Michelle Rodriguez: ‘I’m attracted to manly men. I can’t do metrosexuals’

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez covers the summer issue of Cosmo Latina to promote … nothing. That sounds awful of me to type, but Michelle doesn’t have any films coming out in the near future even though Fast & Furious 6 and Machete Kills are both in post-production. What I’m trying to say (in quite an ineloquent manner) is this — Michelle Rodriguez graces this cover for no other reason then to show us that she’s pretty damn sexy when she wants to be. Generally speaking, she can be found kicking ass in any given movie, but here, she goes a little bit glamourous, and the look suits her well.

As far as the interview goes, I definitely have mixed feelings. Michelle reveals that she only got into the movie business to write (really? awesome), and she discusses her past run-ins with the law. She also talks about her ideal man, and it’s interesting! Here are some excerpts:

Michelle Rodriguez

On taking a break from acting: “The truth is I’m about to say goodbye to acting for a minute and move behind the camera. I got into this business to write. I’ve waited 13 years to actually do it. You know how painful that is? It’s very painful. But like now I’m ready, so that means I have to do the cutoff. I’ll go into the mountains, and bye-bye everybody. Well, I’m a Cancer so…it’s in my nature to hide.”

On her “Latin folks”:Fast & Furious definitely comes up first for Latin folks I meet at the airport. They can relate because there are a lot of blue-collar individuals that feel like outsiders just by being in this country. It makes you think that living on the other side of the tracks is just a better option.”

On her style: “I can make anything sexy. I’ll wear a leather jacket and nothing underneath!”

On her past mistakes: “I had some bad moments. I partied hard. The world knew it. I feel like my growth is a progression. It’s like you’re about to fly out and head to Ibiza another year in a row and your gut’s telling you, ‘no, stay home and write.’ I go forward, and I’ve had times when I go back. Just last year I had a time where I had a bad stretch. I rebel against everything, including myself. I’m like, ‘oh no, lemme do something f—ed up now.’ But then I’m like, ‘okay, what am I doing to myself’?”

On her ideal guy: “I’m attracted to manly men. I can’t do metrosexuals who get their nails done more than me. Which is why, living in LA for eight years, you can’t blame me or not having a partner!”

[From Cosmo Latina]

Before we go any further, I do realize that persistent buzzings would have us all believe that Michelle Rodriguez is a lesbian. After all, she was photographed with and was believed to have dated Kristanna Loken several years ago, but she later denied being lesbian and expressed her love for “sausage.” So I guess she either changed her mind, or she is actually bisexual and is simply discussing her male preferences in this interview. Oh well, I mean to imply no judgment at all. I’m just a little bit disappointed that I no longer feel as free to indulge in my faux-lesbian fantasty with Michelle. Any way you frame it, the chica is pretty damn hot.

Michelle Rodriguez

Photos courtesy of Cosmo Latina

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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    She’s gorgeous, and I like manly men too.

    If he uses more hair product than me, swipes my tweezers, or takes longer to get ready than me, it’s a no-go!

    • Jennykins says:

      As a semi larger athletic girl, broad shoulders, a little taller than average, I agree 100%
      I need to feel like my man can open jars when I can’t, and I dislike feeling physically stronger than them.
      Michelle’s built a little like me, just significantly sexier, I wonder if that plays a part in it?

  2. Gigi says:

    Manly men of course!

    I just don’t understand women who like metrosexuals…

    • V4Real says:

      I’m kind of in the middle. It depends on your defintion of manly men. I don’t want a man who spends more time in the mirror than me but I want him to care about his looks. I can’t stand a man with dirty unclipped nails, facial hair that needs to be groomed and two weeks over do for a hair cut. A man can still be a man without falling into the category of metrosexual. Michael Jordon is a manly man but he was well groomed. The Rock is a manly man but well groomed.

      • popcorn11 says:

        Yes there must be a happy middle. IMO if we cant get to the middle then lets veer towards masculine.

  3. Happyhat says:

    Awww – I like her. I like coming across new actresses to like.

    • Kim says:

      New actress?? She’s retiring lol… She’s been in films for like a decade… Or you just meant you never liked her before this? I’m confused. LOL

  4. Lola says:

    She is pretty but I dont think she can act and those pics are far too photoshopped. They made her face look strange.

    • Barhey says:


      I have admit I have a total soft spot for her. She’s seems like a sport, athletic tomboy and there is something about her that strikes me as stunningly gorgeous. Like way more than a typical Hollywood actress – she just has something, I’m not sure what.

      But I have to admit they did such a terrible Photoshop job on her. It looks nothing like her at all.

      • krat says:

        She’s just always struck me as a very sexy human, gender/sexual preference doesn’t even play that much into my appreciation of her.

