Beyonce posts photos of Blue Ivy’s bejeweled crown, Tom Ford baby-heels

Beyonce posted some new photos of herself and of Blue Ivy on her exceedingly well-run Tumblr. I love Bey’s Tumblr so much. It really is a wonderful gift to her fans and to bloggers alike. Bey recently posted some older photos of her Sasha Fierce (and pre-Sasha) days too – go here to see. You’ll have to pardon me, but I find these “personal” photos so much more interesting. For one, Blue Ivy Carter has a legit CROWN.

Sigh… do you know how much I wanted a crown when I was little? I would have settled for a tiara, of course. I grew up in an era when those little plastic tiaras were not handed out like candy to little girls, like they are today. And as I realize more and more, my mother might have had a secret, anti-princess feminist agenda because she really did discourage me from ever going full-tilt princess when I was little. I wanted to be a princess for Halloween, but no, I was Tweety Bird (for like three years in a row!). I did end up getting my fake tiara when I was in college, though. Yes, I was that girl. I wore my plastic tiara as I did tequila shots. Because I’m a lady.

Anyway, these photos are cute. I have no doubt that Blue Ivy is spoiled and that her mom and dad treat her like a queen. I think it’s fine for now, but we’ll see what happens in the future. By the way, my favorite pic was Beyonce’s foot in Blue Ivy’s Tom Ford baby-heel. That’s a really great photo!

Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr.

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  1. mkyarwood says:

    Great. Just effing great.

    • wiffie says:

      In those last pics it’s like she said, “ooh, I look cool today. Would you take my picture?”

      • Tiffany :) says:

        I’m, it looks like she thought the bent fence looked cool so she posed with it.

      • Apsutter says:

        She looks like she’s trying to be kind of boho cool like her sister. I love B but Solange is infinitely cooler because you can tell she’s out there having genuine fun not trying to be queen of the world.

    • C. says:

      It is just me or she looks white in the first pic????

      • posh says:

        I’m pretty sure that she thought that fence parted like the Red Sea just so she wouldn’t have to walk around it.

      • Darkladi says:

        White? No

      • Stephbpt says:

        I thought the same thing! Like, who is that posing with Blue? Ohhh, never mind …

      • Emdeeisms says:

        I noted that too!! And then I actually googled to see if one of her parents were white.

      • Mia says:

        White? Lol, you do know that African Americans often have 30-40% of European heritage right? Look at Vanessa Williams, she has blue eyes and considers herself to be fully black with completely black parents. It’s called the one drop rule.

      • xoxokaligrl says:

        The one drop theory excuse is getting played out..

      • jaye says:

        @Mia…the “one drop” rule is a racist concept. It meant that if you had “one drop” of black blood you were black and therefore inferior.

      • Mia says:

        I know what the one drop rule is and I know it’s ignorant and racist, but even people who are definitely at least 50% white, like President Obama and Halle Berry are considered black and at most biracial. No one is ever going to call them white, and believe me (and them) this country and this country’s justice system is NOT going to treat them like white people. That is why so many biracial people or people with mixed ancestries, like Vanessa Williams, consider themselves to CULTURALLY be black. They cognitively know they are not genetically black or even mostly black (per the one drop rule, even one tiny hint of black ancestry makes you black) but they feel they are culturally black. This is why Halle Berry feels that her daughter, who is genetically mostly white, is culturally and racially black. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s the reality of how Nahla will be treated in this country because she certainly doesn’t pass for white.

  2. dahlianoir says:

    Heels on a little girl must be the stupidest thing ever. Her spinal column doesn’t need that. Hell, women don’t need that.

    • mkyarwood says:

      I agree, my immediate reaction was disgust. Just reminds me of chinese foot binding of babies :(

    • GiGi says:

      Yeah – that creeped me out. Suri Cruise, anyone?

      Not to get way too deep, but the sexualization of little girls in this country has gotten out of hand. I can barely find shorts or skirts for my 10 year old that cover her rear end. 10! All the clothes are like little “mini-me” versions of clothes for college age girls – it’s really sickening. No wonder people like Courtney Stodden & that Farrah girl exist. We’re teaching our girls from a very young age, in the most subtle and insidious of ways, that their sexuality is their currency. Ugh!

