Mila Kunis spends time in London with Ashton Kutcher & her parents: ruh-roh?

Here are some photos of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis in London on Sunday. I believe that they are still in London right now, and have been for about a week. Ashton and Mila are on some kind of European vacation, which is fine. The thing that bugs me is that Mila’s new film Blood Ties just premiered last night at the Cannes Film Festival, and Mila didn’t bother to show up. Maybe she was never scheduled to come or whatever, but seriously, why would it be a big deal for her to fly in for a night? Clive Owen did that! But Mila chose to stay in London with Ashton. And her parents. Because that’s where this relationship is – they spend time with each other’s families.

Mila Kunis introduced boyfriend Ashton Kutcher to her parents over a play and dinner this weekend. On Saturday, the couple took her folks to “Billy Elliott: The Musical” at the Victoria Palace in London. The following night, the four had dinner at Duck & Waffle — the same restaurant where Kunis and Kutcher, who’s in a contentious divorce with Demi Moore, had a double date with Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend, US businessman Dave Clark, the weekend before.

[From Page Six]

Ugh. Does anyone want to start a pregnancy rumor for Mila? She looks thin to me, but she’s got some layers so maybe she’s pregnant. I know, that was weak. But wouldn’t it make so much sense? If Mila was pregnant, I think a lot of us would be like, “Oh, I understand this relationship now.” But as it is, the only explanation for it is that Mila has NO Douche-Radar. Allegedly, her friends are even telling her “he a ho” and she’s not listening. Ugh, Mila.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. MooHoo says:

    they seem like they are in love. i think he is really in to her.

    • Anastasia Beaverhausen says:

      Agreed. I actually like them together and always taught they’d hook up sooner or later.

    • Liv says:

      I think he just shows her his best side and because of that she doesn’t see a reason to break up with him.

      I also think he showed his true colors when he “broke” up with Demi Moore. Always remember Mila, he will treat you the exact same way like he treated his ex.

      • nofkksgiven says:

        What did he do to Demi? Demi had a drug problem, they separated, he dated out, they got divorced…

      • Pixie says:

        They’ve known each other for about 15 years. I’m sure Mila knows what he’s actually like better than anyone.

      • Liv says:

        Eh, he cheated on her big time to get rid of her??! I know Demi is pretty crazy and was probably clinging to him, but that’s no excuse.

      • BeachBelle says:

        Pixie. Exactly. These two have known each other for a long time. She probably knows him better than any woman he’s ever dated including Demi. Also, there’s probably a whole lot about Demi that Ashton could have told, but he has chosen to keep his mouth shut and has taken all the heat himself for their breakup.

      • jane16 says:

        Ashton is getting an unfair amount of blame for the Demi breakup. She is a really nasty egomaniac, who cheated on him plenty. Ashton is actually quite nice to everyone, look at how good he was to his stepdaughters, everyone that works with him likes him as well. Mila has known him since she was a kid, they worked together all day everyday for years. I think she knows the score by now. I wouldn’t worry about her.

  2. Rhiley says:

    Ashton Kutcher did something really weird to his nose. It is certainly much thinner than before and it has this odd dimple in the middle. I think he also had some kind of cutlets put in his face. Maybe he thought having plastic surgery with Demi might bring them closer. Anyway, that is all I got on this couple because let me say, they are boring. I think that is problem. Ashton Kutcher makes Mila Kunis completely boring. Amanda Seyfried boring.

  3. Pixie says:

    Mila’s a grown woman, she can make her own decisions. Many Hollywood men cheat on their wives and don’t receive half the scrutiny Ashton does, for example Bruce Willis,,,
    But I could be bias because I started watching That 70s Show again from the beginning last night and I love them together!

  4. Anna says:

    She is not vacationing in London, she’s shooting a film here(with Channing Tatum).

    • rtms says:

      Word, do some research before you yap. She is there to shoot a 5 month movie with Wachoski’s. Ashton is there during his break instead of doing his own stuff this year.As for the Cannes thing, I don’t think her movie is in competition, hence why she probably didn’t go.

  5. Zimmer says:

    If I was involved with Demi, I’d have been a douche too! Have just never liked her, though a few of her films were good!

    Plus, Demi should have known the age difference was very unlikely to work. Gold diggers can be found among both sexes and it dosen’t take rocket science to figure it out. Maybe not always the case, but often!

  6. lovegossip says:

    They seem happy. Almost too happy. The cynic in me says he is using her to better his reputation tho…..

  7. BennyJenny says:

    She probably didn’t go to Cannes because she is filming her new movie Jupiter Acsending in London with the Wachowskis. I doubt Mila is pregnant right now lol. She also looks like she’s lost a bit of weight, but that’s probably for the movie role she’s playing

  8. BennyJenny says:

    Also LOL, this is not the first time Mila’s parents have met Ashton. If you go back to pap pics last year back when they just started dating, you’d see candids of Ashton hanging with Mila at her home with her parents…and they’ve known each other since T7S so I’m pretty sure he’s met Mila’s parents before.

  9. taylor says:

    Just can’t give it a rest with the negative and the typical misinformation. They aren’t on some vacation, Mila is in London shooting her new film, Jupiter Ascending, her role in Blood Ties is minor, so it is no big deal to no attend Cannes.

    And I believe you were the first to post pictures last year when she was shooting Blood Ties saying she was too fat, and now the complaint is she is too thin….what a surprise….your bias hated for Kutcher is getting to the point where you should check in to some therapy…..can’t wait for more accurate reporting from Star…I’m sure a bogus pregnancy story will show up again anytime.

    • lovegossip says:

      Accurate reporting from STAR???? LMAO Sorry, you should probably head over to Radar then if you’re not happy here. ;-)

  10. Starlight says:

    Actually, Ashton was more of a victim than Demi. He is probably sticking to Mila to keep Demi away from him.

  11. Mary says:

    Mila is actually shooting Jupiter Ascending in London with Channing.

  12. mkyarwood says:

    I lost 20 lbs in my first trimester from hyperemesis. She was prolly losing weight anyway because people jumped all over her gaining a couple of pounds last year. Anyway, could be a strong possibility. Upside = kid will be GORGEOUS.

  13. serena says:

    She’s thin but I kind of see a bump..? Is it just me?

  14. xxx says:

    Pretty sure her parents would have met him before, especially considering she was a minor on the show when it began so they would have had to be present some of the time.

    I don’t tend to trust cheaters, but there are cases of these types of people changing for the “right” person or because they’ve reached a stage in their life where they want to settle down – like Warren Beattie.

  15. Ally8 says:

    Pursuant to Christina Hendricks’ sweatpants-related comment last week, this is the sweatpantsiest Hollywood relationship ever.

    It’s all food and stretch cotton with these two.

  16. ataylor says:

    Actually, Ashton flew back to L.A. a few hours after this photo was taken. He’s been here since Sunday sans Mila.

  17. Raven Sparrow says:

    In the second picture, the way her t-shirt hangs seems like she has a small baby bump. ;)
    I think they’re cute as a couple and I bet they have the best laughs together. They seem comfortable with each other. :D

  18. Starlight says:

    Is he divorced from Demi?