  5. Lolly says:

    I never would have guessed she was a cancer! Awesome. She’s gorgeous & I’ve had a crush on her forever. And she’s definately bi. I think she’s one of those actors who were out in their early careers but have been shoved back into the closet by their management.

    • Jenny says:

      Yes the ‘shopping is very odd in the last two pictures, although she looks great in the cover photo.

      I have loved her for a long time, I think the movie was called Girl Fight. I’ve always had a soft spot for girls who can kick ass, hang with the boys, and still be sexy. That doesn’t make you a lesbian, not that it would be an issue if she was.

      *edit- I was responding to the previous comment, Woops.

  6. Rachel says:

    I am quite she is bi or lesbian but isnt out because the latina community is quite conservative. Its the same for black actors and actresses too.

    • JL says:

      So she likes manly women too?

      • Ok says:

        JL. In agreement with you. I was under the impression that her preference was women. So I guess it would be manly women.

        She has about a 6 year relationship with a woman and I think it ended with her girlfriend committing suicide. I remember the article in the Enquirer but I cannot remember the woman’s name.

        Michelle looks so pretty in the photos. She is such a natural beauty. I wish the would have dialed down the photoshopping on some of the pics

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        Not necessary.

        It is possible to like different traits in people of different genders. As to like the “manliness” in men but not in women or people who identify outside of the gender binary.

        It is also possible to like a trait that is considered typical for one gender among people of multiple/all genders.

        Likewise it is possible to hate a trait that is considered typical for one gender among people of that very same gender or multiple/all genders.

        It is also possible to not have a gender based preference at all.

    • joy says:

      I’m latina, and I disagree. We are very accepting.

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        Yup, researches show that the political views of the Latin American community as a whole are more liberal than those of white folks. So no, “latina community” in NOT “quite conservative” and statements like yours, Rachel, are just based on some shitty stereotypes.

    • joy says:

      Oh, and also my family is as liberal a they come. I don’t appreciate generations about ethnicities.

      • Rachel says:

        I am talking in general terms Joy. It took ricky martin to 40 years to come out so i dont think its that easy for latinas or performers in general to be honest about their sexuality. Portia de rossis has spoken about this and believe she wrote a book about it.

      • Bijlee says:

        @rachel Today I learned that Ricky Martin knew he was gay at the age of ….one?

      • Kim says:

        @Rachel Portia is a White Australian why would she be writing about Latinos.Every anti Gay organization has been created by White people so if I’m going to generalize they seemed to be the most homophobic.None of my Black Gay friends have been disowned by their family yet five of my White Gay friends have so I disagree with your opinion.

      • Annie says:

        @KIm I dont think that person meant that portia taked about latino’s but about how it is in the industry.Michelle is an actress so she comes across the same issues as any bi or gay person in the entertainment industry. Portia de rossi talked about this,Rupert Everett has talked about this. Lets not stick out heads in the sand. It IS an issue for them.

    • Kim says:

      The same for white actors and actresses since most of them are in closet.

      • andy says:

        “@Rachel Every anti Gay organization has been created by White people so if I’m going to generalize they seemed to be the most homophobic.None of my Black Gay friends have been disowned by their family yet five of my White Gay friends have so I disagree with your opinion.”

        Just stop generalizing.

        No one can say with certainty that one group is more homophobic than the rest.

        I know homophobic people of every color. My experience doesn’t give me the right to generalize about how a group of people act. Our experiences represent a very small percentage of what goes on in the world.

        White people are not the only ones belonging to or preaching anti-gay agendas. I find that comment to be highly offensive.

        Homophobes are assholes. Who cares about the color of their skin? If they had purple skin, they would still be ASSHOLES.

      • andy says:

        “The same for white actors and actresses since most of them are in closet.”

        In your opinion, most of the white people in Hollywood are gay? How did you come to that conclusion?

      • Kim says:

        @Andy I meant most White Gay actors are in the closet just like most Gay Latino AND Gay Black actors are in closet.I said every National anti Gay Group including Focus on the Family, Million Moms,NOMA,etc were created by White people so why say Black people are more antiGay than White people.Anti Gay bigots come in every color.

      • andy says:

        “@Andy I meant most White Gay actors are in the closet just like most Gay Latino AND Gay Black actors are in closet.I said every National anti Gay Group including Focus on the Family, Million Moms,NOMA,etc were created by White people so why say Black people are more antiGay than White people.Anti Gay bigots come in every color.”

        I just wish race wasn’t brought into the discussion. I hate generalizations about any group.

        Sorry if I misunderstood your meaning.

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        @ Andy:

        “Homophobes are assholes. Who cares about the color of their skin? If they had purple skin, they would still be ASSHOLES.”