      *climbs off soap-box*

      • Suzz54 says:

        You just made me very happy that I have boys!

      • dahlianoir says:

        Same here in France and we have our own Farrah Abraham

        She’s a 20 year old girl with a troubled past and is planning on having her own reality show.

      • Zinjojo says:


      • cs says:

        OMG Girl! I was thinking the same thing. I had to search high and low on the internet just to find shorts that were 2″ below my 11 year old daughter cheeks.. It’s either Bicycle length shorts or butt cheeks.

        I have to say those shoes are ridiculous for a 18 month old. My daughter was wearing Mary Janes up until 9 years old. Still no heels, maybe a 1-2″ wedge shoe/sandal. But mostly Ballet flats and Thong sandals.

      • Angelven says:

        +infinity and beyond. I have a 10 year old girl too and it hard. Making it harder, she already is getting a figure (defined waist and hips) while alot of her peers are still beanpoles (like I was at that age). So a lot of what she wants to wear looks way to mature for her.
        Plus why do all girls clothes look like a rhinestone/sequin factory exploded on them (side eye to Justice)? so between the short shorts and the sequined tops they all prance around like little prostitots. My little girl complains that I buy her “plain” clothes. haha

      • GiGi says:

        AND I really have to mention people like Gwen Stefani – who has a line at Target that I would never allow my child to wear -and it starts in size 5! I now loathe shopping with my 10 year old – who’s 5’5″ already, because everything she tries on is booty bearing or off the shoulder or see-through! SEE-THROUGH! For children!

        And I’m by no means “prudish”, but when it comes to kids, the overt sexualization turns my stomach. My girls end up wearing a lot of Land’s End stuff just because I feel like it keeps their bits covered. And I’d much rather have girls who knew their worth didn’t come from their T&A than to have kids who looked “cool” – all the cool girls I grew up with have really had a tough go of it as adults.

      • GoodNamesAllTaken says:

        I agree with everything said, and think your daughters are lucky to have such good mothers. Restores my faith a little bit.

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree with GoodNames – it’s nice to know there are parents out there who still care and make an effort to find their kids appropriate stuff.

      • Bbb1975 says:

        Agree! I have two daughters it is hard to find non-trashy clothes for them. My oldest went to prom recently and you should have seen some of the dresses her classmates were wearing!

      • Ag says:

        @GiGi. I find it sickening too. One of the reasons, hell, the main reason, I was ecstatic to have a boy. We won’t even have to touch the subject of “slutty children’s clothing”. Ugh.

      • Isa says:

        My daughter fits into a size 5 now and it’s awful. All the clothes in our price range are so ugly! My husband hates glitter because it gets all over his clothes in the wash. It’s going to be really hard since my daughter has her dad’s long legs too. See through shirts make me mad because they want you to buy another shirt to layer. It’s freaking hot no one wants two layers! And I don’t want to spend the money.

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        Ladies, you have to check out They have tons of great quality ‘like new’ used clothes. Osh Kosh, Gap, Children’s Place, etc that still make children’s clothing that LOOKS like children’s clothing, and not hooker elementary wear. I buy all my daughter’s shorts, skorts, shirts etc from them. They have boys and now even tons of adult clothing too!

      • e.non says:

        you would not believe the stories i’m hearing from a friend about the girls that are after her very cute 10yo son. she’s mortified by the way they dress — bootie shorts; cut tops; way too much for this age.

      • GiGi says:

        @Usedtobe LuLu – Thanks for the tip – and for you check out ThreadFlip – I’m addicted!

      • UsedToBeLulu says:

        @GiGi! Thanks! I’m going to have to check it out and pretend shop (that is when I put lots of things in my shopping cart and then close the browser). lol

      • SallyBee says:

        Thank u for this GiGi! I am tired of seeing pre-teens in string bikinis when I go to the neighborhood pool. Call me old school too, but you want find my 4 year old little girl in anything that shows her stomach for another 10 years or so.

      • Abby says:

        I was just having a conversation with my husband about this topic this morning! We found out our first baby is going to be a boy and I was honestly relieved. It’s tough to be a girl these days.

