Princess Charlene’s fuchsia lips & Louis Vuitton look: improved or try-hard?

I’m just checking in with Princess Charlene, who made a late stop into Paris Fashion Week a few days ago. These are photos of Charlene today, outside of the Louis Vuitton show. Good. I’m glad that she’s starting to branch out to other brands besides Chanel and Akris. I’m assuming Charlene’s ensemble is LV – and it’s modest, pretty and efficient. I like it. I think Charlene does have style issues because of her long, strong, broad-shouldered body and I think she makes the mistake of going strapless all too often. It’s nice to see her in a slimming, flattering outfit.

Charlene’s fuchsia lipstick choice is being roundly praised too – but again, I think we’re setting the bar too low. Charlene is not a makeup person. For red carpet events, she almost always has very “natural,” bare-faced-looking makeup and she rarely wears bright lipstick. This fuchsia/berry shade isn’t all that great, but we’re just so happy to see her try something new, most people are praising her as a way of encouraging her.

By the way, I haven’t heard anything else about Charlene’s alleged live-in lover, the Kiwi rugby player who moved into the palace so that he could work on Charlene’s charity. But I do think Charlene has seemed so much more relaxed over the past six months. Maybe she’s finally get laid properly. Maybe Albert is no longer slipping drugs into her food. Maybe she hasn’t had to make any more trips to The Insemination Dungeon. Speaking of, she still doesn’t look pregnant to me. I don’t think she’s even trying for a baby. I don’t think she gives a sh-t about providing Albert with an heir.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Thinker says:

    I think she looks awesome with the fuchsia lip… She’s reminding me of Tilda Swinton here.

    • Lucy says:

      I was thinking the same thing! This whole look might be a bit too demure for Tilda, though.

    • karen says:

      She looks very comfortable. And she is naturally a very pretty lady. But I do NOT like her lipstick color. Nothing natural about it. A pretty pink or even a classic red would have been better.

  2. MissNostalgia says:

    I LOVE the handbag! She is looking better, but she needs help with fitting her shoes properly….they never look quite right.

    • LesBitches says:

      You are correct about the shoes. Nice to see her actually looking happy for once.

    • L says:

      seriously, the dress is pretty (she needs a small heel or something) but the handbag is AWESOME. Me wants.

    • teehee says:

      She looks the best she has in a LONG time… but why wont the poor woman wear some heels? Its not a sin to be a tall woman….

    • bluhare says:

      I love the handbag too.

      But I don’t think matching your lipstick to it is such a good idea. :)

  3. LesBitches says:

    This continues to be the weirdest relationship ever…

  4. mslewis says:

    Oh, shoot. When I first glanced at her photo I thought you were going to say they had announced her pregnancy. I would just love for her to have a baby so Fat Albert can’t just throw her away. She needs to at least have one kid who will rule. She deserves that after putting up with him for this long.

    • T says:

      As if Albert forced her to marry him she could have simply walked away! She had plenty of time to make up her mind but she didn’t want to give everything up and return to her simple life and now Albert is the bad one?!

      • Mel says:

        Totally agree.
        I am no fan of Albert’s, but I find it hard to pity a woman who knew very well what she was getting into and had plenty of time and opportunity to say NO. Heck, she could’ve said no even at the ceremony itself. It’s not illegal – in fact, there is a reason why they ask you that question.
        (Yes, there would have been a scandal. So what? Isn’t it preferable to being dragged into a marriage you don’t want?)

    • Sachi says:

      Do the names Diana and Fergie not ring a bell?

      Charlene and anyone who marries into a royal family are dispensable. Once the royals get the heir and spare, the mother can get lost. Those who marry into royalty sign away their rights to their own children. Their kids belong to the Crown. If Charlene asks for an annulment, she will not get custody of her child.

      It’s better for her to not have one with a sleaze like Albert. Just enjoy the perks of being 1st Lady of Monaco.

  5. Mirella says:

    She looks good, happy.

  6. ZinJoJo says:

    Good dress and the handbag is fantastic. I like her in a bright lipstick (once saw a picture of her in red lips and sunglasses and it’s the best she’s ever looked IMO) but don’t love this shade of fushia on her — but at least it’s some color and not just washed out makeup while wearing beige, so big improvement.

