Angelina Jolie shows off her figure in Japan

Angelina Jolie attended a press conference in Japan today decked out in a tight gray cashmere dress. Her figure looks stunning, perhaps a slap in the face to her critics who clam that she’s so skinny, or that her body is so “damaged” by her pregnancies. And maybe it’s just the lighting, but she seems to be putting a red tint in her hair that looks nice.

La Jolie public outing was a press conference for Changeling. It seems the Japanese are treating Brangelina as their new royalty. Some reports coming from British tabloid sources, so take it for what you will, have Japanese fans calling Angie, “Queen Angelina”. Japan has been taken over by Brangeloonies!

She’s been busy helping her beau Brad Pitt promote his uber-hit “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” over in Japan, and earlier today Angelina Jolie did some promotion of her own.

The “Girl, Interrupted” hottie was spotted at a press conference for her latest flick “Changeling” in Tokyo, looking graceful in a grey cashmere dress.

During a recent interview, Ang gushed about her partner/babydaddy and his fatherly skills, noting that he has made all of her dreams come true.

She said, “Brad can’t be described using words but to wake up and see him with our kids, taking care of us or to wake up in his arms and look in his eyes makes me the proudest woman in the world. He is the man that made all my dreams come true, and making him and my little kids happy everyday is my number one priority.”

From The Gossip Girls

Sometimes Angelina ventures into that too-sweet area, usually when she’s talking about Brad and the kids. She almost sounds like she’s simpering. But I shouldn’t think such thoughts! Empress Zahara will have my head. I haven’t been able to find more extended quotes from the press conference, but if Angelina said anything interesting, we’ll bring it to you.

Photo credit: Splash News

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  1. Ash says:

    throw on some color Angelina! Dress is real cute though. Just wish it wasn’t black, darh gray, white or light gray. Mix it up.

    I know she blue’d it up at the SAG’s, but I wish she would keep the color going.

  2. Rose says:

    Well, well, well, Angelina Jolie shows off her figure. Stop your workday and celebrate. Brad’s a perfect male, great in bed, a wonderful father. Can she say anything else? How many times do we have to hear about their perfect lives? What happened to her save the children campaign? Now it seems that all the comments they make are focused on save the Jolie-Pitts.

  3. daisy424 says:

    Flattering dress, I like it.

    She reminds me of a young Carly Simon.

  4. what is ever. says:

    I think the vivid citrine (green) maxi dress she wore in Cannes while very pregnant– hands down the most gorgeous frock, maternity or not. The color was simply gorgeous on her.

    This dress is fine, her hair and face look lovely, but I agree Ash about the color.

  5. what is ever. says:

    edit– I realize this is about her figure, sorry for the side comment.

    She seems to be a bit of hippie when it comes to dressing, and prefers comfort and practicality over fashion– you can’t hate for those reason.

  6. boomchakaboom says:

    It is so nice to wake up as the most beautiful woman in the universe and see my mate, the most perfect man in the universe, playing with the most photogenic and multicultural children the world has ever been privileged to behold, and realize that it’s just another day in MY LIFE. HAHA!

  7. geronimo says:

    She looks really lovely here, the dress itself is cool but the SHADE – so chilly and cold – is just wrong! She’s pale, she needs warm tones and colours, the blue worked beautifully. Warm greys are fine – not this.

    She is a bit gushy but, for some reason (maybe that I like her and don’t care for him?), it’s far less annoying than when it comes from Pitt.

  8. vdantev says:

    Da-hamn. Brad you lucky sonofab%^ch !!

  9. heima says:

    Nice dress but it would be nicer if it was brown or brownish-red.
    What size her feet are? They are huge…

  10. Lisa says:

    She looks lovely. Quite bony though. Someone throw her a burger, ok?

  11. cakes says:

    She’s shapeless. No curves. Old girl needs to eat something.

  12. Loves Me Some Angie says:

    Love her, Love her, Love her. But girlfriend’s legs are not so good. Your knee bone should not protrude that far out. She’s suppose to be doing some kind of action movie but she’s gotta bulk up to make it believable. Over all, I think she looks great.

