Kim Kardashian to prove that Kris Humphries knew every detail of the prenup

Please stand up and give a slow clap to Kim Kardashian. Look at this flattering outfit! Amazing. This just goes to show that Kim sometimes chances upon a full-length mirror and decides to dress for her real shape, not the delusional shape that she thinks she is. Black, stretchy material? Check. Flattering leggings that actually fit? Check. Proportionally showing off her assets (in the form of some cleavage)? Check. And a long, appropriate cardigan/spring jacket that covers the biggest problem area? Check. This outfit might actually believe that she’s somewhat close to 151 pounds. No joke! Also: she just looks so much better without bangs. Seriously.

Anyway, Kim’s divorce trial is coming up in less than a month. Expect several weeks’ worth of legal shenanigans being played out in TMZ and Radar. Right now, we’ll just have to make due with this OMG Breaking News that Kim is going to call Kris Humphries as a witness. Which basically means Kim’s lawyer will probably rip him to shreds. “Um… basketball?”

Kim Kardashian just filed her divorce witness list … and it’s now clear as can be — Kim’s lawyer is calling a bunch of witnesses who were involved in the prenup to show Kris knew EXACTLY what he was getting into before saying “I do.”

As you know, Kris is claiming he was defrauded into marrying Kim … left in the dark about her true intentions. But now we know 6 witnesses will testify that Kris was actively involved in every detail surrounding the prenup.

In fact, sources connected with the couple tell us … Kim and Kris were constantly bickering over details in the prenup and that he was as interested in the business of marriage as she was.

Among the witnesses … 2 managers who were heavily involved in the prenup, at least one lawyer involved in the document and a court reporter who was present when the prenup was signed.

There are other witnesses who will testify about the prenup, including Kim and Kris Jenner.

Short story — the mission of Kim’s lawyer is clear — Kris went into this eyes wide open.

[From TMZ]

Yep. Go ahead and yell at me. I shall be awash in your hatred and convoluted conspiracies and it will only make me stronger!!!!!!! I just don’t understand how Kris Humphries has a legal leg to stand on, at all. He can prove that Kim is a famewhore… sure. He can prove that she re-shot and re-edited parts of her reality show after they split. Sure. He can even prove that she made a lot of money off of the wedding. Definitely. But all of those little pieces don’t add up to fraud, and at the end of the day… he chose to marry her. He saw the hot mess that is the Kardashian family and he chose to become a part of it. Unless Kris Humphries is willing to go before the judge and make the argument that he’s simply too stupid to be allowed to make decisions for himself (it wouldn’t be the worst argument), he’s not going to win.

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  1. skilo says:

    I think all celebrities that have prenups know what goes in them, I think he absolutely was involved in the legalities before hand. But what I don’t believe is that he knew she was pulling the whole thing as a big stunt and that she would bail out as quickly as she did and try to make it look like she did because he was some kind of jerk to her.

    • BB says:

      Of course, Kris Humphries knew what was up. That’s why he had no problem marrying her so quick! He didn’t like that she dumped him so quick.

      • springingforward says:

        Just because he was aware of the details of the prenup doesn’t mean he thought the marriage was confined to a business deal. Prenups and knowledge of what is in them is true of almost any new marriage involving a lot of premarital money.
        The difference is, that he believed it to be a REAL marriage and not another Kardashian play for media attention which was her intent. She fraudulently entered into the marriage, never intending to make it last beyond a rating period or two.
        (Or so he is trying to show to the judge.)

    • Jaime says:

      Sorry, but Kris IS a douche. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve seen many episodes of KUWTK and the wedding special. The writings were all over the wall that the relationship was doomed. Just as much on his part as hers. Seriously. I don’t pity the guy in the slightest. This whole ruckus is his own doing and he should accept the consequences instead of pushing all of the blame off on her and her crazy family.

      • anon says:

        well in many parts I agree & am no fan of either of them but it also is on record that they reshot parts in there show that had previously been shot while Kris was part of it. IN those re-edited segements is where the K’s made some nasty hits at Kris. We also have where there was a producer that seems to be more for KRIS I doubt he is on the K’s list but we may find him on Kris list for trial. I think it will be very interesting to see what actually happens. Kris may get his annulment with a deal struck that the prenup stays in tact as part of the deal & money still paid to him. I can’t stand either of them but I also don’t think Kris is as media savy as the K”S & I also think who he has for PR has not really worked well for him. K’s are media manipulators & scammers period at the higest level. KIM will not walk away as suggested in my opinion as a winner in this at all.

