LeAnn Rimes, Eddie & Mason see ‘Man of Steel’, LeAnn meets with ‘acting coach’

Here are some new photos of LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian and Mason Cibrian out and about yesterday in Woodland Hills. Apparently, they went to a matinee of Man of Steel. Is Man of Steel appropriate for a 10-year-old…? Probably. It’s violent, but it’s not gross-out violent and I don’t remember any inappropriate language. It’s just kind of long and the last half has some editing issues. But it’s probably fine for boys that age.

As I always do, I checked LeAnn’s Twitter for a sense of what she’s been up to since I last wrote about her – surprisingly enough, LeAnn hasn’t been going full-throttle with any Twitter hissy fits that I can see, which is shocking because Spitfire bombed so badly and I would expect her to overreact and overcompensate. But no, she’s keeping it together. Sort of. More on that in a moment. She did tweet this a few days ago: “Got home, loved on kiddos, worked w/ my acting coach for a few hrs. Now, a workout and cooking dinner. Hitting the ground running.” It was the “acting coach” thing that caught my eye. You know why she’s meeting with a coach? It’s because she has an acting gig on Anger Management with Charlie Sheen. In Touch has more:

Brandi Glanville is going to have fun with this one! In Touch can exclusively reveal that LeAnn Rimes is playing a white trash redneck girl who winds up in bed with Charlie Sheen on Anger Management.

The country star famously dressed up as a chain-smoking, pregnant bride with her mulleted husband, Eddie Cibrian, for Halloween 201, but now she’s playing a similar character (albeit not knocked up) who gets close to Charlie on the FX show.

“LeAnn plays a Southern, trailer trash type of girl,” an insider tells In Touch exclusively.

As In Touch previously reported, she plays the sister of Wayne, who’s a member of Charlie’s prison group.

“She’s filming on July 2 and is in multiple scenes with multiple wardrobe changes,” the insider reveals.

But there’s one scene that might not require much in the way of wardrobe.

“LeAnn will be in at least one bedroom scene with Charlie,” the insider says. “They end up hooking up!”

Charlie needs a new love interest on the show – he reportedly had his co-star Selma Blair fired earlier this month, claiming that she’d been complaining about him behind his back.

[From In Touch Weekly]

Not to be rude, but will this character be that much of a stretch for LeAnn? No. Not at all. I was going to make a joke about Charlie and how he probably won’t care for her wonky bolt-ons, but you never know with Charlie. Sometimes he does go for the “wounded birds” and he ends up defending some really unlikely people. We’ll see.

As for the other stuff with LeAnn, the legal shenanigans, the tanking of Spitfire and her continuous efforts to shut down anyone reporting anything negative about her… well, have any of you ever read Ilana Angel’s columns on JewishJournal.com? Angel is a critic of LeAnn’s, and she has some interesting unnamed sources who give her some interesting tips. Angel has a column about the failure of Spitfire and an update on LeAnn’s lawsuit – go here for some really interesting reading.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Aussie girl says:

    Angel’s column was spot on regarding Leanne!

  2. I wonder why she isn’t wearing her wedding and engagement rings…

  3. Kara says:

    Leann is a mean mean person. Karma will come one day & she’ll get her period wearing white pants. Just wait.

    • UghInsomnia says:

      “She’ll get her period wearing white pants,” struck my funny bone! Ahahah, such a small, insignificant event that just absolutely ruins your whole day!

    • Meow Mix says:


  4. DanaG says:

    Angel makes some very good honest and valid points about Leanne. Suing someone just because you can isn’t right. Spitfire tanked cause Leanne is not a likeable person. Who is going to spend their money on a woman who does what she has done and sees no problem with that. I don’t really think Leanne has much of a career left no one wants to see her and her acting sucks. So what left? More tweet wars with Brandi..

    • Dawn says:

      The Kraptrashians sue people all the time because they “can”. Not a single KrapTrashian has any real talent that does not include sex. And yet they get a green card for having a ten million dollar wedding and asking for a divorce 72 days later, getting knocked while still married to someone else and so on and so forth.I call that being white trash. But yeah LeAnn is the most wicked person on earth! If you are going to hate because she and Eddie got together before he was divorced then hate everyone for doing the same or worse.

      • Zoid says:

        Yeah, because everyone ADORES the Kardashians. >.>

        Sorry Dawn, but no one here likes either party. The Kardashians or LeAnn. And no one here is saying she is the most wicked person on earth. We just don’t like her. And the vast minority of people I know have NOT done ‘the same or worse’ so that’s kind of a poor argument, don’t you think?

      • LAK says:

        Trying to deflect by pointing out how much worse other people are, is very poor show and just emphasises how little there is to recommend the person you are trying to defend.

      • OhMyMy says:

        The Kraptrashians never got a “green card”??? from me. I don’t watch their shows or buy the crap they sell. I’ve stopped watching at least 2 shows I liked because they were guest stars on them.

        Yes, they can get into legal scuffles but I think it’s mostly business affairs or threatening to sue tabloid kinda stuff. They don’t go out of their way to call up non-fans and get into big, litigious dust-ups about it.

      • eliza says:

        You may want to look up “green card” is.

      • Southerngal says:

        Wrong Dawn! Don’t give a flying f*ck about the Kardashian’s either. Seems you are a LeAnn cheerleader and nothing wrong with that. You like what you like. But as a wife and mother, LeAnn Rimes is gutter trash. Not because of the affair but her character period.

        And funny…she’s so famous she was papped going into a movie theater. LMAO! I see Fame Flynet at least made $100 off these shots with 1/2 going into LeAnn’s pocket. She’s so boring….

      • Jennifer12 says:

        People hate Leann because she publicly attempts to co-opt Brandi’s sons and does things like refuse to call Brandi when one of the boys is hurt at her house, brags about teaching the boys the songs about the affair, and ignores their mother’s calls. They hate her because she bullies and harasses Brandi even though SHE had the affair and broke up Brandi’s family. They hate her because she tries to portray herself as the victim. They hate her because she’s a mean, wretched bully who acts as though a nice voice is a free pass to do whatever she wants to anyone she wants.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        The “Kraptashians” don’t call up strangers on the phone who dislike them and talk about personal family business.

      • bluhare says:

        Your argument is a “straw man” argument which is usually used when the arguer can’t make his/her point using a logical argument but has to use something irrelevant instead.

        Ooops . . . LAK, just saw your post. What LAK said!

      • Patricia C says:

        You mean before THEY were divorced. She was married also at the same time. Two families were destroyed and eliminated.

      • Patricia C says:

        And Southergal: you mean 1/2 went OUT of FleaAnn’s pocket. She pays the photographers to take pictures. It’s well known.

      • Petrichor says:

        @Jennifer12: Preach gurl preach! Hallelujah!