  13. CiCi says:

    These pictures here just prove that even Angie gets bloated.

  14. Annie says:

    I like gray. There’s something very elegant and subtle about it.

    You’re letting you pop as a person, not your clothes. I happen to swear by that neutral. Gray suede boots, gray purse, gray pumps, gray dresses, etc etc (obviously not all together. lol) And I think she looks just fine as is. Gorgeous even.

    As for the whole “simpering” business.

    Sounds like someone has a bit of the green-eyed monster here.

    Guys. She’s happy. Be happy for her that she feels complete in her life. If you can’t be happy for someone who feels whole, perhaps you need to look back at your own life and think about whether YOU’RE happy. :) I wake up and I think about how lucky I am to have MY significant other and MY little pupster. You guys don’t do the same? You should, your days will start better when you look at all the things you’re blessed with instead of the things you don’t have.

    Just my 2cents.

  15. california angel says:

    She looks great and I love that dress. Sweater dresses are really hard to pull off if you have any extra curves, I’ve tried and they just make me look bulky. sigh.

  16. Madelyn Rose says:

    I do like that dress – the silouette and neckline are very pretty! She definitely carries any weight in the middle area, but she looks better here than she has in a long time. I like it when she wears more form fitting things. It suits her better than the drapey blousy dresses she has been wearing to the awards shows.

  17. Eileen Yover says:

    Not a fan of either her or Brad, but she is gorgeous, always looks gorgeous and is just someone who doesn’t dress in loud colors very often-probably never will. She seems more into whatever is comfortable and practical.

  18. duchess says:

    she seems to come across good in most outfits she wears.

    but is it my imagination, or is her arms too long for her body? she really does not have nice legs or arms otherwise she’s not bad looking at all.

  19. Wonder Woman says:


    Come on people, when would you have time to eat if you are taking care of 6 kids??? She looks damn good after having twins

  20. tigerlille says:

    My God, she is beautiful. That shade of grey is a perfect color for her. Yeah, her words about Brad are a little gushy, but you just can’t fake the kind of happiness and contentment she exudes.

    I wish she would wear more color too. All black is just wrong on her, usually. Too heavy. Beige and pearl grey, perfect. Remember that yellow dress she wore to a premiere a year or two ago? Stuning.

  21. tigerlille says:

    I mean, stunning.

  22. Whitey Fisk says:

    Doggone it, she’s purdy.

  23. so what says:

    I guess Im seeing something most of you don’t see…she has ugly legs, big feet and a pot gut, her arms look too long for her body..beautiful???I don’t think so!

  24. MsTriste says:

    Obviously she’s not breastfeeding.

  25. teri says:

    Simply stunning, love her.

  26. MT says:

    Girlfriend needs to cover the white hair ASAP.

    Why on earth does she have wrinkles and white hair in her 30s?

    The body is fine for a 40-50 years old grandma, but not for a women in her 30s.

    The dress is pretty cool though.

  27. vdantev says:

    She’s shapeless. No curves. Old girl needs to eat something.

    These pictures here just prove that even Angie gets bloated.

    I guess Im seeing something most of you don’t see…she has ugly legs, big feet and a pot gut, her arms look too long for her body..beautiful???I don’t think so!

    Quite bony though. Someone throw her a burger, ok?

    but is it my imagination, or is her arms too long for her body? she really does not have nice legs or arms otherwise she’s not bad looking at all.

    Are you looking at the same picture? On the screen ? Not the one in your head?

  28. Lauren says:

    “Damaged by her pregnancies”…have people forgotten that she only gave birth to three of them? Three kids is the average family size anyway, and they don’t accuse other women of having damaged bodies because of it.

  29. Anni says:

    she looks cute. like the tiny tummy she has going on there.

  30. red13 says:

    Wrinkles??? This is what a normal woman in her 30s looks like. It’s refreshing that she’s not all surgically “corrected.”

