Katie Holmes to return to NY to start filming, also auditioning for a musical

The National Enquirer has a story this week titled “Tom & Katie’s Ugly Public Showdown.” It’s based on two photos of the pair in Berlin after the premiere of Valkyrie on January 20. Tom looks like he’s yelling and pointing at Katie while she looks down at the ground and seems to be cowering. I found other photos in that series, below, and it’s more like Tom is mad about something else and Katie is just trying to stay out of it. She’s seen smiling and touching him on the back around that same time, so while they’re definitely looking strained it’s not necessarily due to each other and most couples have tense moments like that.

The Enquirer’s piece may be jumping to conclusions based on photos and Katie’s gaunt and tired appearance, but there are some facts in the article that suggest that Katie is continuing to distance herself from her husband for the sake of her career. She will return to New York in February to start filming a comedy and she’s also auditioning for the lead in a musical. At least she’s getting work.

Katie is considering buying a larger permanent home in New York, sources say.

She’ll be back in the Big Apple in February to film “The Extra Man,” a comedy with Kevin Kline and John C. Reilly, and she’s also auditioning for a lead part in the musical version of “Finding Neverland.” But a lengthy New York stay isn’t a lock, said the source.

“Katie still has to persuade Tom to agree to let her go again for an extended period. He hates them being apart, so it won’t be easy,” said the insider.

“And while Katie loves Tom, she’s given up a lot for him – her independence, all her old friends. Despite all that, she’s happy with Tom for the most part. I think she simply yearns for more freedom.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 9, 2009]

Katie sang during her guest role on TV’s “Eli Stone,” but whether she has the chops to carry a live musical remains to be seen. It seems like she’s definitely trying to assert her independence if she’s continuing to stay in New York after her stint on Broadway, but maybe she just made contacts in NY and that’s where the opportunities are for her now. These two probably aren’t breaking up anytime soon, but Katie may be seeing that life with her teen idol Tom Cruise is much different from the fairytale she dreamed of as a girl. All that designer clothing and jet setting can’t buy personal fulfillment, happiness, or an Oscar worthy role. If she wants to further her career she’s going to have to do it on her own and on the other coast.

Photo credit: WENN

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  1. xiaoecho says:

    What is she wearing?……it looks like a parachute

  2. sissoucat says:

    She looks like she’s playing Mom to a brat.

    Marry someone with a massive ego, and sooner or later you’ll understand you’re not that special, and you’ll be discarded if you’re not fulfilling his/hers every need 24/24.

    Seems like Katie’s value has sunk a bit. Tom’s not ravenously happy anymore when she tags along.

    How come everybody pities Katie, and not Nick Cannon ?

  3. Baholicious says:

    Does he not realize what a lunatic he looks like?

  4. Baholicious says:

    Xiao, not a parachute, she’s his portable padded room…

  5. geronimo says:

    Maybe he heard someone in the crowd saying ‘God, he’s so SMALL!!’ and Katie’s just trying to comfort him (they didn’t mean you, Tom) whilst gazing down soothingly at the top of his big egotistical head.

    I hope she continues to get theatre work and some balls.

  6. Syko says:

    lmao @ geronimo!

    I think Katie gets more pity than Nick because that’s the traditional outlook, poor abused wife, not poor manservant husband. But when you think about it, he’s just as sad. More an ornament than a man, really.

  7. xiaoecho says:

    ….. god only knows what goes on in private….and you’re right, Tom IS scary – insanely angry in one picture, insanely smiling in another and always always Katie with the dead look in her eyes.

  8. xiaoecho says:

    …..look at picture 9…she looks whacked out of her head!

  9. Keekee says:

    My ex-boyfriend used to hang out with TC and Emilio Estevez at EE’s house in Whitefish, Montana, years ago. He said TC is way shorter than you’d think and had a huge ego even back then. He must wear lifts to even come up to Katie’s chin.

    Of course his size isn’t the problem, his control-freak personality is.

  10. Sarah says:

    The jacket is a mess. What was she thinking???

  11. Lisa says:

    Well, if she starts filming and is now auditioning for another musical, there goes those 2nd baby rumors from yesterday.

  12. Feebee says:

    Hmmm, she looked like she coped with the strain of Broadway and her Hollywood/family commitments so well the first time didn’t she? She must be a glutton for punishment.

  13. Ned says:

    Am I the only one feeling sorry for Tom?

    He actually thought she was into him.

    In reality he married a fame and gold-digger who only wants to stay away from him and is constantly negotiating and making up excuses to stay away from him.

    Katie thought marrying Tom would make her a Nicole Kidman, so she is getting her side of the deal, as we can see that some producers are silly enough to give her roles.

    However, I suspect Tom truly believes or wants to believe in the show she puts up.

  14. vdantev says:

    Oh-oh Tom, signs of independent thought ! You better crank up the juice in the CO$ installed control chip implanted in Katie’s skull.

  15. aleach says:

    ew, she always looks like a hunchback. and a zombie.
    a hunchback zombie…not a good look.

  16. anonymous says:

    Katie is a really horrible actress. I would not pay a penny to hear her sing or dance on Broadway. And I hate how much coverage she gets from the paps when she’s in NY. They know she’s a non-talent joke. I rather NOT see a daily eyesore picture of her and Suri. She’s a d-list actress that’s married to a b-list celebrity. I agree with Ned: Katie is a golddigger and a fame whore.

  17. anonymous says:

    I can’t stand the fact that she’s always trying to copy someone. And I’m so tired of this non-talent eyesore. In additon, she only get’s the amount of press she does because she’s married to Mr. Scientology and bore him a spawn.

  18. EG says:

    other than the weight loss, hasn’t cruise had some work done on his face?

  19. gg says:

    Ned, yes, you are the only one feeling sorry for Tom. He looks scarier than ever these days. Neither one of them looks happy.

    Why does Katie have her head down in almost every single picture – she looks like she’s cowed to me, too.

  20. pixiegirl says:

    Can’t hide the crazy. The more ‘normal’ TC acts, the more crazed he seems.

  21. chessie says:

    EG, I agree. Something is fundamentally different with his face lately.