Charlize Theron’s role as Libby Day in ‘Dark Places’ gives her nightmares

Charlize Theron

Here are some photos of Charlize Theron hanging out with a bunch of dudes while on vacation in Hawaii last week. Notice that none of these guys are Seth MacFarlane because she’s not his type (*snort*). It does look like she’s still in the game for his Blazing Saddles-esque cowboy comedy that is expected to arrive in theaters at some point in 2014.

At the moment, however, Charlize is rather occupied with shooting Dark Places. Dark Places is by author Gillian Flynn, who went on to pen Gone Girl. Of course Gone Girl is receiving all the interesting casting news these days. In contrast, Dark Places has seen a more troubled production. Amy Adams was initially lined up to play Libby Day but pulled out, then Charlize took over. I guess they’ve probably put Charlize in a blonde wig with fiery red roots. I cannot even come close to imagining how difficult this shoot must be because the book never struck me as something that should be put to film. It’s just a very brutal, hard-hitting thriller with (to me) an unsatisfying ending. Apparently, it’s also dredging up all sorts of bad memories for poor Charlize:

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron’s new role is giving her nightmares!

The stunning Academy Award winner is producing and starring in the film version of the best-selling thriller Dark Places.

In it, she plays Libby Day, a tormented soul who witnessed at age 7 the ruthless slaying of her mother and two sisters, in what appears to be a satanic cult ritual.

The story line hits very clsoe to home for the South African-born actress, who was 15 when she witnessed the slaying of her abusive, booze-swilling dad — by her own mother.

Charlize’s mom grabbed a shotgun and blasted away the man who had threatened their lives duirng drunken rage. The shooting was ruled self-defense and Charlize’s mother, Gerda Maritz, faced no charges.

The actress has called her father’s death “the great tragedy of my life.”

And while the 38-year-old has tried to move on from the traumatic experience, she’s still haunted by the incident, says the source.

“Charlize finds the Dark Places project troubling but somewhat cleansing, because it’s bringing up a lot of the gruesome memories that she’s long blocked out,” said the source.

“She’s having a hard time with it, but dealing with it. She says she’s making this film for every child who’s gone through and moved on from a terrible tragedly like the one she had to endure.”

[From Star, print edition, September 2, 2013]

Damn, I seem to recall hearing this awful story about Charlize’s parents years ago, but it completely slipped my mind, and I can definitely see why playing Libby would really hit home for Charlize. She must be a very strong person to find this project to be “cleansing.”

Ooh, and I just peeked over at the movie’s IMDb page and see that Nicholas Hoult is playing creepy-but-nice Lyle. Chloe Moretz is playing Diondra. Those two seem pretty perfect for those roles.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN

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  1. Andrea says:

    God that is horrific. Poor Charlize.

    I’m reading Dark Places right now bc I loved Gone Girl but it’s not gripping me as much. I’m dissapointed to see you felt the ending was unsatisfying.

    Ironically, I actually thought Amy Adams would have been brilliant in Gone Girl. I would have enjoyed that. Though I like Rosamund too. Not sure about Dark Places as a film…..

    • Gine says:

      Try Sharp Objects, her first book. IMHO, that’s the best one by far.

      • Andrea says:

        Really? The descriptor on that one seemed very gruesome. Is it a disturbing book?

      • Lilo says:

        Agreed. I read Sharp Obejcts years ago and still think about it sometimes. It just stays with me, somehow.

        @ Andrea: I found it to be quite disturbing. Tha twists and turns in this book left me stunned and horrified.

      • Bodhi says:

        YES. Sharp Object is horrifying. Very good, but horrifying

      • jen says:

        God I HATED Sharp Objects. All the characters were just so damn stupid, and it was so obvious who the culprit was from the minute that character was introduced.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I liked Dark Places the most, and I found the ending to be very satisfying…because I didn’t predict it.

        I liked Gone Girl 2nd best, because I thought the characters mental processes were very disturbing, yet I could see it happening.

        I liked Sharp Objects the least, but it was still a fun read for me.

      • Jane says:

        I agree, I’m always suggesting Sharp Obects to people. It was so twisted, I loved it.

    • Liz says:

      I thought Dark Places was so much better than Gone Girl, and the ending was very satisfying to me.

  2. SolitaryAngel says:

    Good for her. I heart her more for wanting to help others who’ve gone through similar incidents. Sometimes the term “childhood” trauma seems ridiculous to me, because it only occurs during childhood–but lasts forever; one never gets over it–we can only hope to get past it and not let it keep us from living a full life (speaking from experience).