  31. Willow says:

    I have to agree; Angie looks like any other thin, mother of sex under seven years old. Nothing sexy, or spectacular about her look though. Toothpick legs, thick waist, i admit to a small poochey stomach, but twins after all, long skinny arms and strangely long thin hands…with this all topped off with an oversized head, huge forehead, wide jawline, and a chin that juts way out there on profile….like i said earlier, she looks like any other thin mother of six under seven…..not the least bit stellar

  32. cee says:

    She looks wonderful. She looks like a beautiful woman who has just had twins, who takes care of herself and is the happiest she has ever been. Good for her and good for Brad Pitt. He has made some wise choices in the last few years and it shows. They both look happy. Good for them. In Hollywood it appears sometimes happiness doesn’t last. I think they found the formula.

  33. Zoe says:

    god, jealousy is just the ugliest most transparent trait in the world.

    Some of the negative comments are just observation, true, but some of them (they’re the obvious ones) are just so sad. If AJ dared say things weren’t great, you’d scream that she’s spoiled and doesn’t appreciate her great life.

    When are people gonna get it: putting other people DOWN and being ridiculously critical of everything they say doesn’t raise you UP. It just makes you look stupid.
    People must be scared to be successful around you, lest you belittle them for it and roll your eyes.

    I feel so sorry for your friends. If you have any.

  34. minx says:

    She looks glowing, simply radiating happiness. Amazingly beautiful, her face is flawless. I agree that her legs are too skinny but nothing compares to this face, nothing.

  35. Anonymous says:

    nice dress.nice face.but such liar.she has the same word for billy and her brother and brad.very manipulative.

  36. Annie says:

    My thoughts exactly Zoe!


  37. andy says:

    She might be pretty hot but cant help thinking that producers of the next Tomb Raider movie are wishing they had the far sexier Megan Fox onboard instead…

  38. Zoe says:

    andy, we get it, you work for Megan Fox’s PR firm, give it a rest.

  39. Ned says:

    Zoe, we get it, you get paid to defend Angelina.

    Anyhoo, I do agree she seems glowing- she thrives on attention which is why she goes to the extremes to get it.

    I guess she is worried about the book that might shed light on her real private life, so she feels obliged to counter it with how BRad made her dreams come true.

  40. Chiara says:

    Was that figure or figure’s? She’s well paid for her publicity tour.

    She may follow through on her semi-retirement. She’s out of both the TR franchise and the Atlas Shrugged film.

    Not much left for a female action hero.

  41. Zoe says:

    HA!, Oh Ned, please go put on your grey wig and your mother’s old dress and crawl back into your rocking chair at the Bate’s Motel.

  42. Ned says:

    The irony is that when she used her personal life as PR material, before she met Brad- she used to emphasize how she would never have biological children (with a hint to producers that she wouldn’t “ruin” her figure).

    Once she understood that the best way to make sure Brad leaves his wife and doesn’t run away from her like her previous ex husbands- she got pregnant and made sure there are plenty of children to add as a consideration- if Brad would like to leave her.

    I guess her dreams were having 6 kids within 2 years with a guy she doesn’t have to call “husband n. 3.

    Or was her dream to break up a marriage this time by getting pregnant while they are still married, after “only” accomplishing the breaking of an engagement and relationship of 6 years.

  43. Ned says:

    Zoe, it’s not your fault you are paid to defend a sick woman who is collecting children just so she can use them as publicity material.

    I hope your conscience is clear.

    Last time she collected something, so she could use it as a talking point to get attention- was knives.

  44. geronimo says:

    Ned – how do you manage to not send yourself into a coma?

  45. Kaiser says:

    *wiping froth from computer screen*

    I’m really glad the Atlas Shrugged project is off, because there’s no way to make it into a 2 hour movie. It wasn’t cancelled because of Angie – it was cancelled because no self-respecting screenwriter could adapt the 1400-page tomb.

  46. ChristinaX says:

    I swear to god, the next person I hear complaining about how ANY woman needs to gain weight I’m going to personally slap.

