Jessica Alba in leather & lace Tory Burch at the Met Gala: sexy or predictable?

Jessica Alba attended the Met Gala as the guest of designer Tory Burch. She was there along with Ginnifer Goodwin, below. Both of these ladies tried to be punk, but there was something too feminine about their gowns. Alba was interviewed by’s correspondent on the red carpet and she said that she felt “very elegant but kind of punk rock because it’s leather.” Leather doesn’t make something “punk rock,” cut, styling, attitude and accessories do and this dress was lacking somehow. She’s in a sexy cutout leather dress which was was actually navy blue, not black. I love the lace pattern on the leather and she looks gorgeous, just not punk. Her earrings are very cool.

Check out the studded leather jacket that Alba wore over this dress. She should have kept it on for the photos and it would have been perfect.

Ginnifer Goodwin was also in Tori Burch. She tried to compensate for the safe sequin gown with some very dark black eye makeup and messy hair. She said “Having short hair has been very liberating tonight… we were trying to keep up with how incredible the dress was.” The dress wasn’t that incredible, in my opinion. It was a typical cap sleeve gown that Burch tried to make edgy with leather details. She didn’t quite bring it.

Christina Ricci was in Vivienne Westwood and I think she rocked this sexy little mullet gown. This is the kind of plaid “ska” print that crossed over into punk. (Or maybe it originated in punk and crossed into “ska,” I’m a product of the 90s!) Westwood knows punk and she married it with fashion well here. I even like Ricci’s black fishnet stockings, this is the 90s punk that I know so well.

Minka Kelly was more goth than punk in this very striking full length purple Carolina Herrera gown. This was incredible in my opinion and was such a beautiful dress. I love the sequins around the shoulders and neckline and the way the sheer lace overlay reveals a sexy fitted gown underneath. The detail on this dress is so impressive yet it doesn’t cross over into “busy” territory. I would love to wear this gown.

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  1. HotPockets says:

    I like Minka Kelly’s look, same with Christina Ricci. I literally cringed when I saw Jennifer Goodwin, she looked terrible, the hair, the makeup and same with Alba. Jessica Alba’s makeup was awful, WHY?

  2. The Wizz says:

    So far from all the shots Ricci looks the best both punk and cool wise.

    • JennJ says:


    • lee says:

      seriously. I was looking through all of these photos racking my brain trying to figure out why no one was wearing Vivienne Westwood. I mean, she’s basically the definition of ‘punk: chaos meets couture’. It’s baffling.

      • Abby says:

        ITA. Vivienne Westwood IS punk meets couture to me. I would have thought the line to wear her stuff would be a mile long.

        Also… where is Alexander McQueen of the good ol’ days when you need him?

  3. MrsB says:

    I like Jessica Alba’s dress, but her makeup and hair are doing her no favors whatsoever.

  4. LadyMTL says:

    Thank God Christina Ricci got it right. Vivienne Westwood practically IS punk. The rest of them…blah. Jessica Alba definitely should have kept the jacket on, because the dress itself is kind of ugly, and Ginnifer Goodwin is just scaring me.

    • annaloo. says:

      These poseurs don’t know CRAP about punk. This is just like when my high school had a theme week, and the student council chose “punk” for one of the days. To see what those cheerleaders were wearing as “punk” made my new wave-worshiping stomach TURN and HURL.

      This is the same feeling.

      • xxx says:

        Well, let’s be honest, a “gala” and “punk” are polar opposites, they could never be pure punk, because they’re not Punks! This is about how an underground street movement and the fashion that accompanied it then influenced and still influences high fashion and couture. That is the whole point of the theme. It is not a costume party like a Halloween Party is. If they tried to dress like real punks it would be ridiculous, and that’s not the idea.

    • motivatedmedia says:

      No practically about it. She, from her store with Malcolm McLaren made punk. And the Sex Pistols. I’m shocked there wasn’t more Westwood featured.

  5. T.Fanty says:

    Has Alba had work done? Her face looks completely different.

  6. bros says:

    I also gagged when I saw goodwin. jesus she looks terrible, and that dress is a hot disproportionate mess. Minka looks great-love the belt and the berry lipstick!

  7. Rhiley says:

    Jessica Alba looks really aged because of the hair and makeup. The dress and leather jacket are blah. I usually love her casual outfits but her formal wear rarely looks very good imo. And Ginnifer Goodwin looks like a mess. She looks like Marilyn Mason, desperate for attention. She was really cute in that ensemble movie she did a few years back, but I don’t like her with short hair.

  8. Anna says:

    I love Minka but this dress is so OLD. Dowager Countess would wear this if she graced the Met with an appearance.

  9. Jolinda says:

    That lipstick makes her look ill.

  10. Willa says:

    Christina looks great!

  11. V4Real says:

    What’s going on with Jessica’s face, is she botoxing? Stinka famewhore Kelly is a hot mess but Ricci looks adorable.

  12. Dawn says:

    I like some of them. Ya know the punk makeup was very heavy and very dark around the eyes, but still I want to see the holes, the leather and the boots. If you are going to do punk then do punk. 98% of these people got it all wrong. And Ginnifer’s make up was spot on for the Punk movement.