  3. Isabel says:

    I think the person who came up with this story just saw some paralels with CT’s own life and gave the story a spin.

  4. blue marie says:

    I never knew that about her, how tragic.

    extremely superficial, but I hate that bathing suit.

  5. Shy says:

    Overrated actress.

  6. Naye in VA says:

    Just like in Hunger Games, isn’t Libby’s character described as small and childish on purpose? Like her anger and her determination are all lined up with the the woman who literally never grew up. Charlize is a giant, and always looks pretty hardcore. I dont know if she really fits.

    I kind of liked the ending. I kind of like Flynn’s theme of resignation. She wrapped up Dark Places a bit more neatly than Gone Girl, but I still felt like Libby did what SHE would have done, even if it’s not what I would have

  7. Falula says:

    I was reading Dark Places and subsequently Sharp Objects while my husband was on call overnight for a week and it was terrifying. I think of all three of Flynn’s novels, this one will be the most difficult to translate into a movie.

  8. MeowuiRose says:

    Ooo now I want to read all 3! I’m still not over my anger at her for trying to get all up in MY future (maybe..he needs to get it together) husband’s business. You need to check yourself gurl!

  9. TG says:

    Look at Charlize with not 1 but 3 guys!

  10. Bodhi says:

    Dark Places was my least favorite of Flynn’s three books. I love Charlize, but I can’t really picture her as Libby. I think Nic Hoult will be great & holy shit Chloe Moretz will be a GREAT Diondra

    I don’t think this would be hard to translate to film at all. Its a very straight forward book, the only thing “difficult” would be the flash backs.

    Sharp Object, however, would be hard as hell to film. I loved it but it gave me screaming nightmares, I can’t imagine what it would do to the cast :shudder:

    • Tiffany :) says:

      “I think Nic Hoult will be great & holy shit Chloe Moretz will be a GREAT Diondra”


  11. junegorilla says:

    She is going to be amazing. She laready has played a few doozies between Aileen Warmus and Mavid Geary. Much better casting than Gillian’s other book. Affleck is way to old for the role in Girl Gone.

  12. MissCherokee says:

    Charlize ‘s acting coach guru Ivan’s chubuck – is heavy on substitution. Dredging old memories back from your life and giving them to the character. No wonder Charlize is going mad. Used the technique for ‘monster ‘. Which Charlize produced. Guess Charlize only nominate twice. One win. Wants another Oscar. This is def material in her wheel house. She does not poccess a wide range.

    Amy Adams coach Warner loughlin is imagination based. Amy is about to be on her fifth nomination. Amy is better actor hands down. She has a four octave range. Charlize a one octave.

    • mayamae says:

      I don’t like her very much. I think she’s a good actress, but I also find her very cold.

      I remember hearing her talk about her past and it’s now pretty chilling. She said the problem with South Africa is everybody has guns. I remembered that when Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend.

      • MissCherokee says:

        Like her mother…

        Yeah something is off about her. She is cold and most of the characters she plays are cold.

    • taxi says:

      Did you see Monster? Italian Job? Young Adult? The Road? At least a couple of octaves right there.

      Amy Adams is excellent, but she’s also been seriously miscast in a couple of things-for one in
      The Leader, where at 36 or 37, she was distractingly young to be remotely convincing as PSH’s wife & the mother of their young adult kids.

      • MissCherokee says:

        Yeah I have seen them all. the Italian job? Ha that makes your best of…the movie Edward Norton fought tooth and nail NOT to do but had to because of his three picture deal with Paramount.

        She plays killer, cold , victim and bitch. Charlize can’t do comedy to save her soul. Her Arrested Development was cringe worthy at best.

        Also, after she won the Oscar in 2004. The police file from her mother shooting her father went missing.

        Secondly after her fathers death. Her mother inherited millions. Charlize did not grow up poor. Her mother remarried in a matter of months….

        Thirdly, if her mother had killed her father in say the US in the fashion it went down in SA. She would’ve in all likely hood – would have charged. SA climate of corruption back was thick.

        So aside from Charlize’s limited range,
        Charlize had these records disappear. All in all shady. We her fathers family tried to reopen the investigation and gave their side of the story to UK press. Charlize sued them.

  13. Miss Grey says:

    I didn’t know they were making a movie on Dark Places. yay. I will definitely see this

  14. Amy says:

    The production is hardly troubled. Amy Adams was only in very early talks for the role before Charlize was cast in February. That said; apart from Theron, Chloe Moretz and Nicholas Hoult, who else is going to be in this movie?

  15. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Put glasses on her and she looks like Bradley Manning – they have remarkably similar features.