    That really pisses me off.

    How chauvinistic is the notion that if you’re not built exactly like Jessica Rabbit that it makes you any less of a woman. STFU please.

    You’re all as brainwashed as the neurotic gym guidos who freak out over a little bit of pudge on a girl.

    I digress.

    All their interviews sound alike. If they weren’t one of the most controversial couples in Hollywood, they’d have given up on interviewing these two.

  47. ChristinaX says:

    Oh, and as for the pot belly?

    That might be the way she’s naturally built.


    I can’t even believe I’m defending Angelina Jolie, but I’m just being objective.

  48. Codzilla says:

    That hair color looks much better on her than it does on Brad.

  49. NotBlonde says:

    You all must either be fawning or lying to yourselves about what “healthy” looks like because this woman is bony as hell and no, she hasn’t always been like that.

    Her knees look huge and knobby and so do her elbows and hands. That is not a “negative” comment, it is pure unbiased observation. If some of you could get your heads out of her ass, you’d see it too.

  50. boomchakaboom says:

    Knobby knees, elbows, huge hands: yep, yep, yep.

    NotBlonde: I think you’re right. She hasn’t always looked so frail. I don’t know who these people are that are non-stop gushing over A.Jolie and bashing everybody with silly taunts and accusations of petty jealousy and/or fat-induced insecurity, but their heads are, indeed, up their asses.

  51. Maritza says:

    I’d love to see her dressed in red or even something in print. She looks good.

  52. Gemma says:

    Angelina has a gorgeous face but that’s about it as far as her physical appearance goes.

    NotBlonde is right. She is bony and that tight dress does nothing for her. It would look great on a more curvy woman.

  53. Zoe says:

    yeah, she looks really thin and not too curvy, but hasn’t she always looked like that?

    No body’s perfect, what’s the big deal? she def. looks better with some more weight, but hell, she is still gorgeous.

  54. DD says:

    I think she looks good. She’s bony and I thought she looked anorexic, but now I think she lost a lot of muscle when she initially dropped all that weight and that’s why she looks skeletal in some parts of her body. I have the same problem now when I dropped 15 pounds from my own anorexic fit, when I gained imost of it back my collar and back bones still jut out to this day.

  55. doodahs says:

    I think she is popping her hip in the picture so her body is tilted to one side, hence lengthening her arm…. however, I do think they are longer than most people’s. Long legs, long arms, long neck.. yeah, not a sign of beauty at all (shaking head sarcastically).

    She looks very young and fresh in these pictures.. Personally, I think this a better look for her than the severe hairstyle and muumuu dresses.

  56. sandy says:

    AJ- you go girl
    love the kangaroo pouch
    a toast to all kangaroo pouches!
    now, if a designer could only start making pants/shirts with Spanx already built into them for post pregnant bods they’d be a millionaire
    BTW-i have long arms and they suck-once you put your shirt in the dryer you are screwed

  57. whatevs says:

    @cakes, I have a similar shaped body, minus the boobs. Try as I might, when I gain weight, it doesn’t distribute evenly creating an hourglass figure, or “curves”. She has gotten a bit thin in the past few years, but I think she’s just naturally slender and probably has a hard time gaining weight in certain places. It’s unrealistic to think if she stuffs her face with cheeseburgers daily, or anything else, it would change her body type.

    On a side note, I think she looks really pretty.

  58. NotBlonde says:

    Young and fresh? I just looked at these again just to see if I was over exaggerating…look at the picture without her head on it. You’d think that was the body of someone who was at least 40. Angelina Jolie is 33. She’s 4 years out of her 20s. She’s had three kids. She has access to the best nutritionists and trainers in the world and she looks like Madonna from the neck down.