  3. Anna says:

    Baby stiletto? Gross. This is way too far into gauche territory. Blue Ivy doesnt need a play crown – she’s already growing up as the most entitled baby on the planet. Much more so than even whatever pops out of Princess Kate next month.

    • Lauren says:

      The whole uber-rich baby photo shoot does seem to have a “let them eat cake” kind of vibe. If she wants to take those photos privately, fine. (Those are her parenting choices – which likely will produce a horribly entitled brat, although I doubt she will see it as such.) Sharing those photos publicly just seems a bit tasteless and tonedeaf.

  4. Maritza says:

    The crown and heels are both ridiculous and a waste of money.

  5. Alyssa says:

    Um, I expected the heels to be on THE BABY. Not on her. It’s always about Bey, huh.

  6. NM9005 says:

    How old is this child? More than a year no? Then why does she seem so tiny in that stroller? We know she’s quite tall.

    • Roxy says:

      One yr olds are still babies!!

      • NM9005 says:

        Isn’t she a toddler already? More than a year old is not a baby. And she is not tiny at all so yeah, her in a stroller seems weird to me.

        And uhm, no need for exclamation marks.

      • Lauren says:

        NM – you think it’s strange that a 1 year old is in a stroller? I’m guessing you don’t have children. Most 12-18 month olds can walk, but they can get tired or “not get with the program” in terms of going where you want to go, pulling things off stores shelves, etc. 1 year olds are definitely still babies, IMO, and they become more toddler-like over the next year.

      • jaye says:

        nm9005…she’s 15mos old, i.e. still a baby.

  7. emmie_a says:

    Beyonce’s Tumblr is as fake and phony as everything else about her.

  8. Hello says:

    Are you sure the first picture is not Shakira and her baby?

  9. Pompadour says:

    Beyonce tries sooo hard to be cool but ends up looking like a poser and is getting quite unattractive imo

  10. JL says:

    Meh. Parents spoiling a baby given the means they have.

    I think it’s worse when parents spoil kids spending money they don’t have then have to rely on grandparents or the rest of us for assistance.

    No one says jack about a $100 video game while there’s no grocery money or better yet food stamps.

    Many people treat their children like little gods – these just have more money to do it.

    • KayMary says:

      Agreed JL. I remember thinking how over indulged my friends were growing up, with their mums doing their laundry and cooking. And dont get me started on Nintendo games, my parents worried that expensive toys (per our income) would spoil us. Blue Ivy is rolling in a very different level. A crown for the Carters is proportionately cheaper than that Nintendo was for my family. I dont hate. Blues mum and dad earned that cash they can and will spend it on what they please. Just work harder for your own. Lol.

      • Roxy says:

        I completely agree with you!!!!!! :) They worked hard for their fortune, if they want to buy their little baby a crown, that’s their prerogative!! More power to them!! I would do the same, if I had the means. :)

      • Spooks says:

        “Just work harder for your own.”
        She’s a singer and he’s a rapper. They didn’t deserve their money. What a f***ed up world we live in.
        And buying a baby crowns and heels is just stupidity.
        Just out of curiosity, did any of them finish high school or go to college?

      • JL says:

        They both completed HS.

        Bill Gates is a college dropout, not hearing any complaints about that.

        Now Justin Beiber completed HS some BS way w/o actually showing up and said;

        “‘I mean, this kind of lifestyle has given me a different perspective on life. I’ve been able to travel the world. At school, usually you have to do a lot of writing and reading. I’m really not into that stuff. I like to be out there!’

        NONE of these people would have jack if someone didn’t support their exploits.

    • Sabrine says:

      I much prefer the photos of Katherine Heigl’s beautiful children, normal photos with the kids doing fun stuff and looking happy. This one with the crown and face chopped off is just…..irritating.

  11. Elisabeth says:

    I understand that when you are extremely wealthy you have things that the rest of us peasants don’t have..better clothes, more cars etc…but I never understood these ‘gold plated toilets’ and ‘my two year old has a real crown purchases. Seems stupid

    • Barhey says:

      I think it’s tasteless to spend that much on stupid things, like that gold plated rocking horse they allegedly bought. But it is there money and that’s fine. What I find extra tasteless is putting pictures of it out their daily to gloat, especially when so many people are out of work or struggling. Like a baby crown, really??

