Are Mila Kunis’s friends concerned about Ashton Kutcher’s wandering eye?

It’s been a while since we’ve collectively rolled our eyes at Mila Kunis and whispered “gurl, he’s a douchebag.” So let’s start doing that again! It helps that Mila and Ashton Kutcher have been relatively low-key as a couple for a few months. They don’t walk red carpets together. They do go to Lakers games together, and the tabloids keep saying that they’re pretty much living together now. They’ve been together more than a year. Should we just accept them now? NEVER. I will never not think that Mila could do better.

For the past few weeks, Ashton and Mila have been on some kind of European vacation. They’ve been in Spain, Belgium, and over the weekend they were in London. They actually partied with royalty! It was just Princess Beatrice of York and her boyfriend, but the double date went well, and they all went bar-hopping together. I guess Mila hadn’t heard this gossip about Ashton: Star Magazine claims Ashton still has something of a wandering eye.

Ashton Kutcher is apparently channeling his inner Charlie Sheen and turning into an out-of-control, lady-loving actor! On April 24, while his girlfriend Mila Kunis was away in London, Ashton and producer Guy Oseary – who is also a close friend of Ashton’s ex, Demi Moore – cohosted a party full of sexy women at Guy’s house.

“Ashton was beyond flirty with one tall blonde,” dishes the source. But the actor’s womanizing ways aren’t going unnoticed by Mila’s friends.

“They warm her to be careful… but she trusts him.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Flirting is not cheating, of course, and Star isn’t saying that Ashton has cheated on Mila, only that he’s still a very flirty guy and that Mila’s friends are concerned (I would be too if Mila was my friend). Before everyone screams “It’s Star, I don’t believe it” (I hate when you do that), keep in mind that Star broke the story about Ashton’s affair with that club girl named Brittany Jones. Ashton brought Brittany to the home he shares with Demi and they boned on the couch, and Brittany sold her story. And didn’t Star also get the exclusive when Ashton fooled around with that other girl in Vegas… on his wedding anniversary?! My point? If Ashton fools around on Mila, he’s got a noticeable pattern and we will hear about it in the tabloids. Ashton fools around with low-hanging fruit, and those are the girls who want their 15 minutes of fame for being “the girl Ashton banged in the club bathroom.” So… again, it’s really just a matter of time. And Mila Kunis doesn’t have much of a Douche Radar.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Faye says:

    If someone cheats once, they’ll usually cheat again. She got together with him knowing he’s a cheater, so she can’t be too surprised if it happens again. Maybe she doesn’t care.

  2. poppy says:

    she knows he has a dirty dong. wtf is she doing with him? she has the world at her feet, her choice of thousands of men and she goes with that?
    he is disgusting and she is not as bright as previously thought.

  3. kim says:

    So glad there isn’t a lot of stories about them. He is boring, not talented, and very predictable. She could do a lot better than him….

    • FLORC says:

      “He is boring, not talented, and very predictable.”
      She is also boring, not talented, and very predictable. Boring and talented speaks for itself. Predictable in that she only dates DB’s. They’re a good match.

  4. aims says:

    Flirting with women isn’t cheating, it is rude and obnoxious though. He has a bad reputation, and I think it’s justified. He somehow gets these beautiful women, I’m not sure how. Maybe his dirty dong is amazing in bed. Who knows? I guess I’m at the age now that, if you can eliminate unnecessary drama, do it. He seems that he would be drama.

  5. Monie says:

    Mila looks like Patton Oswalt in the face in that last pic. LOL

  6. Hakura says:

    They’ve known eachother for so long now, (& the details of his relationship with Demi have been so public), that it’d be hard to believe Mila wouldn’t already know about his bad habits. She could be in denial, or believe him in his ‘explanations’ (Re: ‘excuses’) about what went down.

    I agree that she could do so much better, but she seems to disagree. Maybe she isn’t holding him to standards as high as her friend’s.

  7. serena says:

    I think she enjoys douches, maybe because she is one too -douchette LOL-.

    • Miss M says:

      That’s what I’ve been thinking all along.

      Besides, he was probably the guy she had a huge crush on while growing up, but he wouldn’t notice her because she was too young.

  8. Starlight says:

    Nothing to worry, Mila can easily replace him.

  9. Thiajoka says:

    Somehow, I really don’t think she takes him that seriously. I have nothing to base that on, just that she seems like she has a good head on her shoulders. I suspect it’s more of a friends with benefits thing.

  10. donna says:

    Still hard for me to believe just how in love with him she seems to be. Not because he’s a douche but because of how in love she seemed to be with Macaulay. Even after they had been broken up for years, she was still quietly talking about how much she loved their relationship. It’s just hard to wrap my head around.

    • FLORC says:

      Some people don’t know what love is and confuse it with neediness and infatuation. I can’t speak for their relationship, but I certainly get the vibes. And he was into drugs for years! She must have known that and tried to change him. I get that feeling she might be trying to correct Ashton’s behavior as well.

  11. KellyinSeattle says:

    I don’t like Ashton but do have to say they have pretty good chemistry.

  12. jamee draper says:

    We always take the woman’s side and ask how Mila and Demi could fall for such a d-bag….but what do we know about THEM?Maybe they’re jerks themselves and that’s what they like about him.

    • FLORC says:

      You and others are making a case I’e never seen before. Mila is a douche and they are 2 peas in a pod. I’m starting to wonder. I automatically give any girl a big side eye when they talk about what a guys girl they are. Star trek, video games, etc… You gloat to get guys attention and if you need to tell them it’s just trying too hard.

  13. gisby says:

    How can you say Mila doesn’t have good douche radar? She finds them, again and again.

    What she lacks is discernment.

  14. mimi says:

    Actually, he went to Vegas hookers, and usually when you pay escorts – they will not sell the story. Or that’s how the deal works sometimes.

    If this will happen with Mila, then it would take a long time for it to become known.

    I have no idea why she is ignoring his ways, but I assume she is infatuated and that tends to make people act without using their brains.

    I hope she will find love with a nice guy who has better qualities as a romantic companion.

  15. Bren says:

    I know I may be the only one here that feels this way – but I kinda like them together !