        THIS —> “People hate Leann because she publicly attempts to co-opt Brandi’s sons and does things like refuse to call Brandi when one of the boys is hurt at her house, brags about teaching the boys the songs about the affair, and ignores their mother’s calls. They hate her because she bullies and harasses Brandi even though SHE had the affair and broke up Brandi’s family. They hate her because she tries to portray herself as the victim. They hate her because she’s a mean, wretched bully who acts as though a nice voice is a free pass to do whatever she wants to anyone she wants. “

      • briargal says:

        @ Petrichor–AMEN!!!

  5. alidorival says:

    What a character stretch for a demure modest young lady like leann to play white trash. Especially one who has limited to no acting skills. Bless her heart, I hope she pulls it off and gives us a true to form performance!


    • jenirow says:

      You’re kidding, right? This is stunt casting at it’s finest. People who hate this woman will watch to see her make a fool of herself. Remember they asked Farrah Abraham too, LMAO!!!

      • apsutter says:

        I believe ali was using sarcasm(expertly, I might add) to make fun of Leann. She also threw in Leann’s shitty little “bless her heart” comment

  6. Cris says:

    What’s up with Ed’s moobs?

    • juls says:

      And what’s up with how lopsided LeAnn’s boobs are? Seriously, look at the pics again .

      • Cam S says:

        She reckons that just because she has fake tatas that she doesn’t need to wear a bra. Well, if her boobs were done properly (to fit her wide chest instead of copying Brandi’s size implants) then she might not need a bra.
        As it is, she needs to not go braless. Her twins look like they are fleeing under her armpits. And that is being nice.

  7. Dawn says:

    Good for LeAnn for getting a real job and good for her for working at becoming better at it. There are worse people in this world than LeAnn. Maybe she and Eddie were just being “brave” when they got together and how refreshing that LeAnn didn’t get knocked up before Eddie’s divorce was final and really what a bitch for being loving to her step-sons. Again far worse people out there then these two.

    • Kate says:

      Just because she didn’t bomb the Boston Marathon doesn’t mean we need to give her a medal. No one is saying she’s the worst person ever, or even close to that. She’s someone who made a big mistake a few years ago and then has stubbornly done every. single. thing. possible. to become unlikable.

      It’s the sum of the parts with Leann — it’s the copying Brandi, the “Bonus” mom shtick, the tweets, the little league ho wardrobe, the tweets, Eddie’s birthday cake, the tweets, the fake rehab…you get the idea. In a weird way, she reminds me of Chris Brown (who is worse than Leann by a mile). He did something horrible (again, way worse than cheating) and then has gone out of his way to be MORE unlikable. He could have genuinely shown he was sorry, donated money to victims of domestic battery, etc., but he just became a bigger asshole. It’s kind of the same thing with Leann. She did something bad, but cheating in Hollywood happens all the time. It’s all the stuff that happened after that makes her an asshole.

    • eliza says:

      Sorry, but there is nothing brave or refreshing about how these two got together. The brave thing would have been to tell BOTH of their spouses about the affair and taken measures to divorce prior to getting together. The brave thing would have been to shut up about how “in love” they were and not shove it in their ex spouses faces 24/7.

      It is being a “bitch” if you continuously try to get at the ex wife, who’s husband you had an affair with, by announcing every “loving” moment you have with HER children on a social networking site. If she loves them so honestly, then do it privately.

      Oh and let’s not praise LeAnn for her noble act of not becoming pregnant before his divorce was final. The fact is, she probably can’t naturally or this attention starved and needy woman would be pregnant now.

      Let’s not elevate this woman to Sainthood. She and Eddie are as fake as her bolt ons.

    • MrsB says:

      Sorry but that argument holds no water for me.

      Sure there are worse people out there, but she is still a crappy person, and is deserving of all criticism she receives. She has brought it on herself, and continues to do stupid things to bring it on herself.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Pretty sure she did not get “knocked up” before marriage because he got a vasectomy in time (all the kinks one can dream of with little to no downfall… Paradise, for someone like Eddie).
      I hope for his sake that he did not get the procedure reversed. LeAnn seems very unstable.

      Oh, and a “brave behaviour” would require that the people involved:
      1.recognize that both marriages are over (if they are, indeed, over).
      2.Talk things out with respective partners, and go through all the painful but normal stages of separation and divorce.
      3.Wait some time, to clear out their heads and reflect on who they are and what they’re doing.
      4.Then and ONLY then, if they still want to be with the other person, start a relationship with them (this includes not having sexual relations with the other person before ending the marriages: difficult, but TRUE LOVE is still TRUE after a waiting time, and is totally worth a clean conscience).
      5.Be respectful of the other person’s EX. Always. Even when they’re hurt and saying bitter things.

      You’ll notice that not only this course of action is MUCH more brave and courageous than the steps taken by LeAnn and Eddie, but it also avoids you putting all your eggs in one basket and being left with a burning necessity to PROVE, to everyone else but mostly to yourself, that you did not do an unintelligent and wrong thing.
      LeAnn seems to be, in fact, obsessively trying to prove that what was just a torrid and cheap affair was really a great love story. It would appear, it was not. And now she is in a REALLY toxic situation; how could she ever get out of there?

      This situation is so messed up, I feel sorry for all involved.

    • Denise says:

      You’re right, she’s an awesome person who spends her time doing respectable things.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Nope. Deciding that the man you had an affair with is the love of your life is one thing; stalking and harassing the ex as though YOU were the victim? Getting fans, your publicist and various employees to attack her and publicly humiliate her? Referring to the children whose life you imploded as YOUR kids, refusing to allow their parents to co-parent or their mother to contact them when not there or being inappropriate at soccer games, trips, etc? Talk endlessly about the affair and then play it as though the ex does? Leann is a mean, spiteful, bitchy bully who won a really sad prize and has lost all credibility or interest due to it.

    • hayley says:

      seriously, every time i see comments like this, i assume it’s leann.

    • bluhare says:

      Dawn, I agree. But suing someone who doesn’t like her because of a phone call LeAnn initiated? It’s spite, pure and simple.

    • betty says:

      I thought singing was her REAL job! If NeNe Leakes can act anyone can. Why does she need a coach? There are actors that never had an acting job before and have
      acted without using a coach. When does Eddie have one on one time with his sons. Mason is getting at the age that Eddie needs to spend time with him without Leann being there clutching onto him like velcro. It is probably embarrassing to the kid. Look at his demeanor.

    • Simply Red says:

      She already has a job that affords her the lifestyle she has…

      Many singers/songwriters go for acting gigs to add to their resume… So stop acting like she leeching off of someone

      I can’t believe I’m defending her…

  8. hoya_chick says:

    That kid always looks miserable with them. He looks so tense and uncomfortable. I can’t stand her, glad no one bought that crappy cd and she has been reduced to guest starring on an fx show. Ha. Look at her clinging to him. My bf and I rarely if ever hold hands in public and we’ve been together for over 8 years. She has gain back every inch of that baby fat she claimed she lost, does that mean she’s aging backwards?! That’s some Benjamin Button shit right there!

