Andrew Lincoln with a salt and pepper beard: would you hit it?

These are some photos of “The Walking Dead” cast at Paleyfest on Friday. Whenever I see cast photos for one of my favorite shows I get worried that the season is about to wrap. (I just google “showname wiki episode list” to get dates for upcoming episodes.) That’s not the case for Walking Dead though, phew! There are four episodes left after last night’s. (Which I haven’t seen yet, no spoilers!)

Anyway I mostly wanted to talk about Andrew Lincoln and how he’s not really doing it for me here. That’s probably due to his new beard and the fact that he’s such a excellent actor. I’m having a problem separating him from the character he plays on the show, Rick Grimes, who isn’t the sanest at this point. (For those of you who haven’t seen Walking Dead, the first two seasons are on Netflix on Demand and are well worth it. At least the first season is, the second season requires some tenacity but it picks up toward the end. We’re into the third season now and it just keeps getting better.)

Here’s another hot guy from the show, Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl. He’s such a kick ass bad guy on WD and he can wield a crossbow like no other. I’m having trouble reconciling that with his flat-ironed Keith Urban hair. Still, he’s hot.

This is Danai Gurira, Michonne. She looks so great here! Have we ever seen Michonne smile? I wish they would give her character some decent lines instead of making her so broody.

Steven Yeung, who plays Glenn. I’m wondering what’s next for Glenn and hope he repairs his relationship with Maggie. They’re the best couple on the show.

Laurie Holden, Andrea. Laurie’s styling leaves something to be desired here. Maybe she should have brushed her hair out to loosen up her curls. Her pants could be tailored a little too. Last week I was hoping her character would have the nerve to go through with something, but she chickened out. It couldn’t have ended that way as an epic battle would not have ensued, and you know it’s coming.

Emily Kinney, she plays Beth and the actress is actually 27. She looks about 17 to me, which is the age of her character. She’s adorable.

Bonus Chris Hardwick from Talking Dead, love him! This guy is 41 years old, can you believe it?

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  1. notpretentious says:

    I soooooo, would!!!

  2. Mom2two says:

    The salt and pepper beard does not bother me at all. But the look of I have not showered in a week does. So I would not hit the Andrew Lincoln of this picture.

  3. Miss Kiki says:

    Andrew Lincoln only became a yes for me when I started watching TWD prior to that not really.

    As for Norman Reedus, I’m not sure if I’m in love with him or Darryl, either way I totally would.

    • Roma says:

      For me I know it’s Daryl. Oh so hot and broody Daryl. My boyfriend gets uncomfortable when we’re watching WD & I fan girl but he is soooo hot in character!

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      I think I love both Daryl and Norman reedus. I tend to get lusty for television/movie uber males who don’t talk much about emotions and are very masculine. Daryl, Ron Swanson, detective stabler. I get a lady boner for dudes who can build shit, protect me from shit but don’t want to talk about shit.

    • mee says:

      Rick does nothing for me. But Daryl.. BIG yes! Dirty sweaty motorcycle driving butt kicking hot sexy Daryl!

  4. GoodCapon says:

    I prefer scruffy, rugged Daryl over clean, tie-wearing Norman. I’d do Daryl any day of the week!

    Steven Yeung has a tan forehead but has white skin downwards. Yikes.

    What is Paleyfest anyway? Is it a bit like ComicCon?

    • jamie says:

      Not exactly sure. There’s something called the Paley Center and they invite shows to come and do Q and As. All of the major shows do it–it’s like Inside the Actor’s Studio without the annoying as hell James Lipton. It’s up on Hulu just search Paleyfest. I watched it yesterday before TWD and Chris Hardwick did a great job hosting.

    • Jackson says:

      Yes! Helllllo Daryl!!!

  5. Macey says:

    Michone actually smiled in last nights episode, LOVE HER!

    Andrew L. doesnt do a thing for me but I do love him on the show.

    Norman Reedus/Daryl is probably the only actor that makes me tingle in a big way. I never really crush or get into actors but there’s something about him. Im so glad he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. Side note, I hate when they over style his hair. He was on another show on Friday and whoever did his hair should be fired.

    Now if they can just kill off Andrea or at least transplant a zombie brain in her so she isnt so stupid I will be happy.

    • Maria_Spain says:

      + 1 about Andrea, they killed that fantastic character from the comic into this brainless bimbo

      • Addison says:

        I agree about Andrea. As a reader of TWD I hate what has happened to Michone. In general the first two seasons women’s characters suffered. Glad that part has gotten better. I also am upset that we waited so long for Tyresse to show up and then he is not what is expected. I’m really disappointed in that. Not only does he not look as I imagined but for Rick to act as he did with him is maddening!

