectual genius and that is just fine. I don’t know why anyone assumes one is the brains, they seem equally equipped to me and well suited to one another.

      • Ennie, he was the type, as a kid, who liked to take things apart to see how they worked….omg. My mom told me that she thought their dad was going to kill him once, because he took apart my grandfather’s stereo, and put it back together with three ‘extra’ pieces. That’s what he called them….he said they weren’t necessary….

        But yeah–you guys think Brad sounds like an idiot. Talk to my uncle. Oooh, you can barely understand him.

  11. Ari says:

    It would be awesome to see him in s2 of true detective really interesting – that lady is looking at him like he is god lol

  12. Toot says:

    Brad looks hot.

  13. jinni says:

    Maybe he was drinking too much and has now stopped? That could explain why he de-bloated around his face so fast. But whatever it is, he looks better.

    • Erin says:

      His facial structure has always been a bit bloaty. He has a heavy jaw line. With a bit of age on him, it is more pronounced. When his hair his super short, it is more noticeable.

  14. Kali says:

    Conspiracy theory that I’ve read on the interwebs-that repulsive beard he was rocking for a stupid amount of time was covering up work that was being done. Not sure if I believe it but I’m glad to see him back to his old self, he looks seriously good here. I do wish he’d shave off the stubbly thing that he’s rocking and the douche patch though.

  15. lower-case deb says:

    he used to have chipmunk cheeks, didn’t he? am i imagining things? (cheeks that jut out like chipmunks storing nuts for winter).

    but here it’s straight up and down the side of his face. maybe his face is filling up a bit?

    or haircut effect?

    what what?

    surgery? cheek shaving?

    whatever it is, good! better than the Homeless Goat Pitt look he was sporting before.

    • LAK says:

      He was fat and bloated for awhile there, gained additional weight for that FURY film he was making in the winter.

      Losing weight tends to give you cheek bones.

      I don’t think he has done *much* to his face. People forget how spectacularly good looking this man is when he goes around like a hobo most days.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Brad Pitt may be and has been a lot of things, but ‘fat’ isn’t one of them. :)

      • lisa2 says:

        Exactly Emma

        You have never ever seen Brad Pitt out of shape. And when people were claiming he was fat you show them anther picture and it is obvious he is not nor has he ever been. Sometimes he has been more bulked up like in Moneyball and more stream lined like in Killing them Softly.. but Fat and Brad Pitt don’t belong in the same sentence..

        It was old Lamey that started the “why is his fact whatever”.. It is laughable how people hear a suggestion and run with it. I want someone to post a picture of Brad Pitt fat..

  16. Josephine says:

    He was probably stressed as all get out when Angelina was having major surgery. If he is like a lot of people, that stress meant less working out, more crappy eating and drinking, and not sleeping well.

    • starrywonder says:

      I agree. If I start eating carbs and drinking my face bloats. Since I have been dieting and exercising for the past month my face now looks tight so I am sure it is the same with him. Also he got a tan. He looks ridiculously good to my eyes. But that’s just me :-)

    • I would also wonder if he was bloated because he gained weight—remember during the filming/promos of WWZ he was really skinny–for him. Then he started gaining weight for Fury, and then started the bloat.

    • Nina W says:

      Yeah that doesn’t iron out the wrinkles around your eyes, he looks good but he’s had work.

  17. Andrea1 says:

    Brad Pitt looks great for a man of 50!
    He finally lost all the weight he gained for fury that’s why he looks de bloated. And yes I will hit it till I can’t move my body.

  18. snowflake says:

    helllo…my love……he can eat crackers in my bed anytime. i was there for you, brad, when you looked bad and you looked good. now all these women want to take you from me! don’t do it! ahhhh!!! lol

  19. Kristin says:

    He looks like rob lowe… Just blondish

  20. The Original G says:

    Eh, it could be that the hair grew out, he got some sleep and stopped flying London-LA-Austrailia practically weekly.

  21. Poppy Q says:

    He looks better than he has done for a while, more like the old, pre bloat Brad.

  22. Artemis says:

    I always look back at his previous look and decide I find it better after disliking it when he actually had it. Strange.

    This look is great though. He’ll always look better when he’s groomed. Even with longer hair, he could look great but he rarely did because it was unkempt.

    Maybe he had those Epsom salt baths things like actresses do to de-bloat? Or fasting and some cardio?

  23. lucy2 says:

    He does look better.

    I’d like to see S2 of True Detective be 2 female leads. Not sure who I’d cast, but I bet there are a lot of great actresses out there who would like to do it.

  24. MrsBPitt says:

    I think any actor would be leary to take on Season 2 of True Detective after MM’s great perfomance…anyone would naturally, be compared to him…

  25. Wilz says:

    He looks like Robin Thicke!!

  26. Aysla says:

    Whoa! His face looks a lot thinner (his neck too). Maybe he’s been hitting the treadmill hard the last few weeks? Dieting? Who knows. He looks great.

