Vince Vaughn advises Robert Pattinson to dump Kristen Stewart (hahaha)

A few weekends ago, Robert Pattinson was seen leaving a private party in LA with a posse of friends in tow. Shockingly, The Sparkles Crew seemed to include Joaquin Phoenix and Vince Vaughn. At the time, I wondered what in the hell was going on – it’s not like Sparkles has ever worked with those guys, and from what I’ve seen, this was the first time they ever partied together too. Well, The Enquirer has an interesting take on the situation. Apparently, Vince and Rob might work together or something. But in the meantime, Sparkles is using Vince for advice. Dude. Seriously? Vince Vaughn is your bro sensei?

Vince Vaughn has a bit of advice for his new pal Robert Pattinson: dump your cheating girlfriend! Vince and Rob struck up a friendship recently while discussing a new film project, and a source says Rob opened up to Vince about his troubled relationship with Kristen Stewart.

“When Rob described how he took Kristen back after she cheated, Vince said, ‘That’s a mistake – a big one,’” the source revealed. “He told Rob he knows how easy it is to fall into a routine, but when your girl cheats on you, you should take that as a sign that you should probably end things.”

“Eince said he and Jennifer [Aniston] had a great time together [with their on-set romance] but he can’t imagine settling down with someone at 26, like Rob is doing – especially someone who cheated on him… Vince told Rob he was 40 before he was done sowing his wild oats.”

Despite the blossoming friendship, another insider says Rob isn’t ready to follow Vince’s sage advice.

“Vince got him thinking, for sure… but there’s a level of comfort he has with Kristen that he’s scared of losing.”

[From The Enquirer, print edition]

First of all, if Vince Vaughn gives you a piece of life advice, you should do the opposite. Always and forever. Maybe if I’m feeling generous, I’ll admit that maybe Vince could conceivably give good career advice, although I present Exhibit A, Exhibit B and Exhibit C. Yes, Vince has a wife/girlfriend/baby-mama and he seems “settled” but the dude is 43 years old and he still looks, smells and parties like an overgrown Frat Boy. Not to be a Sparkles apologist, but Robert is simply too delicate and sweet to ever take advice from Brosef McChiliDog. So… yeah. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Rob just needs to figure this stuff out for himself. Even though he seems spineless for taking Kristen back, I do think there’s something admirable in that action. He’s daring to believe that she can change. He’s daring to forgive her. Or, hey, maybe he’s just lazy and complacent and he doesn’t want to look for another girlfriend. I would imagine an unappetizing night of birddogging with Vince and Joaquin would do that to most men.

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  1. A says:

    Well, EVERYONE advices Rob to dump that cheatin’ trampire so…

    • Worldgirl says:

      “Everyone advices?” Are you in 6th grade? Anyway. Mm, don’t think EVERYONE advises or thinks that. Sure, certainly a lot of psycho ladies who read Edward Cullen fanfic and dream of being ‘next,’ do – but most people don’t really care. I think they make an adorable couple – I saw him speak of her in an interview once, and he looked and sounded well and truly gone for her. I also think it wasn’t an ‘affair.’ I base this more on Pattinson’s devotion to her in the face of this mess than anything. He either thinks she’s pretty near blameless or that she possibly didn’t know what to do with a horndog director that she thought was her friend. I get the vibe she’s one of these movie kids, who has always felt like an adult even as a child, and so to act like she couldn’t handle a horny director putting the moves on her, would have been mortifying for her. I conclude it’s probably not what you and other overinvested types, lol, think it is.
      That said, what in fook is wrong with Vince Vaughn’s nose? Had it always been so caved in and Michael Jacksonish??
      Remember when he was with Jennifer Aniston and people adored him? What is it with that woman? As soon as you bail on her the world hates you, but when you’re with her, they make you the second coming of, well, Brad Pitt. Hahah. It seems ridic now, but I remember when people were swooning over, yes, VV, when he was with J-anis, and cooing over his big d* (speculating), and saying his ring that he gave Aniston (tabloid story) was oh so better than Brad’s.
      It’s what happens with anyone who dates her…look at John Mayer. Her fans were so geeked over that one.
      The poor things have tried to get similarly enthused about this bald poseur she’s with now, and man, are they stretching themselves into a pretzel to do it.