  12. MissMoody says:

    Bey and Jay’s appropriation of everything royalty related makes me puke a little at this point. With their skill set they would be Court Jesters so, seriously, sit the *blank* down already

  13. Leah says:

    Gosh, how I miss the days when she was private. What happened?

  14. DanaG says:

    Yep and I think we all know that little Blue Ivy is going to be a spoilt brat. It’s only going to get worse she will grow up believing she is more Royal then the real Royal baby. Who buys a baby designer high heels? That is just stupid and the picture was just weird looking. This is the image Bey wants everyone to believe all these “private” shot’s aren’t staged and set up. Let’s see little baby Blue Ivy with some dirt on her playing like a real baby does not dressed as a doll in a picture cause it’s cute.

  15. marie says:

    the only princess I ever wanted to be growing up was She-Ra, man I wanted her sword. BUT, I would have worn that crown like a champ.

    the photo of Blue touching Bey’s nose is cute. not on board with baby high heels but then again I’m not on board with grown up heels as I always end up falling and hurting myself, booo

  16. allons-y alonso says:

    talk about conspicuous consumption

  17. Sophia says:

    Just my two cents as a podiatrist, the kids foot bones haven’t even calcified yet. Dear Lord! Really, she is putting heels on the kid. Why? Just why?

    • jaye says:

      We don’t know that she puts the shoes on Blue. They may have been a gift from someone and she just decided to take pics of them.

  18. Dawn says:

    I think personal photos should be kept personal. None of us need to know that B.I. has a crown or Tom Ford heels for that matter. I don’t care if they spoil their child, they have money to do so and this little girl will never have to worry about doing anything at any one time in her life unless of course they lose all their money. I hope that they do some good with their money as well like giving to charities but again, up to them. That’s it from me!

  19. Tessa says:


  20. annaloo. says:

    Narcissistic, overindulgent and unnecessary.. but what else do you expect from Beyonce?

  21. EscapedConvent says:

    I’m going to try to stay calm about most of this, but really—that crown? That is @#$!ing ridiculous. That’s disturbing.

    Yes, I know it’s their money, I know they have the right to do anything they want with it—they can set fire to piles of it if they want to.

    I try to resist judgements like this, but I’m going to let it out this time: Take the cash you spent on a jewelled crown for a baby, & the baby high heels, & the Swarovski crystal high chair…. & give it to some little kids who aren’t going to have food this week, or school supplies, or shoes. There, I said it.

    • kay says:


    • Tessa says:

      It’s like they’re mocking us. My baby has a million dollars on her head, what does yours have? They’ve gone too far. Beyonce has officially lost touch.

    • SallyBee says:

      Ha! I thought a out pointing this out too, but didnt want to hear the backlash from her followers about how I have no idea how much money she is contributing to charity….. But I work w/ the homeless and my 1st thought when I saw the crown was “that sure woulD buy a lot of sack lunches”.

  22. linlin says:

    I don’t really have a problem with the crown, but the heels? Seriously?

  23. Laura says:

    I am assuming that the heels are totally for show. I doubt the child actually walks in them right?….right?!?! I mean she wears them only when she’s in in her stroller right??


  24. Alexandria says:

    Just go away Beyonce! I used to love her but I HATE her now. She’s so contrived and narcisststic. Please take your billions and disappear–I promise you won’t be missed

  25. Nev says:


  26. gail says:

    ok. I’m a fan of beyonce as a perfomer, but her use of the royal imagery – photographing her daughter with a crown and posting it online, the imagery for the “mrs. carter show”, “bow down” is crossing an ego line for me. too much! i just think she’s making an arrogant fool of herself.

  27. Amelia says:

    I’m not a psychic but I just had a vision of Kim and Kanye looking at these pictures and immediately ordering up dueling crown and shoes for North. Who wants to bet Kim and Kanye will be playing Keeping Up with the Joneses/Carters for the next 18 years?

    This could be amusing to watch. Sickening, but also amusing.