    • V4Real says:

      Tyra Banks used to tell the contestants on America’s Next Top Model to do ugly but model ugly.

      I think it’s a similar thing with The Punk theme. They want Punk but classy punk. They weren’t looking for you to go full Punk but have just a little of that punk edge couture style.

  13. Kristine says:

    Oh holy. I love Ricci so much and this just justifies my love. She looks awesome. I like Albas dress but I think the make up and hair are alll wrong.

  14. Shade says:

    OMG. Christina Ricci nailed it. Perfection.

    • Jenna68 says:

      Speaking as someone who grew up in that era, she totally hit it right on the head!

  15. MisJes says:

    God, Ginnifer Goodwin looks ATROCIOUS.

    The eye-makeup alone! What the fug?!

    Her hair is gross, and the dress looks cheap.


  16. Isa says:

    Christina shouldn’t pose like that. It makes her boobs look wonky. Stand up straight!
    Ginnifer’s dress looks like it has black electrical tape.
    Alba’s dress is really pretty, like her. But she needs some color on her lips.
    Minks is gorgeous but I hate her makeup and dress.

  17. truthful says:

    Ricci nailed this look, perfection.

    Ginnifer’s eye makeup is too overdone and its a mess.

    Minka, blahhh, the gown’s details are pretty but that’s it.

  18. couldn't help it says:

    @celebitchy, I love your fashion posts! They feel more like educated commentaries than the random “that’s hot” comments at other sites.

  19. Irin says:

    Jessica Alba has the most beautiful face in Hollywood but god her make up is terrible she looks awful and I dont think she is messing her face with botox and is she is someone please stop her. In the other hand her dress is beautiful I want it

  20. Beep says:

    Jennifer Goodwin looks like a man!

  21. serena says:

    What a mess was Ginnifer Goodwin, her eye make-up scream ‘black swan’ lol.
    I liked Jessica’s but her make up kind of killed the whole look, she should have gone with darker make up. About this, nobody rocked a full punk make up, like black lipstick and such, I’m a little upset about that.

    Love Cristina Ricci dress, perfect even the stocking.

  22. TheOriginalVctoria says:

    Christina hasn’t failed me yet. Always right. Always perfect. It looks effortless. Minka looked gorg. Perfect color and dress for her shape. Jennifer had a nice dress but it was boring. One of Amy Lee’ s black get ups would have done wonders for her.

    So much of fashion is about that one piece to pull a look together and if Jessica would have kept the dress it would have been perfect. Punk meets sophistication. Take note Beyonce.

  23. anon says:

    what did ALBA do to her face? Something looks different

    • xxx says:

      She’s got heaps of white/pale eye shadow on all around her eyes. It changes the way you look.

  24. Alyce says:

    Cristina Ricci looked the best out of everyone to me. She was on theme without looking ridiculous.

  25. Luxe says:

    Christina was by far the best-dressed followed by SJP in her special way. All others were meh.

  26. Asdfg says:

    Christina Ricci got it right same with Minka Kelly!

  27. kim says:

    Wow lots of ladies look more scifi channel than punk.

  28. eliza says:

    Ricci is amazing but getting a little thin again.
    WHY does every makeup artist equate this over the top eye with punk? More like tryhard.

  29. amilu says:

    I could buy punk with Alba’s dress if only her styling had been different. Her hair and makeup is ghastly, not punk.

    And I hate, hate, hate Ginnifer Goodwin with short hair! I wish she’d grow it back out; she looks pretty with longer hair. I would’ve said “so much prettier with,” but her hairstyle really irks me and makes her look not-cute altogether.

  30. xxx says:

    Who is Minka Kelly? I see her at all of these events but i have never actually seen her IN anything! Is she in some TV show we don’t get in Australia?

    Anyway… YAY!!!!!!!! Finally someone wearing Vivienne Westwood!! Woo-bloody-hoo!!!!!! Go Christina Ricci! You officially win the night!

    I mean, for f*#k’s sake, Westwood is the ORIGINAL punk meets high fashion lady, and ONE famous person wore her? What is wrong with these people??

    I was also expecting more McQueen (maybe some vintage Alexander McQueen as opposed to Sarah Burton), and Jean Paul Gaultier. These people are complete muppets for ignoring these amazing designers who actually KNOW how to bring punk into high fashion.

    So yes, Ricci, looked awesome. Different hair and some rocking boots would have made it better, but still, you go girl!

    Alba’s dress is not punk-influenced but hey… It’s leather? Better than a lot of the rest of them! The jacket was very cool. I feel that Sienna’s jacket usage was superior though.

    Goodwin is confusing Punk influences and “Star Trek” influences.

    Minka Kelly… again.. who? The dress is okay. it’s intereseting, it doesn’t blow me away, but with all of the horrible misses this year it does pretty well. It is also not really punk-influenced at all.

  31. kibbles says:

    Half of the women there should have worn Westwood. Christina looks beautiful and punk. Why didn’t Vivienne Westwood co-chair this event?

  32. caitie says:

    The difference with Jess is she has bleached her eyebrows or a least not pencilled them in as full and dark as she usually does. Christina looks the best, hot and punk, it can be done!