      • Adeli says:

        Cool story bro.

        “…to act like she couldn’t handle a horny director putting the moves on her, would have been mortifying for her. I conclude it’s probably not what you and other overinvested types, lol, think it is.”

        Hahhahahahahaha! I think you need to put down the bong. Have you forgotten the not so tiny detail of 50 plus pics showing how she handled her horny director just fine? And the only mortifying thing for her was that she got caught. Please, stop with the excuses. She and Rupert were horny for each other, they had an affair, END OF.

        I won’t even go into what I think Rob’s reasons are for taking her back. It is what it is.

        I conclude that you are a Kristen stan desperate to make excuses for her. Stahp.

      • pwal says:

        A couple of things…

        Yes, VV’s nose is looking bizarre. It has it original shape, but also looks like it’s caving in. Cocaine, maybe?

        Also, I noticed that the Enquirer article referenced his relationship with Aniston. Of course. Mind you, I would think that if VV was giving advice about relationships, I would think that his relationship with Joey Lauren Adams would have been the better example, since VV was around RP’s age when the relationship happened. JMO.

        And I absolutely remembered when the JenHens were treating VV as the second coming. I remembered how they chomped at the bit at the thought (via a tabloid) that VV was poised to replace Brad Pitt in O13 because Brad was still nesting with Angelina, Maddox, Zee, and newborn Shiloh. But mainly, I remember how, after Aniston showed up with a big ring, she and VV broke up and dude promptly hooked up with some coed who trumpeted the hookup online. Strangely enough, he didn’t get that much hate, but the girl sure did.

      • Katy says:


      • Lolly says:

        @ Worldgirl
        Get help right now for your obsession with Robsten(Yuck). Your beginning to sound genuinely crazy.

      • Miss Bennett says:

        Oh for pity’s sake Rosie give it a rest!
        As for this line: “I conclude it’s probably not what you and other overinvested types, lol, think it is.”
        I can’t believe you have the unmitigated gall to call other people “overinvested”. I’m actually starting to worry about you. :(

      • Hakura says:

        Haven’t heard that many excuses piled up since the Leann Debacle. You really should become a publicist.

        And lay off ‘A‘. It was a typo, no need to attack them for something that stupid simply because you don’t like her opinion. Grow up.

      • Loulou says:

        @Worldgirl Thou protest too much….

    • nina says:

      oh please. Vince is one of the most debauched dudes in hollywood, he probably asked Rob if he wanted to share Kristen, his wife, and a goat for the weekend.

      • Dubois says:

        This! And too funny!! I can totally see him being that debauched. Plus I doubt Rob – or any man for that matter – would share their relationship woes with mere aquaintances. They probably talked shop and talked about cute girls in general. Not wives/gfs. They probably also talked about wanting to grudge f*#k Reese, cos she’s such a stick in the mud prude.

  2. Appleve says:

    Seriously? Just no

  3. mkyarwood says:

    Brosef McChiliDog. Totally calling one of my arrested development friends that today, thanks!

  4. Charlotte says:

    If I try really hard, I can almost remember how hot Vince used to be. He’s not a good walking advertisement for advise-dealing.

    • Chicagogurl says:

      Back in his hay-day circa 2004, I had a friend, who had a one night stand with him. She was really pleased with heself because he was B-list but she said the sex was horrible (he lacked staying power) and that she could have just been a flesh-lite for all he cared.

  5. muffin says:

    you’re spot on — whatever vince says, do the opposite. not every guy needs to sow wild oats til 40. every guy is different. what a moron vince is.

