Jessica Simpson stays remarkably classy over weight gain controversy

Jessica Simpson performing at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlotte

Rarely do I defend Jessica Simpson, but the controversy over her weight gain is way out of proportion. And though I never thought I’d use the word “classy” to describe her, that’s exactly what she’s been. Simpson would have been perfectly in line if she’d yelled and screamed and railed at the press for making such a big deal about what I’m guessing is maybe 10 pounds. But instead she kept quiet and just went about her business.

Last night Jessica performed for the first time since the supposed “fat” photos were leaked. While she didn’t address them directly, she talked about staying positive and reminding yourself there’s bigger issues out there.

Jessica Simpson made no mention of her controversial new curves at a concert Thursday night in Virginia, but she thanked fans for standing by her.

Clad in black leather pants, a hip-length black blazer and silver go-go heels, Simpson, 28, hit the stage promptly at 8:01 p.m. and performed a 40-minute set, opening with “These Boots” before introducing the tune, “Still Beautiful.”

“This song is off my new record… and it’s about finding the beauty in life, no matter what happens,” she told the audience at the University of Virginia’s John Paul Jones Arena, where she performed with Rascal Flatts. Simpson later added, “Always remember that someone out there has it worse than you.”

And prior to singing “Pray Out Loud,” she told the audience, “I feel like in our world, we focus on so many things that are unimportant. And I really just wanted to say this.”

Throughout the show, Simpson — who struggled all night with her ear piece — was upbeat. Before leaving the stage, Simpson told fans, “Stay positive, pray out loud, give it up for my band … I love you guys. Good night!”

[From Us Weekly]

Jessica normally talks about passing gas and her love life during her concert chit chat, so what she said was a step up no matter what. But she certainly could have used last night as an opportunity to respond to the haters, but instead she took the high road. Jessica may be a lot of things – not all of them necessarily good – but she’s always struck me as a fundamentally nice person.

Most of us go through times when we put on some weight, for whatever reason. My body likes to add an unnecessary 7 pounds every winter, apparently thinking I’m part bear. It always goes away early in the spring once I’m out and about more. Jessica may very well be the same.

And while her outfit didn’t help any, I think the biggest issue was the unflattering camera angle while she was performing. No one looks good when shot from below. I’m not saying the camera was solely responsible, but it definitely didn’t help. I don’t know how celebrities manage to deal with so much body criticism, but publicly Jessica has handled it with grace.

Here’s Jessica Simpson performing at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, Virginia last night. Images thanks to Splash.

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  1. jess says:

    i think she looks great in this outfit. not too fat, not too thin. the other outfit was just wrong on sooo many levels.

  2. Ash says:


  3. Sauronsarmy says:

    Shes not fat its the outfits she picks that make her look “fat”. Honestly, nobody would look good in that outfit not even Keira knightly.

  4. Ned says:

    She is not fat and usually a very attractive woman.

    The thing is what she is wearing.

    The high waist pants and this outfit will not flatter any woman.

    She needs to fire her stylist.

    Other than that- Cudos to the way she handled herself in this situation.

  5. Zoe says:

    yeah, she actually does seem like a sweet person, always has. Innocuous and nice enough.
    Someone said she’s probably just happy and in “nesting” mode, I think that’s it. That and rebounding from such a crazy workout routine when she was ultra thin.

    I wonder how ticket sales were?

  6. Annie says:

    Yea…that’s a lot more than 10 lbs…….

    “Camera adds weight” argument aside.

    If you look at her pictures from a year ago, to now, you would realize taht is a heck of a lot more than 10 lbs.

    Girl’s got THUNDER Thighs now.

  7. mel says:

    I’m glad she didnt waste time addressing those nasty comments about her weight. I think she is gorgeous thin or with some extra meat!

  8. boomchakaboom says:

    Girl looks like shit-ola. Hire a new stylist!

  9. Lizzy says:

    Hey Annie, let’s see a picture of YOUR thighs and compare eh?