  7. Littlewood says:

    I don’t like the lip colour, but I like the bag. Talking about Louis Vuitton, you should do an article about Miranda Kerr being denied access to the show; her face in the pictures are priceless!

  8. Rita says:

    On a side note at the Vuitton show, I see where Miranda Kerr arrived late and was barred from entering the show. Ouch!!!

  9. anais says:

    love her hairstyle

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Ok I have to say while the shoes don’t look like they fit properly I LOVE that she wears flats!!! I’m so tired of these women wearing silly heels that you know are destroying their feet so it’s nice to see a woman look very put together but still comfortable!

  11. dahlianoir says:

    Are those Les Invalides ?! I used to work there, in the Army Museum ! It’s a beautiful spot to visit in Paris.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      5 years ago, I spent a couple weeks in an apt right by there on Rue de Vaugirard. Did a run that looped around Les Invalides every morning-such a gorgeous spot, even more so at sunrise.

      Man, my chest hurts just thinking about how beautiful Paris is.

      *le sigh*

  12. Bernice says:

    She married Albert for a reason, but or the life of me I can’t figure out what it was….. She dated him a long time so she knew what she was getting into. Did her parents push her into it, did they get something out of it? She just seems so wan, lifeless, unhappy…….

    • Sachi says:

      Her parents have a villa in France bought and paid for by Albert.

      I’m sure they encouraged the union. Her parents looked happier than she did at her own wedding.

      • LAK says:

        During the wedding celebrations, her father was quoted saying that Charlene marrying Albert was like winning the world cup!

        I thought it was an odd remark to make given the sinister allegations and rumours of the ‘runaway’ situation that the rest of the world was talking about.

        I felt sorry for Charlene because that remark made it very clear that her family wouldn’t support any decision to leave Albert.

      • Sachi says:

        I remember that quote from her Dad. Her Mum and brother also looked smug at the wedding.

        Honestly, Charlene and Albert have so many rumours about them including how they met. Many of the gossip are quite sordid. One rumour said that Albert met her in the locker room of the South African swim team, pointed to her as his choice for the night, and that was it.

        Depends on the reader if he/she will believe it, but their relationship seems to have been an “arm candy-sugar daddy” type from the beginning. Charlene never took a job in Monaco and never learned French after living there for 10 years as Albert’s GF. She was very much a kept woman who depended on Albert for everything.

        I doubt she didn’t know of Albert’s shenanigans, though the runway stories probably stemmed from new info that she couldn’t accept. Ever since those runaway stories, Charlene never looked genuinely happy anymore.

      • T says:

        Sachi, I agree! But I think the runaway bride story was either made up by the press or Charlene just wanted more money from Albert. She would have never left her sugar daddy because she had nothing to fall back on. Until the engagement she hasn’t even visited her family in SA for years to not give Albert a chance to replace her. A wealthy woman wouldn’t have participated in this charade in the first place but as soon as Charlene came to Monaco it was clear that she would never leave again. She was running around Monaco and telling everybody herself for years.

      • LAK says:

        Sachi – My view on the runaway situation is exactly what you’ve said. She wasn’t an innocent, but she found out something new that was unacceptable and has been miserable since. A similar situation would be the co$ people when they are finally told about Xenu. They are already in too deep and can’t extricate themselves. The only difference is the co$ are brainwashed, Charlene simply accepted her fate. Badly though she did.

        Do you remember the pre-wedding/post rumours blowing up perk walk they did through Monaco, with her crying all the way??!!

        In as much as her face is masked via botox, she has still managed to teleport her unhappiness.

        T – the runaway story originated in the french press. Their libel laws are pretty stringent. Albert threatened to sue, but never did.

        Mind you, he sued the Sunday times (a London paper) and won on a technicality ie that the Sunday times repeated a rumour, not the veracity of said rumour.

    • T says:

      She married him for the money and lifestyle… that’s all!

  13. lenje says:

    I don’t think fuchsia looks great on her either. I think corral will suit her far better! I like the bag and the outfit, but the shoes need to go.

  14. Hypocrisy says:

    That woman is awkward through and through.