    • MrsB says:

      Probably because if he’s in public with Leanne, you know there is a pap there snapping pics.

      Poor kid.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Notice she isn’t all over him like she is with Jake.

      • Violet says:


        I suspect it’s because Jake is the spitting image of Eddie, while this son looks like Brandi.

        Poor kid, he looks so uncomfortable. It must be hell having LeAnn as a stepmother. (Exhibit 4355: The birthday cake LeAnn gave Eddie, where the kids sat on one layer of the cake while LeAnn and Eddie were on the top layer…in bed. Talk about insanely inappropriate.)

      • briargal says:

        @Violet–No, Mason knows what a bitch LR is and how she has treated his mom. He doesn’t want to be anywhere near her. But I’m sure it bothers LR that he does look like Brandi too.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I also think that Mason is older and can remember what life was like with his own family and not the one his insane stepmother decided was his. And, at ten, he is becoming more cognizant of things that people are saying and maybe starting to see some things Leann has done to his mother. There’s no retracting it: she put it all out there on Twitter. Watch her now start to act like she adores Mason because she really does read everything about herself.

      • karmasabiatch! says:

        Agree 100% with y’all.

        Jennifer12, especially. Mason is old enough to remember his mother’s tears behind closed doors, his bewilderment and hurt at his father moving in with Falcor and how his entire existence was turned upside down by the foul MeAnn. No amount of money showered upon him by MeAnn will make that poor kid warm to the architect of his family’s destruction.

        Far easier for her to con Jake, he was too young to understand what the air of sadness around their house was all about. Just give it time, as soon as he’s old enough to process the facts he’ll stumble upon, he’ll hate wewe as much as Mason does.

        For posters like Dawn, a brief message: sorry, but Falcor stans will need to down a shot or a toke and deal with the harsh reality that pretty much everyone detests her. Stop trying to swim against the tide, people aren’t going to be charmed or swayed by MeAnn’s whining for us to love her. Most of us understand “her truth” 100% and we reject her. As Brandi said, “Nobody wants to hear someone cry about getting everything they’ve ever (stolen) wanted”.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        karmasab, my daughter isn’t that much younger than Mason and she still brings up things that happened in kindergarten or first grade. It’s not a stretch to realize that he’s starting to question things, like why his mother isn’t calling when he’s at his dad’s, or why he’s there if his dad isn’t, or what all the stories are about, or memories that he has. Jake was just a baby, but one day he will see photos of himself being crushed by Leann so she can make out with his dad who isn’t even divorced yet, or them making out at soccer games and his mother’s attempts to ignore them, etc. Leann probably won’t care when they’re older- she’s the type that likes babies, you can tell- but all the ugliness that’s floating out there? One day, each boy will google it and find out the details, and no amount of cash Leann throws at them will be enough. Wonder if Eddie will even care.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      Well, honestly, kids at that age do not want to be seen out with their parents. Plus, he probably gets a lot of shit at school because his family affairs have been plastered all over tabloids for years. So, I can see how he wouldn’t want to be in the pictures without reference to his own personal feelings about Leann, which are probably incredibly conflicted.

  9. Charlotte says:

    I cannot think of anything to like about these people. I know that technically Leanne Rimes has a good voice, but it isn’t my cup if tea, so not even that works. Love and light to Kim and fam. I hope this mess is over for you soon and the truth about it all comes out.

  10. Christin says:

    Based on the description of the character, is an acting coach really needed? I think part of the existing problem is trying too hard to be something she is not.

    • brin says:

      Really…she’d just be playing herself so now she will screw it up by over acting. Loser.

      • briargal says:

        And will her character “stalk” Charlie like she did Andrew, EC and all the other men she has had in her life?

      • Christin says:

        Exactly! It’s not like this is going to be a stretch. Maybe the acting coach can help with playing the part of a truly confident, secure, respectful adult woman.

        I think it will be epic if Charlie ends up going on one of his rants about her.

      • briargal says:

        Wonder if she’ll have a spot made for her bio-mom on the show. Can picture bio-mom standing there in the background talking in hick language saying–”You go gal, ifen you want that guy in the sack, you go fer it. Nothins too good for my little gold’n girl (paycheck)!”
        Well in real life isn’t that pretty much what bio-mom did?

  11. Rita says:

    In the past week, one of the best tweets I read was,

    “Come on LeAnn!!! Do something stupid or people will stop talking about you all together!”

    Truer words were never spoken. She’s run-out her trampy, vindictive, taunting string, and besides her personal satisfaction of being a bitch, the only thing she got from it all is a ruined career and a husband who cheats on her.

    We are observing the final stages of her celebrity winding down and her marriage winding up in a pile.

  12. SmokeyBlues says:

    Who is more delusional and self-obsessed, LeAnne or Charlie?!
    She looks pretty awful in these pics. The dress makes her look like a square and she does not have the face for that hairstyle. She actually looks kinda gross.

  13. Debra says:

    she needs to share her acting coach with Eddie… goodness knows that man can’t act

    • ms. deneuve says:

      I beg to differ, I think he deserves an Oscar for pretending he is actually into her… (cough, cough ahem $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

  14. Rita says:

    I love Ilana Angel’s column in the Jewish Journal. Several times Ilana has written against her better instincts to kindly and generously reach out to LeAnn with advice on how changing her behavior would change the world’s perception about her, but to no avail.

    As if to merely spite Ilana, LeAnn will do something horrible and Ilana will call her out once again in very stark and unflattering terms….if being called a “whore” is what one might consider unflattering.

  15. DreamyK says:

    Wow. Great article by Angel. I had no idea that she was conducting an intimidation campaign against people who don’t care for her/cite her tanked Spitfire release. What an ass. Everyone that gets a threatening letter, implying legal action if they continue to voice their opinion, from LeAnn and her agent (?) should post it on the internet, tweet it etc. Maybe a Shame Campaign will stop her nasty shenanigans.

    • sony says:

      Many other bloggers have also received C&D letters, but yet Leann is being promoted by friends movement to stop bullying. She encourages her fans to bully Brandi. But of course they have ignored the facts that have been sent to them.

      • claire says:

        The Stop H8 campaign and this Friend Movement are a joke. The message is lost because they involve known bullies all because of being starstruck. There’s no integrity there. I just can’t take any of them seriously.