  2. Hubbahun says:

    I am with you on this, Kaiser. He definitely knew everything and having watched the eps with him (feel free to judge, I can take it ;D)if anyone committed ‘fruad’ it was him. He comes across as being there just to ‘expose’ their shallow ways. I believe Kim thought she was in love because she wanted to be in love; I don’t believe he was in love for a MOMENT. I think Khloe’s wedding was the catalyst – Kim just wanted a fairytale but she keeps choosing the biggest losers. Khloe (who I won’t hear a word against, I love her) saw it right from the start and the reason Kris H was so aggressive towards her was he knew she was onto him. Kim, I would have definitely out Khloe on your witness list!

    Okay, I’ve thought about this WAY TOO MUCH!!! :D

    • nofkksgiven says:

      I agree. I think Kris is upset about how he was perceived after the divorce and the show aired…basically now seen to the public as “the idiot who married Kim Kardashian” and I think when he was signing paperwork and getting into things he hoped for (and maybe was promised) a different outcome. Now he is mad (understandably?)…but it isn’t “fraud” because the final product is different that what you expected. I’d have more respect for him if he just went away. Coming after her money and rep as revenge makes him look sour and immature…

    • dagdag says:

      Kim loves Kim and Kim alone.

    • Chichai says:

      It was clear the relationship was doomed from the start (I sat watching the wedding special with popcorn…and loved every tacky moment of the train wreck)

      They both got married for the wrong reasons and how she acted after the fact (selling wedding gifts, not letting him move in, not considering his family…) does make me think she did pull one one him. Now sad as that is, that isn’t fraud but a bitchy move. Hopefully he can prove something.

      I grew up with a lawyer…not fun.

      • JaneFr says:

        Well, it’s bitchy If you decided to do it after the wedding. It’s fraud if you knew you would do it before the wedding. Seriously, even he, is not dumb enough to have said yes to the hurt and humiliation of this very brief marriage.

    • ldub says:

      THIS for days…..hell, WEEKS.

  3. Evelyn says:

    Seriously, her in this outfit, and her in that coral harem jumpsuit, it’s like day and night. I knows she looks at pictures of herself, how can she not see this!

    • ncboudicca says:

      She looks great in this outfit! Love the red shoes…I hope she’s lurking and reads all the positive comments everyone is making. :-)

    • karmasabiatch! says:


      KK, you look good girl. Love the leggings that aren’t kutting off her circulation for a change. Long, flowing wrap that covers up the biggest problem area? Love it. Shoes? I want them!

      KK, please kontinue to wear klothing that isn’t skintight. Your baby will thank you and you look SO much better!

  4. Eleonor says:

    Dear Lord I am on Team Kim on this one.
    I’ve seen some of my girlfriends, smart girls, getting married or having a baby with the first idiot available, you know: biological clock, family and social pressurres and stuff like that.
    I believe Kim only wanted to get married and start a family; she has married the first douche who proposed. End of story. She is not the first, she will not be the last one.
    Is she a famwhore? Yes she is, but Kris proposed, agreed with the prenup and the re-shots, he was in that business.
    He is a famwhore just as she is. They quite deserved each other. Now he is mad at her, and is acting like a baby.

    • dagdag says:

      Strange idea of marriage and family when the wife refuses to live with the husband.

    • Nina W says:

      Kim clearly never intended to go through with the marriage she obviously just wanted the big wedding for her wallet and her stupid show. There is nothing admirable about her behavior at all.

  5. Joanna says:

    of course, he was involved in the pre-nup. he wants an annulment because he feels it wasn’t a real marriage, i.e., she didn’t love him and was just using him for ratings. so now he wants to get rid of the prenup so he can get more of a payout for revenge. you know, like the scorned wives do.

    • Sherry says:

      Obviously this marriage didn’t mean anything to Kim (not letting him move in after the wedding, 72 days of marriage). I would say it is perplexing why she wouldn’t just agree to having it annulled, except it’s pretty clear why she won’t agree to an annulment. If the marriage is annulled, the prenup is null and void and KH is free to talk to the press about Kim, her family and the show.

      I think Kris H. wants to be able to talk and I also think he wants a clean slate for when he marries someone else and starts a family.

