Keanu Reeves rides his motorcycle with a lucky ‘mystery woman’

These are photos of Keanu Reeves riding around LA’s Mulholland Drive on Saturday with a blonde “mystery woman” on the back of his vintage motorcycle. I love how happy Keanu looks (not so much in these pics, more in these other pics from the same day), and I also love the fact that both he and his passenger are wearing the right gear for riding. You see so many people riding in the summer with just shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers. It may be more comfortable but if they take a spill they’re going to get their skin ripped off, basically. (I’m sorry to be so explicit, but gear is important when you ride!) I was in South Carolina recently, where they don’t have a helmet law, and about 3/4 of the motorcyclists I saw didn’t wear helmets. It’s their funeral.

Keanu’s lady has boots on, you’re supposed to have shoes that cover your ankles when you ride, so I like her already. (I’m super jealous, but I can’t dislike anyone who gets a chance with Keanu.) They look so cute together on his bike! You know that I’m imagining myself in her place. The Daily Mail has a little more about their outing, but they don’t give much more information so I’m not going to quote their story. They also point out that Keanu has lost the small amount of weight he gained recently, which was noticeable during Cannes a couple of months ago. Keanu has always been such a lanky guy that when he puts on 10 pounds you can see it. He still looked hot to me.

You’ve probably seen the trailer for Keanu’s movie coming out late this year, called 47 Ronin. He plays a badass samurai warrior out for revenge and trying to save the world with a ragtag army. It looks so cheesy, and there’s a lot of supernatural elements, but the cinematography is beautiful. I would watch it. For Keanu’s sake I hope it’s a hit.

Bonus! Pics of Keanu going to the gym on 7-27. He’s smiling, yay!

Photo credit: FameFlynet

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  1. Alexandria says:

    Why is Keanu usually so sad? What happened? Or is that just his personality?

  2. Val says:

    Aww it’s great to see him happy! Whoever this woman is I hope they work out and have Keanu babies!

    • V4Real says:

      That should be me on the back of that bike. I love me some him; he is a forever and ever dong.

  3. YuYa says:

    Well, they might have helmets on, but the helmets they have on are useless really in a crash. If they want their jaws ripped off, they should keep these. If they want to survive, they need to be wearing full face helmets.

    • Ncboudicca says:

      +1. I always rode with a full-face helmet, despite what it did to my hair and how hot I got in the summer.

    • amilu says:

      Her long trench coat is kind of worrying me, too. Maybe it’s not quite long enough to get caught in the spokes (although in one of the photos at the DM it looks like it could be), and I’m just being paranoid. But I’d rather wear a short, well-fitting jacket and worry about everything else (texting, distracted drivers mostly!).

  4. Bubbling says:

    well, his girlfriend gave a birth to a stillborn baby girl (bless her little soul) and then died in a car crash… :(
    I always had the crush on him, he seems so shy and genuine.

  5. Mom says:

    Good for him. He looks wonderful.

  6. Eleonor says:

    Jeez for an instant I thought that was George Clooney with his latest piece!

  7. minimi says:

    He seems like such a nice guy. I’m rooting for him!

  8. Vesta says:

    Keanu’s smile…AWWW It made my day !!

    If that back seat on his bike was given away based on the amount of lust one feels for him, well then, soo sorry girls, that mystery woman would certainly be ME :D

  9. j.eyre says:

    Oh, that last shot made my heart flutter. Keanu is a Forever Dong. I adore him.

    Pardon me, I need to scroll back up.

  10. Nareeman says:

    the gals at identified the woman as Bojana Novakovic, his costar in Generation Um… She is Jason Segal’s girlfriend, wich makes sense : Keanu doesn’t share his dating life, AND, he keeps in touch with a lot of his co-stars (oftentimes, he will work again with them : see Charlize Theron, Tilda Swinton, Winona Rider, Rachael Weitz,,,,)

    • Nareeman says:

      edit: his new movie is about samouraïs who want revenge for the death of their master…not saving the world or anything, it’s based on a japanese ancient tale.

