Kat Von D got cheated on by Deadmau5 too, announces their breakup on Twitter

Celebrity tattoo artist Kat Von D has always been very demonstrative with her relationships. She was demonstrative when she was loved-up and engaged to Jesse James, she tweeted all about it when it finally dawned on her that he was a cheater, and she was spreading the news when she started dating DJ DeadMau5 last September. Then Kat accused Deadmau5 of cheating on her around November. Those two got back together and were engaged, over twitter about a month later. Fast forward six months and they’ve split up again and Kat has accused Deadmau5 of cheating on her. Rinse and repeat.

If this plays out anything like Kat’s breakup with Jesse James, they’ll get back together again at least one more time. Kat and Jesse did after their post-engagement breakup. This chick is supposedly 31, although she’s probably lying about her age and I would easily put her at 40-something. She should know better! She’s been a public figure for some time, but she still lacks basic common sense. Considering the massive tools that she dates, I would say that her propensity to overshare is the least of her problems.

These photos are from February, March and May. Credit: WENN.com and FameFlynet

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  1. Devon says:


  2. serena says:

    Ahah, you reap what you sow Kate.

  3. Chicagogurl says:

    I could have never of predicted this. Well at least she got a shitacular ring as a parting gift.

    • gogoGorilla says:

      Ok, that made me LOL! Isn’t it a skull or something? Following a Twitter proposal? So romantic.

      Also, I know it’s not popular to say this, but I have no love for that much ink.

      • Mac says:

        I think she’s pretty, but I do agree on the fact that she has too many tattoos. I love tattoos, and have a few myself, but I think she has so many that you’re not able to focus on what they’re tattoos of.

      • Chicagogurl says:

        It’s so ugly: http://www.at40.com/news-article/kat-von-d-shows-off-stunning-black-diamond-engagement-ring/24099. It looks like that kitsch trendy jewelry you see for like Ed hardy or something.

        I have a lot of tats and I love most of them but I think the line is when you 1. Have no place left to ink, 2. Have a neck or face tat. Too far. Half her tats dont even look like she was being sentimental, she was just bored. And at 31 to have not a lot of space left….she better get fat if she wants more tats.

      • Bodhi says:


        Tattoos don’t have to have some deep meaning. Sometimes people get them solely because they look cool. One of my husband’s best friends own a tattoo shop & DH has at least 5 or six that he got because his buddies just wanted to tattoo someone.

        Personally, I wouldn’t ever get my face tattooed, but I do really like the stars on Kat’s. I think they suit her.

      • ash says:

        I have plenty of ink, but when I see a face tattoo the only thing I think is “they have been to prison.”

      • Chicagogurl says:

        At Bodhi — I get that and no judgement for getting something that looks “cool” and hopefully most get tattoos they think look cool, mine just happen to be sentimental miles markers in addition. If you’re going to have something for life, don’t you want at least “i thought it looked cool” or ” i got it to mark this thing in my life”…not I was bored and drinking tequila and thought why not?

        At Ash – totally get why you jump to prison….i jump to prison or gang or somebody likes meth and they’ll never have an office job. I was on the train a few years back and a guy in chef’s pants had a full blown 8 in butchers knife tat across his neck, slicing into his neck with blood coming out (not done very well btw) and he had “Angel” on the side of his face. Somehow we ended up talking and i asked him about his tats (he brought it up first) and he said “meth will make you do really stupid shit you think is awesome when you’re 20 and have to live with when you’re 40″. So now every time i see a face tat i always think of that guy.

      • MrsPotato says:

        So judgmental.

        Talk less. Think more.

    • gg says:

      It’s a black diamond with skulls on either side. Looks like a chunk of coal – she’s been bad apparently.

      I hope she stops dating celebrity goons – they will always cheat because girls throw themselves at them.

  4. marie says:

    maybe she should pick better guys and stop going after her brand of bad-boy.. I would say she’s older than 31 too.

  5. grabbyhands says:

    Is anyone surprised? I called this as soon as they announced their engagement.

  6. A says:

    They’ll get back together in a week. Dear god. Why can’t she ever be single and not date cheating people who help her with her career.

  7. Bacon! says:

    God, these people are trash.

    I love it.

  8. DanaG says:

    I think all her relationships have ended because of cheating she was married at least once maybe twice and she was engaged to someone before Jesse too. Kat just likes getting engaged and doesn’t seem to care who too. She needs to look at why these guys feel the need to cheat on her and look at who she is choosing!

    • YuYa says:

      These guys “feel the need to cheat” not because of her (or the cheated on SO), but because THEY have poor character.

      I hate it when people blame the cheated on SO for cheating. If this tool had a problem with the relationship, he should have brought it up, and if it wasn’t fixable, he should have broken up…NOT CHEATED.

      There are plenty of guys who aren’t labeled bad boys who cheat as well.

      • Emily C. says:

        Kat gravitates toward people who will cheat on her. They’d cheat on anyone, so it’s not her fault, but she does need to look at why she keeps choosing these men. There are lots of “bad boy” types who DON’T cheat.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      SHE cheated on Oliver Peck when she was married to him. Took him awhile to get over it (he’s one of my goto tattooers.)

      • Emily C. says:

        Hmm. I’ve always found that people who do, or at least want to, cheat are the most jealous and prone to accuse other people of cheating. Sounds like that’s possibly what Kat is doing here.