  10. CiCi says:

    “Just happy?” Again – just an excuse for weight gain, and an unacceptable one at that.

    So only unhappy people care about taking care of themselves and their appearance? ok.

  11. Baholicious says:

    Good for her taking the high road.

  12. california angel says:

    LOL to the bear comment JayBird.

  13. Heather says:

    Annie- seriously- those are “thunder thighs”? Wow. I’m SO glad I don’t live in la la land.

  14. boomchakaboom says:

    Well damn. Now we have fat Nazis to go with anti-smoking Nazis. It’s not “acceptable” to gain weight for being happy? Is it more acceptable to gain it due to sadness? Who the hell decided heavier people aren’t worth a flying f***k?

    God. I’ll be glad when they decide extreme snottiness causes premature death.

  15. Jean says:

    Jessica certainly seems the nicest of the pop tart group. I hope the recent weight gain is due to happiness. Most people I know overeat for the exact opposite reason.

  16. DLR in Canada says:

    Yeah, Jessica has gained quite a bit of weight. Compared to even a year ago she’s looking pretty chunky here. In fact she looks like the average sized 14 woman in America. She’s a celebrity so yeah, she’s gonna get razzed for gaining weight. I think she’s got problems going on in her life that it is either a health or emotional issue.

  17. NotBlonde says:

    “Always remember that someone out there has it worse than you.”

    Um yea…duh. This whole issue is stupid. She shouldn’t have said anything. By saying something about it, by addressing it at all, she’s now given it relevance.

    By the way, I usually use that expression when I’m down to my last $10 and I’m trying not to spend money until my next paycheck, not when someone says I’m fat from having gained 10 pounds.

  18. jess says:

    @DLR there is absolutely NO WAY she is an american size 14! ha! maaayybe an 8. at the most.

    I was on the same tiny plane from LA to Dallas with her in july, and she was TINY. she was also very very sweet and signed autographs until the flight attendant finally had to make an announcement for passengers to please stay in their own cabins. she did HOWEVER manage to drink 5 alcoholic drinks in the ~2 hour flight we were on lol

  19. Jean says:

    FIVE alcoholic drinks in 2 hours?? That’s a lot for an adult male, much less a petite female. Maybe her issue is liquid rather than solid?

  20. Zoe says:

    No, I really do think people tend to put on a few pounds when they’re happy (yeah, or sad). It’s like you just want to settle in and enjoy life and not stress over calories or whatever. I really do hope this is why she’s gained and not because she’s finally off some crazy diet pill or because she’s drinking too much.

    @Boomchakab: “God. I’ll be glad when they decide extreme snottiness causes premature death.” ha! Awesome!

    NotBlond: “By the way, I usually use that expression when I’m down to my last $10 and I’m trying not to spend money until my next paycheck, not when someone says I’m fat from having gained 10 pounds.” :)

  21. David says:

    All you men who are downing her and some women would eat het used tolit paper just to smell it.

  22. Dirty Martini says:

    Oh geez…..who amongst us doesnt enter January with tight pants each year?

    Cut the hippo some slack.

    (now where did I put my stash of snickers…????)

  23. boomchakaboom says:

    Zoe: that’s what I think too. When you’re happy, relaxed and feeling more secure you tend to chill out on the workout torture. J.Simp is not fat and even if she gets fat, so what? I fail to see how it makes anyone less of a worthwhile and decent person.

  24. boomchakaboom says:

    I’m a little more worried about what’s happening to her feet? They look a bit, um, misshapen?

  25. whatevs says:

    Five drinks in 2 hours aint all that much. Especially if they’re weak. I’m not a drunken lush and I can manage to drink 5 in a 2 hour period of time. Never on an airplane, though.

    I do think whoever said it’s probably the booze adding the pudge is right. Those mixed girly drinks pack a lot of calories, that and not eating healthy can make you gain weight. Still yet, she’s not fat, she’s human. I think she looks good. Maybe when she gains another 50 we can talk.