    • Hakura says:

      Someone seriously should’ve taken a lawn mower to his ‘wild oats’ years ago.

      (I’m sure Vince’s excuse would be driving said mower into a swimming pool during a binge with some buddies.)

  6. Itsjustblanche. says:

    Vince Vaughn has seriously hit the wall. I hope Sparkles isn’t taking beauty advice from him.

    • Katie Scarlett says:

      Sparkles already hit that wall. Ran into it head first and got bashed with the ugly stick on the way down. And he’s only, what, 27?

      VV managed to hang on to around 30.

      • Mom2two says:

        Sparkles was never cute, just overhyped to me. At least Vince had it going on in his 20′s
        Seriously, though, unless Sparkles wants to be an overgrown frat boy until is 40′s.. VV shouldn’t be your love guru.
        Though I will agree, taking her back was a huge mistake for him.

      • Katie Scarlett says:

        True, he was never cute. But he seems to get progressively uglier. Something is really “off” about his face.

      • nina says:

        VV looked hot in Swingers, than aged 20 years in a matter of two afterward, bringing along godawful eye bags, a belly, and receding hairline.. Rob definitely does not play up his looks and often looks homeless, but the kid can still clean up well cause his looks haven’t gone to shit like VV did. Still has hair, no flat tire, and no bags.

  7. Vince used to be so cute. *sigh* I thought he was so handsome as the cop in “The Cell” and “Dodgeball”…where’d all the hot go?

  8. Katie Scarlett says:

    Sparkles is a universal joke.

  9. zeldafitzgerald says:

    what is this fan fiction?

  10. Claire says:

    Say what you like about Rob, but honestly I don’t get some people’s opinions of his looks. This site ALWAYS uses the worst pics of him, on purpose, I’m guessing. He’s a beautiful man, has bone structure to die for. He’s not buffed up, but his face is totally gorgeous IMO. But then, he’s not Cumberbatch and apparently he’s the go to on here *rolls eyes*.

    • Freya says:

      Yes, he looks fine. Handsome and manly, with perfectly sculpted jawline. He’s always been nice and intelligent, seemed like a man with pride and dignity. I don’t know what the hell is happening to him now that he’s stuck with that horror of a woman.

      • Tig says:

        One thing that always impressed me about Rob is his ability to somehow maintain his sanity- he could so easily have partied down, gotten laid every 20 mins if he wanted, but didn’t. He does clean up well, and wish he’d do that more often! Understand the constant barrage of KS with her accessory of necessity Rob pics are still making the rounds. Hope he wakes up soon!

    • Diana says:

      +++++1 to everything you said Claire.

    • nina says:

      Rob’s pretty blatantly good looking to me personally. He may not be your cup of tea, but when he’s cleaned up and suited up, he’s got a pretty classic look that’s hard to deny.

    • Jany says:

      Hear, hear Claire… I like the Batch too, but it honestly baffles me if people call Rob ugly. He’s got a classical handsome face and if he’s cleaned up…hello. I really don’t care much, lots of pretty faces don’t do anything for me either, but I still wouldn’t call them ugly though.

      • Jan says:

        Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I think Rob Pattinson is one of the best looking men ever. As for Batch…ugh, looks like a rat.

    • popcorn11 says:

      I dont get it either Claire. I think twihards have surrogated Edward for him so they see non-existent qualities. It helps that he seems bashful imterviews, it makes the older twihards go into protective mode. Leo triggered same phenomenon and that wore off!

  11. Dhavynia says:

    Yeah I wouldn’t take McChiliDog’s advice either but RP needs to grow some and dump her chicklet teeth takes a shower once a week cheating girl and get someone else or be alone for a while. He seems to good for her

  12. LP says:

    I do not understand why every man and his dog feels the need to comment on or advise Sparkles on his love life. He’s a grown-ass man! If it’s a bad decision, it’s his bad decision. I’d be really annoyed if people kept coming to me all “let me teach you, foolish one.” Mind your own business, nosy rosie.