        Yes, they were still assholes. BUT assholes who are WHITE have more power to oppress as they have access to structural/institutional privileges that people of color don´t have.

        Also @ this statement:

        “@Rachel Every anti Gay organization has been created by White people so if I’m going to generalize they seemed to be the most homophobic.None of my Black Gay friends have been disowned by their family yet five of my White Gay friends have so I disagree with your opinion.”

        I think it was meant to be sarcastic. So people would stop making up false accusations about the Latino community (which is more liberal than Americans overall BTW).

    • Jenny says:

      I also disagree. The Latin community is generally much more accepting, especially towards lesbians, than the black community has been. I think for young Latinas in my area it is a “thing” to be lesbiana, it’s quite hip.

      Also, MR doesn’t really ping my gaydar. I always wanted to be one of the guys and as young as 5 or 6 had daydreams of being a kickass detective, soldier, superhero or something, but I am not gay and have never had any inclinations to be bi either.

      • TG says:

        I too always fantasized about being a tough silent cowboy, soldier or agent type. Freq up reading way to much Louis L’Amour. I loved running wild outside but I also spent many hours playing with my Barbie’s until I was 14. I think that is why Michelle appeals to me too. I also sadly realizes that those cowboys tend to be right wing conservative Christians so that kind of killed the fantasy. LOL

      • Lemony says:

        Same here. I was a tomboy & grew up on a farm, always digging around in the dirt, riding horses, riding dirtbikes, helping my mechanic dad fix stuff, refused to wear dresses or makeup. Whenever people asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up I always picked “masculine” professions like cowBOY, firefighter, etc. But I’ve never been gay or bi, always completely straight, never a question in my mind. (however, a certain short haircut in high school didn’t help dispel those rumors, lol).
        As an adult I’ve wound up rather feminine now.
        Anyway, I agree that Michelle isn’t necessarily gay or bi just because of her tomboyish persona.
        I think she’s cool :)

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        This is because gender expression and sexual identity are not the same thing ;)
        Also gender is a (shitty, exclusive & limiting) social construct and the lines between what is considered “feminine” or “masculine” are artificial and blurry.

    • popcorn11 says:

      Its so incredibly unfair to type an entire race as homophobic. Bigots come in all shades. And there are Out blacks and latina celebs, just as there are closetted white celebs.

      • Jessie says:

        I dont know anything about the latina community but isnt mostly catholic? Catholic church is not exactly gay friendly.

        But I think its naive of people here to think that gay actors will come out. I have a gay cousin who dated a young upcoming british actor ( shant name names as i am not into “outing” but many of you will no him from the moves and many women swoon over him) Lets just say my cousin was kept firmly on the down low for over 2 years. And i gather that is the norm if you want to make it in hollywood at least as a leading man/women in the movies.

      • Rosie says:

        Its also unfair to play into stereotypes about real men and not so real men like michelle does here.

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        Seriously people, you need to stop talking stereotypes and what you think you know about the Latin community or the Catholic church and start to google actual statistic about what the actual people say!

        Also I have a male friend who is from polish heritage, catholic and also … tadadaaa … GAY! Stop erasing queer people of fate and the realities of queer people’s lives!

        Oh and look: “Support for gay marriage has increased in the United States in recent years, and it’s actually higher among Catholics than it is among Americans overall. A majority of Catholics, 54 percent, now support gay marriage, compared to 47 percent of all Americans, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.”

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        @ Rosie: But she doesn’t say anything about what makes a man “real” or “not real”. She just states her own preference.

      • Annie says:

        @Joan Jett, she makes a judgment on men who arent like that. Its a negative statement. “I cant with metrosexuals…” She could have stated her preferences and not made the judgement.

      • Lizzie says:

        Michelle herself put out that statement that said she isnt gay and said something to the effect that she had people to support and the rumors were hurting that. So it dont understand why people think its upsetting to hear this as she pretty much hinted that being out gay would ruin her career.

      • Paul says:

        @*unf* Joan Jett
        You can not compare your gay unknown friend with Michelle. Her livelihood may depend on her image, its completly different situation.

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        @ Annie:
        No she doesn’t. She just says that she is not sexually attracted to metrosexual men. I don’t see anything wrong with having taste/preferences in people. Don’t we all have them?

        @ Paul:
        I wasn’t comparing anyone to anyone but objecting to the but-catholics-hate-gays statement which completely erases people who are both: queer AND religious.

    • testington` says:

      totally agree, the whole reason for the Prop 8 decision in California came down to Latino Catholics voting against same sex marriage. Latinos tend to be more democratic in most things, but in terms of things like abortion rights or GLBT rights they tend to side with their religion.