    • Michella says:

      I think its more down to her choice of men. A man who likes to cheat will cheat no matter how amazing and cared for he is . Its less about the women and more about the thrill of a bit of strange.

    • Beatriz says:

      She was with Nikki Sixx for over two years before that (I’m not sure if they were engaged, but they were serious). Rumour has it she cheated on him.

  9. Thora says:

    I like his Cat Flag t-shirt. I’m going to buy one.

  10. Erinn says:

    DeadMau5 just released a statement on twitter/facebook that he has never been unfaithful to her during their relationship.


  11. Tony says:

    Dude’s a twig. She could probably kick his ass.

  12. missmerry says:

    ugh nobody cares about people cheating on her.

    I believe it was Einstein that said “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

    in this case, it’s doing the same kind of men over and over and expecting them to behave differently than the last.

    She gets what she deserves, she’s gross.

  13. Joy says:

    Something nice. Her liquid lipstick at sephora is great. I do feel a bit of shame when buying it but it’s too good to stop!

    • An says:

      I think she is actually very attractive face and body wise, too many tattoos though. She leads the love life of someone ten years younger, choosing bad boys and breaking up all the time. Sigh.

    • Zombie Nurse says:

      Her concealer is also shamefully awesome. Everytime I buy it I just want to tell the person at the counter, “I’m not buying it because of her, this stuff is just too good not to keep buying!”

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I know…. her makeup line is really good. I feel guilty for liking it since I was firmly on her ex-husband’s side in their divorce.

  14. Holden says:

    If people kept cheating on me, I think I’d take a hard look at why. But then again maybe she just dates/get engaged to a certain type of guy…

  15. hayley says:

    oh I was SO hoping you would cover this. kat is ridiculous. I used to really like LA Ink and it’s sad that she pissed off the network enough to make them cancel it.

  16. Kate says:

    She’s not 31 but I’m pretty sure she’s still under 40. If she’s over 40, I want her skin care regimen (as long as tattooing isn’t involved).

    • anon33 says:

      I was gonna say…she has been in the news for what, three or four years now with this crap? Hasn’t she always said she is 31? I don’t ever remember reading a story about her-even that many years back-where she WASN’T reported to be at least 31. Am I wrong??

  17. Dragonlady sakura says:

    (Clutches pearls) I did not see this coming!

  18. Cam S says:

    These people are so freaking tacky. Supposedly they have “talent” so why are they acting fame hungry? Airing out all that personal stuff, I don’t care much for modern day sharing every detail.

  19. lettylynton says:

    Sometimes she looks so much like Rumer Wilson to me. I think she’s gorgeous; I love all of her tatts and her makeup line is amazing. I liked her most recent engagement ring. Maybe she’s ‘addicted to love’? Kind of like how Jennifer Love Hewitt has been.

  20. Jane says:

    She got a nose job so she looks older, but she was born in the early 80s.

  21. Ok says:

    I guess maybe if your engagement ring has moulding a of multiple human skulls on it that does not actually bode well for the relationship.

    That being said, I looked at the link from another poster on he engagement ring. I thought it was a pretty ring. The diamond was beautiful. I,however, would have opted for a different setting that did not include human skull renderings on it.

  22. Jessiebes says:

    She is a jerk magnet!

  23. sadie says:

    ugh…those two. almost forgot about them…both r douche bags

  24. Masque says:

    31 going on 13. This chick is beyond immature.

  25. Madpoe says:

    Eck! She’ll let anything park in her crotch!

  26. nikzilla says:

    Poor Kat. She just like d-bags i guess.

  27. Cheryl says:

    To quote patty…. Her pecker picker is broken.

  28. claire says:

    I don’t dislike Kat at all. But she seems to be a hopeless romantic, have a bad picker and be incredibly immature. She was much prettier, too, before the plastic surgery. I hope she stops there.

  29. Emily C. says:

    “Cheating on your loved one is the most hurtful thing one could do.”

    Riiight. Forget abuse, rape, and murder. Cheating is the worst thing that has happened to Kat, so it’s the worst thing that anyone could possibly do.

    Kat Von D and Bethenny Frankel: sisters under the skin.

    • Jessica says:

      While you make a valid point, I think she’s referring to normal relationships and not one that involves domestic violence. For people in a relationship without violence, breaking trust can be so hurtful that it can break a person for a long time.

      • Emily C. says:

        Since that’s not what she said, I have to disagree.

        Also, it’s looking now like maybe she wasn’t cheated on at all this time.

  30. Michele says:

    She is still that heavy girl in a thin body that has low self esteem. She needs to feel better about herself and improve her choices in men. I feel sorry for her. Nothing will change until something changes and that something is her true inner confidence.

  31. cutelittlehappything says:

    Ugh. I can so see her with Dave Navarro. They match!

  32. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:


  33. Stubbylove says:

    Wow, so shocked by this – really thought these two crazy kids would make it! Said no one ever.

  34. Nikki says:



  35. Mia says:

    Why does she have such low self esteem that she keeps constantly getting back together with these cheaters that treat her like garbage. The worst was when she practically chased down Jesse James who had just gotten his spot blown up for being a disgusting and shameless cheater on his movie star wife. Did she think she was special, with a magical p*ssy? She brought that one on herself, and it was too hilarious.