  13. elceibeno08 says:

    I agree with this post. Rob has made it clear that he is not interested in sleeping with a thousand random females. What works for Vince Vaughn does not necessarily work for someone else like Pattinson. I still think that he should have dumped Kristen way back.

    • Claire says:

      I agree. Rob doesn’t seem like he’d be the type to sleep around with randoms anyway. I’d say he’s more the relationship type, which is why he’s stuck with Stewart despite what she did. Hopefully he’ll come to his senses. All she seems to do is drag him down, but it’s a decision he has to come to on his own.

    • Nina W says:

      We all know people who stay in bad relationships too long, I did it once myself, it’s not always easy to walk away from someone you’re involved with.

  14. Cinnamon says:

    rob is too mature for these guys. most of my 26-28ish guy friends want to settle down and get married.
    there is nothing wrong with being over the wild drinking and random hook up scene by your mid twenties. i got married at 22 and while it was hard at first i love how far we have come and how close we are. and my guy is a reformed semi cheater …his excuse was we were on a semi break after a big fight over xmas break while dating in college. i disagree but it was 6 years ago and we r both over it.

  15. Deb says:

    Sparkles is a douche. He & his dirtbag girlfriend deserve each other. Both no talent famewhores.

    • Zelda Sayre says:


    • Anname says:

      This opinion I don’t get. Dislike him all you want, but he is not douchey or famewhorey. Virtually every person he has worked with or randomly met has said how down to earth he is and how nice he is to everyone. And if he wanted to famewhore himself, that cheating scandal would have been the perfect opportunity to milk it for all it was worth. He didn’t.
      Clearly he didn’t embrace the heart throb role. And he still seems uncomfortable with the attention that sudden fame brought him. (And that’s not to say he doesn’t enjoy the perks, obviously – who wouldn’t, but there is a big downside for him too).

  16. ray says:

    Whatever you say, Rob seem to get entry in men’s group easily. I haven’t seen other men bad mouthing him.

  17. Rufus says:

    I am amazed at how much everyone hate this woman.. if it were a man cheating, no one would have called him “a horror man”..
    she did something wrong, yes.. she is not likable- of course not, but hating her so much implies much more that people still have some problem accepting that a woman can also do “immoral” things..
    I don’t really care about her and certainly not defend her doings, but the hate on her is a bit strange for me..

    • Tapioca says:

      The cheating wasn’t the reason for hating her, so much as a great excuse to!

      Remember, she was well-disliked well before Mini Cooper-gate – if you’re as s***ty an actress as she is and can still rake in millions of dollars you should at least pretend to be grateful. But then, “pretending” would have required acting skills far beyond her capabilities…

    • decorative item says:


  18. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Ah, this dude is not gonna dump KScrew ever no matter who or how many people advise him. Yesterday, I read this article on a few websites about him gifting KScrew his grandmother’s special pearl ring on her birthday as a gesture of his forgiveness and renewed trust in her. He wrapped the ring in a tissue paper and packed it in an envelope and put it in her mailbox with no name or note. He has forgiven her at last.
    P.S. I’m not a Robsten fan. I hate KScrew! I wish Rob all the best. *runs away crying*

  19. MAP says:

    Remember how hot Vince Vaughn was in Swingers? Now, ehhhhhhhh.

    • pwal says:

      Yep. He was also cute in Clay Pigeons and Psycho. Back then, he wasn’t deep into whatever he is deep into now.

      And as for advise, I keep thinking about Owen Wilson. Remember when he and Kate Hudson was on-again/off-again? Then Vince showed up while Owen or Kate was shooting a film on location (the East Coast). Suddenly, Owen and Kate was off-again permanently and Owen made a suicide attempt (although there were whispers that it was a heroin overdose). Mind you, Owen was a grown-@$$ed man and whatever went down was partially his responsibility, but Vince showing up wasn’t the best omen.