  26. Annie says:

    Hey Annie, let’s see a picture of YOUR thighs and compare eh?

    Dude. I have better thighs than that.

    Hands down. LOL. And given it’s the internet, and I know there’s the whole “oh, well you can just talk to the talk and not walk the walk” and then there’s the whole oh how do I know it’s you, crap.

    It’d be pointless for me to “prove” it to you.

    But seriously. Clap clap Jessica. CLAP CLAP.

  27. Keekee says:

    I agree than she does need a new stylist, but to say she’s fat is untrue. She’s bigger than usual for HER, but as long as she’s comfortable in her own body that’s all that matters. Hollywood shouldn’t be promoting the anorexic look anyway, we don’t need any more teenagers with horrible self esteem and eating disorders.

  28. hmm says:

    She didn’t have any problems with the praise she received during her Daisy Duke (extra skinny) period. She has achieved her level of fame because of her looks not in spite of them, so it’s perfectly understandable for people to comment on her weight when she gains a few pounds. Countdown to an Us cover detailing her weight loss.

  29. me says:

    shes gorgeous regardless! she looks hot!

  30. Sunnyjyl says:

    I really like the way this article was written. It was interesting to me, as I was wondering how Jess would respond. It also just showed respect for a fellow human being. Thanks.

  31. ChristinaX says:

    Um, well, I am fatter than Jessica Simpson. I’m slightly shorter than she is by maybe an inch or two, but right now I’m a size 11/12 in American sizes and this is me at my absolute heaviest.

    I have an EASY twenty pounds on Jessica Simpson so whoever’s insisting that she’s a size 14 knows jack about clothing sizes. I know that anything above a size six might as well be considered “plus sized”, because all these chicks are lumped into that category.

    I’m overweight and unhappy, but all this “if you’re fat, you’re dead inside” bullocks I’ve been hearing recently is getting annoying too. For me, as an individual trying to lose weight, it’s really insensitive.

    That’s like saying all thin girls are neurotic.

  32. CB Rawks says:

    “So only unhappy people care about taking care of themselves and their appearance? ok.”

    No, but happy people are less likely to spend all their time desperately trying to please or attract others by being thin. They (I) don’t feel as likely to conform to the pressure of a society that says I “HAVE to be thin! Hurry up, get thin!”
    By the way, eff you, society. :)

  33. Kelly says:

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU Jaybird!

  34. Cha Cha says:

    Hey Annie,

    I’ve been keeping up with the threads, as my uneventful life at the moment has allowed me to, but I realized when people criticize your goddess, Angelina Jolie for her figure, you go into this, we shouldn’t be so judgmental and all that jazz, but when Jessica Simpson is the subject, your claws come out.

    So should we judge people for their appearance or not?

  35. NotBlonde says:

    CB Rawkes I gotta say that I’m always happier when I’m thinner. And it isn’t because other people approve. It’s because I don’t have to squeeze into my jeans or buy new ones. I don’t feel heavy and bloated all the time. I don’t jiggle when I walk. I don’t feel tired when going up a flight of stairs. I don’t get winded walking uphill. I can walk for 30 minutes (to work) and not stop or feel tired. It’s just nicer being somewhat in shape.

    For some people it means having rock hard abs and being able to run 10 miles straight. For others it is merely being able to walk for 15 minutes or go up a few flights of stairs without panting.

    And I don’t care what people say, if you are way above where you should be i.e. Biggest Loser fat, you are typically miserable in your own body and it isn’t because of what other people think.

    Jessica Simpson needn’t worry though. She is nowhere near overweight.

  36. dancingnancie81 says:

    that’s fat? some of your comments are disgusting… she looks good, no not as thin as she was, but normal! No matter; point is no matter what she weighs, you’re all sitting at home blogging about her.