  16. Jezi says:

    Leann is the epitome of evil. Every move she makes is calculated to hurt someone. Nothing she ever does is without forthought on how this behavior could potentially harm someone else. The good thing about karma is that every bit of harm she puts out she’s getting back to her. She tries to silence anyone who speaks out against her. She’s met her match with Brandi, the BBs and with Kim Smiley. Kim is fighting for everyone with this lawsuit. Fighting for everyone’s first amendment rights. If you want to read more go to Kim’s gofundme page and read up on just how evil Leann truly is.

  17. K-Rock says:

    Wow she looks so different with meat on her bones. And the ol’ “sweater over the arm in front of the stomach” thing. We’ve all done it when we’re feeling uncomfortable with our stomach. Well I can’t speak for everyone but that’s my go to when I feel fat or bloated. That or a really big pocketbook lol Anyhoo yeah she looks like a different person.

    • claire says:

      Don’t you know it! I am guilty as well!
      It’s the first thing I thought when I saw these photos. ;)

  18. Simply Red says:

    LR caused the demise of her album but broke will not be one of them.. She will still have money in her pocket…

    Now as for people telling her to do something stupid or whatever- needs to be slapped on a stadium..,

    U guys ask for to be quiet and she has done so now u guys want her to act a fool so u can ridicule her.,

    I swear people don’t know what they want

    • sony says:

      If she would drop the lawsuit and quit mentioning/posting pics/calling the paps on Brandi’s children, you would be amazed how people would back off. That probably will not happen because that is the only thing keeping her relevant now, because her music sure is not. She shows no remorse or conscious and people have a problem with that.

  19. kpoodle says:

    LeAnn has no clue how to dress for her body type, she dresses for Brandi’s body. It’s sad and funny all at the same time.

    • Londerland says:

      God, someone should send that to LeAnn and make her read it. Make her MEMORISE it. This part especially:

      “From one stepmother to another? You are not a Bonus Mom.

      If we want to get specific here, you’re actually the one that ended the relationship between the real mom and dad of those “adorable Rascals.” I feel pretty certain that you are a “bonus” that those boys could have done without.”


    • Cirque28 says:

      Love the article. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years and absolutely nothing has changed. (But then again, why would it? LeAnn thinks her step-parenting methods are flawless.)

  20. Christina22 says:

    I love that celebitchy posted the artical written in the Jewish Journal! Ilana Angel is spot on in what she is saying time and again, and I love that she doesn’t hold her punches. It’s heartbreaking to know that the Smiley case is still going on and it just cements in my mind what a horrible person Leann is.

    As far as Brandi’s son, he looks absolutely miserable in the pics and I feel so bad for him. He was old enough to remember Leann coming into the picture and slutting it up in bikinis all over their dad in public. How weird would that be for a child to have the security of his family one minute and then have a stranger come into the picture who is inappropriate, overly sexual, and overbearing as a “bonus mom”. My heart breaks for those boys just thinking about it.

    • Jennifer12 says:


    • karmasabiatch! says:


      LeAnn’s blatant sexuaity with Ediot in front of his boys? WTF is up with that?! That is SO out of bounds, any respectful stepmother would know how creepy and uncomfortable that would be for her Bonus victims, errr…I mean “stepsons”.

      I really wish Brandi would try to intervene from a legal perspective. Eddie may think he’s a good father, but no decent man would allow the passive abuse he and his mare dish out to those boys. *smh*

  21. Dedrie says:

    Her frienemies encouraged her to act like a mean thoughtless beech who is Lilocent and is trying to find the tools to do it without getting called out…waaaaaaaaay too much.. Now she has to behave like this forever or shut up and sit down.. desperate for attention and publicity or worrying her career is falling into the toilet.. who to please.. who to please?

  22. Dori says:

    LeAnn looks very uncomfortable in her skin. Notice these pictures and recent pictures at the beach she has a hand in front of her stomach. She’s gained a good amount of weight and though not fat I think she has such body issues that she is not confident with the extra weight. I think she sees herself as fat, thus tempting to hide the body. She is clearly a very insecure woman. Her actions have caused her new album to bomb. Not the affair but everything since as mentioned by many others. I for one wont buy her music just because of her behavior. “Twitter” has ruined her already flailing reputation. It has become her best friend and her worst enemy.

    • Jayna says:

      I don’t know. Someone a day or two ago posted recent photos of her at the beach in an orange bikini and she, I have to say, looked great. She, as usual, seemed to want to show off her body in a bikini with an arranged pap shoot.

      Her stomach looked flat to me and her ass looked good. She’s in shape, just a little more weight on her, which isn’t a bad thing.

  23. Jane says:

    God, this woman is getting more and more delusional. Her Twitter feed is having her quoting Einstein and Picasso. Who in the h*** is next: Plato, Cicero Aristotle or Socrates? Gees woman. Give it a bloody break!

  24. Jennifer says:

    At least she’s finally wearing some clothes. If I saw one more bikini pic, my eyes were going to roll right out of my head.

    I think I have a girl crush on Ilana Angel.

  25. Jennifer12 says:

    Recently, Perez Hilton has not only been tweeting posts about Eddie and Leann being happy, he has been referring to Brandi’s sons as Eddie’s and Leann’s. The Daily Mail? Suddenly, the toxic twosome are out and about with “their” son. Can you say PAY OFFS? Leann is really going underground with her bullying, but she wants the torment to continue. She and her POS husband are such garbage. And Ilana Angel is a total and complete rock star.

  26. DEB says:

    Why must she constantly CLING to him like that. Ugh :P She so reeks of desperation.

  27. bettyrose says:

    If anything good can be said to have come from this situation, it has started a dialog across the English speaking world about appropriate step-parent behavior, which is an issue that impacts many – if not most – children at some point during their upbringing.

  28. Cam S says:

    Is Leann on steroids? Doesn’t anyone else wonder why her pecs and traps are so pumped? My good friend is a pro builder and it took her a solid month to get where Leann is at. Le, step away from the whey protein!

    It’s just so odd to see her go from “I’m not eating solids” and a month later look like a pissed off Bruce Banner.

    And serious folks, the paps don’t stake out movie theatres!

  29. Rita says:

    Can any of you on twitter tell me if LeAnn refiled the lawsuit against Kim Smiley or did she just ask for an extension to file?

  30. ChrisM says:

    Thank you for the link to that article, it’s awesome! Loved every word, and so very true. I firmly believe that what goes around, comes around, and it will for LeAnn as well. The new CD failure, being just the beginning of that.

    • NinaS says:

      Happy to provide insightful and very true information. The kids are the ones who suffer most.

      • Simply Red says:

        Well btw these 3 adult-children I have to def agree about the kids suffer the most

  31. janie says:

    Does anyone think Ed went to the highest bidder in this mess, and LeAnn won? This whole calculated “great love” revolves around money.

    • Christin says:

      One of the truest tests of real love is to know that someone will be by your side regardless of health or money. I don’t see how someone in a situation like this could honestly think they have that.

