“Hugh Jackman’s incredibly veiny arms are kind of gross, kind of hot” links

Hugh Jackman’s arms are crazy! Goodness. [A Socialite Life]
Prince Harry & William went to Thomas van Straubenzee’s bachelor party this weekend. Huh. Do you think anything shady happened? [Pop Sugar]
Michael Fassbender “yelled” at a blonde in Montreal. [LaineyGossip]
Photos from Kim Kardashian’s weekend baby shower. [Dlisted]
There’s some really interesting gossip about Nikki Finke today… [Buzzfeed]
I haven’t watched Game of Thrones yet! Don’t spoil it for me. [Pajiba]
Victoria Beckham & baby Harper are so cute. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Dina & Michael Lohan were paid ($50K each?) to fight on camera. [CDAN]
Review of Now You See Me: don’t see it. [The Blemish]
Good God, is Ellie Goulding wearing Marchesa? [Go Fug Yourself]
Did Robert Pattinson’s mom make him dump K-Stew? [ICYDK]
(Some) British women love to booze it up at lunch. [Jezebel]
Chrissy Teigen did some tweet & delete bitching about J.Lo. [Evil Beet]
Will RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice get a spinoff? [Reality Tea]
Celebrities are getting paid to tweet but the pay-scale is weird. [Starcasm]
Selena Gomez looks cute in leggings. [Popoholic]
Sophie Turner has a butt. [IDLYITW]
Amanda Bynes got evicted? [Wonderwall]

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  1. Amelia says:

    . . . Blimey.
    Anatomically fascinating – yes. The circulatory system is a pretty amazing invention of nature.
    Ehhh, not so much.

    • V4Real says:

      Hugh veins looks like a crackhead’s dream. :)

      I still find him hot.

    • Suzanne says:

      I’ll go with GROSS..nothing HOT about those! He and Madonna should team up..oh and Angelina Jolie…she’s got skeleton arms..and veiny hands…plus the one vein that bulges from her forehead.

  2. Kate says:

    Jackman’s been roiding for years.

    Michael Fassbender didn’t “yell” at anyone. Hilarious how gossip blogs spin things. The actual photographer caption says that he told this blonde woman to “keep her distance”…which could mean anything.

    Anyway, I think people have been jumping to conclusions about his love life/Louise Hazel. Dude is probably keeping it casual.

    • V4Real says:

      Can a celebrity just date? When I’m not in a serious relationship I tend to go out on dates with more than one person. Sometimes you need to date a few people to get a feel of if this person is the one you want to enter into a relationship with. Sometimes you’re not looking for a relationship but still enjoy the company of the opposite sex.

    • Leigh says:

      Even if I was simply friends with someone, if we were walking together, hanging out and they told me to “keep my distance”, I’d probably accomodate them, permanently.

    • Elle Kaye says:

      @Kate, you have no idea if Jackman has done steroids. The guy works his ass off for these movies, and always stays in good shape. I know guys 10 years older than him that look just as good, and they aren’t on steroids, just a very lean diet and a lot of exercise. And when I lift weights and hit them reaaallly hard, the veins on my arms pop. I have to be careful because I can get a little bulky.

      • MavenTheFirst says:

        All great points. I feel badly for him. All that money, a cornucopia of insanely luscious food at his command, and he has to diet. Major bummer.

  3. marie says:

    my Monday just got infinitely better with photos of hot Harry, thanks for that!

    and if you’re going to b-tch tweet, stand behind it, don’t go deleting it cause you got some negative feedback..

  4. yolo112 says:

    While while waiting for the baby to finish up crappin in is diaper, I decided that THIS would be a great time to peruse thru KK baby shower nonsense…I figure crap = crap, right? Wait, scratch that…krap = krap..At any rate, the only take away I got from those pics is that she surrounds herself with people that also dress like krap. All that money and that’s what they wear?? I spy NeNe’s nipplage thru her dress (gross) and just LOOK at Tracy Anderson…lol..wow..and yikes. And my fav moment happen to be the Inkognito Kayne…very stealthy, man…and klassy.

    These pics of Hugh scare the bahjesus outta me.

  5. Marty says:

    The more I learn about Fassbender, the less I like him.

    • Lucretia says:

      Better make sure you’re hearing the truth about Fassbender before you decide. Lainey has been as negative as possible for a couple of years. In regard to “yelling” at her–who says? The paparazzi? The Daily Fail? Yes, I believe those guys, for sure.

      Hugh seems to have overdone it a little; still like him though.

