Daniel Radcliffe wears hair extensions for Frankenstein role: hot or greasy?

I love Daniel Radcliffe, and I hope that never changes. At 24, the former Harry Potter star has remained gracious and low-key, and he’s made some great career movies with meaty roles on stage and screen. Plus he’s just so damn cute. Radcliffe’s film Kill Your Darlings, in which he plays beat poet Allen Ginsberg, was released in the UK this week. To promote the film, he was a guest on the Graham Norton show, and he came sporting some chin length extensions. They’re for his role in Frankenstein, filming now, as Igor, the lab assistant.

Another guest on Graham Norton, British cooking personality Mary Berry, touched Radcliffe’s hair and asked about it. He deadpanned thatIt’s a dead person’s hair,” but then clarified that he wasn’t really sure. “Well I assume the person is dead or someone who’s donated it.” It’s donated! Hair extensions don’t come from dead people. (But there’s the question of whether it was donated willingly or out of poverty and desperation, which is another issue.)

Although I have a lot of affection for Radcliffe, his fake hair looks greasy in the video (below) and I like him better with short hair. I assume the greasiness is either because he’s filming now and needs to look authentic or because you’re not supposed to wash your hair as much when you have extensions. The hair does look real though. It’s kind of fascinating.

Here are some photos of Radcliffe in costume on set. In period costume, he looks so much better with this mane. Around Halloween I forced myself to watch his film The Woman in Black. He looked just as good in that movie, but I couldn’t concentrate on him much because he was convincing in the role and the plot was so scary. It creeped me out a lot.

I wonder why Igor looks so damn good here. Isn’t he supposed to be a hunchback simpleton? I guess this is a new twist on Frankenstein. James McAvoy also stars, and it’s said to bea revisionist take on Mary Shelley’s original novel, addressing themes such as friendship and redemption, along with a sci-fi twist.”

Here’s the video of Radcliffe on Graham Norton.



In October with his regular hair:

Photo credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Kaiser says:

    EW. Would not hit it.

  2. Dani2 says:

    It looks better when he’s on set. And I love me some Dan-Rad, I really like his post-HP career choices.

  3. smee says:

    I thought that was a pic of Rachel Dratch from SNL!

  4. Maria says:

    He’s someone I shouldn’t be attracted to for so many reasons YET my body betrays me as my mind tries to rationalize it….

    I’ve got nothing else to add.

    • NerdMomma says:

      Haha this. I’m like ew…but yes…but ew…but yes! I’m so confused right now.

      I guess hot AND greasy, is my final answer :-)

  5. Anna says:

    Those are some budget extensions. It must be yaki, definitely not Indian Remy or Brazilian.

  6. blue marie says:

    I’d still hit it, but agree with Dani2 the hair looks better in context.

  7. Maureen says:

    There’s nothing hot about him, absolutely nothing. Amazed he has a career past Harry P.

    • Dani2 says:

      It might have something to do with the fact that he’s a decent actor? Based on the fact that you’re a Cumberbatch stan, I’d expect you to understand that conventional good looks and sex appeal are not everything in Hollywood.

    • Dani2 says:

      @Maureen Sorry if that term offends you but (for me) it just means a zealous fan which you seem to be on here :) I wasn’t throwing shade.

    • Han says:

      Maureen, i am not a stan either. But he has really good reviews for his work both on stage and movies. He takes chances to stretch himself as an actor and its paying off. Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian praised him for his work in kill your darlings. I think he is one of the teen stars that might make it.

  8. Lark says:

    I love him, but no. Kill Your Darlings has been out in limited release in Los Angeles and NYC for months…since October I believe.

  9. jinni says:

    The Woman in Black scared me so badly that I had to sleep with the lights on for several days. It was a good movie.

    The hair looks so much better on-set in period appropriate clothing than off.

  10. lucy2 says:

    It’s amazing how much better the hair looks with the costume. I haven’t really seen him in much, but he did a Nerdist podcast a little while ago and seems really charming and funny. I’m glad he was able to make a transition from child star to adult actor, without any disaster Lohan like meltdowns.

  11. Andrea2 says:

    This is what Harry Potter would look like if Lily Potter chosen Snape lol!

  12. nico says:

    I can’t wait to see James McAvoy as Dr. Frankenstein. I have doubts about the director though.

  13. eliza says:

    I am sorry, but he just creeps me out.

  14. lower-case deb says:

    he’s one of those dorky people i can’t help but adore. his stage work, both play and musical, are unexpectedly good.

    smokin’ i equus btw.

    seems like he’s getting steady work outside of the harry potter sphere ( and his grown up square jawes look is quite different than Magic Boi, so there’s that).

    i “tricked” my harry potter phile brother to watch woman in black by saying “hey let’s watch that harry potter guy try not being harry potter”. he couldn’t believe it’s the same person.

  15. MsAubra says:

    He looks like the little lad from the Starburst berries and cream commercial

  16. Insomnicole says:

    I really, really love this guy. I have so much admiration for how hard he’s continued to work after HP — he doesn’t just think the world owes him a living because he was Harry Potter.

    That being said, I usually like longer hair on men, but not this time. And I wouldn’t hit it, but only because I’ve been watching him since he was a kid and I don’t want to feel like a pervy old lady.

  17. mom2two says:

    I like Daniel Radcliffe as a person, I think he is a very nice guy but his personality is more attractive to me rather then his looks. I think he’s made some interesting choices post-HP and they’ve all been good ones.
    As for the hair, I’ll give him a pass, it’s for a part.

    • DesertPoppy says:

      Definitely, his personality adds to his appeal and I look forward to following his career because he seems to be making interesting choices.

  18. Diana says:

    I didn’t think The Woman in Black was good. To me, it was actually cringe worthy and this is comming from someone who doesn’t watch horror movies because I’m the biggest wuss and EVERYTHING scares me. I only watched it because of Dan and didn’t like it.

  19. turningviolet says:

    Ahh Dan R – he’s definitely one of the good guys. He works hard and seems to appreciate everything he has, so far removed from so many other child stars. He was lovely on Graham Norton – and i adored the way Mary Berry tucked his hair behind his ear, too too sweet.

  20. Baskingshark says:

    Greasy, ew. Not attractive at all. No matter what length the hair.

  21. Lucy says:

    Love him!!! Dislike the hair, though. Since it’s for a movie, I’ll give him a pass.

    • Green Girl says:

      I always feel sorry for celebrities who have to do stuff in public while they’re sporting a terrible haircut for a role. I am sure the haircut makes sense when they’re on set and in character, but it looks weird when they’re doing interviews or grocery shopping!

  22. Reece says:

    Two words- Young Snape!

  23. taylor says:

    In costume, the hair looks great. Out of costume…I don’t like it. But, I adore him. He seems so nice and self-aware and I really like that he’s interested in being an actor, not a celebrity.

  24. Meggin says:

    It looks like as if Snape and Harry Potter had a lovechild. Hilarious.

  25. Vera says:

    The hair doesn’t look so bad when combined with the period costumes, but as some commenters have previously noted, I couldn’t hit it no matter what the hair. I find him adorable and super talented and more like a little brother.

  26. Astrobiologiste says:

    Looks like a youger Snape… As so many of you already pointed out :)

  27. Brenn says:

    Reminds me of Crispin Glover, but in a good way.

  28. Amy says:

    All I can think of in the first pictures is Fabio! Obviously Fabio has longer, better groomed hair than that but the way he is posing in that picture, that’s all I can see!