  37. Bodhi says:

    She is defiantly heavier than her Daisy Duke days, but she was UNDERweight then. She looks fine to me, she just needs a new stylist ASAP

  38. SeVen says:

    If shes fat, im a fucking whale. Ive always loved Jessica Simpson as opposed to Britney Spears…. shes got some talent. But really, the people who wrote that “fat” article to begin with, what size were they again? *eye roll*

  39. Mindy says:

    So – do you think it would be better for her to smoke heroin to stay skinny like Angelina Jolie?

  40. ChristinaX says:

    Cha Cha: Don’t you know, it’s okay to be too thin, but if you’re chubby, you’re a disgusting, negligent glutton. If Jessica Simpson really, I mean REALLY, wanted to be a lazy fat slob, she could’ve gained well over what we’re seeing now.

    Because sunken-in eyes, hollow cheekbones, and knobby knees are TOTALLY natural, and while I still kind of find it’s BS that people are scrutinzing even AJ for her figure, she must be “miserable” too.

    It makes me fed up that if you gain weight, that people go after your character as well. Right now, a lot of skinny chicks are acting all bitter, and I really don’t understand why either.

    You belong to one of the two “acceptable” body types, and you have it so hard because all the girls are so jealous of you and all the guys totally wanna get with you. Boohoo.

    At least people don’t sit there and analyze why you have to look so perfect. Woe is you!

  41. luckystar says:

    Buy her a stylist now. Anybody can look great no matter what your weight.

  42. annie says:

    Lol goddess, no. However there is a difference when the woman just had babies. And when someone can’t stop eating the twinkies when as someone puts it, makes her living off her “hotness” appeal.

    Most of my defense was on her clothes and the fact that ppl complain about her talking about brad too much.

    Angie a while back could def afford to gain some weight but given that her MOTHER passed… well.

    It’s a matter of circumstance not me giving some kind of pass to aj. If she gets fat, that will be noted too.

  43. Carena says:

    The girl is 5’3″ and has a bigger chest. Any slight weight fluctuation is going to show on her big time. That being said, she might not be as tiny as she was when she worked out like crazy for that flop Dukes of Hazzard, but she’s not fat. Not by any means.

  44. Jenni says:

    I dreamt the other night that Jessica married Tony Romo and they showed a clip on t.v. of them taking their vows in a beautiful meadow with butterflies flitting about everywhere!

  45. gg says:

    Jessica is not my particular cup of tea, but she is most certainly not “fat” by any means. It’s the bad clothes and camera angles. Unless you’re a stick, having big boobs are going to make you look larger.

    She is in reality a beautiful girl. Imo she just tries way too hard.

  46. sissoucat says:

    Jessica is most probably a very nice person and clearly a very good looking one. Great for her !

  47. pixiegirl says:

    Fat, huh? I don’t see it. Although it is easier to comment on the weight gain of annoying people than otherwise.
    Did anyone see the clip of of her in the unreleased ‘exercise video’ that’s at the cause of some potential lawsuit? The guy in the video asks her if she’s ever seen horses running in marathons. She sorta gets this glazed over look and then says ‘no? – yes? I don’t know?’. Seriously. That alone made me want to call her fat. I won’t. But I wanted to.

  48. Holly says:

    Spin, fatties, spin spin spin. I’d have a lot more respect for the fat acceptance trend right now if it wasn’t rooted in laziness and lowering the bar for everyone nationwide. I have a serious neurological condition, intense chronic pain, a few car accident injuries to my shoulders and tailbone (which is also hairline fractured from an additional injury), occasional thyroid issues, a sweet tooth, a high rate of family obesity, and a lifetime of poor eating habits goin’ against me when it comes to managing my weight. But I do the work anyway. Its hard to have respect for those who don’t have enough discipline to get off their asses and eat the right things. I was only overweight when I was eating the wrong foods at the wrong time and refusing to exercise. There is nothing positive about that, and I am not about to encourage that behavior by lowering my personal standards to match the lowering standards of everyone else. If its not ok for me personally, then why would I pat anyone else on the back for it?

