Chris Evans vs. Sebastian Stan at the ‘Cap 2′ UK premiere: who’d you rather?

Sebastian Stan

Kaiser has already covered Scarlett Johansson’s Versace at the Captain America: The Winter Soldier London premiere. Now it’s guy time. These men are just so beautiful. Anthony Mackie is smirking up the entire red carpet. I’d love to place more focus on him, but the Falcon will have to fight another day. With this sequel, the main battle is between Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan. Chris wore pinstripes and didn’t make much of a splash. He needs a shave, and I feel like he’s using his new beard as a security blanket. He wants to hide, so I put his photos further down in the post. Who isn’t hiding? Sebastian. He’s wearing the hell out of that suit, and look at how he’s standing. It should be illegal for a man to stand like that.

I’ve had a bit of an attitude problem lately with Chris. He and Sebastian are both charismatic actors and equally hot men, but Sebastian is playing a better press game. I tried so hard to stick with Chris, but sh-t got real when he stopped trashing himself and decided superhero movies were the problem. Not cool.

Anyway, there’s a potential box-office showdown coming in 2016. D.C. and Marvel both have the same release date for Man of Steel and Captain America 3. One of them will change dates — no doubt. It would be stupid for these studios to hold such a “battle” because both movies would lose money. Buuut (and this is hilarious) Access Hollywood went and asked Chris which movie would win. His response: “Superman would beat everyone really, wouldn’t he? What can’t he do?” Seriously. He voted against his own damn franchise. Maybe he was joking, but it didn’t come off well in print. Sebastian answered correctly by voting for Cap. LOL.

Who would you rather hit, Chris or Sebastian? Here’s a choice between a guy who wants to finish quickly or a guy who does whatever it takes to get the job done. Easy choice. You could vote for Anthony Mackie or Sam Jackson instead. Sam would talk dirty, wouldn’t he? That might be fun.

Chris Evans

Sebastian Stan

Anthony Mackie

Samuel L Jackson

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet & WENN

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38 Responses to “Chris Evans vs. Sebastian Stan at the ‘Cap 2′ UK premiere: who’d you rather?”

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  1. QQ says:

    I’ll have the Mackie Stan sandwich with extra relish, allllll niiiigghhtt looong *wiggly brows*

  2. Red32 says:

    I predict Cap 3 will win, unless they cast Michael Cera as a bald, 6 ft. tall megalomaniac villain.

  3. Kali says:

    All of them. Obviously. If forced to choose though, Sebastian Stan. *Unffff*

  4. Lolo-ology says:

    Chris definitely needs a shave, and Seb needs just a touch more stubble. These photos make me feel like I’m playing Mr. Potato Head… lets move a bit of facial hair from here to over there…lose Jackson’s entire outfit…dig around for a hat for Mackie… and voila!

  5. grabbyhands says:

    Sebastian Stan looks great, but with Chris Evans having recently added the deadly attractive beard to his all American face, I’m going to have to pick him.

    I would turn Anthony Mackie away, either.

  6. Anna says:

    Sebastian all the way!!!!!
    Chris needs to shut up. Imagine if it was a female bashing their franchise like this?! And I don’t think he’s right anyway. I think Captain America would win. I think comic book fans just aren’t really feeling this superman at all and Captain America seems like it’s only getting better

  7. Lilacflowers says:

    Taking Chris and Stan together. And will see that Chris shaves.

  8. Hautie says:

    Please. As if… It wouldn’t be anyone but, Samuel “Get those M*therf*cking Snakes off my Plane” Jackson. I just love that guy.

    As much as the powers that be in LA want it… I just do not get the appeal of Chris Evans. Or this Sebastian Stan, person.

    (Or Ryan Reynolds, since I am wondering about men that LA/media is desperate to have as the next sex god). I just don’t see it. They simply do not have that “it” thing. Like Brad Pitt.

    As much as Pitt has had the hot sucked out of him, over the last decade. He is still hotter than Evans or Stan would ever hope to be. Pitt simply has that “it” thing.

    • Kali says:

      I hear ya on Samuel L. Jackson. You know that any man who can rock that suit would be a lot of fun!

  9. Ashling says:

    Chris is better looking, but Sebastian is sexier and more intense. I’d bet the sex would be better with SS.

  10. MrsBPitt says:

    Perhaps Chris misundertstood the question…it sounds like he was answering the question of which Superhero would win in a battle…and he is right, you can’t beat Superman with his super powers. I don’t believe he was saying the Superman movie would beat a Marvel movie…

  11. Annabelle says:

    I was waiting for this post! I like Chris but I’ll choose Seb.

  12. 'p'enny says:

    That is an ill fitting pinstrip suit, not doing him any favours at all.

  13. Toniko says:

    SebAstian! Despite this tacky hairstyling. Let them flow Stan!

  14. betsy says:

    I’d normally say Stan but what shape is his hair. I hate that Madam Pompadour hair at the front. Its way too high.

  15. Jenna says:

    Considering him, and his beard, made an appearance in my dreams last night…I’m going with Captain Sexy.