  7. JL says:

    I agree with her, manly men oh yeah!

    No skinny, mani – pedi men for me.

    Give me some muscle, brawn and something to hang on to.

    Skinny High strung model types are for high school girls. The likes of Bieber repulse me. But then Beiber repulses me on many levels.

    Now David Beckham….yum.

    • TG says:

      Beckam is way too feminine for me. From his squeaky voice to his clothes and scarves and doesn’t he get mani-pedis too? Also I don’t go for tattoos. Give me Viggo Mortensen now.

  8. JenD says:

    I like manly men, too! And F&F6 is coming out in the next month, which I’m super excited about. So glad Letty isn’t really dead, plus all the manly hotness of Vin Diesel and The Rock!

    • Mom2two says:

      Yes, so she does have something to promote. I think she is very pretty but those photos make her look like Danica Mc Kellar ( also a pretty woman). I have to agree with her, I could not go for a man who takes longer to get ready then me. My husband is proof of that.

  9. angelina says:

    Speaking as a woman who is married to a metrosexual man…I actually prefer metro men. They take great care of themselves and take pride in their appearance….not saying some manly men don’t but attention to detail is important to me. You can have a great face/hair/clothes/shoes but if your hands are calloused and or nasty it ruins the whole package.

    I can understand someone like Michelle who prefers manly men because other than awards shows and magazine articles like this….she doesn’t really stand out as someone who cares how she looks. She has this “I don’t care” attitude and dont think Metro’s stand for that…majority manly men do tho. This is also not stating that majority of woman who prefer manly men don’t have a “I don’t care attitude”

    I guess my whole point is I can see why she prefers it because she really doesn’t care image wise she has a tomboy-tough attitude

    • MCraw says:

      Ooh girl. I love my husbands big, rough, calloused hands. First thing I physically loved! Lol. And he used to be a wardrobe asst on TV shows, so the details are taken care of.

      There’s a difference between general grooming habits and metrosexual grooming. Having clean, clipped nails is not a sign of metrosexual. Having them manicured/polished is. To each her own ;)

  10. wonderwoman21 says:

    Same here, love manly men! Definitely not attracted to metro style men, especially ones that shape their eyebrows ick.

  11. mkyarwood says:

    I prefer manlier men as well, and very feminine women if I get the chance. But I think RDJ is a MAJOR metro, and I’d drop my whole life for a weekend with him and I’d help him do his hair.

  12. Lars Nyte says:

    Hear that guys it’s ok to let your chest and back hair grow back. You’re free from those painful waxing sessions.

  13. Palermo says:

    I have always heard she is a lesbian, so this type of article is insulting and ridiculous.

    • Kim says:

      Well I guess she isnt a lesbian and what you heard isnt true.She had a lesbian relationship just like Drew Barrymore,Angelina,Gillian Anderson,Anne Heche….All are with men now

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        Bisexuality is a thing. Or so I heard.

      • lee says:

        the thing that bugs me about Michelle is the subtext. She has never denied being queer, only lesbian, and her ex-gf Kristianna Loken pretty much outed her in the past. Yet she continues to push how much she loves men. I don’t question whether she’s bisexual and I don’t think she should be obligated to choose a label or stuff herself into a convenient box, but her continued insistence on how much ‘Mitchy loves sausage’ or how she loves manly men rubs me the wrong way because there’s an underlying message that it’s not ok to be queer, or at least not ok to be out. She even directly said in 2007 that if she were a long-time beloved comedian like Ellen, she could probably get away with coming out, but that there are ‘certain things’ that can close doors on your career. That’s still true in a lot of cases and I respect anyone’s right to keep their private life private, but then why keep flashing one part of your private life at the world while hiding the rest? Just do like the Queen (Latifa that is) and say nothing.

        That said, I still think she’s hot. :s

      • Tara says:

        @ Lee thank you for that comment. Best comment on this posts. It does seem disingenous that she pushes the straight side so much when she wants the queer part to be private.

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        “Best comment on this posts” … Hmm. Except that is incredibly shitty to ask someone to talk about same-gender attraction but otherwise to remain silent and therefore invisible.

        >>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bisexual_erasure

        Also there is an insane amount of pressure on bisexual people and on bisexual woman in particular to "pick a side" – by the queer community as well as by the heterosexist mainstream culture.

        So while I do wish that there would be more talk about same-gender attraction in the mainstream culture, I also wish that monosexual queers would stop expecting everyone else to be exactly like them. I mean, Queen Latifa is not bisexual, as far as we know. So her being in a so-called "glass closet" is different. It is enough to have sexy pics of her and her lady-lover taken to let everyone know without explicitly talking about it. Bisexual people can not do that, because people will usually assume that – depending on gender of their current partner – they are either gay or straight. Consequently it might become very necessary to push "the other side" aggressively to reflect the true sexual identity if someone else outs a bisexual woman as a lover of the ladyland.