      • Marty says:

        I don’t think he yelled at her, well it doesn’t look that way in the photos, but why does he have to be so shady about it. He’s a man who like to date a lot and have sex a lot, nothing wrong with that. I just don’t see the point not wanting to be seen walking to close to a woman, I mean people are going to talk regardless right?

      • Yolanda says:

        I saw the photos and read the story and it is pretty obvious what happened.Micheal was walking down the street and was approached by a fan who wanted an autograph.He started to give it to her but saw that the paps were there and told her to move away so they wouldn’t be photographed together and the tabloids and gossip sites would claim he was cheating on Louise.I think Michael is very aware at how crazy the tabloids get when they see him even talk to a white woman and by tomorrow celebitchy would be doing a story on this complete stranger he doesn’t even know and suggesting that they’re secretly dating or something ridiculous like that.ITA that Lainey doesn’t like him and is always trying to make him look bad.

      • Marty says:

        Uh, she didn’t have anything for him to sign and follwed him into that building, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t a fan.

        What’s the big deal IF he is dating, or whatever, two women at the same time. People do that a lot.

      • blumpy says:

        there is pics of the blonde on the set waiting for him in a chair, and some of them walking and talking and he is in another outfit. I dont see him yelling at her or even the appearance of it. she is either someone who works on xmen, friend, or a girrrrrllllll hanging with him. She isnt some devious tabloid set up.

        here the link



    • Yolanda says:

      So what do you think Marty, that Michael Fassbender goes out to dinner with black women openly but secretly hooks up with blondes? And he is so embarrassed about it that he runs the girls off from the paps when they catch him??? Come on.She was more likely just a fan or a friend and he didn’t want to give the tabloids the wrong idea.

      • Just me says:

        apparently she was with him on the set so she’s not a fan ans his behaviour is stupid if you’re with a friend act normally on contrary people must think you have something to hide and in general it’s the case for celebs and non celebs (and for a man and a woman, the last time I saw this behaviour she was cheating on her husband :) )

  6. Shannon says:

    One word…..HOT!!!

  7. Pixie says:

    I accidentally caught this weeks game of thrones when i was round at my boyfriend’s (he LOVES it). Suffice to say i looked up at the screen at the wrong moment…Gory isn’t the word!!
    Also pics of H7 make me smile, she’s so cute! And KK’s baby shower looked like her- tacky. Did anyone else find it hilarious Kelly Osbourne was there?!

  8. neelyo says:

    Another word…Roids!

    On an unrelated note, why nothing about the Scientology bomb that hit theatres over the weekend?

  9. Janet says:

    Bodies pumped up on steroids do absolutely nothing for me.

  10. Jules says:

    Only Madonna would find that hot.

  11. Mel says:

    Oooh, he’s too vascular. He needs to up his body fat by a couple of points and go drink some water. Lay off the water pills, dude.

  12. Samigirl says:

    I was hoping for a GoT post. Maybe tomorrow? I still have the feels :(

    • Pixie says:

      It was one of those episodes that just sticks with you, wasn’t it? I felt sick after it :(

  13. Tig says:

    Will always love Hugh, but not so much like this. Think him and Joe guy from TB need to dial it back several notches!!

  14. Boodiba says:

    Arms = gross plus face looks like monkey.

  15. Isa says:

    Ewww gross over the top.

    Yes please give Teresa a spin off already!

  16. Madpoe says:

    I’m curious. Did Fassy yell in German or with an Irish accent. tee hee

    Perhaps Hugh should give the ladies free hugs more often and his veins won’t be so backed up looking.

  17. Miss M says:

    As much as I love HJ as Wolverine, I have to say NOOOOOOOO to the veiny arms…

  18. Jag says:

    I dislike Jackman’s director SO much! He’s the one who wanted Wolverine to be a veiny mess, and I hate it. He was just fine before, being the solid muscle. Don’t ruin one of my favorite characters with ugly veins. Sheesh!

  19. Bobbi says:

    Idk abt the arms but his beard is HOT

  20. Irishae says:

    I love me some Chrissy Teigen twitter bitch-fests. They may not always be right on, but the effort is appreciated.

  21. tifzlan says:

    Wait, is that the same Sophie Turner who plays Sansa Stark?

  22. cupcake says:

    Most of the links never work for me.. They send me to the main page for that site.. Like the amanda bynes one

  23. May May says:

    I love him. :D

    I don’t know about him using steroids, I’ve seen videos of him working out and talking about how he gets in shape. I’ll be really disappointed in him if he does though.