  32. TheTruthHurts says:

    LeAnn is a terrible actress, she does need an acting coach, but Anger Mngmt should have never offered her a bit part if she needs an acting coach for a cameo. She really is bad and should give up trying to act. The small amount of work she has done is all stunt casting and never earned from talent as an actress. That is why she didn’t get cast in Les Mis (remember she was putting an audition down on tape? Haha), that was a real role, with real acting. Anger Mngmt is a terrible show and after what they did to Selma Blair, if LeAnn supported women at all and was against BULLYING, she should have publicly backed out of the part for those reasons. It would have been great PR for her. Instead, she probably is working on a way to expand this bit part and try to take over Selma’s role.

  33. Peachy says:

    Her acting cooch says she has lots of room, for improvement.

  34. First thing I notice in pics are her huge nostrils and his short, stubby legs. What a beautiful power couple! LMAO Of course, pics are from AKM/GSI. Notice how they are never holding hands in first pics she is always trailing behind him but then immediately she grabs for him as soon as she sees her buddy. You can tell kid does not enjoy being a part of this charade. I don’t like the way Eddie has his hands on son’s head. Either to get his hair out of eyes or to steer him closer to them. Either one is offensive to me. Jewish Journal is about the only one that tells it like it really is. DM and Jared always have fluff pieces that she must write herself. Go Illana!!

    • Bex says:

      I don’t like Eddiot’s body language with his son here either. It’s quite an aggressive gesture the way he has his hand on his son’s head. ‘Yes the pap is here and you WILL stay in shot with us and you WILL look happy’ is what it says to me.

      • Relli says:

        Yes agreed it seems to be a disingenuous gesture as opposed to an affectionate head rub. Kids at that age are funny, some adults do not transition well when kids dont want to be your best buddy anymore and begin to be afflicted by the TCB (too cool blues). He is also old enough to start forming his own thoughts and feelings about everyone around him. From what we have seen on the gossip pages i cannot imagine whats hes seen and heard In his real life.

    • OrangeOprah says:

      With the exception of the bank account, Eddie certainly did not “trade up.” They probably want her to do this part on Anger Mgt. because the character is pretty much her, but she probably thinks she’s Meryl Streep or something LOL.

  35. Peachy says:

    Her acting co(o)ch says she has plenty of room… for improvement.

  36. PhillyGurl says:

    I’ve read Angel’s articles and loved them all. She is hilarious. Did anyone else noticed that in the comment area there is a particular person that always defends Leann on all the comment boards? She is obviously special needs ( no joke. I have worked in this area) and her comments are childish. It is common knowledge that Leann has purchased items for this person. But as soon as this lady comments on Angel’s blog she all a sudden has a more sophisticated vocabulary. It’s as if someone is telling her what to write.

  37. Leslie says:

    I can’t see past her nostrils. I’m still trying to figure out what the heck she did to her nose and why she did it. Did some doctor botch a nose job?

  38. apsutter says:

    Le’s probably dying without any press or interviews to do now. And how many vacations do unemployed people really need to take? They just took one for Eddie’s birthday then she sang like 2 concerts and then they went on another one! I’d looooooove to get to go on holiday considering I haven’t had a proper one in 4 years. I guess what I’m saying is that no one’s jealous of her “life” just her money lol

  39. SolitaryAngel says:

    I followed the link to Ilana’s blog; read it and then went to her Facebook page, where I posted this:

    Ilana, I just read (and loved) your blog on the failure of LeAnn Rimes’ Spitfire, and I propose this: everyone who supports Kim Smiley, go donate the exact cost of the Spitfire album (before bargain bin prices, of course lol) to the Smiley’s defense fund. As soon as I find the link, that’s where I’M going! Let’s show the Smileys that they are NOT alone; let’s show LR that this IS America, and that there are people willing to stand up for other people when they are being unfairly treated and sued for no reason. Let’s show LR that she cannot bully/threaten everyone who speaks the truth with the law!

    I am sick to death of LR and this lawsuit; I have kept quiet all this time, but today something inside just blew a fuse. I really want everyone to donate the cost of that Sh!tfire crap to the Smiley defense fund; I think it will send a very clear message to LR. Enough is enough!!!! What do you guys think? Anyone know the link that will post it here?

    • joanne says:

      if you go on twitter and look for the realilanaangel, there is a link to the go fund me for kimberley smiley. great idea. i hope others will read about it.

  40. ILANA ANGEL says:

    Hi everybody.
    I appreciate the link to my blog. It’s no secret that I think LeAnn is mentally unstable, but this is not personal, it’s business. I write about her because she is fascinating, and regardless of how many times her lawyer reaches out to me, I will continue to write about her. She is a train wreck and a whore, which are both great things to write about. ;-)


    • Girlygirl410 says:

      Ilana…your speak the truth–just keep telling everybody the truth. You can’t be sued for that!

    • Re:Ilana says:

      Maybe LeeAnn is mentally unstable, but calling someone a whore isn’ t very classy either.
      I can’t take an analysis like that seriously.

      • Jayna says:

        LOL I agree.

      • RdyfrmycloseupmrDvlle says:

        Its HER blog and HER opinion. Shes fully entitled to her opinion. Frankly, after the way Ms. Rimes has behaved I cant think of a better word for her.
        As Ne Ne Leaks Said “Close your legs to married men.”
        No ones asking you to “buy” anything.
        Its Ilanas blog and shes simply writing about Leanns behavior.
        Youve been on here forever griping about Leann and now all of a sudden your her lawyer??
        Gimmie a freakin break.

    • karmasabiatch! says:


      I’ve followed you for the past year, love your articles and LOVE you! I was delighted when I saw this piece posted on CB this morning. It warms my heart to know that there’s someone out there like you. Keep writing and fighting against the bullies (and whores ; ).

      P.S. Has anyone here picked up on the fact that MeAnn posts anonymously on Twitter as “_stophate”? That’s where she can be found when she’s taking an alleged “break” from her LeAnnRimesCibrian account.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      You make me so proud to be a fellow Maccabee! Rock on, awesome woman!

  41. Jayna says:

    She was going to be interviewing labels. I wonder how that went. I doubt most even took her calls for a meeting since her album sales were abysmal and so was Lady and Gentlemen. Even worse than the embarrassing album sales since it had mostly great reviews is they probably are alarmed by her own sabotage of the album for a full year especially, when it was delayed, Brandi’s book coming out, and needed to at that time put on the best low-key, rehab PR campaign of the century – no ad nauseum bikini paps, no ad nauseum paps and tweets and photos regarding her bonus sons, no taking on the spokesperson role for all stepmoms on twitter in manic fits, no ongoing lawsuits, no plastic surgery rendering her ten years older and unrecognizable re the old LeAnn. So what label would want her? She could easily have turned everything around with time, not made her persona worse and now in no man’s land in the country music industry.