        And by the way: There is NO "other side"! Bisexual people always remain bisexual as their sexual identities are not dependent on anybody but themselves ;)

      • lee says:


        I feel like this “Except that is incredibly shitty to ask someone to talk about same-gender attraction but otherwise to remain silent and therefore invisible” isn’t at all what I was saying.

        I in NO WAY am trying to erase Michelle’s bisexuality. It just seems to me that she’s doing a pretty good job of that herself. You make a fair point that the Latifa comparison may not be entirely apt if she identifies as a lesbian and Michelle identifies as bi/pan/fluid etc, and I usually agree with most of your posts and I genuinely appreciate that you are around these parts as another queer voice, but in this instance I feel like you’re ignoring my overall point.

        From what I’ve read from Michelle over the years, she has been making an effort to push an image of heterosexuality. There may be a compensation issue like you suggest since she is often perceived as lesbian, but ensuring that her opposite-gender attractions/relationships are acknowledged in addition to her same-gender ones is not how I have understood her comments over the years. It has always come off, to me, as attempting to deflate the notion that she is or has been in same-gender relationships. Maybe my interpretation is not accurate, maybe you disagree with it, but that is how it comes off to me and I think I can point that out without being accused of bisexual erasure.

        Also, I’m not sure if this: ” I also wish that monosexual queers would stop expecting everyone else to be exactly like them” was directed at me, but I haven’t really self-identified my own orientation here, nor do I think that my previous comment indicates in any way that I think Michelle should just “pick a side” or any other bi-phobic nonsense like that.

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        Lee, you make me feel feelings… So I don’t even know what to begin with.

        I guess, I did some projecting in my previous post as your arguments hit too close to home. As someone who is openly bisexual I am kinda tired of feeling/being “othered” in queer spaces as well as in straight ones. I simply can not fulfill the expectations of any group by tearing myself apart and only talk/do straight-only or gay-only stuff. And I am not willing to as I am none of the two.

        So yeah, your comment kinda pinpointed at my own scars and that is why I got aggressively protective. I’m sorry.

        But I didn’t actually disagree with you on your main point: I DO wish Michelle would speak about her same-gender relationships in public in addition to her different-gender(s) ones! And I DO wish the media would treat them equally and seriously – not as just some meaningless tabloid escapade.

        But the truth is: Mainstream media caters bisexual woman pretty much exclusively to an audience which is straight + heterosexual + male and lets them believe that these “hot-sexy-bi-babes” exist solely for the pleasure of said men. This shit makes me so angry because it strips women down from any autonomy and independent sexuality and pretty much any humanity!

        So yeah, it would help if celebrities would start to speak up and tell the fuckers that they are into it because they are human beings and because they are capable of love towards people of multiple genders. For real. And for themselves as well as their partners – not some third parties private porn fantasy.

        But there is also the Hollywood thing: Michelle is a minority within a minority within a minority.
        (1) She is a woman, who only make about 30% of the available roles (mostly as the male leads love interest).
        (2) She is a person of color of whom the Latin Americans – male+female all together – only make up 5% of the screen time.
        (3) Lastly she is also queer, who are most commonly represented by characters who are cis + white + middle class + gay men.
        Being all it combined must be insanely hard at castings. And while she can not change her gender and her heritage, she can at least hope to be considered to being “believable” to the audience as the sexy-latina-temptation-to-the-male-lead trope when she stays in the “glass closet”.

        Does it suck? Yes. A lot. But I can not blame her. I blame heteronormativity and patriarchy and racism instead because minorities are never responsible for their own oppression.

      • lee says:

        ah Joan, I totally understand that. And some of the worst biphobia I have witnessed was in queer spaces (especially online queer spaces), so I get that too. Personally, I usually identify myself as queer since I am married to a wonderful lady and that has been my only serious relationship, but lesbian feels very narrow to me for many reasons I won’t get in to here. I end up using the term often enough anyways since the outside world still tends to question my sexuality too and see it as a phase or for someone else’s pleasure, perhaps since I have a fairly femme presentation, perhaps because that is the way queer female relationships are often portrayed in the media, who knows. But the rigidity of the term is a bit of a defense sometimes which I resent resorting to, but also don’t fight against enough in the real world. All this is to say, you have nothing but love coming from me. :)

        As for Michelle, I totally respect the intersectionality of race/gender/sexuality/etc and you are totally right to point out that being a triple minority, she is already overly type-cast of ignored by the larger hollywood culture. Perhaps I am too hard on queer celebrities for not being more visible, I mean there are times in my life when I am not either. But I do get frustrated when someone seems like they’re not just living in the glass closet, but painting that thing black and boarding it up from the inside. And perhaps that is where I take it a little personally and unfairly hold someone else to my own standards.