      • Faye says:

        100% agree with this. If Kris is really sincere about just wanting an annullment, I think they should work out some legal agreement where he gets the annullment, but doesn’t get any money and agrees to the non-disclosure parts of the prenup. That would be the fairest thing all around.

    • truthful says:


      I couldn’t agree more–you’ve said it exactly.

    • Relli says:

      Exactly, knowing and negotiating the details of a pre-nup is not necessarily a “smoking gun.” Unless within the pre-nup detailed how and under what conditions they would break -up, which I doubt because they would have a pre-determined splitting of the assests and we know they didn’t.

      The K’s are so stupid I swear they act like this some Perry Mason sh!t when in reality its very common. This is almost as bad when the 4th sister was going on and on about copyrighting “momager.” Wait so you hired a patent lawyer to file the correct papers AND pay FEES, WHOA! THAT’S AMAZING!

  6. LadyMTL says:

    I think I slipped into an alternate universe because not only do I think that KK looks good but I’m going to take her side too!

    OK, I agree that the Klan Kardashian is (are?) insane but I seriously doubt that Hump didn’t know what he was getting into. Does he not own a TV? I think it’s more a case of “lemme get my hands on as much money as I can before I fade back into obscurity.” The fact that they re-shot scenes and etc does not mean that the marriage itself was a fraud. I honestly do hope that the judge laughs him out of court.

    Now let me sit here and pray to go back to my normal world where I can laugh at KK’s clothes and not have to defend ever again. :P

  7. Inconceivable! says:

    I wonder if Kris did not ask for additional monies, would Kim grant an annulment???

  8. Inconceivable! says:

    And why is Kimmy getting all the wedding gifts (to sell on ebay)?? Did Kris sign away his rights to any wedding gifts, which are usually intended for the couple. Are the proceeds of these eBay sales going to Kris Jenner’s “church”. I could NOT TYPE church without quotes there because I’m convinced its a tax evasion scam.

    • truthful says:

      Kris really got pissed off when she returned the wedding gifts and bought rolexes for her vapid family and kept the ring…

      not to mention they received a bentley as a gift also, which she kept or sold for money.

      This chick is just like her mother, just like her..athlete hopping and all.

      Reggie Bush and Miles Austin all dodged a lifetime plastic face bullet

  9. lem says:

    1) I want those shoes. In every color of the rainbow.
    2) I think she’s listening b/c this is the second outfit of that style (leggings, black, loose flowy cardigan thing) that she’s worn in a week and it works for her.
    3) Team Kim. He’s a douche and an idiot (she is too). He’s basically trying to prove that she loved the idea of marriage but not him. That’s a tough thing to prove in a court of law and it’s probably true for a large percentage of marriages. Doesn’t mean it’s fraud though.

  10. The Original Mia says:

    She looks good. Everything looks like it fits.

    Still Team Kris H. The marriage was fake. Ergo, a fraud. Ergo, grounds for an annulment. Still don’t understand why she gets to fake a marriage for TV and Kris is the bad guy for calling a spade a spade.

    • The Original G says:


    • truthful says:


    • lucy2 says:

      I agree – the idea of fraud and the pre-nup seem like totally separate issues. He might be able to recite the pre-nup frontwards and backwards, but unless it spelled out that it wasn’t a true marriage, just for business and the TV show, I don’t think it makes any difference either way.

      He might not win in court, and might be a moronic douche, but I still give him credit for not backing down and giving Kim and her mother everything they want here.

    • DesertPoppy says:

      Count me in as part of team Kris. I don’t see why he is getting shit over this when he is right, I know he seems like an idiot but so what.

  11. TG says:

    I watched the wedding episode several times and I thought Kim was going to marry Kris Jenner. It was all about the 2 of them and the groom and his family was completely forgotten. They are both famewhores and I am glad he us making her life miserable. She does nothing buy lie to the public. I stopped watching their show the season after the wedding. The last episode Kim dragged her sister Kylie to see a fertility specialist together and then paraded her *ss around in front of khloe when the doctor told her that she was fine and would have no trouble having kids and then poor Khloe is sitting there devastated that she isn’t ovulating. Only a selfish narcissistic b*tch would do something like that. Now skip to the very first episode in the following season of khoutney and Kim take Miami and little jimmy is told that her fertility is bad and that basically her body in regards to fertility is like a 50 year old woman’s. Are we supposed to pretend like we didn’t see the last episode only 3 months ago? What a lying sack if sh*t.