  6. jamie says:

    Yes to all the guys although not the most flattering pics.

    TWD has such great eye candy but the cast looks best when dressed as their characters–the wardrobe department knows what they’re doing. Big fan of Rick’s tight pants and Darly’s sleeveless shirts. Norman Reedus’ shoulders are insane.

    I know some fans of TWD find him annoying but I LOVE Chris Hardwick. What a great come back story.

  7. Nur says:

    I have been wanting to hit it so hard since I saw him on the UK show This Life. i love his English accent and his voice. In fact, Andrew is the reason I started watching Walking dead! Although I wouldn’t mind him losing the beard.
    I know it is wrong for me to say so but I really do wish for a violent death for Andrea as she is annoying me to endless bounds since the second season.

    • Macey says:

      Its not wrong at all to say that about Andrea, I think thats pretty much the general opinion of everyone. Not sure if its just how they are writing her character or what but she srsly needs to go. Its not even a love to hate thing like Meryl, she’s just annoying. I’ve read some comments on other boards and they say the TV Andrea is nothing like the way Andrea was portrayed in the comics.

      • GoodCapon says:

        I haven’t read the comics but all I know is that Andrea turned into a zombie hitwoman after a while. TV Andrea seems to be heading in that direction.

        I guess I’m not invested in any of the characters even though I follow the show to delve depper. I don’t hate her, but I don’t like how she seems too loyal to the Governor even though she knows he’s the bad guy. And the way she treated Dale was not very kind.

  8. Ellie66 says:

    Norman Reedus definitely yes! Andrew Lincoln maybe but I don’t like the beard. And last nights episode was awesome! Very good!!! :) so live that show !

  9. Tiffany27 says:

    I know crazy as crack Rick is not a good look, but I would absolutely hit it. I’d hit it like the fists of an angry god.
    And I won’t spoil, but last nights episode was SOOOO good.

    • Ellie66 says:

      Bahahahaha! “I’d hit it like the fist of an angry God” best line ever! :D Tiffany27 ur crazy girl! Lol !

  10. Maria says:

    as Rick with that dirty shirt Andrew Lincoln is damn hot. but in those photos it looks like he just woke up and doesnt know whats going on around him.

    He works best with beard. just like Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn.

    No spoiling just teasing: if you are waiting for Michonne opening up, watch the show from last night.

    the second season is a lot less hard to get through if you can watch it in a bulk and you are not waiting one week for something to happen.

    oh and Chris Hardwick had the best line in the panel: “carol and her creepy vagina warfare.”

  11. T.Fanty says:

    No, but I would happily give him a bath and send him merrily (and cleanly) on his way for any if my fellow Celebitches who would. I’m all for manly scruff, but he’s heading into Ethan Hawke territory over there.

  12. Madpoe says:

    Andrew’s damn hot! damn! hot!
    I LOVE this show! *squee*

  13. gee says:

    He is so hot. As is Norman Reedus. HOW can you like Chris Hardwick??? All he does is yell on commercial breaks! And you’ll be happy to know Michonne gets some smiles in on last nights episode!

  14. Maria_Spain says:

    totally! with his sheriff uniforme :p

    Im might be crazy but…. i got more from Daryl than from Reedus :$

  15. Rachel says:

    CB I disagree with your classification of Darryl as a bad guy. Darryl is the epitome of a good guy. He has a good heart and is incredibly loyal. Now if you meant “bad boy,” that I’d agree with.

    I also disagree that the show just keeps getting better. I’m having trouble with this season. One of my biggest problems is that they haven’t given any background into why the Governor is a stone cold sociopath. What’s his motive? What pushes him? I need to know!

    And I can’t believe I’m going to defend Andrea here because usually I don’t even call her Andrea (I call her zombie whore), *but* I understand why she didn’t go through with it. Despite everything that’s happened, and despite the fact that she’s a stupid zombie whore, she’s not a murderer. I think that shows the difference between her and Rick right now. The world has fallen apart, but she’s still retained her humanity.

  16. vvvoid says:

    Ok I have a very, very intense history with his show and comic. Let me first say that Andrew Lincoln is a sweetheart, Norman Reedus is hilarious and humble, and Jon Bernthal [Shane] is…to die for in person and nothing like Shane.
    My ex played Randall in season 2 after I begged him to audition for the show for a solid year when he was winding up playing Damien on Rescue Me. It was my favorite graphic novel so I knew when they were making the show and Greg Nicotero was involved, it was going to be an unbelievable hit. So I got to meet the cast a lot and they are fantastic people. Frank Darabont had much to do with the casting choices, you’ll notice that Dale, Andrea, Carol were all in The Mist.
    Laurie Holden is very nice and a great actress because she is nothing like Andrea, which I somehow wasn’t expecting, I never really liked Andrea until last night’s episode.
    As for would I with Andrew…sigh. Always.
    Rick is the perfect character IMO. I can see the bond between Michonne and Rick building, they will eventually become besties.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Inside details ! I love it!