    Her relationship as a new wife is awkward
    Her stare is awkward
    Her lipstick is awkward
    Her pose is awkward
    Her husband is awkward

    Everything around her life is super awkward.

    That’s all i have to say !

  15. Walt Jr says:

    Just can’t quite get it right this one. Otherwise, lovely woman and great bone structure.

  16. nancy says:

    I think she’s very smart, and playing the “game”. She seems to know when she is being photographed and knows how to play to them. Even has several with her at a time to capture the moement. With that said, you can dress someone up but that doesn’t make them a classy person inside. I don’t believe her or her image she’s trying to sell.

  17. Sachi says:

    Can she even move her face anymore? Her forehead is so botoxed. The cheek fillers/implants are too big for her face. I hope she leaves her nose alone now after 2 nose jobs.

    I do like her bag, though. Lovely.

  18. madchen says:

    She needs a Rick Owens leather ensemble to spice things up. She’s too young to be this conservative and the Monaco royals have never been ones to stand on ceremony.If she’s going to stay, even for the short term, she can take some fashion chances.

  19. nancy says:

    People that want to “enhance” themselves, aka, facial surgery, aren’t happy with themselves and want to be someone who is admired for their beauty. The problem with this is, it’s not natural beauty, it’s beauty that’s man-made artifically. Without makeup, she is quite scarry looking…ecspecially with her hair wet and smiling…you can visibly see the facial scars.

  20. chaine says:

    I like the lipstick. It gives a hint of personality, instead of her usual bland, beige, colorless style.

  21. loveisthecoal says:

    I like everything about this except the shoes. I’m not shading the fact that they’re flats-in fact I’m quite glad to see a woman not wearing stripper-esque platforms for a change-but these seem too casual for the rest of her outfit.

    • aaquarius74 says:

      This. She needs to wear some heels, it would make her look so good (she is model-type, and has a gorgeous body). But I think Albert would disagree… just like Sarkozy who made Carla Bruni wore flats everytime because she had (and still has) a greater body than his. Anyway, Charlene looks more “satisfied” (good for her !).

    • Jae says:

      Nope, not too casual, sorry.

      I am a very tall woman (6’1) and I detest the idea that you can only look put-together in heels.

      And it’s not just that they make you look taller, it’s also that they are super uncomfortable for most really tall girls. We get tall early on, right around time girls start wearing heels, and so we don’t wear them and do not get used to wearing them.

  22. Louise says:

    She is trying so hard to look like Grace Kelly! Oh girl, you look nice. Be yourself!

  23. taxi says:

    Except for the too-blue fuchsia lips, she looks terrific. I think a slender woman with broad shoulders is an attractive body type. “Swimmer shoulders” are good. Linebacker shoulders on a female are not.

  24. aurelia says:

    If only duchess waity kaity would use Charlene’s stylist.

    • lol says:

      lol This comment made me laugh. Charlene is just as much a “waity” and even the article points out how bad Charlene’s style usually is. So NO, no one should copy anything from the unhappy

  25. MaryBeth says:

    She is gorgeous! Love the lip color with her pale skin tone. Love!!

  26. Amy says:

    Always happy and relaxed when her husband is not present. I really hope someday she gets the gumption to leave him and find someone who can really make her happy. Don’t know what kind of arrangement those two have, but it’s an odd one.

  27. meadow says:

    I saw a few photos of her at another fashion week event and couldn’t quite make up my mind whether she has had some more work done. Looking at these pix I would say definitely yes.

  28. Lauren says:

    Bo-ring. And that lipstick makes her face look weird (see the second photo).

  29. Chloe says:

    I’m a fan of hers, but I’m not big on this one look..makes her look too much like Brigitte Nielsen..:/ longer hair would suit her way better. She has beautiful hair, she doesn’t need to wear it that short..
    Don’t know, she looks stilted in those pictures..

  30. nancy says:

    Her short hair reminds me of my boss…i don’t think its a youthful haircut, however knowing that her hair is pin straight and perhaps the fact that she swims alot, maybe its the best for her needs.

  31. nancy says:

    By the way, did anyone detect the lumps on her forhead near her hairline…she’s gotten more botox.