    • Joanna says:

      yeah, no kidding. I saw that episode where the doctor told Kim she was fine. now we’re supposed to buy that she has had fertility problems??!! whatever, gmafb, total ploy for sympathy like the whole miscarriage scare, then she flies around the world. again, gmafb!

    • TG says:

      I meant to say Kim dragged her sister Khloe to see a fertility specialist. These iPhones are so sneaky about auto correct.

  12. Jane says:

    Wow really? Did E and Mama Jenner buy this website? Kim is a fraud, she went into the marriage a fraud. Kris isn’t saying the prenup is a fraud, he is saying the marriage was a fraud, which it was on Kim’s end. Even Khloe’s charity scam wasn’t given much attention here. Probably so people won’t remember what scum these people are

    • TG says:

      I agree, I am surprised all these people are coming out to support this sloppy mess of a woman. You should see the comments on other sites that say that the Humphs has put this poor pregnant woman thru enough and should lay off of her. I am thinking Really? So if someone commits a crime and they are pregnant than everyone should go easy on them. Some people’s reasoning skills are just strange.

      The Humph’s may not be able to prove his case and I am sure he isn’t innocent in this and I don’t care. I don’t like this fraudster family. So if it takes one douche to help bring another one down so be it.

    • springingforward says:

      Wondering the same thing……how much do celebrities pay to have coverage lean positively in their direction??

      • DetRiotGirl says:

        I think you’ll find that most commenters here (and usually CB’s writers themselves) think that Kim and her family are a vapid waste of space. But, that isn’t the issue here. The issue is whether or not Khris has a legal leg to stand on in this case.

        For months and months people here kept supporting Khris in the comments because, well… Kim is just vile in general and I think most of us would like to see her knocked down a peg or two. But, even the fiercest Kim haters have to eventually acknowledge that Khris will never get anywhere with this case. Kaiser is absolutely right in saying that Khris would pretty much have to declare himself incompetent to win at this point.

        Sorry. It is what it is. If we really want to bring the Kardashians down, all we have to do is stop giving them attention. Just look away. God willing, they’ll gradually become little more than the answer to an obscure trivial pursuit question in a few years time along with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

  13. JL says:

    The dumb lug routine that Kris is pulling is getting old.

    My impression is he knew exactly who and what he was marrying and was all in – how could he NOT know.

    When it didn’t go his way, he started whining, crying and blaming.

    When I married my 1st husband I had reservations but did it anyway thinking we’d MAKE it work. That’s not all that uncommon. I think they both did the same.

    I sure as hell wish I’d gotten out as fast as they did. Seven years is a LONG time.

    You made a bad decision for money, fame or whatever. Get over it and grow the hell up.

    • Gin says:

      I didn’t grow up with the big wedding fantasy, always thought marriage was pointless and anachronistic BUT I very nearly got married once. Thankfully I pulled out before the ceremony (but after quite a bit was paid for and invitations had gone out). I suspect that if I’d always dreamed of the dress, flowers, veil etc and had a family egging me on (instead of, again thank god, subtly hinting I should think very carefully) I would have ended up married to someone I didn’t really love and likely it would have been for even less than 72 days. Changing your mind, even instantly, doesn’t constitute fraud, especially not in the eyes of the law.

      • TG says:

        This was not little Kimmy’s first marriage. This woman had been married before and she had a decade of experience on top of her first marriage. Please stop trying to defend this piece of human garbage Kimmode. She committed fraud even if the Humph’s can’t prove it. Also, this woman can’t make a single decision on her own without mommy dearest telling her what to do so maybe little kimmy is innocent and it is Kris Jenner who needs to be on trial.

    • JL says:

      Who put themselves in front of the camera in NY? Who went to Bora Bora to be on the show during a ‘family vacation, who paraded her before the paps at his parents?

      THEN who proposed after all that exposure – acting like they loved that camera? Yep you got it, Kris Humphries.

      They are adults, both have plenty of money and dragging it out just hurts themselves more than anyone else.

      Foolish is what it is.