  27. Darkladi says:

    As I’ve said before, I’d be on my back so fast you’d think I’d been shot

  28. yolo112 says:

    see, it was always there (the hotness) … little shower, shave and haircut goes a long way. Maybe the bloat was a stress bloat…maybe he’s a stress eater. But hawt damn, this man is sooo fine.

  29. PunkyMomma says:

    Brad looks exceptionally refreshed for a man of fifty. It’s just not a good night’s sleep and treadmill work, but whatever he’s had done, or is doing, keep doing it. He looks terrific.

  30. SayWhat? says:

    He coloured his hair. Seems darker to me. So maybe that’s one reason he looks refreshed?

  31. Jaded says:

    He looks like he’s had a peel, plus gone on a veggie/fruit fast and no booze for a few days. Yum!

  32. Karen says:

    He looks great. I saw pictures of him at the screening without those lame sunglasses and he looks even better.

  33. Nick says:

    He got a tan thats why he looks so refreshed.

  34. jamz says:

    I swear I’ve seen Brad in that entire ensemble before…Does he not have clothes

  35. bns says:

    Props to his plastic surgeon.

  36. RobN says:

    I feel like the glasses are hiding something. Be interesting to see what his eyes look like the next time he’s seen without them.

    • Soulsister says:

      He has said that his eyes have become very sensitive over the years because he has had flash lights constantly trained on his. That’s the reason why he tends to wear shades a lot.

      Don’t think that he has had any surgery done. The guy has really good genes and from what I can see is aging very gracefully.

    • Lea says:

      He was without his glasses at the after party. They look normal. So try again.

    • bns says:

      This comment reminded me of that Lainey blind item about George Clooney and Brad and someone getting work done around the eye area.

    • chloe says:

      This is the best he has looked in awhile, I keep thinking it looked like he has had work done during the awards season, but if you look at the close up shot of him on popsugar without his sunglasses he actually has wrinkles and darkening around his eyes, maybe he got some lasering on his face but I would think if he got the tox he would have gotten some around his eyes. I’ve never found Brad super sexy but he makes 50 look good.

    • prayforthewild says:

      There are pics on Just Jared of him without the glasses. He has lots of wrinkles around his eyes, so not hiding anything that looks like ‘work,’ that’s for sure.

      He looks cute, actually better w/o the glasses, but I guess the flashbulbs hurt his eyes?

  37. Soulsister says:

    There were some amazing tweets regarding Brad’s latest film Fury, clips of which were shown at CinemaCom. Just like with Unbroken, they are already saying that Fury is lining up to be Sony’s big Oscar push for next year.

    Think it would be really fascinating if Brad and Angelina’s film go toe-to-toe at next years ceremony.

  38. Kim1 says:

    Well Angie loves him whether he his wrinkly, smooth, with a beard, no facial hair, bloated or thin.She loves him “in every state” for over nine years.Unconditional love

  39. claire says:

    He looks great!
    As for Gossip Cop, who can trust what they say. They said the obviously shopped pics of Kim K.’s, (remember those recent ones – with the wavy wall lines?) definitely weren’t shopped because, well…Kim told them they weren’t!

    • Kim1 says:

      Brad’s people told Gossip Cop the rumor wasn’t true.Every week there is another BS story.This week Brad wants to do a Judd Apatow comedy according to the internet rumors.

  40. lisa2 says:

    Brad looks hot for a man of any age.. I see men in their 20′s. 30′s and higher that look like crap; and other that look good.

    he looks great.. Saw a tweet that he will be shirtless in Fury.. yes yes..

    And so happy for his Production company.. Resurrection is a great show and that is another success under their belts.. they keep knocking it out of the park.

  41. Mina says:

    Is anyone else tired of the “woman looks up proudly at her male companion” pose on the red carpet?

  42. Maggie says:

    I think he was probably into the protein powder trying to bulk up for Fury. That can make a person puffy. It appears he’s been refreshed as well. Can’t stand his pompous ass for some irrational reason. He comes across as so preachy to me. ugh

  43. Jordan says:

    I’m getting this weird Jack Nicholson vibe from him in those glasses.

  44. Trillian says:

    Hm. For a quick second I thought this was Robin Thicke.

  45. Diane says:

    He looks great but the man needs a tailor.

  46. aang says:

    why the ugly boots?

  47. Michelle says:

    He is very hot IMO but sometimes I wonder what did Angelina saw in him.
    Intellectually she seems to be a much higher level.

  48. also says:

    There are pictures of him at the after party without glasses on- he has the big, fat wrinkly 50 year old head he has always had. His hair growing out at the sides, so it helps his head look less chubby, but, seriously…he’s old, and I doubt his weight has fluctuated 10 lbs in 30 years. Brad has ALWAYS had a big bloated (& beautiful, IMO) head…his father & brother have big heads/faces as do his bio kids, especially his son. Brad looked a bit more chiseled when he was younger, but so did his father. Genetics show that Angie’s face will get thinner and Brad’s fatter, but I bet they will still love each other all the same. Too much good news for Brad & Angie always means all kinds of negativity about their looks, success, and assorted other trash. Very sad.