        And while, of course I agree she is not responsible for her own oppression, I also feel like those of us who are lucky enough to be successful and accepted have somewhat of a responsibility to reach out to those who are not, or at the very least, do our best not to hurt or make things more difficult for them and I feel like the way in which Michelle tends to speak on the subject of her sexuality and preferences can come off as though she’s throwing the queer community under the bus (to simultaneously project my own insecurities once again while borrowing an awful turn of phrase from reality competition shows). I also just find it extra interesting when it comes to Michelle since the roles she plays tend to be tough chicks in action movies who aren’t necessarily the romantic interest. Those types of roles aren’t as likely to be closed off to her if she were to come out IMO. But maybe she wants to be a rom-com queen, or at the very least less type-cast than she already is. I don’t blame her and I understand the reluctance, but I also see her as someone who is fairly well established and has more of an opportunity to come out without it affecting her current career and I wish more people like that were talking about these things so that those who don’t have the option now may be able to in the future.

        Also, I just really appreciate that this conversation exists here.

    • LizEJ says:

      She’s definitely bi or lesbian. My friend met her at a party in NYC and she was with her gf or a female date.
      I saw her on a date at Balthazar’s in NYC with a woman.

  14. Tig says:

    I’m not in favor of back hair, and, Lord, the feet that have been displayed in sandals, et al- so can’t say I am totally against male grooming- being clean and presentable doesn’t make one less a “manly man”.

    I am plus/minus on MR, but isn’t she a little long in the tooth to be described as a “tomboy”? Thought she was in her mid 30s- !

    • Lars Nyte says:

      Can you describe the difference between a manly man and a metro sexual?

      • Tig says:

        Going out on a limb here- “manly men” – burly, don’t care about body hair or the removal of same, not tooworried re hair cuts, beards, etc- not too concerned re gym time, being cut, etc.

        Metros in contrast take grooming, clothes and presentation very seriously- hence the waxing and mirror comments seen above.

        Like I said, this is a broad def- and I am sure there are manly men who enjoy a message and/or facial!!!

      • MCraw says:

        I would NOT say a manly man doesn’t care about hair grooming and hygiene! I’d call that a GROSS man. Gross people don’t care for hygiene, period. Nothing to do w gender.

        Being clean does not distinguish a metro man from a manly man.

        It’s how far a metro man is willing to go to be POLISHED- hands, toes, skin, hair, clothes. Sometimes, the metro man is TOO polished- like a walking Armani ad in the street. Sometimes they’re too effeminately polished- arched brows, lip gloss, hair glossed. And all of the time they take longer to get ready and will hog your mirror.

        A manly man may or may not have certain hair-grooming habits but he cares about how he looks- he just doesn’t mind getting dirty or sweaty if a situation calls for that.

      • Lemmetellya says:

        Parks & Rec : Ron Swanson v. Tom Haverford

  15. lucy2 says:

    I agree about the manly man.
    It’s good if she’s gotten her act together and is pursuing her interests.

  16. Agnes says:

    I like Michelle. The last pic does her no justice, though, she’s photoshopped horrendously.

  17. Lola says:

    I think its really lame to have this categories about manly men and “metroseuxals”. A man can be manly and look after himself. And likewise there are some gay men who are very “manly”. Stereotypes, not into them.

  18. TWINK says:

    I’m gay and I agree with her, I love manly men and I’m really metro, I live in front of the mirror and love every second of it. Plus, I love being the pretty one. Btw, I’m originally from Mexico and although we’re Catholic, it’s mostly by name. Mexico City legalized gay marriage and it’s recogizned nationwide unlike in the U.S.

  19. Holden says:

    Uh no, she is gay and needs to be honest about it.

    • *unf* Joan Jett says:

      Uh no, maybe she is bisexual (or fluid, or pan, or doesn’t use labels, or whatever) and IS honest about it?!

      • loveisthecoal says:

        I had a whole rant typed out, but you just said it much more succinctly, so thank you :)

    • Santa says:

      I agree with Holden. She is gay or bi with a preference for women. She dates women not men.

      • rose says:

        She dated men before. Hello Oliver Martinez.