    So what label wants her again? She will go quiet about it, and then say labels are obselete for artistic albums. She’s not commercial( insinuating Taylor) with crap songs. She’s a real country “artist” and is forming her own label to put out her next album so she has creative control over her work. You heard it here, folks. Mark my words.

    • briargal says:

      That’s okay–that project will FAIL too!

    • Christin says:

      If an artist with a history of blaming and suing others puts out their own album and it fails, do they blame and / or sue themselves?

      • briargal says:

        As sue happy and crazy as she is, she might just sue herself. Or maybe Barrell Clown! LOL!

  42. lisa says:

    what on earth made her try acting in the first place? maybe if she gave that up along with twitter, she could have promoted her cd w/o recycling revisionist gossip

  43. Laura says:

    I’m surprised that “Spitfire” didn’t do better because despite the fact that LeAnn has done some questionable things in her personal life, the album and her singing are very good. I bought a few songs off of iTunes — my favorites being “What Have I Done” and “Where I Stood”.

    I have always appreciated LeAnn’s singing and feel that she is truly talented.

    What she does or does not do in her personal life does not influence whether or not I enjoy her music. To me, she is simply an singer/entertainer. I do not know her personally, nor am I ever likely to, so I don’t care what she does in her personal life.

    I also think that the never ending bullying that is leveled at her is wrong — I realize that bullying is the entire premise of this website but I feel that LeAnn never (or rarely) receives praise for anything to do with her music and is only bashed for her personal life. She is human and has feelings and should be able to move beyond the poor choices she made in her past versus constantly being picked on by those who do not know her or the inner goings-on in her private life.

    • Jane says:

      So, how much is Leann paying you to say this?

    • claire says:

      Someone needs to do a campaign to reclaim the word bullying for what it actually is so people will stop equating it to being called out on asshole behavior.

      • betty says:

        You got that right! Like the word hating when you are just criticizing. Leann knows she is disliked but in denial. She reads these comment and it is not the same people but the masses. Her album didn’t sell because of the songs on the album.Singing about borrowing another woman husband is not winning him any women fans. Brandi book brought out the fact that so were other women borrowing Eddie.

  44. qtpi says:

    She needs an upgrade in the sunglasses department.

  45. Rita says:

    Proof that LeAnn is crazy lies in the fact that she has done the exact same thing over and over again since childhood and expects different results.

    Case in point: LeAnn “claimed” she went into rehab to deal with her stress when in fact she went into hiding the day she filed the Smiley lawsuit. This week she refiled the lawsuit and claimed to be out of touch for 5 days without a cell phone so she wouldn’t be publically called out for her vindictiveness. Same bitch, different day.

    • Byte Me says:

      The thing is, she wasn’t out of touch for 5 days, she set up another twitter account & posted constantly on it.

      • qtpi says:

        Which account? Is it still active?

      • BeachBelle says:

        qtpi: According to a post above this is the account.


        She is following herself and tweeting to herself, too.

      • PhillyGurl says:

        WoW! She is a tall glass of crazy.

      • Cirque28 says:

        So does anyone know for sure if that StopHate Twitter account is LeAnn? I mean, I get it– it’s someone who started posting just as her regular Twitter posts slowed way down, and whoever they are, they’re completely over-invested in her drama, but just wondering if there’s been any definite proof.

      • brin says:

        @Cirque28…I think when she slipped and tweeted “MY bullying”…people jumped on it. It’s the little things that give her away.

      • claire says:

        It’s eerie how similar that person’s tone ,writing style and word usage is to Leann’s. I’d think I was reading Leann’s tweets if I didn’t see the name. Also noticed that the person has barely tweeted since Leann is back on her account.

      • BeachBelle says:

        Too funny and pathetic. Now that she has been outed for this new Twitter account she has now deleted it. Typical LeAnn. It was definitely her. I agree with the other posts. Same writing style, words, tone. I knew it was her immediately.

        Hey, LeAnn. We know you read what we write here, so please understand a HUGE majority of us just DON’T like you at all!

    • matia says:

      What did they Change in the refile for the lawsuit?

  46. briargal says:

    Supposedly LR is saying that the reason radio stations are not giving her songs airtime is because they are afraid to because she went pop!!??!! Really! Does this dumb broad REALLY believe what she says? (We don’t!) Lots of country artists songs are played on pop stations! Could the real reason be because people don’t like her? And she just doesn’t get it! Or maybe because some of us have been contacting our local radio stations urging them to NOT play anything of hers! What a delusional lying POS!

    • Jane says:

      The fact is she is willing to say just about anything to overcompensate for her lack of CD sales. She tweeted that there are remixes of Spitfire finished and she is so pleased by them. If people didn’t like the original songs, how in the h*** are they going to like the others?

      • brin says:

        She throws everything out hoping something sticks but it never does. Complete failure.

  47. PhillyGurl says:

    Can you please do an investigation as to when Leann’s reality series is suppose to begin? I’m guessing never.

  48. Charlotte says:

    I don’t know if this will be seen and sorry for the off-topic, but I’ve just read about the cirque du soleil death and I know we have a regular poster who works with them. Thoughts and sympathies to all affected.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      Thanks, Charlotte. I tour with Totem, but Cirque is a small family and we are all very tight. It is a horrible tragedy. Thankfully we are between cities and don’t have a show to put on right now.
      I am sure our premiere in Ottawa will be tinged with sadness. We are all thinking about Ka and about her family and small children.

  49. F5 says:

    Ain’t Nobody got time fo reading War and Peace length comments..

  50. Alicia says:

    I would never normally comment on LR posts, as I just don’t like her, although i am today. It is just me that’s finding Eddie hotter than normal? I’m really liking his salt and pepper silver fox look… just sayin’

  51. Violet says:


    I was replying to Jennifer12′s comment was that LeAnn doesn’t seem to be as affectionate with Mason as she is with Jake, not how affectionate either boy is with LeAnn.

    I’m sure both kids are disgusted by their “bonus” mom, knowing that she destroyed their family and given the inappropriate way LeAnn acts on a day-to-day basis. I’m sure they’re not too thrilled with Eddie, either.

    • Jayna says:

      Brandi tweeted this a week or two ago:

      “My boys R VERY loved in both households.When peeps say they feel sorry 4 my kids I want to punch them N the teeth.They R happy lucky&LOVED.”

      Next tweet:

      “they love us all. thats all that matters”

      • a says:

        Also Brandi has said that her youngest son does not remember her parents being married so I doubt if he has feelings about his parents not being together. I assume the oldest son remembers when his parents were married but it does not mean that things were always good when they were together.

      • TheTruthHurts says:

        It’s sad that LeAnn never defends Brandi like that and only tries to continually prove that she is a better mother than Brandi. Says a lot about these two women and shows who is really the one trying, no matter how much LeAnn squawks all the time that she does.