      As for Shane…oh my God do I miss that character. I know he ended up being a total nut, but he did things to me;) I was wishing I was stupid Lori in more than one scene lol

      • vvvoid says:

        Shane was my torrid love affair character too! I actually adore the character Lori, mostly because I feel like I’d have been in her same situation and I could relate.
        It was WEIRD watching Shane kill my by then ex-boyfriend [we were done by the time it aired], lol, and watching everyone beat him up for days. It also impressed me to see my ex play Randall because Randall was a real slimeball manipulator and Mikey is nothing like that, the show really casts incredible under the radar actors.
        My fiance’s best friend does SPFX for the show and I am determined to be a walker for en episode. That sh!t has been my dream forever, lol.
        Also, Chandler Riggs [Carl] is extremely precocious and awesome, I am so glad his character is finally beginning to match his personality IRL. Everyone was so mean about Carl in the first 2 seasons, it made me feel bad for Chandler. Anyone who read the comics would know Carl turns into a really fascinating character in his own right. I remember Chandler saying “I can’t wait until they let me out of the playpen”…I’ll never forget that, lol, and boy have they finally let Carl blossom into a real badass. Which is appropriate because any kid who survives a zombie apocalypse [or any apocalypse] for more than a few months is going to grow up really, really fast.

      • DeltaJuliet says:

        I never hated Carl’s character (I know a lot of people did). I did spend a lot of time being pissed at Lori though, for not knowing where her kid was. His character is turning out AWESOME this season. Chandler is doing a great job portraying him, and I really think this is how a boy that age would be adapting if this situation really happened.

        Damn it, now I’m thinking about Shane again ;)

      • FassDaActor says:

        Oh how I miss Shane :( (

        Danai Gurira is gorgeous! Work!

      • vvvoid says:


        I know how you feel, I too am thinking of him…that scene where he’s standing in front of the mirror after a hot shower having flashbacks of murdering Otis [which, tbh, I didn't hate him for...he tried to give Otis an out and Otis decline, and there was no way for him to save Carl's life unless he did what he had to do, although I do think Rick would have found a better way]…or that scene where Andrea grabs his package in the car…dear god.

    • Liv says:

      I wonder all the time if Andrea/Laurie and especially Shane/Jon were such great actors or just like their characters!

      I always thought Shane’s so, so, so crazy, and that Bernthal is either a damn good actor or crazy himself! ;-) Same goes for Andrea, I always think she must be so annoying in real life because she IS such a pain in the ass in the series!

      Thanks for the info! So interesting!

      • vvvoid says:

        Jon is a tremendous actor because when I met him I was totally thrown off by how unlike Shane he was, lol. He was gorgeous and sexy in his own right and we were on set as I was there watching my ex film scenes as Randall so Jon was in his Shane wardrobe, they were all dressed as their characters, so it was surreal to see them be themselves and so different from the characters I’m obsessed with. Laurie Holden is cool, I wanted to dislike her because I SO disliked Andrea. The whole cast and crew are like a family. Norman Reedus is the prankster, and a huge flirt but not in a slimey way. I was upset I didn’t get to meet Michael Rooker [Merle] because he’s one of my all time favorite actors ever. I was told he’s a little crazy himself but in an awesome way.
        Anyone else love Merle’s character in weird way? I root for him.

  17. DeltaJuliet says:

    OMG I get so excited when my fave gossip site (YOU) talks about my fave show!

    I would take Andrew or Rick on no problem. I have been in love with Andrew since Love Actually, so yeah, I’d take that opportunity.

    As for Darryl, I’d hit that too! Something about a man who takes charge and gets stuff done…..oh yeah. And dark and broody besides! Forget about it!

    Last nights episode was very good. I keep waiting for Michonne to have some personality and they finally did it last night! I really liked the way she was with Carl yesterday and the whole situation with Carl……ugh. I was definitely weepy at that point.

    *eta* Also I HATE Chris Hardwick. I don’t even watch Talking Dead because he’s so god damn hyper I can’t tolerate listening to him.

  18. Jackson says:

    Yaaaay! I love this post. Love Andrew. Love Norman. Yaaay!!!

  19. kpist says:

    Norman was also kick ass as Murphy McManus in Boondock Saints. He also has a child with Helena Christianson

  20. nuzzybear says:

    Still crushing on Lincoln from “Love Actually” – the beard would have an unfortunate accident, though.