      • Tara says:

        she wasnt dating martinez, there was a rumor they hooked up on a film set which may or may not be true. but he was in a relationship with another woman at the time ( i believe it was kylie miogue)

      • rose says:

        Yeah and he was caught cheating supposedly with Michelle at time. There are pics of them being too friendly before filming and after filming. There was pics of them alone in boat in St. Tropez. That was like wat year after SWAT came out. maybe that’s how the rumor of him cheating on Kylie with Michelle started .heh watever they could have been friends hanging out lol

  20. Dancey says:

    Do people really think she is straight? She never had a public boyfriend. She is part of the posse that hangs with Amber Heards ex girlfriend and she is good friends with Sam Ronson. These are the types she socialized with in west hollywood i have never heard of any boyfriend.

    • Kim says:

      She didn’t say she was straight she said she prefers masculine men.You do realize everyone is not Gay or Straight? She was asked about her ideal guy?

    • andy says:

      Hanging out with gay people makes her gay?

      I’ve never heard anything about her love life. How would anyone know the details about her personal life? She is not famous enough for the press to report on.

      • Lizzie says:

        @Andy She has had girlfriends. The most high profile was Kristianna Loken. Loken let it slip that they were lovers and Michelle and her camp went into denial mode and Loken has pretty much admitted they split over it.

      • Kim says:

        Lizzie she has also had boyfriends there were just rumors this week she and her BF were shopping for engagement rings. IN 2011 she was dating an Italian executive

      • Tara says:

        You seriously think she was dating that old 60 year old guy? Lol!

  21. j.eyre says:

    She’s beautiful. Regardless of her orientation, I would slip her my number…

  22. d says:

    I like manly men too and Michelle is HOT. Dirty nails on man gross me out though, unless he’s in the middle of working on something. Like, clean your nails and hands when you’re done, dude. Rough hands or calluses are ok too…it depends on the hand … some men have nice hands, and some men … ug. I like big hands, med-long fingers, decent nails. Squat fingers, short bitten nails, hairy fingers: BLECH. And dirty nails in the city is different from dirty nails int eh country. I still like the nails to be clean, but there’s something about man in the city with dirty nails that makes me shudder. Nails can’t be long though. THAT’s vile.
    SOME degree of grooming is necessary…it implies the man knows how to take care of himself and that’s attractive. A man that seems like he’s a bit of a baboon in the wild (no offense to baboons) is just gross and makes him seem like he’s incapable of the basics, which is a turn-off for me. Don’t poop the bed and don’t poop where you eat. Clean up after yourself. And don’t make me sound like your mom.
    Back to Michelle. Hot.

  23. Tommy says:

    Ok so i dont think michelle is very feminine. She has quite the masculine vibe. So to me its quite ironic that she says this. If a man said i dont like masculine or butch women they would be ripped to shreds. Why is it ok for a woman to say this?

    • GirlyGirl says:

      Cause it has been a North American social convention for decades

    • *unf* Joan Jett says:

      I think it all boils down to HOW a man would say it ;) If you simply say that you are not attracted to “masculine” women or to “butch” women I doubt that anyone would object to that or rip you apart because it is totally okay (and also very human) to have individual preferences. We all have them. What is not okay is to be an ass about it, which you (Tommy) didn’t seem to be in your statement above. And this is what Michelle did: She said she fancies [X] men and doesn’t like [Y] men.

  24. RHONYC says:

    n-o-w…by manly men, does she really mean brawny broads? :lol:

  25. d says:

    Re Michelle’s vibe: it either works for you or it doesn’t (and I am on the fence about whether she’s feminine or not…she’s sexy … I think feminine and masculine might be loaded words that carry a lot of expectation/bias/personal preference/social conditioning/notions of sexuality/insert your own notion. About the man saying I don’t like masculine women and getting ripped to shreds…I don’t know. I think a comment like that can be negative if it’s presented or phrased in a such a way as to suggest the woman is deficient as a human and as a woman. She’s not to your taste Tommy, but that’s ok. She is to others, and that’s ok too.
    My comment about baboons was off the mark…all animals groom themselves actually, so I think when a man doesn’t really groom himself, it seems unnatural and wrong. If a man grooms himself “too much”, it’s just like a woman who does the same thing? High maintenance? Too vain?
    I dunno. Maybe it’s all just personal preference and we shouldn’t get all worked up over other people’s preferences, when there’s no malice, misogeny, misanthropy, hatred, or harm involved. Live and let live.

    • Becca says:

      @ d! I took tommys comment more to mean that michelle herself is not a traditional type woman in hollywood. i mean she is not a girlie girl or a hyper glam sexpot. So for her to diss men who dont fit the standard of what men are traditionally meant to be seems a tad ironic given that many men perhaps feel she doesnt fit the standard of female beauty herself. Remember metrosexual is a new word. Men are allowed to care more about their looks these days without them being branded gay. And i think thats a step forward. Both men and women should feel free to express themselves in any way they like.

