Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher planning to adopt a baby boy

This week’s National Enquirer has a somewhat misleading inset cover story that reads “Finally! A Baby For Demi & Ashton. Summer delivery after years of trying.” They may be expecting a baby this summer, but Demi isn’t pregnant with her fourth child. Moore, 46, and Kutcher, 30, are said to be planning to adopt a baby boy. They’ve been together for six years and have been married for three and a pregnancy hasn’t been possible for them even with fertility assistance. The couple is rumored to have been inspired to adopt by new President Obama’s call for service.

Demi… and Ashton are believed to be going through a private adoption agency and hope to be parents by the summer. It’s a well-deserved triumph for the couple who suffered through failed attempts at in vitro fertilization….

“Both Ashton and Demi finally came to terms with the reality that (childbirth) is just not going to happen for them,” an insider told The Enquirer. “They had always resisted adoption because they wanted a baby of their own, but now everything has changed.

“They feel this is the best thing that could happen because they are able to give a child a great, loving start in life.”

The couple are enthusiastic backers of President Obama, and his election made them more optimistic about the future, which led them to get more serious about parenthood, said the insider.

“The couple talked a lot during Obama’s campaign and about his message,” divulged a close friend.

“It hit them that in this new period of hope and change, one of the best things they could do for a child – and for themselves – is to adopt a baby.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, February 9, 2009]

The Enquirer reminds of Ashton and Demi’s star-filled video in which they humorously asked us to volunteer and help make the world a better place now that we have a new administration in Washington. Some of the suggestions in the video included smiling more, using less plastic bags and bottled water, and not flipping people off when we get pissed off in traffic. Ashton just recorded a petulant home video in which he swore and angrily complained about his neighbor’s home construction starting at 7am. If the dude would have followed his own advice, broadcast to the world just a week prior, he would have bitten his tongue and took the matter up with his neighbor and/or the town instead of bitching about it to the world immediately.

Now that Ashton is going to become a new dad, if this story is true, he should learn to deal with things with more maturity. He’s not going to be sleeping in much longer, and some construction next door is going to become a minor issue once he and Demi have a baby to care for.

It is thought that Demi and Ashton will adopt a boy. Demi has three daughters from her marriage to Bruce Willis, and she once mentioned in an interview that she wanted a boy to “balance out the estrogen” in her family.

Demi and Ashton are shown in Sundance at the premiere of Spread on 1/17/09. Credit: WENN

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25 Responses to “Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher planning to adopt a baby boy”

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  1. NJMDPS says:

    YUCK. Aren’t there enough celebrity “charms” out there?! I am certain there are wonderful, normal couples all over the country aching to adopt. And give these two a child? Why, so Ashton could record some more of his childish, out of control behavior and put it on the Internet. Grow up. And get that stupid hat off.

  2. daisy424 says:

    Damn she is beautiful.

  3. geronimo says:

    Cannot stand him, don’t know what she sees in him – limited, one-note simpleton – but I like her so wish her well with this, hope it goes to plan.

  4. poopie says:

    What ??!! Obama’s call to service meant go adopt a kid? when will this ‘celebrity trend’ of adoption stop? are demi and ASSTON going to go to some 3rd world country to adopt? give me a break. losers both

  5. Leandra says:

    I don’t find him appealing, seems immature. She’s not that young either to take on a baby, at least not something I would want at that age. But I’m sure it will be well cared for. Really, who cares one way or the other.

  6. bros says:

    i thought she already adopted a baby boy…and married him.

  7. Yadira says:

    I wonder if when the baby wakes up crying in the middle of the night, will Ashton make a video calling the baby stupid for making so much noise?

    He seems waaaay too immature to bring up a kid.

  8. rules says:

    wow, I didnt know that obama is now ordering people to adopt babies. glad I was informed of this, I will get right on it!
    She is so thin, does she ever eat?

  9. Trisha says:

    Yes Demi is beautiful, thanks to hundreds of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery nips and tucks. And they both still smoke, don’t they? Typical selfish Hollyweird celebs don’t make good parents!

  10. Anon says:

    AT least if they adopt, they have a shot at a good looking kid – not like the fug kids demi had with willis

  11. DLR in Canada says:

    I have a feeling Ashton’s “biological clock” is going to start ticking and he’ll find someone to have a biological kid with, whether Demi is around or not. I think most men that are with older women past their child-bearing years do so.

  12. Barbi says:

    I doubt that their “reason” has anything to do with a “message of service” by the president. You can’t honestly believe that? IF this is true at all, I would think they just want to have a child together. They seems like an awesome, low-key couple. I’m sure they would make great parents, especially since Demi’s girls are grown. She would have plenty of time to give a young child.

  13. Raven says:

    She spent several years out of the limelight raising her kids, so I think she would be a good parent to an adopted child. That said,it would be more of a service if they would adopt a child that is a bit older–even an elementary age child. Everyone wants the infants so I don’t see much service there.

  14. Amy says:

    Jesus, what’s with all the vitriol? I don’t care for either one myself, but if they are going to open a good home to an orphan, that is a GOOD thing! Yeesh.

  15. Feebee says:

    She has one snivelling bratty boy at home, why take a chance she’d get another one? Then again there’s a chick in California living with her parents that could afford to let Demi have one of hers.

  16. california angel says:

    If I can’t even flip people off in traffic, you may as well just cut off my middle finger because it will start to get depressed.

  17. california angel says:

    lol cannot in lieu of can’t. haha and i’m even sober.

  18. vdantev says:

    Considering their age difference, Demi would give birth to a 13 year old, so…

  19. aleach says:

    uh oh ashton, babies wake up a lot earlier than 7:30 am!

  20. santacruz says:

    This man is a tool…immaturity is soooooo unsexy … Demi musn’t have too much between the ears it seems

  21. Jill says:

    meh, i don’t actually like these two very much and i kind of can’t see ashton as a dad, but good on them for planning to adopt. demi’s three girls all came out pretty levelheaded for hollywood (no one’s been rehabbed or has a sex tape yet) so she must be doing something right.

  22. orion70 says:

    I bet the girls in the family must feel real nice about their disappointing lack of peen, and having been the cause of all that estrogen floating around the house.

    I am the youngest of three daughters in my family, and a running joke is that I was meant to be the boy. Dad, however, is adamant that he wouldn’t trade his girls for the world. He is one man in a family of women, and has spent more time waiting in the car outside shopping malls with more patience than could be described here.

    Sorry to be on my high horse…I find the whole malechild yearnings, particularly when there are already lovely children around….a bit …. :(

  23. Kate says:

    Celebrities deserve every penny they earn – not because of their acting ability, but because they have to put up with US. Not one of us knows these people – all we see is a glimpse of their lives, but we act as if we can characterize their actions as good, bad, self-serving… or (insert any adjective). I happen to think anyone who has the altruism to adopt is a hero.

  24. vdantev says:

    I was once as naive as you Kate, but then it became clear that adoption, like Prada bags and Goochy shoes, are just the latest trend to sweep the Hollywood A-list. It makes a couple look more ‘sincere’ if they adopt, especially if its a child from some 3rd world desert rat’s nest they’ve never heard of and not a child from their own country.

  25. Jill Smits says:

    Does seem that adopting children it is the latest fashion accessory.