  11. lenje says:

    He doesn’t have acting chops, but he oozes charisma, and is very likeable. He also seems to be one of the most unpretentious person in Hollywood, and I read that according to hjs peers, he’s very well-read and intelligent (despite the reputation of being dumb, I suppose because he’s not so eloquent). And of course, those Asian genes that help him look younger than his actual age.

  12. Mandy says:

    *SIGH* There’s just nothing better than Keanu. I don’t think you can grow up through the 80′s/90′s and not be a complete KEANU FAN GIRL.

    • Ashling says:

      I had a Keanu scrapbook as a tween and teenager. I’d cut out his pictures from Bop magazine. I saw Bill and Ted’s and Point Break like a dozen times in the theatre with my friends…movies were like $3.75! My sister and I STILL occasionally quote that movie River’s Edge and no one else knows what we are talking about. It’s been 25 years, but he will always have a spot in my heart. :)

    • Emily C. says:

      I grew up then and am definitely not a Keanu fangirl. He’s a good actor when he’s only doing physical things. When he opens his mouth, he’s facepalmingly wooden.

  13. RHONYC says:

    ‘Happy’ Keanu???

    YAAAAYYY!!!! :-D


    • j.eyre says:

      Honestly! It is such a sweet sight.


    • Nanea says:

      While he admitted he was flattered that he had his own meme, he was also a bit irritated by his superfans, the ones who kept analyzing every single pixel of every pap pic they could find, and because of that he wrote a book called Ode to Happiness

  14. Madpoe says:

    I’ve got so much love for this dude!<3
    Since the 80/90's – he's still sooo ahhhh!

  15. Melissa says:

    God, I love him. Some people just have “it”, and he’s one of them. And I love the fact that he’s not manufactured – he’s always been himself, and isn’t trying to please everybody else. He’s just awesome.

  16. MichelleR says:

    I really hope he finds happiness again.

  17. Bird says:

    I just want to hug him forever. He deserves happiness.

    I read he gave away his $35 million back end from the Matrix to the special effects and costume design teams.

  18. Shauna says:

    It’s weird how some celebrities are so dear to our hearts. Keanu is one for me. I met him once and he was awesome. He posed for pictures with tons of folks, signed autographs and was generally amazing.

    I’m just so happy he’s happy. You go, mystery blonde woman!

  19. StormsMama says:

    I love him
    Love love love him

    It’s sad to say I’m legit jealous of this chick
    As well as legit longing for this fantasy chance

    Ugh I know, I’m pathetic.

    Years ago I actually partied with him. Sigh. He kissed me on the cheek once. Sigh.

  20. Nanea says:

    Mmmhhhm, eyeKandy!

    So looking forward to any kind of Keanu on the big screen, it’s been a while.

  21. lenje says:

    For some reason I wish for a Keanu-Winona coupleness…

  22. Emily C. says:

    He’s pretty, but I wouldn’t want to have sex with him. Unless I could get him to say “woah” during it. That would be funny enough to be worth it. Otherwise, he’s something of a charisma black hole and doesn’t come off as exactly bright, though he does seem to be an okay person. Though he’s still preferable to, say, Henry Cavill, he doesn’t do much for me.

  23. Ginger says:

    Lucky girl ITA. But as a frequent passenger on my hubby’s bike…I wouldn’t feel comfortable without a full face helmet. Just sayin!

  24. Chinadoll13 says:

    He’s so sexy and gorgeous!!

  25. Mabs says:

    I have to confess…I’m a bonafide fan of this man (and I’m not any celebrity’s fan — at all).

  26. Penguin says:

    Gorgeous man. Always tries 2 fight his hotness but always fails.

  27. CJW says:

    I just read that he gave 80 mil of his backend Matrix money to the special effects crew, saying he had more than enough, this made all of the people on the term millionaires. I just love him.

  28. whateveryouwantittobe says:

    I wish I could just read gossip about 80s and 90s stars rather than some of these new people. I wanna know what Winona Ryder gets up to in her spare time :D