  21. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Ew. This guy does nothing for me.

    Norman Reedus, however…I would do naughty, nasty things to that man.

  22. Reece says:

    YES! And David Morrissey although he’s not here.

    This week’s episode is really good.

  23. Mira says:

    I like Andrew on the show but no I wouldn’t hit it. I wouldn’t hit Norman Reedus too although I love Daryl. Now, where is David Morrissey? I would hit that one so hard…

  24. j.eyre says:

    Normally, yes. However, this morning I feel the need to give all my attention to The Mac post that has gone up so I am going to have to pass on Mr. Lincoln. But check back in a day or two.

  25. Skesis says:

    YES I WOULD. But only after Daryl/Norman. And then Daryl/Norman again. Also, I have always though that Andrew looks like a young Lindsey Buckingham, which is also okay with me.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Ooooh yes, I can see that. And I also have a strong lust for Lindsey, so that all makes sense :)

  26. JC says:

    Darryl, hell yes. Rick, absolutely. The Governor, gimme. Hell, I love the show so much, I probably would have with Dale, too.

  27. Addison says:

    These guys look better as their on set selves. I think when they dress up it just clashes. The guys don’t look good at all. I love Daryl! If you were to be stuck in a zombie apocalypse this would be the man. Rick is the second choice. If he were sane it would be a whole different story. As it is now. I don’t want to see Rick and Andrea ending up together like they do in the book. I just don’t like the TV version at all, so I hope this does not happen on the show.

    Last night’s episode had me feeling so depressed. It was so good but I was on the verge of tears the entire time. WHY! WHY!

    • vvvoid says:

      Andrea was a way better character in the comic than she is in the series. Hopefully she will transform into a better character if they do decide to put Rick and her together.
      I think Rick should be with Michonne, except Rick’s type seems to be more feminine in nature, hopefully that will change. Michonne is a good woman. I like her series character even better than I did in the comic.
      If not Rick, I think Daryl should end up with Michonne eventually, they’d be a kick ass couple. I almost think Carl will end up with Maggie’s sister when he gets a few years older. He is already crushing on her. Interestingly,Andrea ended up with Dale before he died in the comic. I reeeeeeeally hope that the especially brutal fate Dale met after losing his legs doesn’t befall Herschel.

      • Addison says:

        At first, thought the Dale/Andrea story was a bit creppy, but then I got over it. It was really sweet. And when you are in a zombie apocalypse things are just different. Too bad they had to kill Dale off on the show because it would have been interesting if they would have killed off Dale in the manner that it happened in the book. That was most twisted with what happened to him when they met that sick group. Surprisingly I was laughing along with Dale when he informed them he was tainted.

        So far I like the book better than the show. Too many hands in the pot. But all together it’s not bad. It is pretty good. It has those really exciting episodes that are so gripping. So far my faves of this season are when Lori had to be put down by her own son. I was just sobbing. And this past Sunday I understood why they had to leave the backpacker but I was just so upset by it. And then when Morgan was like, “I was there every day, And you weren’t” God I was like Why Rick, why! I was hoping Duane would still be alive since Carl doesn’t have a friend like he does in the book. I don’t like that they killed Sofia off. I was hoping that if they fastforward to the future you see Carl and Sofia setting up house in a post zombie world.

        As far as Michone Vs. Andrea I don’t see either one as being more feminine.

      • Liv says:

        Rick and Andrea? No way! They can’t make them a couple after they pushed Andrea this far away. And made her this stupid ;-)
        I doubt Rick ends up with Michonne too. Hasn’t Maggie’s sister a crush on Rick? Would be creepy if they get together though. Besides I got a vibe of Carl and her too.

        Oh and I loved Dale! He was just so reasonable and decent!

      • FassDaActor says:

        Hummm…idk if I’m feeling Daryl and Michone, but I think it’s going to happen.

  28. HappyJoyJoy says:

    Yes, Andrew can. The beard does not bother me one bit. Yes and yes.

  29. Suzeque says:

    Oh yes I would hit Andrew/Rick hard. When he’s in the tight black jeans and the rolled up shirt sleeves…oh my!

  30. Issa says:

    Andre Lincoln so clean and boring :( I much prefer the dirty, gross & sweaty Rick Grimes.

  31. dcypher1 says:

    I luv me sum boondock saints. Norman reedus is so hot. Hes my forever dong screw fassdong its all about boondockdong now.

  32. Sparkly says:

    Not Andrew, but please oh please let me at Norman. I will admit that I’m not digging his hair lately either, and I’m going to do my best to unsee the Keith Urban-ness of it, but his badass Daryl-ness overcomes all.