Paula Patton in zebra-print Nicolas Jebran at the Grammys: tacky & try-hard?


I had a friend who, right out of college, decorated her apartment in full-on Ikea. She bought a zebra-striped rug which looked exactly like this mess than Paula Patton wore last night to the Grammys. Right? She wore a budget, cheap zebra-striped rug-dress. It’s by Nicolas Jebran and I just can’t even start with her style. It would be one thing if Paula just liked to dress cheap. It would be one thing if Paula just liked to dress to show off her body in the tackiest way possible. It would be one thing if Paula didn’t understand how to get her red carpet gowns tailored appropriately for her body. But she puts all of those awful elements together, and we get this, over and over on the red carpet. Tacky meets try-hard meets LET YOUR BOOBS BREATHE, GIRL. One nice thing: I like her earrings.

As for Robin Thicke… I was happy that the Grammy producers didn’t let Robin just do a version of “Blurred Lines” by himself, that they put him with Chicago for a tribute. The problem? Chicago still sounds really good (right?) and you could hear that Robin’s voice is rather weak.



Speaking of shady couples (cough), here are Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz. Alicia wore Armani Prive. Is this tacky? I find it tacky. I loved her voice and she has one of the best voices in music today. I have no desire to see most of her sternum. Also: Spanx much?



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. QQ says:

    Naaahh. Yall dont say! Paula Patton looking a tipsy plumb mess at an awards show! No! I reject this phenomena

  2. Kiddo says:

    I thought they both actually looked good. And I’ll add the obligatory, “RRoarr”.

    • JojoAnn says:

      They looked great on the red carpet, these are just unflattering photos. Pink was the exact reverse, ok in the photos but a manly mess on film.

    • Meaghan says:

      I think Paula looks good, I had to look at the dress a few times to see if my eyes were deceiving me because I think it was a good look. I like the dress on her. Katie Perry is tacky tacky tacky, IMHO.

  3. The Original G says:

    Tell me that after last night, the pressure to excuse his tacky sexual leering and her bad choices in husbands and clothes is over.

  4. Sisi says:

    Is paula ever not try-hard at such events?

    • Liv says:

      Nope. When I first saw her in “Mirrors”, I didn’t know who she was and thought “What a beautiful woman”. That got totally crushed by her attitude and character. Can’t stand her now, she’s so unbelievably try-hard!

  5. kibbles says:

    A cheap couple with a cheap fashion style. If they didn’t have millions of dollars to thinly veil their trashiness, they’d fit right in with the couples you see on Jerry Springer. Paula Patton is very attractive but she screams cheap and tacky. She has bad taste in men and clothing. I get the feeling that Robin Thicke probably likes the stuff she wears though. He seems like the kind of sleazy guy who likes a woman in anything tight that shows off butt and cleavage.

    • Stef Leppard says:

      Her dress is also *so* unflattering. It makes her look pregnant. And why does he always pose with his arm sticking out like that?

      • cicada says:

        I was just going to post about that. Why does Robin Thicke always stand like some kind of stiff Sears catalog mannequin?

      • Mel M says:

        @stef my exact first thought! Why does he stick his arm out like that every single time like he just can’t contain his billowing chest hair or something?! Eck! No matter how much he showers I have a feeling he will always look greesy.

    • doofus says:

      I agree that she’s a pretty woman, and I also agree that she is tacky. it’s like her fashion sense is stuck in the late 80s.

    • yolo112 says:

      The only thing that could have made that dress worse was if it had a feathered bottom… I actually half expected to see feathers as I scrolled down. I gotta say …even though this dress is a hot zebra, tiger headed mess, it’s a MILLION times better than that ‘boobs on a plate’ dress she wore a few days ago..

  6. Gine says:

    Please let Paula and Robin’s 15 minutes end already.

  7. Shannon1972 says:

    Hate the dress, full stop. What’s with the lion? Wolf? Bear? heads at the neckline? Is it a zebra stripe dress or what? Makes no sense. She could be so beautiful if she would only develop some taste…or hire some taste.

    My real question is: why does robin thicke always stand with his arm out like his bicep makes it impossible for him to put his arm down??

    • V4Real says:

      “My real question is: why does robin thicke always stand with his arm out like his bicep makes it impossible for him to put his arm down??”

      Maybe it’s because he’s used to having their side piece on the other side of him. Force of habit. :)

    • AmandaPanda says:

      I also am wondering about that – he looks like a 6 year old ballet student who hasn’t figured out how to stand at the barre yet. Why does he do it? Does he think he has a fat arm or something? It’s a mystery.

  8. eliza says:

    I will be glad when this couple goes back into obscurity.

  9. Victoria1 says:

    Her dress looks like it was made from his Beetlejuice suit

  10. FLORC says:

    Of course she looks tacky. I’m being serious. Isn’t that her thing? She’s trying to be tacky, no?

    And AK is a beautiful woman, but this dress is horrible! Spanx give away (besides the shaping) is you can see where it pinches into her thighs and you have a small skin ripple.

    • Shannon1972 says:

      Funny you caught that, good call! I had to go back and look again.
      The dreaded skin ripple…always a giveaway on the thigh slimmer. Her spanx are definitely too small. Sigh, what an embarrassing way to tank a look.

      Why are these people famous when we can all do it so much better?

  11. BeckyR says:

    Robin Thicke needs to take off his shades…he looks STUPID!

  12. serena says:

    Paula Patton is dressing awfully to let us forget about how weak her relationship is I think, and her husband’s wandering dong maybe.

  13. GoodNamesAllTaken says:

    Yuck and yuck.