  59. Ter says:

    Well kids, I’ll do it. I will say that although Kate Winslet has not had twins she has had two children, so if I put her figure against Angie’s, I would hands down say Kate. The girl has curves to spare and a naturally aged face, as of now. Her hands and arms aren’t like stretch man and her knobby knees don’t drive me to distraction. Having said that, Angie can’t help her body type, but folks, she should not be put on a pedestal, nor should she be gutted. She is a woman that has had children and it has most def. thickened her waist a bit. The stretchy bits (arms and legs)can’t be helped or blamed on birthing babies.

  60. Ned says:

    Madonna has a waistline.
    The woman in the picture doesn’t.

    I am not even talking about an hourglass figure or curves.

    and she was way heavier in the past. There was a video of her when she was 16 in a bathing suit and she had a tummy (which is fine, I am all for normal weight).

    Especially when she got her Oscar and was bit chubby.
    She looked ten times better then, than now. She played with her weight so much.

  61. Cha Cha says:

    Ok, I’ve seen maybe three gray hairs on her head. I’m a year younger than her and have more gray. A good number of people start graying in their 30′s. What, do you think everyone is supposed to be like Dick Clark?

    And as far as her body goes, I never thought she had a good figure. She’s always had a bit awkward/boyish frame. It’s her face that got her attention.

    Now after defending someone around my age, I must say, the shite that comes out of her mouth is astonishing.

    My first reaction after reading was, “Ok, now onto the swimsuit competition.”

    She really wants that oscar.

  62. cakes says:

    @ whatevs: I’m betting you are “boy shaped” meaning lean and fairly straight thru the hips. Angelina on the other hand has been heavier in the past and had curves.
    I’m not suggesting she sit and stuff herself on junk but its quite clear she doesn’t eat enough.
    I understand what you are saying. I had a friend that weighed all of 95 pounds and all she ate was pepperoni pizza candy and drank gallons of dr pepper. She never gained an ounce. But she was also round and soft looking. Angelina looks like a skeleton. She does have a pretty face but a layer of chub wouldn’t hurt either.

  63. ChristinaX says:



    Finally! Someone who gets my point!

  64. Mairead says:

    My first reaction after reading was, “Ok, now onto the swimsuit competition. LOL!!! I know what you mean, I’m not one for that level of mawkish sentimentality either.

    I think she looks like a thin woman who had twins a few months ago and isn’t doing a Liz Hurly to be picture-perfect within a couple of weeks. She looks a bit like an apple-shape to me, the middle can get bigger, but the limbs will generally stay slender. As those photos with Billy Bob on another thread showed, had the tendency to get really skinny even in the past.

    BUT… is it wrong I want to stick a skinny red/coloured belt or a beaded necklace or something onto that outfit and make it a bit more interesting?

  65. ; ) says:

    She is showing her real side the only side she has ever really had…..shallow. I guess all the other crap was just acting. BORING

  66. nina says:

    Her body shape is simply unattractive: flat backside, protruding belly, no hips, bony legs. It is not jealously. I am certain that several of the posters here (including myself) have way better bodies than that.

  67. Ohforf says:

    To be fair, my co-workers are friends are sick to death of hearing me blather endlessly about how perfect my fiance’ is.

  68. Keekee says:

    Give the woman some Spanx.

  69. ANONYMUS says:


  70. Kristen says:

    It’s official. I am totally bisexual now!

  71. nag says:

    Her knees look nobbily, she has a gut, whether it be bloated or the remains of pushing 3 kids out… she looks tired, bags under her eyes.

  72. Diva says:

    Thank you, ohforf! I still gush about my husband like that, too, and we’ve been together over 3 years. I don’t see my verbalizing how incredible I think he is stopping anytime soon, either! And I know, lol, it drives people nuts!

    LOL… sorry? Not at all. {=0)

  73. louiseb says:

    not a flattering skirt.

  74. ChristinaX says:

    Nina, she can’t help that has a flat backside, ffs.

    It doesn’t make her any less feminine, how many times am I going to have to repeat this?

  75. Codzilla says:

    Good Lord, Angie bugs the hell out of me some times, but I have to jump to her defense here: Claiming this woman has a “gut” is downright ludicrous. I’ve had two kids less than two years apart, and I would look like a bloated nightmare in that dress. She looks damn good.

