Selena Gomez cancels tour: was it ‘exhaustion’ or Justin Bieber trauma?

Selena Gomez

I’m a Selena Gomez watcher. We rarely have reason to talk about her since she (finally) broke up with Justin Bieber (hopefully for the last time) earlier this year. I did notice with a raised eyebrow that she dropped an F-bomb a few weeks ago at one of the Jingle Balls. She was having sound issues and lost her temper. I tried not to clutch my nonexistent pearls over the incident. It’s just that Selena is very aware of her image as a good girl, so the fact that she cursed onstage is notable.

Anyway, there’s a bit of buzz going on because Selena just cancelled the last leg of her current tour. The 13 dates were to kick off in Perth, Australia and weren’t even scheduled to start until February. Hollywood Life says Selena is suffering from exhaustion and is “very, very tired.” Radar Online has an even more disturbing explanation from a so-called Selena insider:

“Dealing with her breakup from Justin has still been affecting her and she’s been in a bit of a bad place recently,” the insider revealed.

“Her family stepped in and basically advised her to either go to therapy or stay with them so they could watch over her. Her team agreed that family time would be best.”

Gomez was slated to kick off a 13-concert tour leg on Feb. 1 in Perth, Australia, but issued a statement on Dec. 20 announcing she was canceling it.

“My fans are so important to me and I would never want to disappoint them,” the statement said. “But it has become clear to me and those close to me that after many years of putting my work first, I need to spend some time on myself in order to be the best person I can be. To my fans, I sincerely apologize and I hope you guys know how much each and every one of you mean to me.”

Along with her family, the insider tells Radar good friend and fellow musician Taylor Swift will play an important role in Gomez’s effort to be her best. “Selena has plans to hang out a lot in the coming weeks with close friends like Taylor Swift,” the source said. “Taylor has been a really good support system for Selena in recent weeks.”

[From Radar Online]

Ugh, I hope Selena didn’t cancel her tour because of the ongoing emotional fallout over her relationship with Bieber. If anything, I’d think she’s be embarrassed to have ever been associated with him. I guess it would be hard on anyone to see an ex-boyfriend rebound at a Brazilian brothel. That probably makes her feel like crap, but Bieber’s the one who should be embarrassed (even though he’s clearly not). Oh, check out Santa Bieber from the douchey one’s Instagram:

Justin Bieber

For what it’s worth, Selena did Instagram this photo on Sunday. She’s holding her baby sister, Gracie, with the following caption: “I’m the happiest I’ve been in a while..” I’m also including some photos of Selena’s new Madame Tussauds wax statue in the gallery. They got her face completely wrong.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet, WENN, Selena Gomez on Instagram, and Justin Bieber on Instagram

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  1. bowers says:

    She is probably really simply just tired.

    • Spooks says:

      Of what? Lip syncing?

    • idk says:

      She had issues with iron deficiency in the past, so who knows. She may be tired but she’s still out doing stuff like hanging with Romeo Miller…he even tweeted about it and posted a pic of Selena wearing a sweatshirt from HIS clothing line…

      He wrote on Dec. 22 :

      I live for the nights that I can’t remember with the people that I won’t forget

      • jaye says:

        Well, she didn’t say that she was going to be convalescing in bed at home. She said she was going to be spending time with friends and family.

      • idk says:

        Yeah I know…I didn’t say she couldn’t be out and about ! I really thought she might be in the studio with Romeo working on a song or something, but I heard she stated she’s retiring from music.

    • june says:

      Or maybe she’s using the oldest excuse that most artist used when their concert tickets are not selling.

      • We Are All Made of Stars says:


      • Missykittens says:

        THANKYOU… that’s what I thought. I mean, sorry to hear that, it’s not something you would wish on someone, but she’s tired? I don’t know her or how she spends her days, but it kind of doesn’t seem like she does a lot. Does she have any singles out? I can’t say I have ever heard a song from her. How did she become popular in the first place?

  2. Patricia says:

    I think she’s cute and like her acting but I can NOT stand her singing. I don’t know what it is about her voice but I can’t even listen to it, I instantly change the channel when she comes on. It’s so strange but I have this very stroooong aversion. I don’t get how this chic has a singing career to begin with. I hope the time off helps her to feel better.

    • Esmom says:

      Haha, I think I know what you mean. I don’t hate it enough to switch the station most times, but I’ve always thought her vocals have a try-hard, contrived quality that makes me roll my eyes a bit.