    (BTW I totally don’t think Jess is fat, she’s just a little soft and a bad dresser. But of course the scrutiny will come given the emphasis she’s put on her figure before. You can’t have it both ways!)


    “I dreamt the other night that Jessica married Tony Romo and they showed a clip on t.v. of them taking their vows in a beautiful meadow with butterflies flitting about everywhere!”

    Most hilarious thing I’ve read, ever. That comment is a joke, right?

  49. Annie says:

    There is nothing positive about that, and I am not about to encourage that behavior by lowering my personal standards to match the lowering standards of everyone else.

    That’s what I’ve been trying to get at! lol

    I mean, she can’t market herself as one thing and then not expect scrutiny.

    What’s preventing her from choosing a healthier lifestyle? Nothing, she has more access than ALL of us lol and the money to get an amazing personal trainer who can whip her into tip top shape.

    While the rest of us peons go along our merry way. Though I am admittedly blessed with great genes and therefore can pretty much scarf whatever I want and not worry about a gym membership.

    AND! I think that everything’s circumstantial. You got 6 kids and a full work schedule, you’re gonna have some weight loss. Hell, whenever I studied for finals, I’d drop so much weight it was insane.

    But, the girl has tours, she’s got things that should be keeping her in better shape than that.

    P.S. I 2948290483th the claim about her being a bad dresser, she needs to stop being Dolly Parton 2009 version.

  50. JMC says:

    “Remarkably Classy”?

    You do realize this ENTIRE thing has been about publicity right? WHY else would she wear the most unflattering outfits if she was trying to make herself look nice?

    Man, people are stooooopid.

    Oh, and so convienent how Asslee got in her defense for a little publicity too.

    Good job, Papa Joe! Truly, he is a brilliant famewhore.

  51. Aubrey says:

    nasty fatty

  52. ChristinaX says:

    I’m just going to add something.

    Like the non-smoking propaganda and PETA, all the skinny people who’ve never gained weight slamming people with a tendency to gain weight is counterproductive.

    All the insults and fear mongering is ineffective, because all this criticism is doing is making people more defensive about their weight instead of actually saying “Yeah, I guess you’re right”. Sorry, but that’s the way people are.

    For a long time, I’ve been chastised for not losing weight, and all it did was piss me off and at the end of the day hate myself. Is that a goal of yours? To make sure anyone even slightly overweight hate themselves?

    Some of you are being incredibly bitchy on your high horses, and all I’m seeing from these posters is all criticism and no constructive.

    Some of you set a pretty lousy example for girls who want to lose weight.

  53. t says:

    Jessica is not getting a hard time for gaining weight. She is getting a hard time for making a big deal out of herself when she was thin.

    Everybody’s weight flucuates, but I don’t go to work in a bikini when my is at the low end, and if I did, I’d deserve whatever people said about me when I showed up a few months later bursting out of my mom jeans. I agree with Holly, Jessica can’t have it both ways.

    I also agree with JMC that Joe is behind the pictures getting out. He’s just continuing with the Simpson business model…exploit Jessica’s body, whatever size it is.

  54. coffee says:

    it’s gotta be nice for her to relax from what’s probably a ridiculously strict diet

  55. CB Rawks says:


    “…It’s because I don’t have to squeeze into my jeans or buy new ones. – I don’t get winded walking uphill. I can walk for 30 minutes (to work) and not stop or feel tired. It’s just nicer being somewhat in shape.”

    Oh I definitely agree with that. Fitness and dieting to please YOURSELF is the reason to do it. Absolutely.

  56. dog says:

    she is real fat man

  57. anonymous a says:

    She is fat and she looks clumpy in that outfit, she is just plain ugly and they call beyonce fat .. please this woman is fat ,,bey is curvier, JS is not curvy her body is meeting together!