    • Eve says:

      Jenna Urban?

      Girlfriend, you won’t believe who my newest crush is…

      • Toniko says:

        completely over Cumberbatch huh? :) not even a little wound for Cumberkhan?

      • Eve says:

        @ Toniko:

        Yup…completely over him. It’s OVAH, baby.

        I blame his latest stunts (no, I did not find that photobombing cute) and the fact he’s apparently above any form of criticism here — his post’s threads have been looking more and more like Tumblr lately (part of the fun when it came to Cumberbatch threads on CB used to be the ability his fans had to laugh at him AND themselves — and that rarely happens anymore).

      • EVE! Where have you been!? I missed you. I remember you and cats–I have a picture up of my cat on my tumblr, if you want to see her. She’s BAD. She chews on my mom’s plants, jumps on the counters and oven, eats ANYTHING that is left out…. When I took that picture, I could only take one because she was making her whiny-growly noise i.e. I hate you right now, let me go….

      • Eve says:

        @ VG:

        Sometimes real life gets in the way of CBitching, you know? I’ve lurked though — checked how my fellow CBitches were doing. :)

        P.S.: Your cat is adorable and to answer a question you posted on your Tumblr: I also find Walton Goggins strangely sexy (especially as Venus Van Dam).

      • @Eve
        Tell me about it…I’ll be sad once the day comes when I can’t be on here, to comment. That’s my favorite part! You should’ve seen how I was when I wasn’t able to get onto Celebitchy for a week…the first thing that I saw was ‘the Great Twihard Meltdown of 2012′–when Kristen was caught mini coopering with Rupert Sanders. And I MISSED IT. Ugh, I’m still mad about that.

        And yes–Walton Goggins is so weirdly sexy. He’s just odd looking. But I love him….I have to, my mom will slutshank me if I look too hard at Timothy.

      • Jenna says:

        TELL ME!!!!! Is it someone surprising?!?!

      • Eve says:

        You show up only now??? *humpf*

        Well, it was a surprise to me (the answer is in the following post):

      • Jenna says:

        SORRY!!! I’m distracted by real life Swedish Dong. And my master’s thesis…but let’s be real. Swedish. Dong.

        HA! Speaking of Swedish dong! LOL Great coincidence. Joel huh?! Well I guess half is still good?! :P

  16. emmie_a says:

    I know nothing about Chris Evans – but I get a part creep,, part douche bag vibe from him. Ick.

  17. j.eyre says:

    So can I choose Mackie or do I have to stick with the other two? Just trying to play by the rules. (Mackie, btw)

  18. Mel M says:

    Stan for sure. I’ve said before I don’t find Chris attractive at all and with his wrinkled/upturned brow making him always look like he’s squinting or confused blah. Reminds me of Beibers “duh” look that he has pasted on at all times.

  19. Ash says:

    I’ll take Stan any time. Chris was never a guy who did anything for me, just so bland. Mackie I don’t find attractive in the least, but he’s a good actor.

  20. Mathis says:

    Chris looks like a younger version of Nicolas Cage, definitely NO. Although I do love his performance in Snowpiercer, didn’t know he has the potential to be a good actor, quite impressed. I like Stan but WTF is his hair?!?!
    Aaand, I’m so fed up with these ridiculous overhyped superhero franchises, ew.

  21. Shantal says:

    I actually like the beard on Chris, but I’m not feeling Sebastian’s weird pompadour hairdo. This post needs more Mackie, really.

  22. shay says:

    who would i pick? um, why choose, both, baby! i’ll have a captain sexy and winter soldier sandwich.

    the access hollywood interviewer didn’t ask chris, which movie would win. she asked him who would win between batman and superman. and his answer was superman, because even if superman lost, he could just turn back time and go again. so chris didn’t diss his own franchise. here’s the link to the interview:

    however, the interviewer did ask sebastian which movie would win cap 3 or superman v. batman. so yes, you’re right about that one. sebastian did stand by marvel. and i love his shade on green lantern. hilarious! here’s the link to that interview:

    anyways, when did chris evans actually say superhero movies are the problem?

    • O.O says:


      Let’s not bring facts into this instead of cherry picked partial quotes to back up a typically slanted Celebitchy post. She knew what the entire quote was and the humorous context but she didn’t use it for obvious reasons.

      Oh and Evans all day all night with Mackie for a nooner. I like Stan usually but this hair style here is a big no no no. He looks like Eddie Munster without the widows peak.

  23. Seán says:

    Chris Evans is being honest. Man of Steel 2 will win out over Captain America 3! Marvel have been going from strength to strength in terms of box office success while DC have had many setbacks but Marvel are being cocky. Superman and Batman are much bigger pop cultural icons than Captain America and Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck have more star power than Chris Evans. Man of Steel 2 will win hands down but ultimately won’t make as much money as they could because Captain America will still do well. It was a silly move by Marvel!

  24. JennB says:

    Sebastian Stan is getting better looking the older he gets. Now poor Samuel L. is starting to look like Whoopie Goldberg without her wig and that gives me the sads.