Kate Hudson in a white Jenny Packham sweater dress: stunning or vanilla?

These are photos of Kate Hudson with her fiance, Matt Bellamy, and with her co-star, Riz Ahmed, at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of The Reluctant Fundamentalist. The film also features Kiefer Sutherland and Liev Schreiber. It’s about a Pakistani guy (Ahmed) who becomes a high-powered broker on Wall Street and goes through an identity crisis in the wake of 9-11. Hudson stars as his American girlfriend. I would say that the timing of this movie’s release is unfortunate, like the way that Gone Baby Gone suffered from the Madeleine McCann tragedy or how that Halle Berry movie, Things We Lost in the Fire, tanked due to the 2007 California wildfires. It’s hard to tell how this will do at the box office, and it’s only out in limited release starting this week. The trailer makes it look interesting and smart, and some aspects of the story remind me of “Homeland.” (I love that show!) Still, it’s hard to think about terrorism right now, it’s just way too raw for a lot of people.

Let’s focus on the fun superficial aspects of entertainment, like Kate Hudson’s gorgeous hair and white and silver sweater dress. She’s in Jenny Packham, one of Duchess Kate’s preferred designers. I’m personally not fond of straight up-and-down dresses, I know better than to try them on as they never flatter me, but in no way do I have a figure like Kate. (Either one of them.) So Kate H kind of works this dress, but it’s still not a standout. It’s kind of a snooze apart from the silver detailing. I love her hair! Does she have extensions, do you think? I think so, but I would bet they’re just subtle enough to make us question whether she has them.

Kate gave great bitchface last night. There are photos of her looking pissed off and giving the sideeye followed by photos of her flashing a sunny smile. I think her mom is just like that too – Goldie knows how to switch on the charm and Kate learned it from her. No judgment, I love Goldie!

Kiefer looking red. I wish Liev was there. I would take him with or without Naomi.

Oh and after I wrote this story it occurred to me to google Kate H to see if she’s said anything notable recently. She did! She told Extra! that she’ll get married to her fiance, Matthew Bellamy, eventually (I think she doesn’t care, which is the right attitude to have) and that her 21 month-old son is doing great and is adorable basically:

“I look forward to it,” the Reluctant Fundamentalist actress tells Extra of tying the knot. “We’ll both figure it out. We’ve been both very busy, but it will happen.”

Hudson… says she’s been too busy taking care of sons Ryder and Bingham to plan a ceremony. “He is a gem. He is talking up a storm,” the actress, 34, says of Bingham, 21 months. “I’ll ask, ‘What do you want for breakfast, honey?’ He says, ‘Bolognese.’”

At the Tiffany & Co. Blue Book Ball in New York City Apr. 18, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell’s actress daughter told Us Weekly her youngest son is taking after his musician father, 34. “Bing right now is just completely obsessed with drumming. He’s just a drummer,” Hudson shared. “It’s pretty wild to watch. It’s all he wants to do.”

[From US Weekly]

That’s cute! Kate’s been married already and that didn’t really work out for her. She’s been engaged for two years, so I bet she doesn’t plan on getting married anytime soon. If she did, she would have at least made plans by now. I think she should take a lesson from her Mom and Kurt Russell and just keep things as they are. There’s no reason to make it official – unless Matt needs a green card or something.

Photo credit: WENN.com

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  1. Ko says:

    Forget Kiefer. Let’s concentrate on Matthew. Wonderful man. I hope Muse does another round of the 2nd law touring – their show is like crack. I need more!

  2. Lucy says:

    I love her whole look

    • nj says:

      I did not recognize her. Thought she was some aging, but still beautiful model.

      What has she done to her face? I hope she stops because her look was perfect before, very pretty but not threatening.

  3. Marty says:

    Since we’re on the subject, how does everyone feel about long engagements?

    I think they’re fine, and every couple is different, but when is it too long? 4+ years?

    • Audrey says:

      I don’t think length of time is an issue, the question is why it’s a long engagement. Legit reason or some commitment issues/doubts?

      This is in general, not for kate

    • emma says:

      I think that if it’s love and it’s good, then there’s no rush to be married. Especially if your family is fine with the couple living in sin! ;)

  4. jinni says:

    Her fiance looks like Christian Bale’s ugly brother.

  5. Grace says:

    I’m obsessed with that dress. A sequin sweater dress? Shut. Up.
    I would wear it everywhere. To work, to the Wal*Mart, playng video games, to school… I can see it now.

    • Zimmer says:

      Love it too! Also, she looked fantastic at that Tiffany event. Really stood out. She knows how to turn it on!

  6. Allie says:

    I love her whole look too, although I think the dress would be cuter if it was a little shorter.

  7. Dawn says:

    She has a great body and I believe it is 100% her own with no help from any doctors. So call that refreshing and she has two kids on top of it and actually ate while pg. So kudos for that too. But I find her boring on a whole and don’t think that she would be anyone of interest IF she had NOT been born to Goldie Hawn & Bill Hudson.

    • Jayna says:

      She does have a great body, but she got a very small boob job a few years ago, maybe a year before she met Matt.

  8. Reece says:

    She looks great.

  9. Coco says:

    Talking about Kate Hudson, she is in Muse’s new hilarious music video released yesterday. She is the girl in gold, she is wearing a mask but Matt confirmed is her on twitter.

    • emma says:

      that’s a great video! I love them when they’re not overly slick.
      Think I might check them out on their tour.

  10. DIANE says:

    Boring. With bad skin. And no discernible talent.

  11. KellyinSeattle says:

    Love the dress; but too much makeup.

  12. Heathers says:

    I think it looks lovely. I’d totally pick it out for myself, although I think it’s a little late in the season…

  13. Jayna says:

    Matt dated and lived with (maybe engaged) his other girlfirend for many years and still never married. He did follow her to Italy and live there while she studied to be a psychologist. Don’t think this might be Kate not interested. It could be him. He got engaged to her when they were in the height of new love and her getting pregnant quickly. We’ll see. He’s a rocker and a brilliant musician. His talent amazes me.

  14. Aurelia says:

    Who agrees that kate has been totally killing it on the red carpet of late? I mean her styling of her full length red carpet evening dresses have been off the chart. And I am no fan of hers. But got to give credit where credit due.

    • Becky1 says:

      I agree-she’s been rocking it lately. I thought she looked particularly good at the Golden Globes.

  15. emma says:

    oh she looks great! and Matt is so cute.

    That movie looks really good, I’m looking forward to seeing that.

  16. Kristine says:

    It looks really hot.

  17. Snail says:

    I will take every opportunity to say that I can’t STAND her!! Sorry..