      I love the photo of her with her baby sister, so sweet. Weird to imagine being in my 20s and having a new baby sister, though.

    • Hautie says:

      “I don’t know what it is about her voice but I can’t even listen to it, I instantly change the channel when she comes on….”
      Oh my goodness… I feel the exact same way about Carrie Underwood and her pitchy ass singing. Seriously.

      But I am not annoyed by Selena… but I rarely hear her stuff.

      Yet I can’t escape pitchy ass Carrie… since I listen mostly to the Country station when I am driving…

    • Katie says:

      That’s exactly how I feel about Lady Gaga’s voice. I like some of her songs but for some reason I can’t tolerate her voice. I know she’s a good singer bc everyone says so but I can’t listen to her songs. Strangely enough I don’t mind Selena’s voice. I guess everyone just has different tastes.

  3. lucy2 says:

    Not buying it? Exhaustion, months before the tour was even to happen? She would have had plenty of time to rest up. I’m guessing ticket sales were low or something else is going on.

    • Jocelyn124 says:

      Absolutely. I mean come on. Either that or she’s going to “therapy” for the coke habit she’s allegedly picked up, as Blind Gossip implied. Cannot stand her, she reeks of falseness & inauthenticity plus the blinds about her &her contrived relationship/s she puts together w Taylor all to ride a little boys coat tails is beyond pathetic. I’m 20& to date down is just pathetic ntm someone so douchey. She is just not the peach she claims.

  4. Zooyork says:

    Maybe she canceled because she can’t actually sing- let alone sing live, so she’s terrified.

  5. Mylene - Montreal says:

    I was thinking she don’t sell enough ticket maybe ….

    • Tapioca says:

      Apparently not – there are a lot of Selena Gomez fans in Oz and the tour was selling well.

      I guess it’s the Black Dog of depression or the Bolivian Marching Powder then, which is a shame as I find her one of the most tolerable Disney/Nick kids.

  6. IzzyB says:

    People seem to be slating her for it. It sounds like she’s having long term emotional issues which you can’t just magic away. If so, good for her for taking proper time out of work to get help.

    I’m part way through a 2 month leave for depression. Thankfully I have lovely bosses who understand you don’t suddenly feel fine a few days after starting pills.

    You don’t know what’s going on in peoples minds. We’re all different.

    • Esmom says:

      Good for you IzzyB. Sometimes just one mental health day isn’t enough. Wishing you strength and peace in the weeks ahead.

    • jaye says:

      I too am on leave for depression and anxiety. It’ll be 4 months when I return to work. I couldn’t leave the house for weeks because of the anxiety. I still have moments of anxiety now, but I try to make myself go out every day. Doesn’t always work out, but I’m trying. People often don’t take mental illness seriously because it’s not a disease you can see, but it can be debilitating.

      • Missykittens says:

        Hi Jayne, I used to have depression and anxiety and I took a lot of time off work too. I had it for quite a few years and I thought that I would be this way forever. I could not imagine that I would ever get through it, but I don’t have these problems anymore. I am 100% fine now and you wouldn’t even know that I ever had the problem to begin with. I did have stints using medication in the early days but in the end I overcame it using nutrition (nothing fancy just increased my fruit and veg intake and reduced junk food and coffee – get Berocca – it is a miracle for anxiety) and exercised more. Even now that I have slacked off the exercise, it has not come back.

        Nothing last forever, so just keep your chin up x

  7. judyjudy says:

    I’m not a violent woman but I have very strong urge to kick Santa Bieber in the nuts.

  8. Sara says:

    I am sure it sickens her to think she was in a serious relationship and probably still in love with a boy that screws strippers and prostitutes. Poor girl

  9. Dutch says:

    That wax museum figure looks like they put a long wig on a Taylor Lautner head, stuck it on a female body and said “Voila, Selena Gomez!”

  10. Garrett says:

    I heard it was because of low ticket sales.

  11. Jaded says:

    I don’t listen to her music, wouldn’t recognize her songs. But I can relate to what she’s going through and have sympathy for her. She’s at a “tender” age when she’s coming into adulthood, she’s been a celebrity most of her life through Disney, her first very public relationship self-destructed, and she’s trying to carry on a grueling career in the limelight. If she’s using the old Bolivian Marching Powder to help it’s because she’s not coping anymore. Kid needs some down time to digest everything. It’s unfortunate that she took up with that revolting little turd Beiber but at that age I fell in love with a musician too who messed me up really badly. Not a good start to my love life I’m afraid. So I wish her well and hope she puts all this stress and negativity behind her – she’s where she should be, with her family.