      • aurora says:

        Vince visited Owen on the set of Marley & Me – this was months after his suicide attempt. Kate had also visited Owen. I remember this because a local columnist had a blog about all the sightings going down, in particular Aniston and John Mayer.

  20. Beep says:

    Vince looks like he is continually on cocaine.

  21. Get a clue says:

    I just don’t believe this story at all. I don’t think VV would give a damn who RP dates, or not. Sounds like a made up tabloid spin on the current feelings of disappointment that they are still together.

    • nina says:

      ding ding ding. lol

      It’s like fanfiction meets photo assumption cause they got papped side by side and now VV is giving him life coaching?


  22. SandraBollocks says:

    Lol admirable and sweet? Now i have heard it all. Rob is like one of them politicans wife that stands by her man despite being humiliated. He puts on his face and does photo ops with Kstew. He is like jennifer Garner or any of those long suffering hollywood wives. They do it for their career.

    • Claire says:

      You honestly believe that being linked to Stewart is good for Rob’s career? It’s doing a great deal of harm to him publicly at the moment. He gets enough press attention on his own, he doesn’t need this trite speculation and sh*t that comes with bring linked to her. He’s with her for some inexplicable reason, but it has nothing to do with his career.

      • Juno says:

        Um yes, Rob and Kristen power in hollywood is greater together than apart. Neither of them are convincing box office draws outside of the twilight franchise and frankly neither is known for their acting skills. The publics fascination with them is largely built arond Twilight and their personal life i.e relationship.

      • Claire says:

        That’s exactly what I’m saying. Being together with Stewart keeps the narrative firmly on the status of their relationship. Rob is trying to build a career, look at the movies he’s signed up for. He’s not trying to remain gossip fodder, he wants to be taken seriously. Appearing on the front cover of OK every week is hardly going to help him shake the Edward and Bella image. From a career point of view right now, he is much better off without her.

      • CC says:

        Agreeed Juno. While he has no minicoopering incidents, he’s frankly put, not that special or interesting, either as an actor or as a celeb.

  23. Katie Scarlett says:

    I don’t understand the Sparkles fans who think their idol is some kind of innocent, gentle babe in the woods. He comes across just a douchey as his dirtbag girlfriend.

    • mainland says:

      I don’t get it either. I think overall he’s a decent guy, but he’s not above playing the damn game. He’s just as much about the come up as stewart. Robert is doing what is best for Robert under the circumstances and I don’t buy for one minute that love has anything to do with why he remains with stewart nor do I believe he’s being forced to b/c of some contract….. What I do believe is that He knows exactly what he’s doing!!!

      • Janet says:

        I’m not so sure. He lost a lot of respect when he took her back. I don’t know if he realizes it.

  24. Dee Cee says:

    Do They want a chance at mini-coopering?

  25. Juno says:

    Two unattractive men and neither one should give any dating advice, One is a spineless little wimp that lets his gf walk all over him the other and overgrown frat boy. Both pathetic.

  26. Decloo says:

    How on earth did Pattinson get ALL the cute sucked out of him?

  27. c'est la vie says:

    I don’t believe this for a minute – but I love it!

  28. Katie Scarlett says:

    Oh, look. Another ‘candid’ PopSugar Exclusive photo op of Robsten. With a puppy this time!

    How did *that* happen?

    • calia says:

      you call them douchey jokes…. yet you seem to keep up to date on rob/kristen info by the hour! lol

      • Tig says:

        Well, they are sort of hard to avoid, aren’t they? KS gets dropped from a movie, and cue the “candids”- seriously, getting so predictable!

      • TinyPixie says:

        Well, they are also linked on this very page. It’s not very hard to find.

      • calia says:

        actually, this is the only site that reports regularly on them that I read. I’m sorry, but I don’t really see them plastered anywhere, especially in media print. If they are seen, they are being boring buying food and dressed in the same clothes and not affectionate. Not sure how that’s some great pr strategy.