      • TG says:

        I seem to recall your precious Kimmy in all of these scenes too. Just becuase you televise your proposal does not make it a fraud. However, refusing to let your new spouse move in to your home. Not bothering to have a car to pick up your groom’s family before the wedding, trash talking him on TV and editing parts to make him look worse and running out on a marriage that quick points to fraud. I don’t like the Humph’s either but I can’t stand this fraudster family and their “church”. Like I said before he may never be able to prove it was fraud but it was and it was very clear to everyone, viewers included. Now, maybe he was a part of that fraud, but I haven’t seen any evidence in the media from her side that shows he was aware it was fraud. This prenup thing means nothing about fraud, unless as has been stated that was part of the agreement.

  14. The Original G says:

    Uh, He’s not suing because he didn’t know what was in the pre-nup. He’s suing because she went through with this for TV and then dropped him for same.

    And sorry, these people are soooooo overexposed. It’s like they own the media.

    • Nina W says:

      Well they are a media product. E! Broadcasts them and then reports on them as “news” and then it spreads to the network entertainment shows and before you know it we all have to hear about them no matter how much we try to avoid them. If only turning the show off would make them go away…….

  15. The Wizz says:

    Once upon a time, when I was in my mid twenties I married a guy. Thought I was in love at the time and with pressures from my family to get hitched to him I did. By the time the honeymoon had finished I knew i had made a mistake. I stuck with the marriage for the next year and a half just to stop myself looking like the biggest idiot in the world, I just looked like a less big idiot.

  16. El Kiddo says:

    she always looks skinnier when she is not delusioning herself

  17. Dawn says:

    This is just another reason pointing to just WHY the KrapTrashians have been able to make millions by doing nothing. Too many people look at them like they have morals and are honest and take the high road when NOTHING could be further from the truth. Kim could be sweating up a storm and tell the person next to her it’s very cold outside because she is a world class liar and cheat. I will believe it when she proves it without a doubt and then I will still be wary of them as a whole. Too many of you are so willing to jump on the wagon that Kris is the douche…excuse me but Kris didn’t seek her out she went after him. She wanted to get engaged and she wanted the wedding. Only a gay man would agree to do all of that for nothing more than the honor of appearing on their E! reality series. Get real. The KrapTashains once again are just throwing mud and hoping something will stick. Am I the only one who can see through KrapTrashian nonsense?

    • dagdag says:

      I see KK as a person who compounds deceit upon deceit in order to achieve whatever she wants. A word given is meaningless to her. She will ditch a husband just as a cat or a sister. And she lies as fluently as she breaths. She wanted a uber wedding ceremony and she had it. Case closed.

      • Missyvonne says:

        I concur! I don’t even get the impression that her sisters really even like her as a person .

  18. Diva says:

    Sorry I’m still team Kris. Getting an annulment and admitting it was a fraud is still too hard for her to do? This chick could have ended this a long time ago and we wouldn’t have to still talk about it. She could have given him the annulment, some money and been done with it. No sympathy for her.

  19. Girl using brain says:

    Huh? Knowing the details of a prenup is not the same as knowing someone was fraudulently marrying you. Logic, people!

  20. Kristine says:

    As a girl with a thick figure and a really big bubble butt and big boobs I appreciate Kim’s body. We share exactly the same shape. However I do not have such a tacky fashion sense. It’s nice to see her in normal clothing.

  21. jane16 says:

    FFS, is that a onesie she has on? And what in Halloween hell is that thing she has on over the onesie? And pink sandals??!!?! Look how that onesie is all crinkly over her abs. She looks hideous…as always!

  22. Shelly says:

    Finally! She looks really cute here. Now if she would only cut a little off the length of her hair. Baby steps!

  23. Palermo says:

    Anybody with money would want a prenup. That doesn’t mean he’s guilty of anything. I don’t think he had a clue that it wasn’t going to be a “real” marriage or that she would never live with him and shut it down almost instantly.

    • jane16 says:

      I agree. I know dozens of people with prenups who are happily married. Unless this Kraptashian prenup says that the marriage is totally fake, she’s not going to sleep with him, she’s going to make him look even dumber than he already looks, and she’s pulling the plug on it after a few weeks, I think there’s a chance he didn’t know what he was getting into. I just looked at those horrible pix of her upthread. Look at her face, that nasty expression…she looks like the spawn of the devil. God I can’t stand these horrible people.

  24. Dee Cee says:

    And he doesn’t have to prove she had a pre-nup clause to ditch him once they used him for publicity setting him up to look obnoxious, going back to re-edit film with same costumes filmed after they split.. and in family dishonorably keeping wedding gifts to sell so they can make more profit?