  14. Beatrice says:

    Cheap, tacky, try-hard, tasteless–I could go on and on.

  15. Jessica says:

    That dress looks awful on Alicia. She has an amazing bod and this gown ruins everything. As does her date. Release the curves and ditch the douchebag!

  16. bella says:

    Robin’s body language SCREAMS that he’s done…
    Won’t be long before the divorce announcement comes…

  17. Venny says:

    I think it’s probably tiger print and those are tiger heads at the top, no? At any rate, *blech*.

  18. aquarius64 says:

    Paula – horrible
    Alicia – too hippy. Too be fair a lot of women at the Grammys wore tight dresses that made them look bigger.
    Robin – it’s night time lose the sunglasses.
    Swizz Beatz – Alicia cut his allowance so he couldn’t get a good suit?

    E! Fashion Police is going to have a field day tonight. They kiss up to them and say they look marvelous but they ripped them apart on the show.

  19. Jenna says:

    I’m so ashamed….

    I actually (may all the fashion gods forgive me) kinda sorta dig Paula’s dress. Or rather, kinda could see what the designer meant and think with some MASSIVE tweaks, it could be a cool look. Get rid of the sheer bits, make the whole shebang solid, find a fabric that has better drape and stretch. The idea of white tiger instead of the traditional colors is a cool one, and not an animal print you see often – just wish they hadn’t just made it look like bad zebra instead of white tiger (which, with the heads at the neckline, I’m assuming is what it was meant to be. But yeah, with edits and tweaks, there could be something cool.

    To be fair though, at this moment I have 6 yards of hot pink & black zebra silky faux ‘fur’/terry on my sewing table and the plan to make myself a cozy kimono style houserobe to putter about the house in the evenings, so I freely confess my style is highly questionable.

  20. RJ says:

    I watched the Robin Thicke/Chicago performance last night. I’d forgotten about Chicago and it was fun to sing along with their amazing hits. And boy, did it show the difference between the real musicians of years ago and the talentless “pop” stars we have today. The difference between the strength of Chicago’s singing and playing, with Robin’s weak try hard voice was startling. And I thought it was tacky how Robin grandstanded the performance like he was Elvis, or Liberace-he should have shown more deference to the real talent on stage. When most songs we hear have been autotuned & produced to perfection and even live performances use enhanced vocals, it’s a good reminder that most singers (cough) today can’t really sing all that well.

  21. Meggin says:

    Omg that zebra dress is awful!! Ick

  22. loveisthecoal says:

    This is probably not a nice thing to say, but Robin Thicke just gives me the heebie jeebies. I feel the need to shower after seeing a picture of him-it’s like the sleaze oozes out of his pores or something.

    That’s Armani Privé on Alicia? Yikes.

  23. Squeakie says:

    The moment I saw Paula’s dress I read it as oh she is trying to promote blurred lines. The zebra stripes look like blurred lines….ugh. Anyways these two just look SO happy to finally be getting their 15 minutes and I’m sick of them already. I do love that song tho

  24. Ally8 says:

    I’m starting to love Paula Patton. She’s like the new Cher on the red carpet.

  25. Danskins says:

    Hmmm I actually like Paula’s dress (*ducks to miss tomatoes being thrown at my direction *). :) I mean, she has an amazing figure so why not show it off?

    • Jayna says:

      I like that she’s off the the wall a little with her clothes. I enjoy her in most of them. She looks fine in this dress.

  26. tinyfencer says:

    Ok, this is going to sound nasty, but I don’t mean it that way at all; I’m really just trying to figure something out. Is it just me, or is there something kinda off about Paula Patton’s face? In every picture I ever see of her it looks like it was taken at a weird angle or something, and I’m starting to realize it’s just her, not the camera. Does she have a crooked smile? A janky eye? Or is it just that she is pathologically incapable of holding her head straight?

    I don’t mean to insult her. I’m not perfect looking and I dig imperfections in others, too. It’s just driving me nuts that I know when I look at her something is not quite… symmetrical, maybe, and I can’t put my finger on what it is.

  27. Jaana says:

    Paula looks beautiful.
    I must say I always notice shade being thrown at beautiful women of colour by this writer.

  28. prayforthewild says:

    I think Paula I SO gorgeous but I just don’t know about her fashion choices… and I’m pretty sure that after these last two dresses her terrified breasts are planning to make a break for it. Ouch.

  29. Skye says:

    I was with her until the wealthy driveway gate-topper doubling as her neckline. She’s a GORGEOUS woman and she’s got the body to pull off a bold dress. But zebra stripes AND lion heads? Dial it back, sweetie.

  30. decorative item says:

    That dress makes her chest look like the entryway to the Ritz Carlton.

  31. Jigli says:

    Why does Robin always hold out his arms like a muppet with sweaty armpits?

  32. mzizkrizten says:

    that zebra dress is f****** awesome.

  33. Kosmos says:

    I have to say NO to Paula’s dress…..too over the top and the zebra print just seems off to me. The print also takes too much away from seeing her, which is never a good thing. Definitely NO on this dress. Alicia’s hips look huge in this dress, which happened? Where did those hips come from? I know she’s small on top, so, hello….this dress just make her look VERY small on top, BIG on bottom, not a very attractive look for her. I love her, so I want her to look good, but this dress is a disaster, except for the color. I have seen her in the past singing in a red dress that really seemed to work for her……she needs a stylist to balance her body with the right clothing, and she can look amazing…..

  34. BestJess says:

    Tacky & try hard? Maybe she wanted to be the sartorial version of her husband.