Evan Rachel Wood says nothing’s going on with Mickey Rourke


She has notoriously weird taste in men, but apparently Evan Rachel Wood draws the line at men old enough to play her father. The actress, who once dated goth rocker Marilyn Manson and has recently been linked with her “Wrestler” co-star Mickey Rourke, spoke to Rolling Stone and directly addressed the rumors.

There have been inaccurate reports in the press recently that link Evan to her co-star in The Wrestler, actor Mickey Rourke. The latest rumor is that they locked lips at the SAG awards ceremony a few nights ago.

With no other friend in the press to turn to, we heard from Evan this morning. She has been so distraught by these rumors, and the attention they have taken away from the brilliant movie, that she asked us to pass along this message. And we obliged.

“I’m upset because I feel disrespected by the press and by Mr. Rourke,” she told us. “Just because I’m single doesn’t mean that you can take advantage of me. It’s unfair that the performances might suffer because of all of these distractions.”

And regarding her alleged affair with Mr. Rourke, Wood says, “I’m not attracted to him, he’s too old for me. Nothing ever happened and nothing ever will.”

[From RollingStone.com]

Well, there you go – straight from the source. But it still doesn’t explain all the photos of Rourke nuzzling and groping Wood. Maybe the attention was unwelcome on her part, or maybe they had a few too many glasses of champagne at those Golden Globe parties. At any rate, I wouldn’t go so far as to say this gossip about the co-stars hooking up has taken anything away from the movie itself – after all, it’s up for two academy awards and has made numerous “Best of” movie lists for 2008. Evan should just chill out – these rumors, if untrue, have a way of dying out quickly.

Here’s Evan Rachel Wood at the SAG Awards. Thank goodness she finally stopped dressing like Marilyn Manson’s ex, Dita Von Teese, and is dressing her age. She looks very fresh-faced and lovely here. Photo credits: Bauergriffin.

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  1. Ash says:

    Eh…I don’t know about that. She could just be saying that because she’s hearing all the negative remarks about her.

  2. Baholicious says:

    Methinks she doth protest too much…

  3. rules says:

    but she doesnt need to be a b#tch about it. hes too old, Im not attracted to him…rude. maybe he’s not attracted to you either b#tch.

  4. vdantev says:

    Is she trying out for the Twilight sequel or is this the remnants of M. Manson’s influence ?

  5. heima says:

    I love the dress and she looks lovely and classy although she’s unquestionably trashy.

  6. Lisa says:

    Why would you want to be with him… he is tore up!

  7. Lisa says:

    “torn” … duh. I can’t spell today.

  8. lara says:

    ” I feel disrespected … by Mr. Rourke” and “he’s too old for me” …
    And this from a Dita von Teese wannabe who had no problems jumping into a married man’s bed almost twenty years her senior.

  9. perpetua says:

    I saw Rourke w/ Jessica Biel & another fem on Graham Norton Show (LOVE GRAHAM) & He was very “affectionate?” with all. Maybe it’s a part of his persona or maybe the way he is with all the ladies?

  10. Whitey Fisk says:

    Actually Lisa, I think “tore up” describes him better! As in, “that feller thar be plum tore up!”

    I think she is a nut, but my God, that skin is amazing. Where are the freckles/capillaries/scars/blemishes of any sort? Is it possible she’s wearing full-body makeup? It almost looks too flawless to be human…

  11. Elle says:

    haha she could have been in Twilight! And played Victoria, the red head. She would have done an awesome job at being creepy too.

  12. sissoucat says:

    Well, class she has not.

    Come on, Mickey Rourke is not that much worse than her previous squeeze. Of course, he can’t make her more relevant.

    And as for disrespect, she did disrespect herself not too long ago by mimicking her boyfriend’s ex. I understand she’d welcome a change now, but being bitchy does not invite much respect.

  13. MT says:

    How sad and pathetic is it to be the woman who need to get noticed by dating or sleeping with older actors.

    She started her “career” by sleeping with Marylin Manson.

    Look at Rose Mcgowan, sweetie. You’re headed there.

  14. Sauronsarmy says:


    That is all.

  15. Murmur says:

    I’d be interested to know what Mickey did to disrespect her. He does seem to be all over her in the pictures I’ve seen of the two, but she looks like she’s havin all of it.

  16. ChristinaX says:

    So the public makeout sessions were “strictly platonic” and “asexual”?

    That’s sooo Angelina Jolie circa 2000.

    I like how after she and Marilyn Manson split up, the hair lightened again and the makeup’s nowhere near as heavy…since you know, Marilyn Manson’s the biggest bitch about conformity of them all.

    I guess that according to Manson that conformity’s “wrong” unless it’s under his influence.

  17. ChristinaX says:

    Also, what happened to that other carnie Mickey Rourke was with before?

    That lasted all of about a week.

  18. gg says:

    Oh thank god she’s changed her hair back! She looks excellent. No longer trying to look like Dita. She looks just like her old self.

  19. allison says:

    she is stunning! and phew, good thing shes not dating that guy! i really hope its true that shes playing MJ in spiderman on broadway. that would be soooo awesome!!!

  20. Judy says:

    Welll MR has been around for a while and is a far better actor then she is and he seems to have more class then she does, lets see if she is around as long as he has been? Pesonally I dont like her.

  21. S.S says:

    I think I can understand how he did disrespect her. It’s tough to be in the situation of having all the cameras at you and then a male coming too close for everyone to see. If you push him away and get angry then it’ll be very public so you’re pretty much stuck in playing “okay” with it even if you’re not comfortable.

    I personally think she does wear too much make up these days, it takes away her natural beauty and I hope she goes to wearing make up as she use to before.