  28. Karen says:

    B & J take take conspicuous consumption to a whole new level.

    What is with that fence she’s standing between? It looks like she’s standing in a vagina.

    • Mean Hannah says:

      I can’t believe no one said this earlier – about the fence. Judging by the background, it looks like it’s on their terrace, so that fence is probably gold-plated. Get it – it’s a golden vagina – her “push” present for having the next “queen”. As for how they spend their money, I really don’t care.

  29. Eh...I'm Indifferent says:

    I think the photos are cute. But then again, I am a fan of Beyonce. I think it’s hilarious that people are so put off by her when she is one of the few stars not constantly plagued by drug/sex/relationship scandals.

    Any hoo…Blue Ivy could be wearing a pink romper with her name monogrammed on it and people would complain that it’s overindulgent, vain, unnecessary , and not blue.

  30. LahdidahBaby says:

    Awww, I love the shoe pic.

  31. truthful says:

    What a cute story…I have to admit, I did chuckle at the thought of shots and tiaras though.

    I was more of a high heel lil girl, I had those fake heels that I wanted to wear everywhere..the lil plastic ones and lip gloss (which was chap stick)

    even though I did not want the tiaras to mess up my hair, I was totally into the magic wand. Everything I got my hands onto was turned into a magic wand.

    awww, those lil heels are hilarious!

    Everyone have a nice holiday

  32. Betty says:

    Y’all,those heels were probably sent by Tom Ford as a gift. So if anything that is more like a funny,cute thing. I don’t think BIC ever walked in those or Bey plans to put her in heels. Calm down a bit.

    • Esti says:

      Yeah, that was my immediate thought, too. It seems much more likely that Tom Ford sent them over and although they weren’t going to put them on the kid, they thought they were cute and took a funny picture with them. Everyone getting pissed about spinal column damage — the shoes *aren’t* on the baby, calm down.

  33. AlmondJoy says:

    As a woman who has lost 2 daughters by means of stillbirth, I will treat my child like a PRINCESS if I’m ever blessed to have one.

    Beyonce has had a miscarriage and I have no problem with a woman who dotes on her only child. Also, I’m sure the heels are just for show or when she’s playing dress-up. Any time a pic of Blue Ivy is shown she’s wearing sneakers.

  34. DTX says:

    The High Heel pic…

    Me thinks it’s a great foreshadowing of whats to come for Bey & BIC. Beyonce has such a HUGE ego like Kris Jenner (Pimp Momma Kris) that she will never give up her spotlight for even her own daughter. Can’t you just picture Bey making her daughter’s sweet 16 or wedding all about herself?

    “Gimme that shoe child, we both know it looks better on me!”

    BIC will always be a supporting actress in the Beyonce Show!

  35. Jules says:

    Stomach turning………why do people like them?

  36. CleaK says:

    So true. Although I was surprised, and pleasantly so, that the crown was at least composed of fake stones and not real ones. When reading the headline about her having a crown, I totally thought it would be all real diamonds. So there is that, at least.

  37. Lucybelle says:

    I think it’s a disgusting display of excess and B is a narcissist to the nth degree but whatever. It’s not my money or my life.
    I loved wearing heels when I was a kid. Granted I was not a baby just learning to walk, I was probably 7 or so. They were the plastic kind and I remember wearing them while in the barn grooming my pony! I also remember wearing a long flower girl dress while riding my bike (that did not end well). I was such a girlie tomboy. Still am. I take care of my chickens wearing a sundress and tall rubber boots. I wouldn’t trade my humble country life for this woman’s ever.

    • Mingy says:

      hi lucybelle, your life sounds lovely and peaceful,unlike hers, if she had a great life i dont think she’d try so hard at…everything. and sundress and rubber boots sounds super cute :)

      • Lucybelle says:

        Ha, thanks! I think my life is pretty darn great. Unfortunately my boots aren’t as cute as I would like. They are just big clunky black ones! I bought them for a concert before I got my chickens and then didn’t wear then for like 2 years. I have been eying a pair of adorable pink ones at the farm store but I can’t justify buying them when I have a pair of perfectly usable boots at home!

  38. Larissa says:

    I don’t care how much money you have, this is just ridiculious.