    • Siobhan says:

      Why doesn’t she just retire then? After all, it’s not like she has any talent. I imagine lipsyncing someone else’s songs is sooo hard.

      • Jaded says:

        Well, the Grinch showed up…

      • idk says:

        Actually, she said this is her last album and she will only focus on her acting from now on. She’s a harmless girl, very pretty, but honestly she is lacking in talent…let’s be honest. I still like her though.

      • Siobhan says:

        She’s a crap actress, too. The only reason she’s popular is because she’s pretty. Our society still values beauty above all. And I don’t understand why harmless should be a compliment.

      • idk says:

        @Siobhan – calling her “harmless” is just another way of saying “I don’t think she’s annoying”…you know like she’s just “meh”…no hatred for her , but no mad love either…she’s just in the middle…that’s what I call “harmless” when I’m talking about a celebrity.

        I agree, her looks have gotten her far, just like Jessica Alba and countless other actors/singers.

      • Pandy says:

        Have to agree with you Siobhan. She’s not a giant talent. I could care less about the Disney kiddies really. Most of them aren’t talented enough to make the jump to huge pubic recognition/career.

    • Missykittens says:

      Jaded, you’re right. I feel bad for my other comment now. I remember how hard that age was for me too; it’s easy to be messed up.

  12. Leslie says:

    Will she be the next one we hear about going to rehab?

  13. Lila says:

    No shade from me. There have been signs for a while that things weren’t quite right with her. It’s probably a combination of a lot of things – her first big breakup, the lack of stability from touring, missing her family, having to cover any unhappiness for her image, the stress of carrying a major tour, just the tendency towards emotional drama by being 20. Things can build up, even if it’s something you ‘should’ be able to handle.

    Good for her and her family for reacting by bringing her home, no matter what the actual issues, rather than just pushing her on and on until she breaks. And props to besties stepping up and girls supporting each other. I wish her luck.

  14. St says:

    I think that she is over Bieber long time ago. Just like Liam is over Miley. Who knows why she canceled it. Maybe ticket sales were low, maybe she needs to go to rehab. Who knows maybe she is quiet drinker or user like Zac Efron. When we all were surprised that he was in rehab since no one ever saw him being high. Maybe Selena is abusing pills, drugs or alcohol and now needs quietly to go to some rehab anonymously. Since she is not in that position when she can openly go to rehab and whole world would celebrate her bravery. Just like Efron – she is up and coming artist that can’t be associated with rehab. Her image is too clean.

    Or maybe she really needs rest, Who knows…

  15. jwoolman says:

    Touring must be exhausting especially for someone who isn’t a born-to-sing type. She’s a good actor, which made her music videos entertaining despite the fact that she needed so much electronic help. Her natural singing voice seemed weak and wobbly (she did something for Disney before her digital days, it was painful to watch). But The Mouse and The Nick push everybody they can into singing since it’s a way to make a lot of money off the kiddies who watch their tv shows.. It just adds more stress on the kids, who eventually grow up and (if not delusional) realize they are not talented singers. Must be embarrassing when they realize that. But Selena does have real talent for acting, both comedy and drama. If she gets through the awkward phase for young actors, she’ll do well.

  16. Katie says:

    Maybe she just wants to watch her little sister grow up. She probably feels like she’s living for everyone else & just wants to take some time off to live her own life.

  17. Meanchick says:

    No one cancels a tour over exhaustion. Postpone a few dates? Sure, but not cancel. This all about money, her crappy music wasn’t making any. She hasn’t done anything to warrant being ‘exhausted.’

  18. Jenn says:

    The wax figure looks just like her to me. I imagine she is tired, of working for a half empty house. Hopefully she doesn’t go back to Beibs.

  19. kim says:

    I thought she was going to rehab bc her “dabbling” turned into “addiction” 《allegedly》.

  20. Kosmos says:

    I forgot what it feels like to be that age, but Bieber is still so terribly “immature,” is she really NOT over him? If not, we all know this will pass. Both of them have years of growing up to do, she’s too young to be wallowing over him, but attachment to someone can be strong, even if it’s not the right person for you. Otherwise, yes, she actually could be exhausted, or maybe her sales are NOT going as strong as her people would have liked. In my opinion, she doesn’t have the kind of voice that will last or stand the test of time. But she is very cute and that goes a long way for her. Her real talent just isn’t as strong, sorry to say. I’m glad she’s taken some time off to reposition herself and take care of her needs.