  25. mar says:

    I think the point kris is making is that she never loved him, therefore the marriage was a fraud. If he had nothing to go on, this would not be dragging out so long?

  26. lucy says:

    Comments #17–>25 are making good sense about the fraud apparently committed by the disreputable Kardashian hustlers. Kris’ intelligence is not on trial, Kim’s actions are. Any whining about Kris won’t change Kim’s actions.

    KK looks better here than usual, but the sleeves are still too long and DO NOT FIT, the tight top should be loose and SHOULD BE LONG ENOUGH TO COVER HER CAMELTOE, her hair needs to be a foot SHORTER, and tapered pantlegs/ankles just will NOT look good on anyone with her shape. The tight pants do not flatter her lumpy buldge-y thighs either. I offer that the cleavage is almost at a tolerable level but still is pretty loud, especially being a see-through top.

    Can you imagine her going to a parent-teacher conference in this get-up? As if she’s going to be involved with giving her kid an education anyway! She’ll probably just sign the kid up for pageant competitions and become a momager hag because that’s all she knows. That’s when Klueless Kim proves she is a danger to society, because she will be responsible for determining/limiting someone else’s station/potential in life and not just crippling herself.

  27. lucy says:

    Best thing about this is she is finally wearing a supportive proper bra.

  28. skuddles says:

    The outfit isn’t too bad but she still has that miserable, pouty bitch look going on. SO unattractive.

  29. Joh says:

    I think he believed that underneith all the pre-nups and reality show legalities, that it was a REAL marriage.
    I don’t believe she ever did.

    • Missyvonne says:

      I think that once she bought everything for the wedding , it wasn’t fun anymore and she got bored . She is vapid and only knows about buying expensive tasteless crap

  30. swack says:

    To me the fraud comes in where Kim admitted she had doubts about getting married yet could not disappoint people by calling off the wedding. Also, who moves in with someone else who has a child right after the honeymoon (whether it was for the show or not). And she did not want him to move any of his belongings into her home in LA – who does that?

  31. Missyvonne says:

    I think she is getting her just desserts . Kanye is going to dump her now that he sees his “ratings” falling . You can see it in her face . She knows she is getting dumped.
    Yeah this outfit is alright , she covered up her big butt and stopped trying to pull off the sexy pregnant look . Still, kim is delusional and self centered . She is convinced that every man wants her and that she is the prettiest girl in the world. She’s going to put on something ridiculous tomorrow since she is convinced she is a perfection and can pull off any look .
    If you stalk her on twitter , you can see that she has a pic of her in that brown leather get up on there like it was an iconic preggo look . She hasnt wised up yet . I think she is getting an idea that people are turning against her and kanye just caught on . They dont understand that most people were watching the show because we were incredulous to Kims antics and not because we wanted to be her or were in awe of her . Lol

  32. bunny says:

    Just reading thru al I cn rmber is wen kris tld r dt wen she’s preg n ve kids she wld b irrelevant n I thnk dt gt 2 r n she’s tryn 2 b relevant by poppin ere or dere

  33. jwoolman says:

    I don’t the Prenup is part of the problem – it’s a legal document that both parties signed. But Kim is a chronic liar – my bet is that she claimed a lot of important things that she reversed herself on after the wedding, involving basic beliefs about where they would be heading as a couple (where they would live, kids, etc.). He was thinking long-term but she was just using him as a prop for her show. She kept saying and doing things that must have had him thinking he was in the Twilight Zone. He looked more and more uncomfortable as that atrocious show dragged on, and I think this is why. The truth that she was treating their marriage as a plotline and didn’t actually care for him began to slowly dawn. Suddenly she didn’t like anything about him and didn’t even want his stuff to contaminate her digs. He was baffled. She ignored his sister when she was visiting and tried to discourage him from talking with his sister frequently on the phone, she wouldn’t let him invite his old friends to the wedding (although Lindsay Lohan made the cut), she and her mom forgot to arrange transportation for his parents. There’s a clear pattern of deception there, signs that she wasn’t taking the actual marriage seriously. Before the wedding, she behaved differently and even did Bible study with him. She didn’t discuss anything with him, didn’t try any counseling, just unilaterally filed for divorce after a little more than 2 months. All those are signs that the marriage should just be annulled, she lied to him before the marriage about very important things. Annulments can be granted even after many years on such grounds. Taking a 72 day marriage seriously is ridiculous.