  49. Janet says:

    His hair is darker and the sides grew out. Whatever. He looks good.

  50. phlyfiremama says:

    He looks really good. I am a huge fan of IPL facials~I love love love the way they make my skin look. I havn’t tried the full on laser peel, or even a heavy duty chemical peel yet. I use my Acupuncture needles, a little botox here & there, top quality products, and occasional facials to keep my skin in great shape. And NEVER leave the house without SPF 30 or better on my face~my skin looks fantastic.

  51. hushgush says:

    He looks like Rob Lowe in Behind the Candelabra…exactly the same!

  52. se says:

    It kind of seems to me that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie live separate lives. They just don’t seem all that connected as a couple anymore. They seem almost formal with each other. I wish we saw them together more often. Brad should do more parenting in my opinion instead of going to all these parties. He is fifty for god’s sake!

    • Kim1 says:

      All what parties? Brad attended the after Oscar parties WITH Angelina.He took Maddox to Kings of Leon concert.His manager tweeted about it.Angelina flew Sarajevo to discuss rape as weapon of war.Brad is screening a doc he produced.You have no idea how much parenting he does.He has only been photographed twice in over three weeks.

    • hmmmmmmmmm says:

      This week is the first time either of them have been photographed since that Oscars. So how can they be seen together more often when they are hardly seen at all?
      They seemed well connected at the awards shows.
      What parties? Kings of Leon with his son and going to an after party where he spent the night talking to one of the band members is far from a wild party.

  53. lamgirls3 says:

    DAMN!! His hotness is back! He sort of looks like Guy Pearce in these pics.

  54. Camille (The Original) says:

    Yum. He looks gorgeous.

  55. hmmh says:

    Him and Angie are mostly wax by now. Remember how she used to furrow her brow as one of her signature acting moves? Another frozen forehead. It’s their job yo preserve their looks and they are still very attractive but let’s not kid ourselves.

    I think they are smarter than most celebs because they only get a little ehanced at a time. Instead of picking a barbie nose she only slimmed it slightly. The botox and fillers are making them both look a little waxy but most people don’t notice anyway.

    • hmmmmmmmmm says:

      She has not even acted since the tourist, so when was she suppose to do this “special” move? Maleficent is not one to furrow her brow
      I did not know that was a signature acting move of Angelina’s……

      • lisa2 says:

        This is the back drop. Any time this certain group thinks Brad or Angie is looking good then they spout off Filler/Botox or plastic surgery. LOL.

        Angie is naturally beautiful. Brad too for that matter. And you don’t need surgery or fillers/botox to enhance what is already there. BEAUTY..

        he looks great. Why is that so hard to admit. I saw pictures too of him without the tinted glasses.. and you see the age lines. No shame at all. He is a 50 year old man that looks great.

        Just nod and move on.

      • Kim1 says:

        LMAO She did it @HMMH’s house

  56. Jane says:

    I think he has had some work done. He looks unnaturally tight for man his age. Weight loss at his age also results in skin droop and his skin is tight as a drum.

    I don’t know if it is true or not that he passed up the True Detective role, but if it is true he should be kicking himself. It was not only a great series, but either one of the two main leads would have any good actor dying to get their teeth into it. Mathew Mcconaughey and Woody Harrelson were both great in it and acted their brains out.

    • Nina W says:

      He definitely has had work, wrinkles under the eye don’t vanish after a good nights sleep or a three week cleanse.

  57. moon says:

    Brad Pitt for True Detective 2 yesss!!

  58. Jen says:

    Nope, he looks like himself and great! If you click your Brad tag and scroll back you’ll quickly see he looks the same. I stopped scrolling around Oct ’13.
    haircut, tan, maybe a weekend juice cleanse. He’s only 50, folks.

  59. ShakenNotStirred says:

    A juice cleanse? You wouldn’t get results like that in a short period of time. Also his skin is definitely tighter. Not sure what juice cleanse would have that result. Whatever he had done, I’d like to know. I may need it in the future.

  60. HUH? says:

    “De-bloated?” WTH is wrong with you people? He gained 15 pounds to do Fury and now he’s losing the weight. I do think he got a chemical peel because he does that from time to time. Otherwise he looks like he’s lost weight. He changes sizes for movies all the time. He was really lean for Killing Them Softly and WWZ and put on weight for Fury. He’s still hotter than hell, too. Every guy on the planet is envious of Brad’s body – even at 50. Logan Lerman who’s in Fury was recently raving about how Brad’s still in Fight Club shape – just not as thin and lean as he was for Fight Club yet not as bulked as he was for Troy.

  61. HUH? says:

    Also, about True Detective. Brad Pitt doesn’t do TV. He may produce projects like Resurrection but he ain’t gonna give up the relative freedom of movies for the daily grind of months of filming a different 1 hour episodes every 10 days. TV is a step back and given the furor Fury just caused at CinemaCon – why the hell would he go back to tv? He ain’t Halle Berry or Oscar winner Matt McConaughey who did True Detective before winning the Oscar and immediately bailed on season 2…