    • Anname says:

      They are being stalked by one pap, and have been since Rob got back from Australia. Simple explanation, it isn’t always some underhanded PR game. Clearly their dogs MUST be PR props….

      There are also pics of Rob with friends in Malibu, no Kristen though. Doesn’t work with the “game” though, does it.

    • Milt says:

      Yep, they called them.

      “The only way people can find you is if you go to the wrong places. I mean if you’re in LA and you go out and hang out in Hollywood you’re gonna get people following you around, but if you don’t, then people won’t. So the majority of people who have paparazzi following them around all the time they probably want it. “ – Robert Pattinson

      • Tig says:

        Thank you- thought I remembered this quote- appears they can’t be “found” enough these days!

      • mainland says:

        @ Milt, Thank you for finding that quote LOL…. Thats funny coming from him… I said it before and I’ll say it again, dude knows exactly what he’s doing!

  29. lisa2 says:

    This story is written by some woman. I say that because guys don’t do this. If Vince and Robert had been friends for years and years then maybe. But I don’t see some guy you have met not that long ago would tell you to drop your woman. Most guys don’t do that.

    Even if they think the woman is wrong they don’t say much. They STF up and wait for the break up.. and even then it is a touchy subject. And that Aniston reference was off. It would make sense if Vince had been 26 at the time. And besides I don’t think he talks much about her. And yes her fans were all over him when they were together. It was funny because they didn’t have a problem with she and Vince being together before her divorce was final. But as Jennifer said.. When she filed for divorce she said she felt that she and Brad were both free to do whatever. Sad her fans couldn’t accept that.

    but Robert P is not a child. If he wants to be with Stewart it is his business. And I don’t think most people outside the fanbase care one way or another.

  30. FQ says:

    Eww, I agree, Rob doesn’t need dating/women advices from VV, he needs to figure things all by himself and stuff. I don’t know VV personally though I can’t stand him, he just comes off as more immature than Rob, considering his age. lol

  31. SydneySpy says:

    I couldn’t care less about any of them. I hate celebrities. However, as an Honours graduate from the University of Life, even this Kristen person deserves forgiveness. Yes, she did the wrong thing, but he appears to love her enough to forgive her. None of us truly knows what goes on in others’ relationships, so we may do ourselves a disservice in presuming to know how to handle certain situations. If the director’s wife chose not to forgive him, that’s between them, and I feel he was an idiot for taking such a risk in (a) being so indiscreet, and more importantly (b) jeopardising his family. Some girls her age are naive, despite us expecting them not to be, but he, at least, should have known better.

    This Robert boy seems to have summoned up his desire to forgive the girl, and it’s likely because he still loves her. Whatever. Regardless of how people rag on her, she will live with the guilt of her transgression and somehow work through it with him. Life has a way settling things one way or the other.

    • Milt says:

      Lol @ you thinking people dislike her for “cheating, ” people dislike her the most because of her shi tty attitude than anything else. look up her interviews after her “momentary indiscretion” and her public apology through people mag lol to repair her super private relationship lol

  32. Jo says:

    Rob looks like he has smelly feet

  33. Milt says:

    Doormat and homewrecker for life

  34. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    I saw Rob on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He could hardly get out a coherent sentence. Not even one. It’s like he is mentally disabled. I think that without a script, he can’t even talk to a girl. He just sits and giggles like one.

  35. TOPgirl says:

    Rob don’t listen to Vince..he’s not a role model. Listen to your heart and do what you think is right for yourself. Life is too short to let love just slide by even though there are challenges in your way. People deserve second chances and so does love.

  36. Kent says:

    I think in life you have to do what makes you happy and anyone can advise you anything they like but only the individual in question knows deep down what the right thing to do is. He’s a young man learning some valuable life lessons, he should be left alone to get on with that.