      • a says:

        @ TheTruthHurts

        I don’t know about that, I think that for a long time Brandi’s been claiming that she was concerned when the kids were with LeAnn, and other thingd like phone calls not getting answered, and some people stopped saying “oh you poor thing… oh your poor little boys” and started saying “no more excuses, if it is that bad then take your ex to court.”

        It seems like her way of getting the heat off her was to say to the ones still mentioning her “poor little boys” that her boys were loved in both homes and that they also loved “us all.”

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I think Brandi does what she can to not portray the boys as victims. However, Leann likes to be seen with Jake because he’s a ham and much younger. I think she has less interest in an older kid, plus the “cute factor” is less. And I don’t think Mason plays the game and that pisses her off.

  52. OK says:

    Mason never looks happy when he is with Leann and Eddie. But when he is with Brandi, he always has a smile on his face.

    Brandi says that Eddie is a good father, but if you know your child does not like being photographed and you still allow your crazy wife to call the paps, it make me question what is important to him…. His child being comfortable or his wife’s?

    He is scum.

    • a says:

      I have not seen Mason in a lot of recent photo ops with Eddie and LeAnn so I assume they do respect him not always wanting to participate in this part of his father and stepmother’s job. It is not hard for me to believe that the movie date was always set up as photo op and Mason decided to tag along because he wanted to see the movie.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        You can’t be serious. They sell those boys to the highest bidder. Leann calls the paps whenever she’s with them, but puts Jake front and center because he’s younger and a ham. She posts their photos- mostly Jake’s, again- on Twitter, Vine, and her paid website. It may be part of her job- Eddie doesn’t even have one- but it’s not the boys’ jobs to keep Leann in the public eye.

      • a says:

        @ Jennifer12
        Unless she is out-of-town, the boys are with LeAnn half the time and I do not see photo ops of LeAnn with Mason and Jake every other week. I don’t have access to her her paid website or her Vine unless she post a Vine on her Twitter, but I do go to her Twitter and I don’t see a lot of pictures of Mason or even Jake. She tweets about them but I don’t remember seeing a lot of pictures.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        a, go to Vine. Loads of videos of Jake and some of shirtless Mason. Go to Daily Mail or Just Jared: tons of photos, especially from the boys’ games or out and about shopping. She paps them nonstop. She has chilled on Twitter because (I think) her team has pushed her to. Recent twitter photo was of the 4 of them on Fathers’ Day and something on Vine for dirtbiking. She and Eddie showed up too early to a game with Jake and so did the paps. I don’t like Leann, but I don’t put her down for her body (which isn’t bad except for the boltons) or face. Don’t care about her fashion sense or when she paps herself and Eddie because they’re consenting adults. They pap the kids nonstop and there’s a ton of photographic evidence. She helped halt the boys being on the periphery of their own mom’s show, but paps them, posts their photos/videos everywhere (including the name of their school), and had them on a show she and Eddie were on.

      • a says:

        @ Jennifer12
        I agree that there are tons of pictures out there since Eddie and the kids have been living with LeAnn for three years and that they have piled up, but I disagree that LeAnn paps them NONSTOP and that she is organizing photo ops WHENEVER they are with her.

        Why do you think that LeAnn was the one who halted the boys being on the periphery on Brandi’s show and not Eddie? I don’t blame Eddie for putting a stop to the boys being on the show, the boys were on the periphery when Brandi first got on the show and Jake urinated on the grass and a big deal was made of it.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I’m sorry, I don’t agree. Leann has copped to calling paps; she is not a big star and no one is following her around incessantly. You don’t see other celebrities’ kids photographed at their games, on family vacations or on private beaches. Paps have been caught in screenshots communicating with her about photographing her, Eddie and the boys. The pictures are not taken from far away; they’re taken close up and, obviously, with full access granted. Paps were at a soccer game at the wrong time, and so were Leann, Eddie and Jake; that’s not a coincidence. If she’s not doing that, she’s posting videos of them on Vine and videos and pictures on Twitter and her paid website, or giving interviews about them or tweeting about them. It crosses every single line of parenting I know of. I think Leann and Eddie make money off photos of them as a “family” and want to restrict what Brandi can do so that the market isn’t flooded or they get more money off Brandi’s reactions. As for the urinating incident, little boys often stop when they feel the urge and go when they see a tree or whatever. As they get older, they become more modest and no longer do it. Shaming them is counterproductive and Brandi doesn’t seem as though she shames her sons.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        And to clarify, I said she helps to halt, or THEY pap the kids. She and Eddie are definitely a team. And the boys live there part time, not full time.

      • a says:

        @ Jennifer12
        I think that LeAnn and her people call the paps ((shrug)). In my first post in this section I called them “photo ops” and part of the “job.” When I see Brandi with Mason and Jake, Heidi Klum with her children and other celebrities I think that 90% of the time the paps were tipped off there too ((shrug)).

        A little while ago I saw pictures of Brandi “shopping” in a store with her sons, that shopping trip was totally staged with the paps being called and Brandi probably got stuff for free from the store and I don’t have a problem with that either ((shrug)).

        It was not a big deal to me that Jake urinated on the grass but it was a big deal to one of Brandi’s costars and it was a storyline on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and there is a chance that there will be another typical boys incident that becomes a reality TV storyline.

        I respect that some parents don’t allow their children to be papped but I don’t agree that what Eddie, LeAnn, Brandi, Heidi and others have done in allowing the paps to take pictures of their kids, and also posting pictures of them on Twitter” crosses every single line of parenting,” but I do think that it makes sense to not allow your children to be on a reality TV show after it has already been proven that the children are fair game even if they are on the periphery.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I know Brandi has papped the kids on occasion, but it’s rare and they ARE her children. Sometimes I think she wants to remind people of that, since suddenly people like Perez Hilton and Daily Mail are referring to the boys as Eddie’s and Leann’s, which would infuriate any mother. Eddie probably sanctions all the papping, I know, but Leann is the one person who endlessly, ENDLESSLY tweets photos and videos of kids who are not hers. She gives interviews about them (“they call me Mom sometimes, it’s fine”) and tweets stories about them, one of the last being how she has the boys singing songs about the affair off her last album. She oversteps every boundary of decency. I get that she loves them, but doesn’t it seem a bit OCD at the very least? A stepparent is a supportive, loving person in child(ren)’s life/lives, but you’re supposed to respect the fact that the child or children has parents already, especially if you were the cause of the marriage ending. I don’t agree with ugly remarks about Leann’s appearance, but as a mother, I cannot get behind Leann’s actions and I would bet that is why most people dislike her so intensely. If Leann and Eddie are concerned about propriety, I would suggest not blatantly making out at the kids’ games, at parks on Fathers’ Day, in front of kids on vacations, etc. Leann grabbing Eddie’s penis in front of the boys comes to mind; Leann making out with a friend in front of the balcony door while Eddie photographs it and the kids are in the house also comes to mind. And these are paps that she’s called to come witness her life. Kids in the background of a show seem a little less dramatic compared to this; I believe that since Eddie and Leann couldn’t make Brandi disappear, they are trying to make the public connect the boys with only them. Sick.