  39. Toto says:

    I often wonder about “certain” people and their motives when they say they dislike Beyonce. Yet turn around and write positive comments about a celebrity who has done a lot worse than she has….is it jealousy or……………………other.

    • Eh...I'm Indifferent says:


    • MissMoody says:

      People’s perspective on what constitutes “a lot worse” differ. Throwing out the “everyones jealous guys!” line is lazy. In my book, that’s a bigger offence then say, Kate Gosselin’s Asian-eyed photoshoot. But then again, maybe I’m just jealous of you random stranger on the internet..?..

      • Toto says:

        Ok I’ll break it down it layman’s terms. I’m very uncomfortable when a person of another race so call hates a black entertainer. Why??? Because I no longer know the motive for that hate, and I’m lead to one conclusion. Call me paranoid but my rosé colored glasses have been lifted and I’m not as naive as I was before just two weeks ago. I don’t trust the motives of “anyone” anymore.

      • Lauren says:

        Toto – I’m sorry you feel this way. You will have a miserable life. In addition, seeing and interpreting everything through a perspective of race only increases racism – because now you are one too!

        It’s very sad that because of my race, in your eyes, I cannot like certain people for their personal characteristics and behavior. That is racism, and it is your racism.

      • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

        I’m black and she kind of bugs me and it’s for the same reasons as anyone else posting here. I don’t doubt that for some people out there there’s a sinister undercurrent to that dislike of which they might not even be aware but Sometimes a cigar (or crown) is just a cigar. I’m not seeing anything here that I didn’t see about the Cruise girl. Conversely, there’s nothing profound about predicting a life of misery for another person. You have your reasons for not taking to a person’s world view but predicting misery and flipping the racism script (especially in light of recent events) is pat.

    • xoxokaligrl says:

      whose done a lot worse? The problem most people have with her is that she is being extremely gauche… Other than that she really does not give her opinions on anything, especially if it is controversial. Oh wait.. I must be jealous…..

  40. Teeny says:

    On a side note, does anyone else think Bey has partaken in skin lightening activities? I think she seems shades lighter now than she did even just a few years ago. People change, but certainly not that drastically.

  41. lucy2 says:

    A little play tiara would be cute. But that crown…good grief.
    Too much ego in that house.

  42. anon says:

    I cannot stand this woman or her husband. They should be ashamed. They are not royalty (and neither are Prince Phillip, etc.)~they have no more worth than any other human being but actually think they do. Disgusted.

  43. Nava says:

    Maybe Blue Ivy loves Imperial Margarine…. That’s the only thing I could think of when I saw that picture…

  44. Isa says:

    It’s my biggest fear to raise spoiled brats.

    And the last picture, I don’t get what she’s wearing. The trends going on right now are so ugly.

  45. user00005 says:

    When will she be satisfied?
    When will she say I have enough crap and do not need more or show it all off?
    When will she come to her senses and stop acting like some social climber?
    She has had money and fame for such a long time, isn’t it high time that she led a more austere and muted life? At least in front of the cameras?
    She is so artificial and interminably PR-conscious. Even JLo and Mariah are less obtrusive than this drag queen nowadays.

  46. A Fan says:

    Over-exposed…by choice. Makes her no different than the rest, regardless of how ‘classy’ or controlled it’s done.

    I prefer the ones who still have some mystery left…

  47. Dommy Dearest says:

    I loathe this woman more than I loathe Kim Kardashian. Her sense of entitlement is much higher than that of the Royal family over in England. I really, really, deeply hope something would happen in her career that will cause a fan backlash and we’re all saying Beyonce who?

    ” It really is a wonderful gift to her fans and to bloggers alike. ” Seriously? A gift? I’d say a gift would be something nice for my daughter or me. Not pictures of a regular person in their life.


    • Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

      I’m no fan, either. I’m REALLY not a fan–too much solipsism for me– but at least she’s not bone idle and work shy as is the case for a certain helicopter enthusiast.

  48. UsedToBeLulu says:

    What, Bey never had Barbies? Usually women grow out of the doll dressing stage by the time they have children. Ugh.