  76. whatevs says:

    @cakes, No, not exactly boy shaped. I meant similar in the way of having a thick waist, skinny arms and legs, slightly square shaped ass. I mean, that could be me wearing that dress, only with wider hips and a different face of course. Unfortunately I carry my chub in my face, belly, and lower back. That’s why I think even if she gained some weight it wouldn’t really alter her shape that much. I don’t really remember her ever being all that curvy, but I do agree that she would look better with some meat on her bones, no matter where that meat winds up. And knowing her luck, she’d put on 15 lbs. straight to her boobs.

  77. jsan says:

    I agree with the above posters who say she looks bony. My cousin suffered from anorexia and had that puffy bloated stomach, coupled with bony undernourished arms and legs. I hope she gets someone to help her out.

  78. KLaw says:

    I’m no anorexic but I look a bit boney like she does (although I confess not in as many places as her). I’m average weight for my height. Some people are just boney. It’s amazing how many different body types there are. No 2 bodies are alike.

  79. jpd says:

    well, with all the negatives things that people have to find wrong with her, the woman looks amazing, really!! body and all, she has never looked better, and because she is so happy and glowing, she is stunning, i will be the first to say it, i am completely jealous, she has changed for the better, and it agrees with her.

  80. Marie says:


    It may come as a shock, but some people actually start going gray *gasp* in their twenties. I’ve even known people that start getting them in their teens.

  81. Jane says:

    Meh. She looks okay. Still doesn’t look as good as she used to, ie Mr. and Mrs. Smith days.

  82. sara says:

    This woman did not “push out” three babies. She had a c-section and two pregnancies and has most likely had a mommy tuck recently. Pregnancy redistributes your body fat, and it’s not unusual to end up with bony limbs and a poochy midsection. She also has rather unnaturally long bones and muscles.

    I saw her about ten years ago in person, and it’s clear she’s had at least one nose job, cheek implants, and a little bit of lip augmentation. She’s going to look even more angular with successive pregnancies.

  83. frewt says:

    ^^no its not clear at all, its what bitchy, insecure and jealous women say to make themselves feel better about being ordinary. She had a nose job, otherwise she’s just naturally beautiful. Get over it you sad tarts.

  84. ChristinaX says:

    Not everyone’s going to find Angelina Jolie the most beautiful woman in the world, either.

    Every time a woman makes a remark on another woman’s appearance, it’s always “jealousy”.

    Maybe it’s because some people (oh my god!) disagree with what others consider attractive. There’s really no need to overanalyze everyone who doesn’t think she’s perfect.

  85. Aubrey says:


  86. ebo says:

    Angie u look fab luv yo hair color an dress, keep the luv with Brad

  87. Emma says:

    What figure? She’s all bones and belly. That’s not a figure. That’s a stick drawing.

  88. Aspen says:

    I totally agree with Annie’s first comment here.

    Love the grey. I’m a huge grey whore, myself. I wear grey everything, and almost every color looks good with grey. It’s classy and understated. It sets off jewelry nicely, and I can wear grey yoga pants with a grey t-shirt…throw on a delicate necklace and pretty shoes…and I actually look NICE. So, grey is my favorite color for clothes.

    The dress is great, imo. She looks fabulous.

    I, too, don’t get the negative “shut up about your happy life” invective. I am gloriously happy in my married life. I am daily grateful for my husband, my daughter, and my dog. I’m relatively young, relatively good-looking, and I think my family is the best thing since sliced bread. I don’t begrudge this woman the same happiness…and she’s got my life PLUS millions and gazillions of dollars. Of COURSE she’s happy.

    If you don’t want to hear it, then don’t read the articles about her.

    I think it’s fabulous.

  89. Elijah Ganns says:

    exercise! muscle tone makes you look great and also helps you lose weight. many women overlook weight training, but it does wonders for how your body looks. also, the more muscle you have, the more calories (fat) you burn even when you’re sitting around!