      • a says:

        The main thing I disagree with is you representing that LeAnn is tweeting or getting Jake and Mason papped WHENEVER they are with her, NONSTOP and ENDLESSLY.

        LeAnn Rimes is a media and Twitter junkie, for every photo op of LeAnn with one or both boys, there are many more photo ops of her by herself. For every tweet about Jake, Mason and even Eddie, there are many, many, many, MANY more about other stuff like clothes, make up, what she’s working on, who’s she listening to, and most of all tweeting back and forth with fans.

        LeAnn is the most famous one involved here and the pictures from a single incident where she gets papped are going to get carried by tons of major and minor blogs. Brandi is in the media a lot but one incident of her with her sons is not going to get blasted all over the place like pictures of LeAnn whether she is by herself or with Eddie and his sons. And LeAnn is not masterminding all these blogs running pictures of her. The bloggers on this site seem to really like Brandi and not like LeAnn at all but I would not be surprised if they did five LeAnn stories for every Brandi story.

        I don’t read Perez Hilton a lot but I did not think that he said nice things about LeAnn until she did an interview with him and that was less than a month ago so I don’t see that having had a major impact.

      • briargal says:

        The fact is that Brandi asked LR to not pap out the boys and Brandi is their MOTHER! I realize that LR has no respect for anybody but herself but she should by now get the message that a lot of people see this as being terribly rude and disrespectful to the boys’ MOTHER! Heck LR doesn’t even respect her own bio-mom! If I were her bio-mom, I would be totally sickened by the way she has lived her life. But then, bio-mom loves the money. So guess she doesn’t earn any respect either.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I think we have to agree to disagree. Leann paps herself in bikinis and paps herself and Eddie, but the moneymakers are with the kids. That’s why she calls the paps to literally every single game the boys have and why she brings them on vacations and to the beach. When she isn’t doing that, she is posting it to Vine, Twitter, or her website. She has gone underground with a lot of her actions, but they’re easy to find out about. She is not a good person and she crosses every possible stepparenting line there is.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        Also, she calls them to the kids’ parties.

    • brin says:

      I think he’s proven that $$$ is most important to him. He’s such a douchebag.

    • betty says:

      I’m with you. Brandi says he is a good father because she does not want to put him down as a father..But the public perception is different. A good father tries to be a role model and puts the welfare of his kids first. Not allowing them to be used for publicity or step in when the mom and bonus mom were feuding. Kids love anyone kind to them. Brandi also know Leanns is the one supporting the kids because Eddie doesn’t work enough to do it. Brandi only problem with Leann is when she thinks she has the same rights as a mother and trying to compete with her. If Leann learned to stay in her lane there would be few problems,. The kids know who their parents are and no one can replace them. She will always be their dad wife not their mom.

  53. SouthernGal says:

    I’m still laughing at the fact she called the PAPS for a family movie day. How pathetic can you be? And you can always tell it is staged because most of the time Eddie walks ahead of her and never holds her hand until the paps are spotted. At home, I am willing to bet he ignores her which explains the constant need for PDA.

    This chic is a joke.

  54. Chell says:

    What pisses me off the most is that she is such a selfish witch that she just had to go the movies with them instead of letting it be a father/son day. Ok, I have no idea if that is really how it played out, but that is my interpretation! As a stepmom, I ALWAYS encouraged my husband to do things on his own with the kids once in awhile! Even now that the kids are in their 20′s I still tell him to have one on one time with them! LR disgusts me, sorry.

  55. Randaleese says:

    The constant “ragging” on LeAnn and Eddie is getting as old as all get out! The girl has got a great voice, and has admitted her mistakes and voiced her regrets.. Really.. Find another one to rag on for a while.. Just my opinion..so don’t crater on me.. I don’t crater on all the individual opinions of others..

    • briargal says:

      REALLY? She does not regret anything about this whole thing. She won her “prize” only because Brandi threw the bum out. LR is constantly playing the “victim” card. She lies constantly so IF she said she were to admit her mistake and regret everything (and I don’t recall her apologizing at all)-I wouldn’t believe her. She gloats about the whole thing. IF she had just won her hosband and shut up, she wouldn’t be ragged on, like you claim. But she just loved ragging on Brandi and getting her paid puppets to do the same. She deserves everything she is getting. Amd this is an LR article so we can rag on her. If she doesn’t like it, she shouldn’t call the paps all the time!!

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Of course you’re entitled to your views. But understand where many of us are coming from: Leann throws up smokescreens, saying she’s sorry while her actions speak otherwise. Copying, tormenting, stalking and bullying Brandi is not regretful. It’s acting as though she won, throwing it in Brandi’s face, and then pretending she is Brandi’s victim (which is MINDBOGGLING). It is overstepping every line there is in terms of her stepkids (teaching them the lines to her songs about cheating with their dad on their mom and BRAGGING about it on Twitter comes to mind as a recent example) and papping their images for her financial gain. It’s getting friends and fans to gang up on Brandi via Twitter and then exposing Brandi’s sons to these people. And it’s suing a teacher and her teenaged daughter over a phone call she herself instigated, which started off, “Hey, bitch….” Which part sounds regretful?

  56. AmyB says:

    First of all….LeAnn has never made any real attempts to truly be sorry for any of her behavior. Second of all, she has some kind of narcissistic personality disorder, no doubt. I have a phD. in clinical psychology. Granted I know she grew up as a child star, but when she cries she did not have a childhood, would you rather have one where you were sexually abused by your father, like mine? She was on tour as a little girl, I grew up to be ashamed and felt humiliated. She has “anxiety” no doubt it is horrible to read that everyone hates you or criticizes you. Did it ever occur to her to change something in herself to eliminate that? So many people have affairs, did you hear or read about Angelina prancing around and act like she got Jen’s guy. NO. Cause Angelina has better things to do with her day. LeAnn clearly does not. Actually feel sorry for her.

    On another note, finally read Brandi’s book the other night….girl is hysterical. A fast easy and enjoyable read. Like her much better and can sympathize. I know what is like to be cheated on. Team Brandi :)

  57. brin says:

    Boycott Leann Rimes…don’t put any money in her (and her lawyer’s) pockets.

    • briargal says:

      Also contact your local country radio stations and ask them to not play any of her songs and tell them why. (I really don’t think they are anyway, but doesn’t hurt to reinforce the idea occasionally. Just so they get the message!)