    • Ellie says:

      I gotta admit, if I’m lucky enough to conceive I am going to play dress up with my baby. I’m 31 and I guess I never stopped wanting to dress up dolls. :D And heaven help me if I have a daughter… soooo many dresses will be purchased.

  49. Jasrina says:

    Just showing off herself…as usual!

  50. aftrnn says:

    i think the gold fence might actually be a sculpture by aaron young, fence miami

  51. phaksi says:

    Does a photographer follow heq and her family everywhere?!

  52. BeesKness says:

    I do agree that it’s their money to with as they please. The problem is, raising a spoiled brat is not fun when they become adults. I had a friend growing up who was so spoiled. Her father brought her home a new Barbie every day. Her playroom looked like a toy store. They went to Disney World every year (apparently this a thing now but back then, it was not so common). She had closets full of dresses. She had a new car at 16 etc etc. Her parents paid for her college and she didn’t finish. She is now 29 and a single mom living in a house her parents paid for. Her mom and dad buy all her daughter’s clothes, toys and diapers etc. She never appreciated anything, never wanted to work hard and has learned to rely on her parents for everything. Because of that, she could never keep a relationship and has had a hard time functioning as an adult. Look at Cameron Douglas, his parents had to cut him off but it was too late. The crown and shoes are cute, as is Blue Ivy, but all these extravagances might bite them in the butt one day.

  53. Tassi says:

    That last photo looks like she is stepping out of a Golden chain link vagina. Ugh.

  54. e.non says:

    sorry, but i just find this type of conspicuous consumption so disgusting; esp in these times of such economic distress. hell, north carolina just cut off all unemployment support for the long-term unemployed. chew on that.

  55. Bella says:

    I can`t stand her half assed photos of little “blu-jay” WE HAVE ALLLLLLL LOST INTEREST AND DON`T CARE.

  56. KayLastima says:

    After her “Bow Down” shenanigans I find this to be a disgusting image of self promotion and a gigantically lopsided sense of self and family worth.

  57. diva says:

    Must be nice to have a professional photographer on hand 24 hours a day to take “candid” pics of you

  58. jessiesgirl says:

    Hmmm, my thoughts on these pics- North West must be one cute little girl. I don’t think it is a coincidence pics promoting her little girl are being released now, just to remind everyone who the “top” baby is. So shallow.

    • Dommy Dearest says:

      Now that Suri is kept out of the limelight, these cows have to cash in to remind all of us that they have true royalty on their hands.

  59. Bijlee says:

    The first picture of her is beautiful.

    But I hate all these popstars who have more money than hundreds of us will make in a lifetime combined. Miley, Justin, Selena, Rihanna, nicki, Katy perry, gaga, Demi, jayz, kanye, snoop, mkardashians, teen moms, and all the other reality famehwores, and useless singers. Fine its their money, but i will judge away at how useless i think they are and what could be a better use for that money. My envy and exhaustion at their mindless shenanigans is strong. Annoying twits.

  60. Amelia says:

    We all know that she is not in any way a royal. It appears she is eerily starting to believe she is royal.

  61. MavenTheFirst says:

    Beyonce is one sick puppy.

  62. Mia says:

    The first picture is completely adorable. The heels are ridiculous and so are the last two pics. The last two photos are extremely try hard and Beyonce really can’t dress. Her outfit looks awful.

  63. pnichols says:

    Meanwhile yah we’d all look dope if every
    single picture taken of us was Photoshopped. Gimme a break.

  64. xoxokaligrl says:

    Why does her skin get lighter and lighter?

  65. Snooze says:

    Ugh. This ostentatious display of wealth is really vulgar. I’ve lost so much respect for Bey of late. Spoiling a child is never good. I grew up knowing a few rich kids and all of them were f*cked uo except for the ones whose parents just treated them like normal kids and made them do chores for a small amount of pocket money, get jobs as teenagers and save to buy their own cars, and so on and so forth.

  66. TheOneAndOnly says:

    All the comments are great but as Jules remarked, are bey’s so-called fans blinded by her “royalty” not to see this soul-destroying narcissism and contempt for the very fans that made her rich.

  67. Nancy says:

    Anyone notice luminatie signs?