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        Why do you think she dissed metro men? She only expressed what kind of men she fancies and what kind she doesn’t.

        And how is it hypocritical to have a specific taste in men? As far as I know, being a non-traditional woman (whatever this means) does not automatically sets you up for a non-traditional taste in men.

        Seriously, are you supposed to only find people attractive who are exactly like you? Same age, same race, same weight, same hair structure, same opinion on the matter of cats, same yada-yada-yada? This is ridiculous.

      • d says:

        Good points. I’m thinking that she probably didn’t think about it that deeply.
        I suppose it seems like she sort dissed metro men, by inference from her comments. But my interpretation wasn’t dissing so much as expressing a personal preference…and she didn’t really say outright that she hated metro men, just those that get their nails done MORE THAN she did…so they can get their nails done, just not excessively so. :-) Which, I’m on board with.
        Does Tommy’s comment still stand though? If a man said I’m not attracted to masculine or butch woman…how bad is that? I still don’t see it as being wrong necessarily. I mean, some woman just are. And some guys are ok with that and some aren’t. Maybe some men make an effort to go beyond appearance and find out more about the person and can get past it?

      • Tara says:

        @unf joanjett I dont see where anyone says all that stuff you read into it. You seem over sensitive on michelles behalf. Its ok to like what you like but you dont have to put down other qualities in the process. She wasnt asked what she doesnt like, she was asked what she liked. Why not stick with that?

        Tommy is right that if you turned it around and had a man complain that women spend less time on their looks they would be deemed sexist.

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        “Its ok to like what you like but you dont have to put down other qualities in the process. She wasnt asked what she doesnt like, she was asked what she liked. Why not stick with that?”

        Fair point.

  26. Relli says:

    I love Michelle Rodriguez, she has always been my personal choice to play me in the story of my life (this a regular fantasy game I play with BFF).

    As much as I hated to admit to myself I am total sucker for a macho manly man. I tried my hand at sensitive and metro men and honestly it just wasn’t for me. Maybe its because I was always a bit of tomboy and one of the guys!

    • Paul says:

      @ Relli Metro and sensitive is not the same thing.

      • Relli says:

        I didn’t say it was, which is why it says sensitive AND metro men NOT sensitive/metro men…. see the difference.

        Nothing wrong with it, just not my bag.

  27. rose says:

    She’s promoting Fast 6 which comes out next month. cait wait. She looks very pretty

  28. GirlyGirl says:

    Good lord she is so naturally gorgeous

    If reincarnation is an actual thing, I want to come back looking like her.

    And Hollywood, who oh why is she not in a Wonder Woman blockbuster? She would own it.

  29. Carolyn says:

    The amount of photoshopping mags do these days is ridiculous. A lot of the women they feature are nice-looking the way they are anyway…photoshopping not needed :)

  30. Me says:

    I worked with Michelle for three months on a movie a few years ago. First off, she is RIDICULOUSLY sweet. She’s a wild child for sure. And not someone to be f*cked with. She’s not someone who you’d describe as ‘feminine’ as she has a lot of masculine qualities. Pretty tomboyish. But she’s a beautiful girl. Her looks are natural and earthy – no muss, no fuss. I don’t know if she’s into dudes but FOR A FACT, I know that she’s into women. FOR A FACT. My eyes don’t lie. This is only something she hides from the media and I don’t blame her because she’s already not the most feminine woman in the world. I’m sure she doesn’t want to get further typecast in her career. I don’t think she’s ashamed of it. I just think she knows how this business is.

    • andy says:

      She’s ridiculously sweet,but you have no problem outing her?

      You realize it may impact her career. Yet, still spread rumors about her sexuality on a gossip site.

    • *unf* Joan Jett says:

      Rules. Just in case you are about to OUT someone who isn’t you:

      1. DON’T!
      2. Just DON’T!

      Because it is not up to you and also none of your business.

      • Me says:

        You should go read a book. Because you don’t belong on a gossip site. The whole point of a site like this has flow way the hell over your head.

      • *unf* Joan Jett says:

        The thing that YOU should do: STOP OUTING PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT YOU!

        Also are you seriously shaming me for being too smart for a gossip site? Or are you saying that people can only be one dimensional (because none can like both – books AND gossip sited)? Okay then… rofl

  31. Norman says:

    If you have not dated a man for the eight years whilst living in LA because they are all metros, pussies, gay, short of stature and or build, nerd or what ever. Maybe
    its her and her dimorphic perception of the perfect man and not the men who live here, they cant all be metros.

  32. Mellie Khunt says:

    She always looked like a man to me.

  33. jayda says:

    fast and furious 6 is out this month. why act like she can’t promote in april?